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Take two: Dealing with my sin and living in the Spirit

September 7, 2010

Sorry for the failed first attempt!!  YouTube ate the last part of my video and I had to re-record, let me just say an excellent object lesson in patience!!!

Here it is:

Click here to watch: video if you are on email or click the play button below..

God bless!


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  1. Marti permalink

    This may also be a situation where the cashier is being trained, and needs more time to learn the position. Sounds like you had a moment when you gave in to your anger. The teachings of Christ instruct me to be able to forgive other people their trespasses, and then God will forgive me my own human failings. My suggestion is that you forgive this cashier for her poor customer service, and pray that she learns what she needs to know how to do her job. You can also ask God to bless her and put her in a situation where her talents will honor and serve the Lord. Then, ask the Lord to help you to forgive yourself for your own human failings.

    By that same token, it’s not inappropriate to have suitable boundaries in our dealings with people. Where I live a cashier once authorized a 50 dollar cash back in a transaction and I calmly insisted she give me the money. I later learned from a supervisor at the place I was shopping at, that it was a technique that dishonest employees use to steal money from customers. Since then the business put in some changes and safety mechanisms to prevent that type of theft. Had I not been paying attention to the receipt the cashier could have easily taken the money out of the drawer, and pocketed it. I think where it gets tricky is how we set and assert our boundaries with other people. We have expectations that people will respect our boundaries, and when those expectations are not met, then it’s up to us to ask God how to best respond. I sometimes fall short myself, and I have to ask for forgiveness.

    I have been praying for you Mark, and I hope you are praying for me as well.

    Peace, Marti

  2. Christie permalink

    Can’t view the video…says its been removed by the user.

  3. janet permalink

    I tried to watch the video 2x and I was told it was removed by the sender , why?

  4. tabitha permalink

    I like Janet have tried 2 watch the video and its been telling me the same thing. I worked in Customer Service for 10 years and my Faith was really tried. I even lost that job because of a lie that was told on me by an Assistant Manager. I was angry that I lost my job and I felt like a failure that I was not going 2 be able 2 take care of my children. During this time is when God really showed up in my life and proved himself 2 me. Now its like I’m at that same point again. My husband of 5 years left me and I’ve lost my home and vehicles. I’ve been living with my parents for over a year. My issue now is Pride. I feel like I’m too old 2 be living with my parents. My father does not want me here and he has told me this on several different occasions. Pastor Mark what do I do.?

  5. Mot permalink

    You nailed this one Pastor Mark… Will forward this message to my husband that I left (were not divorce) He is in midwest I am here in NC.
    Due to temper (for 32 years of control and abuse) I finally left home and quit my job. Sometime the guilt comes to me “Why I left?” But me leaving made him seek counseling (VA Counseling and said that he suffers PTSD/made him a bipolar; also there’s many many issues that needs to be healed in his situation)
    We still talk, communicates; but my desire is for him to return to Yashue, Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to counsel him) We also have a son who is now 26 (Seattle). He suffered from this relationship so as my daughter 31 (Virginia Beach). They experienced that sickness of control and temper (drunkeness and seen from his family). They understood what I left but my son admitted that he never felt he had a “Dad”. My children grew up in church (I took them each time and I enrolled themn in Christian School. My son felt burnt up and looked at his experience in Church as mere Christianity (more like a facade of people with issues that’s unresolved. He pulled away from Church, yet he admitted He still prays and pray that He will find the “truth”. He prays for me and his dad and his sister. My daughter is different–she remained faithful to God and interceding each day for all of us, as a family.
    Thank you and I will forward this message to my husband and Dave.
    I Bless you my brother, in Jesus Name
    Mot O’Dell

  6. jenna permalink

    Please pray for me. i’m struggling with almost everything you mentioned. i’m very angry and confused all the time. i act in ways that i dont want to. i dont know how to make it any more true to my heart that i love God and i want to live the way He wants me to. Yet, everyday i feel further away… i dont know what to do anymore. please pray for me. thank u

  7. Ana permalink

    Jenna….I’m praying for you cuz I know how you feel. Please pray for me as well. I thank God for His forgiveness and patience with me.

  8. Nomonde permalink

    hey there… my journey has really been draining in that ive been so convinced that i committed the unforgivable sin and i just couldnt let it go. id pray to God to forgive me but then i would go right back to condemning myself again. everytime i make progress the devil just added another level i had to conquer. ive gone from doubting God to doubting the power of the cross of Jesus. now here i am, feeling like the worst is over cos God has been faithful, He has come thru for me in ways i never thought possible. all i do now is confess EVERY evil thought i may have about Him and His goodness and i pray that he forgives me. Im learnin to move on with him and i pray that Jesus will wash me in His blood even tho i am undeserving. PLEASE PRAY for me as i keep walking with Jesus and may i remain faithful to Him always.

  9. Kathy permalink

    I loved the comparison of the GPS to the Holy Spirit! Good video!

  10. Neil permalink

    The Holy Spirit/GPS comparison really spot on, Rev. Mark!! As I watched the video, I was remembering last week when I blew up on a co-worker (who has the tendency to be condescending/talk down to ppl). Now I am usually a calm person, always doing my best to live in peace with everyone, but to get me very upset, one just have to push the wrong buttons really hard, hence this co-worker. I have prayed to God for forgiveness of this (though I could have controlled it). With my job situation lately, the spirit of anger has been trying to take over, especially when I am around said co-worker, as he did something terrible to me weeks earlier. I have forgiven him, by the grace of God, but it’s hard to forget. I have prayed for him continuously, that the Lord will humble his heart, and I know the Lord will work on him. Pray for me that I will stay true to the Word of God, and that the Holy Spirit will continuously work in my life, to please our Lord and to do His will.


  11. Kevin McPherson permalink

    Wow! You said “challenging”, and you meant challenging! I want to walk in the Spirit all of the rest of my days!

    Thanks brother! God bless you!

  12. Meagan permalink

    This lesson really pulled at my heart-strings, I admit to being impatient, hostile, angry, and just all over unhappy and non-loving, not at all what Jesus wants of me. I realize that this ‘fuzzy’ or ‘blurry’ feeling I’ve had is maybe disconnection from my Holy GPS 🙂 But now I feel back on the right track – I’m nailing all those fleshly ways to the cross, because Jesus didn’t die for nothing! He was up there for me and you! So good by old and welcome back Holy Spirit. Good to be welcomed back in with love, I don’t really know why I was so angry anymore. I am so happy right now 🙂 Thanks Mark for reminding me, and helping me see that I was way of course.
    GOD Bless you all ❤

  13. john tfare permalink

    please, help me out.
    every day i always repent from my sin, but at the end of the day i will see my self back in it again.
    i have the desire and the urge to worship Christ and do his wills, but this is now pulling me backwards because i know that he can never behold sin.
    i have asked him on several occasions to come and take control of my life but at the end of the day i will see my self doing the same thing i have vowed not to be doing.
    My life is totally been disturbed by SEXUAL activities. i always desire to have sex, even when any female is not around, i do masturbate.
    i have prayed endlessly for God to remove this spirit from, but i will be my self for sometime and i will see myself back to that old rubbish life.
    the one that makes to be more angry with myself is that after praying in the night and go to bed, i will still dream where am having sex and if i wake up, i will see that am already wet with my sperm and this stuff have always make me not to be happy at all.
    my friend now said that i should use his box to write to you my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and Even you pastor to help me out and tell me what to do because i really wants to make heaven. i want God to use me as an instrument to spread his good news to the people of this world.
    please i really need your help for me to be free from this bondage of sexual immorality, masturbation and Hell.

    • Neil permalink

      will help pray with you brother…i lift u up in Jesus name!!!

  14. Don Basile permalink

    Mark … You’re awsome, man.

  15. Duck permalink

    Please pray for my mom. She sometimes finds it difficult to love my dad when what he does makes her angry. My dad sometimes makes little mistakes that seem alright to everyone else except my mom. She has an anger problem and finds it hard to let go when she’s really mad at a person. She just keeps the anger bottled up and one day might explode again or go into depression. The last “great depression” was last year on Christmas. Praise God for blessing us so far. Would be really grateful if you guys could pray for her that she will be able to let go and forgive.

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