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        Hello, I subscribe to receive email of your Journey but have not recieved anything since March 4, could I receive back ones as well as continue to recieve each day, thank you and blessings

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    Hello Mark,I am going to try this method of recieving email.I really enjoy going deeper into the word of God with you.I will keep you in prayer as the word of God goes around the world.

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  9. I’m a christian and would love to unstand more about the Bible and the messages of God Holy Words.Thanks, Venus

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    I need all the help and Daily insights I can get.I am a chistian but have strayed and want to be closer to God and try to do right

  13. I truely enjoy ur insights and scriptures, may God bless you in all you do. Thanks for being a blessing in my life.

  14. Emmanuel Dakum permalink

    I need to study the Word more and I think this would be of help to me.

  15. Praise the Lord and may God bless you, these refreshing reflections are a great spiritual boost to me everday! Thank you for minding the Lord!

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    please sign me up for e’mails.. this is an encouraging site. you are doing a good thing here. reaching many..

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    Giving all praise and honor to our heavenly father…..These reflections are much needed…..There is so much going on around us….Life, family,career, church…Trying to find balance…..I truly look forwards to recieving the word of God….

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    Hope I will still get this on Face Book too, so my friends there can see it. The scripture and your reflection are a blessing to me.

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    I love to hear about the word of God nd would like to have any word of encouragement, bible verses or anything that is shared about the word of God .

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      • I wuld also love to grow spiritually and emotionally in understanding Gods word

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    I am looking foward to getting your post via my e-mail . Your ministry is such a ” Blessing ” to my life !!!

  33. Thank you so much for what you are doing for people across the globe, the lord has been using you to touch lives. the bible hold solutions to the problems of this world. if we journey deeper we will find those word that transforms the ways of the people of this world.

  34. GOD bless you as you share with the word off GOD with us

  35. Kathy Mitchell permalink

    would like to subscribe via email

  36. Dear Mark,
    My problems began when I journeyed deeper into God’s word. I found much that noone was talking about; things like election, presdestination, reprobation, etc. These were clearly biblical subjects that noone was bold enough to speak on, except I found out through my own studies, the Puritans were very bold on such subjects. Today noone preaches on these things, and thats why we have little systematic theology taught, because to do so means you must start with God, and not with man. I have told many people, if you can beleive the first verse of the Bible, you should not have any problem believing the rest. Looking forward to going deeper. Tim Brantley

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    God Bless you!

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    You are a blessing to so many may you be rewarded 10 fold.

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  44. This is just what i’ve been needing on facebook instead of a bunch of negativity!!! I was just thinking about leaving facebook because of how it affected my mood! now i feel just the opposite!! THANK YOU!!

  45. I am hungry for the “Word” and I need to be fed. Take me on the journey to help me understand His message and words so that I might be able to minister to others that also need to be fed.

    Thank You and God Bless!

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    would love to learn more about God please send me the Gods word. would love to recieve the e-mail’s thank you so much glad to see someone really love’s God

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    I am a born-again Christian that needs the word daily in my life! My family and I are going thru some really tough times now please pray for us and pass our request to your friends for their prayers. Prayer is awesome GOD IS AWESOME!!!
    111 Collins Circle SW
    Milledgeville, GA 31061

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  51. God bless you and you help us delve more into the Word.

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    May God bless you and may the word of God keep coming my way.

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  55. I love reading your reflections.I have had some bad days lately and they lift me up.Thank you

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  60. I love to keep the Lord close to my heart.

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    Thanks for the word of God every day on facebook . I can not wait to get it on e mail because when I am away from the computer I check my e mail on my phone . And there are times I need the encouragement during the day !
    thanks again ,
    Alyssa Austin

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    May we always be surrendered to Him.

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    Thank you and God Bless you for making these available for us through email.

    Gaye Currier

  67. ” Rev. Mark Brown:” “Thank You, 4 sharing and caring, may our Lord bless u with what he know’s u need always…….Sincerely Sister Barbara”

  68. Teresa Sims permalink

    I want to thank you for these inspirational words to live by, God is not up and out, he is down and in (within), so this is nourishment for the soul/spirit.

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    God bless!

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  74. I have been reading about your journey and find it very refreshing to know that there are still those that seek after a deeper relationship with GOD , keep the word coming! Thanks God Blesss.

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    I have enjoyed everything I’ve read thus far looking to read more information on this journey 😎

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    I need the word of God every day to live his will. I need so much healing and I believe Jesus Christ is the only one who can heal me. Thank you So much and God Bless you all.

  78. Henry Ajuzie permalink

    l need more information on this , l believe the word of God is light. He said the world will come to pass but my word will remain.

  79. I am thankful to God that on this night, just one of the many sleepless nights I had been having recently, He would orchestrate such a divine and awe-inspiring conformation through this for me! How about, I prayed along these lines today, and people have been speaking about this passage in the Bible all week. I kept asking God what this meant as pertaining to me… he delivered like he always does. I try my best to see and hear from God in everything, everyday. I know he loves me and just as I desire to go deeper…I know He desires it for me even more. I am destined as His disciple in training to become a fisher of men. I guess my job is just to trust Him and not rely on m myself as I explained to Him earlier am conditioned to.

  80. Shellie Dill permalink

    I send out 120 + scripture text messages everyday and would love to have The Word of God sent to me.I hunger for God’s Word! It is alive and active and He does what His Word says it will do.God is Awesome!!!! I can never get enough!!! In his Love n Grace,Shellie Dill

    • lindaslater i would love to be on yhe list of e-mails from the journey of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The Word of God is Our Defense against satan and evil and Feeds Us also Daily. I need HIS Word! I Need His Love Every Day of My Life!

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    prayer is powerful.

  87. May God blesses come before all nations..Thank.

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    Welcome back Mark! Can’t wait to get started!

  89. FB fan, would like to receive your e-mail as well. Journey Deeper !

  90. I would appreciate it if u can send me your e-mails too. thank you and God Bless all the way from South Africa

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    I’m a fan on FB on would love to get emails as well. I am definitely on a wonderful journey with the Lord and have recently begun to get into God’s word more and more, to study and saturate myself with it, and most of all – be obedient! God bless you for blessing all of us in such an amazing way!!!

  95. eleanor permalink

    hi rev mark i’m a fan of the bible on facebook,and i’ve copied down alot of the verses from the bible in my notebook, i must have at leasr 60 odd at the most. I pray everynight b4 i go to bed and i belive that god is looking after us all even if we don’t know it. I carry my prayer beads with me all the time and i will give all my love to the lord….it always makes me happy to think about how great he is.But ever since the trailer of the 2012 film about the appocolypse came out i’ve been really scared about it happening,i’m 19 now and i dont want o die at 22. I really need a posotive take on this can you help me ?

  96. kelli sassman permalink

    God Bless you Rev. Mark for providing so many hungry christians with the power of faith via email. In this crazy world we all live in it is a blessing to have our daily faith renewed just a click away. Thank you and God Bless. Keep the Faith!

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    I am able to get this here @ yahoo I would like to get it also at other email sites that I have I need to get & go deeper into the word of God… To be able to become more of what He wants me to be…. This is the most important thing II can do at this point in my life….

  98. Shawn Swan permalink

    OOPs I meant facebook not yahoo. Well I guess I…’s to late to change that… The truth is I need it at all my email addys…

    • I am sorry for that mistake…What I really wanted to say was, I am a believer & I am in the Vally I am in need of a touch from God!! I am walking with him on a daily basis…I know his will & way is not mine, It would be a true blessing to hear from him…I know just a word from God will change things in my life. Until then I am walking by faith & not by sight…The enemy is doing all he can to discourage me…I will continue to fight!! With God’s help & guidence I will be victorious!!!…God bless this sight & all you who send out your thoughts & testimonies….Your more of a blessing than you know…

  99. eman permalink

    God Bless!

  100. Since you got on this facebook Mark you have heiped me on my journey in my life!! I have so many problems it amazes me!! I know that there is a reason for everything and Ya kNOW WHAT IT IS HARD SOMETIMES TO love YOUR ENENEMYS EVERYDAY THEY JUST pOUND ME DOWN MORE AND MORE!!!! please HAVE EVERYONE PRAY FOR THE STRENGTH i NEED EVERYDAY!!!! thanks so much!!! aND MAY god bless YOU WHILE YOU KEEP LEADING MORE PEOPLE TO cHRIST!!!!!

  101. larry reaves permalink

    please send me emails they would be used grately

  102. Aloha !! Got finished reading your sermons and scriptures.. Praise God !! You are so right about forgiving our enemies.. love to recieve your e-mails..
    Keep up the good work in serving the Lord.. God Bless You and Your Family.
    Sister In Christ , Valare

  103. Please email me. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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  118. Good story Mark,
    I have been reading Ecclesiaste for the last 3 days, Its a tough little book, Lots I dont understand, I look it over
    and then go to the next verse, I realize if I needed to know
    it GOD wold not leave me in the cold. I trust him for everything, Life is not always smooth like silk, But he will never leave us or forsake us. One day we will be with him forever, I have a hard time sleeping at night, But at a ripe old age I can sleep later

  119. Audrey Hill permalink

    The scripture from James 1:19-21 was so needed today and so appropriate. I was feeling angry and hurt at a stupid comment made by someone i love. After reading the scripture and reflecting on the fact that i have to trust God in all situations, my anger abated. I am looking forward to receiving the daily blog- Journey deeper into God’s Word! I know i am in for a blessing!

  120. lorie harriss permalink

    i truly enjoy your messages. i read them before heading off to work…they give me strength and remind me to be a better and kinder person to those around me, especially during the holiday season.

    God Bless you


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    I am very interested in the “Deeper Into God” Challenge. Thanks, I am looking foward to 2010!!

  123. I want to totally trust in the Lord and follow the path he has for me.

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  129. I really want God in my life. I have felt he is in my life, but I need him deeper in my life. I just lost my mother on the 9th of December. I wasn’t ready for it. She wasn’t that sick. I think she was just ready to go home to be with God and my Daddy. Thank you for The Bible of Facebook!!!

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    G-ds Blessing , Ani Ahava Yeshua Haemet ..

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    Your in HIS service

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  134. need this 2010 challenge, God help us all.

  135. Thank you so much for this God bless you and

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    May the Lord strengthens you and grant you all it’s take to fulfill His mandate

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    Yes I accept the challenge TO BE MORE CONSISTANT in my relationship with The Lord… Thank you and God bless you!

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  145. I am excited to draw closer to God through His Word and His loving guidance!
    Thank you for the facebook site. Blessings.

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  147. Love the messages and want to continue getting closer to The Lord. permalink

    I really believe The Lord is sending a lot of ways to get closer to him. Amen and Thank YOu

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    Waking up at 5:30 am having a horrible feeling, made me realize I need more Him today than yesterday and even more tomorrow… I can’t make it a day without Him.

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    Prayer request for your Ministery
    we are Putting together Prayer Diary for 2010 please email your request each month
    so that we can put details in the Diary

    Yours In His Service


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    I go to bible study every Thursday morning, but a I’m ready for your bible study in 2010. Sign me up! Thanks for your time, I know it takes a lot to do this.

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    Great site…..Love to read and be the ancient biblical philosophy of life…..Although, I do not send money to participate in wealth building ..I simply BELIEVE in SOULful GENEROSITY and not the MONETARY requirements of some religious affiliated Organizations…Peace!

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    This is awesome! I will deffy be doing this! Hopefully this will bring me closer to God in this new year and decade! :)) Peace!

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    • Hey Jennifer! At the bottom of the email I send is an Unsubscribe link.. then subscribe again with your new email. God bless! Mark

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        Im sorry but I do not see the unsubscribe link at the end of the email. I think its because its going to my cell phone email and not a regular email. Can you post the link in the comment area? Thanks Sorry to bother you.

      • Hey Jennifer, unfortunately it is a link just for your subscription rather than a generic link.

  170. stay true to the faith! grace and peace dear friends

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  177. hello everyone god loves you

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  185. ty for this, and please pray for me , that I may find a way to fly back home to my children and that they know that I LOVE and miss them very much all day everyday, AND EVEN PRAY FOR THE ONE WHO IS HOLD ME BACK .



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  196. Saw the scriptures on my web sites and others and love then.Am homebound for now and have been praying to find a site to find the Bible scriptures. Thank you very much!

  197. PIray for me I need healing after a car wreak in 11-6-09

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    There is hope, for me yet, because God won’t forget, all the plans he’s made for me. I have to wait and see, he’s not finished with me yet. I love that song and it’s so true. I look forward to your emails and Journey Deeper into God’s Word 🙂

  214. I want a personal relationship with Christ

  215. for he have done great thing in my life, I LOVE THE lORD PS.119 vs.105 your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

  216. David permalink

    i look forward to seeing this everyday thanks

  217. vida permalink

    Please count me in….thank you.

  218. rosie cruz permalink

    i will love that u e-mail me or send me sumthing in the mail….i love my god and he love meeeee……

  219. nancy fink permalink

    I will look forward for this everyday, Thank You.

  220. Marsha permalink

    I look forward to reading this. Thank you!

  221. Carryn McCann permalink

    i would love to have this mailed to me as much as possible….i can’t get enough of my Lord

  222. love this web site , helps me alot to put more faith in the lord above . he,s been very good to me

  223. I am looking forward to receiving this site to “Journey Deeper Into God’s Word” with Rev. Mark Brown……I’m always excited to study and go deeper in his word. Look forward to receiving my first email. Thank You and God Bless You in all that you do!

  224. Edith Southern permalink

    thank you for this chance to join via e-mail I`m looking forward to delving deeper in the Bible…Edith

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    I would like to receive daily emails please…Thank You!

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    Bless you!

  227. Victoria Harris permalink

    I Love The Word it Going To Stand !

  228. Anne permalink

    please..,pray for me.sometimes i feel so busy and tired to do all my work..Thank’s.God bless..

  229. would love to recieve it too

  230. Althyria Williams permalink

    I would be humbled to journey deeper into God’s word. It is a lamp unto my feet. Althyria

  231. james permalink

    want to read more books from youy plz may god bleess you

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    I would like to know more about God

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    I would like to receive your daily e-mails.


  234. Good to have the hook-up !!!

  235. tammy spino permalink

    I want to learn more about the bible and see how others are learning about the Word of the Lord

  236. Studing God”s word strengthens my faith. That’s something we all need. It’s hard for me to get out very much due to my health. This journey is just what I need to keep me in the Word. Thanks for this study.

  237. Tess permalink

    I need to unsubscribe my cell phone email… How would I do that? It comes in at odd hours, like 3:00am sometimes, waking me from a blissful sleep, and I don’t get much more than the page header via text message. 😦 I guess I didn’t take into account the time zone difference when I signed up!

    I would like to subscribe with my standard email though. I enjoy reading them while I am fully awake!


    • Hey Tess! Wow sorry to wake you up!! lol! Um, go to and see if you can magage your subscriptions there? Otherwise get your phone provider to block the text from arriving. God bless, Mark

      • Tess permalink

        I still can’t seem to get it unsubscribed. My hubby gets really upset that my cell phone is going off. My cell carrier doesn’t block these type numbers, only other cell phones. My only option is to turn it off at night, but then there’s my morning alarm set on my phone.

        I will try again at feedburner. Maybe it’s changed since I tried last. Thanks!

      • Tess permalink

        Nope! Feedburner is showing that my email is not registered. Can’t change anything there. 😦

        I’ve tried replying to the email from my phone, but that doesn’t work. Any other tips?

      • Hey! Try contacting feedburner and see if they can help!

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    Thank you.

  239. Pamela permalink

    thank you Mark for your daily inspiration. Sometimes when we think we are strong we don’t rely on Him do we?

  240. Brenda Forrester permalink

    I too am seeking God’s will for my life.

  241. I love the site “The Bible” I have made many new friends and have enjoyed the cross talk on the Discusion boards. However it is extremly difficult to find discusions that are newly posted unless you create them yourself. Was woundering if mabey it would be possible to have a way to sort discussions from newest to oldest. It would make it much easier to join new discusions and since My topics and Friends topics are already available the search would benifit from ease of use. Just a thought God bless and keep you….

  242. Tess Jordan permalink

    Wondering if I clicked the right link to unsubscribe from my cell phone email? I’ve been getting them at around 3:00am, which is a very inconvenient time.

    I still enjoy reading from Facebook links at a time more convenient to me.

    • Tess Jordan permalink

      Nope! I didn’t click the right link! It still came at 2:06am. Can I get a link to unsubscribe this email?

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    I left two replys I cannot find them….

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    Good is good & i need to know more about him & his miracles

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    I was really blessed by this word!!!!!!

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    please unsubsribe me. I’m not finding it very useful. Thanks

  248. Hey Mark Brown,

    I am the owner of the new social network,, and want to set it up centered around our great religion and its praise. I am not making any money, and will not be able to offer you any either, but I would like your help in spreading the word and bringing people to a God-centered network, rather than Facebook.

    Respond to if you’re interested.

  249. I would like to recieve a e-mail subscription!

  250. beckie panos michael permalink

    This is exactly what I need to dig into the word of God. I am longing to be close to him again. I have allowed the cares of this world to weigh me down I have to face the truth and sin that has crept in being raised in the word of God I should know better.

  251. Linda Perkins permalink

    Hi MarkBrown… May God Bless You… : )

  252. jMiCAH SCHWARZ permalink


  253. Kimberley Lisa Maduray permalink

    Great stuff!

  254. Hi, Pastor Brown! I’m sorry for writing about this now–quite a bit late–but I just watched your clip, “For those who are struggling…” with your offer to pray for those struggling. I am one of those struggling, in need of the encouragement you mentioned, and finding it in sin–which is quicker but only temporary–instead of in God. I would REALLY APPRECIATE your prayers, however God leads you, as you so generously offered. Of course, I also saw your last post on Facebook telling us of your hiatus and of the fact that you need our prayers for a particular situation, a relationship, in your life. I will pray for you as best I can. God bless you as you continue in His apprenticeship and service!!!

    Joseph Coram

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