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How to dream big and be a success

August 27, 2010

Philippians 4:13 : For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. (NLT)

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Bless ya,


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  1. Johnny Coleman permalink

    Hi Mark I am going to be a film maker my dream (I’ve written2 partial screenplays)& have recently lost my “real job.” I prayed to Father God & Jesus that this would happen (being free to make movies, not exactly what I expected) but I will use this principle. I am trying to hook up with people to serve & glorify Jesus Christ / Father God & the Holy Spirit & have a great fun life realizing my dreams. Thank you & bless you Mark this is just what I needed today. Blessings in Christ to you. Blessings in Christ to all who will see your clips & read this.

    • Aaron Kline permalink

      Hey Johnny,

      I study music composition at TCU. People frequently tell me that my music sounds like movie music, but I have never been involved in a film project. If you would like a film score for one of you movies, email me at I would love to work with you and get experience with film music.


      Aaron Kline

  2. Aryn permalink

    Thank you for this. This was really what I needed to hear. My ultimate dream for this life is to make music, to be on stage, and have people singing along. I don’t know if it’s because I’m scared of failure, or if it’s because I’ve never had people really praise my “talent” or if it’s because I haven’t a clue where to start the whole process, but I have 22 songs written and all I do is play them in my room or for my friends and family. It’s kind of a waste. I want to get them out there so bad, but I’m scared and I’m unsure of what they sound like to other people’s ears. But this teaching really gave me the courage to break through that and just do something about it. I’m not sure what yet, but I’ll start making the steps to make something happen. I didn’t get Philippians 4:13 tattooed on my wrist without reason. Thanks, Mark. 🙂

    • put your songs on youtube! 🙂

    • P.S. I forgot the most important part: BE PREPARED FOR REJECTION… and I mean LOTS and LOTS of rejections. Thicken your skin now to all of that and understand that rejection is not necessarily a reflection of your talent or lack thereof, but just part of what you’ll have to go through.

      So, remember, even if you are destined to be the next big thing, its not going to happen overnight–I mean, it COULD, but it normally doesn’t.

      And remember Luke 14: 28-30, always keeping that in mind in the get-go: your destiny is going to cost you, so try to sit down early and make sure that this is a price you are willing to pay for your dreams, i.e., if it means being broke constantly, and your friends going out without you on Friday to the movies while you’re stuck home alone working, and… and… and…

      I know that when I began my journey, I THOUGHT I was willing to pay the price, but when the bill came, I was in for a wake-up call. That doesn’t mean I quit, it just means I could have been so much better equipped to hang tough through hard times.

      • If the first comment didn’t go through with links and demo and agent advice I gave you, email me and I’ll try to resend them. This is my first time posting, and my second two comments show up as awaiting moderation, but not the first one… Sorry, Mark, for being a “newbie” on posting… was just trying to help where I could…

    • Kay permalink

      Look for opportunities in your community to sing –Christian coffeehouses or local Christian fairs where they ask Christian musicians to perform! Here in my community they have an annual “Spirit Fest” ( that showcases to the community the Christian artists, vendors, churches and musicians to the whole community. If you are the Arin I know and love as a son you know what I think of your music…keep watching and praying for those opportunities as I will for you!

    • Aaron Kline permalink

      Hey Aryn,

      Last summer my friends and I put on a concert in my back yard. About 20 people showed up. It was a good experience. At the end of the concert, I was thinking “well that was mediocre”, but the audience asked us to do another concert in a month! I think that often times musicians are more critical of their own work then their audiences are. We declined the invitation to do another one in a month because we all had to go off to school, but we are planning another concert for next summer.

      I bring this up for a few reasons. First, if you live in the DFW area of Texas (or if you are willing to drive here), you should join us for our concert next year in late July. Second, you should host your own concert. It does not have to be a full blown rock-the-roof-off-sold-out-concert. It could just be inviting your friends, neighbors, and facebook friends to you house on a Sunday afternoon and playing for them. Third, their are opportunities to do small gigs all over the place. You don’t start with a sold out show, but just start somewhere.

      Also, you have 22 songs! That is ridiculous! (in a good way) You can make two albums out of that. (Or one album of your favorites.) If you want to participate in our concert, collaborate, or just talk, look me up on facebook or email me at


      Aaron Kline

  3. Mark,
    WOW! That’s all I can say. These are the EXACT words that I needed to hear today.

    My dream is to have a nationwide ministry for rape survivors. I want to tell my story in schools, colleges, churches. I want people to know that God will take the darkest moments of your life & using them in a redeeming way.

    Thank you for allowing God to speak through you.

    Many blessings,

  4. Cheryl permalink

    Hi Mark,

    My dream is to have a family and to work in a job that is for the service of God. Will keep you posted. Abundant Blessings!


  5. Rachel permalink

    My dream is to be a preacher and pastor . Preaching to thousand of people . Having a Ministry.

  6. jenna permalink

    Mark, you are such a blessing!!! God uses you so often to talk to me!! i read/ watch all of ur posts, and i cant think of one that i didnt need to hear that day =) (btw, i get them thru email & on facebook) I’ve always had kind of a boring life, no dreams, no real talents, not much of anything. it’s always been my dream just to have a dream. about a year ago, me n some friends started talking about traveling the country, move from the east coast to the west coast. we started talking about it about the same time i invited God into my life. it seemed so impossible last year, i wanted it, but i just felt like it couldnt be done. i’ve been praying every single day for God to break down all fears that are holding me back. i’m leaving in a month. and (awww, i’m starting to get teary eyed =) its amazing how God has worked in my life) anyway, a year ago, i felt like this was impossible. now i feel like its impossible for it NOT to happen!! nothing has changed in my life. i just prayed for it. it is God who has given me the confidence to travel this country. its an amazing story also, how God gave me the money to do so. He pointed me in the right direction to find a good used RV that will travel thousands of miles! i’m blown away when i look at the past year. God has worked in so many ways, preparing me for this trip. i could go on for days about all the ways He was there guiding me and helping me make this happen. now, its a month away. i get discouraged a little, and then ur post helped me remember to dream big =) I’m gonna travel the country on faith alone. i am so excited!! Praise God!! once we get on the road, we’re gonna start a blog. maybe we can be “blog buddies” lol =)

  7. Christine permalink

    This was such a blessing to me this morning. I have been struggling with a lot of issues and trying to decide where I’m going in life recently. I have a dream to have a telecom business but I keep having those blocks you spoke of and I had basically given up on it. I also want to finish college and get a law degree but everytime I try to get going with that those blocks get in the way. I truly appreciate your message and I feel as if it spoke directly to my heart. So blocks get out of the way because today I will start my persistence full speed ahead!!!!!

  8. Lillian permalink

    Hello Mark, God Bless you and thank you for teaching to us the word of GOD. I want to get closer to GOD. I would like to have a job where I can help people out. Please keep me in your prayers.

  9. Chrissy permalink

    Dear Rev. Brown,
    My dream is to “change the world” (even in a small way) for God!. You asked the question in your blog: What is keeping you from pursueing your dream? For me it is the fact that I do not know where I fit in this world. Those around me seem to know exactly what God wants for their lives, but I am in the dark. All I know is that in my heart I was made for something more than my present situation. I have been seeking after the answer for sometime now, but at times I feel that my prayers are bounceing off the sky. Logic reminds me that God hears my every prayer, but in my brokenness/frustration I can’t help but feel alone. Any advice/prayers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

  10. Mack permalink

    Mark, thanks so much for being here preaching God’s Word on the enternet. God is using you in our hearts. I don’t have any dreams; but I do want to do what ever God has for me. Thanks for you message and any prayers you offer.

  11. Patty permalink

    Thankyou for the good Word,my dream is to lose 100 pounds.I know I could never due this on my own but Christ can due it thru me. God Bless, and please pray for me!

  12. Tina permalink

    Thanks for the encouragement! My heart’s desire is to be in ministry and I do dream BIG!!! But… all it takes is one person to tell me that I can’t do it, just one roadblock, and I promptly file that dream away. Then there’s the voices in my head “Who do you think you are that God would use you?” or “Your family needs your income, you can’t afford to go into ministry!” and “You have never even been to seminary or bible college; no one will listen to you!” The list goes on and on and on. As my “Dead Dreams” file grows so does my discouragement. Strangely though so does my desire to be in ministry. The song “Voice of Truth” by Casting Crowns has become my mantra. I know I need to be more persistent and I truly appreciate this blessed reminder.

  13. garth permalink

    Pastor Mark I am tryiong to finish a masters degree and the whole experience has had many challenges from money issues , strain on family life , pressures on of my job long hours very little time to study and now I am on final paper THANK YOU JESUS and the challenges are still there but you know what I would not of imagine I would of been here 2 years later and you know what that is GOD and this message PREACHES NEVER GIVE UP AND I WILL NOT AND I AM NOT GOING TO, GOD IS HERE WITH ME and I give him praise always and each and every day thank you Sir I shared this word with all my friends on face book and I hope they are touched by this word !!!!!!!!

  14. Mark,
    Thanks for the encouragement! Also thanks for following God’s calling and your dream, and sharing the Word of God via the internet. I have always wanted to work with horses. I was on my way gaining experience and schooling, and then I became ill and just gave up. My dream is to somehow have this happen in my life, and be able to use it for the glory of God.

  15. I love these almost daily video & what a great subject today. Dreaming Big for me is reaching those who have not yet found Christ. Perhaps it could also be touching those who have just strayed a bit too. I am working with an author who is doing that right now by putting this Christian based book out there as a self published book, just like Mark was talking about. Steve Henry’s lifelong passion is to teach all those who desire financial independence, a path by which the small business dream is still very attainable, by using Christian principles. His self published book was #3 just two weeks ago on under business & investing. The Playbook for Small Businesses.

  16. Jennifer permalink

    Hi Mark,
    your messages are really very inspiring… ,
    i have always dreamt of having a business of my own….i want to create jobs for people and help them come closer to Jesus….this is just a dream….don’t know where to start from…..
    please pray that i get God’s guidance in this…
    May God bless you

  17. I wouldn’t knock anyone for pursuing their dreams; it’s good to set goals for yourself. However, one very important lesson that I’ve learned in life is that dreams don’t always come true. You could work hard and even have good intentions, but that doesn’t mean you are going to get what you want. And even if you do get what you want you might discover that it isn’t satisfying at all.

    This is why it is better to seek God’s will first and foremost in everything (Matthew 6:33). After all, He always gives us what is best. Of course, we don’t always see it that way; for we often see life through a glass dimly. Nevertheless, when we stop dreaming outside of His will and awaken to His best for us we soon discover that His desires for us are far better than anything that we have ever dreamed up for ourselves. Hence we find our true purpose in life, and thus we begin to live it to the fullest in Christ, enjoying His presence each step of the way.

  18. Cheryl Falcone permalink

    Hi Mark,
    God gave me a gift for choreography. I used it for the youth of my church for praise dancing. As years have gone by, ended up in a different church. This one, not too fond of praise dance. They allowed me to put a dance together but said that they did not want a dance ministry, just maybe an occasional dance put together. I told my family pastor that I would like to start my own ministry and he as long as I didnt use the name of the church in my ministry I was fine. I began working with a bunch of girls and we did some events. Another church said they would allow us to practice in their facility, because the youth center at my church is under construction and there is not place for us to practice. I wasn’t even sure than they would give me the opportunity to use the facility at my own church because they are very strict about groups that are not part of our church using the facility. Well, the pastor of the other church told me that my pastor and his wife were not comfortable with my group practicing at his church. So Now I was left with no where to practice. I need a place that I can have everyone meet once a week together and practice. My house is not big enough for it. Right now my ministry is in limbo. I sometimes just feel like leaving this church becuase of it, but my husband doesn’t want to leave. I’m stopped from having a ministry because my church is preventing it. My group dances at benefit for Haiti and one for ophans. We are ministering to people and doing God’s work. I don’t understand. I’m asking God to guide me down the right path. I have dreams and visions of the dances he wants me to do. I just can’t find the right path to continue.

  19. Lydia reyes permalink

    Doing something, to glorify My Lord and Savior Jesus as I spend time on this earth. I don’t know what it is but I know that God has a plan for me.I truly believe is somewhere along the line of bringing Jews to Jesus. I don’t mean to offend anyone but I just know so many Jews that are not even allowed to read the bible, to know the good news about Christ. I have the strength for everything through him who empowers me. I dream and I believe.

  20. Lee Seng Kean permalink

    Thanks for your inspiring words, Mark !Thanks for preaching to us via the internet ! May your ministry be continually bless by God.I believe God is using you to reach out to the untold millions !

  21. Wayne permalink

    Man, I really needed that today.

    My dream is to re-affirm a friendship with a really dear friend of mine, and see if it could develop into something more. I’ve prayed daily for her come back into my life, and thanks to a mutual friend, we recently started talking again. The last couple of days she hasn’t returned any of my texts, and fear started creeping in that made me think I’d done something wrong, even though I know she is busy getting herself in order. Now I know I will be persistent and show her that I am her friend and that there is nothing wrong with that. Thank you so much for posting this today, I really needed this to boost my confidence.

  22. Lisa permalink

    Hello, Mark. 😀 My dream is to for GOD to be able to use me as a vessel
    to reach as many people as I can through HIM. I want to see people
    encouraged, having strength from God, have faith, an have a personal
    relationship w/Christ! My dream is about Kingdom Work!

  23. Michael permalink

    Thank you Mark. I haven’t heard from God it seems in so long. Today, however; through this video he has spoke volumes. I have had a desire for so long to get into ministry. I thought at first in general terms but now it seems more specific. I have a dream to get into men’s ministry specifically targeting addictions because I feel this area is not targeted enough. I have learned over the years that there comes a time in every man’s life, where he needs to lay down his childish and selfish ways, pick up his cross and start honoring God’s call to become the man he has always wanted us to be. I thank God for allowing you into my journey of life. God Bless you.

    • Samantha ervin permalink

      Hey Michel, I could not help but read ur post. One way to be an addiction minister that I know of because of my family is go to a rehab facility and be a minister there. I know this one my father went to in Georgia is always looking for help in ministry and leading a small group. The place he went is called ridge view. So check it out

  24. lLYNN permalink


  25. sharon permalink


    Good Morning. Your messages always following my need and I thank you for that. I am from Ohio. I have lived here my whole life. I am moving in the fall to Dallas TX so my husband can find a job that better suits his needs. I have a business that I am going to start there. This business will help people all accross the US and children who have been victimized by circumstance. I cannot go into detail about it here but I must say that God has put this on my heart and I am scared to death. I have had alot of obsticles in my life all which I feel have prepaired me for this mission. I persevere. I know through God all things are ossible and I feel strongly about this mission. I pray he gives me the courage to stay strong for this! Please pray for me!
    Thank You

  26. spirit permalink

    i’m not sure really what my “DREAM” is. Except to draw closer to God . That is my deepest dream. But i will share the fact I would LOVE to go to Africa for missions for God.
    I hav preatty much had a HARD life in & out of foster care, streets kid, hitch hiker, abused be many & was adopted to being with.
    I hav ptsd from all of this. And found christ thru one of my 3 boys. He never gave up. Now just learning to trust r Father is a dady to struggle. But one thing thru all i have been thru i know I AM NO QUITER..EVEn w/ my wonderful husband of 20 yrs & 3 & 1/2 BOYS we have had tough times. Food banks ect. And the food just isn’t there. the money for asstiants isn’t there. It has made me see that I have a mission. God didn’t see me thru all my life issues to do nothing w/ it. I just don’t know where or how to being.

    so in the short I believe knowing Christ is w/ me ‘FOR REAL” will be my first real WANT in my life.

    THANK u Mark for asking the tough questions. For sharing ur luv of Christ lik u do. Be blessed & Spirit filled>

  27. Hey Mark,
    Thanks for those words. My dream is to start a wall mural ministry that presents the Goood News around the world. Last year I served as a student missionary in Bangkok Thailand. I was able to do a 3 story wall mural on the 2nd coming in the Thai art style. It became a huge witnessing opportunity. I have just recently graduated university with a bs in computer animation.Now I have the pressure from my family to get a real job to pay off student loans. To my friends and family this doesnt really make sense why I would want to throw away what I have learned in school and pursue this dream.

  28. Samantha ervi permalink

    Thank you mark. Your video had everything I needed to hear. Ever since fifth grade I have had the disier to be on the big screen as in movies. I am now currently a senior in high school. I have a lot of stage time and little tv times for like closed circuiting stations, but this is my main way I want to make a living.

  29. Shelly permalink

    Wow, I am blessed by your message today! No one has ever asked me “What is your dream?” I really want to help abused and abandoned animals. I want to share God with the people I come in contact with.

  30. Bianca permalink

    Hello Pastor Mark,

    Thank you for that sermon it spoke directly to my heart and were needed so desperately. God´s timing is amazing. Well I guess my dream is too crazy and too secular to share, but I have lost my heart to man and want to see him reached for Jesus as well as healed from his emotional wounds. He is so rejective and I ran out of ideas to approach him.

    Be blessed,


  31. Tammy permalink

    I have a dream of being able to move closer to my extended family. We live in neighboring states where visiting is not a problem, but it’s not enough. This may seem small but it’s not because moving closer to family is tied to other things I would like to see comme to fruition.

  32. Hi, Mark,

    Thanks for putting these sermons out there like you do. I discovered you through your work on FB, and this message, actually.

    I have written you via your email address at hotmail, but thought I would post here, as well, as you might get a post more quickly than an email: the words you have said Becky told you could have as easily been my own. Please let her know that if she would like another friend that is going through the rejection slip rounds, I’d love to contact her and share what I’ve learned along the way in my own publishing pursuits (though I am not “there” yet, either, I have learned a lot the hard way over the last few years, as perhaps she has, and swapping that knowledge might help us both).

    Anyway, many blessings to you. I’m looking forward to following along with you.


  33. Steve Gill permalink

    Welll… let me see…. success. It’s really tough because by most people’s standards, God doesn’t count success the same way. What a success story the woman with 2 minas was. Yet she was very “poor” and “unworthy” to many who watched as she so thoughtfully put her last 2 minas into the “collection plate”. How about those 12 disciples. I’m guessing 11 of them weren’t very succesful to be murdered in martyrdom. The problem with Dreams is most of the time our dreams don’t line up with God’s will. I say…. “Draw close to your maker” and watch closely as HE shows you the dreams He Has for your life. By the way, He is The MASTER PLANNER. I can see that after 5 years of growing with Him he has changed my persistence into “patience” as He shows me who’s boss. I shall be a servant and know that one most important dream has already come true…. ETERNAL LIFE…. How Great is That. We shall never die…. but our souls are promised to be alive in Christ Forever. Thanks be to The God who Shall Show me which way to go when I turn to myself for answers. Temporary Life has no real success to God other than to test us and try us and shape us into Holy Creatures. I hope that God will continue to take His time and do it right with me and I pray that I would not turn against His Will for my life.

  34. I don’t even have a defined dream. I did for many years, but my health has blocked those dreams. I believe Jesus used my health to block those dreams so He can give me new dreams. I’m waiting to hear from Jesus & see what He gives me. Right now my goals are to get healthy, enjoy my family, & reach other’s for Jesus. I guess that’s my dream there, huh? Spending time w/ family & friends, enjoying the presence of Jesus. Going shopping w/ my girls. Spending time w/ my hubby. Spending time w/ my mom. Seeing my girls grow up & how their lives turn out, hoping they bring me home some grandbabies. Enjoying time w/ friends, developing close relationships. I asked Jesus to bring me home & He did. 🙂

    Thanks Mark. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  35. I stopped dreaming a long time ago. I just want to survive each day and try to take care of my family.

  36. Harold permalink

    To finish Nursing school and work it into ministry

  37. Je7n permalink

    once i pass collage (and highschool) i’d like to be a Police Officer. But, right now as I’m still, well, in highschool, my dream is to publish my books. I write kids books, and I don’t know who to send them to to be published, I’ve tried but it said my book was too short.
    1 Cor. 2:9

  38. Aaron Kline permalink

    My biggest desire is to serve God where I can be most used by Him. I have a huge passion for music and I would love to be a professional composer, but I struggle with knowing whether that is where He wants me. For now I am just going to charge into the field of music. If God would have me be a professional musician, then it will work out. If not, then I am trusting that he will show me where he wants me instead.

  39. katherine permalink

    My dream ( desire) is to preach to the world about the love and forgiveness of Christ. I love to worship God through dance. I have stared walking in that calling in the last year. When I dance, all the cares of my world are gone. I am set free to worship in Spirit and Truth. And, I want people to know and feel that same freedom. Everyone has something God has called them too, whether it is dance, singing, preaching, prayer warrior, etc. I just want to see people set free. I want the sick healed and the broken heart mended. I have gone through many severe trials. I do understand that there is an enemy out there and I want people to walk in freedom not fear. I wasted soooo much of my life walking in fear because abuse and rejection just to name a couple. I’m done walking in fear! No more fear! I want people to be set FREE! I have other passions but ill stop here. God bless you, Mark. Keep shinning His light in the darkness.

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