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A healthy guide to growing your faith

July 29, 2010

Well here it is, my sermon from this past Sunday.. been a busy week sorry it took so long!  Click the play button below..

God bless ya!


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Yahweh’s Yarn in a Year : 1 year Bible reading plan

The Portion for next day is:  Ezekiel 37-42 ; Luke 23-24

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  1. Michele permalink

    I would just like to comment and thank you so much for your messages that you send out to people; these videos especially. I’ve been having a hard time with exercising my faith and speaking with God and I guess God wanted me to hear this message 🙂 This was just what I needed to hear. All that you do is so inspiring! God has given us a great messenger for Him. You are such a blessing!

  2. Lee seng Kean permalink

    Thank you very much.I will share it in my FB !

  3. Cheryl permalink

    I love your messages! They’ve really been lifting me up lately. I can’t listen to this one though on my PC. Is there a transcript available? Thanks, and God bless you and your awesome ministry!

  4. Vickie permalink

    Mark, I am deaf and there is no closed captioned of what you said. i really want to know about how to grow in faith.


  5. Kathy permalink

    Excellent message! Thanks, Mark!

  6. Jenna permalink

    Hi Mark! I enjoy your posts so much!!! its been a while… i was about to message you “WHERE ARE MY POSTS?!?” LOL, just kidding. I just want to say thank you so much!!! you are truly a blessing! I pray God blesses you in many ways!! I need some advice, I’ve been struggling with a decision for about 2 years now. i have no idea what to do… I’ve been praying about it, i’ve been seeking advice, i look for bible verses to help guide my way. in a nut shell, my decision is to move or stay. it’s a much bigger decision than it sounds. but my problem is that i dont know when its God who is directing me. things will happen sometimes and i take it as a sign that God is telling me to move. but i also see signs that tell me to stay. how do i know its God directing me, and its not satan trying to trick me? or its not my subconscious making me lean on my own understanding?? I would really like to hear back from you Mark, but anyone else who reads this, I’m open to any advice. Thank you all! God bless =)

    • hi jenna just a question move from what where ??anyway i would suggst you pray then test the spirit see if its God what are your reasons for staying and what are your reasons for moveing but at all time focus on God lookinto the word ask the father to guide you oops didnt mean to go that far sorry anyway be blessed in whatever you do yours Andy

  7. mark isnt it interesting how the words ask seek and knock we use of the mouth by asking useing the eyes to seek god throu Gods word and knocking is actually doing something physically with you hands and also the knocking goes two ways your ears are also for hearing the word just thought that was quite interesting be blessed brother

  8. the reason i feel these things are important it is because i feel the lord has showed me thro people like yourself that reading the word will help me grow my faith with my mouth as i read his word speak it over my life and to pray etc so with my eyes reading his word so he can also show me his nature and will help me to build my realationship with him
    with my ears to hear the word thro people like yourself on this meadia and cds and tapes and by doing his will with my hands
    dont know why but the eyes and the ears and the mouth are all gateways to our souls we need to practice useing them all for his glory amen to that God bless Andy

  9. Lydia reyes permalink

    What a great message, Mark. It’s like you say, we have to have a passion for God . All we have to ask in faith and seek him with all our being and when that door opens we will know that God is with us at all times. Thanks so much for your words and I hope you enjoy your cup of tea. It is nice reading your post and it is very nice seeing you speak the word. I can see the enthusiam you have to spread the Good News. God Bless

  10. Bianca permalink

    Enjoyed the video!! Hope you got enough water!!

  11. Joanie Stenberg permalink

    Great stuff there Mark!! Thanks

  12. Joanne Heatley permalink

    Thank you so much Mark!
    This is confrimation of what God has been showing me recently!

    I love receiving your messages this way!

    God bless you x

  13. becket permalink

    I was in this passage this week pondering and asking God to reveal deeper ask, seek, and knock. It’s really amazing how faithful and detailed He is. I took notes from your sermon and will reflect more. Thanks for the video message.

  14. Suzi permalink

    Just want to add my name to those who have said what a blessing your message is and thank you. God is speaking through you and I also feel this message was for me! =)

  15. Joe Stark permalink

    Hey Mark, just saw your dream vid , stoked bro your a champ, I wanna create art that speaks and inspires and blows minds, it is a little crazy and it is unusual and I have been through and go through what you described, a lot of my work is accross the ditch in oz in Ballina NSW as well as most states in oz im back in NZ now but dream of taking it to the states and europe dunno how dunno when, you remind me of an old mate of mine and love ya style keep it up,joe

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