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I keep walking..

August 24, 2010

Psalm 38

O Lord, don’t rebuke me in your anger or discipline me in your rage!

Your arrows have struck deep, and your blows are crushing me.

My guilt overwhelms me— it is a burden too heavy to bear.

My wounds fester and stink because of my foolish sins.

I am bent over and racked with pain. All day long I walk around filled with grief.

I am exhausted and completely crushed. My groans come from an anguished heart.

You know what I long for, Lord; you hear my every sigh.

My heart beats wildly, my strength fails, and I am going blind

For I am waiting for you, O Lord. You must answer for me, O Lord my God.

But I confess my sins; I am deeply sorry for what I have done.

Do not abandon me, O Lord. Do not stand at a distance, my God.

Come quickly to help me, O Lord my savior. (NLT)

How often it happens that I sit down and read the Word and it is exactly and magnificently perfect for what I am dealing with right now.

But actually when I first opened the Bible this morning, I was in no mood to read it – all too hard.  Mind was elsewhere, took discipline to read it anyway, even when I didn’t feel like it.  And my determination led to me reading the above Psalm and to be massively affected.  Those final two lines are my lines today:

Do not abandon me, O Lord. Do not stand at a distance, my God.

Come quickly to help me, O Lord my savior.

But I want to add something as the story doesn’t end there.. 1 Peter 1:3-8 notes:

All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is by his great mercy that we have been born again, because God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Now we live with great expectation, and we have a priceless inheritance—an inheritance that is kept in heaven for you, pure and undefiled, beyond the reach of change and decay. And through your faith, God is protecting you by his power until you receive this salvation, which is ready to be revealed on the last day for all to see. So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you have to endure many trials for a little while. These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world. You love him even though you have never seen him. Though you do not see him now, you trust him; and you rejoice with a glorious, inexpressible joy.

The key is that I am not alone, in the risen Christ I have new life!  Yes there are trials, yes there are moments of massive struggle, but the key is discipline.  Through these times I just keep going:  keep reading the Bible, keep praying, keep praising, keep serving, and keep facing my sin.  Even when I don’t feel like it.  I will work on my faith even when I don’t feel like it.  I will just keep walking, trusting in my amazing and awesome Lord!

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Bless ya,


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  1. Carline Verrier permalink

    Please pray for my spiritual life. I am at a point where I feel that God disappointed me, and I can’t seem to trust him or rely on him anymore. This happened because a series of very important things I prayed about and sought his guidance turned out to be mistakes. I just don’t understand how I could ask for signs and confirmations and seemed to get a positive answer, only for it to turn out to be a major mistake. I feel like I don’t know God and don’t know how to identify his voice. All the scriptures I relied on when I prayed for his guidance, seem to have failed me. I can’t even the words in the Bible when I read anymore. I don’t know what to do or who to talk to about this. So please pray for me.

    • david permalink

      hi carline, i can feel for you my wife and i went through a time of seperation where my world was turned upside down and i didn’t know what to do exept have faithin gods plan, a good friend told me that god only has 3 answers yes,no and wait! so i waited cause i didn’t feel like he said no, we don’t know what gods plan is for us all we can do is wait and in his time all things will work out just the way he planed, so keep stong and dont loose faith. my wife and me have been back together now for 6 months and i’m starting to see gods works. 🙂

      • brandt permalink

        trying to be patient and wait on the Lord as i face this trial within my marriage. my husband and i are separated and he is wanting a divorce. i am trying to push through the pain although it is rather difficult to do at times, but i know that God knows what is best for me. i pray that my marriage will be restored. please keep me in your prayers and pray for my husband’s salvation. thank you and God bless.

      • brandy permalink

        oops put my name wrong the first time…it is brandy 🙂

    • Jenna permalink

      Carline, i couldnt believe it when i read ur comment. I’m experiencing the same thing!!! quite a few times i thought God was pointing me in a certain direction. but when i started going in that direction, i learned it was all a mistake. i thought for sure it was His voice, but i guess i was wrong. i dont know how to tell if it’s Him guiding me, or if i’m leaning on my own understanding, or if its just a trick from the devil. but you can ALWAYS trust and rely on Him. maybe it was Him guiding me all along. maybe i learned many lessons from the many failed situations lately. Maybe i needed all of those experiences in my life for me to become who He wants me to be. He knows your heart and He will never leave you. Just keep walking =) He knows your heart, just believe with all your heart that He is guiding you. Remember, he works in mysterious ways. Ways that we cannot understand. Even when times are tough, it is still possible that He guided us there. Dont lose faith. Dont give up on trusting the Lord. You are in my prayers. God bless

      • Dorcia Polk permalink

        I too pray that we never give up on God,for we will have nothing.Trust In Him,it may not come when we want it to ,but God is always right on time.So Carline keep on praying ,have faith,trust and I know he will answer you. God Bless.

      • Spring permalink

        Carline, Jenna,
        I have had these same struggles. I don’t know what its all about either. I keep struggling seeking where to go what to do. I think I know and go forth and then I feel it was wrong. Like Jenna said I don’t know what it is a trick or something God needs me to walk through for the future. But take heart, we all know where we are going. The bigger picture right? We’ve got God and sometimes thats all that counts. Right? God knows just where we are and what we are going through. He could bring us right out of it and put us on a clear bright path; or give us the strength to keep walking through. Sometimes I guess we gotta know that He can and will, just His way and not ours. We just gotta keep keeping!!!

    • We are going to go through the wilderness ourselves, Its where we see the places we dont trust Him and He allows us to suffer for loves sake so our faith will reach deeper in Him. Its not about getting what we prayed because signs appear right in our eyes, but rather ” O.K. God, I simply trust you. Even If I thought or felt it was what God wanted & it failed, He is using it for my growth in Him & when God says no, it HAS to be OK. And move on. Much love in Christ.

    • the struggles i have in my life each day, make me a stronger person and guide me in the right direction . pray for my sisters so we can become a family again. protect me and my family and pray for my struggles with money. its been hard going through to close outs on jobs . need to come my closer with god ,

    • Jacquie Oldrieve permalink

      I think sometimes He allows us to make the mistakes and bad decisions. Through failure we learn much. Of course I cannot know His mind! But maybe the lesson is that we learn to make better decisions the next time. He is sovereign and His timing is part of the plan too, every day is a learning experience in His ‘classroom’!! We don’t stop learning and graduate till we join Him in the house He has prepared for us. Everyday is a new adventure and surprise.

    • Armik07 permalink

      My lovely friend i understand that you wanted to put your confidence on God but God gives us the liberty so we can choose our ways or our decisions. The result is our responsibility not at any moment we have the right to blame God for the result of our own decisions. I understand that inside you that there is a confidence in God. Just try to used it the right way especially in this moment that you need it the most. Start by understanding that God is a God of order, and pirnciples so i invite you to put your life and start to communicate directly with him and give Him your mind, heart, your soul, and your heart. So it can be a promise between you and Him starting with confidence and believing in Him that He can take care of your happiness and your life. So today accept Jesuchrist as your savior because He sacrifice Himself for us so we can be new creatures and be accepted by the Father.So put all your trust in Jesuchrist everything we must do in the name of Jesuchrist so don’t give up the enemy has ways to trick us but God has given us a private telephone to talk to Him with the holy spirit. So in the name of Jesuchrist we tell you to don’t give up Jesuchrist is there. Amen.

    • Regina permalink

      Carline…this is something that we actually talked about in church this passed week. There are things that we take as signs from God as we pray for His guidance through difficult times. There are times that are secret things that belong only to the Lord. Those are the things in life that happen that perhaps make no sense at all – only God knows why. God already knows His sovereign will for us, but the Bible provides us with our moral will. Sometimes His sovereign will comes to man in a fashion that we cannot see AT THE TIME the reasoning, but later on look back and say “Oh, now I see why things went that way.” Whatever you do, please do not ever lose your faith in God or ever think He has given up on you. Please take this from someone who has lived a life of fire, abuse, rape, and death of a child. The Lord is our life and I knw He loves us!! God bless you!!!

    • Natalie permalink

      Hey Carline- I just prayed for you, as I have been struggling with similar circumstances, and the first thought that came to mind while I was praying was this: In stead of asking then waiting in joyful peace and serenity- following those feelings as a way to be guided- you have asked for signs, but your mind has built up already what you expected to see – so it created affirmations and/or signs that that is what you desire, so the signs were letting you know that it is happening. The guidance from our souls and from God’s voice is a sense of calm and peace, or deep joy and love. Sometimes, we only see what we want to see ,and there are lessons to be learned too from those experiences. So next time when you ask, give a clear picture of what it is that you desire, the feeling you desire to have from receiving what it is that you need. Expect that outcome(the outcome which will bring that feeling) and let it go to God- He will direct you in a calm way towards that desired outcome, it will flow just right- it may not be what you expected to see but hold onto your faith, and it will come to you in perfect time. Follow the feelings, and then the signs will appear again to guide you to that desired outcome that you are holding in your heart.
      Does that help? I’m trying to explain in a way that will ring a bell and make perfect sense— I hope it helps:) —- Natalie

    • Jackie Domzalski permalink

      Carline, when I feel like life is beating me up, I think about the book of Job. Job endured a great deal of suffering, yet stayed faithful to God, in spite of it all. Please read the book of Job in the Old Testament. Even when people (including his own wife) told Job he was crazy for holding on to his faith in God, he still never turned from God. Please don’t be discouraged. We are praying for you.

    • sandy permalink

      I remember thinking my husband was sent to me by God, he was an elder in the church and highly regarded. Biggest mistake of my life. We get what we put into our standing with God. I am by no means an expert, but I can say for certain that it was not God who was at fault. Nothing at all against you. God is perfection. He is never wrong. He will never misguide us. His word stands forever. Looks like both of us didn’t know as much about his word as we should have. We must always stay in his word. Bring his word in rememberance to him when we pray. His word never changes, his promises never change. If you say God, you said this and this in your word and quote the chapter and verse, he cannot deny you. The only posible thing that could interfer is a lack of faith. Did your faith waiver at any point? My son was in the Army in S Korea, hit over the head and left for dead. After 3 days I was on my first plane ever. I had learned to pray over every little detail not just save him save him. The dr said he’s not suppose to be walking and talking but he is, he just got his bacholors carrying a 4.0. They said he could never attend college. My God is bigger than that. My son is a miracle. I had faith so strong it never waviered. I knew all I had was God to depend on and to ask for help. There is no other. But, when it comes to my ongoing illness my faith is pitaful. That’s because I feel it everyday. I’m trying to overcome that. We can’t put words in God’s mouth, we all try. If something didn’t turn out good it’s not us. All we can do is learn from it, but reading his word everyday. Praying for understanding before you start to read. Seek out his will and understanding of his word. We learn from our mistakes and God knows this. Being a Christian isn’t easy, that’s why we are to live by faith. Pray always about every little thing you can think of, and stand on faith. Dont’ ever think God has turned his back on you, that is a lie of the devil. There is a war going on with us stuck in the middle, the war between good and evil. Lift yourself up, dust yourself off and go again. That’s life. Rememeber God is always great, we are the students, the learning never stops. We have to follow his rules in everything or it’s all for not.

    • Sam permalink

      I pray for you. I have gone through this too. Still struggle with that at times. But you have to know that God is our Father in every sense of the Word! He loves us and only want the best for us, just as we do our own children. I feel like maybe we see signs because that’s what we wanted not what God was saying at all. It just takes talking to Him everyday and being sure of what He is saying . And yes, sometimes we miss it, We ALL do. But don’t lose your Faith in Him. He will never give up on you. Just keep on going and you will see. My worst day with God has been better than my best day without Him. I love Him and I know for certain He loves me. I pray for all of us to rmember that.

    • Teri Lyn permalink

      Carline, bless your heart! I do understand. I’m an intercessor and have been for about 25 years. For a period of about four years I prayed about my daughter’s future husband and put fleeces before the Lord that were answered “yes” or confirming this thought. The day this young man married some else, I felt dead inside..,I was so angry at God that I would not speak to Him. Four days later, there was a word of knowledge spoken over me that I would “decree a thing and it would be established.” Hello, did this make any sense?? I very slowly crawled out of the pit of despair I was in and sort of repented…more out of obligation than heartfelt. I “shelved” the topic hoping someday it would be explained to me. I now can say that our biggest issue that God needs to weed out of us is our pride and arrogance. Any of my loved would have said that I didn’t have a problem with that,…but God had a different opinion. Our pride must be nailed to the cross..but we can’t do it. It takes our loving Father God! I pray that our Lord holds you dear, as you are dear to His heart, and soothes and comforts you and whispers in your ear how He loves you. Surrender quickly and the pain will subside. God bless you, sister. You are in His arms!

    • Tiffany permalink

      Carline, I’m just betting that God has greater things in store 4 u than u can even imagine! My disappointments almost always come from my expectations of others or myself. At times of frustration or challenge in my life I find reassurance in knowing that God will not forsake me but instead is using the circumstances to help me become the creature He desires. Hugs 2 u!

    • I have also prayed about things before, and felt that I had confirmation on them, yet they also turned out to not last as I expected. I cant’ say that they were mistakes; they were great learning experiences. God has grown me through them; even though the marriage didn’t last more than 2 years, God knew I needed to know the lessons it brought into my life. I’m not the same person I was before; I’m much stronger, much more determined to make God the center of my life and not another human being.

    • Kathy permalink

      Keep your faith….God never leaves us….he is either walking beside us, or carrying us when we are overwhelmed…and remember…God knows what we need before we do and even though we go through struggles and hard times, He never gives us more than we can handle.
      Praying for you….
      God Bless

    • Hey,

      You are having a human response in trying to understand the biggest and greatest mystery in all of the world….been there and done that as the saying goes.

      I have felt that way many times, but the most important thing to remember is make sure you don’t feel like that too long. Find your answers and peace about it in prayer time with the Lord. Approach Him and continue to approach Him until you get this peace about it.

      Trust me when I say……..He understands!!!
      Love in Christ,

    • Dicipl1 permalink

      psalm 5:11-12 2But let all those rejoice who put their trust in You; let them ever shout for joy because You defend them. Let those also who love your name be joyful in You. For You oh lord WILL bless the righteous; with favor You will surround him as with a shield” Im waiting on certain things the lord spoke to me quite a while ago as well.his promises are prophecies which have to come to pass as long as we stay in His will. Don’t allow a hard heart to rob you of your blessing. If God has spoken to you you have to stand on what he said, no matter how long it takes to manifest. Be blessed.Your brother in christ 🙂

    • Ronda permalink

      Thine Will Be Done.

    • Ray permalink

      Things will get better

  2. michelle permalink

    please, please pray for me-

    thank you very much for this post- especially for the last part-

    I AM still trying… but it is SO hard… it all hurts SO much…

    thank you.

    • Cherry permalink

      Hi Carline, iknow exactly what you mean, it sounds as if you were speaking FOR ME. It gets so hard and overwhelming sometimes.

      Lets pray for one another.

  3. christine permalink

    Isn’t it amazing that Jesus paid for that on the cross!!! Mark, a song I”m trading my sorrows…on youtube…Great song and perfect for you….and me when in struggles …

  4. lucy ng permalink

    Tested !Endured…To know whether your faith is genuine!!!Though you do not see yet believe…in resurrection….in the last days…in HIS grace…simple yet…not for carnal minds….I keep walking….towards his guided paths….till I can run …& run the race…never to look back ….always focusing on the cross!!!

  5. sarita permalink

    I have been through quite a lot, and recently. Lost my job March 2, had surgery ten days later for poss cancer (and thanks it is not), had to give up my home and return my car to the dealer because of the drastic cut in my income. The road has been hard since 2006, but especially 2007 when my mom (died Feb) and my son, stationed at Ft Campbell , died (Oct) and then culminated into the mess in 2010. I am tired, weary, and 61; is He really real? I am not ready to retire –I want to work, need my own home (sleep on a sofa now at my daughter’s house which is already over-crowded); never not had a car since age 16 and not being able to just do the basics of life, all is more than I can handle. Like another reader, had made decisions that felt were within my limited understanding of His Voice and they all in the end turned out to be the worst decisions of my life. To be frank, sometimes feel like why do I want to think that life is good here? Yet, know that I am still here in spite of my circumstances and why? I am tired, just want to have some peace in my life -been through my own war here on earth with the last few years (my family as well with the loss of my son). Does He really answer prayer? How can you know when it is His Voice? Cannot seem to get into the word…..cannot focus at this time. And if He won’t answer my prayers, why would He answer yours for me? Just being open and honest here.

    • Sarita~~

      While i was reading your comment…i kept thinking i need to say something to you to encourage, to uplift, and to give you Hope and Encouragement and Strength..but I have no words. Except I have this…a few verses. Not a lot. I won’t bore you with pages upon pages of verses. But i will give you the promises of the Word that gives me hope daily and hourly. These verses have comforted me in the BEST and the WORST of times. And i have a share of bad times. I have been hurt myself a lot and face a lot of heart ache…After the verses..i will give you my mini testimony.
      I do beg you..Please do not skip to the testimony..please read God’s promises that i think HE asked me to send you.

      Isaiah 41:8-10~~

      8 “But you, O Israel, my servant,
      Jacob, whom I have chosen,
      you descendants of Abraham my friend,

      9 I took you from the ends of the earth,
      from its farthest corners I called you.
      I said, ‘You are my servant’;
      I have chosen you and have not rejected you.

      10 So do not fear, for I am with you;
      do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
      I will strengthen you and help you;
      I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

      Isaiah 40:27-31~~

      27 Why do you say, O Jacob,
      and complain, O Israel,
      “My way is hidden from the LORD;
      my cause is disregarded by my God”?
      28 Do you not know?
      Have you not heard?
      The LORD is the everlasting God,
      the Creator of the ends of the earth.
      He will not grow tired or weary,
      and his understanding no one can fathom.
      29 He gives strength to the weary
      and increases the power of the weak.
      30 Even youths grow tired and weary,
      and young men stumble and fall;
      31 but those who hope in the LORD
      will renew their strength.
      They will soar on wings like eagles;
      they will run and not grow weary,
      they will walk and not be faint.

      Isaiah 43:1-6~~
      1 But now, this is what the LORD says—
      he who created you, O Jacob,
      he who formed you, O Israel:
      “Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
      I have summoned you by name; you are mine.
      2 When you pass through the waters,
      I will be with you;
      and when you pass through the rivers,
      they will not sweep over you.
      When you walk through the fire,
      you will not be burned;
      the flames will not set you ablaze.
      3 For I am the LORD, your God,
      the Holy One of Israel, your Savior;
      I give Egypt for your ransom,
      Cush and Seba in your stead.
      4 Since you are precious and honored in my sight,
      and because I love you,
      I will give men in exchange for you,
      and people in exchange for your life.
      5 Do not be afraid, for I am with you;
      I will bring your children from the east
      and gather you from the west.
      6 I will say to the north, ‘Give them up!’
      and to the south, ‘Do not hold them back.’
      Bring my sons from afar
      and my daughters from the ends of the earth-

      Psalm 139:13-18

      13 For you created my inmost being;
      you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

      14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
      your works are wonderful,
      I know that full well.

      15 My frame was not hidden from you
      when I was made in the secret place.
      When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,

      16 your eyes saw my unformed body.
      All the days ordained for me
      were written in your book
      before one of them came to be.

      17 How precious to me are your thoughts, O God!
      How vast is the sum of them!

      18 Were I to count them,
      they would outnumber the grains of sand.
      When I awake,
      I am still with you.

      Another thing Sarita HE knows the number of the hair on your head, you have been fearfully and wonderfully made, YOU are his creation HE adores you, if you focus on that each day meditate on that alone and i promise your life will get better. No it may not get easier, because Christian life is not always easy, but your life will become more bearable and full of joy.
      It may take time, but please never ever give up. I know it’s hard for you to believe that God adores you after all that has happened. Life can be very hard. But He never forgot you, He never leaves or forsakes us. HE is there for us through thick and thin. He is there..a lot of the time, it’s not that He left us, it’s that we left Him. that’s been my experience.

      I don’t know how to summarize how i came to believe all these Great things and all these Wonderful promises that God has for all of us who Ever loved Him..i started believing all this about God, not in the best times. Not when life was easy. But when life started falling apart at the seams slowly and surely my life was crashing down esp. in 2010.

      I have been a Christian since 2001. before that i was Jewish.
      But my life by Feb 2001, has become comfortable. A comfortable Christianity is easy, and comfortable. But God wanted to stretch me and test me like fire and gold.

      What i mean by comfortable, is this—I was going through the motions. Just through the motions. I went to church, had church friends, read my bible once in awhile..went to bible study..and life was so happy..yet comfortable. And i was always praying to meet a good man to marry. I am 31. and still single. And been single for 3 years. I was engaged once. But God took that man away from me…I was screaming inside that year. I was dead inside. I was thinking God oh God how could you do this to me? HOW could you take the only one i ever loved away from me and have him break my heart?
      But the Lord sustained me..mostly from HIS presence, and through my friends who stood by me through thick and thin. They sustained and 1 year later i was feeling better and whole. Yes it took time. But today here i sit and declare to all that God has never left you. God has never forgotten you. God loves you still. None of us deserve His love. We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But He loves you Sarita…Just the way you are. He loved you since birth. Don’t you see dear that hard times sometimes is what shape us to be the way we are in the future??
      Please please do not live your life with regret and sadness..Turn Turn Turn to Jesus and He will wipe away every tear from your eye..He will taken your barren and lonely soul and make you ANEW..HE will awaken His bride *you* and you will be able to bear what life threw at you years back.
      Losing the ones you love is never ever easy.
      My dad right now is struggling with cancer, secondary cancer and he is paralized from waist down. For a long while i yelled at God and asked Why Why my father? Why? HE never smoked, drank or did drugs, he always ate right and exercised. I didn’t understand His will nor do i even now. I am only human. But even though i am upset with my father being so ill, i still pray for him each day to heal..To heal..To be a miracle. They promised him 5 years to live tops. I pray that HE beats all odds and comes to Christ and becomes His child. And it’s hard yes it is hard for me. This year i have been hurt by 1 man and life was crashing all around me. AND again just like 3 years ago with failed engagement. God stuck by me. I didn’t always feel that He was there. I didn’t always hear Him. But i heard of His love through church and from friends who showed me love YET again. It was like the church of Christ in Connecticut did everything for me that Christ would have done for me. The church the Body of Christ held ME up when i was alone, upset and sad over my father. And i knew in my heart deep down that it was God holding me all the time. Even when i felt nothing, he was there…He showed me HIS love through my friends’ caring and loving me. They told me like it is, but they did it with love.
      I saw Christ in them. I saw Christ at work. and i see today as i type this, that my life is a work in progress. and my life is blessed. And i am blessed beyond measure. And i am greatful and thankful for all the good and bad times.

      And i am even thankful for the break up 3 years ago. because i would not be the woman i am today if i was still with him.

      This is my story…and i think i should shussh now. This was so long, i am so sorry Sarita..

      In next post i will post the Footprints poem..and then i will go.

      But dear friend do not give up on life and do not give up on God.

      He is there with His hands stretched out saying to Sarita…

      “Come, Come, Come my child to me. I will wash you clean..I will help you..I am here. And I love you. Come. Come”

      I will keep you in my prayers Sarita.

      I will put your name in my prayer journal tonight.

      Love and blessings to you!


      • sarita permalink

        Dear Jane: read both emails and tears streamed down my face just reading everything…….. Thanks for your giving of yourself even when you have your mountain as well. I wrote down all the scripture links and will highlight my Bible – a new one that I bought. I have a very interesting life in terms of religion but definitely nothing deep in relation to understanding God. We can always intellectually know things, but to understand is another issue. I had been educated in Catholic schools and ran from this. Married my first husband who was hindu. We raised both of our daughters under both and decided that their faith is their road to walk whichever one they chose. However, felt dismayed with even with this. The marriage failed and his diplomatic family (they were with the foreign service with the embassy) just turned and ignored the children. Married a second time; he did not care much for religion -felt only the weak needed it. He died in a car accident. Had looked any many other faiths and philosophies, and just nothing seemed to click. Know that there is a God but what was He really? Had questions, many went unanswered when asked through different ministers, etc. Needless to say, life had already dealt me a blow with having four children ages 4-13 at the when the second husband died to raise on my own. My son was born on the eve of a Nor’easter in 1979 – I almost died giving birth to him but we were both saved. When I look back on my life I see that there has to be a reason for me here -don’t know why – as death has tried to take me out of this world numerous times. I was working on the family geneaology when I contacted the States Vital Records section for a copy of my birth certificate and to see what hospital I was born in, etc. My mother went into labor early so in 1949 I was premature only 4 lbs 2 oz. The shocker here —the clerk on the phone said that a signed but incomplete death certificate was attached to my birth certificate when it was filed. The doctor had expected me to die – no incubators in 1949. And life as a childhood was without incident -too numerous here – but fast forward to the future as an adult – was driving home from a new hospital (hospital units are approved based on community need and at that time it was only the ER, Surgery, ICU and working on the rest (now it is a full-fledged hospital). The huge and I mean huge water drains laying on the side of the road I passed every time I got off my shift at midnight. It is a dark road at that time, no lights except for the stars and moon. Driving one evening – pregnant with my son too- and just happened to glance at my right and immediately recognized a fast approaching auto. I panicked and froze hands down waiting to be hit and pushed into those huge drains waiting to be placed in the ground. I knew me and my unborn child were going to die immediately in a possible inferno. I swear on my son’s grave, something took over that car and like a time surge I cannot even explain, all I did was look through the mirror to see that the auto had not slowed down one bit, not even for the stop sign and made its left turn on the same road I was on. Next thing I knew, something put my hands back on the steering wheel. I was shaken but alive. Then the storm came as explained in 1979. Then 1984 came, and that night changed me and my family forever even to this day. My son was supposed to ride that night with his father – I was at work – and at the last minute he changed his mind about taking our son with him. Needless to say, I got a call while at work to leave from Baltimore County where I worked to Montgomery County on a severely foggy night. One would think one tragedy that bad in a family would be enough for a soul to handle. No, I am sad to say it wasn’t Jane. In 1991 (Desert storm) my son-in-law died (not active in military at that time) from surgical complications leaving a 5 month old son behind. My son and I would visit him at the local military cemetary with my grandson so he would know as a touching point -here is your father. In 2007, as explained before my son passed active military -Iraq 2007. Both are buried three rows apart. So, this is why I have been so tremendously angry with God. My small family -just me and his three sisters (apart from the 5 grandchildren -he left a boy and girl 4 years and 6 years old respectively behind). Why God? How could you do this to us – a small family -which we are all we have now – why us? Each of us are heartbroken and angry, some more than others, and how do you live with the pain and the loss of so much that is not even normal in my eyes. What did this small family do -we needed my son and brother. We needed what was taken. If there is blessings and restoration in all of this as I have been told and retold, is the tragedy of so much warranted for the blessings and restoration? We had to give up those we love for………. Nothing in and on this earth can take or replace any of those we lost. I am trying to understand, but not doing so well. As on says to whom much is given, much is expected in return……so, having all this as relayed and in the first email of 2010, what is expected from each of us in return? All of these experiences have shattered any trust I could must in something I cannot see when what I can see has been taken. May be one day I will understand more but for now I have to process through this pain.

        Your scriptures are beautiful that you sent me. Your story breaks my heart even. I feel much for you inspite of my own situation. I wish I had words to offer and comfort you, but I know this, sometimes, just some one sitting in silence at the worst moment of my life is the memory that I have more than all the hugs and words, well meaning, from all the funerals I have had in my life. The silence of that one meant more to me because they sat and held my hand, and in that time, knew they were expressing their pain at the loss.

        I will re-read them and also thanks for the Foot Prints in the Sand Poem. I hope they give some added comfort. One day, and soon, I pray, I will be able to look back and understand why God let me live, go through all that I have and have it mean something for His Plan. I dont know what His Plan is……but this ‘soldier’ wants out of the wars and find a corner of peace, even if its just my space to rest in it.

        Thanks for keeping me on your prayer list. Likewise, I will pray for you. And, I thank God for using you to let me know He has not left me even when I feel that He has. I don’t understand anything at this point and time given the history, however, some sense has to be made from all of this.

        God Bless and Keep you; likewise God Bless your father and family that is going through this difficult time.


    • This is my 2nd comment to the one before Sarita…

      Here is the famous Footprints poem…I hope it encourages you and uplifts you tonight.
      May God richly bless you and your life!!
      Sorry for that long message before!
      Have a wonderful week ❤ ❤


      Also Known As "I Had a Dream"
      One night I dreamed a dream.
      I was walking along the beach with my Lord. Across the dark sky flashed scenes from my life. For each scene, I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand, one belonging to me and one to my Lord.

      When the last scene of my life shot before me I looked back at the footprints in the sand. There was only one set of footprints. I realized that this was at the lowest and saddest times of my life. This always bothered me and I questioned the Lord about my dilemma.

      "Lord, You told me when I decided to follow You, You would walk and talk with me all the way. But I'm aware that during the most troublesome times of my life there is only one set of footprints. I just don't understand why, when I need You most, You leave me."

      He whispered, "My precious child, I love you and will never leave you, never, ever, during your trials and testings. When you saw only one set of footprints, It was then that I carried you."

      Margaret Fishback Powers, 1964

      • Timothy M Musyoka permalink

        Dear Jane, God bless you, both flesh en blood can’t know this.I really feel blessed by kingdom sons en daughters who live by the word en who practice / speak the divine word in their status. Your comment has really powered my inner spiritual being to an higher focus, yes to God who is all knowing,sustaining en enduring.I hereby say that divine wisdom en direction can only be found in the scriptures which analyze the true attributes of God. Amen God bless you see-
        Job 28:12- 28.
        Regards Timothy

    • Kathy permalink

      Praying for you…please go to U-Tube and listen to this song…It’s called “Everything Falls” by Fee. Amazing song…very powerful. I, too, have been going through extremely difficult times, but I know God is always with me, and through every trial, my faith has become stronger.
      This past April, my son found out the love of his life had flown across the country to meet a man, his 1 yr. old daughter was in the hospital with some strange gastrointestinal virus, and his step-mom passed away…all within 3 days. The miracle of that weekend? My son is an alcoholic who has been sober since Dec. 20, 2009. He was tempted with alcohol and drugs to numb the shock and pain of that horrific weekend when his whole world fell apart…and, instead, he turned to God. ANYTHING is possible through Christ!
      I have also read the book of Job when I, myself, went through impossible troubles and I thought all hope was lost…and Job is my hero:-) Please try reading that…
      God Bless

      • Sarita permalink

        Thanks Kathy for your words of encouragement; those who have sent messages, I have taken them to heart….and have wrote all the verses down to study. I will go to youtube and look this up. Again, thanks so much. Sarita

      • Sarita permalink

        I also wanted to add this note as another note. my heart also breaks for the tragedy you and your family have been through. I know that if you can still be as positive as I am hearing in the response, this gives me encouragement that God will likewise bring me through. I will keep you and your family lifted in prayer, too and write me any time. Thanks

  6. jason permalink

    please pray for my family,especially my wife

  7. sonya permalink

    Please pray that myself, my husband and our children experience an ever deepening, disciplined, diligent, fruitful, purposeful, prosperous, selfless, loving and dedicated relationship with Almighty God thru His Blessed Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. May we take our duty to spread the Gospel and be salt and light and to share the Love of Jehovah God seriously all the days of our lives as we are ever mindful of His presence and ever awaiting His return. Thank you. Your postings are a true blessing to me. May God continue to pour into you thru His awesome powerful word as you continue to pour into us…May your ministry and your family enjoy the spiritual, financial and physical fruitfulness and bounty of the endless riches of our Lord and Saviour and our Provider, Jesus Christ. 🙂 He really does fill everything in every way. My faith that once waivered is strengthened tonight…I am convinced that faith moves mountains and I am now more convinced than before that without Faith it truly is impossible to please God. Hallelujah and all Glory Praise and powerful be unto His Holy Name…where all the power to do the impossible dwells. Amen

    God Bless you Rev. Mark

    • marilyn permalink

      GOD is awesome. I know JESUS loves me, for the bible tells me so. Amazing because i feel the same way for Psalm 38. Its for me also. Lately i just don’t feel like reading the bible, but read it anyway.Yes, the word is discipline. I just missed those times where i have my early morning time with GOD and the Holy Spirit move or any time of the day.. It’s so beautiful and intoxicating. And the Spirit intervenes, i saw dreams and visions. I kept a journal of my meeting with GOD including the time and dates and how many times HE’s given me these personal promises. But still i keep on walking and praying. Is these the dry times? Being broken? What keeps me up? I still meditate on HIS personal promises HE”s given me. That GOD upholds me with HIS right hand. Please help me pray for inner strength, that i will not go back to my old ways, and financial debts. Currently in bible school.and this coming October pursue my mission school in ACM. Thank you. GOD bless you and the staff.

    • Dorcia Polk permalink

      I really want say Amen to all you express,God is an awesome God,and he loves us so much. Praying for direction in these coming days to do want is pleasing and right as God would have me to do. IN Jesus name AMEN

    • Sam permalink


  8. thess permalink

    as i read this message, i cry for i a m into this situation also. Please pray for me too that i will continue to serve our ever living and loving God. And specially my parents that they may also see the real essence of life. Thank you and may our Loving Father bless us always.

  9. Kei permalink

    Hi Please pray for my financial problems. That God will provide for everything and protect me.

  10. Madelein permalink

    Thank you for the wonderful message this morning I actually felt the same this morning.Myself and my husband started a bussiness and with the economic situation it is not going well,our live currently is falling apart,therefore I deeply ask that if you could pray for us we so dearly like God to help in the opsticales in our life if He just could give me the strength to carry on.Mark thank you for your blessings everyday I can definetly not go without them

    • Merri J permalink

      How amazing it is when we get just what we need just when we need the most. Shows how personal our Father is with His children, Your post on Aug. 23 piercing my soul with conviction and came along side Job 5:17-18 for me. Thank you. Please pray, I am moving back to my home state of PA after living in MA for 22 years. I’m moving over the weekend of Sept. 11. I covet prayers for traveling mercies, and also for help packing and loading….this is a huge move. Thanks ever so much!

    • Tiki permalink

      My husband and I are currently going thru the same situation. His construction company has been struggling over the last three years and he has done everything he can to manage the business and the business debt, but is unable to do it anymore. We are currently in bankruptcy court and it is a scary isolating place to be. So many that we know that have struggle, just filed and went thru the procedure with little hassle or problems. Ours has been an up and down rollercoaster and is so emotionally exhausting. The fears and the what-ifs. The not knowing. And yet, knowing his character is on trial by people who do not know him and only see as they choose. I believe with all my heart that God did not carry us and provide for us thru the last 3 difficult years only to abandon us now, and yet.. I feel very abandoned at times. I cling to the scriptures and faith and then find myself feeling as tho my faith is not strong enough or I would not have the doubts I have. And with doubts, will he even answer my prayers..what if I am not believing and trusting enough? .. it is a very hard place. I sympathize with your struggles and will be praying for you family.Hold on to all you have.. each other and your Lord and Savior.
      I hope all goes well for your family.

      • Angie permalink

        Tiki – I can so identify with your pain. My husband and I have a business too and we have rental properties–mainly commercial but some residential. The tenants’ businesses are struggling and they aren’t paying & even the one big residential lease we have finds those people struggling. It all makes us struggle that much more. A year ago (almost exactly) our bank called one of our commercial loans for the simple reason that “they no longer felt secure with our equity” and the only way they said we could avoid foreclosure is if we let them put liens on our other properties and they re-did our loan, which doubled our payment. Prior to that, we were making it, paying them ON TIME every single month and our credit was in the 700s. Now all that is shot and it is truly scary not to know if you will have a roof over your head from one month to the next. We have consulted a bankruptcy atty but because our debt is so high (over the $1-point some million threshold), we’d have to file Chapter 11 instead of 13–as though we are as large as a company like GM (Ch. 11 is what they all filed). We simply did not have the $22 – $50K it was going to cost us to file! So where do we go from here? Even with diminished equity, supposedly our net worth is still over $700K. We have all our properties up for sale, have sold my husband’s vehicle & got a mini-van back that we gave to our in-laws and are now facing having to sell my newer, almost paid-off car to get a “beater” just to pay some bills. Everything we own is up for sale, yet none of the bites have come to anything because it’s hard for commercial buyers to get loans too. I am a real estate agent and have listings and buyers, but the deals are slow to come and I’ve had more deals fall through due to lender requirements this year than I ever have–all at the last minute when we so desperately need the money!! If things would sell, we would be able to pay everyone and everything off–but so far, the Lord has not sent the buyers. {{{SIGH}}}

        I’m sorry to dump but just want you to understand that we are hurting just like you and even though it won’t help fix your problems, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are so embarrassed ourselves and know people are looking down at us, since it seems some just love to watch people fall. This has taught me a lot about trusting the Lord and some days I can find peace. But unfortunately, when my cell/business phone is constantly ringing with creditor calls all day long, I do get overwhelmed and the term you use of “emotionally exhausting” is almost an understatement. Sometimes I just want to run away somewhere and hide! I know the Lord loves us and hears our prayers, but does He really want us to lose everything He has blessed us with just so bottom feeder investor-types can buy up our properties for pennies after they are foreclosed upon?

        Anyway, I am finished with my “rant” and I say let’s pray every single day for one another. I will pray big time for you because I KNOW what you are going through, and am almost envious that you WILL be finished with most of this once the bankruptcy is sorted out. I’m almost envious that you are able to file!! (Not really, but you know what I mean). So prayers are coming your way, girl! XXOOXXOO

      • Tiki permalink

        Thank you for your prayers. There are lots of details left out, but bankruptcy makes even the honest feel like a crook. It is just such an emotionally and spiritually burdening fight. There stands to be many things that could go wrong, it’s not what people think, that you just file bankruptcy and walk away from your obligations. It is costly,(not near as costly as yours tho) and drawn out and overwhelming. I know that God did not allow us to survive the last three years, when even our marriage almost came to a failing point, just to abandon us now. And yet, I fear that things will not get better or resolved. We have gone to bed each night and woken each morning to this stress for over three years now. It is all consuming and has just worn us down. I pray that He will be with us throught this now and remember us and consider us and not allow us to go thru this alone. I will definitely be praying for you and your situation. I truly hope that you get some relief and that it all works out to a way that you can have closure and peace (emotionally and spiritually soon.) Thanks again for your prayers..we truly need them.

  11. Julia Mahoney permalink

    Please pray for me, at this moment I feel like a lost soul. I have been a wondering spirit not sure what direction to go. I have so many talent and I am wasting away with time. I need some direction, I need focus its much like my faith. Today I know what to do, tomorrow I forget what I am supposed to do. I am confused.

    Please pray for me.

  12. Alison Cunningham permalink

    My prayer is for revival here in Australia, where we have now an atheistic prime minister, and are not aghast that it should be so.
    I pray for a return to faith in Jesus, to an acknowledgement of God’s sovereignty, to stable marriages, and loving families.

  13. Fritzi Kay B. Simbulan permalink

    Pls. pray for us for financial breakthrough. A daily struggle for survival. Food to eat, monthly bills and so many debts to pay. I am really exhausted w/ all of these everyday. I do not want to worry just what the Lord reveals in the scriptures. But how can I say that w/ empty stomach at times, harsh people who do not understand my situation and the kids who are really very much affected w/ the life we have had right now. These are our consistent prayer at home. Pls. pray for us, may God answer our prayer. Thank you and God bless…

  14. Fritz permalink

    Pls. pray for us for financial breakthrough. A daily struggle for survival. Food to eat, monthly bills and so many debts to pay. I am really exhausted w/ all of these everyday. I do not want to worry just what the Lord reveals in the scriptures. But how can I say that w/ empty stomach at times, harsh people who do not understand my situation and the kids who are really very much affected w/ the life we have had right now. These are our consistent prayer at home. Pls. pray for us, may God answer our prayer. Thank you and God bless…

  15. Ruthlyne Eisden-Frans permalink

    This is the psalm I use read every morning. I thank the Lord for this. Please pray for my 2 daugters, my family and my friends. Thank you.

  16. Camille permalink

    Hi Rev… I would really appreciate it if you could say a special prayer for me regarding temptations. The reading today is so aimed at me… its just incredible that after I gave in to something so stupid yesterday, that this morning the message is specifically for me.I would also like to thank you for all your wonderful work and for all the inspiration and motivation… its much needed in this world of today. Thank you once again, God bless.

  17. samson permalink

    Thanks for this verse and God bless. I want prayers on favour of God to come upon me to plant my feet and make me to suck from the honey of this land of england, give me wisdom knowledge and understanding in my studies in england, and make my childrens ,children to benefit from this forever,amen. I need salvation more from the heaven (GOD) and I want God to forgive me and my wife of all our sins, God should have mercy on us and set my wife and myself free from whatsoever difficulties/problems we are facing now in Jesus name,amen. And I also want God to bring my wife and my children to meet me with easy in england by the end of this year 2010/January 2011 in Jesus name,amen.Thanks. Am really touched with the verse.

  18. Nicholas permalink

    Hi Mark, God please bless Mark in his work for you Lord.
    It is so often the Lord who gives me what I do. Some people have said it is all the Lord, well this is what I mean.
    I had a great thought when I read your comments to the scripture…..we shall not be worried when we can not do things like read scripture, because the Lord saves us and so we wait for Him and so we are waiting for the Lord to help us in His time which will be perfect for us.
    We must watch therefore, we must abide…we must spend our time being with what the Lord has given, for things such as His word, His scripture and for truth. Doing this each day we will be saved, for none is perfect, and we can then expect, yes…expect, to be saved and so to grow in the Lord Amen.
    Jesus said…
    Mat 25:13 Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.
    …and we can know Jesus is coming very soon.

  19. Des permalink

    Please pray for me to have complete faith and trust in the Lord in all matters not just selected ones. I trust the Lord in my work and financial issues but seem sometimes to doubt the one prophecy that He has given me, that is the return of my wife and family to me. I have been separated from her for almost 5 years now but God told me through a very prophetic Pastor that I will have my family back. I do know this but sometimes go through low times and begin to doubt and even want to end my marriage and just get on with my life. I then turn to Jesus for His comfort and strength, but I just dont want this yo yo effect anymore. I need to stand in complete faith in the Lord our God. PLease also pray that the return is soon. I have given her an ultimatumn to be here by end of year or we do separate permanently. We do live in 2 diff countries as well. My kids are now daughter 15 and son turning 12. They have been without their father at this crucial time in their lives. My wife doesnt know the Lord personally, her salvation is also a big thing on my heart right now. Tank you so much for your time and attention in this and to all those reading, I appreciate all your prayers. Praise you Father God for this service you have provided.

  20. Nicholas permalink

    …I forgot to post that I am at this point with Jesus in my life sometimes. The scripture you wrote, it seems to be from Psalms and may be King David saying to the Lord. I really feel those things including the going blind.
    The scripture, going blind, from personal experience, means losing physical sight of the word. To me that is what the scripture means and so maybe also to others, when trying to read and even see written scripture then being unable to read or see the written words. The Lord is teaching something then and to me He I think He is teaching me I have read enough for my own good. If I try too hard I may lose what I have gained, even in the short time I have read some few verses, and maybe even one verse.

  21. Sherika permalink

    Can you pray for me that I will fine a job. It has been 3 years now since I have had a job things are hard and I do not want to be on benefits any longer. I also need prays that my fiance will get a visa to come to the UK to be with me. I know that my problems might not be large as others but it’s heavy for me. I just got baptized in Jan and as expecting a break thru’ but I am still wait, guess it’s not my time yet but I will still truth in God and keep my faith. I just want prays for a job and for me and my fiance to be with each other.

  22. Mike permalink

    I’m in that place at the moment… nothing makes sense and I feel far from Him. I find it too hard to believe that there is that ‘wonderful joy’ ahead of me… I feel I am slipping away…

    • God is not the author of confusion…its the enemy (Satan) messing with Ur mind…U R so close to UR blessing (example- like when Ur waiting in line at the grocery store…and just when there is one person ahead of U…U feel U already waited to long and get out of line) HANG IN THERE don’t leave U have waited this long and Ur blessing is coming..In Jesus name.

    • Teri Lyn permalink

      Ok Mike, I would usually be merciful and gentle…but Brother, not now. DON’T listen to the father of lies! We don’t walk by feelings. Our Pastor at Bible College used to tell us to “shut up” when we would talk like that. And, you know, he was right. When the crazy thoughts are flowing through your mind, tell yourself to “shut up.” It works! Recite “I am more than a conquerer”; “I am the head and not the tail”; “I am above only and not beneath”; “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”; “My God shall provide all my needs according to His riches in glory” etc. DO NOT lay down and give up. It’s a lie!! JESUS died for YOU! HE paid the price! YOU are not your own, YOU are HIS! GET into HIS WORD! MEDITATE ON IT until you are changed and then keep doing it! HE IS THE WORD (John 1:1) EAT of HIM! IN JESUS’ NAME!

  23. Leandro permalink

    This is what I am feeling right now. Thank you for your blogs. I’m blessed by it and Im encouraged to keep fighting and continue disciplining myself. Please pray for me that the fire in my heart will keep burning. Pray for the Philippines and the people that were killed yesterday in the hostage.

  24. Lulu Segolela permalink

    I feel trapped, I feel drained, my spirit is down… I need breakthrough in my life, I’ve been here too long, I’ve been here too many times in my life, I feel like I keep going in circles… I need change. God knows my heart, God knows how much I need him right now, how I need his answer in my life. I need prayer, that I remain strengthened as I go through everyday, until my answer, the answer that my God has promised comes.

  25. Mya permalink

    Thank you so much Rv. Mark, you are always a blessing to me with your inspiring notes, am really touched with todays notes as two months ago i was going thru exactly what you have takked about today and am happy to say that i followed exactly that: praying, praising reading the bible, serving the Lord accepting the situation and staying in Fait and indeed God is mercifull it worked for me, am happy to say that i m now living a very happy life and always give all the thani give all thanks to the almighty god. i feel so happy and blessed. It surely works. Be blessed Rev foe sharing this hope messages.. Amen

  26. Alvert permalink

    I’ve been far away from the Lord. I almost started Back slided, but the Lord is Faithful and slided me back to HImself. I dont want to slip away from Him.

  27. Jaime permalink

    It is truly inspiring to have read it this day. Help me pray to Dear Savior for His constant blessing to all my family members that we may always be under the mantel of His protection. And lastly, to pray for me as I am suffering of severe headache due to my sinusitis.

  28. Yvonne permalink

    I shed tears of joy this morning when I read this post as I do so often lately because of the overwhelming feeling of love I receive from our awesome Lord. I would just like to say to those struggling with their faith, Its hard but that is why the prize is so incredible.

    All I can say is keep on going, look to the Lord and live life through him everyday. Talk to him and share your feelings whether good or bad. Praise him for the wonderful things he has created, life, the earth, space, water, oxygen ……really look with your heart, we are surrounded by miracles every day.

    I have been a Christian for many years. I have lived through severe depression, divorce, abuse the list goes on but never has my faith been stronger than it is now and never have I been happier within myself.

    I have come to realise that God truly does answer prayers but not in the way you would necessarily expect. I didn’t think that I would be posting something like this ever. I go to church and it’s only in the last week that I have been able to put my hands up to the Lord when we worship him in song. Not because I feel I had to because other Christians do but because I want to.

    He truly does work in mysterious ways, ones that we will never even touch the surface of. He deals with things in HIS time but I can see now that his timing is perfect in all matters. Don’t try to understand, just put your life in his wonderfully loving emcompassing hands and he will guide you.

    Listen to the Holy Spirit, pray and pray somemore. Don’t rely on the words of the world, read the bible and live on Gods word. It really works! seek the Lord on a spritual level, trust me he is there and will fill you full of a peace that you cannot comprehend until you have experienced it for yourself.

    That feeling is enough for me to keep on going in my faith and even more so when things get tough. He is my rock.

    I just felt I needed to share this with you.

    God bless you Mark

    Praise Our Lord

    • Jennifer permalink

      Thank you for your post Yvonne. It is very encouraging to me. I have been struggling with severe anxiety and some depression for the past 4 months. (Well, 20 years, but really bad the past 4 months). People say, next year I’ll look back on this and will have grown so much but what they don’t realize is that I wonder how I will get through the next hour let alone the next year. I know God loves me. And I know He can deliver and heal me. I guess what I question is whether or not He will and if I can make it until He does. The bible says that He gives us peace and faith. I just feel like mine isn’t strong enough to see me through this. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and God bless you.

  29. kedibone permalink

    please pray for me i needpeace in my life

  30. sijambo permalink

    Please pray for me as I find my way back to Jesus. I feel God changing my heart, but I need prayer for guidance. Thank you!

  31. This was the exact Word I needed to hear, I have been struggling with a weakness of sin and entertained it, yet I felt the guilt of it I was weak… I have begged God to forgive me, but forgiving my self is much harder… I have felt so distanced from God, and felt my prayers were not being heard. Nothing in this world is as important to me as my God and my walk with Him, yet because of sin and the temptation of sin, I feel like He is far from me… I have stayed in the Word and in pray but feel like a hypocrite and very distance from the Lord… Thank you for this message today, for the first time in a few weeks, I can cry real tears…

  32. Tammie permalink

    I have been stuggling for the last 2 years with my business and can’t pay any of my bills. We have drained our personal savings and are now struggling with our personal finances also. We have been praying that I get a job (I have put in many applications, even to work in a grocery store) with no luck. My husband also got his real estate license, and has 2 residential and 3 commercial properties listed, but nothing has sold and it is actually costing us money. We have been faithful servants for over 11 years now and have had our ups and downs, but this is by far the most stressful. My business loan was a loan my parents took out on their house and we can’t afford (nor can they) to make the payments. I am at the brink of turning my back on God. He is supposed to meet our needs and He isn’t. Not only will he make us lose everything, my parents will lose their house, too. I am so angry at God right now. Please help me with your prayer for strength. My mom’s church and our church have also been praying for us, but with each passing day, it is worse and worse. I think He forgot about us.

    • Dear Tammy, His ways are not our ways, let me assure you that He NEVER forgets about us…Jeremiah 28:11-14 God looks at our hearts and He always knows what is best for us… Please start by falling on your face and asking Him to forgive you, let Him know that you know that your life is in His hand and that He promises that He will never leave us nor forsake us (even when we are in sin), ask Him to renew your love for Him and give you a heart after Him, to create in you a new heart and renew a right spirit in you. Let Him do a work in you and renew your first love, give it too Him no matter what the out come, trust Him and Praise and Worship Him with all your might! I am praying for you sister…

  33. leeanne permalink

    I guess that when we hit hard times and question the validity of our Faith, there are a number of things to consider. If life seems so terrible that we are compelled to question our faith in the Lord, how much worse might things be without Him? Do we have our commitment to God only in order that He will make our lives better on earth, or are we being humanly frail and shortsighted? Conversely, how must Jesus have felt at that moment when he was driven to ask why His Father had forsaken Him? No matter what, we must endeavour to strengthen our faith throughout our earthly trials, for they are sent to strengthen us. I follow my God in order to secure my Salvation beyond this life…thank you so much for that Mark, so profound and reinforcing. God Bless 🙂

  34. judy permalink

    I am so glad we have a father so patient. I wouldn’t make it if he wasn’t because I mess up all the time, So wonderfull that he is so good and loving. Praise to God.

  35. Kevin McPherson permalink

    God is faithful, and will honor and answer your prayers, brother. Thank you for your example of keeping the faith in every situation.
    Please pray for my Dad, who has been battling lung cancer for well over a year, and seems to be near the end of this life. Praise God, He saved my earthly father just a few short months ago! So his passing from this world will be a great blessing!

  36. Marianka permalink

    Please pray for me. I am in a unhappy marriage. I enjoyed your message today.

  37. Fran permalink

    Please pray that I will forgive my husband and let go of this anger I carry around in my heart. I fear that bitterness will root itself there. Just when I think we’er on the path to repair our marriage something comes along to mess that up and we just lash out and hurt each other. I am a believer but my husband is not. We were equally yoked when we married, this is especially difficult for me because he says things that make me cringe. I have the tendency to judge him when he says vulgar things, when he cusses or he talks about someone. It annoys me and gets under my skin. I’m afraid that I have fallen out of love with him and it’s been really hard for me to stay. Please pray for healing for both of us. I have never felt more far away from God than I do at this moment. I feel as though He doesn’t hear my prayers at all and I am in this alone.

  38. Tamara permalink

    You made a wonderful choice! This psalm is my prayer… I`m young in faith,one and a half year, and know that God forgive`s our sins if we confess it but I have grief of my sin, I find it really huge. I cry all day `cause think that God is going to forget me, say that I`m not worth to be in His kingdom….
    Please pray that my faith keep`s stronger every day, that I feel safe and calm in His love
    God bless

  39. Tanya Shenk permalink

    The struggle has been great lately and I’ve pretty much given up. I would appreciate your prayers that I wouldn’t give up and let myself fall any further or shut down completely but that I would have the discipline I need to walk with Christ even when the way is so dark. Thank you for the timeliness of this post.

  40. Julie permalink

    God is faithful, your encouragement today truly pricked my heart. My husband has been either under employed or unemployed for the last two years now and I was just starting to wonder if God would ever answer our prayer for a full time job for when this week he has two interviews. Please pray that we will continue to pray for God to meet this need and not to lose faith when it doesn’t happen in our time frame. Blessings!

  41. christina permalink

    I just pray that God continue to have his way in my life and allow me to walk in love. I pray that he continues to order my steps, help me to think before I speak, continue to put other people first and openly and unquestionably claim every yoke he has given me. I will honor my God because He gave His life for me and has blessesd me over and abundantly. I pray that he continues to allow me to be a blessing to other people and walk in his word.

  42. Leslie permalink

    Words I needed to hear today! Thank you…I pray that Jesus will continue to guide my steps in this world. Lots of trials going on now, but I continue to praise God for all my many blessings!

  43. Pete permalink

    I am a Christian man who accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour about 4 yrs ago, I have been baptized in water and served him since. I am asking for prayer because the last year has been very difficult on myself and my family. Was laid off more than 10 months ago and have been having a hard time finding gainful employment. I pray daily with the hope that my heavenly father’s plan for me will happen soon, but as you can relate it is sometimes difficult to stay passionate about prayer or reading the Bible. Thank you for words and in giving inspiration.

  44. Juliana permalink

    I could empathize with this exactly! Thank the Lord that He bears witness through His Holy Spirit living within me that He is always there whether I feel like it or not. And even tho my computer is down due to a leaky roof, I’m here using my iPhone. He always finds a way. I believe I should do as much as I’m able!

  45. ginaa permalink

    I am very discouraged, its seems that God doesn’t answer all prayers so I dont know what to pray for and what not to pray for…and I have stopped praying. It is said that you will find joy in the Lord but I haven’t. I am not joyful or happy my heart is heavy and I dont know how to stay encouraged. I asked God for strength but I feel weak and discouraged more than ever before. whats the point in me praying for help if God doesn’t plan on helping me with this now. I just don’t know maybe God wants me to keep dealing with this as the reason why hasnt helped me yet.

    • Victoria M permalink

      Ginaa, it is by faith that we believe God hears our prayers. he often answers my prayers through his word. i would have to say 99% of the time it is through his word he speaks to me, fills me with his peace, his hope, his un-dying love. “the righteous will live by faith”. I pray God fills you with his hope, his love, his joy, so when everything seems unstable & unsure, He is your Rock. God bless you 🙂

  46. Jack permalink

    Two of my daughters constantly fight with each other and it is very hurtful and damaging to them and our family. Please pray for them to have forgiveness and love for each other and love for God.

  47. Jennis permalink

    Dear Rev. Mark… Parise God for you and hope that you are doing great…

    please pray for my IQAMA (resident permit in Saudi Arabia), I am here in this country for 3 months, but i didn’t get my Iqama yet, for that i need to first get the Saudi Council for Healthcare Card, which i applied for 1.5 months back. Next week the Ramadan holidays starts and no offices will work. I need God to do a miracle or work His supernatural ways to get me both cards in next week itself (IF IT IS HIS WILL). Please Pary for me…….. Thank you and God bless You…..

  48. Martha permalink

    Thank you for your word today. I was encouraged to know that I was not alone in the way I feel. I have been struggling for years. I seem to have lost my first love and don’t know if I can get back on track. I feel totally lost and I constantly compare myself to others whom I believe have I all together. I don’t want God to spew me out of His mouth, and am desparate for that closer relationship with Him. Please pray for me.

  49. Kim permalink

    Please pray for me that I will finally feel God’s presence. All I’ve ever wanted or asked for from God was a husband to walk through life with. I’ve made mistakes in the past, married the wrong men for the wrong reasons, didn’t work out and now I’m alone again and can see no hope for the future. I’m so lonely -only child, hardly any family or friends- just want to find that special someone to grow old with. Recently, I thought I had found that, though it was God finally answering my prayers, but no, rejected again. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. My self-esteem is at rock bottom. Where is God?

  50. Mark,
    Pray for my sister who was shot by her husband of 31 years. Pray for me that I may have the courage to face her husband, and children at the final sentencing on Sept.8th. Lord fill my heart with the Holy Spirit so that I may face this day, and all others to come with your love, strength, and courage, in Jesus name, I ask you.

  51. Will you pray for me & my family to become better aquainted with God? I also need prayer to help me with my classes in college. God Bless!

  52. Cheryl permalink

    Mark, I am thankful that The Lord forgives, loves and sets me free. I ask for prayer in the following area: when people talk about me behind my back in hurtful/judgmental ways. I take things so personally and tend to lean towards being over sensitive. (Ephesians 6:10 – The Armour of God)… I am not sure what God’s plans are for my life and am seeking direction.

  53. helen permalink

    please pray for strength and for welcomed change in my life, pray for my sister who is battling cancer, pray for comfort for her as she endures her treatments and goes through this pain… pray for my son and husband who both work outdoors in this horrible heat, pray for the sick and lonely, the children who are alone and the elder that have no one.. god bless you for you are wonderful in all that you do…
    thank you ..
    god bless

  54. Blondie1308 permalink

    Please pray for several marriages that satan is coming against. Me and my husband have experienced a victory! We read outloud Gog’s promises from the word. It is hard work to stay married. The enemy is a liar.Please pray for my husband and me. Sunshine and sugar.
    God knows who we are.

  55. Gretchen permalink

    Please pray that I find another job. I just lost my job last week, and after this week, I don’t know what we’re going to do. I am looking desperately for a job and I’m not eligible for unemployment. Please pray for us in this difficult time.

  56. Jackie permalink

    Please pray that I can develop a deeper relationship with and love for God.

  57. sally drew permalink

    pls pray that my pasport will be release..,
    pls pray.. that even me and my husband were not living together in in roof.., that someday.., we will be reunited with your love..,
    pls pray for my mom.. her health..,
    .., and to all my patients.., that i will give them cared that they needed..
    this is all i ask in jesus name amen and amen..,

  58. akinola agbelusi permalink

    my prayer is that,God should help me more in my praying time.and for me to be reading my bible more and more,i also need a prayer off reaching to people to win souls.

  59. lori permalink

    Oh, my heart is so heavy from a relationship that I am in.. I went through a painful divorce after 28 years, and now i was in a 3 year relationship where we were to be married and he decided he never wanted to ever get married, (again). I am crushed because i put my trust in a man.. why did I do this.. i need much prayers.. it is affecting my life, the depression is painful.. I call out to my Lord …

  60. please pray very hard for me sum one is threatnening me on facebook
    god please forgive me my sins pls i come here as a sinner pls forgive me

    • Tiki permalink

      If you feel threatened on facebook or in real life by anyone, you should report the incident and take steps to protect yourself. I hope that all is better soon.

  61. Rachel Buckmaster permalink

    Please pray for me and the problems I am facing with my husbands family. Please pray that all of this will lead me to church instead of away, and that all this anger I am feeling will go away. Please pray that I can stop holding this grudge even if it was not me that did wrong, and if it was me please pray that I am forgiven. Please pray that my marriage will make it through this, and that it wll only make it stronger. Thank you!

  62. Pamela permalink

    Please pray for guidance and financial help. I am very lost right now and I have no idea in what direction I should be going.

  63. Taniqua permalink

    please pray for my spiritual life, i am at a point where i feel stagnant, i feel like im not muturing. im reading my bible, praying, surrounding myself with godly things, but i still feel disconnected from God, im still not moving. its a really discouraging feeling when you are not fulfilled, but you know where your one fullfillment lies, still you just cant seem to get it. please pray for me. and also pray that my boyfriend matt has a safe journey.

  64. Claire permalink

    Mark, thanks for your post. Please pray for my family. We are on the verge of a financial crisis. I feel like I take one step forward just to take two steps backward. I can’t seem to win for losing! I KNOW that God is omnipotent, and His word tells me that he will never lay more on my shoulders than what I am able to bear. But, I feel like I’m going to break at any moment. Please pray for a financial breakthrough, and that my husband and I will be good stewards of our finances.

  65. Joseph Wallace II permalink

    Pray for my Brother Kevin that he Will be healed from Cancer that he was diagnose with & that he gets a closer relationship with the Lord.
    Thank You & God Bless

  66. Nancy lamour permalink

    I would like you to pray for Me to have a clear mind when it comes to me reading the bible and to understand the word of GOD. Also a genral prayer for my life. Thank you

  67. tina permalink

    Serious marriage issues going on. I am very depressed over it all.

  68. Tiki permalink

    Please be in prayer for my husband and I. We have endured trying and difficult times for over 3 years now. Each time we think that we are headed out of the valley and past the hardship, it seems to slap us in the face and get worse. He is currently in bankruptcy court to dissolve his business and debt as his construction company could not survive and despite best efforts, could not manage the debt anymore. It is such a lonely and scary place to be right now, and judgement is all around us. It is embarassing and shameful and frightening. We have done everything we can in the last three years to avoid this and now that it is here, rather than seeming as a bit of relief, it seems to be an even more stressful situation and things have the chance of going terribly wrong. Our marriage and my husband’s character and walk with Christ have grown so much in the last three years that I can hardly even recognize the man I fell in love with (all for the better even). I loved him then..but wow..what a changed man. Please pray that God will make a way and protect our family and show favor upon my husband. I feel like his character is being tested and yet, at times, I feel like God is not seeing us or considering our prayers. I know this is normal, but it is very hard. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  69. Cindy permalink

    I’ve been having a difficult time praying deeply. I lost my husband suddenly in November (he was 55) and I can pray deeply for him, and for my son who found him, but my regular prayers have been tough. I feel distracted continually, and although I want to pray I do not want to offer these distracted, disconnected prayers. Please pray that I may find my way back to praying faithfully. Thank you! God’s blessings on your day!

  70. Julie W permalink

    Please pray for me for I feel as if I’m alone. I’ve prayed and prayed for my father and brother and here I am in the hospital with my dad. I feel like no one is listening and I feel as if I I may have failed the Lord. I pray every night for forgiveness and to keep me and my family safe. I am not sure how to deal with all these things in my life I know everyone has struggles in their life but I see some people and its likie the go on like its nothing.
    I’m a confused woman right now please pray for me and help get on the Right Path to God. I know the devil is trying to take over me and I can’t let him win I belong to Him, my Saviour. I’m crying out to you Lord

  71. Dorcia Polk permalink

    Thank you for posting any chapter or scripture from Psalm,that is my favorite book of the Bible.

  72. Alison Paige permalink

    Please pray that the LORD shows me my mess and reveals to me what he wants of me now. I need to know HE is here right now more than ever and need help in discovering where to go from here. My husband has been turning to another woman, my son’s father is a drug addict and I am a weak, lost, broken woman. Help me LORD!

  73. Reshma permalink

    I believe in jesus ,Pls pray for the marriage of my elder sis, as she is 32 n we r not findin any suitable guy within our community. our whole family is doing the effort but in vain. we r helpless, but our hope is still alive that Lord God is lookin us . Do pray for my sis. Her name is Sharda. And also pray for my parents…forther happiness , health n well being.

  74. Please pray for me. I am a recovering crack addict. I have been clean for one year now. Through Gods grace, I was able to make it out of the gutter and keep my small son. But now, I am stuggling with copd and many other health problems. I feel so guilty about how I lived my life for five years. I need to be babtized and I am in so much need of prayer. Sometimes life seems almost too hard but I keep stuggling.

  75. Leslie permalink

    Please pray for me and my family. We have been in turmoil for over a year and just want things to fall back into some kind of peace. We seem to be resisting God even though we know He offers comfort……please pray that we will find some hope in the midst of our trials.

    • spirit permalink

      Leslie, I hav to share w/ u that my family has been dealing w/ alot of pain as well. I recently decided I really do miss them more than I want the pain & turmoil. I hav been praying everyday for the Lord to Bless the releationship & heal the pain. And i have felt the pain of not having them in my life is not as impotant as the issues that part us, Each side my not see their errors at first. It’s really about what u want most FAMILY OR TO BE RIGHT. Good luck & many & Blessings in ur family. don”t be afraid to approach the issue first. God will see ur heart.

  76. Jeannette permalink

    My hudband is struggling. Having suicidal thoughts. He is having an affair and is walking away from GOD. He’s trying to do the right thhing but this woman has such a stronghold over him. Please pray for my husband to stop his sunful acts and repent unto the LORD. Our marriage seems dead, yet I know GOD can reconcile our marriage. In the name of Jesus. Amen

  77. Shawna permalink

    Please keep me in your prayers. I have a chronic type of atopic dermatitis which has been raging constantly for the last 4 years with no relief. I have been to several Doctors and they’ve tried many things..but nothing works. Also, 2 months ago I got my foot stuck in a lawnmower blade. I still have my toes..praise God..but will be off work another 2 months or longer.My foot, the bones and tendons they reattached are healing slowly. There are a few spots that aren’t healing like they should.Its hard to be independant when your on crutches and so limited when it comes to doing normal things. My husband is getting irritated with me alot because he has to do things for me , I cant clean the house very well, cant work and money is tight.I fell into a depression for a few weeks but God pulled me back up and restored my faith..He showed me that I have lessons to learn through this experience..and I have learned alot about my sins,blessings and faith.But please pray for me and my continued healing both physically and spiritually.Pray for my husband and soften his heart, and pray that my employer will hold my job for me until I can return. Thank you and God Bless.

  78. Deb permalink

    I love the way you give it all over to the Savior …reminds me of “footsteps in the sand ” … Blessings, Mark

  79. Bobbie permalink

    Perfect scripture for me this morning. Everytime I feel confident in my sprititual life, I get a wake up call. As you said, it is a daily committment no matter how ambitious we feel about study. I am feeling blessed with finally being able to contemplate the scripture as I read it. The Spirit helps me to sort out and find the true meaning and also to see how it fits into my life. Thank you so much for your ministry. Bless your mission.

  80. I am in need with a army of prayers for finding my newphew Artie T Brown, who has been missing for 3 1/2 years. His Mom is shattered but is lead to believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will be the key to find closure. I my self have been clean and sober for 14 years, thank you Jesus…I want to help people help themselves thru the word of the Lord. I am also fighting to keep my brother alive in prayer he has Cancer in his stomach. His name is Art Gonzalez. I come to you in agreement that our prayers will be heard. I want to share these things to give them to the Lord Jesus Christ to help me deal with. Thanks be to God

  81. Pam permalink

    Please pray for my family. My daughter who decided to be baptized on her own, now has opened her eyes and sees the hypocrits in our church. She does not want to go anymore. Me who sees them in the church and feels it too. And I’m in so much pain from fibro most days that it is hard to get up and go to church or actually do anything in the morning. And my husband who has so much bigotry in him that he thinks it is funny to antagonize me with it. I feel the urgency right now so strongly to reconnect.

  82. Mark, How I have felt this way for a major part of my life. I have always hung onto Jesus. Sometimes my arms were wrapped around him, other times I could only hang onto his heel for feeling so low. Still other times I know he was hunging onto me because I couldn’t. Faith is deep within me, Belief is deep within me, but Patience with myself, is not. I want to change and I want to change now. I don’t like the sin so therefore I want to root it out. But I’ve found that such immediate scrubbing of my soul doesn’t always work. In my impatience I always find where I’ve missed and then it comes and haunts me that I have failed my Savior again. BUT let patience have its work within me and low and behold, the Godly Character which God fashioned stays. Whatever is plaguing you these days, I pray for God to help root it out in the slow painstakeningly process so that you shine like He shines. Thank you by the way for activiting my prayer life, I have grown so much in my prayer life over this year. I have gotten out of my comfort zone so much that it doesn’t feel awkward anymore. May you God bless you with patience for yourself! Not too much that you let things go, but just enough that you have peace that God is in Control. Much Love from your sister in the states! Becky

  83. Hadasah permalink

    Pray for me. Email me if you can. This was perfect for me to read. I love the Lord, and appreciate everything that he has done for me. But I never feel good enough.

  84. Susan permalink

    Please pray for me as I’m going through a divorce after almost 29 years of marriage and 5 kids. Circumstances were hard these past 10 years– 2 kids needing transplants, husband getting injured and leaving me and then divorcing, my house left unconstructed 3 years. Good has come though in that many helped fix the house. I believed in the marriage, but could not handle being battered when he got sick and injured. I feel bad the marriage is ending after so long. What hurts also is him getting away with most he did to hurt me, as he knew the judge, worked with him, and got off of sentencing. So that makes him cocky about it. Divorce is such a divider of the family unit itself. I need help with the financial devastation this has caused.

  85. Victoria permalink

    Please pray that I find a mate who is willing to be with me for the woman that I am. To love me for the woman I am. To accept me with my faults and failings. I ask for a mate that I can love til our dying days. I ask for companionship, love and friendship. Remove these lonley days that I live and help me to realize that my prayers will be answered in the Lord’s time. Remove all anger, bitterness, revenge out of my heart for my past relationships and replace it with happiness, love and finance. I ask that the Lord to come quickly to my aid.

  86. Jennifer permalink

    Please pray for my 12 year old son in this time of need. He suffers from bipolar a mental disorder and ADHD as well. I am praying for him to be healed which has not happened so I have eccepted that this is Gods plan for him I do not understand why but I have eccepted it. So please pray that it can be managed and he can live a normal life . God Bless

    • Staci permalink

      I have a son with autism spectrum disorder. I know the struggles and the unexplained unique pains these disorders can cause to a mother. God would not of given him you if there was not a plan. However, I do believe in curses, demonic spirits and of such and I believe we are born into sin and thus are bodys react to it. I do a lot of pray and possitive talking to my son just as he falls asleep but not yet fully REM sleep. I quote scriptures as well and I’ve noticed great results. I also have found that God can give us wisdom to help our children b/c I do not believe he planned them to a life of suffering and doom…but for us to flip the script and make it as best as we can….I have found that organic food helped SOOOOO much…taking out the junk (our bodies are a temple right?) in our sad american diet REALLY changes behaviors. It was hard at 1st (as he also has food allergies) but it’s SOO worth it. I noticed I have to be very strict though to see results. But, to me it’s worth it to see my son at more of a peaceful state.
      I hope that helps. Hang in there and again, if God didn’t think you weren’t capable of overcomming such disorders than He wouldn’t of made you your son’s mom. God Bless Sweetie.

  87. Janay permalink

    I am going through a lot right now and I can’t seem to ever be happy. I know its really not natural for teenagers to feel this way but I do 😦

  88. Michael permalink

    Hi, my name is michael, i am 20 years old, and my faith in the Lord got shaken today, i have prayed many days and nights for the Lord to help me and guide me in the right direction, i had a very difficult childhood with my dad dying at a young age and having a abusive steph father, i am finding it hard moving thru life at the moment, i have turned to our Lord for help. Something really big was about to change my whole life today, but the awnser that i prayed for was not given to me today, now i dont know which way to turn, i asked my Lord to please help me, but it feels like He just stood there idle and watched my world fall apart, my faith has been shaken, please pray for me, please dont let me stray from His hand.

    • Dear Michael, I can relate to you. A few times I went through the same period in my life where I began to ask God’s presence during my darkest times. Even right now I’m struggling spiritually. I just want to share to you this small quote from St.Rose of Lima: ‎”Let all men know that grace comes after tribulation. Let them know that without the burden of afflictions it is impossible to reach the height of grace.. This is the only true stairway to paradise, and without the cross they
      can find no road to climb to heaven.”

      I hope you can find some comfort on those words. God bless you and I’ll be praying for you.

    • Brad permalink

      Praying for you Michael! May our God grant you patience and understanding. Remain faithful.

    • Donna permalink

      Michael, that has happened to me too in my life. I had to change the way I asked. Now, I tell God my need but pray for Gods’Will to be done! God always answers and gives us what we need in His Time which is always the best time! It may not be what we exactly want but it will be better than what we asked for! Hang in there! God knows exactly what you are going through! He will answer in his way and his time and it will be the very best for you! God Bless you!

  89. Angela Doolittle permalink

    Thank you for such great words & inspiration this morning. All inspiration comes from Gods word we just have to know where to find it, thank you for showing & sharing with so many people. Please pray for my brother Bill Martin, he has lung cancer (42 yr. old/non smoker) he has a very strong faith that the Lord is going to heal him & we have had great results so far, we continue to pray for complete healing. He sometimes gets down (which is to be expected) so also please pray that he keeps the darkness out of his thoughts… Thank you, & God Bless You.

  90. Danielle Bunting permalink

    I wasn’t raised to believe in anything. I have been trying to find some direction in my life for a while now. I want to believe so badly. Life has jerked me around so much it is hard for me to believe anything. But I WANT to. Please pray for me to find what I’m looking for.

  91. Lily permalink

    Your sharing has made my day. I am in a country where the Christian population is less than 1%. It’s been a while since I heard someone share a verse…
    Pray for me that I will rejoice in Him, have discernment from Him and see things by His eyes. I will be praying for you, too!

  92. Renae permalink

    My prayer is that God bless me with a wonderful and prosperous year in school and with great friends….amen

  93. Laurie permalink

    My prayer requests is an unspoken for my husband, for a miracle for our marriage. Financial blessings for our family, for our family to learn to put God first, and for God to lead and guide us.

  94. gift permalink

    Ihave been motivated spiritually by these words. i have been going through serious spiritual depression in a long while, pls i would like u to pls pray for me to be strong spiritually so as to be able to overcome sin and bring my flesh under subjection.

  95. Carline & Jenna:

    I want you both to know that I completely understand what you are saying and feeling. We earnestly are looking to God for guidance, believing with all of our hearts that he will answer when we ask, we will find when we seek, he will open when we knock. Unlike the past, where we went about life with very little consideration towards God, now we find ourselves seeking him first, before we do anything. Its a strange and peculiar way to “do life” and we are very uncertain, especially when we don’t have too many others around us relying so desperately and heavily on him. We’ve exhausted every other remedy in order to somehow make sense of the trials we are encountering and so we have managed to turn our complete attention to God. And then “it fails” or it seems that the hope we had turns out to be nothing more than a fantasy, a chasing of rainbows. And then we are taken aback, HOW can I have been so wrong again? you ask yourself, I could have sworn this is what God told me to do? and then we begin to doubt this new found relationship, we begin to re-think and re-evaluate so we can avoid disappointment again in the future. Well, let me remind you (as I had to be reminded myself) about the story of Moses. God told him to march up to the Pharoah and demand the release of the slaves. God told Moses to do this. AND, low and behold, Pharoah did not do it. Moses heard correctly, and Moses, like you, believed that the slaves would be set free. Don’t jump to quickly to the conclusion you didn’t hear correctly. Instead ask God “what’s up with that?” and I betcha he’ll show you….. Remember Joseph, God gave him a dream that he would reign in an authoritative position. He didn’t misunderstand God, yet his situation would have said he had…for did he reign? No he became a slave, then a prisoner and then he reigned. Remember David…he was told he would be King, after Saul. And what happened? He hid out in caves and had to run for his life……..

    TRUST in the relationship you and God have. Don’t let the disappointment cause you to doubt….let the disappointment cause you to seek God again and again and again.

  96. Deb permalink

    Please pray for me and my family , that my family would come to the saving knowledge of Jesus and that my faith would be strengthened ! Thank you and god bless !

  97. Joelle Corley permalink

    Thank you for posting this message and sharing what God has in store for those who believe in him and his word. Its hard to follow someone you haven’t seen and believe that there word is true. I confess that I have faced that experience and find it hard sometimes to believe and have trust in Gods word. I have been a christian for all my life and still having difficulty’s with God word, I guess I’m still in the learning stages. I would like to be prayed for concerning school, making the right choices, (major) not to forget God, as I continue to grow in the world. I would also would like prayer for my family, because we are facing some financial problems. I believe God is already working on this, because we have come a long way, but I would like continuing prayer, thanking him until we are completely out of the enemy’s grasp. I also would like prayer for strength and the ability to build up on my personality foundation. I have trouble telling others what I want and what hurts me. There’s been to many times I have helped others and it back fired. I know that God wants us to help others and treat them the way you would want to be treated. But is it wrong to want something in return, after working so hard? Or to be loved the same way? My final request is prayer for my relationship, I don’t want to have to rely on the happiness me and my boyfriend share, to want to finish school and work. I want to be independent, love him, but also want to rely on the destiny and visions God has given me to keep stepping forward. God is my true love and I want that love to stay pure and healthy. If things don’t workout between us I know that I am and always will be with God. He is truly the “ONE”, he know me more than I know myself. The devil is a liar and I will not break the bond I have with Christ. There are too many sins he died for. Thank you.

    God bless and take care of your blessings.

  98. Jessica permalink

    Please pray for myself and my family. We are going through a struggle regarding custody and the court system. We have people in our lives who will do or say anything to take my husbands children away without cause. God has blessed us once by allowing the judge to see the truth and I pray that he is able to see the truth as we deal with this again for the second year in a row. Please pray for my husband as his faith is shaken. He does not understand why he has gone and is going through so much hardship and why anyone would want to strip him of his children, who he raised as a single parent for a long time. I believe that there is something powerful in store for us and our family, that we will not be able to testify without going through this amazingly hard test, but I know he does not feel the same way. Please pray for him, my stepkids, my son, and my stepkids mother (that she will no longer wish to cause harm to my husband by using their children that she will seek solice in the Lord and find what makes her happy). Lastly, please pray for my in laws as well as this has been excrutiating for them to have to see their son and grandchildren go through these trials for the past two years.

    Thank you!!!!!! 🙂

  99. Lorie permalink

    I have been unemployed off and on for the past 2 yrs, my unemployment benefits run out this week. Today, I am supposed to hear back about a job that I’ve had 2 interviews for. Please pray God’s peace over me as I wait. Pray that if this is the job I am supposed to have I will get it and if not He will lead me to the job He wants for me to be in.

  100. Teodora permalink

    Thank you for posting this, I really needed something like this. I`m going through a bad phase and I feel like I`m not close to God anymore. Even though I pray and try to be a good Christian I feel like my relationship with God doesn`t seem so meaningful anymore. I feel like I`m doing something bad and I want God to forgive me. I also don’t understand God`s ways and signals. I need help and guidance in my spiritual life.

  101. I so much enjoy reading the Bible verses you write and talk about. I talk to God everyday, every evening as well as throughout the day. He is my rock. Thank you for taking the time for sharing as well as witnessing. I am so glad that Jesus loves me so much just for myself and that he is always by my side. God Bless You.

  102. GCP permalink

    Please help me God for the hardships in my life.. Please forgive me for all my sins.. Thank you..

  103. Joanna permalink

    Wow, this really hit home today. I have had so many trials with church and our shepherd that is supposed to be leading and feeding his sheep but feels that he is only there to preach God’s word and not have any compassion for God’s people. God has really been teaching me patience and how to trust in him but it just gets so hard to serve him when it comes to going to church when I get so depressed in the situation at hand with our leader. I know that God does send people to sometimes make us stronger in our faith. Please just pray for our church, our leader that God might just really open his hardened heart. All he sees are the little specks in everyones eyes but can’t see the huge plank in his own. It hurts me to see this and really makes it so hard to get up and go and I’m sure that it just devastates God to see this. Thank you for your dedication to God’s people online. It is a blessing everyday to hear God’s word through your messages. May he truly bless you.


  104. Sherrie Barkman permalink

    Thank you so very much for the message today. I was having a soul searching morning and this lifted my spirits.

    Praise God for your work,

  105. thank u for this wonderful piece. please pray for me not to question and to let God handle my problems. also that my faith be stronger. we r moving right now and money is a problem. please pray that we can cover our electric which is close to disconnection and we have money for food and to take our daughter to school. i hate praying for money buy it is needed so badly right now.. thank u so much.

  106. sweet p permalink

    I need prayer for my family that we become close again….I also need prayer for myself because it seems like I have lost my way and no matter what I do I’m always going to b lost.

  107. Brendan permalink

    Give me a clean heart

  108. I covet your prayers for healing, prosperity, good relationships, and wisdom

  109. karen lewis permalink


  110. Brenda permalink

    Please pray for me. I have lost my way. I have not been the Christian that I should be, that i want to be. Please pray that we will find a church. I want to raise my kids in church and I want them to love and trust in the Lord with all their heart. I can’t figure out what is holding me back. I was raised in church. I don’t want God to give up on me.Please pray for guidance in this matter. Thank you so much and God bless you.

  111. Mandy permalink

    Thank you Pastor Mark for serving our mighty God!
    Please say a prayer for my family and I, for emotional health, for our souls so that we can fulfill our purpose in serving the Lord.
    God bless you in Jesus sweet name. 🙂

  112. joe permalink

    reading this page makes me feel so small and faithless as I am going through what is to me an exttremely troubled time and this is the only time I come with an expectant heart praying with intensity and purpose abandoning my sinfull habits and waiting on Gods hand to fix this for me again-not having faith in his will and letting this array of problems go to him so i can be of use to help someone else as the person who is writing this page is doing for me
    may you be blessed acording to your deed as you are giving to me andd everyone else hope and a chance to have faith in a power greater than we are

    Thank you

  113. Please pray for my spiritual healing. It’s been quite a while since I attended church services and I feel like turning back to my old ways of living. I’m starting to do things that a true Christian shouldn’t be doing. I feel guilty and ashamed to God. Maybe it all started when troubles and pain came into my life. My dad past away and then my family had so many problems. My sister undergone surgery and there are so much trouble that keeps me from asking why is this happening to me. I still believe that God cares for me and I know it’s true. The sad thing is I missed Him already. I miss those times where I was so happy and excited to go to church and serve Him. I want to change. I want to come back to my Creator but it’s hard. I don’t know why. I’m in trouble right now so pls pray for me. I really want to restore my relationship with God.

  114. Lori permalink

    Please pray that the Lord will bless me with a career/job, and faith and trust in Him.

    Thank you!

    Have a blessed day!!

  115. Please pray for guidance and financial help. I am very lost right now and I have no idea in what direction I should be going.I’m in that place at the moment… nothing makes sense and I feel far from Him. Feel alone and lost!

  116. Nas permalink

    Hi Mark, Thanks for that scripture, now i have just recently been saved and it feels real good. i was not completely prepared for it but im glad i did it.
    I am asking you to pray for my spiritual maturity, by courage to overcome all thats evil that will come my way and im asking for prayer for the growth and bondage with Christ. i know i will falter but i want to do right by and for my Saviour and i need all the prayer and support i can get.


  117. Stephanie permalink

    Mark, I do need your prayer today! My parents have died and I am left to be executor of their estate…my siblings are all older and are giving me grief. So much so that I feel I have to walk away from them because the stress is affecting my mental as well as physical health. My husband has been unfaithful in the past and I do not have any real support from him. I feel so abandoned right now by those who are supposed to love me. I have always been the one who was the caregiver..the one who people come to for love and support. I don’t feel as though I can share much with those who have sought me out for strength. I am just in a really sad and low place. I trust in God…but wonder why I must endure all of this unhappiness. I remember all that Job went through and I feel so inadequate for my feelings…but I am human and I am hurting. I just pray for God to help me release those I must and save those who turn against him and me! I just want to be in a happy place…so tired of carrying this burden…but it seems to meet me at every turn! Thank you for sharing your prayer time with me…someone you do not know…but who needs your prayers desperately! Thank you Jesus for the way you will answer these prayer concerns I have requested….all in your will!

  118. L.E.W. permalink

    i am asking for prayer for my husbands continuous attraction to porn on the internet. i pray he turns back to Christ, and that our marriage is strenghtened…..i feel like he is cheating on me by lookin at that all the time…….he hides it from me, but i found it yesterday. i feel lost and i feel i’ve lost my best friend. please pray for us.

  119. Judy permalink

    I need prayer today and for a pretty long time, I’m sure. My son and his wife just had my 7th grandchild, a beautiful baby girl. I was there the night of the birth and got to hold her for a while, a short while. She was born on an Army base which is a pretty good drive for me to make, so I didn’t go over on the weekend, besides I had church to go to on Sunday. Anyway, they were discharged yesterday and due to complications mom can’t use her right leg right now, unknown reason. So my husband goes over and he and her day quickly built a ramp for the chair to the porch and another for the house. I went to see the baby. Mom was holding her, feeding her a bottle, and I reached over the couch to rub the little angels head and mom pulled her away. I asked my son to go outside and speak to me. Long story short, I haven’t done things the way they think I should, and I take medication that sometimes makes me sleepy, pain meds for my back, so I can’t ever be alone with the baby. As the conversation goes on I find out that I am not welcome at their house “right now” because I asked a question about money they owed me because I know with all that is going on, they may not be able to pay it as previously promised. Well apparently that angered them and now I am not welcome at their house. There is so much more to this story I could probably write for days, but please pray for repair of this mother-son relationship, and pray that I will be allowed to see my granddaughter. I can’t stop crying at the thought of never seeing her. I know God is going to take care of the situation. I just don’t know if I can handle it. I pray for the Lord to help me.

  120. varun daahal permalink

    Praise the lord…Please pray for me & my family.Im searching for a job please pray so that i can see what god wants me to work and be in it… amen

  121. Danielle permalink

    My husband has been diagnosed with hepc and cirhosis of the liver. Maybe 4-7 years to live. We have 3 children ages 11, 12 and 13. This has been extremely hard for all of us to deal with. I think im taking it the hardest. I have faith that by Jesus CHrist’s stripes my husband will be healed, but some days its just hard to keep on going. I keep everything bottled up as i have no one to talk to but my husband. He is always sleeping when hes not sleeping hes in pain and i dont want to place my burdens on him, as he is going thru so much himself. God help me please, im in so much pain. Beside the emotional, I have something wrong with me healthwise to, they just havent figured it out yet.
    Please keep us in your prayers

  122. Kristina permalink

    Please pray that God helps me understand all of my doubts I have. And allow me to grow in him and in Jesus! Thank you.

  123. Erica permalink

    thank you lord, please left me up in prayer for the following: Manager and structure change at work, Learning and Pass Test for Linxu Plus exam, Diabetes free,

  124. Omotola permalink

    Thanks inspirational words all the time,my name is Omotola,am 28years,i need God’s presence in my life,my sibiling’s and my fiancee’s,we are all going through difficulties presently, i wonder why life has not being treating us well,i want the lord to break every yoke of backwardness in our lives & let spiritual,promotional & financial breakthroughs locate us.thank you and God bless

  125. Curlene permalink

    Mark, Thank you for your daily inspirations. Every morning I awake looking forward to your daily blogs. They have helped me through many lonely days in my life. They always make me smile and help to lift my spirits. I would like you to say a prayer for me for employment and also a prayer to succeed in my educational journey of becoming a doctor.
    Thank you,

  126. Omotola permalink

    Thanks for your inspirational words all the time,my name is Omotola,am 28years,i need God’s presence in my life,my sibiling’s and my fiancee’s,we are all going through difficulties presently, i wonder why life has not being treating us well,i want the lord to break every yoke of backwardness in our lives & let spiritual,promotional & financial breakthroughs locate us.thank you and God bless

  127. Karen permalink

    I can related to a lot of these comments. Please pray for me as I am struggling more than have ever been with faith. Like Julie I feel so lost and confused right now and so empty. Also pray I find a good church-the last church went through an ugly split.

  128. Joshua permalink


    I think im one of many, but the scripture you wrote here is exactly what i needed. Like you I did want to even open my bible. And like the psalms said,

    “I am exhausted and completely crushed. My groans come from an anguished heart.
    You know what I long for, Lord; you hear my every sigh.
    My heart beats wildly, my strength fails, and I am going blind”

    And i couldnt have said it any better, to keep keep working even when we dont feel like it. Grace and Peace to you Mark, may the God of Comfort, comfort you in your troubles.


  129. Heather permalink

    I just need prayer to grow stronger in my spiritual life, I need to be praying and worshiping more. I used to spend time reading my Bible and now I’ve just been stuck in a rut. There are soo many things I need help with and I know my help comes from the Lord. So please pray that God will be grateful to me, and help me let go of sins and my past. God has made me new, and I keep trying to stay in the past were it’s comfortable. Give me the strength to walk out and do God’s will. Thank you Lord for each day you give me and every blessing you have waiting for me. In Jesus name…amen!

  130. Please pray for my 5 year old daughter Kelly, who is under treatment for Aplastic Anemia that the treatment will be successful for her. Also please pray for my safe return back home as I am stranded in a foreign non-Christian country for a while now.

    Thank you and God bless!

  131. Kymberlee permalink

    Gm mark please pray for me I lost my job now I have no oney aand food . I have three teenager but I know god is a way maker and I am still standind and trusting on his word and I will keepim because I will get through this . I feel this is my storm for this season god bless you and keep doing gods work
    bad. I still

  132. Chris permalink

    Heavenly Father, thank you for your servant Mark. May he continue to help spread your love and joy. Bless him as he continues to do your work and bless each person here that may have a spiritual need, financial burden, health challenge or whatever it is they need Lord. You are an awesome God and I pray you will touch each person with your loving and guiding spirit. Thank you for all the blessings you have given to me. God Bless!!

  133. jacqueline permalink

    Hi, My father is fighting with drugs he’s came a very long way on his on. I pray that he will not fall deep into drugs again! we have lost my aunt two weeks ago & I’m overwhelmed with the fact that ill lose him too. I lost my real mother when I was 4, & lost my grandmother who I called mom at 18 I’m now 21 with only my father & papa left. I have gotten married & have moved two states away & now I can do is pray .. pray that everything will be ok.

  134. Sheryl permalink

    thanks for doing this.. all of this.. and may God be glorified..

    please pray for me, for i have been waiting for my work to be finally ok. i have applied and everything is already don, i was hired and all the documents that i have to pass were all done, even my medical exam, but i have been waiting for months for my actual flight, cause it is a work not in my country. the agency were just saying that there are still no advice coming from the employer. we are waiting which hospital will be assigned, for the hospital have many branches in that country. please help me pray for this, that my destination or assigned hospital may released soon.

    i also want to pray about what happened to my country, please pray for the Philippines, that the Hongkong may forgive us for no one wished for it to happen. (in case you didn’t know, a fellow Filipino hostage a bus yesterday with almost 25 Hongkong nationals, 8 people died.) we ask for forgiveness from God and to them.. and let us pray that God will enlighten them that not all Filipinos are the same..

    I pray for Good health to my parents.
    thank you..

  135. Spring permalink

    Kinda struggling with the same things. Just praying about these things right before I read this. I called it that I just “keep keeping” thats all I can do. It is encouraging to know that others are experiencing the same storms. I will pray for your encouragement too. Keep keeping!!!!!

  136. Stephanie King-Donnell permalink

    I would love for you to pray for me. This particular blog has pertained to me so much lately. I have anxiety, and it has reared its ugly head at the most inopportune times. The last time it happened, I had enough. I started praying. I asked for God to forgive me, and if I die to take me home. He showed up, as always, and calmed me. Blind faith and His protection has really struck something inside me. He is truly wonderful. He has blessed me with two really great kids, a wonderful family, and my husband is good to us. I only wish that my husband believed the way I do. I am married to an unbeliever, and we disagree in anything God when it comes to the children. I have to be the spiritual leader of my home, for my childrens sake. There are times where I wished my husband would take a more proactive role in the childrens rearing when it comes to God. I openly admit, at times, I have asked God to provide me a way out of this marriage. Not because my husband is abusive, but because of how he feels towards the Lord. I honestly, do not know what to do with my husband. I love God and I love him to. I have been trying to find the path that is right for me, whatever that may be. I will definitely pray for you. You have inspired me to deepen my relationship with God. God is using you as His light for others to see in the darkness. God Bless!

  137. Jeff permalink

    Thank you for the Scripture & your words. I am sometimes overwhelmed & crushed by guilt, shame & sadness. It is all I can do to hang on & be positive. Through prayer & worship I find some peace…. Please pray for me.

  138. To read all of these messages just give me strength and hope..I ask that you please pray for my two sons…one is in desperate need of prayer for direction, and the other is in DESPERATE need of prayer for his new born baby boy. Please pray that all his medical tests come back normal and that this horrible nightmare is over. We get the results in one week. I’m walking thru life right now, numb, in disbelief that this is actually happening. I love God, and I pray to him that all of this will be over, a mistake, and it’s going to be alright. My faith in the Lord keeps me going, but my flesh weakens me at times. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t even carry a normal conversation with anyone. I shake all the time, the fears just consume me, then I get angry with myself because that show’s such little faith…I’m torn between my faith in him, and the fears of the world…I know he’s working on me, but how do I give it to him and let it go??? Please pray for my children, I’ve asked everyone from friends and family, and now I’m asking you…I know the POWER OF PRAYER!!! I’ve seen it, I’ve experienced it…now I need it.. Thank you all and God bless you.

  139. Christine permalink

    Hello, Mark will youpleasse pray that y brother and i come ot of our depression and hand are lives over to God. i pray everyday that our father in heaven bring me home so that I may feel peace just once. Will you pray that we be put in Gods ands and that weget out of dept and be able to live without collection agencys calling daily. We just would like some peace in this life he road we have walked has been long and hard. Lost ar parents at a young age and continue t lose loved ones all the time There whee 6 in our familyas Children , Father, Mother Sister Brother , Me and My little brother are only two still here wishing we could come out of this depression and addictios that he has. Pleae Mark in jesus name lets Pray together we are forgiven of our past sins and that we have everything we need to live without having bill collectors and health issue cusing us problems. I know jesus and his father are watching over us. We just eed more guidance so we can get ahaed and not live in pain off our loses everyday. Thank You Mark God Bless you and your work…Christine

  140. It’s like you opened my heart took everything out of it wow wow wow!!!!

  141. Please pray for my attitude and the disturbing dreams I had last night.

  142. Danielle permalink

    I love your blog and your posts!! They speak to me on a personal level. Please pray for me to keep walking. I am without a job, money, and soon to be home. I am searching and searching for work. I send out resumes, applications, etc. Please help me find a solution. I pray daily. I give thanks for what I do have and do not take anything for granted.

    Thank you and God Bless you!

  143. Emily Long permalink

    I would love to pray for you all too!

  144. kathy permalink

    I was in an accident on July 31st. Spent a week in the hospital and 2 more weeks at home in and out of ER. No vacation days, no sick days, no short term disability….no paychecks. Trying to come up with money to pay rent, put food on table and keep my car, they are trying to repo it. Single mom with teenage son. Trying my very best to stay strong and faithful. It has been hard. We have already been living paycheck to paycheck nad we have managed…until now. Pray that GOD will stay near and provide for our needs. There is no “want” here. We have gone without “wants” before, we just need the “needs” met!
    Thank-you Mark for your words above. They struck my heart hard!

  145. kelly permalink

    pleace pray for me and my temtations of spending money I dont have.. and getting my self into dept… ur message today I feel it was really for me.. And i also would like to ask you to pray for my husband and three kids to bring us closer and closer to god.. thank you i really appreciate it..

  146. Staci permalink

    I do not even know where this webpage came from… I clicked to log onto facebook and this just Poped up first. I just left the doctors being told I need to ware a week heart monitor just to make sure these crazy palpations of the heart are just related to my stress and anxiety and nothing serious that would require fairly quick surgery. Being a single mom, pretty much solo in the care and reversing of my young son’s autism, I was scared terribly. Then this poped up with the Pslams verse…WOW….”my groans come from an anguished heart.” I looked up anguished just to see the 1st word to pop up and (of course) it was suffering….but than I felt peace. I have a lot of stress in life but deep faith… however, this is REALLY REALLY scaring me, to nearly the point of paralyzed…and I’m afraid to not accept the worse b/c I won’t be ready for it if it is the worst…so I’m always on guard and so scared, especially for these test. I just graduated from college and entering a job that i REALLY do not want b/c of the hours and pay but I have had no luck for months and behind majorly in bills. I would love to just stay at home with my lil boy a few more years than work but unfortunatly I can not. Sorry this went on longer than planned…I pray and wish the best to all of you. And if anyone woudn’t mind praying for me, my test is sept 1st and a week long….and VERY scared.
    Thank you so much! GOD BLESS U ALL….TRULY MAY HE!

  147. Teri permalink

    Please pray for me to develope self discipline and strengthen my faith. I have been struggling with this all my life and I now need to improve my health and let go of the bad habits that are slowly killing me. I pray to God that I will be successful and do only His will so that I can glorify him in all that I do. He has carried me through the past 2 years of turmoil, and I am eternally grateful for that. I want to show Him how much I appreciate Him and change my life for Him. But I am weak and have slipped too many times…I wan to be worthy of His love and mercy. Please pray for me to have the strength and ablility to achieve all of this. Thank you.

  148. Lisa permalink

    Please pray for my husband and daughter who are going to travel from Texas to West Virginia to see relatives. I am worried about the trip and their safety. Also, I have recently been blessed with a great job. It is a two-month contract job. Please pray that I do a good job and that the job is longer and perhaps permanent. Please pray for my daughter and her family. She just had a second child and they are struggling with their finances. Her husband does not have a job, so please pray that he gets one. God is good and has blessed me countless time. I pray that I continue to grow in Christ and I become a better person and have strong faith.

  149. Tj Whittaker permalink

    Please pray for me as I am going through a troubled time! My fiance an I just broke up an we are absolutely heart broken! I no we want to be together but there is so much negativity from others that’s keeping us from being together! I ask that u all please pray for me as I wish it could all be ok again! I really do love an miss him an there is no one I would want to be with more then him!I dnt want to hurt anymore an feel like I’m worthless so please pray!I love our god an I pray everyday and thank him but I feel that he isn’t listening to me!

  150. Debs permalink

    i feel your prayer victoria. please pray for me for i am going through the same. i feel extremely lonely and long for someone real. i feel used and feel like my feelings are being brushed aside. i have faith that the lord is listening to my prayers but i admit to somtimes losing sight of that faith and trust in the lord because it is taking so long and i am being hurt time and time again. i pray for all my hurt, anger, revenge to be washed away so that i can forgive all the ones that have hurt me so badly in the past. pray for me that the lord answers my prayers or gives me some sign that this feeling will pass. take away the loneliness and keep me focused. i pray the lord works his love in my life very soon

  151. Dorothy Stokes-Norwood permalink

    im not satifyed with my life right now,in a place i don’t like at all i feel so all along.all my kids are gone from my house,i have peice of mind but i want my joy back.don’t have a job or a career of my on,can’t depend on my husband,he lies and say he don’t have grandkids going to come and stay with us they parents they in prison,so the state have them for now.lord i need a turning point in my life to be closer to you during your will of the lord better paying job,better way of living for my grandkids.i want my hole family be fill of the holy spirit,look at people threw gods eyes god will be done…

  152. Linda permalink

    Please pray for me I’m at a time in my life when I feel I need prayers to lift me up. Thank you.


  154. Brad permalink

    Please pray that God will lead and guide me with HIS wisdom. Pray for my business. We have been so very fortunate over the years, but we are currently experiencing a slow down. Pray that God will use us to bless others. Pray for the safety and health of my wife and kids. Pray that God will watch over us and protect us. In HIS name…AMEN. James 5:16

  155. Jason permalink

    Pray for me and my friends, we just started college, and there is CONSTANT distractions everywhere, it’s hard to stay focused on God. College is a playground for temptation, and i don’t want to give in. Thanks and God bless

  156. Tammy permalink

    I have many decision to make very soon and have been praying for God to give me the answer to what I should do. Please pray that God shows me the way and I make the right decisions.

    Thanks Tammy

  157. Jacob permalink

    I am a convictionanire,I feel that everytime I ask god to save me it doesnt work.I

  158. tammy permalink

    please pray for me I have been unemployed since last August and my unemployment ran out a month ago I have been looking for a job for a year now and I finally have about givin up I have prayed and prayed and prayed so I deecided to go back to college to get into the medical field and my son also, but here recently I have been having trouble with my son and its nothing really bad but I have been under a lot of stress sately and it seems like the devil is using my son to get at me I goto church every sunday and I never ciece to pray every night even thru out the day but it seems like every t ime I get to where I think my heart is right with God the devil attacks me and I can’t understand if God is my father then why does he allow the devil to attack me so much I cry and pray al the time about it bu it seems like he is trying me all the time I am so weak I can hardley stand emotionally, mentally, amd most of allspiritaully I don’t under stand please everyone reading this pray for me I pray for you thank you (Tammy)

  159. I just came across this, i am so down and sd that i cannot get elevated. i have no desire for anything including God’s Word. i can’t believe i feel this way about reading and studying His Word! i have no family to help me, i’m losing my job and my car, and will probably have to leave my apt with no wher to go. after working steadily for 41 yrs and on my own all this time, i have no clue what’s going on other than i am sinking fast. He has always taken care of me, has always been here for me and yet i still find it hard to trust in Him fully! i’m in a bad way, thanks for listening. i also signed up by email, blessings to you for this site.

  160. Amber permalink

    Please pray for me and my son that the Lord sends the right man into our lives to be a family! My son needs a good father figure in his life growing up. Thank You

  161. tammy permalink

    that Psalms 38 oh lord that is exactlly what I am feeling exactlly to the point every phrase, every word is me, please help oh Lord please Help ):

  162. Lesley Robertson permalink

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me today! It is just what I needed for my day.
    I am a christian who is a Mom of 12. I am single parenting the 8 remaining at home. I thank God everyday for the blessing of living in safety with my children!
    I do however feel the need for much wisdom to raise my kids in this world. If you have a thought to pray for me, I would feel very blessed. I will be praying for your ministry too.

    In His name, Lesley Robertson

  163. I need help in praying for my youngest daughter, Korri. She is so lost. I very much appreciate your post. I too strugle with my faith and I try so hard to pray, however I am not feeling something that I just know I should feel and it confuses me, I do know this. It seems the harder I pray and the harder I try the more the devil trys to detour me away from the Lord. I feel sick and I feel lost almost daily and am very insecure about my ability to work anymore, been out of work for 4 years, my vision is gotten bad in just the last 4 years, my weight has doubled and I seem to have some type of issue, panic all the time. I feel like I have no right to ask God to help me, just pray for children and others, and I do pray for strength to fight off the devil. Sorry if this is too long of request, just need to connect with people that connect with the Lord, Amen.

  164. Doug permalink

    Hi Mark,

    I can relate so deeply to all your blogs. They have helped me immensely. You are doing such wonderful work for God.

    Thank you and God Bless.

  165. Lisa permalink

    Please pray for me and my daughter. Her name is Arianna. She will be living with her dad this school year and doing cybder school. Thank you and God Bless

  166. Ashley permalink

    Pastor mark,
    I am a follower of your pages on facebook and just wanna say they really are what we all need throughout the day! God bless you! I’m writing to you for a prayer requests. I’m currently so torn between what to do with my boyfriend or what’s going to happen to us because of how horrible things have been between us lately. I’ve had some health issues that he seems to not understand which only causes turmoil in our relationship. I just pray for guidance on what to do…whether to end it for good or give each other another chance. This whole ordeal is really getting to me and at times I feel depressed and I’m normally a very happy person. I ask that you please also pray for my health and strength to get through this trial. God bless you. Thank you dearly.

  167. Kunle permalink

    Please pray for the health of me and my family. Pray for my job and all my doings. Pray for my young daughter to continue to grow under the watchful guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for all we children of God. Amen!!!

  168. Moses Alberto permalink

    Thanks Mark for being such a inspiration, God has really blessed you on reaching out to people.
    I’ve been going to church for the past 4 months really putting an effort on getting a close relationship with my Lord. Sometimes i do get a little discouraged on reading the Bible or praying to God. My world has really been turn upside down since last weekend when i got myself in to a pretty bad car accident. Everyone came out o.k but I started to think about all the thinks that were going to happened. Just to name a few : How am i going to get to work? How am i going to keep my apt? will my mom let me move back in? what about these tickets? The worst thing was that i was began talking negative to myself. I really don’t surround myself with people that I could talk to outside of church because I’ve always had a problem building vital relationships with new people. I pray about it but for some reason i’m still struggling with that. I would like to put a prayer request that i could put my trust in the Lord to guide me through the mist that I’m in. And to help me build meaningful relationships with people, because outside of my immediate family I feel alone. I know that he is still here beside me but as far as people i feel alone.
    Thanks again Mark because when i read your post it makes me want to get the Bible and read it.

  169. Louretta permalink

    For the past 4 years my life fell apart, first my husband left me after 25 years for my best friend then my daughter suddenly past away February 2009 leaving me and her 10 year old son behind. The little man lives with me as his father did not want him. She was never married. My divorce also became final in the same year and now i found out the little guy have A.D.D. and is also batteling with anger over his mothers death. I am now trying to sell the house for the past 8 months but nothing is happening. We want to move back to the coast where all the family lives but somtimes it feels like nothing is working out. All we want is to buy our own little house at the coast and live in peace and happiness. Please pray for us so that things will come right. We both goes to church and read the bible and prays alot.

  170. Sandra Crumpler permalink

    I am praying for you. You are serving him and this site is proof positive of that. During my many trials and tribulations, I too become consumed with doubt. I keep a Bible in most every room in the house and that is where I turn. After being carjacked years ago, I became extremely reclusive. I rarely leave the house. One of the things I missed most was church and the fellowship present. I saw a post on facebook that had a link to your site and for reasons beyond me (It is rare I click on unfamiliar sites) I found you. In my heart I feel that things happen for a reason – some call if luck, but I know that he is with us at our worst. Do not agonize over the doubts, your heart is in the right place and you continue to seek. The doubts will reinforce your faith and you and your faith with emerge stronger. May GOD bless you and yours.

  171. lee permalink

    I was a bad husband and did not appreciate my wife.She has made up her mind about wanting a divorce.I have asked god for forgiveness, and I have been doing everything I can to better myself so that I could be a godly husband for her.No matter what I say or do , she will not forgive me. She has said that god wants her to move on . Please pray for us and our two boys.

  172. Jacob Kehinde permalink

    Pls Sir I want u to pray for me. Am at the university of Babcock here in Nigeria. A 100 level student studing International Law and Diplomacy. I was sponspor by my Aunty. Pls pray for me conscerning financial constrain and wisdom and knowledge and understanding like David and Daniel that God should bestow upon me bcos I can’t do it alone am some how scared bcos there’re people I dont want to dissapoint and even not to dissapoint myself but I know with God all things are possible. Thank U all.

  173. Tharadjyne permalink

    God will lead us into the promise land….I’m sure of it. Just trust in the Lord and believe that every victory and every failure works together for the good of those who love God. Just pray that god helps me move on even, no, especially through times of difficulty, that He shows me wonders and signs of His favor and love. And I pray that God leads you on the path of righteousness. For it says in Psalm 23: “He restores my soul; He leads me on the path of righteousness for His name’s sake.” We might not know why God puts certain trials into our lives, but we do know that, as believers, trials are part of living a righteous life, and God guides us through it, and for what? For His name’s sake; so that we will learn to praise the Lord “at ALL times” and through it all we will learn to trust in Jesus and depend on His Word. God Bless you all.

  174. Jeremy permalink

    Please pray for my family and myself. My wife and I have been going through some marital problems over the past year. The last time that I came home my wife received an amazing job offer which was going to give us a fresh start. We felt it was God’s way of opening up a new life together but he wasn’t done yet. Two days later we found out that we were pregnant with our 3rd child. My wife had an IUD which was 99.9% effective and perfectly in place but God gave us a bit of an extra incentive to stay together this time. Our finances have been bad this year, we have lost our house, we had no maternity coverage, and we are barely making ends meet. We are trusting in the lord that this is his plan. Right now I am trying to get my kids on assisted medical, but I have to pay on their old medical policy in order to cancel it. We have found a great church but every bit of extra prayer we can get will help.

  175. Thanks so much for this insight! The days are long, full of trouble. The battle rages. You all are in my prayers, that the Lord will deliver us all.

    – Edrick

  176. I so can relate! I was led to this verse today! I have a BIG struggle in my marriage. I love my husband with all my heart but there’s an addiction trying to seep in. Please pray for my marriage. I know Christ is with me always and I’m so glad he’s a mercirful Lord!

  177. Tiffoney permalink

    Please pray for my spritiual life.. for direction in my son’s Ray’shaun Brown & Marque Ludd lives…for my direction & guidance….for my personal life with the man that I am living with unmarried…this is an SOS..please pray with & for me!

  178. Lynn permalink

    I ask you to please pray that i overcome my cancer and the horrible fear i have of dying. The thought of death is with me 24hrs a day and i feel my faith is weak. Is there a better place for us after death? I am so depresed alone and afraid and i desperately need some guidance.I go to church regularly but my prayers dont seem to be answered. Am i being punished? Please help me i pray

  179. Please pray for me financially. I appreciate all that you do and the prayers.

  180. Thank you for being there. You gave me His Word in a time of need.

  181. Hulon permalink

    Please be in prayer for the safe return of my daughter, her mother took her on June 21st and is hiding her from me, Kelsey’s birthday was Saturday the 21st and I went down to the area where I know she is and her mother said she would let me see her for her birthday over the phone and Kelsey got very excited only for her mother to not answer the phone the whole day of her birthday. Her mother was raped at the age of 15 and never got any counseling or healing from that incident and has been dragging her other children from marriage to marriage and relationship to relationship. I pray for her mother to be healed from the hurt caused her from that incident and to have forgiveness for the guy who did that to her. I know it is hard for her to do that but the unforgiveness from that incident has had a negative affect on every relationship she has had and she is blind to the hurt she is causing her children. I pray for a total restoration and healing for everyone involved.

  182. jay permalink

    prayer for me and my wife…. An affair happened, and through the last month I have seen little “nuggets” of love from God through my wife…. I just want her heart to soften and allow the want to get back closer to god in which we can forgive and move past this trial… For god has said…. Let no man separate what I have put together….

  183. Anonymous permalink

    God, please guide those who suffer and those who are in need of food, shelter and who are lost in their paths.. I beg you God, forgive me for I have sinned. I thank you for the blessings and the life you gave. I ask you for your guidance, strength and courage. Please Lord God, watch over me as I make my journey and start of new life.. Thank you Lord God, for the love you gave to us, for the perfect family, friends and life.

  184. Hi, thanks for the message, it has given me some hope and strength to want to live another day. Please pray for me, I am going through a very difficult time and the Psalm you have written in your post perfectly describes my situation. I can’t see or sense God, I just feel miserable most of the time and I don’t want to continue any more, I just want it over. But I know that that is not how God intends it to be, I just want to be joyful, peaceful, loving, and faithful and trusting God always, but right now all of that is so difficult. I have sinned against God but I hope and pray that things will turn out right. Thanks again and God bless you.

    -Naima, South Korea

  185. Sally Stjames permalink

    Please pray that i will have a tender heart toward Jesus Cos i have been through so much pain & sometimes i can feelmy heart harden. Sometimes d spiritual pressure is too intense and i get absolutely fed up & tired.
    I know i am kept by his love & grace. its just so hard sometimes honouring him even though i love him like crazy.

    Please u brother.

  186. Connie permalink

    I need prayers for my Mother who may have cancer, My children My 21 year old son is leaving for Afghan on Nov. 1st, My 19 year old son is going to job corp but going down a bad path at the same time, My 18 year old daughter is on a major down hill path she is epeleptic and is drinking and doing drugs, My 17 year old daughter is healthy except for the drugs and alcohol, For all of the fallen families and for all of the troops around the world, and my self for I need severe back surgery but can’t get insurance. I pray daily but with out insurance no doctor is going to touch me. I’m bed ridden 99% of the time.
    Lord My Savior please Bless my Family and all of the Families that need it. Amen

  187. Merilee permalink

    Hi Mark, I read your column each day and its a blessing. I thank God for people like you. I have a prayer need. One is my health I have liver ciroscis and its from my past before I knew Christ he delivered me from drugs and yet this thing hangs on. I dont drink and the Hep c has left but the scarring on my liver remains. I have low white blood count. I bruise so easily I look beat up. I am a grandmother who wants to bless my grandkids and teach them the ways of the Lord. I also have a job but due to the housing market the insurance business is not doing well and my income has reduced greatly. I help my single daughter with her 3 kids she is on welfare and cant afford anything but if my income keeps dwindling I wont be able to help her and no one will. I pray she finds the Lord but she says so but I see different her name is Jessica and my name is Merilee please pray for increase in my business and my healing and my direction in God i’d like to do more for him. The protection of my grandkids and the salvation for my daughter. Thanks so much and God Bless you greatly.

  188. Amy permalink

    Please pray for our well being and bring fruit fullness into our lives. We are going through a rough patch at this time and I would like you to pray for us in that everything will be alright and we will be blessed in some way. I feel close to God when I talk with him and feel he answers prayers as he can. Just need that extra support. Thank YOU !!!!

  189. Desiree permalink

    Yes, i need prayer cuz i am struggling with many decisions. My first decision is not going back to my boyfriend cuz my children need me to be near them. They dont need me prying or overseeing their lives, they just need me near enough to know i am around when they need to see me. SEcond, I am really feeling alot of anxiety right now, my car is falling apart and i dont have the money to get it fixed. I need this car to run until i can get the money. I am working but everytime i have money put aside one of kids has an emergency. How can i not help; them. I am living with my youngest sons, and although i am grateful, I need my own place. I feel scared cuz it has been a long time that i have been on my own. I made some very bad choices and i am now trying to make my amends. My boyfriend didnt care that i made bad decisions, he just wanted me all to himself. But he is abusive at times, and that should never be tolerated. My youngest son has a chip on his shoulder. He has no compassion or empathy for anybody, not even his family. He feels that he has totally been victimized. And he hasnt. yes i made some bad choices that hurt him, but he staying with my brother, so he was in a safe environment. He is still mad at me. I can understand that. I am in pain, i am scared, i am feeling much anxiety. I am tired, i dont feel good. Please pray for me.

  190. nancy permalink

    please pray for my nearest and dearest for blessings from above in health , and for me for strenth to go thru this difficult time and patience to not get angry and impatient with them thank you God Bless

  191. Evelyn permalink

    I have been struggling with my life. A husband with no job and no faith in the Lord. Kids who does not have faith but now they are starting to pray with me when we eat together in the dinner table so I see the light with them.
    All I ask from thee, let my husband see Your Glory and accept You as HIS Lord and Savior and to please give me the spiritual strength and wisdom I needed so I would be able handle trials that comes my way. I thank you Lord for your help and blessings.

  192. Laura Lee permalink

    Father knows best what and when we need to hear what we need to know, Thanks be to our Lord, the source and perfecter of our faith! Every good and perfect gift comes from above!!

  193. Raysa permalink


  194. Please pray for my marriage, I have been married for almost 24 years, and like any marriage, It is suffering. I love my husband with all of my heart, but my husband dont know if he loves me any more. Also, Also, I work fulltime and go to school part time to become a Nurse. Please pray for my schooling and my new career change.
    Thank you for all of your messages. They have been a great blessings.

  195. Jenny permalink

    Please pray for me to get a reliable, low maintenance car. Please pray for my kids, myself and my husband to stay healthy and safe. Please pray for me to keep my faith in God even though not everything is going my way right now.

  196. Chana permalink

    Please pray for me to have faith that God is with me in my time of need. I am having serious health problems and the prognosis doesn’t look good. I want to believe God will take care of me, my husband, my children, my family and friends during this time, no matter what. Keeping the Faith is the hardest thing I have ever done. Please, please pray for me. Thank you.

  197. Janana25 permalink

    Hi Mark! First of all, I would like you to know that English is not my first language so please do excuse my mistakes!!

    I have so much things to say I have no idea where and how to start! You know am only 25 but so much has happened in my life. I know am not perfect because I have done bad things but sometimes I feel like God has abandoned me! I always try to be a better person, most of the time before I go to bed I read the Bible and am constantly trying to please God and be close to him. But somehow, there is always something holding me back. I can’t remember the last time I’ve done something really good to make me be proud of myself. For example, I’ve never been the smartest student in school, even when I pass most of my classes, I don’t pass with good grades, and I seem to always be in the average! So I need to know how to really communicate with God and to make sure that he is that one talking to me. Do you know any signs to «detect» God’s response? How am I supposed to know that he is talking back to me? How am I supposed to know that this is what He wants me to do or not? Sometimes things seem easier to say but not to do. My Mother passed away when I was only 12 and sense then I feel like things keep getting worse!
    Can you please help me to become a better person and understand what God wants me to do…Thanks… God Bless…

  198. darlene miniard permalink

    I have been praying for a godly husband for some time now and I’m getting to point where I’m wondering when Lord When? Also I need to be disciplined and consistent in my prayer life, my study time and my quality time with God. Thanks for your prayers

  199. Arrielle permalink

    Please pray for me and my faith. There are days when it is weak and I want it to be strong I just dont know what to do. Pray the my faith grows stronger so that even on the days that I dont want to or I can’t I’m still able to make time for the Lord. I know that I can’t do anything without him. I NEED him. I want to get through the school year successfully and I want to make my family happy. I dont want to feel like the Lord is distant. I just want the faith and bond between us to be stronger. Everytime I sin, I feel ashamed of myself because I go and do the same thing again I just dont get it. Please pray for me.

  200. Renee permalink

    Please pray that I don’t rely upon my own understanding, but in total faith in Him. I often wonder how to know the difference. I have been struggling financially as I have been unemployed for the 2 year mark now. I thought I had been blessed by Him when a couple of jobs came my way, but neither lasted any length of time. Were they from Him? If so, why didn’t they last? I need to work badly. I also need prayers for my family to find truth in God. I have only 1 brother and 1 neice in my immediate family. Our relationships are strained for we have spoken with wicked tongues. I have asked for forgivness from Him and asked Him to come into their hearts and soften them, so that they might come back into my life as faithful people working on their walk with the Lord. I know we aren’t perfect, but if we try to love one another as God love us I think we would be in good shape and I would love to have my family around me again, as I don’t have children. I get very lonely at times. I miss my mother who passed away 13 years ago and my father passed away over a year ago. Pray for me to find peace however things turn out.
    Thank you

  201. Hi Mark,
    I follow you on facebook and also subscribe to you Journey Deeper into Gods word.
    I am a beginner in reading my bible, And I ask you to pray for my readings , I am learning . And also please pray that my daughter will start being more responsible for her two younger boys, She has 5 children ages 16,13,12,7,6. And she leaves them with my elderly father at least 3 to 4 times a week. She even stays away on saturday nights. It is really a burden on my heart and I need all the prayer help I can get. PLEASE pray that she will stop running a round and stay home with her kids.

  202. Timothy M Musyoka permalink

    Dear Mark, Greatly be blessed of the Lord. Your updates en scripts have been a real encouragement to my life.My prayer is three fold:
    1.In spiritual life it’s my desire that I may live a life to the will of my Lord upon all spheres; en live a life that will ”Never” bring disgrace to the entire body of Christ in all what I do, speak or think of.
    2.Physically I en my spouse we’re in college en I pray for Gods’ wisdom en intelligence as we go about our study courses,plus financial breakthrough to see us through out the study course.
    3.In the family circle my sisters’ husband left his matrimonial home to unknown area since 1998 ever since he hasn’t turned up. His wife, children en the entire family is sick in heart about his plight.Before he left there was disagreement between him en his older brothers where is said that they threw an arrow to a forest in night saying that if that arrow will ever be retrieved back then he will come back .I think they bound him to a state of disappearance bondage that needs to be broken.His names are [Mr. Mwangangi Kimulu Maundu].
    Concerned prayer partner from husband and a father of two young daughters. Amen
    Regards, Timothy.

  203. Lisa permalink

    Hello Mark,

    Please pray for myself and my husband, we are taking steps to live our lives pleasing to the Lord and sometimes it feels like 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. God has called me to teach his word and I feel as if I am failing him thus far, the enemy has begun attacking our marriage and my relationship with my husband. I find that the more determined I get in my walk with Christ, my husband acts or says things to hurt my feelings. I feel honored to have been called by God, and finding the balance in my walk and in my marriage is becoming a daunting task. Please pray for the both of us, my husband is trying to live with one foot in the world and one foot in Christ and we both know thats a recipe for disaster….and pray that I have the strength and courage to continue and be more consistent in my walk for I know I have faults too. Thank You and God Bless you for sharing the gifts God have given you with us and with so many. Be Blessed

  204. ana permalink

    can You plz pray for me i am goin through such difficult time in my life. I want to know the plans of god for me. I have withdrawn myself from medical school because i was continously failling but my heart still earns for this dream. many evangelist had told me god wants me to become a doctor but yet i am failing though i am praying and fasting. i have not recieved a definite wrd to say wat career i shud go into … but i am scared to go into a next career n face the same hurldes again

  205. KIM permalink


  206. Loreta Wolfenbarger permalink

    I would appreciate your prayers. I have been a Christian since I was a little girl. There are times that I have my doubts concerning my Christian walk, but I know in my heart that Jesus is my Saviour. I apppreciated your blog today. It spoke to my heart about not seeing but believing. Thanks for your prayers.

  207. It’s so encouraging that even strong Christians like you can admit to their struggles. THAT’S what people need to hear today, THAT’S what people want to relate to. Not someone telling us that we shouldn’t worry about struggle, but how to deal with it and NOT let it manifest. God recently opened my eyes to what he wants for me and He WANTS to grant me the desires of my heart because those are HIS desires for me. My personal struggle is being patient and trying not to get discouraged. I realize now that in the past, I decided when I needed to move on, not when God decided. He’s always kept His promises to me, but I was the one that ran away… Now that I’m learning diligence and am so humbled by His grace, I know that even if I have to wait YEARS, I will, because I know what He has in store for me… And Satan hates that! So thank you for praying for ME just as I’ll pray for you! Thank GOD that he has left no room for doubt, even when the devil tries to make me doubtful and anxious, I run across messages like these and see scriptures on people’s posts and friend’s encouraging text messages on days like this one. Thank you so much, and God speed!

  208. crystal permalink

    please pray for my family and all of our salvation, i have ocd scarry thoughts of everything imagineable and up untilthis last episode its always been easy to turn to our father but for some reason evertime i do i have this oppression that just comes over me its horrible feeling like u are an evil person even though i know its not true just pray that i didnt feel this way, thank u and looking foward to my families walk with father god.

  209. Sherron Wright permalink

    Dear Mark,
    I was so happy to come across your column I found it just when I needed that push. I am going through a tuff time in my life I need so much prayers to hold on so I’m asking you to pray for me. I’m desperately in need of job, Mark I cannot pay my rent and I am going through a hard time with the landlady it becomes so
    uncomfortable to even live there.

    Please pray for God’s favor in my life, I really need a breakthrough!!!
    Thanks Mark

  210. Debbie C. permalink

    Thank you for your prayers and for your wonderful facebook site which l read daily…Please pray for my daughters…Peace and Blessings to you..

  211. Nidia permalink

    Helllo. I am the mother of 2 girls. We reside in a shelter, jobless, confused, but yet faithful. I am branching a business w/no $ or plan, just faith. I just will continue asking my Savior 2 direct my path. I lived the life all I want is His understanding & continual love. Please pray 4 my family. I ask 4 the flood gate of heaven 2 pour upon us, in wisdom & truth.

  212. Gelly permalink

    Thank you, Mark, for the Blessings you provide by letting the Lord use you as His vessel. The Spirit always uses your messages to speak to me. Thank you for continuing to walk in His way and be obedient to His will.

  213. Kate Horney permalink

    My Husband is deploying on Thursday with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit. Pray for safety and protection and for God to provide for us during this difficult time apart, please.

  214. Thanks Mark for your website and your video posts, I really enjoy what you have to say and feel I’m on the same wavelength. This is rare as most religious people I know make me feel uncomfortable.
    I have some faith in god as I have been raised to be religious but have always thought that most people in the church were hypocritical and too judgemental of others. These I believe are not god’s way and have stayed away and rebelled from my family’s rigid belief system and just done my own thing from a early age.
    Now I’m really confused about life and feel compelled to connect to someone higher, I’ve tried yoga and meditation and do enjoy the spiritual connection although I’d love a church to go to where people just accepted you and didn’t snoop, gossip or pretend to be holy. A positive genuine support network like that would be fantastic.
    My own family go to church but some are blatantly cruel, rude and disrespectful, I do not understand this. They are also doing very well compared to me although I have always been honest and treat people the way I’d like to be treated, but since I’m not actively part of the church or ‘a church’ and say and do things that my family don’t except or agree with I feel like a outcast.
    Suppose it’s my fault for being me but is that not more honest than pretending to be holy when I know I’m not.
    Lately I’ve asked God to help me but like my family, don’t know if he’s happy with me. They have a much more stable life than me, but are I believe still unhappy and insecure. I have never cared that much about material things so do not have many, this is another difference and now realise I should have cared more about them then life would be easier. God has blessed them in that way so it makes me think sometimes he’s punishing me and rewarding them.
    How can this be when they are not sincere. They constantly remind me of my lack of Christian lifestyle and think I’m lost and hopless. they leave patronizing religious leaflets in my bags when I visit which I feel is insulting…(one said the pope was the antichrist).!?? Hardly!!
    I feel very sad that they have such narrow minded distorted views and cannot except me the way I am.
    How can I get the strength the let these things go over my head and focus on what God wants from me.

    Sorry, I know this is long winded and not directly related to your post but I could do with some help to really connection and understanding God more.

    Many thanks Mark for all that you do, I read and listen to your blogs everyday now since a couple of weeks ago and they really help me.

    Best wishes P

  215. kayla permalink

    i need help in wanting to read my bible everyday, and not change the channel so i can watch something else other than gods word. i need to get a job, and start being more independent and stop depending on my parents, i need encouragement, and stop thinking about my past. i want to be a better christian, this what i want u to pray for!! thank you

  216. Brian Adams permalink

    I continue to pray for my Mother who is suffering from fibromyalgia and diabetes daily. I also pray that i am able to find a job soon so that i can start on making my one dream come true in this life. I hope to bring my parents out of the stress of their current situation and provide them with the peace and opportunity of freedom of having to worry about anything. Thats all i want, that in itself will bring me happiness. I hope you continue to write in this blog, i enjoy reading and learning from your posts. I am kind of new so to speak in learning about the Bible and how to strengthen my faith daily and these posts do help me shed some light on questions or wonders i have. I hope that you would also pray for me as well as others that have it much worse than I. I am not in a very good situation but i know it could be much worse. My mom always tells me “God doesnt put you into any situation he doesnt think you can handle.”

    God Bless

  217. Grace permalink

    God Bless and I pray He continues using you in this manner. As I kept thinking about my day and my trials today, I didn’t understand why the trials keep coming. Reading through this passage reminds me that we continue living in this world. We continue in sin, and I ask my God for forgiveness at this time. I try not to sin and want so much to be who God wants/needs me to be. Yes the pain is inmense at times, to the point I just want to give up. But then the moment in my mind comes to think about how much Jesus went through and I’m reminded of His promises. I need to continue praising the one who should be praised which is our heavenly father God. Through trials and pain and anguish my spirit continues to praise Him. Even when I don’t want to, I need to remember to praise Him. He will see me through this and will help me through this. Today is certainly the perfect day to be reading this. The day was rough, uncertainty came and stress scrolled up my spine into my shoulders. But I have to admit, it doesn’t compare to what Jesus went through and what He does for everyone one of each second we live. God Bless you, continue with this work. Your work I’m sure reaches many lives and it is a great way for the Lord to reach so many in need.

  218. Donna permalink

    Please pray for spiritual, emotional, physical and financial help for my whole family! Praise and thank God and thank you! and for all who suffer in the world!

  219. malvia permalink

    thanks for your message please pray for me for sensing the presence of the Holy Spirit for His guidance and protection

  220. brittany permalink

    i am feeling so..empty. i feel like i just have to do anything to happy because not much makes me happy anymore. im struggling. i cut myself a few nights ago for the first time in 7 months. hoping to feel something, anything but emptiness.

  221. Anita permalink

    Your words come at just the time I need to read them. My 8 year old dog had surgery today and is prognosis is not good. Yet I do trust in God, He alone is the Healer, is my Savior. Where people have failed me, He never has. I am asking for prayers for my boy, he is not just a dog, he is a member of my family who I love very much. This has been a massive struggle for me, I am struggling with not giving in to despair and to leave him in His hands. Thank you for listenin g and for your prayers…….
    God Bless,

  222. Tracy permalink

    I feel like I’m loosing my faith in everything. not so much in god but myself. I’m tired and don’t feel like getting up or fighting anymore. I have given up on myself along with my religion it feels like, even though I want to keep going every time I fail again and it gets even harder. I really don’t know what more to do anymore, any prayers would be obliged.
    thank you.

  223. nicole permalink

    can you please pray for my soul.
    i keep feeling as if i am doing something wrong.
    please pray that i am doing gods will and not my own.
    and pray for strength. i am so empty and alone.
    i know gods there but nothing and no one else is…

    i just need comfort in knowing all is going to be well

  224. Thank you Mark for all the spirtual incouragement….I truly believe we should be lifting each other up every day. Please pray taht my children and grandchildren will have a safe and faithful life keeping them safe and away from harms way. Please pray for my oldetst son who has moved to Texas with his wife and kids that they will be safe and very faithful in God. pray that my husband steve finds a job no matter wha the pay is he will except it. Pray for me that I will keep working and going to school to get my degree in Social Work so I can help ppl in need. I thank-you for giving me spirtual readings every day a body needs food for the souls just like we need God for the soul…..thank-you your sister in christ hazel Lewis

  225. Jacob permalink

    Hi, i am a 16 highschool sophmore. I know im young and should have that many problems, but i do. Every single day, i find my self sinning, and ignoring his word. i believe that since im such a screw up, that maybe God has given up on me because everything i do seems to be wrong. ive tried very hard to change, but i havent. can u please pray for me? all i need is some guidance. if you or anyone has any ideas to help me, please email me! thank you and God Bless

  226. Eric permalink

    Please pray for me for guidance, increased faith, cleansing, and that I may have a unquenchable thirst and desire to know more about Jesus and increasingly give of myself over to Him. Thank you and may God bless you, your family and your ministry!

  227. Gayle permalink

    I am new to this site and the first letter I read was from a person named Carline. Her story is so close to mine that I could have wrote it word for word. I’m at a lost right now and have had some pretty scary thoughts going through my head and don’t know what to do about it. I, too have asked God for help but I either I’m to stupid to hear Him or He’s not speaking to me. Can you and your readers please pray for me? I really need his guidance.

  228. Jen permalink

    Been feeling crushed lately. Finances overwheling, health, family, church it’s all under attack. Feel as if I am in the fiery furnace that has been heated seven time hotter, I know Jesus is gonna show up…just waiting.

  229. krissy qualls permalink

    You know, its all in Gods timing. Not your. Just because u pray to him, he answers in HIS timing. He has a plan for each and everyone of us. Yes, we pray and expect results immediatly, but it doesn’t work like that. Believe me. I know. We have to go through trials and dark valleys and all in his timing will prayers be answered. Your faith is what carries you through those rough times, and the Lord delites in our faithfulness and love for him. You can’t give up, nor can u have doubts about his love for us. He is right here with each and everyone of us. Guiding and watching. There is only ONE way to do things, and that is with God on our side and with truth and faith.

  230. Jeff Flaker permalink

    Please pray for my marriage. That we will be lifted up in UNITY in God and each other. God knows my heart is and always has been true to her, that I would lay down my life for her.

  231. Pat Helfrey permalink

    Rev. Brown, I ask that you continue to pray for my daughter. She has been doing fair with not drinking since Friday, but a friend was at her house last night, and it was just too easy for her to fall into that evil pit again.
    Thank you,
    Pat Helfrey

  232. mary permalink

    thanks for this I have been stuggling lately have stopped ready my Bible and feel so alone. I just can’t seem to pull myself out of this depression that i have lettin myself fall into please pray for me. I done go to church on ocassion but my church is slowing falling apart. it also needs pray there are very few people let are our church and they are still slowly leaving. I just don;t know what to do n e more Husband is of no help and he some of the reason i quit reading my Bible cause u just kept complaining about my reading the Bible doesn’t think that i should be getting into God and all that but now he complains about everything i do if it isn’t what he thinks i should be doing . He thinks I should just go to work and come home and keep the house clean and take care of him, but i can’t even do that cause he has had to many affairs and has given me n std that i will carry with me for now on. and i still think that he is unfaithful so taking care of his needs is the last thing i can think of as i don’t want n e thing else given to me that could kill me as i feel so dead insdie as it is. I am lost and don’t no where to go or who to turn to. have no friends to confide in ands family is in no shape to help. parents are gone on to hopefully be with God, so i pray but sometime i feel like i am just wasting time thanks for listening didn’t mean to go on an on I’m sure u have enough to listen to

  233. Nester permalink

    Thank you Mark for such a wonderful message!thank you very much Carline because what you’re going through is exactly how i feel too.i was waiting for something for quite some time now and i invited God into it and so wen i expected results i expected them to be positive.i never left room for a ‘no’ coz i was telling myself ‘God knows about this,i asked for His guidance,so He wont let me down.’ I never expected things to turn out the way they did and when they did i kept asking God how?why?coz i thought that things were going to turn out in my favour.these past few weeks i have been feeling miserable,i felt i was useless coz i prayed and God didnt answer me.i felt i couldnt recognise His voice when He answered me,the Bible didnt make sense when i was reading it anymore.but i have been praying,and through prayer i have realised that God knows what is best for us,and like it is written in Jeremiah 29:11 that He has plans for us,plans to prosper us and not to harm us.i must stop looking at the outcome as negative but as positive coz God has better things for me,not this that i was praying for but GREATER AND BETTER things,so the BEST is coming and like David said when he was responding to your post that God has 3 answers for us ‘yes’,’no’ and ‘wait’,so i wont take my outcome as a ‘no’ but as a ‘wait’ for the BEST! Don’t lose hope,keep on praying,even when u feel u are not making sense,He can hear you for He knows our innermost being.’WAIT’ for the BEST,it is coming!God bless you!

  234. Hey,
    I just wanted to say this is definitely one of the main things I’ve needed to read today. Thank you for posting that. My prayers are out for you, and I ask for a prayer in return.
    I grew up in a pretty abusive home and got out when I was 17- I’m 20 now and its been a long and rough journey. I didn’t trust God much during those years and now I’ve finally rededicated my life to Christ recently.
    Its not been an easy journey though- my faith is getting battered by the simplest of things- for one thing, I’m fortunate to have a job, not fortunate because I don’t have a job to get to work (I work EMS, so there’s lots of bases and bad times to get a ride to and from work.)
    Plus I don’t make nearly enough to support myself in bills and having a place to stay, and still have food to eat. Its hard and I’m at a desperate point now. I have no plans, or any idea what to do. I’m praying constantly for an answer and direction in my life which right now is so cloudy I have no clue which way is up.
    I am praying for answers and rest finally- I have no family and my friends are few and far between. I don’t know what direction to go into, and what to do, but something needs to be done now. I’ve reached the end of the rope so to speak and I don’t know where else to turn.
    Please pray for peace and answers for my life so that I won’t continue running in that giant hamster wheel of sin.
    Thank you,

  235. Jennifer permalink

    Please pray for me to have the peace of the Lord as I go thru the struggles that I am facing. I have been walking with the Lord since November 2009. I felt the Lord calling me to obedience because I was living with my boyfriend at the time. I took a step of faith and did what God was asking me to do. My boyfriend left and wants nothing to do with me now because of my relationship with God. I have been unemployed for a year and a half with very little income from odd jobs that I have been given. I am breaking my lease and my daughter and I moving out of our apartment because I can no longer afford to stay here. My landlord has told me that she will take me to court for the money I will owe her for the remainder of the lease. I need guidence from God and the strength and faith to do follow His will. Thank you.

  236. Britta Marie Kilby permalink

    Thanks for sharing your heart with us, Pastor Mark. Thank God for you! Rejoice when you encounter all kinds of trials…You are in my prayers. During my darkest times I have called out to God and He has helped me. I would not have my sanity today if it wasn’t for God and His healing power, so I know that whatever you are going through, God is real and He WILL help you if you rely on him.

  237. Lucy permalink

    Please pray for me and my family….

  238. Victor Rosas permalink

    Thank you Mark for those words. So true. I’ve been doing my best to read the bible and pray to God. I’ve changed a lot since I’ve been getting closer to him, but I notice I feel down at times, doubtful and with fear. I’ve heard is the enemy trying to break me to go back to my old ways. Please pray for me so I can find peace and I can keep walking with the lord. Thank you in Jesus name. Amen

  239. TasteTheRainbow permalink

    I have recently tryed to seek God and he has reached out, l try to understand his works, but it takes time, l’m not perfect, l try to become a mould of what he wants me to be but, it takes time. Trust and believe, you shall receive.

    At times l feel negative, in absolute despair, my soul screams for God to reach out and embrace me, sometimes he just doesn’t seem to hear me, am l not good enough to be seen as worthy in his eyes, am l seen as folly and need to rebuked from my sinful ways, l dont know.

    Keep hoping and keep praying because at the end of the day we may not live the same lives or feel the same pains but God made us as one so lets all join together and not pray for ourselves but pray for mankind to be saved, we all need to be rescued.


  240. Zeal permalink

    Great info… def needed at a time like I am going through now… I have served 5yrs in the Marines and spent the last 7 years with Blackwater… I took some time off from work and now I want to get back in the game…. its where my heart has been since i was 13 and God has never changed that passion within me….the problem is all doors seem to have closed for and around me. I have spent years reading about the 3 monetheistic faiths to gain personal understanding and I am at a point to where I can’t tell if I am losing trust in God or actually getting stronger in my faith… I’m in a blindspot.. I pray I don’t loose sight of what I have held onto for years to carry me through… I pray for understanding and strength not lose what once meant so much to me…. i feel anger inside in moments then somehow I feel assured in other moments….its become complicated and confusing….your prayers would be appreciated

  241. Darla permalink

    Matthew 11:28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

    I pray that God gives each of you rest. Thank you Mark your page and uploads have been a blessing to me.

  242. Erica permalink

    Please pray for me a financial breakthrough. It has been a daily struggle just to make it. I dont know how dinner is going to be provided tonight or how I am able to get to work tomorrow. I’ve sent up many prayers, prayed for others, given testimony as to HIS goodness in my life while I wait. I know my breakthrough is near and am so greatful. I need GOD to answer my prayers soon. This so hard. Thanx for praying for me!!

  243. Kevin permalink

    I am at a new school and I know my faith is going to be tested here. Last year I grew my faith and for the most part have been continuing to grow my faith, sometimes I too get lazy and don’t feel like reading the Word. So I pray that God continues to guide me to stay focused and to put Him first in all that I do and grow through. And that I don’t get caught up in thoughts of others but that I continue to listen to and obey Him and His commands to do as He has called for me to do. I also pray that He blesses my patience, I feel Him speaking to me, but I pray that He blesses me and guides me not to get ahead of myself. And that I keep my heart, mind, body and soul on the right path before His eyes.
    This I pray, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  244. Karen permalink

    This is one of my favorite Psalms. Daily, I thank God for healing, But healing never comes for me. I have serious dark days when I am unable to even get up or dressed because of physical pain from Accute Fibromyalgia and severe Migraines. I feel lam repetively asking friends for prayer because of it.
    Sunday’s message at church were testimonies of how God has healed different people of different things and I think “why do I have to suffer Father,” “I do what you ask of me,” and yet I feel like I’m in the mirkiest, miriest clay being sucked into the never endind pits of gloom, That I am nothing more than a burdon to my family and friends. We spend soooo much money on doctor bills and perscriptions that could be spent otherwise on God’s work But me and my junk keep us in poverty.

  245. Kathy permalink

    I leave my request here all the time. I had a bad day today. I have suffered with panic attacks and agoraphobia for a straight 19 years. I don’t remember my carefree life. I don’t want verses and to be made guilty by “fear is not from the Lord.” I know that. I hang on but that’s all I’m doing. I have tried EVERYTHING to get well. I need the miraculous hand of God to heal me irrevocably, permanently and now. I miss my friends, family and nature and just living. I do serve God but I know His plan must be more than this. I have suffered with faith but I beg now for permanent relief. It has gone away 2x in my life only to return. Not again thank you. Restore the joy of my salvation. He touched me so profoundly those 40 years ago as a kid and I KNOW He can do it. Will He? I beg so.

  246. rebekah permalink

    please keep me in prayer…my husband and i are going through some serious trials…we are on very VERY thin ice and every day could be our last together. we have 3 children–one together, 2 i brought into the marriage. i want to be happy and he tells me that we weren’t meant to be together and there may not be any hope. i’m on a constant roller-coaster ride and i feel like my car is about to jump the tracks. your prayers are needed! tia!

  247. Sonya permalink

    Lord…I trust you with my life. You spoke me into to existence and you are the God who knew me before I was. And that means, you have the times and seasons of my life in your hands. You chose me. So, whatever your purpose for my life now and in the future…I say yes. Yes to Your will. Yes to Your way. I humble myself before you, and know in the very depths of my soul, that you would never leave me or forsake me. Open the eyes of my understanding Lord and the ears of my Heart that I may be obedient to the calling on my life. I bless your Name. Not my will Lord…but Yours.

  248. Darby permalink


    Thank you for sharing this. I regularly follow the Facebook postings, and just got home from a particularly long and rough day, emotionally. The Lord knows my heart, and knows my prayers, and yet I struggle almost daily to keep the faith and keep walking, as you said. Reading this really helped me! I believe God brings everyone together for a reason in life, and I know that my random stumbling across your Facebook page was not by accident. Your words have regularly spoken to me and helped me cope with a lot of life’s struggles. I haven’t picked up my bible in weeks because I have felt so lost and confused in my faith. Reading this psalm has helped me renew that want to be closer to the Lord. Thank you. Please pray for me, that I will make it through these times of loneliness with my head held high and my heart happy, and that my faith be restored.

    God bless, and thanks again.

  249. Kerri permalink


    I am so encouraged by the emails I receive from you daily, I need your prayers to be able hold fast to God’s word be still and wait for my change to come and God to guide me and know mt place in Him. I also ask that you pray that I don’t get weary waiting on my husband. There so much more but for now these are on my heart. Thank you God Bless

  250. J Andersen permalink

    First off I would like to tell you, I love your page! I see it ever day and it is truly a blessing. I need prayer tonight as my husband has a job interview. He has been out of work for over a year and we are having financial difficulty. God already knows my needs and I have faith that he will bless us! Lord, I pray my husbands interview goes well and he gets this job… jesus name! Amen!

  251. Jen permalink

    PLEASE PRAY FOR ME AND MY FAMILY! We are stuggling to find joy in our despair. We should be happy with the new life the Lord has blessed us with but she is never content and makes life very hard on us. Our other two children are suffering as we are always angry and bitter. Our faith is wanning and we are falling away from our church community. I pray everyday that we all survive another day. Please pray that we find peace in our struggles. Thank you.

  252. danielle permalink

    I’m afraid I’ve done something God can’t forgive me for. I’m depressed, I don’t want to live if I can’t be a christian. I’m in the worst shape of my life, I just want his love and to be his child.

    • Chris permalink

      Danielle, whatever you may have done, God can forgive it!! Remember that he sent His son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins and all we have to do is confess our sins and repent and it is forgiven. I’m willing to bet that God has already forgiven you. Maybe you need to forgive yourself. Guilt is just as bad as sin in that it is a burden that can weigh you down and keep you from God. It is just one of Satan’s many tricks that he tries to use against God and us. I know, because I have recently overcome the same struggle and it was my guilt that I harbored for such a long time that was preventing me from continuing my spiritual walk with God even after I had asked for forgiveness. My pastor put it to me in a way that it was truly an awakening. If you are looking in a rear view mirror, instead of looking at all of the sins of your past, guilt included, imagine you see the cross and realize that what ever burden you have, you can lay it at the cross and it is God’s to bear. When I heard that, I immediately prayed for God to take my burden of guilt, I refused to carry it any longer and Danielle, it was like a tremendous weight was lifted from my shoulders. I will put you on my prayer list Danielle, because I know the hurt you are experiencing and I will also tell you that God loves you and you ARE his child and that he has forgiven you and will remove the burden of guilt that ties you down. May God bless you! Chris

  253. laurie permalink

    i need prayers for my marriage. we’ve fallen away from God, and both had issues…..i’ve tried to straighten my life, and turn back to God, but my husband isn’t. i pray that his heart is softened towards God, and towards me in understanding and loving me again. I just pray for us all in this family. thanks mark for your encouraging words always!

  254. nita roscoe permalink

    please pray that the Lord touch my body. I have been sick for the past 6 months and while i am getting better the enemy is certainly using it to shake me, i hate the gripping fear that i sometimes have i feel as though i am a let down to the Lord. Please pray that the Lord use me and that the physical attacks will subside so that i can continue to go and due for the Lord, thank you in the name of Jesus have mercy..amen

  255. Oly Manibusan permalink

    Please pray for me that I will reconnect with God. That he will give me the strength to leave my life of sin and back into his loving arms again. I am saddened by what I have become because I stopped praying. I feel God in a distance and I want to be connected to him again so bad. Thank you and God Bless!

  256. ruby permalink

    The psalm is exactly what I need today. I am just thankful reading that I am not alone. I mean, who keeps on walking. Happy to know that I do the same. I get closer to God in times of sufferings. ^^

  257. Rob permalink

    please pray for my friend troy who is struggling with a drug addiction, thanks, God bless

  258. Aji Iype permalink

    Dear Brother Mark,

    Thank you for sharing the message. Was going through a state of mental turmoil. I am at rest now. I would request you to pray for me so that my purpose in life is revealed through the holy spirit. Its is His way I want to know.

  259. hi!

    i was so touched with this blog..i am exactly like that…if i were to give an analogy, i consider myself as a very young plant, vulnerable to environmental conditions though i know i should not be shaken for God’s promises to us will always come true…God allows everything to happen to test our faith…

    please pray for my perseverance, to keep my faith strong and to always hold on to God’s promises….please also help me pray for my little boy’s condition, his developments are very late, i know, with a multitude of prayers and strong faith, he will be healed for nothing is impossible with God…lastly, please also pray for my family’s financial breakthrough….please…

    please also allow me to repost your blog in my blogspot account….

    thanks ….

  260. Elle permalink

    I have read this post and it made me cry! I struggle everyday needlessly. Yet I know the Lord has something great, in store for me. I know His peace His love and His power yet everyday I falter and put Jesus on the back burner. I know in my heart that I am on deadly ground; living in sin, yet knowing Him and what he has done for me and I still chose sin; as opposed to those who do not know Him. Knowing what is store for me should I die in my sins and yet I still straddle the fence and not fully submit myself to God. I need to pray more and fully give my heart to Jesus! I know inmy heart that what I sacrifice here on earth I’ll gain a hundred fold in Heaven.

  261. James Alan Ferguson permalink

    God bless you my friend. You have been a huge blessing to me and your ministry keeps me going at times when I feel far from the Lord. We all are not so Christ like at times and it doesn’t always seem like the joy will ever return but I know that this life is short and are struggles are few compared to the heavenly and eternal rewards He has prepared for us. It is such a small price to pay when we deserve so little and have been given so much. I love you my brother and lift you up in prayer. I speak peace and joy and blessings into your life. In the name above all names, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ, Amen

  262. Laverne permalink

    God has been with me I know because if he wasn’t I think I would not be here.
    I am so sorry to bother people but I feel like I am losing my mind,
    this all happen to me in a matter of 2 months

    He had affair (7 months it was going on)
    I got laid off.
    I maybe losing my parents home
    In debti
    I will have no medical insurance( for me and our son)
    He just left and walk out the door
    He told me that God is Blessing him
    He moved in with her
    He doesn’t even speak to me at all
    The other woman was marriage too
    Husband can do all this and still get blessed with all his heart desires.
    He said that God is in control
    He said that this is Gods will
    I was out of work ill for a month, while he was having his affair

    How on earth do I still be able to hold on to God with all that ?
    is this just ok with God.
    I try to read my bible and pray but still the pain is more then I can take

  263. Millie permalink

    Pray for my brother who has been struggling through various illnesses. Pray that every ailment be wiped clean that he sees the power of the Lord and can begin a life with the Lord. Pray for me–that my sins be washed away -my life the last few years has been so hard and I see no end in sight.

  264. guerdy verrier permalink

    Please pray for the salvation of my daugther & my salvation. please pray our spiritual life. Today is the first day in my collge class. Please pray that my daugther & I pass our classes with good grades. please pray for my strength,provision, favor,delivrance, guidance,wisdom for us, healing for me & my family.Thank you.

  265. oh wow so many people.
    I just want to be praising the lord with this inexpressible joy as well

  266. `sweety permalink

    In the name of Our Lord God it is true that whenever v r in trouble or get hurt & if v pray to him, he always helps us in different ways.
    I’ve experiensed that wheneveer I was depressed b’coz of any isuue, & I’ve read tthe Bible or participate in the celebration of mass, the readings r always related to those situations b’coz of which i was depressed. & those preechings & readings helped me to overcome those issues.
    The biggest miracle in my life was I was saved along with my whole fly. of 9 people including 3 kids one of them was 5 months old in an jeep accident. v all could have been dead, but it was he the Father in Heaven who saved us. whenever i remember that incident I get ghoosebumps on me. i can’t think about that bad time …
    I still go through difficult situations of misunderstanding, but I do beleive him, he’ll never ever let his people to suffer more. one day he’ll do justice with them. & I’m waiting for that day. Amen.

  267. Breon permalink

    Hello Mark,
    I would like to thank you for your online work.
    I am a 16 year old, I have been reading your online work for quite some time now and I find it very helpful for my Bible reading, and ultimately growin closer to God myself.

    However can you advise me on how to better read the Bible, I know evry bit of it is important but how do I go about covering text, special scriptures etc.?

    -Thank you
    God Bless

  268. Monique Lattera permalink

    Please let the best decision surround our minds and hearts. Let it be so obvious and genuinley good for us. Thank You. Amen.

  269. Hello Pastor Mark,
    You have been blessing me for about ten months now. I try to read Your post everyday. Try is the key word. Lol. Anyway I am a new pastor I’ve been pastoring a small congregation for almost 11 months this is my 1st pastorate and it has been fun hard and a whole lot of WOW. The last couple of months have been trying and honestly the only thing that has gotten me through is the fact that I know I am where God has put me. Please keep my wife Chrissy and our children in your prayers.
    Thanks In Christ,

    • Praying for you and your family and ministry Fred! Draw close to Him and He will give you all that you need brother. God bless, Mark

  270. Carl permalink

    My wife (Karol)Does not know if she wants her marriage anymore.This is her third marriage and one live in relationship with a child.We have been married for 4 years, her past relationships only last this long.About 5 months ago she started seeing a another man and recently she is in contact with two more though face book. She gave her heart to the lord 5 years ago and i know she asked for forgiveness for this very thing that she is doing again.She has been unfaithful in all her past.She knows shes wrong but she says its to hard to change.She has two boys that are having a hard time.We are separated now.She still will go to church on her own then why cant God let now what He wants her to do.If God hates divorce then why this? Should I stop praying for her? She

  271. Rhonda permalink

    Please pray for me. My husband and I are seperated and my husband is filing for divorce. I am devestated at this. I have never felt so alone and hurt in my life. All I have left is God and His word. I have been praying that my husband would have a change of heart but it must not be in God’s timing right now.
    Please pray for my husband. he has had an injury (bleeding on the brain) he had a stroke and lost some of his vision. Please pray for a complete healing.
    He will not talk to me or let me see him. His mom is huvering over him and not letting me get near him because he might change his mind and want to work on his marriage. When he went to the hospital they called the family in since they didn’t know if he would live. I work at the hospital he was at and his family didn’t even tell me until hours later after he was life flighted to another hospital 2 hours away and my husband said he didn’t want to see me. Do you know what that was like? My husband had a brain anurism and might die and I would not be there. I lost my best friend and the love of my life. So many things led up to this but I need some guidence from the Lord and just need a touch of the Holy Spirit. I am so lost right now in life.

  272. Katelyn permalink

    Thank you for this! Today has been a horrible day for me, and I just happened to stumble upon what you wrote and it helped me some :). I’m 19 years old and struggle with alot of health problems: fatigue, chronic headaches, sinus infections, and alot of pain. Today has been so hard…I’m tired of being sick and tired and feel like God isn’t hearing me or helping me. I’ve also been so anxious lately starting college again.Can you please pray that I get better? That I have the strength to endure my trials with courage? Thank you so much! God Bless!

  273. Brad permalink

    I am struggling with sin very frequently. I struggle with purity each and every day and it seems that I am never on the winning end of this temptation. I ask that you would pray for me as I am trying to overcome this sin and grow deeper in my walk with God.

  274. Kara permalink

    I have been struggling with trust and understanding. I want to do both, but I am finding it hard under the circumstances in my life right now. Please pray I don’t lose the light and that God will always stand by me and somehow make his presence known, even when I am feeling alone…

  275. Shari permalink

    Hi…your message today spoke exactly to my situation. I was in my word today and kept reading scriptures about love but it didn’t connect with me till now that God is love and that is also the greatest commandment. I’ve been going trough trials that have a affect on my day to day life, my modification to my house got denied after it was approved so mow I have to go to trial… I cannot get my diploma due to fees that are owed and my finances are spread sooo thin I can hardly buy groceries. Bit through it all I have a peace bc I know that the Lord is with me every step of the way but I need help with continuing to have that faith when times continue to get rougher

  276. My husband and I are going through overwhelming financial difficulties. We can see God’s hand in our lives but for every blessing, there comes so many more trials. We refuse to stop going to church, serving, ministering, and praising and worshipping God, but we really need a breakthrough. Things are just very difficult and although we know God has not forsaken us, we are feeling a little beat down and overwhelmed by life’s circumstances.

  277. priscilla permalink

    Good Morning Mark! God bless thee! Really, this morning the message you conveyed lift up my spirit. Can you assist me in praying for my brother? My brother is a drug addict. Since i am a christian(5 mths), my view of him has changed and at home i am the one who does not judge him and hence now we are closer. But lastly his situation is getting worst, he’s falling further down in the pit. But i have the conviction that God is working His Ways in him as i pray a Living God. Since 2 days, i have decided to approach him, to tell him that he needs help, but cannot find an appropriate occasion. But i rest assured that God will make a way. Thank you for all you are doing. All glory is to Him and He shall make a way for all those on here who seek Him with a pure heart.

  278. Mary Chesney permalink

    Mark it appears that you are over whelmed with prayer requests, so I really don’t want to burden you with more. But I feel like I am losing the closeness with God that I once had. Now I am facing surgery on my neck/spine soon and am a little frightened. I would feel better if my relationship with the Father was better. Perhaps as you said – on days when you feel low and don’t feel like picking the Word up, pick it up anyways and you will always find a blessing.

  279. Daves permalink

    I have found myself in a situation where I feel as if my spirtiual life is really messed up. I feel as if I am just being pretentious. I have prayed time and time again for deliverance and signs and answers but to no avail. I would be happy if you pray for me or help me pray to find renewed strength and comfort in God. I just want to serve God wholeheartedly but there are so many obstacles in my way. i just want that God hears me and answers, assure me that he is there.

  280. Praying for each of you!!! God bless, Mark Brown

  281. Alana permalink

    I ask for prayer for my daughter Tina she feels the church is bad for me and that God does not exist . She has been causing problems in all the family over what she feels we should all be doing. Please pray she opens her heart and her eyes to the Lord. And that she comes back to the family as a new clean person.

  282. Sarah permalink

    My husband of 23 years filed for divorce March 12 of this year. I have seen him walk away from God and his family. I continue to ask God for guidance and restoration of my marriage and somedays I am so confused. I feel somedays he is telling me don’t give up and I keep praying and fighting for my marriage but my husband says he has put too much money in this divorce and is going all the way. That’s the days I can’t see why I’m still here fighting. That’s when I don’t understand what God is asking of me. Yes I do doubt sometime but I know without him I wouldn’t have made it mentally or emotionally this far. Iknow God is real , there are times I just don’t understand.

  283. Michelle permalink

    Please pray for my daughters and myself. My oldest is soon to be 14, and beginning her freshman year. I pray her into God’s hands each day, and as her exposure to more sinful and dangerous things increases, I pray all the more. I pray that both of my children would be protected from the evil one. My other daughter is 6, and beginning first grade. Her father is having a rough time right now, and I have been taking the brunt of my young ones’ fear and anger with him. I pray for God to make it so that I would have her full time, and for patience and understanding as she is going through such a difficult and .hurtful time. Please God ease her pain, and prevent her from feeling as if his relationship problems are her fault. Please help guide me in how to help her most. I ask God to give me the strength to deal with whatever he has in store for us in the days and months ahead. Please also pray for our financial situation to improve. Please also pray for healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as I struggle to live with chronic pain. I pray for rest, relief from the unending and torturous pain that I have always. I pray for less pain so that I may do more with my daughters, for healing so that I could be able to work and improve our financial situation, and for God to fill me with the ability to cope with the pain, to be able to perform the daily tasks of life that need to be done, and to find peace and rest in Him. Most of all I pray for His perfect will being done in our lives, His love and provision for each of us, how He knows each of us completely and loves us enough that he sent Jesus so that our sins may be forgiven. Even as we pray about our needs and for others needs, we should rejoice in the fact that we are blessed beyond measure, for our Lord and Savior loves us, and with Him we are never alone! It is His love, and His strength that keep me living.

  284. fran permalink

    I need a blog like this. I am 32 married for 4 years but with my husband for 17. he has never trusted me or let me be myself. after being seperated for almost 3 mths he things i run the streets with a so called boyfriend when in reality i go to wrk..home at my moms with kidd and cry before bed n morning and throughout the dayw wishing things would have turned out different. i have prayed about it many years but it hasn’ t changed. he believes what others say not me so i really don’ t think we should b together i just am so hurt the pain is almost like death. please pray for me and my 2 boys 7 & 11 who he refuses to see says hed rather start over

  285. misty haffmann permalink

    Please pray for my husband we find out on Thursday the results of a PET scan that he had done yesterday it will tell us it if the mass they found it cancerous.
    Thank You,
    Misty Hoffmann

  286. Mandla permalink

    Please pray with me i recently lost an employment opportunity at a company that was offering me a great position because of an old criminal record that i thought got resoved. this left me in despair as i feel that i am stuck in my current job that i feel is taking m nowhere. I am still strong in my fauth and i believe that god has greater things for me to do. When one door closes god is giving me an even greater opportunity and i would like to thank him for what he is doing for me each and every day. I love Jesus even though i do not see him. I am great no matter what anyone does to me because He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world and if God is with me then who dare be against me?

  287. Sanchia Holder permalink

    I can identify what Carline and Jenna are saying. So many important things I need to accomplish and I’ve run into failure after failure so far. It’s hard to keep chin up. I feel I would be happier if I had everything sorted out, debt free, have a job I can pay my bills off. Still looking but I don’t know where He wants me to go. I don’t know if I’m heading the right way or not. But I know I have to keep going and working on my faith. God bless you all.

  288. Pastor Mark, My husband and I are going through some trials. My husband lost his job in June. He has been searching for another job without much success. He was hired through a friend at a low paying job that gives him no satisfaction. It is some income and we are thankful for that, but the salary doesn’t even cover our bills. We are fervently praying for a better paying job. The loss of job was a surprise and very painful because he was director of a ministry for our church that helped people with food, clothes, working with homeless and low income children, etc. The pastor decided he didn’t want to continue to spend the money for that ministry. Helping people is where our hearts are. We are now struggling with going to that church and being around the people involved in leaving us without an income. We feel like they just abandoned us and now they just act like nothing ever happened. We don’t feel that we can leave this church right now because our son & his family attend there. We have to be a good example to them and forgive, but we are really hurting. We can’t go to our church for counsel because of what happened. My husband’s spirit is low and he just tries to keep going but I can see how much he is hurting and God doesn’t seem to be answering our prayers. Please pray for us for favor for a good job and also to get through the hurt and be able to forgive. I’m sorry this is so long but we haven’t had anyone to talk to about this.Thank you for your prayer and thank you for all you do.

  289. Linda Moreno permalink

    Please pray for us. I’ve been in a relationship with an amazing man for the past 6 years. I have grown and healed tremendously from being with him more than any one person in my life. We’ve had major relationship issues and we broke up about 5 months ago and through my pain, knew that what was needed was healing; on his part, on my part and in our relationship together. So, I began interceding for God’s help with this. Miraculously, God recently gave me revelation knowledge and revealed to me why so much pain/struggle between us. My partner comes from Liberia West Africa, here now in US under political aslylum. Tremendous suffering, trauma and pain. God revealed to me that he has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He revealed to me that the behaviors that destroyed our relationship were caused by his being triggered into destructive behaviors destroying our relationship caused by this disorder. God lead me supernaturally to a man who teaches a grief/recovery class. He has helped me to understand “why” this occured and has asked me to intercede for him telling me he will heal him. The Lord has asked me to be the “Bridge” to his healing to get him to the same man/church/Godly support system that has helped me. Please pray for him. His name is Rueben Gobah, he is lost, in denial, not willing to accept that he has this disorder. His life is a mess and he blames me. This is a sign of the disorder. he needs prayer for healing, to come to an awakening and the veil over his eyes to be torn. He loves me and I love him. God has told me for a long time that this man is my husband and he is the love of my life. The Lord told me he gave me an Agape love to make it thorough all the challenges we have had. I now understand having a love that is willing to sacrafice for the good of another, I have suffered a lot in this relationship. Yet, the Lord turned lemons into lemonade by this revelation knowledge allowing me to forgive him and totally understand his actions were not personal, they were never meant to hurt me, his actions/behaviors were from his condition. Please pray for us. That God moves mightly in Rueben’s life, changes his heart to reconnect with me and get him the healing God wants. Rueben wants to change his life desparately, yet without help from those God has assembled waiting for him to accept this truth, he will continue to be lost. He is born-again yet needs to get around the Godly men waiting to help him. These men are also from his native Africa and have been though similar challenges. God is waiting, I am waiting, he is my husband and I love him and miss him. Please pray for him to awaken and be willing to deal with his Post Traumatic Stress so we can heal our relationship to on and serve God and the kingdom. He is an amazing human being……

    Thank you so very much, Praise God for I’m standing in the gap for him, holding on, pressing forward……….


  290. Jovita Leong permalink

    Praised and glory to all mighty God,
    This few days i was very depress and upsad on certain issue in the office with collegues. I felt i was been rejected and left behind…..its hurt my feeling…!!!
    But when i open my email and it happened to read your message….”I Keep Walking”….it heal me and take away my pain and i feel i been restore again..One of the worship song came into my mind and it is “With All I am”.Eventually this song was keep on apearing in my heart since s days ago and its was amazed, God is good God is great God heal me….hallelujah ! I want to thank you who ever you sent this message , may God annoit your minitsry and bless you.


  291. Jerry permalink

    i dreamnt i saw Jesus calling me he was at a distance in cloud light orange and blue his hands close to his body only his hands were moving what does this mean i have seen him in many other dreams at various times i also saw a glow in the shape of a person near my bed 2 yrs ago i am sure it is Jesus

  292. Anne permalink

    My life seems to be in tartars. Am completely confused and wondering if God is really there for me anymore. I am a born again christian but of late, i can’t explain what is happening in my life. I feel tired to pray and whenever i pray i just feel as if i have just talked to myself. Being a single mother of 3 and nothing is working out in my life makes it worse. I have bills, fees and upkeep to pay for which are all almost at a halt because i have gotten into too many debts and now i feel as if i have stopped living. At the moment am very sick but i can’t explain what am suffering from.Am growing weak everyday and am now getting worried because my children are beginning to get scared because everyday they come home from school they find me in bed. I have lived a life full struggles throughout especially ever since the father of my children abandoned us for another woman, but this is the worst moment of all the times. God, how should i pray to you, I have confessed my sins everyday father, why can’t you forgive me and help me get a break through in life? I feel am giving up soon, Somebody, please help me.

  293. kirsti permalink

    please pray for me as i am going through a rough patch because of a fight i had with a good friend two years ago. all though it was a long time ago i still feel so sick to my stomach thinking about it. all though it is clear she is moved on and no longer cares about me i still care about it. please pray that i will be able to move on because i know that i did something wrong but she did something wrong too and it makes me upset that she cant be adult enough to forgive and talk it out. please pray that i get over this situation and move on in my life
    also please pray so that i get closer to God

  294. Please pray for me? I got divorced in 2008 and my relationship with God went from an all time closeness to nothing. I can’t talk to God the way I used to. Maybe I feel too ashamed. When I got hurt the first time in my marriage I clung to God with all my heart and gave my marriage another chance. It took time, but I thought we got to a point where we were going to make it. But then second time, instead of holding on to God, I went down the worst path of sin. I don’t know how I could have been so weak or if I just wanted to hurt someone who had ripped my world from under me. I ended up hurting more innocent people. Eventually I landed in hospital because of a failed suicide attempt. Since then I have repented and turned my back on the person I never thought I could be. I know and trust that I will never make the same mistakes again. I know God has forgiven me, but there is this huge chasm between us and I don’t know how to get back the intimacy I had with my Awesome Father. I feel lost and useless to anybody. Broken beyond repair. Scared of people. I used to go to church and a cell group each week, but now I go to church once in 6 months if I’m lucky. I started reading the Bible from Genesis and want to read every passage of each book and hope this will transform me. Please pray for me? I have nobody else to ask.

    I have a wonderful guy in my life now who has managed to help me trust again, but he does not have an intimate relationship with God. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will stir up the desire in his heart to know Him better? I trust that one day we will be able to pray together and that he will be the spiritual leader for our future family.

    There has also been challenges with me selling my house. Been struggling for 2 years and can’t move on with my future until this weight around my neck is removed. I know God’s timing is not ours. Please pray that His time will come soon and that I will learn the lesson He is trying to teach me?

    On September 8, I will also be undergoing major back surgery to replace two of my discs. Please pray for my complete recovery and relief from years of chronic pain?

    Thank you for your dedication and for all the good you do.

  295. Rachel permalink

    Thanks Alot keep going even we though do not understand because His Ways andThoughts are higher then our . Come humble ourselves in the Mighty hands of God and in the right time He will exalt us . Pray for me more wisdom joy understanding knowledge and revelation in him . Praise the Lord He is Good Forever and Ever .Heis made perfect there is no imperfect in Him .Amen We serve a God of Power and Mighty. Amen

  296. jeremiah permalink

    hi my name is jeremiah i am a 15 year old from london.basically ive always wanted to become a professional football(soccer)player its been my dream for a long time,am 15 turning 16 now and am still without a professional club ive had many try outs in the past and it just ends in dissapointment.ive been fortunate enough to play for a sunday league club,but i dont know if god wants me to be a footballer.ive been going church for a 1 year and a half now and i still trust god and i pray every day.i just need help cos football is my passion and theres no other thing i wanna do.i just want you pray for me if you can


  297. Evan permalink

    I just had my first day of my second year at university today.
    I can sense that overwhelmingness may take over soon. I don’t want to neglect any of my responsibilities, yet I want to be incredibly involved and make sure I do everything I do 1) for God, and 2) to enjoy my life.
    As always it is difficult for me to find the balance with time and completing tasks. Please pray for me.

  298. stepanie medina permalink

    this reflection truly blessed me, thhank you for journey deeper in God’s word. Hope you are blessed!

  299. Char permalink

    Please pray for my son, his wife and new one year old baby. They are struggling financially. He is teaching school, but a school teacher in a rural area will not pay back school loans and keep a family up. He is a professional musician (trumpet). He keeps on applying for symphony positions, but those doors and windows are not opening up. Please help me to pray for them that they will draw closer to God and seek his guidance. He is very bitter toward God because of the situation. He keeps thinking that God is mad at him because he sees people of the world living in sin and prospering. I am at a loss for words to help them. Please pray for me and my family. You, your family and ministry will be in my prayers.

  300. Cheryl permalink

    Thank you Mark, this was really what I needed to hear today. For the past few months I have not wanted to live. Don’t get me wrong, no thoughts of suicide, as a Christian I could never do that. I just get tired of life sometimes, the trials, disappointment, heartache. Sometimes I’d just rather be at home with Jesus. Life is hard and sometimes I get down, but your words encouraged me today to continue the fight, to tell others of Jesus’s love, to keep the faith, to ask God to strengthen me, and to help me with my struggles. May God uplift and strengthen you today! God Bless you brother!

  301. Lisa Sedwick permalink

    I really appreciate this devotion for the day. I have been struggling with my employment situation and have been out of work for 8 months and very quickly approaching what could be a very bad financial situation. But I know the Lord has something for me and I believe that with all my heart. I get upset and worried and impatient but in my heart I know that something good will come out of all of this as long as I remain faithful and trust in God. Thank you for your encouragement!

  302. Teresa permalink

    WOW! Thanks for this! God really does know EXACTLY when we need to hear/read/come across something in His word that will bless our day and renew us!
    My trials have been too many over the past 5-6 years to record here, but His faithful rescue has never failed in each one either. He has given me triumph each and every time. HE is faithful even when we are not-though most times you have to wait for it. When we keep pursuing Him, we find our joy. Walking in obedience and discipline IS our joy. “On the peace of pure abandon, oh the joy of sweet surrender”- from a song by Justin Rizzo out of International House of Prayer University (IHOPU:)

  303. Please pray for me to have strength to overcome the debilitating fatigue I am experiencing and be able to take care of my children and be a good mother for them. I need to clean and organize my home, catch up on my laundry, and be able to cook healthy meals for them. Also, please pray that God would send a Godly earthly father into their lives. Thanks, and God bless you, Mark. I truly enjoy your reflections.

  304. Michele permalink

    Praying for healing with depression and anxiety, and strength for my husband and I during this time. Also, my mother in law is having a biopsy today, prayers for her healing.

  305. Lori permalink

    I am having a test this am I am praying that when I get there and they start the test that the spot they are looking for has disappeared. The Lord our God will have removed it and he will receive the Glory and all who prayed will have their faith increased because of Him who sits at the right hand of the Father!

  306. Mark, please pray for my friends in need, the situation is in God’s hands, we know – but we need those people from the court to be enlighened to make the right call for this young family!

  307. previous post had the wrong link on it, here is the group we started

  308. Ann permalink

    Please pray for my family and I right now as we are publicly under attack. The situation we are in doesn’t allow us to comment and let the truth be known so we suffer from many people’s lies, half truths, and judgements publicly. I am trying very hard to follow the Lord and have faith but it does get overwhelming at times. Many tears have been shed. My husband too struggles, and we both try and shelter our daughter from the cold world. Please, pray that we continue to have strength and that the end to this will come sooner rather than later.

  309. Loyd McClary permalink

    I just want to request prayer Rev. Brown, for facing my sin and growing in the L ord. I have been struggling in the same area of sin for years now and I just want the Lord to free me of it. I also want to ask prayer for guidance and direction from him about the path to take in my life and his will.

    • daria permalink

      turn your life and your will over, I read the big book and the bible

  310. olayiwola ajayi permalink

    Guidance ,wisdom n’ protection

  311. Laura Lennie permalink

    Please pray for me to start going back to church, reading my Bible. Please also pray for my daughter Ellen, who does not believe in the Lord with all her heart. Also pray for my son Colin for the same as Ellen. Also pray for my 2 grandsons that they would come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and friend and that each one would have a Christian mentor that they could look up to and help them to understand Jesus Christ and who He really is. Pray for Steve, my friend, who is struggling with depression and financial difficulties. May Steve come to know Jesus Christ as a friend and Lord of his life.

  312. Bill permalink

    Requesting prayers for knowledge of God’s will for a relationship that is struggling and heartbreaking.

  313. Sin is indeed something that we all struggle with; and the guilt that is associated with it can be overwhelming.

    The good news, however, is that Jesus can and will set us free from its influence and its guilt (John 8:36). He is the solution to the sin problem. It’s simply a matter of casting our cares on Him, and REALLY believing that He cares for us (1Peter 5:7).

    God will complete the good work that He has begun in us; that is, if we continue to believe (Philippians 1:6).

    Blessings to you…


  314. Rhonda permalink

    Dear Mark; I have been wondering away from God lately and have been going through some very trying times, I try to remember to give me troubles to God and trust in Him to bring me thru to the other side. It seems that almost as soon as I give him my troubles I take them back. Todays lesson really struck home. Thank you and God bless you for bringing the word of God to the internet.

  315. john permalink

    pray that i seek gods wisdom in everything i do help me refrian from to things i want to do but cant cause i and my fiance arent married yet. pray that i dont allow satan to steal my joy and freedim in christ any longer

  316. Ticadoo permalink

    Please pray for me and my family…a lot of “family issues” going on right now..Plus..I always feel sooo tired and no energy..have been to doctor, but can’t find anything wrong…I want to live life to the fullest and smile again. thank you

  317. Fisher permalink

    I am a single adoptive mom of three amazing children and this past Christmas my children and I experienced a tragedy… My father was in the hospital recovering from surgery and was doing great! He was going to be discharged the day after Christmas so we were all very relieved. I was “celebrating” the holiday season by spending time with my children, listening to Christmas music, making cookies… I also had a few glasses of wine. Just before getting ready to tuck the kids in for the night I got a call that my dad had taken an unexpected turn for the worse and that he was dying. I called the hospital, as I live almost 4 hours away, and begged the Dr. to put the phone to his ear. I told him I loved him and he faintly told me the same and asked if I would come right away and bring his grand babies. He then began to struggle to breathe and was gasping for air. I told him again how very much I loved him, I then began to panic and grabbed the kids, put them in the car and began to drive to the hospital. Long story short… I was exhausted, I had taken my perscribed pain medication for a neck injury and had a few glasses of wine in my system. I was pulled over, arrested, my children were taken from me and given to my sister for the night. At the time I was a foster mom and was months from adopting my newest baby who was the biological brother of my adopted children. When I returned home he was taken from me and given to another foster family and they told me that I would not be able to adopt him. I lost my father and son in an instant! One stupid mistake, very poor judgement during an extremely emotional time! I have never been in trouble with the law, never even a speeding ticket… I never got the chance to see my father before he died…I never got to say goodbye… and my 8 month old son was ripped from my arms and given to a stranger because of what I had done! My children had to watch as their baby brother was taken from his home, crying and reaching for his mommy! How do I ever forgive myself for what I have done to my children!!! I know that God has forgiven me but how do I forgive myself for what I have done? I am now a convicted felon!!!!! Me!!!!! I look at my beautiful children and think how could I ever put them in harms way!!!! We all could have been killed that night or could have killed someone else!!! Why did this happen???? How do I get past this??? I make it through each day because of my beautiful children… I still have three at home that need their mommy, that depend on me and I will never let them down again…. they are my joy, my life! But no matter how hard I try I just can’t get past what’s happened…I cannot forgive myself! Please pray for my children and for my son who has now been adopted by another family… please pray that I can somehow find peace with what has happened. Thank you and God bless!

  318. Tina permalink

    I’m single mother with two children. I was laid off this past Thursday. Please pray for me that I may find gainful employment. Thank you, T 🙂

  319. Kate permalink

    Please pray for my spiritual life,
    I am really struggling with it, it feels like every time I take a step closer to God I get pulled away 2 steps, I reach for Him again and fall even further back. I don’t understand if He is trying to teach me something or not?

  320. Laura permalink

    Its a long story. But my ex-fiance and I split due to his addiction. We’ve known about it for awhile and he worked on his program and I worked on mine. Over the course of the years, things were better then got worse. Recently he came home from a deployment and all went wrong. My co-addiction/dependcy came out and his addiction was full blown. I moved out of our apartment, and even the state. I’ve been struggling grately with letting him go and needing peace. I made my amends with him b/c I needed that closure. He called the other day bc part of his addiction was revealed…when we spoke, he apologized and was honest for things that he had said and done. Then he started telling me about his date w/a girl…I was devastated, 3 years of being together and he was already dating. he went on to tell me about how he was better off than all of his friends and family b/c he had more money. It struck me – he doesn’t want to change. It helped me let go of the thought of him ever coming back to me. It hurts like hell, bc he confessed he loved me and always will and I love him. But I learned that night – he’s not going to change, not now anyways. this hurts alot bc he goes “i called you bc you’re the only person i know i can talk to – you’re my best friend and i want it to stay that way” I said “okay, but it’ll be hard”, however…I cant and wont be his best friend. He cant even defend me to his “friends”, so why should I be the secret best friend? It hurts bc I have no clue what God has in store for me…and bc I’m scared this is God telling me that we’ll never be back together. I love him and I know in there’s a good person in him…but right now he wants his addiction and to have fun. I’m trying to have faith – I’m hoping God can salvage our relationship. That God is healing his addiction by putting him through the worst of it and helping me deal with my issues. I dont know what God has in store – there is great love btwn the two of us…God knows that. but as for now, I know all I can do is work on me. I pray for understanding of what i see as signs…thank you! I pray that God is working in my ex’s life and will help him find God’s way.

  321. Dorice permalink

    Please pray for me to build my faith and to hold on daily, deliverance from nicotine and alcohol. I know that God working in me and I want him to dwell in my heart. I want to be obedient and bless others as he continues to bless me!

  322. Grace permalink

    Thank you for sharing. Pray for me that I will be strong and of a good courage; I am dealing with a lot of challenges in my life right now.

  323. Please for my family we have 6 children and i just need to focus on my best friend whom is the Lord Jesus Christ. I am putting about 50% of my time into getting to know him, i am struggling with trying to find time to spend with him. I love him so much and need him in my life and my children and husbands life. He is so important to us. I also would like prayer for Myself to recieve wisdom of the Lords and not my own wisdom. thank you very much! thank you ymy brother!

  324. daria permalink

    I am very greatful that a friend post you to our facebook, this particular psalm 38, I really needed to read I am going through many trials right now and have caused lots of pain in my life because of the harmful things I have done to myself. I am battling with addiction I am trying to turn my life and my will over to God. I have finally broken my own heart. please pray for me

  325. Anna permalink

    Please pray for me. I’m struggling greatly with my faith. Though I continue to share the Word with my friends and family, I feel as though I don’t believe it sometimes. I know it’s true, but at the same time I feel like I don’t. God has done so much for me, and I’ve seen him change my life mulitple times. Why do I still doubt? Please pray for my faith.

  326. michelle permalink

    I am so completely overwhelmed by so many emotions- too many emotions- one of them is guilt, but I’m not sure if what I feel so guilty for is something that I have done wrong- something that I really am responsible for. This is something that happened just today, but this feeling, this problem with guilt is something I have struggled with my whole life, growing up.
    I have been crying all day- my head hurts so much- everything hurts so much-

    I feel like I am so not worth all the trouble I seem to cause and seem to be.

    I NEED HELP- I tried to pray, but I feel I can’t even do that-

    I don’t know what I am doing at all- with life, with everything- I don’t understand so much, and when I try to tell this to somebody, they usually don’t understand me.

    I don’t know what to do!!

    • mike permalink

      Michelle, please don’t lose heart. It’s obvious you are having a tough time right now. It may be hard for you to realize right now, but there are people who love you and want to help you if you’ll let them. And, most of all, don’t ever feel you’re worthless. You’re worth something to someone, and especially worth something to God. No matter what we say or do, He loves us, unconditionally. Please continue to pray to Him, no matter how hard it might be. He will get you through your troubles if yu let Him lead the way.

      • michelle permalink

        Mike- thank you so much for your words- for your understanding and caring- you don’t know how much that means to me-
        maybe that was God coming to me through you- ?
        I am still trying to pray-
        and you are in my prayers as well-

  327. John.3:16
    For god who loved the world.He gave his only begotten son. That who ever shall believeth in him. Shall not perish, but have ever lasting life.
    PEACE out peoples:D

  328. Kathy permalink

    Please pray for my 24 yr. old daughter, Amber. She is living with an abusive (mentally & most likely physically) man. She lost her job last week. She has started using drugs again. And she has isolated herself from all of her family and friends. She has bipolar disorder and isn’t seeking any kind of treatment. She says horrible things to me and about me, but I know she is hurting and my “little girl” is in there somewhere. Please pray for protection for Amber….from her boyfriend, from Satan’s attacks on her mind, and please pray that she knows Jesus is with her and that she knows we all love her and pray everyday that she asks for the help she needs so much.
    Thank you & God Bless all of you… are all in my prayers:-)

  329. Luke permalink

    Pray for me as it is hard for me to stay on the righteous path now, I’m a freshman and high school is filled with various temptations.

  330. Carey permalink

    Thank you Mark for your daily messages.Glory to God.Mark please pray for what I am being told by a doctor are “panic attacks”, to be removed from my life.My doctor tells me i need medication for depression, My Father In Heaven tells me I don’t! I claim perfect health in the name of Jesus! I don’t even like to give The Evil One power by acknowledging or speaking of these struggles.I would also ask that you pray for a relationship i’m in.Mark I ask for the salvation of my girlfriend from the wiles of The Evil One.I pray to God that our relationship is salvaged if that is God’s will.I love her and miss her.God bless you brother! Thank you!

  331. ryan permalink

    I am a college student at a college that doesn’t have strong religious ties. On campus, I regularly attend campus christian fellowship and I actually lead the Men’s bible study on campus.
    While I struggled with partying and drinking my first year, I feel that God has chiseled that part of my life away, as I am much calmer so far in my second. I am hoping to be a better example so that more men want to join the bible study.
    My problem is what happens out of the public eye with my girlfriend. She is not a Christian herself, but she respects my beliefs (I know that’s already not a good start for a relationship). We went all summer without seeing each other, and now I dont know what to expect when she comes back. I am feeling extremely tempted to have sex with her (we already did everything else last spring…). She knows I want to wait to marriage but she has made it clear that if I was ever ready she was too. That option has been on my mind all summer. As a college male, my hormones are obviously raging.
    I dont know what to do. I even went so far as to buy condoms today.
    While I know its not a good idea in the long-run.. for whoever my future wife may be… I cant help but think about the “right now”
    To make it worse.. I was diagnosed with an anxiety/stress disorder this summer that makes me feel incredibly lonely on nights that I am stressed. It adds to this problem from two different sides. On one side, If i do have sex there is a chance I will be depressed because i let myself, my future wife, and God down. However, when I am lonely, who knows what my mind will want to do.
    I just really need some prayers to make the right decision
    advice/anything else would be wonderful too,
    Thanks and God bless

    • Hey Ryan, Straight up you need to connect with a pastor and find a group of men who you can be accountable to. Share your challenges as they happen. They will give you strength and then there will be times when you will give them strength. So start by sharing with your pastor or finding a pastor you connect with and raise the idea of an accountability group. Praying for ya bro!! God is with ya!! Mark Brown.

  332. mike permalink

    Mark, I thank God for you and your ministry and I pray that it will continue as long as He will allow it.

    I’ve never considered myself a particularly religious person, perhaps because I have seen so many peole who profess to be Christians but behave in a manner that doesn’t agree with how I was taught a Christian was supposed to act. Perhaps that’s what turned me off about organized religion.

    In your posts and reflections on God’s words I have found something. I believe you are sincere about what you are doing and that you are helping many, many people to come to Him (and in my case, come back to Him).

    I will ask only that you pray for those who desperately need to experience His grace. Compared to them my needs are insignificant. He has blessed me in so many ways that I am not deserving to ask for more.

    Please keep the faith and know that you are having a positive impact on so many people. May God continue to bless you.

  333. I just want to say thank you to God. This post contained an anser to one of the very questions I was asking him today…should I just keep pressing on with my quiet times and devotionals even when I’m void of passion and motivation? Yes, it seems. He knows my heart is to do it out of passion and motivation…but when that is gone, I guess there’s no good reason to stop. Keep showing me, Lord. And helping me.

  334. Becca Gonzales G. permalink

    i made a mistake of talking back at my boss at work.. i was issued a memorandum of things that i did. i accept my mistake and ask for God’s forgiveness. soon, i will make a letter asking for their forgiveness also.. what i am really having trouble with is some of my co-workers judge me. some make comments that hurt. 1 officemate gave me a set of prayer materials to read. i am so touched because she’s the only one who practices what she learns from all her religious seminars, masses, and what have you. most of my coworkers though jeer at me even though they are also active in their religious interests.. i pray for them and ask for guidance that they may be as forgiving as one officemate who guides and understands me.. thank you and more power.. God bless you..

  335. Taina permalink

    Today’s Journey deeper into God’s Word really touchd me today..Ive been struggling for keep serving the Lord. I stopped reading the bible. I dont talk to God as often. I need prayer for that. Thank you =) & God bless

  336. Heather permalink

    My husband of 8 years left me in December and has become involved with another woman that is now pregnant. We are not divorced and he hasn’t done anything with the divorce in 3 months and he is the one that wanted it. Our two boys see that he is very unhappy and wonder why he won’t come home, but we pray that God will bring him home even through this struggle. I want to stick to my vows and my oath and promise to God on that day February 14, 2002. The struggle is very hard but I have faith and trust in Jesus that things will work out for the best. I need a lot of prayers because I do want my husband home.

  337. David permalink

    Please pray for me, that the Lord will keep me strong and deliver me from the temptation I try to avoid, and at the same time continue to serve Him well, as a young Christian man should, living in a corrupted society. Thank you. God Bless.

  338. lori permalink

    First, Id like to thank you for your obidiance to God by comitting to this blog. I read it most everyday, and copy off alot to re read later. Dont get to church much anymore, seems my husband fills our weekends up. I just need prayer Pastor Mark. God will know what for. Thank you, Lori

  339. Rebekkah permalink

    trust, trust, trust. That seems to me God’s message to me today, it’s kinda funny how it keeps being repeated in different things. It’s also interesting how verses speak to more than one person. I didn’t realize that you were going to talk about the last two verses before I picked them out for myself actually!
    Moving on, the truth is, I felt that God wanted me to comment on this and even ask for prayer. I don’t usually do this, because I feel that if I ask God, then He hears me and I’ll get some kind of response. I suppose this is different. I don’t want to say what exactly I need help with right now, so I’ll just say that it’s been preying on my mind for about a year now, and now there’s more complications adding to this thought.
    I’m not sure what else to say, maybe that I’m not sure if I’m hearing Him right on this. I know today He’s telling me to trust Him. I’m trying, but I don’t see much of a better outcome.

  340. Valencia permalink

    Strength my faith, health and school

  341. Lukasz permalink

    Please pray for all the people with broken heart, so they will not stop believe in the beauty of LOVE. Please GOD give them strength and keep them strong. Fill our hearts with unconditional LOVE. Also please pray for all those people, who got lost in the darkness. “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”: Luke 23:34
    Please LORD, show them the way, so they can turn around and get back onto the path of light. Amen. GOD bless YOU ALL.

  342. Jamie c permalink

    Today’s verus psalm 38….
    Someone told me four days ago to read that verus because I am going through something big in my life currently… Getting this email this morning was amazing as putting the verus from the book of petter put yet another spin on this that was great go read. Thanks for the encouragement and word. We all could use more of it “even when we don’t feel like it.”
    Jamie c

  343. Ray permalink

    Faith is a good thing

  344. Shawn Lim Chee How permalink

    Please Pray for me. For My life, My Family , My health and my studies

  345. Victoria M permalink

    I needed this. Thank you so much for posting this, may God bless you!

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