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Needing Comfort and Finding Comfort

June 24, 2010

All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort. He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us. For the more we suffer for Christ, the more God will shower us with his comfort through Christ. Even when we are weighed down with troubles, it is for your comfort and salvation! For when we ourselves are comforted, we will certainly comfort you. Then you can patiently endure the same things we suffer. We are confident that as you share in our sufferings, you will also share in the comfort God gives us. 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 (New Living Translation)

Right now life is tough.  It isn’t always like this, most of the time I have a huge number of great days and the odd down day, but right now the down days are dominating.  There are reasons, stuff going on, big questions being asked; and things are a struggle. So let me tell you about this passage.

I sit down to open the Word in some emotional pain, in need of comfort and my Bible falls open to the above reading.  The first thing that catches my eye is the passage heading which reads: ‘The God of All Comfort’.  Well I am stunned.  I read the passage ready to receive the comfort.

The first thing that stands out is starting with praise, so I praise God, I share with God the wonderful things happening in my life, acknowledging how within my struggle there is much that I can praise God for!

Then I check out the greek behind the word ‘comfort’ and discover that it speaks of God calling me, sending for me. God comforts me through reminding me what my job on this planet is about.

So in my pain I praise God, I share all the joys around my life.  But I also remember what it is God is calling me to do, I bring to mind my calling to share the Good News of Jesus Christ online, my calling of seeing the world transformed one person at a time.

And I receive comfort, the assurance that I am not alone.  When I am struggling the natural place to be is to feel alone, but this awesome passage tells me clearly that I am called by God, and that my life has much to praise Him about.

Praise God indeed!!

God bless,


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  1. great encouragement….thanks Mark…your willingness and honesty neveer stops to astound me! I know there are many possiblilities for your future…but I sincerely pray God blesses a congregation of people in WA with your leadership and shepherding…be at peace…

  2. I really needed that!

  3. helenpenner permalink

    I feel the same, you always astound me, I don’t hardly know Wat to say, I have so much going on in my life and yet lately when I wake up God let’s me know of the good things in my life during this big valley in my life, I feel like God is with me if I feel it or not at times! God Bless ya Brother Mark!

  4. Debra Blount permalink

    I turned my pc on this morning and to my dismay the very thing I needed to read and hear was right before me! PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY for he surely works in mysterious ways..I carried a very burdened heart filled with grief depression and despair..In my troubles; I naturally turned to OUR GOD for his help!! I had already realized in reading the BIBLE that I had fallen short to the one who had created me..Not giving him the praise he so much deserves..or for not having the FAITH that I needed to have,Yes, I am only human and stumbling failing to see all my TRUE BLESSINGS he has given to me only feeling the aches within my heart..But by going to GOD in my troubles there once again..”He lifted me out of the pit of despair,out of the bog and mire, and set my feet on a hard firm path and steadied me as I walked along..He has given me a new song to sing,of PRAISES to OUR GOD”..Psalms 40:1-3..God Bless you as you teach his word and spread his gospel.Please pray for me too keep this PEACE within my heart and the FAITH I need.

  5. vickkyman permalink

    i love this mark, it really meet my situation, i need more of comfort

  6. vickkyman permalink

    thanks and always for yours.

  7. april permalink

    praise GoD i love this site, its very bless’d ive shared some of these verses an storys on my facebook, ive been telling everyone about ur site an told them to check it out May God Bless You Brother!!

  8. keshia permalink

    hi mark really need this boost. I am going through some hard times now at home and mostly at work. And this reading help me to calm down and breath. Thank u mark.

  9. thans for great sharing

  10. katie permalink

    Thank you for this message right now. I am struggling on s similar way and your words and this passage was God responding to my prayers just minutes before I heard this. He is amazing in how He listens and how He provides and reminds us in our darkest hours that we are not alone.

  11. Kay permalink

    thank you Fr Mark for talking of comfort. i feel so alone and abandoned actually and inferior. i need His comfort there is no one else who can comfort me except Him. I feel totally alone and try to feel God’s presence and comfort. how do i hear His words? He surely does not want me to feel this way…it is awful to be so alone all the time. I long to feel a presence in my life…..i long for comfort, i long to feel a warm embrace of affection. Where is love? Its such a cold world.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Dearest Kay,

      Pray and pray some more. Pray Psalm 139. You are not alone, know that with all of your heart. Love is often found among the needy. Find a good church with caring people who will give you the love and embrace that you so long for. I wish I was with you right now to give you a hug and help you understand just how much God loves you. Love, Sister Pam OP

    • Chanté permalink

      I totally understand. I feel I need the comfort of God, I know now that I must praise God for the good that is happening first I must recognize the good that is happening in my life.

  12. Jodian permalink

    Good topic. I enjoyed reading it.

  13. Sarah permalink

    Thank you so very much… I truly needed that in my life today!!!

  14. Terry permalink

    I had round 3, #1 chemo Monday and have been having emotional and physical needs and what did you have here for me today (or shall I say what did the Lord have for me here today), a passage on “comfort”. Just what I needed! Thank you for reminding me of everything I have to be thankful for. I always bring a piece of God to the cancer forum I go to and I believe the Lord wants me there to reach out to even one nonbeliever. So this was the perfect way to start my day.

    Thank you my friend:)

  15. it gives me peace in times of struggle that our God loves us so very much, that he allows the struggles to shape us for futures we could never begin to imagine.

    I too struggle, get anxious, discouraged, but what lifts me up is when I bring it all to our lord and trust his wisdom and grace.

    God bless

    Mark Allen Roberts

  16. so glad to read this message. I have read this scripture many times but never in this context. Thank you so much for sharing, desperately needed this WORD! Your Sister in Christ

  17. J R permalink

    Thank you so much I really needed this. The Lord is so amazing the way He speaks to us through His servants. Thank you again, this will help me focus on the Lord in these troubles I am going through.

  18. As I read the above post it just proves again how God always shows up and meets us right where we are or where our need is. I too woke early before day light this morning with the intent of spending time with my heavenly father both in talking to Him and listening to Him before the distractions of the day started. The distractions started immediately as the dog wanted to go out. While waiting on him to return I turned the computer on knowing that the emails can be a distraction also. However this was the first mail on the list. It was just what I needed at just the right time.
    God is faithful and He will bring each of his children through every valley of life. I say this not only because I read it in His word but also because I have seen it with my own eyes. Many valleys has He brought me through and each time the results was greater than I could have hope for. I too am in another valley and it seems like a deep and long one. It is hard to keep going when the direction is not clear. However I remember what He has done in the past and He says” He Changes Not”. I believe it. God wants to bless us; I don’t want to make a move until I hear from Him because his directions are the right ones. I sometimes wonder what is taking Him so long but I also wonder if He is waiting on me. I am searching my heart and mind to be sure I am hanging on to nothing that would be displeasing to Him.
    I will be praying for Mark and each Poster asking God to open doors that seem impossible and give directions for each step. He will do it.

  19. Jenna permalink

    You are a true blessing. Your blogs always come at the perfect time in my life. I REALLY needed this one. Thank you so much! Praise God! God bless you Mark =)

  20. Terry permalink

    Thank you! Today’s reading was a nice blessing, reassurance, reminder, and nourishment. I needed this as well today….God is apparently answering us all. 🙂

  21. Horte permalink

    YES PRAISE THE LORD!!! Thank you Revered Mark for all you do, may God bless you…

  22. Mark you have the right words to say because we all go through hardship @ times and when we do we think God has given up on us or left us but the truth is he’s there all the time we just have to remember to call on him because he’s always around us in or haPpy times and our sad times the good and the bad the ups and the downs we jus have to call upon him for meaning full help!

  23. Che-Che permalink

    I am on a mission to get as many people as I can to pray for this young lady and her two children. Her name is Amy and she is really struggling right now. She has a deep belief in God. Besides the struggles (both financial and emotional) that she is going through she also is rescuing dogs. She told me that she felt this is where God intends for her to be. Please pray for her and the good that she is doing.

  24. Steve Gregory permalink

    Thank you Mark for this word today. I had a heart attack on the Sunday after Christmas last year(2009) and died twice while in resucitation room. I spen six days in a coma and ten days on life support. I was in a bad way. My dad and brother and two sisters spent shifts sitting with me. Anyway, eventualy the doctors told me i had a genetic disease called ‘hypertrophic cardiomyapothy’ and I was fitted with an Implantable Cardiverter Defibullator (ICD) and given a bucket of meds to take!! I live in London, and this all happened while visiting my dad and family in Dorset on the south coast. I eventually returned to London after spending five weeks in hospital and afurther two months at my brothers recuperating. I had a great bunch of folk around the world praying for me and holding me in the grip of God’s grace, I called them my Prayer Scaffold. Because they held me up as scaffold holds up a damaged building. Over the last few weeks I have been under constant observation by my GP and today 24th June, I had my first visit to a cardiologist since returning to London. After a number of tests and scans, he told me that there was an added problem. The aortic valve to the left ventricle is narrowed and leaking – all a part of the cardiomyopathy apparently. So it looks like I will have to have heart surgery to repair or replace it.
    So, opening my email and seeing this passage and your words have really blessed me today. I had earlier phoned my dad, my hero, mentor and best friend, and the man who led me to Jesus, and he recieved what I said with a prayer. He is 75 this year, my mum died aged 50 twenty two years ago from the same disease I now have. And i am just a year older than she was at 51. I know that God has a plan and I know that He will comfort me when I am down and low, and I do Praise Him when I am low. In the last six months I have learned that if I don’t Praise God at all times , my day is not worth living, so I lift up my voice and my (damaged) heart to Him every morning when I wake up and stay in that mode through out the day. But Thankyou for this word today. I am confident that as we share in our problems, our troubles God is able to show His comfort to us.
    You’re in my Prayers Mark, thank you for being on Facebook, that we are able to share with others across the world and for all those who have yet to believe can see what the Lord is doing in our lives. May your ministry grow and be blessed as you bless those of us who recieve your devotions and word. Amen.

  25. T.A permalink

    Thanks for this. I am going through one of the most difficult seasons of my life. I have never cried so much, and felt so alone. YET, I know I serve a Merciful GOD. I praise GOD in my pain. I praise GOD because I know he is a miracle worker. Please pray for my health and healing, and Bless the name of our LORD and Savior.

  26. Thanks! Comforting is what I need because I lost my job. I then decided to take business course and start my own business. I did that and after one year of diligently learning and build up my business, the money is not flowing. I have been praying, giving away to others, and where is the fruit of my labor? I have been extremely discouraged lately and comforting is what I need.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Dear Pamela, my sister in name,
      I pray for you. Lord, place your hand upon Pamela that she be open to your will in her life no matter where it takes her. Be with her, comfort her, help her to know that she is not alone. Give her all that she needs to experience your comforting love. Amen

  27. am intensify and happy abt these new improvement on line.and am interested in keep it on and God almighty that we serve we never leave us behind.pls keep updated any time on any new thing.

  28. Joseph Coram permalink

    PRAISE OUR MERCIFUL, COMPASSIONATE, LOVING GOD for encouraging me through your message!!!!! I was discouraged from falling to temptation–yet again–last night, but God brought me across your message on Facebook this morning, encouraging me to stop feeling sorry for and condemning myself, and to get back up and run the race He has set before me! The Christian walk is, like exercise, not usually easy, but it is rewarding and WILL BE WORTH IT IN THE END ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Thank you–and THANK GOD–again, for your message!!!!!!!

  29. Catherine permalink

    Thank you for this. Additionally, I heard a whole illustrated sermon based on Jonah and the “great fish”/whale. I always have to remember to praise God and thank Him in the midst of my storm(s)…for…it wasn’t until Jonah started thanking and praising God…that the whale spit him out! God bless…let us all grind away at this together. Life is not for the faint of heart. God never promised us all rainbows and lollipops. If we remain in Him…He will give us the strength and perseverance to get through our storms! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!

  30. This really speaks to me right now, Mark. My down days have been dominating my life for a good three months or so. Earlier today, I sent some prayers and Bible verses to friends. God is leading me to comfort others. He calls us all to comfort one another and share the Good News. We were put on this earth to love & glorify Him and to love each other. It’s through comforting others that I find my purpose. Praise God!

  31. Tim Cook permalink

    Yes, God, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ, is a good God. We must suffer a little for his salvation, but look at the wongerful thing he did for us. Also, the wonderful things he does for us each and every day of our lives…….Praise GOD!!…….I`m blessed!!

  32. St Ephen permalink

    All so easy to say. Clealry you don’t include any negative comments in your comments. Odd.

  33. My caring for my niece (12) and nephew (10) is one of my callings from God. Today She had a royal melt down, 15 mins before we had to leave for a ‘fun’ event. I really struggled and went to my room and meditated on Maranatha and Yod, he,vov he: come Lord Jesus and the person of God. We coninued on with our day but when I read your missive for the day, I stopped and praised God because of my calling even when I really wondered what I had been called to do. Thanks for reminding me to Praise God from whom ALL blessings come regardless of how they are packaged.

  34. Carmen permalink


  35. I love reading the Bible and absorbing God’s word, but I love reading the correct wording and not what some one else writes as they thnik it will better help others. If you in tune with the Spirit, you will know and understand what you are reading. Leaving words out and changing words is not what God spoke…He spoke the truth – and we will hear and learn, line upon line, precept upon precept.

  36. Lisa Mirrra permalink

    If just one more comment can inspire you to continue your journey, and help this inflicted and downward injured world, please, do it! I am truly scared.

    With All my Best.


  37. I have been so blessed everytime I read your messages. They have brought me closer to the love of God. God has definately brought me to you at a time that I have needed it. Today’s message was just what I needed considering what I and my wife have been thru over the last 5-8 years. Thank you and God bless

  38. Hi Mark. I LOVE your passion for Jesus and am praying for you! I was just interested in what you wrote here, though.

    “Then I check out the greek behind the word ‘comfort’ and discover that it speaks of God calling me, sending for me. God comforts me through reminding me what my job on this planet is about.”

    I decided to look up the word for “comfort” on (I like this site, too! :)) The word: paraklēsis

    Now, I thought the best thing to do was to actually go to all of the passages with this word, then look at each passage. Because if I only looked at this (below) definition, I could very easily be led to an incorrect conclusion.

    1) a calling near, summons, (esp. for help)
    2) importation, supplication, entreaty
    3) exhortation, admonition, encouragement
    4) consolation, comfort, solace; that which affords comfort or refreshment
    a) thus of the Messianic salvation (so the Rabbis call the Messiah the consoler, the comforter)
    5) persuasive discourse, stirring address
    a) instructive, admonitory, conciliatory, powerful hortatory discourse

    So, after I looked at all the passages in the NT where this word was used (in it’s various forms) I didn’t find anywhere when it was used as the first 2 meanings in the NT. And even the suggestion of the definition in those first 2 definitions seem to imply great humility in the idea of asking or calling or requesting, etc. So, I rather doubt these first 2 definitions would apply to God, not that it would not be in character for God to be meek, humble, lowly in heart, spirit, etc., especially in the person of Jesus, of course, as He came as incarnate! For, indeed, Jesus very much demonstrated that trait to perfection! But rather, what would be the purpose of this humility for God to be humbling Himself before us to ask us for anything in this kind of sense? The way it seems to me is that the word is used in this sense in us asking and entreating God for help. But again, NONE of the NT references translate paraklēsis or it’s like words (in strongs) in this sense of the word at all. The translations are all either:


    The thing I got out of my quick study here was this idea of “consolation,” and kind of the “metaphor” of like consoling someone who has suffered great loss, such as a loved one. And the idea of consolation is not simply to “be there” for someone to hug or something after a loss, but to actually say, do, or act in whatever way with someone as to help restore their hope, spirit, outlook, and to help bring them back, out of their loss, back to where they have been. So, the idea is that of a real sort of help as opposed to some sort of cheap band aid over a devastating situation. And the word was used with the passage in Luke 2:25 “And behold, there was a man in Jerusalem whose name was Simeon, and this man was just and devout, waiting for the Consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was upon him.” Jesus was to restore the very hope of Israel from the devastation that had happened by the failure of the past! So, I thought this was cool, using “consolation” in this way to speak about how God comforts us. And it even brought a new sense of the word “exhort” in that maybe it’s not as “rough” as a word as once thought! 🙂 And sheds more light on the connotation of “comfort” in that the idea of exhorting is not so much to rebuke, but rather to ENCOURAGE, or RADICALLY INSPIRE or MOVE in such a way! 🙂

    Anyway, some thoughts and what I got out of a study brought on by some curiosities that yours made me want to go look up! Keep loving Him, for He loves u so incredibly much!!

    In His grip, David

  39. Lydia Reyes permalink

    Thank You Lord for all your children who come together with Pastor Mark and praise your holy name. God Has called us to come together and share our bad times and our good times . Our sorrows and our joys, Our happy times and our sad times and through all this he helps us to encourage each other to know that we serve a God that will never leave us nor forsake us. I know because I have gone thru pain and suffering in my life, I have been able to encourage others in thier time of suffering and for this all the more I give PRAISE TO GOD..

  40. Janine Anderson permalink

    Thank you Mark foryour message. Indeed we all need God as our source of comfort. I find God to be a great comfort to me when I read the Psalms. It’s nice to know that as believers we do not have to feel alone and in our time of need, God is our refuge, our strength, peace, and the list goes on. Much loveto you brother Mark. I will be praying for you.

  41. Richard Elmore permalink

    And when God has given up on you, doesn’t listen or even seem to care, then what? I give up on him as he has given up on me.

  42. Lynn permalink

    for over a month now i have been experiencing the depressive side of bi-polar. it hit me without warning and it hit me so hard it’s felt like i had been thrown straight into the very pit of hell itself. but i knew God would lift me out. it still hasn’t been easy as much as i trust in God. i’ve started crying for no reason, had sleepless nights, and had to cut myself off from lots of people in order to not drag others down with me. i lost count of the times i took my sleeping pills out of the bottle and counted them, having a strong urge to take all of them so that i could just sleep and escape. i don’t know if any of you are bi-polar,or have a loved one with bi-polar and gone through an episode on the depressive side or not. but if you have then you have an idea of the devistation it causes them. they need comforting desperately. they need to hear that they are loved, that you are praying for them, they can use a hug. what they DO NOT NEED is to hear things like let go and let God, believe me we do let go and we hang on to God with all that is in us. they don’t need to hear things like turn the page and move on. my brother said that to me yesterday and i told him it was a dam thick book!!!. they don’t need to hear pick yourself up anddust yourself off or get on with your life or anything like that. they could use someone who will let them express how they feel, or to take a quiet walk with, or to listen to praise and worship music with them. these are the things that will help comfort them. i put the sleeping pills back in their bottle and knew i couldn’t take them when God reminded me of the promise i made to Him many years ago to never quit and never give up. and i thought of the ones i had talked through bad situations in the lst 6 months telling them to believe in miracles and in God , to never quit or give up. i fight and go on for those people and for God. He is my strenght, my healer my Lord,my King and my high tower. He’s the air that i breathe and every breath i take. i pray that this post will give all who read it a helping hand in helping someone with bi-polar. take care and God bless.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Dear Lynn,
      You expressed yourself well. Your illness is a tough one to deal with and you helped us all understand it better. I pray for your healing and give thanks for this community of love that we share. God Bless, Sister Pam OP

  43. Lynn permalink

    Richard, i can postivly gaurentee you that God has not given up on you or on anyone else. when you feel God is so very far away from you is when He is closest to you. God is never any further away than a prayer,and in the book of Psalms, i’m not sure exactly where He gives us this promise, you shall cry out to Me and I will hear you and answer you. don’t stop believing in miracles, or in the God of miracles. don’t ever quit, never give up. you will be in my prayers.

  44. Gina permalink

    I’ll be honest…Things for me lately have been quite a bit heavy,and I just haven’t been feeling myself.After reading what you wrote I feel somewhat comforted in knowing that everything has it’s purpose.I know that anyhow,but I guess you gave me a reminder:-)…May God bless you in all that you do.

  45. I thank the Lord for my life, health, strength, and for you sharing this revelation with me. At this time in my life I am struggling with my hours at work, my employer has cut back on my hours and I dont know how I will pay my mortgage and student loan, but I thank God for all He has done in my life, and I know that if I continue to do His will better days will come. May God have a blessing for the readers and doers of His word.

  46. LYILHA permalink

    Thank you…
    God meant that for me today…I was fired from a job for something I didn’t do….
    I will be waiting to see what good things God has in store for me despite this…

  47. erin permalink

    thank you

  48. bethany permalink

    if there was a super like button id be clickin it

  49. call Him and He’ll be there…

  50. i really really need that…

  51. WoW! I love that I found your Blog on the top blogs. We need more people reading to understand the things God is walking us through! The Joy of the Lord is our Strength and that just brought me much JOY!!

  52. Mark,

    You are NOT alone! I have been called to t e same thing – sharing the word of G-d online. G-d has arranged my life so that this is my main focus – and yet all my needs are being met abundantly. Please let me know how I can pray specifically for you.

    Look at see – I think G-d is telling all His people the same things. Please feel free to check out what *I* am getting from Him to be taught and remind His people of: – –

    Hang in there Brother and keep chasing after HIM!


  53. Thank you for this, brother Mark. I bless God for your inspiration and openness.

  54. I too do find that God’s words the best help, comfort we can get

  55. lucy ng permalink

    I had an experience of sorrow…much tears flowed over my pillow…nothing entered my thoughts except questioning GOD why this has to happen?Suddenly a lady came to my bed in hospital & prayed for me!I didn’t even bother to ask her name..she went off & came back with a good morning white towel & told me to wipe my tears …I was really drenched ! Immediately I felt HIS HOLY SPIRIT (the COMFORTER) touched me!!!I stopped crying…What a great consolation..HE came through a lady who was willing to be an instrument of comfort…I am now also ready to be his instrument!

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