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Never Alone

July 7, 2010

My latest poem which I thought I would share:


Splintered and confused
no direction or strength

Thin and brittle
what should be full

Tears washing skin
yet grimy inside

Collapsing onto knees
head hung

Prayer muttered
almost silent

Gentle presence
moves forth

The healer
the sustainer

God almighty
deliberate and careful

A purpose strengthened
And pain understood

Never alone!
Assured in the presence of God.

Never alone.



Mark Brown

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  1. Therina permalink

    Beautiful!!!! thank you

  2. lucy ng permalink

    Blessed Assurance
    God is with me
    Till the ends……….
    to eternity
    Never alone again
    I found God in each one
    I’ll live and never die!!!

  3. Kay permalink

    Beautiful poem Mark. i just love it. The first part really describes what i have been feeling recently. I am waiting for the second part to happen. i pray for that feeling that i am never alone but have a support system and of course a friend in God. May He be with me always …..that is my prayer.

    • Steve Gill permalink

      It will happen. That is exactly what FAITH is. It will happen. Allow it to happen by knowing that He want’s that for you!

  4. Robin permalink

    This expresses my life since my husband passed away from cancer in April.

  5. Enid permalink

    Never alone…Thank you Lord!!!

  6. Steve Gill permalink

    God’s strength is made perfect in our (through our) weakness. That’s what your words remind me. So true and so hard…. but like the saying says “What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger” and in our case as Christians, NOTHING can kill us because we will lLIVE forever. Love to your family today Mark. Keep on trucking through the muck and mire Mark.

  7. This is really lovely Mark! I am feeling a bit down in my spirit at the moment and I know God is very near… but like any human being I just want to be comforted physically and to hear him say to me, it is all over Ime, go celebrate.

  8. Nan Vroman permalink

    What a beautiful poem! Thanks so much for sharing, it will be something that I will print and will use during those dark times. Just another reminder of our beautiful God and of his omnipresence and faithfulness….

  9. joe permalink

    Cool, simple , direct , meanigful….cool

  10. This is beautiful,you have enlightened and inspired my has cheered my spirit.Thanks Brown and God bless you for the good work.

  11. Very nice,is good to know am not alone………………

  12. Thank you, Mark, for your diligence in sharing your faith. Your devotionals lift me and remind me that God is powerful and He will take care of me.

  13. Lydia reyes permalink

    That is what God is calling us to do. Just know that he is closer than you think. Just a prayer away. His arms, always waiting to embrace you. Seek him, children.

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