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The strength in realizing I am weak

June 7, 2010

Romans 8:24-27: We were given this hope when we were saved. (If we already have something, we don’t need to hope for it. But if we look forward to something we don’t yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently.)

And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. For example, we don’t know what God wants us to pray for. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words. And the Father who knows all hearts knows what the Spirit is saying, for the Spirit pleads for us believers in harmony with God’s own will. (New Living Translation)

(Something different today.. at the end of the post is a video version of my journey today! Click on the play button).

Good to be back sharing my journey deeper into God’s awesome Word!  Been an incredible two weeks since I last posted with a lot happening.  Perhaps the biggest news for me was God calling me to start a ministry organization that will support and resource this blog and some of my pages on Facebook as well as support ministry outreach generally on the internet.  Some really exciting plans a foot on that one!  But more about that another time.

Today my focus is my weakness.  As I prepared to go deep into Romans 8 I did my usual practice of expressing my sin and seeking forgiveness and it really struck me today how my sin is a struggle for me.  And I realized that I simply can’t do it by myself, that I am just too weak.  I need the Holy Spirit in my life to guide me to provide what I need but cannot provide.

Now I am the sort of guy who likes to be strong.  I do a lot of weight training, I played Rugby Union last weekend and absolutely loved the heavy tackles and the full on physical confrontation.  But I am also a leader, I am used to setting direction for a group of people, used to be the person who people rely on.  Being strong is a big part of me.

And yet this morning God reminded me how weak I actually am.

For all my strength I massively struggle with sin.  For all my strength I cannot really fully achieve what God wants of me.  God showed me that I need to stop trying to do it by myself and rely way more on Him.As the reading says, And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness.

This past Sunday I watched a very old and wonderful woman in my church make her way carefully to the front of the church for prayers.  The journey was made special by the careful assistance of guy in the congregation who walked alongside her assisting her.  Without him, I doubt she would have made it, without the Holy Spirit, I doubt I will make it.

So what do I do?  I pray for the Holy Spirit to come, to be part of my life, to be present each moment of the day.  I invite and seek after the Spirit to be actively part of my life.

To guide me, to convict me, to give me strength.

Come Holy Spirit, come.

God bless,


Check out this video version of today’s journey, click on the play button..

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Yahweh’s Yarn in a Year : 1 year Bible reading plan

The portion for today is: Proverbs 2-3

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  1. George Oertel permalink

    Good to have you back Rev. Mark and good posting as well.

  2. Great word today. So good to have you back taking us deeper! Loved the video!!

  3. Cristi permalink

    Glad to see you bvack in my eamil box this morning. I look forward to these every morning before I start working 🙂 Continue to be a blessing.

  4. s-banton permalink

    Welcome back Rev. Mark so nice to have u back. Did truly miss your messages. God bless you.

  5. Alexandra permalink

    Great to see your postings again, you were greatly missed by everyone. May God continue to bless you,family, and ministry. You are a blessing to us. God bless

  6. Pat Browder permalink

    Reading your reflections on what God is doing in your life has been such an encouragement to me. I am so glad to be a part of this journey with you and look forward to hearing from you each day. I liked the video very much!

  7. Rick permalink

    Great start to the day!

  8. Amy Gosselin permalink

    What an awesome begining to my day. In addition, I would like to add that I utilize this e-mail on a daily basis as my devotional and I can not begin to describe how it has impacted my life. We are amidst a Revival at my church these past few days and it is AMAZING how the HOLY SPIRIT has worked through you to send such a powerful message to add in conjunction with all the great things that are happening at our church. You are a BLESSING and I have shared you w/ many of my church family and unsaved family and friends in hopes that you would make an impact on them as well. Be Blessed.
    Humbly In His Service, Amy

  9. Karen - Omaha, Ne permalink

    Hi Mark, I have a smile on my face, because you’re back.

    I learned something this weekend that I need to share with you because this goes along with what you are saying about the Holy Spirit. We are really weak. You want to be an overcomer? You ask the for Mind of Jesus, which the Holy Spirit gives you. Now I ask — Abba (Heavenly Father)(each morning) to give me the Mind of Jesus before I talk to someone or see anyone. I started doing this yesterday with my husband and Wow, what a difference the day was. I started it today, and I got to witness to someone while I was walking into work. I felt tingely all over after walking away. There is POWER in Jesus because he was our complete sacrafice in dieing (to sin) and now living and growing up in Him. Start doing that and see what happens. I learned this from a man who was talking at our seminar this weekend, who grew up in Melbourne Autralia. (I hoped I spelled Melbourne right). Give it a try.

  10. Lois permalink

    Thanks Rev Mark!! Look forward everyday to hearing how G-D is speaking to you. What an encouragement!!…Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding all of us.
    God Bless

  11. it was really great to see you back and i love ready your pages god bless you

  12. Gloria Collins permalink

    I’m so glad you’re back. What a bonus that I was able to hear your voice. You are a blessing to me. I thank God for you.
    Your message reminding me to look to The Holy Spirit was very timely. My adult daughter looks to me when she should look to Him. I’m encouraging her to read your blog everyday.

  13. Mary Malin permalink

    Great to have you back as part of my morning reading, Mark. I’ve missed you and viewing and listening to you was a Blessing. Prayers that the Holy Spirit is at work in each of us; growing us and strengthening us as we serve. Blessings.

  14. Kathy permalink

    I, too, enjoyed getting this as a video. Within the last year, I’ve noticed that there is a new desire for the Holy Spirit among God’s people everywhere, across all church denominations. Something is happening! God is calling His people! My pastor has been preaching a sermon series on the Holy Spirit, and the congregation is hungry to receive! It’s amazing to me that an Anglican priest in Australia is moving in the same direction! This can only be God! We are one body, and when we, the Body, get our act together, the world will sit up and take notice! Come, Holy Spirit, fill us!

  15. rudy permalink

    I love the video…. I’m sure I speak for most that video is the way to go. It feels so much personable. Easier to connect. I too am weak and seek for the Spirit everyday. Thanks for your blog,”Journey Deeper into Gods Word” teachs me to be a better person. Its a constant reminder in staying connected with the Holy Spirit, knowing its there to hear me, guide me, help me, and that I’m not along on this journey. Very humbling. Thank you, thank God for your blogs, and now in video. Can’t ask for anything better…well maybe seeing you on tv is better…who knows? God knows!

    Take Great Care Mark


  16. Kris permalink

    Thank you for Rev Mark Brown for sharing this passage. I am now more inspired to keep going and be strong. I guess, in this tough time I’m facing (and would be facing), the Holy Spirit will always be there to help me through.

    Thank You God for giving us the Holy Spirit.

    Come, Holy Spirit. Come deep in my soul that You may strengthen my frail and weak being, so that I may glorify God all the days of my life.

    God bless you dear Rev. Mark Brown!

  17. Susan Lopez permalink

    I was happy to have your devotional back on my Facebook page and in my inbox. I missed your daily ministry. Thank you for all your hard work and may God bless your new endeavors.

  18. Jae permalink

    Welcome back, Rev. Mark! I missed reading your daily devotionals. Glad you’re back. Continued blessings to you.

  19. Kristen permalink

    Where is the picture from? It is very beautiful!

  20. sandee hanson permalink

    God Bless you because you are always right on what I need to read or pray about. Thanks to you and to God for reminding me HE does know me and SEEs and answers.
    God Bless

  21. Marla permalink

    Great to have you back Mark, and great to see you! I love, love the video blog!

  22. Dear Mark,

    Wow! I really like this new format! The video was very great! I hope that this will be a continuing part of this ministry,by the way i also love very much,and look forward to each and every day! This ministry continually keeps my mind focused on GOD and the word! Thank You for all of the work that you do in it and all of the time and sacrificing of self that goes into it!

    Thank You once again and GOD bless


  23. Oh yes! Glad to have you back, I missed it!!

    Things Weren’t the same without the Journey,everyday!
    GOD bless!

  24. I am thankful for your continued lessons in God’s word. You can’t begin to know how much you have helped me find my way back to my faith. I’m grateful for that. It was also very nice to put a voice with your face!

  25. Eli permalink

    I hope you continue attaching a video to each of your mini-lessons! Those impact me more than the actual text. Maybe that’s just me?

  26. Carmen permalink

    It’s interesting to me how God works – but then again the word says “All things work together…” I am at the brink of a huge revelation and every part of me knows and desires this…yet I find I need to not go in my own strength. This morning I asked the Lord to be my strength, to guide me through my day and confessed my inability to do without Him. I also asked for confirmation of His word, one down. Thank you and God bless!

  27. Nan Vroman permalink

    Great to have you back ~ I have missed reading your blog! I appreciate your honesty and your “down-to-earthness”! We as Christians need to be transparent, but at the same time be able to point to God’s word for the encouragement and direction that we need! Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  28. Lydia Reyes permalink

    Oh how happy I am to receive your post. For the last four week I am helping out in The Life in the Spirit Seminar in the church I belong. It has been a beautiful expierience watching all the people that are thirsting more for what the Lord has for them. They are coming to learn more of the abundant Life Jesus has offered to all who seek him. The presence of the Holy Spirit is being felt all over the World. Places we never imagine. With this Blog , you are just another great way of touching people for God. Keep being open to guidance of the Holy Spirit. With his direction we are going to high places. God bless you and all who come on this journey with you.

  29. Sarah Arseneault permalink

    Amen. Without God I am nothing.

  30. Welcome Back! I look forward to your encouraging words each morning. I forward them to my friends. Be Blessed.

  31. Sylvia permalink

    Thank you for reminding me of the Holy Spirit’s uplifting in my moment of weakness! This week has been tough and I mean really terrible stuff going on like how my family is going to eat and how my sick husband is going to have money to pay for medical insurance but the Holy Spirit guides and walks with me and makes all these “things” HIS! Thank you for that!

  32. Judy permalink

    Mark, Do you baptize in Jesus Name and do you have the baptism of Gods Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tonques?

  33. Grisel permalink

    Welcome back Rev Mark! It’s great to see you, love the video’s idea and mostly to keep receiving your reflections.

    Could you please pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me and teach me how to get closer to God, to pray to Him, to be more discipline as I’ve been trying to get up early morning to read my bible and have been not successful about it? I know evil is getting in the way is so hard the fight against it!

    I really desire to learn God’s word, to listen to Him so it can bring peace, happiness, joy in my life and I can share all these with others! I really do, I know God loves me so much and I want to serve Him so much as well but I know I need to get ready myself for Him if I want to spread His love, grace and compassion. I can’t do this if I don’t have these in me!

    Thank you and God Bless You!

  34. lucy ng permalink

    The JOY of the LORD is my strength!!
    Yes I admit I am weak . I cannot handle my situation without the help of the HOLY SPIRIT – my comforter , my guide !!!
    Help me always to know & to realise my body is the temple of the HOLY SPIRIT dwelling in me!!!Thank you LORD!!!

  35. David S King permalink

    thanks for your walk with his word

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