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Taking a break + some news..

October 1, 2010

From time to time I take a break from posting and that time has arrived! I won’t post again until the 18th of October, but rest assured I will be back. I will also keep reading my Bible and learning, staying on the journey.  But before I depart for my break I have two bits of news..

This blog is getting an overhaul – a completely new look is a coming!  Bring it on!!

And finally, I am going through a very significant personal challenge right now to do with a relationship, would you pray for me?  Its a very difficult time.

God bless,

Mark Brown

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  1. Jo ann Nappo permalink

    my prayers are with you! i look forward to the 18th !!until then God bless!!!

  2. lori hess permalink

    @Marc: even the strongest of us need a break sometimes and we all could use prayer…i pray that God will be your strength and shield through this specific challenge and work His will for you through you…there’s a purpose…may He enlighten you amen.

  3. Anna permalink

    Enjoy your break, will miss your postings til the 18th. I learn so much from them! I will pray for you for whatever challenge you are facing in your relationship, that it works out and gets better. God bless!

  4. I will be praying for you. I want you to know how much your web site means to me. I have a terminal illness according to the doctors but we know they don’t have the last word and I give 24/7 care to my elderly father. I will miss you while you are gone but I understand the need of a rest from time to time, I hope that you find peace, hope and love of the father that you remind us of in your studies. God Bless, Donna

  5. You have been, and will be in my Prayers always. God be with you. Bless you, Minnie

  6. I hope you are able to use the time to focus on your relationship, and the Lord’s will for your lives. I don’t know if it is a romantic relationship you’re cultivating, or a friendship, but either way, the 5 love languages are relevant. Seek to express God’s love to that person through a love language that is meaningful to them – even if it isn’t as meaningful to you. God bless you and guide you through this difficult time. Seek Him, and you will find Him.

  7. Lori Firestone-Morris permalink

    Yes Mark,

    I will be praying for you. Changes in relationships can be very hard.
    I will addd you to my daily list.
    God Bless You Mark!

    PS. It helps me to remember to start every day with “God, :et your will and ONLY your will be done today in my life. What would you have me to do today! ”


  8. Lydia reyes permalink

    Whatever you are going thru I know God will help you and I am one of your sisters in Christ that will continue to pray for you and yours. May the Peace of God be always with you. Look forward to your next post, whenever you get around to it. Just hang on to the Cross and don’t let go. Lots of Love sent your way from friends in Florida, USA.

  9. Debrah permalink

    I pray that GOD will bless you in this time, and guide you in whatever it is that you are going thru. I pray that the LORD will strengthen you even more, providing you the KNOWLEDGE and INSIGHT need at this time. I thank GOD for you and all that you do for this world. IN JESUS NAME, BE BLESSED.

  10. Mark, Your personal life will get better no matter what. God knows what is best.

  11. catherine cheever permalink

    Mark, you are in my prayers. GOD is with you and will see you through this. Looking forward to your return on the 18th. Take care and GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ruth permalink

    Mark – I speak Peace into your life. Peace during this time of rest and restoration. Be at Peace and know that all things are filtered through our heavely Father’s loving hand. Be at Peace.

  13. Will be praying for you all.Satan sure tries his best to sidetrack the work of God.But God is the winner in every case.Cares of life are tough,but necessary to care for in that God expects us all to behave honorably in all situations.I know He is with you all the way.

  14. Mark,
    Take the the time you need and may the blessings of THE LORD be with you and your family.
    What ever difficult time you are having, rest assured Father, Son and HolySpirit- the I AM-
    is holding you so ever close. If there is anything I can do, dont’ hesitate to ask for we are connected.
    Diane (USA-California)

  15. Rose Reese permalink

    I will be praying. God is beside you and will help you.

  16. Masrcilene Ross permalink

    I wanted to let you know how much I have been blessed by this site, but for now I have to be without the internet for awhile. May God continue to use you to spread the message, God Bless you during this time. He is as near as your next breath may he uphold you during this time.

  17. Lynda Powers permalink

    Dear Mark, You have become part of my journey and I pray His strength and love will continue to guide you and all your relationships. Take care and Mizpah

  18. teri permalink

    God bless you Mark. I will put you in my daily prayers. Always know that the Lord will see you through any dificulty. Rest well.

  19. Jane Pleace permalink

    Dear Mark, of course I will pray for you. You’ll be covered with prayer 24/7 given all your friends around the world. Will be in touch by email today too, God bless you, Jane

  20. Michelle permalink

    I sense that God is calling many deeper and higher than we have ever been.I pray that as you seek Him that you will find Him as you seek Him with all of your heart. I pray that His presence will be ever near you , that He will give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation during this time . If He is for you, who can be against you .
    ‘ In my distress, I called out to the Lord , and cried out to my God. He heard my voice from the temple and my cry came before Him, even in His ears .’ Psalm 18:6
    He will never leave you nor forsake you Mark, be Blessed.

  21. As you have prayed for so many of us, so will we pray for you in your time of need. I too have been through some very difficult relationship situations and it was only through God’s love, mercy and guidance that I made it through those very difficult times. He will lead you through yours as well.

  22. Ibrahim Turundu permalink

    Prayed for you Sir, mostly in the Spirit. Your blog, Facebook postings and Yahweh’s Yarn link are really inspiring.
    It happens that I felt an urge to pray for a friend around 3am whose life has had much personal challenges, being from an unstable home. I prayed for God’s peace to invade hearts of her family and set garrison around so no enemy can penetrate. That all the enemy stole shall be fully restored. Please pray for Elizabeth. Shalom!

  23. I will be praying. Thank you for the vital words that you have spoken into my life. May God speak a vital word into your life through those of us that surround you. HIS peace be with you.

  24. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  25. Ruthlyne Eisden-Frans permalink

    Trust God. With God all things are possible.

  26. lucy ng permalink

    Watch & Pray least time passes without fruit!
    Peace & God’s riches blessings be with you!!!

  27. lucy Midi permalink

    Rev. Mark Brown,
    You are always in my prayers.Your site is a blessing to my life and I know that God loves you. I pray that whatever complications are going on in you will come to pass. Focus on our Lord and he will not forsake you. May our good Lord continue blessing you,always. Amen!!!
    Lucy – Nairobi, Kenya (East Africa)

  28. maz permalink

    God bless you graciously through this time xxx I shall be praying for you for peace anbd wisdom xx seek His will in this situation, and trust he has the best for you xx

  29. Robin king permalink

    Praying for you for divine intervention and Gods will and blessings.

  30. Dear Mark,
    you have been such an inspiration for me, I know you will come out of your challenge stronger than ever before. I had quite some challenges myself, and found my way to God facing them. My prayers for you are on their way, and they will continue. Its good to have you !!!
    Do you wanna know my favourite scripture ??? “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love and of power and of a sound mind.” I love the POWER in it – the ability to get results !
    hopefully you will get a good rest and amaze us after it with new insight,
    lots of love,

  31. Deb Siemek permalink

    Just letting you know your prayer request has been placed in our church prayer box and is being lifted up everyday before the throne. We’ve seen so many miracles happen from praying over that box, a man healed of brain cancer, doors that open for jobs, and yes even relationships mended. As you already know what he has done for others he will do for you! Thank you for your ministry and your obedience in serving him!

  32. Lily permalink

    God Bless you Paster Mark,
    May God give you the rest you need and restore your relationship. You are an awesome Godly man and God will honor all you do for everyone. You have many of us praying for you. God’s promise when we ask in His name you will receive.

  33. Steve Gill permalink

    I will pray for you my brother. God will give you all you need to get through it.

  34. Johannes Botha permalink

    Ah we gonna miss you. we will Pray for you and know God is with you every step of the way. can’t wait to hear from you soon.

  35. Angela permalink

    I’m also praying for you as well as GOD’s will for your life and family Be blessed and I know you’ll come back refreshed,I will also miss your posts.

  36. Pam Bailey permalink

    Yes, I will definitely pray for you Mark…take care and may God give you the wisdom you need to work through this relationship!

  37. Take rest in God’s arms… .praying for you.
    Hugs, HL

  38. Joris permalink

    Mark, God is interested in you, including your personal life, including all the personal, including the relational.
    Especially the relational, as He is a relational God. Does that sound right or? Anyway, He is interested in our human relationships as well.

    Will try and pray for you, God bless you,

  39. Nancy Griggs permalink

    I will pray for you.

  40. Nicole permalink

    Mark – I will pray for you. Keep your faith strong. I hope this difficult time passes quickly. You’re a great man and I pray for great things for you!! 🙂

    Love in Christ,

    Greenville, SC, USA

  41. Mack permalink

    Relationships are not always easy. God has to work in and on the two involved. Our prayers are with you. May God’s hand touch the situation and calm the turbulance. Look forward to seeing you back, my brother.

  42. Janana25 permalink

    I will pray for you and may the Lord guide you during your break I also pray that He will help you with every thing you wish for! Take care of your self and stay strong in the name of Jesus Amen! :))


  43. I know you know this, but the Lord is faithful, Mark. Don’t let darkness get the victory. You are serving the Lord and furthering His work on this earth and Satan doesn’t like it, therefore he is attacking you. The Lord will heal your relationship and give you the wisdom you need. . .seek Him and trust Him.

    For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies.
    Psalm 57:9-11

  44. Geoffrey Njenga permalink

    Hello Pastor. My prayers are with you. I know the Lord has got your back and He will take care of whatever challenges you are going through. He waters they that water others. That’s how I know He’s got yo back M.O.G. (Man of God)!! I can’t wait to see the new look and the new stuff you will download to us from Abba Father! God bless ya!

  45. pat rodriguez permalink

    Mark it is a time for al of us. I to am going threw something and i need paryers. I am in my word everyday all day and going tochurch. Jesus is my Lord and Savior noone or nothing can keep me from him. I will pray for you my brother. Stay focus on Him. Only He nows best. God Bless and take care until your up again. If you need someone to talk to I am here for you my brother email me any time.

  46. George permalink

    Mark, I too am going through a difficult decision concerning a relationship. I will pray for you my brother and ask that you pray for me.

  47. Judy permalink

    God is able..Let go and LET GOD!!
    Love you Mark.

  48. June permalink

    Mark, I will keep you in my prayers and I await your return on Oct. 18th.

  49. Toyin Tope-Adedipe permalink

    D Lord shall direct ur steps. Keep the faith.

  50. Hi Mark

    My prayers are with you, even though your journey is difficult right now Our Daddy (Abba Father) is in control and knows what is best for us, So hang on tight for the blessings are right around the corner my friend!!

    Thanks for the webb sight I apprecate it!!


  51. Sylvie Lusignan permalink

    Thank-you Mark!! for all your time & effort. I Love the way your spreading God’s message. May the Lord continue to use you in these hard times & I pray to god to lift you up & give you wisdom, strength & joy in your heart. god bless you!! In Jesus name!!! Hallelujah.

  52. tinalu permalink

    Thank you, Mark, for the energy you are giving to this project, and for the heart-felt message you are putting out here for all of us. I pray God will will be your comfort and guide as your personal issues evolve.

    Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

    God Bless,

  53. Gigi permalink

    Enjoy your break Mark, i will miss your posting, and i will pray for you to go over your challenge and get better. God bless you

  54. Susan M Khaury permalink

    God bless you! God says that we will bear fruit in season, which means not always. Just as field need to lie fallow and the best of fruit trees need to rest, the Lord has ordained that we must rest, every night, every sabbath, and during certain seasons of our lives. I applaud you for turning your attention to this relationship problem, whatever it is, as our loved ones are always the first priority over ministry. God has given you great wisdom. I look forward to the time when you are ready to resume. Meanwhile, you will be in my prayers.

  55. Tuta permalink

    Even in my own challenges that i am facing know that i am praying for you!
    God is Love.
    More blessings to you.

  56. I will certainly pray for you , and for the rest you need ! God is so awesome and your such a wonderful blessing to us all ! May God continue to anoint you with Faith , love , wisdom and His mighty strength …. God bless you and yours……. thank you again , your timing is in the hands of the Lord ! Glory be to God

  57. Dear Donna Turner, I was sorry to hear of the terminal illness that the Doctors claim that you have, but you must remember that God is more than willing to Heal you. 2 Corinthians 4:10… Malachi 4:2… 1 John 3:21&22… and I hope everybody that reads this prays for you too. P.S. I need prayer also for double vision. Standing Fast Danny T. Vick

  58. Sandra S. permalink

    God bless you. I will keep you in my prayers.

  59. yvette matos permalink

    Dearest Mark,
    you will be missed deeply while on hiatus, you have become a big part of my facebook experience I haveshared your testimony with many. Y ou need not ask for my prayers it is done, however I ask that you keep me in prayer. I have been praying thru your ministry on facebook for the Lord to restore my finances, like He did with Job 7 times more than what I lost. God is so good He has been revealing opportunity and plans He wants me to accomplish now and when He blesses me and my husband. Please continue to pray because the blessing will not only restore my prosperity but the Lord revealed that I will use part of the gift to help others in need. I will receive this blessing with grace andhumility, for God is wonderful all glory and honor to Him. Bless you, Amen

  60. maryjane garcia solis permalink

    Thanks 4 wat u have done.I pray God continues 2 Bless,Keep & Guide U – lookn 4ward 2 ur return : )

  61. Tom Driscoll permalink

    Mark you have helped so many people , with your ministry. I pray that you will get through your difficulties with God’s help, soon.

  62. Scott Andersen permalink

    Thank you for your wisdom and kind words, my prayers are with you! May God bless you and keep you close in your time of uncertainty.

  63. Nancy Gardanier permalink

    Praying for you. You are reaching so many people who need this type of ministry. God is using you for His purpose in a mighty way. Satan dreads seeing you wake each morning ready to spread God’s word and you are on his top ten list to try and knock down. He should know by now, God is greater than anything that can come against us. Don’t worry about tomorrow God is already there.

  64. Lukasz permalink

    I will pray for you Mark. May the GOD be with you and give you HIS strenght in this difficult time and every day. May the joy be with you all the time. GOD bless you.

  65. eymrise light seeker "maria" permalink

    GOD bless u always Bro. Mark and all family circle..

  66. Katrina permalink

    I pray things work out for you. I too am going through relationship problems and your post have helped me alot. May God give you the strength you will need to get through this.

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