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Focusing on God and the story of a Chat room.

July 8, 2010

Colossians 3:1-4 : Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.

How do I set my heart on things above?  Now I think I have an idea..

I spent all of last week researching, reading up on the emergence of the digital age, which is causing a massive shift in how we communicate, how we relate and how we organize things.  And in the midst of all the reading I was thinking a lot about the ministry pages I have founded on Facebook:  The Bible, Praying People, I Expect God to Act!!! and Jesus Christ.  And as I read about the importance of people being able to connect from across the world I realized that the Wall on my pages are actually really important places.  A place for people to come and share scripture important to them, to ask for prayers and have questions answered.  Take The Bible page wall, in the past week alone there were 683,125 Wall Posts, Comments, and Likes and 208,501 visits to the wall.  Then I read about chat rooms and the dots started to connect..

What if I were to create a chat room space where people at any time in the day or night can visit and in real time chat with others, get prayed over, find support or just socialize?  So about ten hours ago I created a chat room and posted the following comment on the Praying People wall:

Greetings! I am experimenting and working on a chat room situation where you can come and receive prayer in live chat.. I have set a room up, so if you would like chat click below. Oh I will be in the room! God bless, Mark Brown.

Almost immediately the room became full of people.  I had purchased just the basic size so the numbers were limited to 25, and that number was reached quickly with people waiting to come in.  People asked for prayers, others in the room prayed for them, I sat there stunned, praising God for the way He is works!

Then I left the room and went to bed.

I got up this morning and discovered that the room was still active and had been for more than 10 hours.  People still coming together, seeking prayer and support, meeting people from around the world.  I did a quick count and discovered that more than 200 people had moved through the room in the 10-hour period.

This has been a taste of what it means to Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. Through my very earthly pursuits of researching and using the internet I have been striving to best serve God.  Asking the question: How best can I glorify God through this internet stuff?

So when it says to set my mind on things above and not on earthly things it isn’t saying that I don’t involve myself in earthly stuff, but that within those earthly pursuits (like the internet) I make my focus God.

I am not called to live in a cave somewhere, my calling is to engage this generation on their terms (online) and keep my focus on God.

So if you would like to check the Praying Chat room out head to:

Praise God!!

Mark Brown

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  1. Mark,


  2. Angela Brydon permalink

    I love this idea!

    And your words and actions are an encouragement to to as I frequently have my use of the internet questioned by other Christians and it it has been suggested I spend too long on the PC!

    But there are others who see that what I am doing is sharing my faith in small ways by using the varied online facilities that exist!

    God BLess you

  3. Miriam Johnson permalink

    Thank you, Mark, for creating a place where we can gather from anywhere in this world and unite as family through Christ, to encourage and love another in this journey. What an awesome place to come to, and find the love of God pouring out for one another through prayer and caring words. Amen! Thank you Father God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. Praise God!
    Thank you, Mark, for a safe place to be.
    And thank You, Lord, for Mark. What a blessing in my life, and I am sure in the lives of many. Bless him evermore, in Jesus’ name I pray.

  4. joy mayes permalink

    I want you to please pray for my son Josh. He is hurting very badly because of the verbal and physical abuse from his dad. He is very angry and hurt and he refuses to attend church and do what I tell him to do. I feel he has an evil spirit on him and I am hurting with and for him. I am asking the Lord to help him and I will ask others to pray for him. Thank you so much for letting me share this with you. I am hurting for my son and its a pain no mother should have to experience.

    Sincerely and GOD Bless,

    Joy D Mayes

  5. Ginia permalink

    I have so enjoyed your daily messages Journey deeper into God’s word. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for making a chat room for us to go and pray for other people as well as asking for prayer for ourselves. God Bless you .

  6. DEAR MARK, i just happened 2 come across your bible page bout a wk ago. ever since then i visit just bout every day, u explain the bible the way that people r able 2 understand it. I so look listening 2 u every day, what a GREAT idea bout the chat room. i am very far from u, live in Augusta, Georgia in the SOUTH. thank GOD i have a way of listening 2 u through the internet. {“”GOD BLESS U MARK}””4 all of GOD”S work that u do, your friend Gloria

  7. Amanda Lynn permalink

    Circumstance Thank you Mark for bring another way for Christians can come together for pray. Glory be to the Father!!! Blessing to you and praying for this ministry to continue to expand. We all need the encouragement to continue to press on in Jesus Christ our Lord!

  8. Tina permalink

    This is fantastic! EXACTLY what I needed today 🙂

  9. Medhanit permalink

    May God bless u Mark for everything that u do to bring different people together in the name of Jesus Christ. I call all Godly blessings on to u n be covered in the blood of Jesus.

  10. Arthur Maroko permalink

    Wow… man! I’ve of late been thinking of something like this but lacked the initiative… this just got me more encouraged…

  11. peter potter permalink

    i love god

  12. Bianca E permalink

    God is a prayer away!!! Thanks Mark for your journey and rising above the norm. Your sharing is a testimony that our path to our Heavenly Father has many different directions but with one main purpose to lead others to Christ. Thank you again,God keep igniting you across the web……….

  13. May the spirit of the Lord be with you at all time’s in your up’s an in your down’s. Keep Focusing on the Lord and he will direct your path…

  14. Lady Anna permalink

    What a blessed idea and could only come from the Holy Spirit and Through Christ. In the New Testement..Paul does say to spread the teachings of Christ (paraphrased as I respond to you, Mark) every where and to meet people where they are.

    Also, you would be a fine example to follow so that some others (who may mean well, but may need to closely follow the heart of Christ) not to solicit money as well. I have actually read an internet Christian Chat and daily scripture via FaceBook which had repeated over 6 times to give money or else and used scripture to condemn those who had actually shared very personal prayers (encouraged by the website) which had actually wired the site to make it near difficult to submit the prayer. It was as if the group would not pray for you unless you gave money and had even used the scripture on tithing before you could submit the prayer.

    The Word of Christ is free to all who need His strength as you are offering to so many of us and I welcome it on my wall constantly (I have open discussions as well on other topics). Mark, scripture, when finely dispersed, is so perfect because there is a MUCH temptation of various kinds on Face Book (I , for one, am deliberate on keeping my wall to be joyful and social and with some healthy debates (I will not allow hateful content, racism, or other types of intimidation, or religious abuses. There is so much of that all over the internet and this is the one of the rare places where the discussion is mild mannered and friendly).

    I , least, between comments, find at least three or more scripture passages throughout my exchanges, and it truly keeps the exchange as clean as is humanely possible. Which says a lot to me about the people I invite to my Face book wall. And I find it useful to pray silently before answering or reading these statements on Face Book. I have found it to be helpful to balance the Word of God for others to make their choice as well. I find that people are more open to this kind of reception.

    However, it stung my heart to have allowed that particular group not only try to suggest what I should have on my wall but to use condemnation to ask for money. I remember that in scripture and even by one pastor (the ONLY one on television who has ever honestly said this…The ONLY one) said that your tithes and offerings go to your local church and what you give outside of that is your gift.

    So, I truly believe that MORE people receive and act on the Word of God when His promise is kept just as it is written. So I definately encourage scripture and discussion at all hours of the day and night b/c it keeps us ALL out of trouble from saying things that may not be wise or acting on things suggested in Face Book from time to time. It covers us but does not crowd the freedom that our Father has given to us. SO More power to you Mark Brown , and I support you on the journey in passing the Word and posting whenever I can.
    Thank you for your hard work in Christ!

    Sincerely, Lady Anna on FB

  15. that’s so fantastic

  16. Elizabeth permalink

    I would be careful with chat rooms. Your intentions and motives are great. Most people who would participate would come with the same intentions… watch out for others who are immature and hostile. You won’t be able to sensor who comes and what they say to people. It can be hurtful.

    I hope it goes well for you and the chat room and that all people who enter the chat come to glorify God and be loving with their statements and responses.

  17. Gary Nathanael Murphy permalink

    Keep up the GREAT work for Jesus Christ. God bless you! He is with you and loves you very much. Yes, we all must glorify and worship God. Thank you my dear brother.

  18. Penny permalink

    Mark Thank you for putting the Chat room up for people around the world to pray for each other! It is so Awesome! I just want to stay in there all day and be amongst the people but it isn’t far for others that want to come in and get a chance to be prayed for. Hopefully soon it will be expanded to a larger chat. I hope it works out. Your Journey deeper into God’s Word has been an inspiration to me and I have been trying to catch it everyday when I can. I don’t like to miss it. Thank you so much! God Bless Today and everyday! Penny

  19. marymary permalink

    thanks mark for this chat room. it is a blessing to everyone. God bless you abundantly.

  20. Thank you Mark,but above all i thank the Lord for giving you the vision.Keep on lifting up the name of Jesus through the internet.What a great idea.
    God bless you.

  21. This article reminded me of something. In the online free virtual world of Second Life. There is a virtual church (many Virtual Churches in fact but one in particular House of Prayer at Lighthouse sim for those who know SL). This virtual church had services 5 times a week (all on different days) sometimes the message lasted for an hour sometimes two. One day they had a mass prayer sit in 50 people from all over the world (people praying from Africa Germany England Australia US, all of the United Nations). This Virtual Church also found lost sheep. When I started to have more questions about God and Jesus after having Gone Astray like a lost sheep I found a place in Second Life that answered alot of questions. Bible Islands. Makes me wonder if there is a group of Players on WOW getting together for a Virtually hosted Bible Study.

    • Hey! Very cool! I founded the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life four years ago which has a number of services each week! Although these days I am retired.

      God bless, Mark

  22. sharon permalink

    wonderful. LOve love love the chat room

  23. well 25 people limit? try embedding a Meebo chat room. I’m pretty sure it can support a lot more traffic.

  24. Nanie Figueroa permalink

    hi Mr. Mark Brown,
    thanks to God for using you as an instrument to keep us more closer to Him. thank you for posting inspiring verses… i used to share on my post everyday and try to memorize each verse and share on our weekly Bible Study…..more power and may God bless you more and more!

  25. Kathy permalink

    I was just in the chat room. Very strange. Makes no sense to me.

  26. Marilyn van Heerden permalink

    Hi Mark, thank you SO much for this chat room site. So great to have a safe Christian site to connect with others. Continued prayer for God’s blessings and favour upon you and your family as you serve our Awesome Father!

  27. Thank you Mark.
    God bless you.

  28. God bless us all. Thank you good people

  29. I want to make a comment, and I think this is applicable to the online communications websites and Facebook of course and this Journey Deeper into God’s Word website.
    I have been a real born again Christian a short time. I have subscribed to Christian websites and having the email subscription emails arriving in my email inbox has allowed me to remember to go back to where scripture is often used and I am learning this is where I want to be.
    Often the email notification and email subscription systems have in turn lead me back to my own free Microsoft Windows Live Spaces website I started when I began to realize Jesus and God were real on earth where I uodate and always seem to draw near to God.
    Just to let you know this is perhaps another good aspect of the online church perhaps….I think so. I am being fed….the spirit tells me this right now. Praise God. Thank You Lord.

  30. I think I forgot to post my website link…lol, spammer. Oh well, a Christian spammer is not a bad spammer.

  31. lostbroken permalink

    im 34 ,i met my dad about a month ago! he was very abusive to my mother! now she isnt speaking to me at all,neither is one of my brothers ,they have disowened me! i want both of my parents in my life!i am trying to change my life and do the things god and jesus would want me to do! im so confused! my dad says he has changed,he makes me happy,but im not sure of him! and i miss my mom so much! what do i do?am i doin the rite thing?

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