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How did my Journey Deeper into God’s Word Come About?

2 Chronicles 7:14 : ‘Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.’

It all began at the end of August 2009 while I was praying for what ministry God wanted me to do next after I finished as CEO of Bible Society New Zealand. I got a really unexpected answer: ‘prepare’.

God made it clear that I needed to prepare for my next role. Like an athlete who trains hard leading up to an event, I needed to work on my relationship with God.

The first part of the preparation was coming before God and confronting my sin: brutal honesty, acknowledging the need to shine His light in the darkest recesses of my life. The second part was journeying deeper into His Word, which has involved very early each day, finding a quiet spot and really digging deep into the Bible.

And as I confronted sin and journeyed deep into His Word things started to happen, I got this energy to really serve Him, I started seeing my life and the church around me in a new way, realising of myself and the church that we have been playing at being Christian, happy just to turn up, seeing Bible reading and prayer as a chore, something to be quickly completed then onto the next job.

I realised that reading my Bible isn’t a job but a journey and a joy! As I drew close to God the Holy Spirit started to work more in my life, giving me energy and an overwhelming love!

And things started to move in my life. Within a few days I was approached about a seriously stunning ministry leadership role! Also the Bible page I started on Facebook started growing dramatically and was ranked as the fastest growing religious organisation page on all of Facebook (and still is)! My preaching and public speaking, previously really hard work, suddenly became easy as my role wasn’t about keeping peoples attention and imparting some interesting information, but sharing with people what God was sharing with me.

And then about a week ago while journeying deeper into God’s Word, God told me to invite others along on the journey. So I started a group on Facebook, ‘Journey Deeper into God’s Word’ which in just over a week had nearly 4,817 members and growing rapidly!  Click here to check the Facebook page out.

This isn’t about me, most of these people don’t personally know me. This is about God using me, working through me. As I draw closer to Him the more He is using me! What is also happening as I draw nearer is that the amount I am tempted is growing as the enemy increases its attacks. I need to be extra careful and stay strong.

And then a couple of days ago I came across 2 Chronicles 7:14 : ‘Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.’ And then on 4 more occasions I stumbled across it – God cleary wanted me to read this passage and share it!

Reading this absolutely confirms the journey of preparation I am on. Humbling myself, praying, seeking after God and turning from wicked ways and God will forgive my sin and restore my land!

When it talks of restoring land, this is referring to God giving peace and security and all that is required to live productive and exciting life. So I am assured that as I continue to prepare myself, that God has something even more amazing in store!!

The key is that I continue to humble myself, pray often, really seek after God and turn from my sin.

Great to involve you on this journey!

God bless,

Rev Mark Brown

  1. Tommy Esquivel permalink

    Hey Mark. I want to thank you for this blog. The How Did My Journey into God’s Word blog has really changed my thinking.

    Mostly this paragraph. And as I confronted sin and journeyed deep into His Word things started to happen, I got this energy to really serve Him, I started seeing my life and the church around me in a new way, realizing of myself and the church that we have been playing at being Christian, happy just to turn up, seeing Bible reading and prayer as a chore, something to be quickly completed then onto the next job.
    I feel like I am just going through the motions right now, but I know I need a deeper relationship with God for it to change. The one part about seeing Bible reading and prayer as a chore, something to be quickly completed then onto the next job. That’s what it seems like for me right now. The biggest problem is I get through my day and then try to have a quiet time. Sometimes I am too tired, i lost my marbles from my kids driving nuts, or just don’t feel like I deserve to be in God’s word. And it is even more sad because I know better. The main thing I have gotten out of all this is I need to start my day with God’s word. You mentioned that you start early and find a quiet place, that is a great idea. Thanks again and my God continue to bless you.


    • Charlene Byers permalink

      My spirit is full of joy for you Brother. God be the Glory! The Spirit of the Lord is Moving and I am on board with my whole heart.

    • Nothing can be as good as a “Journey Deeper into God’s Word”. That’s for sure but with one one condition!

      One needs a “key” to open the Word. With the key, the journey will be one without a dull moment and the greatest adventure of one’s life; without it, a total loss by attrition (Matt. 13: 10-17; Rev. 5).

      The key is Jesus Christ himself (Col. 2: 2-3). Therefore, knowing Him, firsthand and personally, is decisive! But “How”?

      The Holy Bible consistently offers only ONE WAY –a way that Christians are unfortunately neglecting to their utter loss, viz.: Jesus’ perfect and diacritical death on the cross.

      Briefly ADAM and EVE had God’s “life-giving breath” (his image) sustained by the “tree of life” (Gen. 2: 1-17); MOSES the “flame coming from the middle of a bush on fire but not burning up”, i.e., self-sufficient fire with a closely parallel promise for posterity (Ex. 3: 1-15); the ISRAELITES the snake made of bronze lifted up on a pole in the desert (Num. 21: 4-9; referred to by Jesus in his discussion with Nicodemus, John 3: 1-21); and POSTERITY the terms and seal of the “new covenant” (Jer. 31: 31-34; Matt. 26: 26-29 ff).

      Therefore, I present for discussion the question whether or not what we have in the death of Jesus Christ on the cross is, by itself, a one-stop and all-inclusive minstry, viz.: a minstry wherein the whole world can have a unique source of an open, sustainable and LIVE vision of SELF-SUFFICIENT LIFE and LIGHT greater in scale than any precedent; and a ministry for free worship of the one true God in Spirit and outside the confines of all religions (John 1: 4-5; 4: 21-26; 8: 21-28; 19: 30-37)!

      Your thoughtful comments, reservations and questions will be highly appreciated! Thank you and GBY.

      • Matt permalink

        Somehow Ephrem, I will admit I became a bit lost in your wording. But the Holy Spirit tugged at my heart to say to all reading this…the way is the Way, and the Way is Christ Jesus. Another reference is the door, Christ is also the Door(way). The key however is the fear of who God is!!! I quote, “the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom/knowledge. (Psa. 111 v10) I refer you also to Eccl. 12 v13 which says Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. Fear God and keep his commandments for this is the whole matter. And yet another is Matt. 10 v 28; …..but rather fear him which is able to destroy both body and soul in hell. The emotion of fear has only one purpose by intent and should only be reserved and used in relation to God. It is the key, for when we understand the eminence of God we can begin to understand how and why God loved us so much that he would save us from his own wrath that we have provoked him to by our disregard and disobedience to him, thus His providing us with the Way. But I must also say that fear is only second to, and if we get past it, we are left only with the love that is worthy onto Him.

      • Jennifer permalink

        I, too, got a little lost in your wording Ephrem. It is all really too simple, God is our Father. We savor every moment with respect, honor, fear, and adoration of our Father in heaven much like our father on earth. We are all but children to our Father. As our father on earth protects, nurishes, punishes and provides safety to our physical form, so our Father in heaven maintains our spiritual form. Just as we obeyed our father on earth and stayed focused to his teachings about surviving in this world. So, we obey our Father in heaven to stay focused to his teachings about surviving in the spirit. We should always, always be like little children with our Father.
        Jesus, Son of God, the Word, who was with our Father in the beginning, came to earth to make a new covanant. He was as perfect as is possible for a human. He understands the weaknesses of the flesh. He suffered, died at a young age, and rose back to his spirit to complete the new covanant. He stands at the right hand of the Father. He mediates on our behalf. By his blood, our imperfect selves may be before our Father pure as little children.
        A child (humble, eagar to learn, loving, trusting, devoted, innocent) is what we are to our Father. Have you ever noticed that no matter how old you get, you are always the child to your father on earth. His ways never changed toward you. Sure, he didn’t spank you as an adult, but as an adult he didn’t have to, his disappointment was punishment enough. So, too, is it that way with our Father in heaven. He has provided us with the guideline to survival of the spirit. When we stray, he corrects us – Not with a physical pain, but rather through the Holy Spirit he puts a burden on our hearts to acknowledge, repent, and thus correct ourselves. While we are in the flesh and impure (our spirits immature) if our ways deviate from God’s plan for us, He will surely correct us. Example, a teenager wants to go to party and the father denies the request, the teenager may feel like the denial is a punishment. Or worse sinario, the teenager defies the father and goes anyway, the father will invoke a punishment to teach his child that partying deviates from a successful life on earth. God has a plan for each of us and if we deviate from His will, he corrects us. Example, if God has a plan for an individual to minister, but yet that individual seeks out worldly financial success instead of devoting his life to learning the Word and God’s intention for providing the Word, God could make this worldly success have many road blocks. If the individual continues to pursue these worldly successes, God could make situations to cause complete poverty. Our spirits are but children and we don’t reach adulthood until we are in heaven. Only then have our spirits grown unto maturity.
        In conclusion, religion is of man. There is but one Father and one Son. We are the children of the Father. Together, in the name of Jesus Christ, we are able to be before our Father – not as the imperfect humans that we are, but as the pure, innocent spiritual childen of the Father that we are. Praise be to God in the name of Jesus. Amen.

        Those who have the gift of ministry (the ability to share God’s intentions and quote scripture and verse as supporting evidence) hold a high responsibility to translate the Lord’s word. Even the devil knows the Lord’s word. It is in the translation and explaination that many have stumbled thoughout history. We, humans without the gift of ministry seeking for spiritual survival in this wicked, wicked world full of trials and tribulations need fellowship with humans with this gift to aid us in this journey. But like the pharises and temples of Jesus’ time, many ministers and churches today misrepresent the intent of the Father.
        As I see it, our Father wants all His children to be with Him in His home. He has a place for each of us, but He gave us free will and we have to decide that that is what we want – to be with the Father. He does expect us to behave as His children – to follow his rules with love, respect, and adoration of him. Not because he will punish us (and he will to show us the ills of our ways), but because we love Him and want Him to be proud of us. Just as we learned from the mistakes our older siblings made that resulted in punishment from our earthly father, so our Father in heaven expects us to read the Bible (His guideline) and learn from the mistakes that His children before us made, so that we do not repeat them. All His expectations for us is in the Bible. Jesus, in his teachings, showed us how to apply the guidelines to his time. We must also learn from his teachings how they apply to our time. The world has not changed. People have changed. God, our Father, created Adam and Eve for his own companionship. This is our purpose for being – companionship with God. It really is the only thing he wants from us. But no evil can be before God. We must rid ourselves of all evil. Through the new covanant we are able to repent in the name of Jesus, ( Jesus then mediates for us, -his blood that he shed on this earth during his death makes our evil disappear in the eyes of our Father) so that we can be His pure children providing him with the companionship for which we were created which gives Him great joy. This is our goal of this life. The journey is to complete this goal.

        I leave this with those who have the gift of ministry to search the Truth and provide supporting evidence with scripture so that all God’s children may be worthy to play like little children at the feet of our Father.

      • brenda fischer permalink

        i realize these are old posts, but i just want to say that i think your words here are ABSOLUTELY ELOQUENT. such insight from you. its pretty wonderful. put in such a beautiful way that i have a hard time believing you have any confusion of God’s grace or that you would feel any distance at all from Christ. i just want to tell you that if you were the one who put these passages together in this way ….then there is absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind that the Lord is speaking to you directly. this is God’s voice in your life. it is SO obvious to me that God has a REALLY tight hold on you. when i read your posts God’s Presence in your life is so straight forward i almost find humor in the clarity of it through my own eyes and the anesthetic that is keeping you from feeling what i can see. this is not funny, of course, but very ironic at the least. Jesus is all over you !!! please keep close in you heart and in the front most parts of your mind, of your thoughts, that this is very strong evidence of God’s hand on you…guiding you. this is truly a journey and God has planned a specific pace for each of to us that is His private, individual and Divine pace for each of us. seasons…. consider…each day is a part of a unique season for all of us as unique travelers on the road to God’s beautiful face. Keep heading forward. you’re questioning mind is a strong asset to you. your questioning mind shows that God is pointing things out to you that He wants you to turn around in your mind and to consider allthe angles of His love and the value of it as the truths He is revealing in your life. You may not understand, but you are a HUGE blessing to my life. please continue to add your thoughts to this blog so that i might have the blessings of your words.
        God bless you (and i see that He already is doing that . i see it) CLEARLY.

  2. Diane permalink

    Thank you for passing along scripture and your message..
    Imagine, Facebook a place I probably would of never of gone except my kids are on it ( I am 63 years old).. I am a believer in Christ and look forward to discussing the BIBLE to learn more.
    Diane ( Dana Point, Ca)

  3. i clicked on your site on facebook and started reading sum scpricts from journey deeper into gods word and i would not stop reading it i like it and you please send me emails on gods word to help me grow in him thanks

  4. Mark, This year has been a hard but blessed time for my family, on March 8, 2009 I was daignosed with Kidney Cancar at first the news was grime from 2 doctors..My right kidney was removed May 14, 2009 By a wonderful Dr. Fightlin whom I pray blessing for constantly am grateful God brought him into my Families life..The Cancer was contain in my right kidney and has not been in my body..a 3 weeks after surgery I returned to my home church and Gave my life to the Lord in a real way, no longer playing Christian but realing deeply loving him. My Husband was baptized 2 weeks after my 20 yr old son. My 16 year old son had been saved and baptized for awhile. My eldest daughter whom is truely a blessing has been the most faithful of servest to the Lord is the vessel whom God has use to strengthen our family. Her Husand also was healed of Cancer 10 years ago!!! He is an AWESOME MAN OF GOD who I love so much, had the blessing of baptizing My husband in the NAME OF ABOVE ALL JESUS!!! We are blessed, we have hope and we are in AWE of God and his power. Last night in Sanger, CAlifornia “The Night of Judah” was held it is a youth rally. Over 400 kids showed up and there was standing room only!!! Kids Recieved the holy spirit and were baptized that night it was an Awesome night. My Son is Law is the youth Pastor at our church. His Quote Three words… Night of Judah…three more…Kids showed up…three more…God showed off!!!

  5. erin permalink

    i am going through a real hard time right now me and my boyfriend broke up and the only reason he is still hanging around is for money

    • Hello Erin, Sorry to hear ( read ) about you and your boyfriend. My wife and I separated 5/1/2009 and I know how you feel. To top that the company I worked for closed 6/1/2009 and well it got even worse. I’ll keep you in my thoughts as I work with getting closer to Jesus. Go to my website and click on Treasures Of Prayers.

  6. Hello,
    I need help!!! A few months ago my mother passed away… I called my pastor after, to let him know…. and he never showed up… If it had not been for Premier Hospice Care Pastors I would have been all by my self with my mother… He never came or called… I was and still am very hurt by this… and to make matters worst he took the teaching sunday school away from me… I was leader and a sunday school teacher at this church… I went to this church since 2001, got saved and baptize at this church… This all happen when my mother passed away… In sted of being there for me, he was taken away everything….
    Anyway I have not been back at the church but 3 times…. I feel like I can’t trust or depend on them. I just feel lost again… and I don’t want to stop going to church because of that church…

    • Stephanie permalink

      We are all human, even pastors. Everyone can and will let us down, except God, He is always there for us. Pray for God’s strength to forgive him and don’t stop going to church, pray and God will show you whether to stay there or find another church. God is good, and He never lets us down!

      • Hello Stephanie, You are wrong about some people. If they walk Heavenly then they shall not let you down. A Pastor is the hand of JESUS and should walk with that at hand. From the sound of it, This Pastor New Of This and turned his back to her when needed most. A person has two things in life, Their Life and Thy Word, all other is optional. Without thy word, thy life is also nothing…

    • Hello I’m Saved, First I’m very sorry to hear ( read ) mother’s passing. Your not alone in this. The church I went to also did the same. I’ve not been back sense but haven’t lost Jesus and neither have you. I will admit I haven’t gone every time a church door was open, but I’ve tried to stay in Jesus’s light. I just started back 3 weeks ago when I found a church here. So, if you wont to, do as I did, Look to the stars at night, then follow the arrow. It took me from 1994 to 9/26/2009 to find a church which made a VIBEING first Impression. Like you I didn’t wont to change, but Jesus is telling you something too. My Dear child, I’ll be with you and you may call or write me any time, JESUS.

      • The pastor should set down and rethink about what he should be doing. He should have not have dismissed you for something you had no control over.

      • I’ll keep you in my thoughts as I work with getting closer to Jesus. Go to my website and click on Treasures Of Prayers.

      • Becky permalink

        You need to go to this Pastor and express how hurt you are about all of this. There maybe something else going on that you have no idea about. It doesn’t make it ok to not be there for you but no one is perfect not even pastor’s. Jeffery, the only one that won’t ever let you down is Jesus. He is the only perfect one. Don’t put your trust in people but in God.

    • Lisa marshall permalink


    • Well it is sad when our brothers and sisters let us down but remember that your focus should not be on them but on our HEAVENLY FATHER and of course you need the support of brothers and sisters but instead of feeling down and weak you need to stay in the word to keep you strong and able to fight the enemy because this are the times that the enemy will take advantage of you to bring you down. Try to find another church where they have that kind of support, God Bless You!!!

  7. That is SO encouraging to my own walk. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  8. Wendy Seale permalink

    2 Chronicals 7:14 published on fd appeared just as I needed it. So awesome to pull up fb and see the scripture.

  9. Michelle Bell permalink

    I wanted to let you know what an inspiration your facebook page has been. I look forward to your passages daily and they always seem to have a direct meaning to my life that day. Funny how God does that! I would like for you to pray for my family and I as we are going through a difficult time. My husband passed away 6 years ago and not only is this hard for me but also hard for my children. We still miss him to this day! God Bless you!

  10. Daryl Oliver permalink

    Tears filled my eyes as I read your column. God has been working in my life in a similar way. I have found that after years of college, seminary and preaching that God just wants me to humble myself so He can work through me!….I have found that God is the one drawing people and not my speaking. I look forward to getting up early to read God’s Word. It seems preparation is easier when the Word of God is bubbling out of you….Blessings 2 U!

  11. Sharon James permalink

    Pastor Mark, I am so glad God has led me to your website. I told my girlfriend about it last night and the best way to describe your site, is this is a place that you can be ministered to, and minister to others and encourage others and help lead someone to Christ. She sat and cried as she read some of the struggles people are going through. When you mention the internet, this has become a tool for Satan to work and destroy marrages, but you have taken what Satan meant for evil and turned it around to Minister!!
    Thanks and God Bless,
    Sharon James (Deer Park, TX)

  12. Hello Sharon James, I found this site by accident and have been reading through it when I found you. You girlfriend must be true of hearts to sat and cry. You are so right at how Abaddon has taken place in almost everything by the way Abaddon works though others. She would truly cry to read any part of my website. The website itself or any thing we use in general does not brake any couple up itself. It is the individual using it that takes that action by Abaddon and Abaddon ways. As to anything we have Old or coming of New, it it truly up to the individual to use it Heavenly or Abaddon. I am in no way saying you are wrong because you are either Heavenly and will use it in Heavenly ways, or you are Abaddon and will use it in Abaddon ways. Would you say this is True or False?

    • When I said I found this site by accident, it was really Jesus’s hand that lead me here. I’ve become a FAN on FaceBook and Google. I’ll follow as so as Jesus is leading.

  13. Pastor Mark it was aBlessing for me when i saw the Bible page I was not sure why i sign up on facebook since all the young people seen to be shocked to see me on there but when i became a fan of the Bible and started gettin all those passage that see like you wrote just for me i now know that GOD is the reason he led me there to meet so many orther who are thirsty for tless you lhe word keep sending the word thank you and may GOD Bless you and keep you safe and rested.

  14. Pastor Mark, I think God for you and your blog. In the last three years I’ve drawn closer to my father. I’m always reading and looking for insite on his word, and his path for me. you have truly been a blessing to my growth in his word. please pray for my understanding in his word.

  15. Beth permalink

    Hello Pastor Mark,
    I am writing this and in some ways I am suprised that I am writing this, and not suprised because I know who God is. My story is long, but one I have to share. I gave my life to the Lord some time ago, and took a stand and jumped in hook line and sinker. Not ashamed and on fire. I think as babes in Christ that happens, I took classes at my church, and the levels of understanding, were so exciting, and thrilling, God was using me, and I was just full of Him! I loved His Word, to worship Him, and be around His people. The more I grew the more God showed me that the place that we worshipped was not the place for us anymore. I left first and then my husband followed. We began to fellowship at this new place, I was asked to be the youth pastor for this church, and I LOVED IT!! Those teens challenged me, aggravated me, and inspired me, d. all of the above! I learned how to study God’s Word to dig out the nuggets of truth, He revealed to me, to share with them, and eventually our congregation. Again, in awe of God, His Word, His truth. During this time of course I became quite close to the leadership at the church we attended. Our families not only fellowshipped together, but spent holidays, ect… About three years ago, I needed to take some time alone to spend with God. I did, for a weekend, and He began to reveal His plan for me, this plan required physically moving my familly to a place where we knew virtually no one, and to purchase a home, and go to school again. So after many months of prayer, and consultation with my leadership and husband, it was clear that was what was to happen. So we did it, I was excited with anticipation, and the whole bit, my family was, and God blessed us tremendously with our new home, and neighborhood, He provided jobs for us in a market where folks weren’t getting jobs, He is good. Upon leaving I found out on a visit back to our old fellowhship about a betrayal of confidence by the person in leadership against, me, and pitted another member in leadership against me, then another announcement made to the congregation about us leaving, and then systematically ensuring that no one from the fellowship commuinicated with any of us. I went to this person(written correspondence), as the Word instructs and got no response at all, no adknowledgement, of any of the things that were done, and to make matters worse, my children were very close with them, and they quit calling or corresponding with them either. Needless to say I am very wounded by this. I have read and studied God’s Word on forgiviness, anger, bitterness, resentment, and have prayed for God to heal me of those things, and then while of this was happening, and trying to hold on to His word and who He is in my life, and the newness of moving, and all of those challenges, the hurt, and then God just stopped talking to me….I fasted, prayed, read, praised worshipped, I mean everything that I know and nothing……I felt completely abandoned,…needless to say I began to slip, slip slip, down the slippery slope of my humaness, and what works in my own strength. Now two and half years later, I am still fighting, to get back to abiding in Him, it is sooo hard, because I have fallen soooo far into sin. Our family has just begun to go back to church, and the kids of course love it, which in truth is why we are going back because regardless to my issues, I want my children’s foundation to be solid in God. So I signed up for this on facebook, because not only do I need God, I want God, but it has to be different than it was before, because what feels like before causes me to RUN FOREST RUN. I need to not feel gun shy in terms of trusting people who say they are believers, I need to not feel like if I trust God, that I will lose everything. So I hope that this will be my catalyst, to moving forward in Him. I hope….

  16. Hello Pastor Mark,

    I Thank God for your ministry. Over the past week or so, God has called me to be intimate with Him. When He calls you to something He also equips you with what you will need to prosper. Over the past week I have realized that I have been seeking His hand and not His face. When you seek His hand you are seeking personal gain. I had been praying for things that He had already promised to supply. He is teaching me how to align my soul with my spirit through the word of God. Which is His will. I want to live and move and have my very being in Him. God uses whom He chooses, its seems that every where I turn He is feeding me with what I need. When you open your heart to receive He will supply it. I look foward to taking part in this journey in Digging Deeper in the Word of God.

  17. Benoit kihumbu permalink

    Hello everyone,

    First of all i want to thanks the Lord for everything he have been doing in my life. I dont really want to be long. I want to ask anybody who can join me and the rest of my family in prayers. My wife left me about 5 month ago now and took our daugther with her i let her go without a fight because of the love i have for her and our child. Right at this moment i stongly believe and feel in my heart that only God can touch her heart so that she can actualy put her guards down so that we can get the familly back together. So please anyone join me and the rest of the people who have been praying about this. God bless you all. Thank you in advance.

    • Matt permalink

      I can relate to your situation. U are the high priest of your home. Your function is to be the covering for your family even though you are not with them geographically. Draw closer to God, push up on Him, hide yourself in the cleft of the Rock, and in prayer carry the weight of your family with you and give it over to Jesus. Your family will return to you, i declare so be it in the natural, so shall be in the heavens in the name of King Jesus Christ…Amen!!!

  18. Amy permalink

    Love how the Lord is using you! I always look forward to reading scripture on my facebook page! Truely is a BLESSING!! God is GREAT!!!

  19. neoshocountyrepublican permalink

    This is to “I’M SAVED”: You need to reconcile with the church. Go back and pray a prayer of forgivenness and if you have to change churches, do…but forgiven them for their lack of knowledge….I suggest giving to God your flesh, bruises and all….on an altar….and ask HIm to take it and do His will with it…a loss is difficult and most of us don’t know how to be a friend at that time…been there on both sides….but church is important for you.

  20. Thank you Mark for sharing. This is has in fact encouraged me to get even more serious about my walk with the Lord and look at it as a a necessity instead of an option on days that I am tired or withdrawn. I too am in transition and I need to just seek the Lord more than I am currently doing to prepare for my next role in His purpose for my life. The above message has confirmed a few things I have been contemplating for a few weeks.

  21. Kenneth Jackson permalink

    Your words found me and I thank God that he used you to that. Thank you for opening yourself up to God.

  22. I would like to compare this journey like eating a really nice chocolate – one of my favourite things in life! The excitement of going to the store, picking your favourite bar from the shelve, then driving home, unwrapping it with anticipation, and then ahh that first bite! But one bite is not enough, you can’t stop till it is finished, and then you wish you bought two!

    And just like the various sweets to choose from, the Bible has many books to choose from. One day you might feel like reading your old favourites, the next day only one verse. But the excitement is always there!

    A chocolate can make a blue monday seem much brighter, and so can the Bible change a day completely! The taste of God’s word on your lips is as sweet as any chocolate!

    And then, as I sometimes joke, I am a Chocoholic can I gladly and proudly admit – I AM A WORDAHOLIC! I am totaly Addicted to God and His Word!!

    Your journey is inspiring! And I gladly take your hand, and am walking with you! Silently in prayer, at peace! God bless you abundantly Mark!

  23. Barb Bailey permalink

    I am not a new Christian, just sometimes a confused one. I get to thinking, I am not doing enough. I am 70 years of age and have taught Sunday School/Bible School since I was very young. Never went to an adult class until I was probably 60 or so. I don’t really know what the problem is, but always taught from a child’s view and since I was so young when I started teaching. Now that I am in an adult world of hearing, I feel I cannot really understand it all, like I think, I should. I also was a State/Fed. licensed Daycare Provider in my home for 22 years. So had been around the children’s world for so long. Even in my daycare, we watched some Christian films and took turns saying our prayers. I kept children, 24/7. I loved taking care of children, many could not afford to pay, but my love for a safe daycare was so important. Was afraid, if I turned them away, the parent would have to settle for just anything. And I could not have lived with myself, had they have gotten hurt. #I worked at a Lumber Yard, as a bookkeeper before going into daycare, when my grandson of 7 months was hit by a daycare provider and busted his soft spot and slamned so hard, it went very deep and he has severe brain damage. Does not talk. He is considered an austistic child. He is now 22 yrs. A loving child, I had him for 12 years and he is so precious to me. His mother has him now, do not know, if that is good or not. But this is what she wants and he should be with a younger person. But she gets very short tempered with him. I just asked a change of her heart and she will show him love. He survives on love, and know this is why, he loves to come here. Please keep her in your Prayers and guide me in being able to understand the Bible in the adult world, and also the Chilren’s version. I love people and help all, that I can. My home is open book, like Thanksgiving, my step-daughter and her family were here today. They all are blessed Christians. And a young man, who is single and came in later this afternoon to visit. He is a wonderful young man, but both parents have passed on and he even brought a turked with all the trimmings. Just pray for him, that he too, will find Christ. Ask him to come into his heart.
    I will not ramble on much more. But Pray God will give me wisdom in being a good Christian and knowledge to know how to go about. God Bless you. It is a Blessing to read your page. I need help, Barb

  24. Antje permalink

    Thank you for the work that you are doing. This shows the hunger there is in the world not for bread but for the Word of God. Stay true to the Word. Please do not dissapoint us as so many sheppard has done in the past. Just stay who you are plain and simple. Because of the big reaction you have from people all over the world please do not become big headed you are only a instrument of God. I will pray for you daily as the saints need people like you to bring us together through studying the Word as the Lord warned us as the days of the end draws closer that we as saints should stand together. We need each other. We do not need another pastor that thinks he is the only one that hears from God and that he knows it all and exalts himself above everybody else, there are enough of them. God bless your ministry

  25. Tim permalink

    Hi Mark, thank you for putting your Bible study on face book hope to go deep in to the word of GOD .

  26. Brandi permalink

    Thank you so much for this blog!!!

    I gave birth to my beautiful little girl this past August, but wait for it… her name is Journey!!!!!

    It is no coincidence that God is calling me, and my husband, to journey deeper into His word!!! Thank you for helping us get started! 2010 is going to be a powerful year I can feel it!

  27. I need and want this challenge. We all as the children of GOD and HIS soldiers need to be renewed on a regular basis. We all need to be uplifted by one another and let the HOLY SPIRIT work within us. I have heard Pastors say, believe it or not, I am a Pastor, what can you possibly teach me. Well, I will tell you this, I have been a Pastor for yrs and my Ministers and congregation teaches me something new every day. We never know to much to learn more. Especially when it comes to the Father’s Holy Word. Thank you and GOD Bless you for what you are doing for HIS Kingdom

  28. Never forget what GOD brings us to HE will bring us through

  29. Canies Myers-Brown permalink

    Thank you for your vision, for your committment and for includng me. God Bless you.

  30. Praise God for the many blessings he bestows upon us.

  31. AMJR permalink

    I glanced over your Facebook page- The Bible and it looks pretty good. I was a bit taken aback when you said you were an Anglican priest….but your messages read like an Evangelical…lol….sure you ain’t got a little Evangelical in yah???? It is always wonderful to see persons grow deeper in God. He has called me to do the same….did so a few months ago…so now I’m trying to get deeper in Bible Study. Bless you and Best wishes for the New Year.

  32. Edith permalink

    Hi Mark,
    I really enjoy your scriptures and you put them in a way where we can understand things. I enjoyed the pictures of your family. I have been married 48 years on the 5th of Jan and have 5 children. 3 boys and a set of twin daughters. I can relate to the diaper situation even though mine are all grown. I have 14 grand children and 2 gr. grand children. I live in Ks. USA.
    I left a organized religion because of their beliefs and because they did some things I felt was not right to people behind their back. I was raised in the Christian Church. I have taught my children to love God. I have a son who went to the Christian Church but just changed to be Catholic like his wife and daughters. None of my other kids do anything for God as they was all tore apart when we was in the one religion and things totally haywire because of their beliefs. My two daughters have been baptised but my other two sons don’t want anything to do with it which saddens me.
    I was so tickled to find you on Facebook and have forwarded your deal to my children in hopes something might strike their hearts and they turn around to God.
    I can now read along with you every day. I don’t get out to church often because I have a invalid husband who can’t get out so I try to watch a church here in our town which is on tv every Sunday. I keep praying for God and his help with all not only my problems but our troops, our homeless and hungry, our tortured, abused and the spiritually hungry and thirsty. I keep wanting to do more and feel guilty I can’t so I pray God will forgive me and just help me be a good wife, grandmother, mother and Christian. My husband died 2 times on me this year so I feel so blessed I have him. My son who does go to church was there for me when my husband died on us the lst time and immediately held me and started praying and a peace and calm came over me instead of the hesterical crying I was doing. Thanks be to God. He is so good to us all if we just get to know him. Again thank you for being there.

  33. Gladys Wright permalink

    this is to jennifer.
    I hope you see this… my message to you!
    Your message brought about due to Ephram has entranced me.
    In my humble opinion the message was/is Spirit filled. I’d like to copy it to share with my loved ones.
    You seem to have… “the gift of ministry” yourself.
    Thank you for your (Spirit Filled) post!!!!!!

  34. Susan P. permalink

    I am having a hard time forgiving my husband for leaving me. He has moved on with his life; but my challenge is moving on with mine without resentment. I find it very difficult to “LET GO AND LET GOD.” I no longer want to be a victim. I want to LIVE and discover GOD’S plan for me here on earth.
    Please keep me in your prayers.

  35. Mayra permalink

    Mark, God Bless you Brother.

    Thank You so much for this BLOG. It was wonderful to read your testimony. God has been recently dealing with me on how I must seek HIM and how I must turn away from my own ways and after reading your blog it has encouraged me to FOLLOW GOD, SEEK HIM, and challenge myself to GROW CLOSER with HIM.

    God recently gave me a Great Awakening through a Car Accident and has really spoken to me about me beginning to follow HIM and begin doing his will. I know that once I get back right with GOD everything will begin to go well for me. If you could please KEEP me in your Prayers Brother. My name is MAYRA OREJEL.

    Thank You and GOD BLESS!!

    -Mayra ❤

  36. brandon d permalink

    my journey is beginning now into gods kingdom , i deffinetly have a rough start. Just in the last month ive lost everything my home , family , myself and my faith. my entire life up to this point has been a nightmare, my problem now is that ive done such terrible things in the past that i just cant let go of it, my realationship with my wife has been getting better , but it seems like no matter what i do i cant get to where i need to really lookin for support in gods way to help continue the path im taking,, in my life i havent really learned the good things about life ive started to realize stuff in diffrent ways now , for exaple i always use to be pissed off or just angry all the time, and now im not but i still do sometimes but i need to take the good with the bad…please im lookin for advice or good passages in the bible that could motivate me or just help me understand ,,,,

    • Rhonda permalink

      Brandon – I was drawn to your post, first because you have the same name as my son. 🙂 But then, I read what you said. I want you to know that I care about you!!! Nothing makes satan happier than to “rub our noses in it”. He wants us to live in guilt and shame. But, that’s Not what God wants for us!! I hope you know that, while things may look bleak right now, you have Not lost everything. You still have God!! He will Never leave you, Brandon! You said you have just started your journey – so give yourself some time and don’t be too hard on yourself. The key word here is ‘Journey”. God is taking you on the ride of your life – and He has you securely buckled in! He makes no mistakes!! On this journey, He will guide you, teach you and grow you as long as you are open and willing. And it sure sounds as if you are. Yea!! God has so much love for you! I’m sorry your life has been hard to this point. You know, we all have the same story, in a way – just different words and setting. We’re all messed up and have made so many mistakes. You aren’t alone! But, if we acknowledge it all to God, He will forgive us and wipe our slate clean! But it’s nothing we can do. It’s only by God’s grace and the blood Jesus shed on the cross. A gift! Be patient with yourself and your wife (& family). Trust that Jesus is your friend and know that He’s got your back! He’s right there with you and He just wants you to lean on Him. A day at a time. There’s not a step that you will take alone – in fact, He’s already been there for you so it’s safe to go. We will still make mistakes and sin, even after we give our lives to Christ. So, please don’t give up. Confess it, learn from it and press on! You have really encouraged me, Brandon! I think the best thing you can do is not worry about the people & circumstances around you. Put you life & trust in Jesus, work on yourself first, and the rest will follow – because God is faithful! He will work it all out for you. God works All things together for good to those who trust Him!! Good & bad. Remember, He sees the big picture and knows the end of your story! Cool, huh? Suggestion: Read Phil. 3:13-14. In fact, read all of Philippians for encouragement!! Also, Romans 5:1-2 “Faith brings Joy!” I hope you will become part of a Bible believing church family. Read your Bible and talk to God “always”! I would like to offer this to you because it is SO good: Our pastor did a series not long ago called “Freakin’ Messed Up”. Yes, that’s what I said. lol I think there is So much stuff in there that would help you to sort things out and learn to love yourself as God does. Go to and click on Watch Videos at the top. You will find the archived series there. I promise you will be glad you did! I will pray for you and your family, Brandon. God loves you!! Blessings!!! PS – If you’d like, I’m on facebook, and would like you & your wife to be my friends. (Doesn’t that always sound silly? I’m old, so I’m just getting used to all this internet language! lol) Anyway, I get a lot of helpful links/pages plus, my friends & church are fabulous and encouraging. We all pray for each other and it’s so cool. So, if you want to, just put my name in, Rhonda Gibson, and find me. Maybe God can use us to help you along your journey!!

      • Rhonda permalink

        PS to Brandon: Our pastor’s message tonight mad me think of you and what you’re going through. It will be on that same website,, probably by Sun. pm or Mon. am if you’d like to check it out! Blessings!

  37. samantha vroman permalink

    i jus wanted to tell u that i was having alot of issues and i felt like i couldnt find God ….my friend told me to read 1 and 2 corinthians 10 mins later the daily devotion that ur site was posted on popped up on my facebook and it jus so happened that 2 corinthians 12:9-10 was the verse. i read this and it made me realize that God is wit me more wen i am weak and he will never leave me. wen i am weak he molds me and makes me stronger

  38. elodie M. permalink

    Amen, thats such a good thing God used you to be a vessel of honor and sow His seed in our life because i feel blessed by the word you share with us, Rev M. Brown

  39. Tammie permalink

    I am so lost in my life i don’t no what god is wanting me to do with my life. So why is my life so hard to live and my did i have to fight ageist my mum in Cort and why does my foster family so mean and why am i so scared to be in the house i am in

  40. KAY PARRISH permalink



  41. million permalink

    irealy love the message i’m stragling to live right i need prayer and advice

  42. Lynette permalink

    I’ve just started receiving your email blog and have just read how you got started. I’ve always prayed 2 Chronicles 7:14 withmy country (South Africa) in mind (we soooo need it), but have never considered praying and acting it over myself. Thank you and I think you are doing something wonderful in the Kingdom.

  43. David Peters permalink

    You are inspiring and God has given you a unique ministry on facebook and email. I have been deaf for the past two years and I am praying for God to stick His fingers in my ears and restore my hearing and balance in walking. I have the faith to believe he is going to do it. Your daily words from the Word are inspiring. (Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania)

  44. Emma permalink

    Thanks for sharing the word of God! It’s beautiful! Blessings!

  45. Cecil permalink

    The verse you sited above “2 Chronicles 7:14 : ‘Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.” is very special to our church here in Burbank Calif. We have a 24 hour prayer vigil the first Saturday of every month that God has so totally blessed because we are doing what he says in that verse. We start early Saturday and end right before our service on Sunday. The Church is never empty for that 24 hours. We pray for our church leaders, our city, our government leaders and any concerns for our members. God is keeping His promise and I give Him praise and thanks for that. Thank you Mark for your wonderful ministry and have a safe journey.

  46. GOD is really wonderful and amazing. He uses people like you to inspire us and let us fully understand His Words that amazingly done so many changes in our lives. Thank you Sir Mark for a great ministry and may you inspire more people in your journey to the word of God. God bless you!

  47. I would to thank you,for share the word of god with me and anyone
    that does known gods love us. and pleased keep shared god love
    to others around the world ,who knows gods love or want to knowed gods loved.

  48. to everyone keep sharing gods love with evrey one.all your storying tug on my heart very much i hope reading this page will
    help everybody hear,to the sister looking for a new church home,
    all i have to say forgiven the pastor what happen and god to help
    you do that if it to hard for you to do that by yourself
    because we all make bad choices and you should sat down ask
    the pastor what happen it may have notting to do with you personally,but you need to know to help you moved on by it.and
    after you do that you may stilled want go to another church
    but you will down all you can to work out the issueswith pastor
    like god would have wanted us to do by forgiven someone who
    have done us prayabout all it frist ask god for help.

  49. I am sure that I read in KJV of how Jesus sweated blood that night in the Garden of Gethsemene, while in prayer with the Father [so great must His anguish have been ~ I cried for Him]

  50. Larry permalink

    This verse (2 Chron 7:14) us exactly what I need.

  51. Hi there…I read your page of Journeying Deeper in Gods Word and it has inspired me..I must confess that I struggle with reading the Word…I get my comfy spot and start to read and the next thing I know I am asleep!!…I always read, usually a teaching to encourage me and educate me, before going to bed at nite..I REALLY REALLY want to read the Bible in a new way and I am going to try and keep us with your page reading the Bible in a year…Way to go Rev. Brown!!…Thanks loads…NanaB.

  52. Lisa Oliver permalink

    That really is some powerful words, Just reading it I can feel the anoitin coming over me. I wuz just talking to God about that lastnight. about humbling myself and seeking God faithfully, studie tha word, and build ah relationship with him. Alwazs stay Prayed up. I CAN HONESTLY SAY THAT WAS ANOTHER WORD OR WORDS FOR ME (LIKE AH MESSAGE) THAT WAS MEANT FOR ME TO READ, You have giving me my answer. So I know for show what to do an how to. I been known that I just needed some in couragein words. I got to stay in church an seek my, LORD GOD: Our savior!!!!!! I Love the Lord for he is GOOD!!!!! And yes the devil is on me mighty tuff, BUT GOD HAS THE POWER ALL OF IT!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!! AN MY GOD BLESS CONT. TO BLESS YOU AS WELL. THANKS

  53. Mark Willie permalink

    Pastor Brown,
    i too began a deeper journey into the Word of God many years ago. it is particularly interesting to me that you chose 2 Chronicles 7:14. until i came to a full understanding of this verse, much of the Bible made little sense or was confusing. the key is these two words, “my people”. this promise by Almighty God is not made to the population at large, it is addressed very specifically to, “my people”. the LORD God has chosen a specific race of people, for a special purpose; to be his servants and his witnesses to the rest of his creation. search the Bible and you will find no other people on planet earth whom the LORD God entered into covenant relationship with.
    “Ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen… This people have I formed for myself; they shall show forth my praise.” [Isaiah 43:10, 21]
    “You only have I chosen of all the families of the earth:” [Amos 3:2]
    “For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.” [Deuteronomy 7:6]
    “Ye are the children of the LORD your God… For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God, and the LORD hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth.”
    [Deuteronomy 14:1-2]
    “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” [1 Peter 2:9]

    the key to unlocking the mysteries of the Word of God is found in knowing who these people are and the plan the LORD their God has for them…
    “Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah that bare you: for I called him alone, and blessed him, and increased him.” [Isaiah 51:2]
    “That in the dispensation of the fullness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him:” [Ephesians 1:10]

    i hope this will aid in your understanding of the scriptures and how it applies to what is happening in our world today.
    grace and peace to you from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ,
    mark willie

    “From that time Jesus began to proclaim and say, Change your minds: for the Kingdom of Heaven approaches!” [Matthew 4:17, Ferrar Fenton]
    Read The BIBLE… It’s Right — It’s Free

  54. Glenys Louise permalink

    Dear Kay Parrish, stunned to read such an honest and beautiful picture of you in your words – and to know it, understand it and feel it coz it’s so similar to my journey. Thank you so much for sharing with us all on this site. Isn’t God so wonderful, the way He picks us when we go down again. I loved what you said – HE KNOWS IF HE CAN GET ME CALMED DOWN AND RESTING I WILL BE OK. SOMETIMES A VERY HARD JOB. Oh it is so, so, so hard isn’t it. I don’t know you, but I love you sister-in-Christ. As we rest in Him on opposite sides of the world, let’s praise Him and be thankful even for those “calming down” times!! GL

  55. Peter Koech permalink

    God be blessed for your inspiration to me as a Kenyan

  56. lucy ng permalink

    To GOD be the Glory!!!Though you say that I don’t know you personally but remember we are all brother and sisters in CHRIST!!This blog MY journey is very fruitful as HIS word is engraved in our hearts through YOU!!
    May GOD bless you abundantly!!!!

  57. just trying to find my answer that i ask you for earlier

  58. robin Glass permalink

    I have never been close to God in my whole 42 years on this earth.. I am wondering how that I can get closer to him.. I have had an urgent need to find the Lord and have no idea how to go about it.. I have lived a very rough life and have shut off most of my emotions and have no idea how to get it back..God seems to be the answer but how do I reach Him..I need help and figure this out so that I can get closer to GOD..I have no idea how my family will deal with this but right now I need to help myself to be the person that I want to be..I have so many sins that I do not even know that I can remember them all but what do I need to do to take these steps…

  59. Veronica permalink

    I think its awesome that you serve God with the bible on facebook however it has opened the door to a bunch of filthy people who r there to hurt others I go there each day to pray for them, but my heart just wrenches. there could b that one young soul who is allmost there for God but reads the filth that these people r posting and turns the other way. Im not sure what can b done but i will continue to pray for your ministry, and the people who need the education you provide.

  60. Linda permalink

    I asked Jesus to be my Saviour when I was 12 years old. When I surrendered my heart I felt this warmth come over me and I knew it was the Holy Trinity. When I divorced my husband I was so down in the dumps. I again surrendered my heart and the Lord brought me together with my second husband. I knew I couldn’t handle things on my own. I’ve always felt close and I hope I can stay this way. I see from our studies that the world is going according to the Bible. Since the Bible has been taken out of so many things we are getting closer and closer to the end of the world. I will continue to study and keep the Lord in my heart. I pray that he takes my family and I to Heaven when the time comes. God bless you for spreading the Word. He is the only way!!!

  61. Pam permalink

    Mark, may I first say GOD BLESS YOU and YOUR HOUSE!!! I am going thru a difficult time in my life, but it has really brought me closer to God. It has made me hungry for his will and plan for my life and I am so thankful for the “problem” that brought me to my knees. I am a long time Christian, but not a long time “excited” christian and believe me, there is a difference. Thank you for your ministry on line and I pray for your “preseverence” in your journey.

  62. Dona Swenk permalink

    I have recently in the past year felt myself drifting away from attending church and daily reading of the Bible. I just recently moved back to La and have not found a church that I am confortable with. My question for you is do you have any bible studies that you do online? Thank You for what you do each and every day.

    • Hey Dona! This blog is the record of my journey into the Word. I call it a sort of autobiographical Bible commentary. In that sense it may be a study for you. I post most days and pray it will draw you closer to God! Mark

  63. Dona Swenk permalink

    I read all the comments on here, and WOW!! I feel very lost. Wrote down all the verses to look up in the bible so I can understand more of what you guys are talking about. Thank You Mark. For leading me to your website and for your help

  64. Nick permalink

    Just want to say that I just joined this I’ve watched a few of your Videos already and read today’s scripture. I believe God truly is working on this page!! I’ll be on here every day Mark. Thank you for creating it. I currently don’t read my bible alot. But this is drawing me in. God has a plan! As a young Adult I’ve got a long life ahead of me may this page thrive and become bigger and more abroad.

  65. Tina permalink

    Hi Pastor Mark. I wanted to say “thank you” for your facebook page. I dedicated my life to Christ more than 10 years ago, but trials and tribulations have led me off the straight and narrow path a few times. I’m a good person, but I’ve made mistakes, bad judgment calls, etc. and I know that being human that I will make more. I’m writing today to talk to you about my mother. My mother has known Christ all of her life, but she has suffered most of her life, from living in an orphanage from age 10-16 with both of her parents alive, to marrying an abusive, dangerous man (my biological father) at the age of 17. She has been treated like garbage my family, friends, and many others all of her life. When she was 23, she married my father (the one who adopted my sister and I) and he was a gift from God. They were happily married for nearly 24 years before the Lord called my dad home. He died 10 years ago this August at the age of 53. My mother was only 47. Since his passing, she has had one bad thing after another happen in her life, the financial turmoil my dad left her in, the loss of my dad’s mother only 9 months after his passing, the loss of pets that were dear to her, loss of family members due to old age, the loss of friends, health issues, and the list goes on. 3 Years after my father passed away, my mother met another good man, Jeff. He brought light back to my mother’s eyes, laughter, and love. Jan 2,2006, he died of an enlarged heart in his home. This was almost more than my mother could bear. She started a painting business after my dad passed because they had owned their own company, and she couldn’t do the work as an electrical contractor that my father had done. Business was slow, but she managed, until 3 years ago she broke her foot in 7 places while on a job. Because she owned her own business, of one employee…herself, she didn’t have insurance. She did get a cast, etc. but her foot did not heal well. she tried returning to work because she needed the money, but she wasn’t able to continue because the pain in her foot was too much. The house her and my father bought, she has lived in for more than 30 years, began falling apart about 7 years ago. If she had been able to sell it then, she would have made a nice return on her investment, however, she didn’t think she needed to at that time. Last year she learned that the first house she and my dad bought when they married would cost her $13k if she sold it (it was a rental property), but she could sell her primary home and move back into this first house without the capital gains hit, however, the house she was living in was sinking, among other things, and would cost nearly $30k to fix. She was so distraught that she contemplated suicide. The only thing that kept her from doing it was the fear of hell and not seeing her father, my father, and other family members in Heaven. (thank God!) Well, I’ve prayed for 10 years for God to bring her through and He finally opened up some doors to help her. She was able to fix the issues with her primary home, with the help of family members, for under $10k, and has finally relocated 5 hrs away from that home, back to the home she and my dad first purchased. She seemed to being doing well when things started going wrong again. Her car a/c has quit working (in the middle of the hottest summer in years) and her 2 outside dogs(that mean the world to her) were let out of her fenced in yard and have been gone for nearly a week. She has suffered with depression and panic disorder for many years, and just when things start looking up(and I praise God for that) she is devastated once again. They may only be dogs to some people, but when they are like her children, since she lives alone, and has lost my dad and then Jeff. Before she moved, every time she turned around something was going wrong, the a/c at the other house was hit by lightening, not once, but twice. The bills were astronomical, not to mention that my brother, his pregnant wife and one child moved in with her for 2 years, rent free, nothing paid towards bills, etc. The little girl was hateful, the wife was lazy (didn’t work, didn’t clean up after herself, her child, or anyone else, a second child was born and my mother was the one who got up in the night for feedings, changed her diapers, rocked her to sleep, was basically her mother (while her daughter-in-law slept in, went shopping, etc. There’s more to this story, but to get back on point, my mother has suffered many losses, spouse, both parents, and other loved ones, 3 pets, and now the 2 that are missing. She said something the other day that broke my heart, “I must be on the bottom of God’s list”. I have ministered to my mother for the last 10 years, sometimes it would bless her, other times it only angered her. She has been a good person all of her life, always giving, always faithful, etc., and it seems to her that God has punished her for something (even though she has no idea what), and she is so distraught. Because of her battle with depression and panic disorder, she will not go to church. She barely leaves her home to go to the grocery store or any where else for that matter. I have a daughter that will be 14 soon, and my mother has missed the last 10 years of her life because she has been swallowed up in grief, pain, guilt, etc.Even when I would take her to see my mother, there was no relationship. She is so tired of this world, just like my dad was, and she feels like she cannot take anything else. I am very worried about her, but it doesn’t seem that God is hearing my prayers. I know as a Christian that God hears me, but my faith is being stretched so thin as I watch my mother suffer one bad thing after another. Please,please pray for her. She knows God, and loves God, but feels abandoned by Him like she’s been abandoned by everyone else in her life. Her children love her and try to help as much as we can, but it takes it’s toll. My mother was the most wonderful mother to my siblings and I, but she has been broken so many times that she is not the same nurturing person she used to be to her grandchildren. I have begged and pleaded with God, but things just don’t seem to change. I don’t understand, nor does my mother, but I want to believe God has a great plan for her life, so I keep praying. I don’t know what else to say. I just want prayer for my mother, peace for her, a church family for her, and to live out the rest of her life in peace. She is only 57, but looks so much older due to all of the stress she has endured in her 57 years. Please help me.

    Thank you and God bless,

  66. Marina permalink

    Rev. Mark:
    Thank You for sharing the Word and love of God with me.
    I look forward to your enlightning post each day.
    God Bless.

  67. Marcia Walsh permalink

    God must be telling many christians to “prepare”. We must be on the brink of new challenge. This year he has taken me through the Esther process, and the phrase “gird the loins of your mind and spirit” continuously comes up. I keep asking him what it is that he wants me to prepare for, but he keeps feeding me knowledge.
    He kept saying “Easter Like Micah”, “Prepare like Esther” and last night he consumed my night with the ends’ of times, comparing how earth is Heaven’s opposite, therefore earth abiding humans cannot even comprehend heavenly perfection without the Holy spirit.
    God bless my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray for, plead the blood of Jesus, and charge guardian angels one another. Keep your words clean and without fear to fasten your seals of protection. Blessings

  68. Marcia Walsh permalink

    I don’t know why I feel it is important to say this, but to all fellow brothers and sisters in christ, study “healing through the word”. We will need in greatly. Grace be with you.

  69. 4 yrs ago today my hubby and i were in a crash that killed 2 people. it was caused by my hubby/ i almost died. i am paralyzed from the waist down and had numerous injuries. we are going to talk to schools on the affects of drinking and driving.

  70. Sandie permalink

    As I read you blog today I am again reminded of the words I received from the Lord in April 2009 “Believe, Rest in me and PREPARE”. I asked the question at that time “Prepare for what?” Unsure of what was to lay ahead my journey began. My relationship with God grew richer, deeper and more intense with each passing day as I immersed myself in the word and called upon the Holy Spirit to completely guide me. Although we are in different part of this world, you and I, your words reminded me of the desires God has been burning into my heart for more than a year and have given me the encouragement to once again to walk by faith alone and not by sight. Today is the day to begin moving forward in those plans God has for me that He alone has prepared for me. Thank you.

  71. LIsa JOnes permalink

    Thank you for sharing. I am now in the midst of a cleansing, seeing who I have truly been for most of my saved life and it is not pretty. Going through the motions and not living entirely the way God intends. Being an ordained minister
    and one day waking up and realizing that I have not truly dealt with the sins in my own life. Anger, rage and bitterness were my friends and now I have to release, forgive and let it go. It can’t be covered up no longer and I can’t pretend that it’s not there. Pray for me as I seek Gods face and not His hand.

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