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A special video for those struggling right now

September 6, 2010

For a number of days God has put those struggling very much on my heart. So I felt compelled to record this special video. So if you are struggling head to the blog by clicking here: BLOG and press the play button below. Or if you know someone who is struggling, forward this email to them.

God bless!


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The Portion for today is: Daniel 1-6

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  1. Gwen permalink

    God bless you Mark – I will pray for you!
    Please pray for me – I want to be a student of Jesus Christ!!
    I want/need to know His will for me at this difficult time in my
    Peace and blessings to all

    • Dearest Gwen,
      Thank you for extending your love and encouragement to me in this most difficult time of both our needs. I know this one thing – “that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of our God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38-39.

      I willl stand with you Gwen – I too am nearly the only one left among family and friends who will see thing hideous battle through to the end but, let me say to you today that you must NEVER give up! This is sin – and an attack of satan himself! He comes but to kill, steal, and destroy and there is no truth in him! If we were to give up now and give in to the popular patterns of the world and society around us – we would be allowing the enemy to win a battle that was levied against us (and our covenant marriages) that is intended to destroy our husbands and take their very souls! I refuse to let satan have my husband or yours! I will stand until my last breath if that is what is necessary – truth will prevail!

      I am not sure how this message thing works – could not find an email for you but, if you are interested, we could correspond through email or Facebook in the future.

      I pray peace and strength to you today, my sister – do NOT give up the fight. Stand for righteousness – this is the only way we can serve Him and see the salvation of the Lord in our spouses’ lives. We are in the last days – and are the called according to His purpose. Jesus is Lord!

      I remain in Christ,

  2. laura permalink

    thank you, rev. brown. I will pray for you and would very much appreciate your prayers for me and for my family. the current economic situation has become quite difficult for us, and I am fearful and feeling very alone and “beaten up” by the world. Jesus is my saviour and God has always blessed us and I am working very hard to bear in mind that He will continue to keep us with Him. But I still find myself struggling to keep my fear, and the feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness that come with this situation, at bay.

  3. Manasseh Hepburn Jr permalink

    dear Mr Brown that was quite a touching video & I feel that it was for me because I am struggling in terms of trying to find a job to be able to support myself and I’m battling with staying off of drugs(marijuana) because it cost me my las two majr jobs & i’m just struggling to make ends meet for myself because I would love to help otu around the house and be able to take care of myself as a big man and not be a burden to anyone so I just would love for you to pray for me though I pray everyday to find a job I know God has something big in store for my life & I just want to be ready for it and I have faith that the more prayers I recieve I will be closer to seeing what God has planned for me come to past in my life so once again I would like to thank you for touching my spirit this morning with your video & I will pray for you also because we all need prayers no matter our status in life..God bless and take care sir….

    Sincerly Manasseh Hepburn Jr

  4. George Davies permalink

    Your message about rubbish and forgiveness helped to bring me out of some heavy depression. I am struggling now with my yoke and heavy burden, so I am asking for prayer. I have made some past mistakes(sins)in my life which have placed me in a “struggling” position. Thank you Mark for being such a willing vessel for God and student of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  5. Please pray for my friend, H., who is a child of God, but who has wandered far from Him and who has now come to a crisis intervention point–having to leave the stage mid-gig, and the road most likely for a good long while. A group of us will be traveling to NM to collect him, and take him for an in-patient stay where he will be getting some medical/psychological, etc., help. Please pray that God will give me the right words, the right heart, and the right love to help guide him back to the love of God, and the light yoke you speak of in your blog today. Thank you for the work you do, and I will keep you in my prayers as well.

  6. LInda Greenfield permalink

    HI Mark, thanks so much for this lesson. I want to be a student of Jesus Christ and I strive to be. I am so discouraged right about my financial situation, I am within a few weeks probably of having my home foreclosed on. I am working two jobs to try to make ends meet. I am plugged into a great church and love going there but with my work schedule(s) its hard to make it often. Please pray for me that I would find a place of peace. I want to be involved with my church in a greater way. I want to teach or preach or work with the youth…but right now I cant because of my finances and working two jobs..even though the second job isnt going to allow me to save my house, it does provide a little more money for my family. Please pray for us.
    a fellow traveler….

  7. Jack Keister permalink

    Beautiful and timely message, God be w/u.

  8. George McFarland permalink

    Please Pray for me that I can truly become a student of Jesus and experience his peace. I have not worked for a year now and there is so many burdens on me including physical illness. Thank you and God Bless you Mark.

  9. Lisa permalink

    Hi Mark,thank you for blessing me with your Video..I pray God gives you a very special anointing to reach each and every heart of each and every reader..through the power of Jesus Christ. God Bless you mark , Holy Spirit reign down, teach us Lord and Change us so we can be more of who you are! Amen!!
    Thanks again Mark for blessing me!

  10. Laura permalink

    Will you please pray for my son to be able to finish college this year and have enough money for it and a car. And pray for him to stay healthy.
    Will you pray for the man I love to be set free from his struggles and find peace and come back to the Lord. Will you pray for our relationship to be strengthened and unbreakable and for our love to stay strong and even grow for each other. And will you pray for my sisters friend that lost her two babies and for healing for my Aunt and good health for my family.

    Thank you and God Bless you for your help through your videos.

  11. Sylvia Kurtz permalink

    Dear Mark,

    I first want to thank you for this video, i so needed to hear this as many of your entries have touched, this one just got down in there where it so dearly needed to be.. I also wanted to thank you for the Journey through the Bible coming up, this too is so very awesome and wonderful and something i have needed and wanted and craved for so long but just didn’t really know how to go about it .. I know that sounds silly you just open the Bible and read, but i think you will understand what i am saying in that and again i so thank you for that and it’s very much appreciated ..I thank God for sending you across my path to help me learn and reach out to God, there is so much i need to learn and want to learn and finally there is someone i believe God has sent my way that i identify with and that i will be truly able to learn from and to finally understand what for so long has just been outside of my reach (due to my own short comings of course) .. well i just wanted to say thank you and keep the faith, you are doing a fantastic job .. The way you get in and explain things really reaches in and puts it in a way that i am able to recognize and learn from .. May God Bless you and continue to guide you (as i know He will, it’s meant for you to do) in our journey .. Thank you again my brother in Christ.. smiles

  12. Nancy permalink

    Thank you for such a beautiful message. You explained things about that passage in Matthew that I never understood. Please pray for me. I am struggling with an addiction that I have had all my life and cannot seem to break free. It is starting to affect my health. I must break free, but cannot do it on my own.

    Of course I will pray for you, too. And thank God for you as well. You are doing a wonderful job. Thank you and God bless you.

    -Nancy (Long Island, NY)

  13. Linda permalink

    Thank you for your message and it would mean the world to me if you could pray for me. I am struggling with my dissertation and I am exhausted as I dont know if it meets all the requirements. Thank you very much. I love your video clips. May God bless you abundantly.

  14. I love the daily readings, the Lord always knows just what I need on any given day. the message on struggling was very good. Thank you. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lynn permalink

    Thank you Mark; I really neededthis and I need your prayers also.
    God Bless You

  16. Dena permalink

    Please pray for me to continue to trust and believe in God. To trully give him my pain and anxieties. My life is up in the air. I am a single mom and don’t know much about the future right now. I do know that God has been with me and he will provide. Please pray for my soon to be ex husband. He used to be involved in the church and taught good morals to our kids. His life style is nothing of that any more. Our children are teenagers now and need a good example more than ever. Their father needs God in his life so much! He is constantly on my heart! Thank you for the wonderful message about our struggles.

  17. Marc permalink

    I am struggling with fear. Fear of failure and fear of what others think. Please pray I can work through this and not fear about certain things in my life. Thanks. 

  18. Kristi permalink

    Please Pray that my husband will stop putting me down. I dont know how much more I can take. thanks

  19. sarah permalink

    Thank you that is just what I needed to hear. Please pray for me and my children. We are in a difficult situation right now. My oldest left home about 5 weeks ago due to her stepdads emotional/verbal abuse. now my other child is wanting to go to. I asked for a seperation but he has made me feel so guilty for even considering it. Last week he tells me that he felt the will of God on his heart and change is coming that will save our marriage. I really want to believe him but i have my concerns. I need to work on helping me and my children but he says everything is going to be fine. How do I approach him on this is what I need to do for myself? How do I get away from this without him trying to manipulating me into staying? I Have tried to talk to him and each time he convinces me that Im the problem, my kids are spoiled, or whatever else he can come up with at the time. Me and my children have always been close and there were no problems between us until he came into the picture. my kids are good kids, have good grades, work part time jobs, would help anyone if needed. no drugs,beer, or smoking. Just good kids. Sorry to go on and on but I really am needing lots of prayer.

  20. linda feger permalink

    Mark, thank you for sharing what God lays on your heart. I will pray for you and hope you will lift up me and my family as well. Salvation, healing, deliverance, and finances are needed. Life is uncertain at this time and pray God gives me the wisdom and discerment that is needed to be in his will. May God bless you and your family to continue in his will. Your friend in Christ.

  21. Sherry permalink

    Prayer Request:
    Jordan Jones – alcohol addiction, salvation. 21 yrs old spiraling down wrong road
    Deana Melson – taking care of spouse, 37 yr old daughter metally challenged.
    Billy Ferrell – heart condition in hospital
    Me – relationship? Not sure what to do

  22. Please pray for myself and Husband, that he will have a hunger and thirst for the word of God and his spirit. Thank you

  23. Mark:
    I have been a subscriber to Journey Deeper for about a year now. I always look forward to receiving your posts each day but, as of late, I rush to turn my computer on each morning – in order to read fresh “manna”. I get both your email posts and the Facebook entry.

    I am struggling right now with the most difficult battle in the spirit I have ever encountered – that of prayer and warfare for my beloved husband of 41 years (an ordained minister) who left our home two months ago today to “get resolution” to a struggle of his own. Having lost his virginity at 13, he had a sinful, secret relationship with a girl of 15. This lasted for two years until it was stopped by his parents. He and I became friends a few months later and fell in love. We were sweethearts for 6 years and married at 21, in our senior year of college. During that time, he neither saw or contacted this girl – ever! After we were married (I was a virgin) he shared this with me. We have been best friends, covenant partners, and one-flesh all these years – telling one another everything. We have NEVER argued or were we in any way at all incompatible.
    The enemy has attempted to take his life several times during his life and he has been a powerful pastor, shepherd, psalmist, husband, and father. He has always treated me as “his queen” and I have been delighted and blessed to be his wife and helpmeet.

    When he left, he had not seen this woman in 50 years! They are now in adultery – and he admits it. In the natural, he does not seem to be interested in turning away from this sin which will keep him from inheriting the Kingdom of God. I talk with him sometimes by phone and I have been led to send emails that God has inspired.

    I am seeing a new season of this ordeal beginning – one that will keep me from contact with him. I am committed to stand for my husband to my last breath. “for what God has joined together, let no man put asunder” and “for better or for worse, ’til death do us part” I love him (Roger – which, by the way, means Mighty Warrior!) unconditionally and am standing for the restoration of his soul and for him to repent and come back to the Lord. I also am standing for our covenant marriage – I will NOT let satan take that away!

    I know that he has a bigger ministry waiting when he returns to God – better in the end than in the beginning. I am pretty much alone in this battle (with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit – how can I lose?) but, I would covet your prayers and support also, as my spirit bears witness to yours.

    Thank you, Mark –
    I remain in Christ a faithful servant,
    Cynthia Larrison

    • Gwen permalink

      you are not alone – my husband too left our 30 year marriage for his “childhood sweetheart” – 6 months ago! I too am trying to stay strong amongst well meaning friends and family who tell me to divorce – though I know in my heart that this is not the Lord’s will – I am praying to maintain our marriage and stand firm in the vows we took – I know my husband is lost, confused and thinks it is the Lord’s will to be with this woman – the enemy has him firm in their grips with alcohol and drug abuse as well as adultery.
      Lord be with you Cynthia – stay strong the Lord is always with us and a ever source of comfort and strength in these dark trying times.
      You are in my prayers!!!
      Feel free to email

  24. Alexandria Ochoa permalink

    I have been really struggling with my classes this semester if you could please pray that God give me the wisdom, guidance, and knowledge I need to get through these classes. I will pray the same for you. Thanks! 🙂

  25. Michelle permalink

    Thank you so much Mark for posting this,can so relate to what you’re saying, it just brought tears to my eyes… ‘come to Me all you who are weary and heavy laden.’. thank You God for taking our burdens and struggles, .
    Let us find refreshing in You God .Let the joy of the Lord be our strength in our struggles.Yes Lord, let us become Your student Jesus.
    Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.He has come to bring us abundant life- thank You Jesus.Please pray for me, I will keep you in my prayers also.
    Thank you for encouraging our hearts.Bless you.

  26. Patti permalink

    Thank you Mark for your ministry. I have been following you since you started on face book. I appreciate your love and compassion for those who are struggling. Your message today was right on. The opporessive weariness, heaviness, sadness and hopeless that we go through when we feel so worn down by the burdens we carry is more than we can bear. I know that I feel my worst, without hope, when I forget to turn it all over to Jesus. Thank you for the reminder to “turn our eyes upons Jesus.”

    God bless you Mark.

  27. Thank you Mark for this message. Your messages has helped me many times. I can always pull them back up throughout the day. Please pray for me and I will be praying for you, for the closer life with Jesus our Saviour!!! Many thanks, again and God bless!!

  28. wow mark somepeople think that when things happen its wierd when all along its God speaking to us. this passage is exactly what i shared with two of my friends i said what i think God was saying thro the passage to them. firstly you have given conformation of what was said so praise God.
    but then i realised that it was me that God was speaking to wow talking about being humble for the last few weeks ive been feeling drained and depressed because the people ive been trying to help with there faiths have been struggleing and this word has told them that God will help them but the reality is its not me helpping them its god thro me and because ive been taking things burdens etc on me it made me feel drained and depressed, so this passage is for me at this time to seek the lord more thro reading or listening to the word cds etc which for the last few weeks ive neglected i work on building sites and i do let people know im a christian and as you can imagine they look for the smallest faults and i have to be an example to them which sometimes is hard i do believe that god is useing me in that and am learning to do his will but sometimes i do struggle and thats also what i feel ive learnt is to put more trust in the lord and not in myself so praise God for the works of teaching you are doing on here and be blessed keep being holy in all things and from this part o the body to your part of the body you are doing Gods will amen to that

  29. Cheryl permalink

    Mark, God Bless you and your ministries! I just prayed for you and will continue to do so in my daily prayers. Please lift a family up in prayer in MA (USA) they just lost their son to street violence Sunday and are struggling with the loss. I myself am struggling with relationships at the moment. People I love and care about deeply have hurt me by gossiping about serious medical problems I am faced with. My boyfriend has told them I am absolutely not faking but nothing has led to the end the strife and bad feelings. I don’t know what to do, I feel so lost. Please pray for me that I keep my sanity and that all relationships are restored and are stronger than ever. I know with God all things are possible.

  30. Cristi Mackey permalink

    Thank you for this posting. It spoke to my spirit, and I believe it will others too. I will pray for you and your ministry. I am asking for prayers for my family’s finances. My husband, my 16 yr. old daughter and myself live in a small midwestern town. We own a modest home, and just can not seem to makke it. We are desperately in need of some divine relief. We can not afford our mortgage payments any longer as my husband lost his job 5 months ago, and was lucky enough to find another one but the number of hours and hrly pay is half of what he used to receive. We have no health insurance, so we avoid going to the doctor and dentist. I work fulltime for a decent wage, but am just feeling beaten up because no matter what expenses we cut, there just isn’t enough money left at the end of the week. We have tried to apply for assistance but make too much and have too few kids to qualify (so they say). I have been trusting in God to pull us through all this, but I feel we are at the end of the road and have to decide if we are going to be able to keep our home. I have never missed a payment but can not see how we are going to be able to make the next one, and for icing on the cake the property taxes are due. Today was our daughter’s first day back to school, and I did not even have enough money to buy her folders, pencils and notepads. I cried about this, as I feel ashamed as a mother that I can not provide these basic things. She will get them, but not til our next payday. This is our new reality in our home, each week we get paid, pay our bills, and then we have nothing left until the next week.
    Mark – please pray for a miracle in our finances.

  31. Miss Mary M permalink

    Brother Mark, thanks so much for your message on “struggling” taken from Matt 11. It’s right on the money as we Yanks say. Being a student of Jesus, with his gentle and humble spirit, is a light burden. My yoke identifies me with him as my Teacher-Rabbi. [smile] As you asked during your video, we will be praying for you, as we all have much to learn from the Master. Keep my four children and I in your prayers: Samson 31, Jonathan 22, David 20, Abigail 17. In Jesus precious name, Miss Mary, Spokane WA, USA.

  32. Miss Mary M permalink

    Dear Lord, I pray for Cheryl in MA and her situation. Please bind the enemy seeking to stir up strife in her life and those she loves. May she find rest in you Lord as she becomes more of your student than ever. Bless her mind and spirit as she is obedient to your will. In Jesus name, Amen ! Praise the Lord. Miss Mary in Spokane WA.

  33. christine permalink

    Thank you for your kind words. I am struggling with who the Holy Spirit is and what his function is in my life. I’m so confused. Please pray for me.

  34. Gloria permalink

    Thank you, Mark. There is so much going on right now. Somedays I just want to run away. When I read or watch your videos, I am encouraged to keep going. I don’t always leave comments because it seems to hard to find away to express myself. But I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you. God bless you. I will pray for you. Please pray for me to have the courage and the stamina to make it through.

  35. Kyle permalink

    Thanks for sharing this. This is amazing :). Pease pray for me. I think this is my last year of school and right now im studying for my SAT test and just prease that i do well, my test is in november btw. and i might be going to collage and stuff. please just pray that i do well in life. i want to be a cop and i dont know exactly what to do to just a career in it just pray that i can find away. i will pray for you, mark.
    Thanks again
    God bless

  36. Cheryl permalink

    Dear Miss Mary M, Thank you for your prayer I have been at peace today unlike previous days. I praise God for placing you in my faith walk — I seek to follow the will of God in all areas of my life. I ask God to direct my thoughts, words and actions and to correct me through the Holy Spirit.

    Abundant blessings upon you and your four children. God Bless! Cheryl

  37. D. (initial for anonymity) permalink

    By divine appointment, I missed this vidblog when it first was posted. I think the Lord had it hidden from me until today. You see, I REALLY needed to hear it today. I have been struggling with a past sin. Shoot, struggle does not even begin to discribe it. I have fallen in to the pit of “free” online porn. Free because I do not have to pay for it, but it is SO not free, because it takes SOOOOOOO much of me and my soul. I spend hours on my phone a week viewing these inappropriate sites and i can view them on the phone and no one has any knowledge of it. I can get myself into some pretty sad places with this little wireless internet connection and the thing is Mark, I would DIE if anyone knew. The Word says, “surely your sins will find you out”, and Some days I wish i would get caught. I can cover my tracks, delete history, etc and when I do I feel liberated. I, over and over again say to myself “I am never going there again”, but usually in less than 24 hrs. I am right back. I have thought about deleting the internet from my phone, but then I miss out on the good things (like you and YouVersion and the other study tools that I have).
    I hate what i have let this become in my life and it has started to oppress me in a way that it affects the way that i interact with my wife and kids. I always seem to be a bit depressed and/or angry and have a short fuse.
    Mark, I am a Christian, and I do believe in the healing power of God thru Jesus Christ. Please pray with me that the satan would not have the authority in my life, especially in this area and that I would daily (no, EVERY SECOND of the day) submit my life to Christ, that I can become the whole Man of God that I am intended to be, seeking only Him for the True Joy in my life.
    Thank you in advance, I will keep you posted…
    by Grace,

    • Hey bro!! Thanks for being so honest and sharing, here are my thoughts:

      Share your struggle with your wife if you haven’t already, that will give you the support and accountability you so need right now.

      And the Word says, that if your right hand sins, cut it off. Now this isn’t literally that you remove your hand but that you take radical action to end the temptation. And as hard as this is, I suggest that you remove the Internet off your phone, and put your PC in a public area with the monitor clear for all your family to see.

      Praying for you.

      Mark Brown

      • D. (initial for anonymity) permalink

        Mark, just wanted to give a little update. I have officially completed one full week with out “cutting off my right hand”. You suggsted that i remove the internet from my phone, I do however still have the internet on my phone. It’s not that I do not value your opinion, but I want to prove to myself and to the emeny that My God is bigger than this perversion is and I can prevail through Christ who strenghtens me… (besides it is not just my secret anymore, I have shared it with a small section of the world.) lol
        oh, and yes, we do have our home PC in the most visible place in the house. It can be seen from (nearly) every room of the house.
        Thank you Mark for helping me to shed light in my personal darkness.
        I will keep you posted of God’s goodness. Until then…

  38. Judy permalink

    Please pray for me I have quenched the Holy Spirit in my life. I am bearing fruit of bitterness, jelousy rage, anger. There is no love in me. I feel like I am lost. But I know I am saved Jesus has been my Lord and Savior for 36 years. I am overwhelmed with the world I feel unloved unappreciated. In yet I don’t think I know how to truly love like Christ.

  39. Dear Mark. thank u so much for making your video on stuggling, as i am struggling a lot these day’s, with working full time , and taking care of my in-laws,at times it is verry stressfull, but in my heart i know that jesus will get me through this time in my life, as he alway’s has as thing’s have come up and i had to look up to him.god bless u for doing the work your doing. may jesus hold u in his hand , your friend in christ.lisaann from usa

  40. Tim permalink

    Please keep in prayer . Pray that I am able understand, decerne his voice from everything else.

  41. David permalink

    Thank you for this encouragement and terrific suggestions. I plan on following this.
    Please pray for God’s guidance in my life and work.

  42. anthony permalink

    in this video you described exactly what i was feeling. ive just been very down recently and i want my attitide to change so badly and i would love to have prayer

  43. Steve permalink

    Dear Mark,
    I am so thankful I stumbled upon your blog/website via facebook a month ago. My wife and I are moving towards selling all we have and venturing out onto the mission field. We are in our mid-thirties, with 2 daughters. We have been considering this for some time off and on, but are now beginning to take steps. However, now that we are taking steps, the enemy seems to be putting up some serious attacks on my faith. I am really struggling and your video helped me out today. Please pray that we will press on toward that which God has called us to. I’m also praying for some kind of confirmation that He is indeed leading us.
    Warmest blessings

  44. Susan M Khaury permalink

    Please pray for me. I am feeling very alone. I have acquaintances and friends, mostly long distance, but no one local. There is no close companionship in my life, and nowhere I can go where it could be expected. My parents are dead, and I have no children. My first husband died and my second husband was abusive and I divorced him. My whole life seems like a string of broken relationships, failure and loss. For the first time in my life I am also experiencing financial problems. I cannot afford my home, nor is it possible to sell it for what I owe on it. Yet I want to sell it anyway because it is too large for me alone, and it is full of sad memories. I am considering going overseas to the mission field. If I got injured or ill, I don’t think that anyone I know would come to my side, and if I died, I am not sure that anyone would miss me very much. I am not part of anyone’s life on a day to day basis. I want to go someplace and make a difference to someone, to do something useful, but I am not sure of myself. I am frightened, and I confess this as a sin. God help me not to be afraid of loneliness and abandonment, and please bring love back into my life, I ask in Jesus’ name. Please join me in this prayer, because if two agree it is done in heaven.

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