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A big announcement..

June 29, 2010

Click on the play button/image below..

God bless!


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  1. Rene van der Schyff permalink

    God is ALWAYS talking to me about His love for us. I think it is sooo important and I am very excited after listening to your video. I live in PHalaborwa, South Africa and am always wondering what to do to make people realize how much He loves us. As you said it, innosence of a child!! Wow! A child also dont get put off easily and tries again and again.
    Let me know if there’s something I can do!
    I love your e-mail I receive every day.
    Keep up the good work!!!
    South African Greetings!!!

    • mark’s video is a confirmation of what god has been having me do on fb. i have been concentrating on other nation’s especially africa. i have been finding other material and sending them out to my friends. encouraging them, replying to mark’s scriptures, as well as others. and indeed spreading the good news. i’m addicted and now i know it is god’s spirit in the air-touching his annointed to launch forward online. the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few. looking for advice, as well. please contact me. 845-794-3373 or e-mail.

  2. Steve Gill permalink

    How exciting. I have a million ideas. I want to serve God with this vision. I have twenty year of Video Production Experience and I love the Lord with All My Heart, Soul and Might.
    I love your messages and I am a “marketing” person that God is sending out to train up people to send His Messages of Love. That’s all I have for you right now my friend. I’ll let the Holy Spirit do the rest. I’ll wait until you tell me how I can help. Steve

    By the way…. call it “Jesus Street”…. The only Information Highway That Matters.

    • Kathy permalink

      Steve, I like that name!

    • Tommy permalink

      Hi Steve, I’m with you on this one,Jesus street, It says it all.
      Mark, I’m willing and able,what ever you need me to do, Intercession.

  3. Carlos Silva permalink

    I just wanted to encourage you to continue doing the great work! You are slowly getting us all there and I’m finding your daily messages to be very enlightening and fulfilling. God has shown you your calling. Thanks again.
    Carlos Silva

  4. Johan permalink

    Mark, I assumed as always that the message you bring to us is of great value. The only problem is that I and maybe more people in the world can not see the message during the day at work as we sitting behind company firewalls that will not allow any outside recordings to play.
    Blessings to you.

  5. Margaret Ann James permalink

    This is wonderful…Just follow GOD and he will direct your footsteps on the path he has given you to follow. I love all of the the messages you are putting forward, and whatever you choose to do, I will be there to pray you on. GOD BLESS YOU IN YOUR WORK.

  6. Antionette permalink

    Mark, I believe that every communication medium should be used to praise the Lord and to learn from Him. The message of God salvation needs to be taken to everyone. Some are attracted by FB and it is an instant way to help people understand how God works. Sometime, just to send a hug or compassion with their deepest needs helps to draw people closer to God. God smiles on your work.A name that came up to me : Global passion for Jesus. Blessings.

  7. Angela Crawford permalink

    Hey! I just love what God is doing in your life. I dont think you know just how much these daily messeages bless my spirit sooooo much! God bless you Mark Brown!!! Oh and I have an idea for a name, Higher Heights!!!! Be Blessed!! 🙂

  8. Ryan permalink

    Wow. This is so exciting. I’ll make a priority of mine to pray for your ministry as God is leading you forward. This is my first time to see you (Mark) as well as hear you, but I can tell that Jesus is with you.

    May God be with you.

  9. Patsy Bartley permalink

    Hi Mark, Great idea! The name needs to have something Christian about it. “Ministry” could mean anything. I like Steve Gill’s “Jesus Street”…. The only Information Highway That Matters.
    I like Antionette’s too “Global passion for Jesus”
    Or how about this? “Online Community Church Ministries”

  10. Kay permalink

    continue the good work you are doing Fr Mark. i have been blessed with getting closer to God through your site…and especially through one person i met here who believes so much in God’s mercy and presence in life. i feel i am on the way to starting a stronger belief in God. thank you.

    • Lynn permalink

      hi Kay. so overjoyed to know you are feeling this way. only God could give you such peace. I will be here to be a friend whenever you need one. God put us together for a reason and i’m sure we will both be blessed by the bond we will share. thank You God for making Kay a part of my life.

    • Steve Gill permalink

      Amen to Kay and Lynn….. Sisters in Christ! See what you are doing Mark… expanding the Kingdom!

    • Lynn Sicard permalink

      Message from Lynn…computer down…should be back soon. You’re not alone, God is with you.

  11. Jack Keister permalink

    JESUS is leading YOUR path, continue on…………God Bless…

  12. Michele permalink

    This is such an awesome task, you are taking on. May God’s glory and blessings continue to strenghten you each day. I love to listen to your video’s everyday. Thanks so much for your hard work and thanks to God for giving you this opportunity………. Michele

  13. Jordan permalink

    God Bless you and the expansion of your ministry. I think the name you have picked out is perfect and I love it! Your daily video’s and passages help me so much with building a stronger relationship with God. Thank you!

  14. Emma Jeter permalink

    I love to listen to your messages. I think your new project is a brilliant idea. I wish you all the best in it. Will you have jobs available for people like me?

  15. Lynn permalink

    this indeed is exciting news pastor Mark. we need to be reaching the world with the love of Jesus, especially with all the turmoil in the world today. there are so many hurting people out there who have no hope left and no where to go. they need to be guided to the cross and led to their only hope, Jesus.

  16. Christina permalink

    I believe that name is perfect, because wherever anyone goes (even if that means military to Iraq and Afghanistan), the name works. Thank you for your work.

  17. I LOVE reading your posts and watching your videos. By the way this name came to me: Global Love Ministries

    God Bless!

  18. Mark, blessings to you, Glory & Honor to the Most High! I’m excited for you at this point in your ministry. Continue to go in the FLOW. At CDCC (Changing Directions Christian Center) we’re on a 70 day fast (different items each week). This week it’s video, tv, games (so technically I broke protocol) but I had to share with you and I needed encouragement. F.L.O.W=for love of worship is on our wrist bands as we spend time with God. We are soliciting prayers from others to take directly to the throne. My prayer for you, Mark, is that you continue to be led by the HS in all areas of your ministry. I pray for covering of your wife and children and come against the distractions that are designed to way lay you by the authority of Jesus Christ! Be blessed in the Lord and in the Power of His might, in Jesus’ name. Amen

  19. Connie permalink

    I have a suggestion for your Ministry Title that fits your announcement video. The Lord just laid it on my heart if you want to use it. the Title is The Last Shall be First Servant Heart Ministries. Let me know if you use it. God Bless You Today. Amen!

  20. Louise permalink

    Awesome! Love it! The internet is a huge “undeveloped” place to preach of Jesus’ love and sacrifice! Thank you for what you do for Him Mark! 🙂

  21. Lynn permalink

    I too am excited to see that God is bringing to your mind a more defined ministry. Keep in your mind the success God has brought to your Facebook pages may be because it is so personal and global at the same time. My hope is that as you develop this organization, it doesn’t become more global and less personal. The bigger it spreads the personal connection could be lost and what a loss that would be for those of us little people out here, at our computers, connected spiritually behind a unifying thought or lesson. The challenge beyond a name is choosing personnel..being assured of integrity, sincerity, discernment, and most of all like-mindedness toward God. My prayer is that all us folks walking in the “street” will hold you and your family before God daily……the enemy will not be happy.

  22. refinedbygrace permalink

    Rev Mark Brown you are such an inspiration to me. I have only recently been following you online and I am so encouraged by what you teach. I am a writer (well at least I think I am) and I started my own blog about my personal relationship with Christ. I pray that God uses me to touch the lives of others just like he is using you. Keep up the amazing work that you do. Bless you!

  23. Hi Mark, Very nice and Holy Post, every day i came here to listen you message from Holy Spirit.

    So, the name to your new organization i suggest: “The Hope Words for World” because the people always need hope words to your lives.

    God Bless !!

  24. Mark, I listened with interest to your vision. I have had a simmilar vision and I came up with the Salvation Cadet Church on facebook. It is on a much smaller scale than you talking about your ‘praying people’, but please take a look I may have an idea on there you would like to adopt. You may feel that you would like to work with me in some way, if so please get in touch (contact addresses on my profile page).With the internet God has given us an amazing medium to communicate with each other and to spread his word throughout the globe, I would love to be involved in utilizing these new possibilities for spreading the love of Jesus. God Bless you and your work. Michael

  25. Josie Lytle permalink

    Mark I am with Trish…”Global Love” came to me also. We want to reach the whole world with Christ’s love. Blessings.

  26. Valerie permalink

    Mark, I love listening to your enthusiasm about our Lord! Excited about your idea of expanding outward online to reach many more people about the Word. Please don’t ever give up…keep going…it helps us, too, as I’m sure it does you in return. For a ‘name’, how about…”One Way To Heaven” God will certainly keep blessing you, Mark, to help do his work here on Earth!

  27. Jane permalink

    Mark, I saw your clip, I recently joined you on FB and have been also sharing His love and encouragement even prior to finding you. Also on a much smaller scale. I see your vision as well and can see there are many of us hearing His voice and are all on the same path together all over the world. That is so awesome.

    As soon as you heard the name of the organization and seeing some other ideas posted I had mixed feelings… I see and feel the idea of going global, sharing the love and so on yet at this time with all the talk about a one world government, one world religion and so on as prophecy speaks of I am concerned many will get the wrong idea before ever checking it out and will avoid it for that purpose.

    Since you are already established as Journey Deeper into God’s Word, how about something like A Deeper Journey to Love or a Deeper Love Journey? Most everyone enjoys a journey (adventure) and growing in knowledge (deeper) and we all know God IS Love. Just a thought… God Bless!

  28. jacob harris permalink

    hi my name is jacob im from GA and i was hoping maybe u cant start on myspace a lot of my friends r on myspace and i would like for got to touch them so they can see his powerful light so pleace look in to going on myspace thank u for your time

  29. Eli Weeks permalink

    Global Scope Ministries.. it feels like those first two words can be combined into one to make it flow. Hope Worldwide Ministries or something like that?

  30. Ashley Khourie permalink

    I absolutely love getting your emails and learning the Word. I really enjoy the video. You should post more of videos. I think it sinks in alot better when it is told and you can watch. I love and am very grateful of everything you are doing. Keep it up! I look forward to your future postings.

  31. Lea permalink

    wow rev, this is so cool!!

    God bless your future plans for this new adventure with God!

  32. Hello and good day everyone, What a great idea. Maybe a blog for myself would be a great idea to reach those friends and relatives that need the Lord, but dont know that yet? As for a name, all mentioned were great but if we are to reach the sinners also who dont know our Lord, then a more carnal name would be needed? Correct? As Steve had mentioned the information highway, and the old adage of One Way.
    So my name would be “One Way to the Living Information Highway”
    Love you all,
    have a blessed day in our Lord,

  33. Elisa permalink

    I’m happy that with so much rubbish that the devil uses the internet for, at the same time there is good christian people, using the internet to serve God and to expand his kingdom. Carry on the good work, and God bless x

  34. Name for your new site…. GODs. GOING .GLOBALE… G.G.G .. Just a thaught.. God bless and love what your doing….

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