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Looking for lost sheep is dirty work.

July 20, 2010

God bless!

Mark Brown

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  1. Hi Rev Mark, I am a person who has come from ignorance and sin to be a believer in Christ. I can tell you I understand from your message that God rejoices for one lost sheep. May God keep blessing you for His Glory through you and your messages.

  2. Kay permalink

    I WANT TO BE FOUND!!!! I’m here waiting. PLEASE do the dirty work!!!!

    • Stephen permalink

      Kay, If there is ANYTHING AT ALL I CAN DO TO HELP I will. I would just say, repent-(Ask for forgiveness of your sin’s, and know in your heart that the LORD GOD is listening, because he hear’s every word you say. Know that Jesus died on the cross for YOU and ME. Ask him into your heart. Cry out to jesus, and you will be forgiven. If you want you can e-mail me at anytime and I will pray for, and with you. let the heaven’s rejoice. All my love in Christ Jesus name, Amen..

  3. No Lost sheeps exept conmen people whop tend to be God fearers yet thr for intentions suching for bread Charles is one of them!!!!!

    • kal permalink

      you say let God look for them, but he already knows where they are, the way we come in is we are God’s body, he moves through us. so saying not to look for them is saying “ignore God’s will.”

  4. Dont look for lost sheep God will luck for them

  5. Pamela permalink

    Awesome message, Mark ! I was that lost sheep until May 17, 2009 and I thank God that I was found and have been on fire for Jesus ever since ! My soul grieves for all of the many other lost sheep out there and I am not fearful of getting dirty for Jesus to go after them ! I am encouraged by your message – you are a such blessing and an inspiration 🙂 Keep up the good fight for our Shepherd ! 🙂 Love from your sister in Christ, ~ Pamela

  6. Kathy permalink

    ptm, what on earth are you talking about? I loved this message, Mark! Thank you!

  7. Great post Mark! I have been following you for some time now and I was wondering if you could help a fellow brother in Christ out with 1 small favor. It is simple but will have a huge impact on finding those lost sheep. Please email me @ and I will be very thankful. This should only take less than 2 min of your time and can yield a huge return. Hope to hear from you soon thanks Mark and God Bless!

  8. Lydia reyes permalink

    I have read on the life of sheep. They can be very stubborn at times and loose there way. I guess we all have been there. Praise God for his mercy and forgiveness that he did the dirty work of carrying us out of darkness into his marvelous Light. Now it’s our turn to follow the example of Jesus and get down and dirty and pick up and carry the lost out of darkness. May God Spirit help us with this mission, for we on our own cannot do it. God Bless.

  9. i gotta tell ya ……i was not only lost it was like i was lost and fallen in a hole .I have really battled with the help of the Lord to win my soul back .I’m so happy and i find that being grateful everyday that you wake up and have God in your mind all day in everything you do its amazing :)The passages you give Mark are awesome i feel spiritually nourished each time i read them.Unfortunately i dont feel like i get it from church much these days cause our priests have become so political that all they talk about is how we should vote for our constitution that we are having in about two weeks time please pray for them so that they do not loose focus on the Gospel that they are supposed to be teaching us .I still read my bible and go to church though.Have a blessed day everyone 🙂

  10. Tuta permalink

    God bless you Mark and you all! With God, really nothing is impossible! Thank you for this beautiful and powerful message.

  11. Susan Boundy permalink

    I am member of the Anglican Church in Wagin, Western Australia, sit on the Parish Council. I have just commenced a newsletter #1 out 1st August,trying to get some communication going and unity with our members which is sadly lacking, and would dearly love you to contribute an article, I read all about you in the West Australian Newspaper, and was so excited. Unfortunately I was not in attendance at church the day you came to Wagin. I just love God and want others to feel the same.
    I am a supporter of Father Ron, and loved his healing services.
    Yours in Christ

  12. lucy ng permalink

    Looking for that lamb is adding to GOD’s or man’s kingdom???Jesus says FEED MY LAMBS!
    not FEED ON MY LAMBS!pOOR LAMBS driven off by forcing to shred their “fur”….
    Some perhaps have bad experiences to come back…hoping that through wandering to the right path….they will find the ultimate TRUTH!!! yES FOUND!

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