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You and I are awesome.

August 19, 2010

Bless ya,


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  1. Steve Gill permalink

    Dearest Mark….. I love you brother. As I sit in Virginia at 6AM I’m realizing how important you are to my every day. I can’t even remember why I found you on the web, but I am so glad. I’m starting to realize a scripture that God took me to several years back John 4:44, where Jesus says a “Profit isn’t known in his own country”. I have been a Christian for 6 years and that scripture came to me when God started showing my wife and I the numbers 444 everywhere we went. What the Holy Spirit showed me was that somebody who was close to us either by location or relationship prior to us being saved was probably not going to “Relate to us as well with transferring God’s messages” as a NEW person from a NEW place. We are much more accepting of a man of God the we don’t know than who we knew before we came to Christ. OK… so your messages resonate with me because I don’t see you as anything but a LOVING messenger of The Living God.
    That being said, on my recent trip to Colorado and from what God is showing me in the last few years, technology although rather useful (I mean I am VERY BOUND to technology), is only a tool. I believe now that there is balance in everything in God’s Kingdom and when it comes to balance…. we are SO out of control with technology. People are becoming less personal with there Faces and There Voices. We have to spend less time texting and more time hugging, holding, touching. God want’s our I Phones to help us when we really need them… yes…. but in my circles I am seeing that they are controlling people.
    Mark, I caught something in your message today that I would like to share with you. It has to do with where God has brought me from and what he is showing me and I give Him all the credit. You said something about becoming the person that “Does what God wants you to do” and the importance of that. It is a true statement…. but I want to share with all your following (We’re all followers of Jesus and only following you because you follow Him) what God showed me. God showed me not to get caught up in “Doing” but get caught up in “Being”. One day at a time wake up and Honor Him by putting your faith in Him and not your own understanding. Sometimes we think we should have the plan and we take the PLAN right out of the Master Planners Hands. It has served me well while I learn how to serve the most awesome God. Yesterday, we again didn’t have enough money to feed our children. I am working hard at building my new vision but it takes time. How humble I have felt to not be able to support my family. But God has helped me everyday and I continue to trust that He is the Doer of all great things and I can DO nothing without His strength. His strength and power and might are only available to me if I admit my weakness and allow Him to use the empty vessel as a conduit for His Messages. That is what Psalm 139 says to me. It is a Psalm of such Humble Praise.
    I am so grateful that you are in my life now Mark. Technology allows that to even happen. But I guarantee you that I’d much rather be in a room talking with you. Praise The Lord for all His Mighty Works today. Let us all be willing to let Him Guide us through one day at a time. Love and Peace to all my brothers and sisters.

  2. Lee seng Kean permalink

    Dear Mark,

    Last year I journeyed through the Bible using the Daily walk Bible to help me “live God’s Word everyday”
    This was after a relative jolted me into doing so, while chatting with him via the internet !I have been a christian for many years, but had not read the Bible “from cover to cover ” After completing the one-year journey through the Bible at the beginning of this year, I wanted to go deeper into God’s word.To me going deeper into God’s Word means God’s Word to explore, the Father’s will to discover as the Lord implore, and in the process, eventually, to bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit.Thank God that I came across your page “The Bible ” in Facebook and subsequently the other pages.Thank God for your ministry.Thank you for using technology to reach out to so many of us!I believe that the Bible is not full of deeply buried truths waiting “to be mined only by spiritually sensitive persons with special insights and education “Everyone of us , including those who do not have a seminary education, can understand the Bible.However, the Bible needs to be not only read but studied.We need
    “to feed on God’s Word” in order to grow.To feed we need to understand His Word and then to obey.The objective is to grow, mature and , ultimately, to bear the “fruits of the Holy Spirit”

    A journey to go deeper into God’s Word does not mean that it is possible for a given biblical text to have an additional or fuller or deeper meaning beyond its original intent.It does mean that we need to read the Bible carefully, consult the work of acknowledge experts and discover for ourselves what God was saying to “them” then and to “us” now.Bible study is an unending process involving praying, careful reading, consultations ( studying ! ) and reflections.I would like to thank you very much for doing what you are doing to help us to read and study the Bible and discover God’s plan for each and everyone of us.
    God bless you.

  3. Pamela permalink

    I truly believe if you have a relationship with “God” he will and slways be with you as you grow as a person and with your relationship with him.. God dosen’t only come in one form he has many forms of Religion from Christian too buddaism too many more… thats what people need to know he is Universal and is soo Awsome with or without propps…. I don’t want to seem unaprouchable or mean I just have been through sooo much in my life I have pretty much seen it and delt with all of the crap of the world sooo I don’t trust or believe in what people put on the internet no offense too You trying to keep it real ya know?? Its not that I don’t care its that trust Well lets just say “No” have a good night…

  4. Mark, I received an email from you today regarding a letter from a 14 year old boy, Charlie. How touching this letter was. He stated he wasn’t getting it…pertaining to God. I was there myself and would like to share EXPERIENCING GOD,by Henry Blackaby. It’s a 12 week study…,…truly amazing…workbook.. God Bless You

  5. Kate Schellack permalink

    Thank you very much for this. This encourages me to keep going in my struggle to persevere, despite my guilt and personal mental problems.

    Lately I’ve been feeling so inadequate, for loving the world more than Jesus with my actions and thoughts, and for putting Him as second fiddle to my own rest and break from anxiety. I’ve already asked for forgiveness, but it is a continual struggle not to act this way again. I only pray that I would love Him and obey Him more. And that my own anxiety issues would leave me be.

    God bless you, and thank you for this encouragement.

  6. Rajneesh k permalink

    Wowww! Pastor mark!!! I really reallly needed this it brought me to tears

    And today I’ve really been struggling comparing myself to other girls and saying why can’t I look like that. I was so sad saying no one ever comforts me when I help all these people when they need comfort or prayer

    But this has change my view on things that I am masterpiece created by the most High! Praise God!

    Right when you said ” I formed you in your mothers womb”.. I know I listened to God this time to watch your video!
    God bless you more and more with His wisdom.

    P.S- I have youversion too!

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