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Tour of the office and sneak peek of my new blog

October 26, 2010

God bless,

Mark Brown

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  1. Sharon nelly W. Aliocod permalink

    It was very of you to give a peak of your place where you work. God has blessed you with very beautiful children. May you continue to reach out in Christ”s name and be a blessing.

  2. Annah Ogeto permalink

    Dear Mark,

    You have been such blessing to me. Mark, I wrote you personal email did you get it? Please do reply

    God bless you and keep the good work.

    Annah Ogeto

  3. Steve Gill permalink

    The best part of that was seeing the “simplicity” of it. God has been on my heart this morning about “needs vs. desires”. I coach a football team and my boy is the only white child on the team and the team comes from some of the poorest neighborhoods in our city. One of the boys asked for a hot dog at a football game not too long ago and after he ate only half of it, he wrapped up the other half. Knowing that the boy was really hungry, one of our coaches asked “Why didn’t you eat the other half of your hot dog”? The boy replied “I’m taking it home so that my sisters will have something to eat tonight”. I look at your office and then hear you say “It’s just perfect for what I need.” God is so awesome and we really don’t need much. I don’t know about you, but I’m receiving MORE love from people than ever before…. REAL LOVE From Brothers and Sisters in Christ. I didn’t desire that as much as other things but God knew that’s what I needed. I hope this message brings you LOVE from your Maker Mark. You have a brother in Virginia who cares alot about you. And by the way…. I’ve sent your blog to several people here who are now following your journey. Love and Peace to you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. Kathy permalink

    So, Mark. There’s no wife in your life, is there? You never mention a wife, You post no picture of her and you keep mentioning your “personal pain.” Who really has custody of the kids?

  5. Mary permalink

    Mark, thank you for sharing your simple, humble office space with all of us. Your children are lovely and growing up fast! I love all you are doing to share Christ Jesus with others. I enjoy your blogs but don’t often comment….time constraints, you know! Be Blessed!

  6. Demy permalink

    Awee, that’s adorable! I love your workspace, and how your so content with what little you have. And it makes you happy! And the kids, their so cute(: Can’t wait to see your new blog !

  7. Lydia reyes permalink

    That is a beautiful palace you have . I call it that because you are a son of the king and you are doing a mighty fine job for his glory. That office is a blessing to all of us who get to grow more with God, thru the work he has you doing there. I pray blessings upon you and your family today and always.

  8. Lynn permalink

    pastor mark, i like your little office and the simplicity of it. my office is a desk in my room. it’s slightly cluttered,but as i get things put away in the filing cabinets everything will have it’s place. like Paul said, i have learned to be content with what i have and i look at what i have with gratefulness instead of what i don’t have.i have 2 4 draw file cabinets we bought at yard sales, a 3 in 1 disconiued printer, and a computer desk that was given to me and a desk i bought over 30 years ago,a typewriter that’s about 30 years old. my books were bought used or given to me and i have been blessed by God to receive all these things.i want to write some more poetry and childrends books and whatever else God puts on my heart, including my testimony. i have just gotten released from the hospital again and almost didn’t make it this time, but God has given me a to do list and it’s quite full, so i think i’ll be busy for a while. your children are beautiful and i’m sure they’re blessings to you. may God richly bless you, and yours in Jesusname, amen.

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