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I have a question for you..

May 6, 2010

I want to briefly pause my usual postings and ask you a very important question:

What is the issue that you would like to receive teaching on?

Please leave your answer in the comments below.. and know this, I will read your comment and will take your suggestion very much to heart as I plan my teaching program!

God bless ya!


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  1. Ashley Feltman permalink

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for asking us what we’d like to receive a teaching on! A teaching on having the mind of Christ when dealing with difficult people would be awesome. I have a tendency to think/react to difficult people with my own mind and attitude. I know I need to think/react with His mindset.


    • Angelina Toderiuk permalink

      Yes, that sounds very good. I tend to react with my “self” rather than with the mind of Christ, also. If you could merge “anger management” into that somehow, that would be awesome as well. My temper has a rotten habit of flaring up even before I know it has.

    • marcia permalink

      That would be a great topic , Its so hard especially when the one is a professing
      christian, all I can do is Pray this one. Thanks again

    • Francie Crosby permalink

      This sounds excellent as I was feeling very discouraged this morning about my new job and working with different individuals who I find I am reacting to instead of responding with a Christian attitude. They aren’t Christians and I need to remember who I am representing. I don’t always know how to handle these situations and it discourages me as part of me realizes I just don’t want to handle it at all and that obviously isn’t the solution.

    • Jermaine Williams permalink

      To Mark Brown

      I agree with teaching on anger management, but also on how to be HUMBLE. I find myself feeling proud inside, even if I try not to think proud, I find that it’s still inside. I know I need to pray about this.

    • Jermaine Williams permalink

      I would also like teaching on how to evangelize to those of differnet religions like Muslims who argue they believe in Jesus Christ, but that he was just another great man or prophet. They can also quote the entire bible and are eager to argue of the point of Jesus being more than a man- God. Or Hindus, who believe in many gods. They probably believe Jesus is just another ‘god’ one can worship.

  2. Stacey Hogan permalink

    I would like teaching on how to NOT worry. I know I’m not supposed to worry and I don’t want to worry, I try hard to not worry but it seems to overtake me sometimes. I trust God, I know he will always provide, but inside I can’t control when I worry about problems. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for many, many years. I choose not to medicate and believe that the Lord is my healer, I need Him to take away my worry from me!

    • sharon permalink

      Yes, I suffer from an anxiety order (OCD). And yes, we are supposed to give our worries over to God, but those of us with a real disorder sometimes feel lost out here. God is so good, but that does not mean He will heal us completely. This just may be our thorn in our side. But bible study for mental conditions such as bi-polor, OCD, tourettes, etc would be very much appreciated.
      Thank you Bro Mark,

      • Renee permalink

        I would also like to see something regarding mental illnesses. I have bipolar disorder, ADHD, insomnia, and PTSD. I also have major problems with anxiety. I am getting feedback from all kinds of people (chaplain, therapist, psychiatrist, Christian friend) but would like to hear what you think applies in a Biblical context.

    • Dena permalink

      I would also like to learn how to stop worrying and totally give my problems to God. My husband has filed for divorce and he is someone I don’t know any more. I just want to let go of him and go towards God. It is so hard to do. I keep hoping that my husband will change his mind and I can’t get past the fact that he doesn’t want me any more. I desperately want to let go….

  3. Meg P permalink

    Christian wife, unsaved husband

    • Meg,

      My husband was out of church for 5 years, after serving the Lord for many, many years.

      He declared himself an atheist and renounced every thing to do with faith!

      I had to learn how to live with a man who knew the bible and would use it against me to try and undermine my faith, and how to love him, genuinely love him.

      I went through a difficult time of grieving, for all the lost dreams, and much time weeping over the discord and strife, and watching my home fall apart.

      One day I was out in my car, frustrated, weeping and feeling sorry for myself. I cried out to God ” Do I have to be a victim? Do I have to put up with this?”

      God said ” No, get up out of the dust and stand, not against flesh and blood but against the real enemy!”

      So I shook myself off and did the following 2 things.

      1) Told the enemy where to go, declared my home a place for the Lord, and refused to allow any enemy activity in my home (this included guarding my own heart against disappointment, hurt and resentment towards my husband)

      2) Chose to believe that God alone is enough! So, whether my husband is Christian, Atheist or Muslim, I will serve the Lord with Joy, because He is all I need.

      The story has a happy ending, my husband has returned to God with a humble and contrite heart and is on fire for the Kingdom of God.

      Just turn all your attention to God, let Him be enough, the rest is passing.

      Hope this helps, would be glad to talk further on this if you are interested.


      • Kathy permalink

        Meg, what a wonderful story! You did the right thing, recognizing that your husband was not the enemy – it was satan. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12 Praise God that your husband returned to the Lord!

      • Sister Pam OP permalink

        Dear Meg,
        God bless you! Your faith is an inspiration,

      • I love what you said and concur with your comments, you are right on the mark. ‘ALL to Jesus I surrender’.

      • Thank you ,thank you ,thank you .This is like you have been in my house and looking in my closet.I married what I thought was a Jewish Gentleman only to find out he is exactly who you described.Now he wants me to quit going to church,,which will not happen.I want him in church with me .

      • Joe permalink

        Hi, I saw your posting and was intrigued by what you said. I am going through something right now. Could you email me and i will tell you about it. I have a few questions for you if you dont mind helping me.

        Thanks so much and God Bless,
        Joe Basquez

      • Joe permalink

        TO SUE BARTON:

        Hi, I saw your posting and was intrigued by what you said. I am going through something right now. Could you email me and i will tell you about it. I have a few questions for you if you dont mind helping me.

        Thanks so much and God Bless,
        Joe Basquez

      • Jermaine Williams permalink

        I have a liitle issue right now with making God enough. I am 21, and just came out of a sort of relationship thing, and found myself feeling very insecure- wanting a man around- feeling like if I need one in my life right now- and i never felt so before. I found myself making friends with a guy who was a bad influence until it lead to the point of one of his enenies threatening to kill me and my family if I dont stop talking to him. After that, I still found myself missing him even though I know he is dangerous. I find myself always wanting to talk on the cellular phone with a male who i was interested in so that I could feel loved. I sense in my spirit that God is telling me to cut out all of this, and I stopped calling but still feel to. They never call. I really need to learn how to make God my one true love again. Do you have any advice? You can also email me at

    • Kori permalink


      Christian wife, unsaved husband <—– me a year ago!

      Today: Christian wife, Christian husband!

      = A WHOLE lot of prayer.

      Pray for softening. Pray for his heart to open and see! Ask others to pray too! (you may be surprised how many already are!) DON'T give up!

      Be the light he needs! Be a light to others around you. He will notice that.

      Take care and God bless! I will pray for your husband too! Going into my prayer journal right now!!!

    • Mamoleboge Lulu Segolela permalink


      1 Corinthians 7:13 NIV
      When Your Mate Doesn’t Share Your Faith (1)
      Living with an unbelieving mate is both a challenge and an opportunity. It’s a challenge because believers and unbelievers see life differently. And it’s an opportunity because God can use you to close the gap and win them to Christ. But for that to take place you must make two commitments. First, commit yourself to the goal of their salvation; second, commit yourself to your own growth through loving them and living with them. Once you’ve committed, you’re ready for this practical and helpful counsel.

      Remember the unbeliever’s spiritual limitations. ‘Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!’ (2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV). Only when they’re ‘in Christ’ can they be a ‘new creation’. Only then will ‘the old’ go! The old will dominate until they receive the new. ‘That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit’ (John 3:6 NKJV). Remember, the unbeliever suffers from spiritual birth defects they can’t overcome until the new birth corrects them. ‘.the flesh is hostile toward God; for it does not subject itself to the law of God, for it is not even able to do so. those. in the flesh cannot please God’ (Romans 8:7-8 NAS). If they don’t love God’s Word, prayer and church like you do, it’s because they’re controlled by the flesh and are ‘not even able’ to. So have realistic expectations. Remember what you were like BC (Before Christ)? Be patient, loving and kind while God does His work in them.

      Soul Food Reading: Lev 13:38 – 14:57; Mark 1:9-13; Ps 25:1-7; Pr 9:17-18

  4. Michael J. Goins permalink

    Perhaps more teaching about the historical accuracy of the Bible and its contents.

  5. tiffany permalink

    How to live when facing chronic or terminal illness. We live in a society where when people or loved ones fall ill, they question their beliefs about god. I have fallen ill and always question god, although I shouldnt. I feel like i turn to god, but he shuts the door. Its hard for people who are ill to not feel despair. It affects your interpersonal relationships, finances…etc.

    • Doug permalink

      Tiffany, 1st of all Faith is the evidence in believing for those things not see. Jesus said you must have the faith of a mustard seed, so what God is doing is testing your faith. The Word says he will never leave us or forsake us, so you need to stand on the Word when things look bad because that is the enemy using the world and stereotypes to try and get us out of the Word. If he can do that he will keep you looking at the circumstance and not what the Lord has declared for you. We as humans forget the 1 most awesome thing Jesus did for us, he took everything to the Cross and conquered it for us! How awesome is that! Tiffany may I suggest that you study ephesian 6 on the Armor of God and ask God to tell you what each verse means if you need to and he will tell you. I did and he has used me to speak to people about the Armor. God told me this a couple of years ago” Your struggle is the only proof you’ve not been conquered”. God Bless you and your home.

    • Teresa permalink


      Keep your eyes on God. He will NOT forsake you……………………

  6. Like to receive messages on GOD’S KINDOM, REVELATION & MARRIAGE

  7. would like to know more how to apply to daily living..sometimes it is so hard…our church does inner healing and deliverence we do what Jesus literly,heal sick,heal hurts from past,cast out demons..have had all this done…our church is if you want to check it out…i like your teachingings cause they make it eaisier to understand..somedays am just to blond and it help to get a different insight….sometimes pastors just get to busy and forget we need to have some things broken down more
    thanks for yur time i know you are busy also…may God bless you greatly as you go forth…ramona

  8. Joann Guevara permalink

    the issue of fidelity, y is it so hard for a man wheather he is in Christ or not to remain monogamous… and women find it a bit easier…period! wats up with that…. 😦

    • Pearl Watson permalink

      Who says women find it easier? Most women have strong sexual drives and have to deal with peer pressure more than ever in these days, being encoouraged to give in to their urges. Look at the TV shows here in America, where the women on the shows are upset if they go without sex for any length of time, using and letting themselves be used constantly. It has become not only accepted, but expected for a couple to live together before marriage. Women and men are bombarded with sex constantly from TV, radio, billboards and peers. Women don’t have any secret ability that makes them less vulnerable than men and they don’t find it easy to stop once they start. Ladies, if you are out there with a sexual addiction, know you are not alone, but God is the answer and what can’t be done in the flesh, God will give strength to ccomplish and overcome, just trust Him and put on your armor every day, taking up your “sword” every day and read it so you can use it to fight temptation. (Eph. 6:10-20) Always praying in the Spirit for others AND yourself. The same applies to you men too.

  9. Steve Gill permalink

    Oh Mark…. please know that as a brother in Christ…. I will “be willing” to sit at the table and have a meal (Word) about anything with a true Shepherd. There is no meal that I can’t enjoy when it is a transparent soul dishing it out. Pray, Discern…. Teach. I will listen and learn as the Spirit shows me what you are teaching. I love you brother from Down Under. You’re going to High Places my friend.

  10. How to listen to God more and know that it is God?
    Do not let other people drag you down to their level, they are wanting you to help them learn about Jesus.
    I know that each person needs to learn on their own about God and find a Godly leader to help them grow. How do you tell them without hurting their feelings?
    I know that God has different people that can lead people to grew in their learning of Jesus. I can’t help them. How can they find the person that can help them?

    • Michelle permalink

      To know that you are hearing the right voice that is Gods voice, you have to know the word of God. Anything that is of God will line up with the word. If it does not then it isnt God. Meditate on the word of God and the Holy spirit will reveal the secret things. When you dont understand ask God what it is He wants you to learn. It may take a little while to keep seeking and asking but He is faithful to answer in just the right time. I prayed for a friend that would help me grow in the Lord for a long time and wasnt until I stopped looking to people but to God to help me that he sent a Godly woman in my life and we have prayed each other through some things and have seen God move mountains!! We have to seek Him first. Matthew 6:33 its my verse that I live by. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these shall be added unto you. All these things means anything you need or want comes after you seek Him first. I pray this helps you. I know that you dont know me and Im not a preacher or anything just seen your post and was propted to respond. God bless you!!

    • LISA permalink

      First of all you need to recommend that that person find a church that teaches the word from the Bible, verse by verse. Usually churches that have that teaching principle will have weekly bible study group for different levels of teachngs. Like new believers, regular weekly studies for believers that are a little more mature and want to be a part of a more in depth study. Some churches have small group studies for men and women or married couples. They need to search or they will not grow in the faith!!

  11. Barbara permalink

    I think one of the issues I deal strongly with is long, drawn out medical/health issues and feeling like I am not hearing an answer from God on why or what the lesson I should be learning is.

    • Emily permalink

      Hi Barbara,

      I know exactly how you are feeling. I have multiple back and neck problems and last November I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. It’s all a matter of trust. I trust the Lord to heal me of the cancer and give me strength to get through the day.I don’t know what to tell you about finding that trust.I know God has a reason for all these trials that he has given me,but I don’t need to know the reason. He will reveal it in His own time. My favorite scripture is Paslm 23. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shawdow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me. May His peace be with you always.

    • Marion permalink

      Maybe the lesson is a simple one to shine where you are. God wants us to live for Him and be a shining witness to Him no matter what position we hold in life. Trust in the Lord to know what is best for you, and spend time, real time with Him. Read the Bible, pray, worship and through it all know that He is always with you no matter what.
      I had a real trial when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Like many I asked, “Why me God?”. My clear reply when I was finally still enough to listen, “Why not you?”. That was when I started to rally get into the Word of God. I listen to praise and worship music whenever I start to feel down. One thing I have discovered is that you cannot stay down when praising our Lord.
      Since becoming disabled I still try to witness for my Jesus. I do a lot of that on line, in pogo and on facebook. My place in life on earth has changed, but I am still a child of the King and I know He is in control. Sometimes our healing comes on the other side, and right now I am happy living my life here on earth. Content in the place He has me and not worried about tomorrow as my Jesus has everything under control.
      I hope this helps you some. Get into the Bible and really listen to that still small voice of God.

  12. Forrest permalink

    Going through divorce, missing my family and my kids so much.

    Standing firm in the trials of life,

    Not changing paths just because the story changed.

    When Faith is all you have.

    Keeping your eyes on the REAL GOAL. Your Vision

    A New beginning….again.

    I really enjoy reading your blog, Thanks

  13. divorce and living with an unsaved spouse.

  14. Nancy Tague permalink

    Whatever God leads you to teach is always good for me. I don’t have a particularly special one..

  15. Kayla Kvacik permalink

    the struggles of temptation for christians and non-christians, males and females, within the bonds of marriage

  16. Lorraine Yardley permalink

    Good morning Mark, I have a question regarding our relationships with God, can we be His friend?

    • Pearl Watson permalink

      Lorraine, I can tell you from my own experience that not only can we be freinds with Christ, He greatly desires it and God the Father longs to have you near Him and He will draw you to Him. I had been a Christian many years before I found out I could have a relationship with God, all parts of the Trinity not just 1 as well. I find myself really loving Him more and more and feeling His love more as well. You can talk to Him and tell Him everything in your heart without fear of it being used against you as some people would, (emphasis on some,) because He already knows it all and guess what? He loves you anyway! He’s just waiting for you to bring it to Him and open your heart to Him fully to receive His love. He won’t force anything, He wants you to come to Him because you WANT to, not out of obligation. Read His Word every day so He can speak to you through it. Open your heart and mind to the Holy Spirit and you will find yourself in a relationship deeper than meer friendship. You are His Bride and a princess and He wants to cherish you.

  17. Maria Moore permalink

    I want to know about why god punish the good people and the ones that do bad things they get away with murder. Can you tell me that. I sent you a e-mail and never got a responds about my faith in the lord. Because Right now I lost every faith that I had in the lord. He took everything I loved in my life. There is no meaning in my life so why should I go on. and Believe. can you tell me that.

    • Chris permalink

      This world belongs to the devil, and people who try to do good will always be oppressed. It sucks , but what do you do. If you go around acting like all the other assholes in this world you lose your soul, for the wages of sin is death. Be strong and embrace your suffering.

    • Steve Gill permalink

      Maria…. I have lost so much since coming to The Lord…. but I’ve gained something that is very hard for any of my friends and relatives to see. I’ve gained a loving relationship with Jesus Christ. I understand your trials have been impossible to bear. God didn’t take anything from you. He shows us everyday that what we have isn’t the stuff that matters anyway. I know it hurts to lose…. but never…. lose your faith in God. He loves you and he’s trying to show you in a NEW way. Not by sending you a “Fix It In A Minute” package. He has to have you first…. then he has to make you a workable pile of clay (That doesn’t feel good by the way)… and then he wants to Re-Shape you into the EXACT person he planned on you being in the first place.
      I cheated in my marriage, I lost our house, I made us poor…. but He saved it all. Yet, before He saved it, He had to show me how to live. Also….. we must realize that we are sinners first and let Him take a hard look at who we are before He fixes things.
      Maria…. I hope that today is a NEW day for you. I will pray for you and your walk with God. I tend to think that as much as God does test us and put us through some things…. THAT is an exact reflection on how He will use us later. What a glorious thing to look forward to.

      Bless you sister. Keep the Faith.

    • Kathy permalink

      God does not punish good people. Satan and a host of demons are loose in this world right now, wreaking havoc on unsuspecting people. It’s sad that many people blame God for the evil that the devil does. We first must give our hearts totally to Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Then He gives us power and authority to stand up against the evil forces and demand that they leave us alone! We must stay close to God and keep reading His Word. Right now you’ve allowed satan to win. He has kicked you down. Get up and put on your armor!

      • SHERRY permalink

        Yes put your armor on I feel like the Lord wants me to respond to you. I have always loved the Lord all my life, but not until 18 months ago I was baptized with the holy spirit. I have not always lived my life for God but I have always thanked him for everything that he has done or gave me. You can’t look at what other people are doing and what they are getting away with. God will take care of it in his on time and for the right reasons. Put your trust in God and have a lot of faith. If I were given a choice of one million dollars and follow the devil or have nothing and serve the Lord it would be the Lord because I know where I am going how much he means to me. Please never look at what someone else is doing only your heart and your heart should be filled with the Holy Spirit. If you don’t know what the Holy Spirt is you are missing Gods Love and what he can do for you. God is good and I will pray for you find peace in your life. Love you

    • Donna permalink

      Rev. Mark said not long ago that he realizes that God is not so much concerned about removing us from our situations as He is in seeing how we grow and change into the person He wants us to be because of our situations. God uses our difficult situations to “grow” us.

      • Sister Pam OP permalink

        Dear Donna, I agree with you completely. We blame God for the bad things in life when in reality, it is only through God working in us that the bad can be turned into something beautiful and healing.

    • Teresa permalink


      I have come to realize that nothing in this world really matters…except God, love, family and friends. Material possesions, nothing. I don’t know what you lost that you loved, but it was not God who took it…..

      When you finally come to that understanding and thank God for what you do have, and what is to come, you will see the difference. But you have to trust that He knows what is best for us, better than we do.

      Don’t let the enemy tell you how to think or feel……just say “Get thee behind me satan” and he has to flee…..

    • Dear Marie, I am not Mark but you touched my heart and I felt to reach out to you. There is an old song which I have always loved it goes, ‘turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.’ when we look at this world and the things that are happening around we become full of dispair. The enermy of our souls and the ruler of this world the devil wants to keep us focused on these things. But Jesus came to set us free, and to give us a sure hope. The more I learn to kneel before Him, surrender it all to Him the more He teachers me the answers, and fills my heart with peace.

    • Jeff heuby permalink

      Marie, my wife and I don’t know what bad things have happened to you but Jesus said we will have trials and tribulations in this world. He didn’t promise the easy life to Christians. Sometimes bad things happen because we don’t seek God’s will in our lives and we make bad decisions. Sometimes God allows bad things to happen for no apparent reason to us but He has a purpose that we may not understand such as why young people die. We probably aren’t going to understand some things in this life. Job said “should we accept only good things from the hand of God and never anything bad”.Now in the time of trials is when we must trust Him and draw closer to Him. Cursing God is like trying to level a mountain with a shovel. This is the time to develop a closer relationship to Him because it is in the valleys that we grow. It is easy to trust God when times are good. Hold on to your faith,draw upon His love. Be honest about what you are feeling. Remember, you can tell God anything at all. It is okay to be angry with Him, just be honest in how you feel. God loves us “warts and all”. Sometimes it seems that our faith is all we have. Don’t give up on the most important thing you possess! Jesus loves you so much that He died for YOU. He will bring you through these difficult times if you will let Him.

  18. Carrie permalink

    I think it would be good to get some knowledge or insight from you and the biblical knowledge you have on how to live with a chronic health condition and crashed dreams/unfulfilled wishes.

    Basically something that helps you deal with the question How do I fit into God’s kingdom without X?

    Thank you.

  19. Emily permalink

    I would love to hear more about what God wants us to do as Christians to become better Christians…that is our goal in life after all:)

  20. annette permalink

    Living and standing strong in the evil days. Discerning the spirits-the lies..etc.

  21. I would love to hear about how to react when someone you love dearly dies. I know that I should be happy for them, but when I am overwhelmed with sadness?

    • Jeff heuby permalink

      It does hurt immensely when someone we love dearly dies. We will miss them terribly. We can be glad for them knowing they are in the presence of our Almighty God, but our human side still aches for them to be here with us. You never “get over” their death, but you do learn to live with them not being here every day. It seems like such a struggle when you want to pick up the phone and tell them about your day then you realize you can’t do that anymore. With time it will get easier to bear, but there will be times when you will reflect and still miss them so much. I am Jeff’s wife and I lost my mother 5 years ago. Today is Mother’s Day here. I don’t know where you are right now but days like this are still kinda hard. Take heart in knowing that Christians will get to see their loved ones again in heaven and spend an eternity together there.

  22. a teaching about what Jesus wants us to be after Acts 1:8.

  23. Lori Fast permalink

    How to love others with healthy boundaries; knowing what’s the difference between the sacrifice God asks of us in loving others and being codependent or unhealthy in how we relate.

  24. Beverly Boyd permalink

    How to know if you are truly are on the path that God intends for you.

  25. sabrina oliver permalink

    I am A single mom of seven, And I want a better relationship with the lord and my children . I need my children to realize I do the best I can And for me and my family to grow together in the spirit of the lord.. My teenage son blames me for everything And I feel like he hates me.. This has me beat down emotional for I love my children so much

    • Nelly Lufuno permalink

      Hi Sabrina

      I’m 15 weeks pregant and not married. My two brothers and i were raised by a single mother but our father is still alive, he chose not to take care of us. I’m luck to have known the situation between my mom and Father, for years i have tried to get him to help me out with school or even my drivers license but he always made promises and never delivered. I think it’s best that you use my example with your children. They may think that it’s your fault but it’s not the case, if i didn’t know the kind of persn my father is, i would also blame my mom, but because i know that he left my mom to go live for the world and not bother to take care of us, i think it makes no difference knowing him coz he played no vital role but instead made me a bitter and hateful person towards him. I don’t blame my mom but i blame him for not having the opportunity to go to varsity and to have to find a job so that i ca get a drivers license. My first job was at a clothing factory and i earned less than 95 dollars (R350.00) a week.I worked there for 2 years with ppl that did not even get to grade 8 while i had my matric certificate. They thought i was there because i did not finish school, but i was there because i had no father to rely on and my mom was earning rund about the same amount of money as we worked together. Today i’m facing my fears of being a single mother just like you and my mom, i’m carrying a child from a two year relationship but now that i’m pregnant, he decided to leave and go to be with someone else. I’m afraid for my child as i know how it feels to be a child with one parent. My child will not get to know the father as he made the decision to leave even before the baby is born. It brings tears to my eyes, i cry almost everyday when i think of how in God’s world, men turn their backs on thier children, it saddens me deeply that i am going through pregnany alone just lik emy mom did. Is it destiny for praying women to be alone. I hope you son will realise the importance of having a father and will use his experience to be a great father one day. it might be God’s doing that their father is not there, maybe he’s keeping him away for a reason.

  26. Tholang Chonelanga permalink

    Hi Pastor
    I would like a teaching on how to deal with anxiety and to avoid depression.thank you

  27. Jack permalink

    explain why that i meet a great christian woman who goes by the bible, in the beginning, i didn’t nor does my family. To make a long story short, me and my gf fell in love, my mom calls her up saying she will never be accepted, my brothers texted her a few times calling her ugly and names. Now, we broke up. I didn’t do anything, but she said she lost feelings for me. it’s been 2 months since i last seen her. we were dating for 17months, and now im stuck with a broken heart asking God to heal me. I am a Palestinian Christian and my ex is an American. She got me to read the bible and wanting to live right, but it seems like it just doesn’t matter because my family made her lose feelings for me. Does this mean that I will never be saved because my family will do whatever it takes to cause problems? I need God to save me from this pain and move on with my life. So any suggestions would be great. Thanks

    • Shell permalink

      Feel Gods loving Embrace.. You have been given the greatest gift in him.. Love him with everything you have, grow in your faith and good things will come to you and you will be fulfilled. If you asked Christ to be your savior, you are saved.

    • Yvette De Reuck permalink

      Hi Mark,Thank you for this opportunity. I have not had time to scroll down and see all the comments so I don’t know if this particular issue has been raised or not. Could we please have teachings on true Worship. A lot of the songs we sing as Worship songs in fact do very little to Worship God and they tend to be more about us. There are different movements of the hands that donate different types of Worship etc…We also make so many promises while we sing to God which in most cases are not kept, and we need to understand that we will be kept to what we say, even in song…It would be very helpful if we could have teachings in this regard, even if i am the only one who will benefit from it. I must admit it has been bothering me for a good many years now and I feel it is important that we understand the meaning of Worship.

  28. Carol permalink

    I would love to see a teaching about the accuracy and inerrancy of the Bible, and how it all fits together.

  29. Dav permalink

    Hi Mark,

    I want teaching on how to hear the voice of God and get visions of where the Lord wants to take me, and for the Holy Spirit to work within me and truly seek the kingdom of God and get closer to God himself!

    Many thanks

  30. Dawid Van Der Merwe permalink

    In God’s word it says that He is no lier which I whole heartedly believe. He says He has plans to prosper us and to give us a hope and a future. The Word also says seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteuosness then all else be given to us. Why is it then that you think that God wont heal certain people when all He needs to do is speak the … See Moreword and devine healing will take place immediatly. The Word also says by the stripes of Jesus we are healed. I m born again and struggling with this question above.

  31. Becky McSpadden permalink

    Mark, I like the direction the Lord always leads you. Your devotions always have meaning for me. God bless

  32. Chris permalink

    I watching a documentary on native Americans last night. It left me with the disturbing realization that our country was founded on a lies. Genocide for freedom. Europeans , who were tired of persecution, came to America caring the cross of Christianity, only to slaughter the native children of this land. My questions is what happens to the souls of those people who died before getting a chance to know Christ, and what happens to the souls of people who murder and try to hide behind the Cross?

  33. Connie permalink

    The 2nd comming of the LORD

  34. Michelle permalink

    Hello Rev Mark,

    I would LOVE to get more teaching on how to know God through discipleship. Too many times we think we know God and miss what He really is. What makes God’s heart beat? What makes Him smile? Is He angry at me when I make a mistake? I know it may sound a little childish, but I’ve been a christian all my life and I’m the fifth generation of christian ministers and fourth generation of missionaries, and I have seen in my own life, as well as those around me, how easily it is to get sidetracked on who God really is! I would like to know Him in a way that few ever had! What is our goal? To follow Him or to KNOW Him???

    That’s what I would like to be taught… Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to share our hearts.

    God bless!!

    • Staci permalink

      TO LOVE HIM.. If we truly KNOW Him.. we will follow Him…”God is not interested in your service or sacrifice. He only wants you to know how much you are loved, hoping that you will choose to love Him in return. Understand that, and everything else about your live will fall into place; miss that, and nothing else will make any difference.” from the book “He Loves Me” by Wayne Jacobsen… that is just one of the many nuggets of truth I have found in this book… I recommend you reading it.. it has transformed the way I think and feel about God… Millions follow him and never really KNOW him… many “do the works” but will hear “depart from me, I never knew you”…
      Mistakes.. hm.. another nugget from the book…
      “He seems less concerned about our mistakes than how we respond to them. Do our mistakes lead us away from trusting in our own strength or wisdom and toward seeking what it means to put our trust in Him?”
      i would also recommend “The God’s Honest Truth” by Darin Hufford…

  35. Catherine permalink

    I would like some thoughts on how all the rapid-fire changes coming to America and to the rest of the world, the natural disasters, and the twisted sense of morals (what is good is portrayed as evil and what is evil is portrayed as okay and acceptable) may indicate the second coming of Jesus Christ.

  36. Sheila permalink

    I would like to receive teachings on Prosperity and Faith.

  37. George Garcia permalink

    Renewing the mind!

  38. Danielle Roberson permalink

    I would to receive teachings on Miracles Then (in Bible times) & Now (Everyday Miracles).

  39. The Second Coming of Christ, The Rapture, The Tribulation

    • Staci permalink

      recommended reading… “The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church” can be found on Amazon I think.. will blow your mind…

  40. Anita Chouinard permalink

    I agree with some of the above comments – cont. to teach as God leads. If you have teaching on how to reach a deeper level of Worship, I need that.

  41. April permalink

    I would like a bible study on faith and miracles in rgards to death. My husband has been told there is nothing else to be done with his cancer and yet he seems healthy and not like one who is fixing to die. How does one stay possitive when people seem nothing but negative.

    • Donna permalink

      That’s when you pray for God’s perfect will to be done in your husband’s life. No one ever wants to lose a spouse or relative but it is in God’s plan that we all will die. When our earthly mission is complete, that’s when God calls us home. It is all in God’s hands when, where, and how.

  42. Forgiveness …. I know that we are to forgive if we want to be forgiven. I know the Bible says 70×7 when it comes to forgiveness. What I have a problem with is…to what extent do we forgive a person who has committed a horrible act against you or a member of your family? Does forgiving that person mean I am to go on and trust them as if nothing happened? Am I to be a friend to this person?

    • Jo,
      I can completely understand your struggle with forgiveness. Yes, we have to forgive those who have sinned against us, for God says that if we don’t forgive others, we won’t be forgiven. However, forgiveness and trust and friendship/reconciliation are not the same. You should definitely forgive, when you are able, which may mean asking God for that ability. Trust and friendship will need to be earned (or earned back) and there are times when neither are feasible or safe for you (or your family). Trust, friendship, and reconciliation are outcomes that are hoped for as part of the forgiveness process (yes, it’s a process). I hope this helps.

  43. Jolyn Matheson permalink

    I like all the above, pretty much!! I also LOVE reading your daily devotional. Its good to hear how it affects you as a human, thus I can relate more. I would like to hear, as Ashley, how to react to people with a more Christ like heart. And some of the people that I need to react better with are family. I have prayed about my problem and I HAVE seen some improvements in the situation. But I still long for the love that knows no anger or hurt. I know I can do this, I try daily to respond with a softer heart and tongue. However, it seems to build to a bursting point, and THATS when it gets ugly. How do I prevent the bursting point and still keep a gentle and loving heart and tongue at the same time??

  44. Samuel Desalegn permalink

    I am much benefited from your postings in the Bible. It enhanced my understanding of the Bible hence, I would like to thank you in advance

  45. Larry Bunnell permalink

    What are your qualifications?

    • Theology degree, CEO of Bible Society New Zealand, pastoral experience, ordained pastor and most important, a calling from God!

      • Marion permalink

        The only real qualification one really needs is to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. It helps to have studied the Bible, but unless God’s Holy Spirit reveals the truths in it to one, then it is no better then a history book. To have studied the Word and also have the leading of the Holy Spirit, then you are able to teach as He gives you knowledge.

      • Steve Gill permalink

        Amen to what Marion wrote. The Spirit is the only source of Truth…. of Life. Everything that is not of the Holy Spirit has no meaning to the Kingdom. Moses did not go to any school to stand in front of that Bush. Paul would rather not have been blinded…. and I think He became qualified once He received sight and was baptized. What’s really cool about what you are doing Mark and Marion is allowing the spirit to FLOW and look at all the replies to people that aren’t Mark. This is not your following Mark… THIS IS US FOLLOWING HARD AFTER GOD.
        Brother Larry…. please Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God. He will reveal that ALL are qualified if He Let’s Us Be…. BECAUSE HE is the MOST QUALIFIED and His Son Is Too.
        Love to All… Speak your hearts believers. Much fruit will come if we believe on Christ and are Obedient and then let him work through us.

  46. Daniel Thompson permalink

    Something I think is a great topic, and would love to see a teaching on it, is overcoming sexual desires and temptations. It’s a touchy topic and not many people want to discuss it, but God created us as sexual beings and sex wasn’t meant to be a bad thing. The world has perverted it and I think the church (Body of Christ) should teach more about this. Thanks

  47. Tamara permalink

    The issue i would like to receive teaching on the holy spirit and on the protection of God

  48. mary permalink

    Wow! I love all the responses. I would like teaching on how to deal with the recent world events. I know that the coming of Christ is near and would love teaching on how to not only be ready and watch for myself but how to let others know in a loving way so that they will sit up and take notice and give their hearts to the Lord, not out of fear but of true repentence and love for God.

  49. Vicky L. Sousa permalink

    How to really forgive a person for being unfaithful or a friend that has turned against you for an unknown reason.

  50. Whys is sex a sin before marriage

  51. Hope permalink

    I would like to see the churches teach on what is means to be SAVED! There are to many churches that are out there that don’t preach the truth. The truth about repentence. Being saved by grace that it’s not something you work for it’s a free gift. A lot of people don’t know the truth about the Bible. When I say teach on it, I mean tell them repentance is changing your life, and living in the obedience of God Jesus Christ Our Savior. Explain to them what God wants from them and what they can expect from God. Because it’s all about Jesus and Nobody else! Tell them it’s not ok to Curse, drink, smoke and willfully live in sin! And attend church the next morning and believe that they are saved! That is being decieved. That is what the chruches today need to start teaching on. The church needs to stoping worrying about hurting people’s feelings and tell the truth.

    Thank You

    • salome permalink

      I agree with you, we need teachings on salvation and how to live a christian life and how to be transformed by Christ most of us as christains live a lifestyle that is no different from the world and its funny most find a way to justify why they behave certain way because they don’t know the word. I think if I have accepted Christ and live my life the same way I used to before I met Christ where by there has’nt been any change then I think I need to re-check my life to see if Christ is really the Lord of my life or not.

  52. hi! i love to read you daily bible readings. but maybe i would like to have teachings on having faith in GOD and how to just get through hardships because i want to share it to my friends who are going through rather very harsh situations right now.

  53. How to intimately fall in love with God and live faithfully in his love.

  54. Obi permalink

    What does it means to forgive?

    Is it possible to forgive and still stay away from the source of hurt because of the fear you might be hurt again or there is the need to flow with the person who hurt you before it can be forgiveness?

    • To forgive is to let go, to erase the debt owed to you. You can forgive someone without having to reconcile with them. If they broke your trust or friendship, they have to want to earn it back. You forgive others because God has forgiven you, but you don’t have to put yourself back into a dangerous or hurtful situation.

  55. BraveBeauty permalink

    Yes indeed………….raising teenagers and figuring out the college-age kids in this culture. What are the roles of us parents for these kids? Eeee-gad! They have no idea how to listen to me little lone the voice of God. How do they live in this counterfeit fallen world? What can I do as the parent of a prodigal? I know what to do once they return. I know to pray in the meantime. How do I bridge the gap? What if they never return (and I’m not talking about physically either)? When is it time to let go and let God? I know (ultimately) my God is faithful. It’s the process of getting from A to B that I need help with. I’m still in process. How can I possibly help them? I don’t want to deal in fear, rather in love.

  56. Ryan permalink

    What I am hearing from these posts & what I would like to hear teaching on is God’s grace and love. Once we are able to completely surrender ourselves to His will, all of these other issues go away. God bless your ministry and I will pray for all those above with their struggles.

  57. Chris permalink

    Dear Lord, please translate me before death receives me.

  58. Terry permalink

    I have a disabled spouse and have a hard time dealing with the everday burden.

  59. Leonard Joseph Anthony permalink

    Galatians 5 ,talk about the difference between living in the Spirit and walking in the Spirit.

  60. Anna Mason permalink

    I would like to receive teachings of the Communion and the benefits it reaps.

  61. Asprine permalink

    Anything will do for me. ‘Cause lately, I found out that quite numerous numbers of the post relates to my life. However, I would love to read “How to NOT worry” too. ‘Cause when troubles came tumbling on me, I will worry and be filled with anxiety till there’s a solution which takes days or even weeks. And I eventually got myself into depression. Well… I always tell myself, “Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about its own”. But… 😀

    Thanks, Mark for all these as well as the previous posts, it was amazing!

    Take care and May God bless you! 🙂

  62. Winsome Wright permalink

    I would like to receive teaching on THE KINGDOM OF GOD, because this is the message that Jesus preached and taught when He came to this earth.

  63. Ashley permalink

    Hello Mark! I would like teaching on God’s healing of past hurts, forgiveness, and knowing that God is not punishing you because your prayer wasn’t answered… or because God said “no.”

  64. Karen permalink

    How do I know that I’m doing God’s will? How do I know when an opportunity is coming from God and not just my selfish ambition? How do I find my calling?

  65. Cindy permalink

    Hello Reverend Mark, Firstly, I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing and how you have helped me personally in a very trying time with your daily postings. What I really need help with as a new reborn christian – still in the baby stage – is How does one get answers from prayers? eg. I have heard so many times “God has spoken to me” – when I have asked God for an answer to something or if the direction in my life is the right way to go or not etc etc? – I read the bible, clear my mind to get a message and then when something comes to my mind, I don’t know if it’s God’s message or if it is me making up my own mind. I would really appreciate your help with this, when you can. Kind regards Cindy.

  66. julie swart permalink

    How to raise children in this world, and to guide them to God’s kingdom, my husband backslided about a year ago, and now i am the only one in the household
    who reads bible and try to serve my God.

  67. Please write on FORGIVENESS.I’ve realised so many people, young and old don’t know how and when to forgive.
    God bless you


  68. Maria Foty permalink

    I would like to know the better way, according to the Bible, of how to deal with some one extremely greedy.. my Father in law, who has been charging his kids from gasoline to go to their houses to even charging me and my husband for coming to our wedding, which happen 2 years ago. Yesterday He gave a “sheet” to my husband with a LOT of things that according to him we have to pay that are not right.. including the money he spend 2 years ago to go to our wedding!! and this is not the first time he does this kind of things.. He is a business man and claims to be a very spiritual wise Christian. I know about many verses and parabolas in the Bible where Jesus talk about it, but since is my Father in Law who has being hurting us with this, It’s difficult for me to separate the hurt human side from the objective side.

    • Sawn permalink

      Just tell him to keep the tab running… You’ll pay up when you meet him again in Heaven. He’s sure to be there with such loving behavior.

  69. Michelle permalink

    Im with Ryan, once we fall in love with Christ and realize that the whole point is to have daily relationship with Him and let Him have control of our lives you can walk in peace and the freedom that He promises to give us. Know the God you serve and how amazing and wonderful He is!!! Praise Him for the trials and tribulations! We have no clue what it is to suffer. The perilous days are coming and if you dont have faith in God now for these trials how will you know God will provide when you cant get food unless you have the mark of the beast in the last days. Its coming trials we have never known are coming. Let God build your faith now with the small things so that in times of serious trouble you will know Him. Thank you Lord for the word of God and your promises!!

  70. I would like to hear more thoughts and prayers about “letting go” of pain in any kind of relationships, depression, loss, heartaches etc…thoughts that will make me strong and how to move on and lead me to God’s home..a place where i can stay forever.

  71. Lucia permalink

    I just found out last year that I had cancer. I had surgery, went through chemotherapy. But I am trusting God every day to keep me. I refuse to let it draw me away from Him. For in Him, there is healing, there is joy no matter what illness we are facing. Trust God with all of your heart, and He will make your path straight. It is not always easy, but that is when you need to really press through, tell the Devil where to go if that is necessary, but keep pressing through. God will not leave or forsake you.

    Teaching on trusting God in time of adversity is good.

  72. sheryl permalink

    single parenting

  73. sheryl permalink

    and single dating relations

  74. Germaine permalink

    I want to graciously thank you, Pastor Mark, for your powerful postings that never fail to inspire me! I’m constantly refreshing my inbox in anticipation of them!
    For the past 5 years I have been madly in love with an unsaved man, but when I decided to give my life to Christ I broke off the relationship 4 months ago. Although I’m so happy to have such a great relationship with The Lord I’m so broken as I miss this man so much and can’t imagine being with anyone else.

    We both love each other so much and want to be together but I want to be in line with God’s Word and seek first His kingdom. God said anything we ask in His name He will provide……….however as my former partner is not saved does that mean we’re destined not to be together?
    So torn and confused…………………..

  75. Bianca permalink

    I am very pleased with the subjects of your articles to date. Maybe an article on “how to get back to Christ”, “getting past sin/I have sinned now what?”, “How to pray”. I enjoyed the article on how you read the bible, I still struggle to read mine, I’ll print your guide to reading the bible in 365 days, that should be a good way to start!!

  76. Jacob permalink

    How about the teachings of patience and the 6 other cardinal virtues and their importance on the life of people in this land and what it will mean to obtain these here and how they will affect you when you transcend to the great land.

  77. Kim permalink

    physical and emotional abuse by a spouse. Specifically how to respond and what is right and wrong to do in this type of relationship.

  78. Unity in prayer I feel there should be more teaching of. The reason I chose this is simple.

    Over the years God has blessed me way beyond anything I could imagine. Over the pass several months I’ve had a burning in my heart to give back in a big way. So I decided to build a website and give proceeds to 3 different charities, but when I started researching charities I found that there are so many that really need help, and frankly, I couldn’t choose. Then it hit me, ask your friends to help choose! So I created a Poll over at the website, then went to facebooks and posted the link to the website page with the poll on it and asked people to go vote for the charity they would like to see proceeds go to. Keep in mind that I wasn’t asking anyone to go purchase anything, I just needed their help in selecting the charities.(It would only take at the most about 10 seconds if one already have a charity in mind) My feelings are, when God’s people come together as one, then Great things happen.

    Well it’s been 5 days and only 10 people took the time to go vote for what is a worthy cause. Below is what I posted on FB! Sorry for the long comment but I wanted to explain why I feel there need to be more teachings on UNITY IN PRAYER!

    Hello ALL my FB Friends and Family… I need your HELP! I’m trying to select 3 Christian charities I’m going to donate proceeds too from one of my websites. Since we’re limited to the number words we can post I’ll put more details in a comment to this post. We ALL know that when Gods people come together good things happen!

    Hi everyone.. I need everyone’s HELP! I created a website that I’m donating proceeds to 3 different Christian Charities. My problem is, that once I started researching for charities to donate to I found so many and couldn’t decide. So I created a poll over at the website that will be donating proceeds. If possible, would you as Christian (Pray Warriors) go cast your vote for the charity you would like proceeds go too. As we all know there’s a huge need to help those that are less fortunate and with your help I feel we as Christian can and will make a difference. The above link will take you to the poll area of the website. There’s no requirements or obligations other than I ask you to pray that the Lord lead you in which charity you vote for.

    In ALL good things, To God Be The Glory!


  79. Steve Gill permalink

    Dear Mark….
    You better start writing your devotions. If you don’t, you won’t be done until Christmas with just this list alone.

  80. Tammie permalink

    On the importance of forgiveness and letting it all go…

  81. Jason permalink

    I am struggling with faith . I am seeking God with all my heart but dont know what his will is. Jesus says ask anything in my name and you shall recieve it. He says that several times. I really want my family back! So are we supposed to ask for specifics or just Gods will. But then wheres the faith in that.

  82. K-Chief permalink

    Praying in the spirit.. feeling Gods presence, hearing the voice of God.

    Being led by the spirit..

  83. Sharon permalink

    The case about keeping yourself pure before marriage.. Is it up to the individual how far you take it? As in, some people even save their first kiss and have no physical relationship of any kind (besides a hug, I guess) until their wedding day. What is right? I’m worried about “okay”ing things.

    But any teaching is wonderful, of course.

  84. Kristel Jennings permalink

    I would like to see some teachings on gifts of the spirit.

  85. How do you balance blogging frequently and all of the other daily responsibilities of your life? (or DO you!?!) 😉


  86. Shelby permalink


  87. Laura permalink

    Hi Mark,

    I’d love to learn more about being more Christlike in a relationship with someone who is difficult to love. Specifically, I’m wondering about people who have been rejected by others because they act in a very self-centered manner as a result of hurts that they have inside. How do you reach someone like this and help them feel God’s love without getting sucked into the drama that always seems to surround them. Help!

    Thanks for asking and for taking the time to read this.

    God bless you!

  88. Mary K permalink

    How to witness to a close family member. A father or a daughter that know you are Christian but always asks “How do you know your GOD is the only GOD? That is great for you but are lots of religions and Christianity is not the only religion that will get you to Heaven”. I get to emotional and it breaks my heart that will not see them in Heaven. I have already lost my 34 year old son in an accidental drowing and pray he reached out to Jesus in his last moments.

  89. Marc permalink

    I get asked questions about whether Adam and Eve actually exist as real people that walked the earth? If so it must have taken a long time for the population of the world to grow, and was their incestual relationships in those days? Also, I get asked alot about evolution, science and where dinosaurs fit into the bible.

    In all of these things I have no clear answers, and it says in the bible that we should always be ready with an answer. Thanks.

    • Green Darner permalink

      Answers in Genesis has excellent resources for all of these type questions.

  90. Understanding God’s will for your life and knowing when your on the right or wrong path. I know God;s will for my life, but I sometimes questions if I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing on my end or if I’m for sure on the right path. I guess part of that is know when God is urging me to do something vs. my own voice telling me what I want to hear.

  91. I would like to see more teaching about all the things we need to know about the day of Judgment and the Rapture, and the mark of the beast and things of that nature. All People do now a days is preach and teach how to get financial wealth and money. I can’t take it. Aren’t we suppose to be hoping and believing in the Kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness…It hurts me and it is confusing when I see my loved ones and Preachers who I held in high regard who are suppose to be Christians and they aren’t even mentioning these things. We need to be prepared to stand up for Christ in those days. I understand they may be afraid but isn’t that why they need to know and be prepared…Well thank you. Mr Brown and that’s what I want more teaching on.

  92. Michelle permalink

    Understanding and Doubt

  93. Hello, I would like to know when I’m in need of certain scriptures, dealing with certain issues, how to find them, such as relationships, forgiving, etc, things like that. Thanks.

  94. Jennie permalink

    Hey Mark,
    I’d be interested to read your input on how to be a successful witness to others who are not open to the idea of becoming a faithful Christian. I have numerous friends who I pray for and try to talk to them and they completely shut it down and make negative comments.

    • Steve Gill permalink

      Be Transparent. Be Yourself. Love God.

      And when you’ve spoken and are blown away by what God has done…. realize He Did It…. and give him the Glory.

      I can’t tell you how much witnessing I do now and how many times God does a work. The hardest thing is to learn how to get out of the way.

      Remember, it’s not what you say that will make a difference…. It’s what He Did.

  95. I am reading the Bible daily and starting each morning with prayer. I am attending a Bible study on Monday evenings. I want more than ever a connection to the Lord and His teachings. I want my life to reflect the joy that comes from Christ’s sacrifice. I would like to read more about the journey of faith and an intimate relationship/conversation with my Father in Heaven. I don’t want to just go through motions; I want to live my faith.

  96. Cristi permalink

    Mark, I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for answering God’s call on your life. I would like to read about dealing with friends and family with mental health issues from a Christian perspective.

  97. tina bevis permalink

    a subject that is much needed today is the disrespectful attitude and extreme rudeness children show to their parents. Children who on myspace and facebook claim to be christians and all their pages are about drinking, pot, and sex. they use christianity as a good luck charm and these kids are so vulgar it sickens and sadens me at the same time. the girls have no respect for themselves period and the boys want it that way…..thank you

  98. Tara permalink

    I would like to learn more on strengthening my faith in God and not doubting Him even in times of great grief and sadness. I need to know how to remain strong when I feel like my world is falling apart in front of me. And I need to learn how to forgive someone when they have hurt you so bad.

  99. Stana permalink

    How to effectively pray. I was not raised in a church-going home, but am now married to a man who is very God-Centered. I am excited about seeking God and worshipping him, but, after listening to some who pray in church, I feel I am not a very effective prayer. I need to know how to balance my needs with praise. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    May God’s grace always bless you and your family.

  100. Tammy permalink

    Boy, there are so many things. Here are a few (most of which, if not all, have already been mentioned):

    How to get over yourself/myself. I have a perspective on certain situations and when they don’t go my way, I either lash out or I seethe (sp?). I don’t think I am necessarily wrong in my assessment of the situation so it angers me that people just either ignore the truth or don’t care. Anyway, I am learning to keep my mouth shut but I am rooted in bitterness. How do you let it go?

    How do you do with a difficult family member whose life is full of drama and you don’t want to be a part of it? How do you deal with them when they have children you do want to be a part of? I am currently distancing myself from my difficult person while not cutting her out and trying to keep a relationship with her children.

    What does it mean to love? We are commanded to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind. We are commanded to love our neighbor as ourself. I don’t feel love (and I know it is not all feel) towards God like I feel I should and I definitely have problems loving others.

    How do you live in a world like we do today where good is seen as evil and evil as bad? I am going to study on my own end times, but would like you to look into this.

    Too many to choose from. 🙂

    Thank you Mark.

  101. J R permalink

    I would love teachings on patience, trusting God, anxiety and worry.

  102. Kathy permalink

    Thank you Mark for you teachings! I would like to learn more about how not to be judgmental. I want to learn to see things through the eyes of God.

  103. Toni permalink

    I would love teaching on forgiveness.

  104. Damean permalink

    Mark, I am trying to get my life straight and get right with God again, but I worry. I would like to hear more on how to fully give myself and my life over to God’s will, and to God.

  105. Jaime permalink

    The armor of God or an in depth look at Revelations. There is a lot in that book I just don’t understand.

  106. Marla permalink

    When I first read your question I thought, everything, and anything you blog on daily touches me. But, after reading all the other comments, I realized I do have questions. I live with cronic pain after praying for years for relief…why? I Iost my job due to disability…why? Good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people….why? I can’t stop worrying even though I know that our Lord is in control and has great plans for me…..why? Are all of my questions coming from lack of faith? Do you think that all of these ‘natural disasters’ are prophecy’s and ‘seals’ from Revelations?
    All of these being said…I truly love your blog, and look forward to reading them everyday! Thanks Mark.

  107. I really enjoy reading how you get into the greek and hebrew versions and explaining them.

  108. CHARLES JENNINGS` permalink

    I like to have someone to study Matt.24,MARK 13,LUKE 21, and Rev with me about the END TIME or should I say the end of this Earth age.What suggestions do you have or do you think this can be placed on your calendar?

  109. maameefua newman permalink

    I would love to recieve teachings on salvation,love and how to recieve the HOLY GHOST BAPTISM.

  110. Angela Lewis Guy permalink

    Hi Mark

    Thank you for inviting us to deepen our journey with God in a different and personal way.

    I would like teaching on how to praise and worship God strategically.

    Thank you in advance and may God continue to richly bless you as you grow the body of Christ.


  111. grace permalink

    pls write on marriage and relationships its primary to me,thanks

  112. I don’t have a particular subject that I want you to write about. As long as you are lead by the Lord, the messages are perfect for each day. God’s word is so powerful and doesn’t return void. Thank you for taking time to write an Spirit filled message everyday.

  113. Chris C permalink

    When you are gong thru a dry spell and feel that God is not hearing your prayers. I believe and love God with all my heart yet some times I feel he as abandoned me. How to live in his word and light even in the darkest hours

  114. Julie permalink

    Walking in my calling…
    God Bless You Brother Mark & family!

  115. Brenda P permalink

    The first few pretty much have it covered. I did not read all the way through, but you might also cover MYTHS that people think the Bible says, but it actually does not say. You are a blessing to all of us! Thank you, and thank you God!

  116. Sandie permalink

    So – can you do something so terribly wrong – like kill someone and then just repent and be baptized and all will truly be forgiven? Is there a differentiation on sin?

  117. Robert permalink

    Mark, thank you for taking our request. Your teachings help me in my daily walk and inspire me to work on my relationship with Christ. It would be nice to see more teachings on the love for one another instead of worldy things. If we can transform our lives to loving one another more than ourselves then we have focused on Christ and His love pours out of us for one another. Thank you Mark and God bless.

  118. i would like to hear about how to deal with the pain and hurt when your husband leaves you after 11 yrs when he was messing around with someone who he is living with now and the hurt of a loved one a child

  119. Marie permalink

    Why people use hurtful words towards others.

  120. Jay permalink

    The progressive abandonment of old and wicked thought strongholds that continue to plague me and take my focus off of Christ.

  121. Teaching on iniquity within the Church..what’s to be done?

  122. Pamela permalink

    It would be good to know more about how to handle certin struggles, and situation that we face with daily as christians. To know what God would have us do and say!
    I think also it would be good to hear more about Gods Love and Grace,Gods blessings:)
    I would also like to know more on the Holy Sprit!
    Those are some of the few things i have thought about that i would like to hear more about.

  123. WHY did GOD create us?
    The book of Genesis
    3 world ages (dispensations of time)

  124. Shell permalink

    How to follow Gods laws and plans for me and especially his will and to be obedient in an abusive marriage. How to be at peace after pursuing every avenue after 11 plus years for keeping it only to hear that I am not the person My husband married and he is contemplating a divorce. This is not physical abuse, it is in other destructive forms that others cant see the damage from. It is behind the scenes.. up front he is the most loving sensitive Christ like man.. in the Christian crowd.. But behind the scenes with me there is cursing, extreme anger, infidelity, theft, addictions, prison, name calling, lies, and each week a different blow occurs and my trust level dwindles and I fear him. I have sunken into the deepest depression, become very overweight, and now disabled.. He is right I am not the loving, compassionate joyous, thoughtful, full of light and hope, encouraging woman I used to be. I want what is best for him. If he needs to leave me to find God and reach His full potential..I want that.. Because as it is, I am Dying! Thanks!

    • Lynne Jarvis permalink

      Shell, It is not your fault. He is the abuser and you have been his victim for so long you have lost who you are. Your relationship is toxic and not honouring to God at all. Our Lord never intended for us to be anyone’s whipping boy. You need to get away from him asap and get professional help. Recovery may take years but what else are you going to do? That is what will honour God and Jesus will be with you every step of the way. He weeps every time you are abused. And don’t worry about your abuser. He will either smarten up and get his own help or he will move on in search of another victim. Whatever he decides is his decision along with the consequences. You cannot help or save him, only Jesus can do that. You MUST escape before it is too late. And be careful, if he thinks he is going to lose control over you he might hurt you. So far he hasn’t had to because there was no need. You were there for him to vent his frustration on, which is what he needed. God never intended this life for you. Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. The phenomenon is called “Battered Women’s Syndrome”. I escaped in September 1992 from my husband/abuser before he killed me. It was a dramatic story and I know my Lord and Saviour was with me and made a way where there was no way. But I had to make that decision and take the steps and get the help because I couldn’t do it alone. Jesus died for you so you could have a good life and get to know Him and serve Him with your heart and the giftings He has placed in you. The devil is using your husband to rob you of the life and peace and joy Jesus intended for you. I urge you to seek help asap and be careful.

  125. sUSAN bATEMAN permalink




  126. I

    wou;d like to receive a teaching on overcoming anxiety and overcoming anger
    I have this issue of anger thats like a thorn in my side. I have been to inner healing twice, been prayed with several times and it’s still attached to me. .

  127. Holy Boldness!! for witnessing

  128. JANET L. GARCIA permalink


  129. Kelly permalink

    Thanks for asking. I would like a better understanding of how we are supposed to love people we really don’t like. I have trouble with boundaries and how far I let people into my life. I either let them in too much or not at all. How can I be loving to all in an appropriate way – even people I don’t really like?

  130. Barbara Bliss permalink

    Oh, Shell. PLEASE don’t beat yourself! I can tell you from experience that mental and emotional abuse is a thousand times more destructive than physical. For one reason, if he hits you, he will leave a mark that he will have to answer for; but if he takes your heart, and soul, and spirit, and throws it on the rocks and stomps and grounds his heal into you, but smiles and puts on a good front at church, in public, even with the family, you’re sure no one else will ever know. You become convinced that maybe he IS right. And you feel like you have lost yourself and are becoming mentally unstable……….See?…….I told you I understood….from experience. But Someone does see! Someone does hear! and Someone loves and cares for you (and even for your husband if he is pulling away from a Godly life and thinks he has everybody fooled.) THAT SOMEONE IS GOD!!! Call out to Him. If you have no more words to express yourself, do not be concerned about that, God hears your groaning and understands. God WILL help you stand and draw closer to Him. DO NOT GIVE UP! The Lord won’t!

  131. Kathy permalink

    House Church

  132. Joanne Maybury permalink

    There’s a lifetime’s work here Mark!

    For me: holiness – why God wants us to be holy, what it means for our lives

    Also, sexuality and I mean in the broadest sense: why is our God-created sexuality and what we do with it (or not) so important to God? (I suspect there’s some deep stuff here about God’s nature and how we reflect it that might inform the do’s and don’ts.)

  133. rosslyn permalink

    Hi Mark, I would like to understand the full meaning of love your neighbour as your self? I got a call sometime back from a person who is in prison and he has been calling me ever since to pray with him and to be there when he needs to reach out to some one. we have some what become good friends in that i am going through time with not working, job searching my son is very complacent and does not work either and we both live with my mom. My in mate friend however encourages me not give up and keep seeking . every morning we pray over the phone for God’s blessing.. I am confused as how this is affecting my life by him who did wrong is now being positive by encouraging me

  134. I have been divorced for 8 years and I still get angry at my ex-husband. I have worked through it several times but the anger always returns. I’m angry that after 19 yrs of marriage he just suddenly stopped loving me. I don’t know why because I was a faithful, loving wife who stood by him always even through the bad times. He went through rehab for alcohlism and he almost lost his life twice through illness. I’m angry because he has remarried for the 4th time,(I was #2) and he has inherited his mother’s estate after her death and he has a new house, new Harley’s, new cars, new camper, they go on trips that we were supposed to go on together. I am still single and live in an apt. I live month to month. I still dream about him, although when I wake up, I’m glad it was a dream and not real. I think of him everyday but not because I want to be with him. I think of him with anger in my heart. I have been praying to God to stop this! Can you help me?
    Thank you…

  135. Bill permalink

    Men leading their families in prayer, praying with their wives, and praying with their children. I believe that prayer is of the utmost importance, but I’m not really good at praying with my family.

  136. Jeanne permalink

    How to let go and let God. I struggle with this all the time. I need to learn to be less of a goat and more like a Sheep. Goats like to lead and take the reins (that’s ME) and Sheep follow…(I need to learn) I’ve learned to depend on myself and no one else, now I need to un-learn that. This is very difficult.

  137. I’m most interested in learning more about prayer–how best to pray, etc.

    • laura permalink

      Jesus showed us how to pray , in mathew .. are father who art in heaven how will be thy name on earth as it is in heaven ,
      etc etc..
      but just pray .. there is no special formula no special words .. let them come from your heart let go and dont worry what to say … ask the Holy Spirit to guide you … fill you … we dont need a formula to talk to God all we need is to open our mouths and let it come … the more you pray the more things will come ..
      ask and you shall receive .. he freely gives to those who ask .. I use to worry about if i was praying right , then one day .. the Holy spirit said there is no wrong in how to pray .. just ask whats on you heart … ask … share …
      i hope this will help a little … God bless you , and may u find all that you seek
      seek the first the Kingdom of God (His word) then all these thing shall be added unto you (his gifts , his calling , his purpose for you in his kingdom)

  138. Elisha permalink

    I have a major issue with procrastination and lack of motivation

  139. Debbie permalink

    I would like to learn more about prayer, how to pray, what to pray for and more. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reflections on the bible and it’s words. They are an inspiration to me as well as many others. Some are more meaningful than others of course, but I look forward to your posting each day. May God continue to bless you with his teachings and your ability to share that with others. ❤

  140. Marla permalink

    I would like for you to teach on biblical submission in marriage. This is a hard topic for me to get across to engaged or newly wed women, and I sometimes struggle with it myself after “many” years of marriage.

  141. Cindy permalink

    God has been showing me the importance of family and how our relationship with each other reflects our relationship with Him. I grew up without a father in my life and it has had a tremendous impact on me and the person I am today. I know fathers play a significant role in a child’s life in the natural. I was wondering what significance they have spiritually.

  142. Daniel permalink

    faith vs fear

  143. Ronda permalink

    I have a Christian family member living in adultry and I worry about her all the time. I’d like to hear a lesson on that.

    I’d also like to hear a lesson about the end times. The signs are all around us that we’re living in the end times and I think that the book of Revelation should be preached more often, especially in this last days.

  144. Kathy Cavanaugh permalink

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for your blog..very insightful.
    I would be interested in learning more from the book of Revelations!

  145. Susan Lopez permalink

    Boundaries. Dealing with difficult people. Godly anger v. my own reaction.

  146. LIz Dyson. permalink

    Hi Mark,

    I would like to discover my true calling, learn about what it means to step out in faith and leave my comfort zones. ( i’m a full time wheelchair user so not up to skydiving just yet) In it’s relevent context. and how to be certain i’m hearing Gods voice and nothing more. I have made a number of mistakes over the last year. My faith has been tested to the limits.

    Thanks Liz.

  147. Mike permalink

    Hi Mark,

    I have a compassion for those suffering with addicitions. I came to the Lord seeking rescue from alcohol. I truly believe that no person wants to experience a substance addiction (or any other for that matter), but I am not sure that we as a society really knows the magnitutide of the amount of those suffering. Prayer, biblical knowledge, and Christ based recovery programs are available wanting to reach out to those suffering. Add to that a flailing economy with unemployment, the matter only worsens. Perhaps just some prayer along with gentle biblical acknowledgement that Jesus is there waiting to take the burden without any shame on the sufferer may encourage more individuals coming to Christ for help to overcome addictions.

  148. Adenike Iwajomo (Mrs.) permalink

    I bless God for your life and pray that He will continue to give you wisdom of His word. I would like you to give me teaching on the virtue temprament. Thanks sir and God bless you.

  149. Dutch Hofstetter permalink

    I’m going through a trial where I keep feeling like I don’t believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and I keep getting untrue thoughts and mind games that say that I don’t believe in Him but I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and I love Him and I trust Him with my whole life and I love His Word the Bible but I keep struggling where I keep getting doubts but I know the Lord Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and He loves me so much that He gave His life for me and knowing Him and knowing that He loves me is the greatest peace ever. Take this in. GOD JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU! That is so awesome, and He is so beautiful and I love what He teaches me through His Word the Bible and I love God Jesus Christ and I love His Word the Bible and I want to get to know Him more! How do I get rid of doubts? How do I get rid of the mind games that say I don’t believe in the Lord Jesus Christ? I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ but my mind sometimes tells me I don’t. How do I get a good, pure mind that meditates on God’s Word the Bible and praise songs and His love? In Christ!
    Savior Jesus Christ Bless you!
    May you have a blessed day in the Lord and the Savior Jesus Christ Almighty God and trust in His unfailing Love and perfect Grace!
    Savior Jesus Christ Bless!

    • Donna permalink

      The enemy has been having a ball with you! He has been practicing for thousands of years on others, he has lots of experience. I went through this years ago. First repent of anything in your life that is sin including unbelief. Repent of generational sins…those of our fathers….like alligence to other religions. It took a few days of writing them down as the Lord showed them to me. After repenting, I destroyed the paper and began taking authority over the enemy. If he does not have permission he has to go. Command him off your mind and out of your house, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. I took the time to clean my house of articles used for the worship of other gods. (Have no other gods before Me) I went through and annointed the rooms with oil and commanded any unclean spirit to leave in the name of Jesus. They did! Rebecca Brown has good teaching on these subjects, although I had already experienced freedom, it was encouraging to know I had done it right. He will not leave you, or forsake you. Keep up the faith, Dutch. He’ll carry you through!

    • Jody Stevens-Curtis permalink

      There is a wonderful book …written by Joyce Meyer called the BATTLEFIELD of the MIND…it REALLY helped me with the NEGATIVE MIND GAMES and DOUBTS…maybe it’ll help you…GOD BLESS your sister in CHRIST, Jody

      • Jody Stevens-Curtis permalink

        this last comment was for DUTCH about the book…BATTLEFIELD of the MIND..!!

  150. Sophie permalink

    I would like teaching on worry and how to avoid being vain and big headed. Also, on focussing during prayer. Thank you.

  151. i need help figuring out how to know the difference between the will of God & the will of myself… keep ur blogs coming i do enjoy reading

  152. Mark I have a problem with understanding Matthew 8:11-12…can you explain to me about the children of the kingdom being cast out into outer darkness? thank you for being a help and a blessing all our lives. Anna

  153. tonya permalink

    thanks for the opportunity. i have a very large family and for the last few years the Lord has been showing me visions and inspiring me to get my family together for the good of serving him. however it started out fine even with just a few at a time actually showing up. and now i feel as if the fire is gowing away. but every time i want to just give up on it something inside me sais not to because everything is in divine order. but i am a little discouraged. how can i know that this is GOD’S will and i’m not just over reacting?

  154. Linda permalink

    I would just like to know how to hear God when He talks to me, How do I know His will? I don’t know what to do, and everyone says listen to God…but I dont know how.

  155. Steve Gill permalink

    Dutch… Peace be with you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. All of the disciples ran when the guards took Jesus to be crucified. We all have doubts (Doubting Thomas). It’s Ok…. we’re not there yet. Like a tree…. we need some water (The Living Water)…. some sun…. (Hey, he is the sun) and then we grow….slow….

    Like a tree Dutch. Hang in there. Your passion is awesome. Keep seeking. He loves you too. He’s saved my marriage, He healed me from addiction, He’s comforted us and kept us from the streets. He is ALWAYS faithful. Let us keep trying. I will pray for you soldier of Christ.

  156. Betsy permalink

    I honestly just pray that God will teach me what he wants me to learn through you. I pray that you have discernment to see what God wants you to show us.

  157. Amanda permalink

    I would like to learn about how to let stuff go. I really struggle with holding on to hurtful things and don’t know how to let it go.

  158. kaylee permalink

    hey thanks for the question and really caring i would like to learn about how to not let my anger control me i have a bad habit at lashing out at people especially my family and i have tried to control it but it doesnt seem to work thank you

  159. Lesley permalink

    You know your saved in her head but don’t feel in your heart???

  160. Cassandra Scott permalink

    Hi Mark,

    I would like to see some conversation about how to know exactly what God wants you to do when you are in a particularly difficult situation…for example, you reach a fork in the road and need to make a decision…and you want to do what God wants you to do, but you’re not quite sure what that is…I hope that makes sense. I am in a particular quandry right now with that. Unsure what He wants me to do with something that could potentially affect my whole life 🙂


  161. I would like to learn more about stillness and contemplation. How can I learn centering prayer? I would love to spend some time on this subject because God is placing it on my heart. My life is a bit chaotic. God has given my life-long dream of publishing books. This should be the happiest time in my life, but I’m struggling with constant strife coming from all different directions. I think a time of stillness and contemplation each day would help me.


  162. Phyllis permalink

    I am 42 years old and just 6 months ago, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I always tried to take care of my problems and burdens with the help of satans bottle. I was in such a terrible mess. I thank God for not turning his back on me.I want to shout to the world I AM SAVED !!!! I FINALLY HAVE PEACE !!!! I want to learn how to pray. Sometime when I pray it seems like i get side tracked and I can’t focus. I don’t want my prayers to just bounce off the walls.

  163. Dustin permalink

    I would like to know more about the wrath of God and intercession

  164. Mark,
    My request is how to think and react like Christ. I suffer from anxieties/ocd and become fearful when dealing with my trial. I trust the Lord, ibut I still hear that inner negative voice. Also how deal with rude people in His image

  165. Dalena Clawson permalink

    Here’s my question…as Cristians, do we ever do ANYTHING right or are we constantly supposed to be ashamed of ourselves? Is ever a time when we can feel good about ourselves. If our relationship with Christ is growing and we are under the folds of His wings, and we are seeking Hi kingdom, is ok to feel like is pleased with us. I just get frustrated with knowing I am always falling short of HIs expectations. Maybe this is a juvenile question…but I really do wonder about this. Thanks for asking, Mark.

  166. Kathy permalink

    I would like to study end time prophesy, because that’s where we are. We are living in the end times! The King is coming!

  167. Bibiana permalink

    Hi Mark,
    I noticed recently that I have had a shallow spirit in my relationship with God.
    what can I do to not have a shallow spirit anymore?
    Thank you.
    God bless you.

  168. Janice permalink

    I would like teaching on the book of Revelation, it can be very confusing at times.

  169. GAyle Osterman permalink

    How does God advise us to stay strong in the face of cancer?

  170. Becky Weisenauer permalink

    I would like to see teaching on how to draw close to God so you can “hear” his voice. We are in difficult times and it may get even worse for Christians. We need to be so close to God that day to day we will act on what God is telling us; whether it is moving, taking a job, anything! We need to be as close to God as we are to our family and communicate in the same way.

  171. Amy permalink

    Loving those who are difficult to love. Having a forgiving heart. Telling the Good News to those who are not saved. Thanks for your daily posts, for your transparency, for your obedience. I look forward to reading your posts every day. I appreciate you and what you are doing for God’s Kingdom.

  172. Steve Taylor permalink

    predestination. Proverbs 16:4
    The LORD has made all for Himself,
    Yes, even the wicked for the day of doom.

  173. Nic permalink

    I would like to study on knowing when to let go of a thing. Sometimes I loose track of when a season has ended and I find myself holding on when I should be letting go.

  174. Angel permalink

    i would like to get teachings on the sabbath and the ten commandments and the nailing of it to the cross. I will also like teachings on dealing with being unequally yoked there are others but it will be too much this will be it for now. For some reason i have a keen interest in you and your teachings i believe i have to lead you somewhere

  175. Rachel permalink

    I’d love to learn more about how to be whole in Christ, and forgivness for those that have caused heartache! Thank you 🙂

  176. LESLIE permalink

    I would like to know when a love one dies and goes to heaven does that person truly have the ability to intercede to God for his loved ones on earth as I have been told? Is that loved one aware of what is happening to those left behind?

  177. iba permalink

    teachngs abt day to day to be a gud person. To Prosper in evrythng we do. Basically jus wht is essential to live a gud life. To find contentment, peace and joy!!

  178. blakekilbourne permalink

    I Would love to see a lesson or two on listening to God, rather than just talking to Him. Thank you, mark!

  179. Rita permalink

    Advice for living unequally yoked.

  180. Elizabeth permalink

    I think that this day and age marriages are under attack…and the things that are considered acceptable in a marriage. Alot of women consider it acceptable for their husband to watch porn or to look at other girls. but the bible states that to look at another women lustfully is to commit adultry in your heart. I think we need more on marriage and Gods wishes for married couples.

    Also some of what I have read on internet alot of christian men struggle with porn addictions. There is even a website called every mans battle. This could be a good topic to address also.

    A sexless marriage is also another growing thing and a cause of divorce. Some teachings and discussions on this might be helpful.

  181. DiAnne permalink

    How to effectively intercede for unsaved children

  182. Wendy permalink

    Hi Mark

    Thanks for all of the encouraging verses you post on Facebook! My husband and I would like to learn more about what the Bible says about Divorce and re-marriage (not that we are considering it ourselves, its just such a complex subject!), and are any subsequent re-marriages seen as adultery in God’s eyes. Also along those lines, if someone re-marries after a divorce, but they and their former spouse want to re-unite, is this creating more damage or would God see this simply as husband and wife reconciling? One more thing is that we don’t understand why the Bible does not mention physical abuse/life endangerment as a reason to divorce.

    Thanks again.

  183. Dutch Hofstetter permalink

    Thanks a lot Steve! That helped, were all just growing like a tree, we don’t give up because we don’t have a full branch yet, we just press on with the Lord Jesus Christ and soon we will have good fruit! Were all warriors for the Lord Jesus Christ! And this has just taken me down in a good way, the Lord Jesus Christ was abandoned by His own disciples, He was alone but He had the Father and He bore our sin and shame and we deserved death and punishment but Jesus Christ took the death and punishment for our sins upon Himself and He still said ‘Father, forgive them!’ Nothing we go through compares to what the Lord Jesus Christ went through, so just press on, Jesus did! I love this, God has sent us out on the earthly mission and soon He will be calling us back Home to Heaven! Jesus Christ is Risen and Reigning and Saving! KEEP SERVING HIM! THE KING IS COMING BACK SOON! LET US ALL DANCE WITH JOY!

    • Steve Gill permalink

      Dutch…. you already know that those words came straight from God’s lips. I give Him all the Glory. Keep dancing brother. God is great!

  184. Glenda Rast permalink

    How to figure out what God wants me to do with my life (and I’m 53!!). I know I have gifts and talents that I’m not using. Having trouble figuring out what they all are. I’ve prayed, done Bible study, talked to my spouse/close friends/minister, reflected in quiet, read lots of books, and still can’t figure out what God wants me to be when I grow up. I pray, almost daily, that He will open my eyes to His will. But, all I hear and see is nothingness. I do know that I am NOT where I am meant to be (I’m talking career-wise, not family-wise) because this can’t be all there is (it’s not about education, as I a bachelor’s degree, two master’s degrees and a doctorate, or the money). I know people that are filled with passion for what they do. I want that, too. As I told my husband last night, I want to get up in the morning because I WANT to go to work (passion) not because I HAVE to go to work (to pay the bills). How come such a simple question has such an elusive answer?

  185. You are doing a great job. I love how you word your blogs and make them so human. I read about 6 daily scriptures via email every morning and I guess you would have to say that is how I read the bible, very unsystematic approach.

    Anyhow, if I gave comment on what you could put up the one thing that enters my mind, is getting over past hurts and moving on. I can forgive but can’t help but feel like I am full of dents and void of true joy and enthusiasum for the future.

  186. Emily permalink

    Hello, Mark. Thank you for your teaching. I would love to see some posts on overcoming the flesh in terms of the urge to be selfish and resentful when our circumstances don’t line up with what our flesh wants. Perhaps some teaching on being content and submissive to God’s will. Thank you, and God Bless!

  187. Bill Hoppe permalink

    My wife and I do sidewalk counseling and prayer outside an abortion clinic every Saturday. We are literally mocked and cursed at times and I have a hard time loving these folks. Turning the other cheek is tough.

  188. I would like to learn how to understand the book of Job and how to keep my fire for the Lord alive and not let others make me feel forceful with my fire and Love for THE LORD. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP MARK. GOD BLESS YOU

  189. Lenny permalink

    Well Pastor Mark,

    I’ve been married for about 5 years and still having difficulties with balancing God, Family, Work, and Ministry in and out of church. So, I would say, teaching on how to balance these componants in our lives.

  190. Carly Cauthen permalink

    I have a question about this scripture, “That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.” -JESUS in Matthew 5:32 I was just wondering,does that mean that even if your spouse leaves you through no fault of your own that you can’t remarry?

  191. Joel permalink

    I would like to see more on accepting God’s forgiveness and with that being able to forgive one’s self. In addition to that how to turn worry into faith that God will provide.

  192. Nancy Masoner permalink

    22But Jesus answered and said, Ye know not what ye ask. Are ye able to drink of the cup that I shall drink of, and to be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with? They say unto him, We are able.

    23And he saith unto them, Ye shall drink indeed of my cup, and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with:…. Matthew 20:22- part of 23

    3Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death? Romans 6:3

    There’s water baptism, baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire, and then the above baptism.

    I’d like to see a teaching on this.

    Thank you.

  193. Right now I’m stuggling with having my home invaded by my homeless family members who are not believers, who are not motivated and are basically taking advantage of me.

    With the pressure that I am having with them living in my small apartment and not contributing financially, it takes a toll on me emotionally and with my frustrations I’m sure I tend to snap at them at time. My mother who is one of the people that lives with me is always telling that I am rude to them, insulting, and don’t want to help them. But yet they’re living in my house for free.

    I struggle with my tounge, my anger, and how to help people in a way that I CAN, that is best for me – not what is convenient for them.

    I want to change my behaviour in a “What would Jesus do?” way, and I want to be able to help people but not be taken advantage of and not be looked at as a “mean person” (for lack of a better word) because I know my limitations.

    I also want to witness to my family and help them be saved, but I don’t know how to with all of the conflicts between us.

  194. Julie lee permalink

    Could you teach the meaning and reason for communion.

  195. I too would like teaching on forgiveness. My husband of 8 years has had multiple affairs during our marriage. He is also a minister and is in school now for his masters in Divinity. We are currently in the process of getting a divorce, he claims that we are unequally yoked and are on two different paths and God says a marriage like that won’t work. He also claims that our marriage was never blessed by God so he can walk away from the marriage with a clear concious. I am trying, REALLY trying every day not to have bitterness and spitefulness in my heart torwards him. When I look at our daughter it just breaks my heart that he is shattering our world and carrying on with his own life like he doesn’t have a thing to worry about. Some days are harder than others and some days I feel like I could never forgive him for what he is putting us through. Our daughter is so confused, she doesn’t understand how he claims to be a man of God but doesn’t want to stay with his family.

    Thank You!

  196. Juanita Garcia permalink

    How to deal with people in our congregation leaving because they have a problem having a woman as our preacher and always critizing her sermons. Also how do deal with them my anger is quick and i become very offensive to the point where i won’t talk to them. I pray to God that he will talk to us and show us how to handle the issue at hand.

  197. Denique permalink

    How to dive deeper into God’s word.

  198. Bonnie permalink

    I would be interested in any thoughts on why some people are healed and some are not. I’m talking about born again spirit filled christians.

  199. Margaret permalink

    Growing in faith, I seem to be gullible and tend to question my faith in God and to question God and why God is not answering prayers, whenever I cry out to Him.

  200. Marc Himmelberger permalink

    Homosexuality: What are we to believe? How are some denominations accepting? How are some denominations allowing creating them into ministers?

    G-D Bless


  201. PTL!!!
    Now for you to go with that which we need to be led in would change the fact that your devotionals are those which GOD has lead you to. Stick to GOD any allow us to follow along with you. GOD’s planning always seems to work out far better then anything man can ever come up with:))) (eternal smiles)

  202. Joy permalink

    A teaching on justice especially when it comes to making decisions that are not going to be liked across the board

  203. Terry permalink

    Hi Mark ~ Great question 🙂
    I would like to receive your teachings on the Armor of God and/or the Book of Revelations…thank you for you teaching, leading and God given wisdom…


  204. Laurie permalink

    Hi Mark,
    I would like to receive teaching on speaking in the Spirit/tongues. I rededicated my life to the Lord a year ago and I have been praying to receive this blessing.

  205. Understanding God’s plan and what he has called me to do. I’ve been trying to do more ‘listening’ but still am not clear on what HE has called me to do.

    • Daniel permalink

      I feel exactly what your sayin!! I’m doin the exact same thing… Trying to listen and praying to hear Gods will. I pray that when the perfect time has come, and it IS TIME for HIM to tell me what his plan is, then he will make it known to me. All apart of his beautiful plan. God bless

  206. Sister Pam OP permalink

    So many good ideas! Any one of them would be great for discussion. Once again I see the Holy Spirit working the the Church. We are planning a summer sermon series based on questions from the congregation. I hear the Spirit saying that questions are OK. It is one way that we learn.

    A theme I see represented here is that we live in a hurting world and people are looking to God for comfort.

  207. Cindy permalink

    teachings on Revelations and what is to come…

  208. Hey Mark,hope you are well!!

    I would like to see teaching about how to deal with past failures and how to let these things go,and how to lay them down at JESUS’ feet and not EVER pick em back up,or be defeated by satan with em!! Restoration ministries would be another good area too!!

    Love and GOD bless


  209. Marilyn van Heerden permalink

    Hi Mark! Blessings to you and your family. I’m in favour of you being led by our Lord. There is sooooo much we all still have to learn and whatever He reveals to you is food for our souls.

  210. Joanne Heatley permalink

    Hi Mark!
    Thank you for this opportunity to have a say! your teachings are always such a blessing to me and so many others, for which i thank God. They are always such timely words that speak directly to the heart of the matter. They are so encouraging and helpful so whatever God leads you to teach is very welcome. Many thanks Jo x

  211. Blanch permalink

    Hi Mark, Iam trying to figure out how to deal with a mate that is not saved…This is beginning to be a real problem for me because my relationship with God is getting closer and closer and I feel that Iam separating from my husband. Please help me to understand this..I love my husband dearly but God is still my king. I need to be focused on God at all times in these trying times.

  212. Lily Thomas permalink

    Thanks for asking.
    My request for a teaching would be on knowing the characteristics of Jesus and views that would make you ask yourself if I am true to who He wants me to be and then the way to apply the life to our life and be the way Jesus wants us to be.
    Encouragement on remaining on the path to life.
    Peace and Joy that comes from Him.

  213. lisa permalink


    I would like more teaching on the battle of the mind….this past week the Lord’s bringing to my attention the battle of the mind. People talk about the battle for the souls of man, but in reality its really the battle for the mind, for it has to enter into us first with a thought before it gets to the soul and heart…..and I see in the Spirit a fierce battle raging for the mind….it only takes a seed to plant a little doubt…..


    Like a rudder on a ship, James says, so small yet steers the entire ship… too is the tongue….we are made in God’s image and with His words he created the heavens and the earth, HE SAID……let there be light, HE SAID, let the waters fill the earth but not go past the land, HE SAID,…..and it was,
    HE SAID….and it was…..WE SAY….and we get! I was reminded by my dear girlfriend today, to pray instead of complain, and I said, hmmm thats what I think about you, and she said, well, you reminded of that a few weeks ago and the penny dropped……so its great to remind each other, cos we can know it but not do it…….ITS A BATTLE FOR OUR MIND AND OUR MOUTH…..cos if the devil can get us fighting it out in the physical instead of warring in the spiritual, he gets us wa sting our energy to no effect, BUT, THE PRAYER OF A RIGHTEOUS MAN OR WOMAN AVAILETH MUCH….and we are made righteous through the blood of Christ whether we feel worthy or not! So I encourage all of my family of God, put on your full armour of God (Ephesians 4v10-16) and do battle in the spiritual realm instead of the flesh, Don’t let the devil fool you….or me anymore by taking it into the physical, for as Paul says and someone else on here said, we wrestle not against flesh and blood but the devil always trips us into fighting it in the physical…..sorry this was more than a question….my encourage button turned on and I got inspired to preach!!! lol but I hope its helped someone!

    ILYWTLOUL ( I love you with the love of our Lord)

  214. KATHY permalink

    teaching on when a parent becomes a christian after her children have grown and how then to lead them to Christ. I already know by my walk and actions but I have to very intellegent children and when I start talking with them about my faith they have alot of educational info to give back at me. So I would like teaching on how to bring your children to the LORD when they think they already know everything? Oh, and I do want to say that I look your devotionals everyday and it seems that I find myself using them during that day Thank you for following the LORD like you do.

  215. Laurel permalink

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you so much for what you are doing & how well you listen to God’s voice! Each devotional I read blesses me, or convicts me to do what I know I should.

    Everyone here has such great ideas and I think it’s wonderful that they help each other out as God would have us do, with encouragement, words of wisdom, etc.

    If I had to pick a topic it would be the end times as right now we see the signs as bright as daylight. But God will show us what to do as things unfold. I believe there are people with more pressing biblical needs right here 🙂

    Thank you!

  216. Pam permalink

    I would love to hear your view of what the end times,& tribulation will be like. I’d like to know if you believe the church, Christs’ bride, will be taken out of this world,& be in heaven at the marriage feast of the Lamb,while the 7 yr. trib is going on, on the earth…
    Thank you kindly for your time…

  217. joyce permalink

    I am not sure how clear this will be, but I would like to learn more of walking in Christs steps through this world, instead of being in the world. I have caught moments of awareness of being caretaker, and feeling as if I was walking on “holy ground” as I have walked.There is such a need…the ground calls out in need, how much more do the people need, who do not know how to call out any longer. I am a nurse, a mother, a grandmother, a veteran…how to walk as Christ walked, but remain where I am called to be?

  218. Wally permalink

    Would like to receive teaching on ow to witness effectively to non-believers, especially in the face of evil in the world(their words).

  219. About two years ago I felt called to womens ministry. Since then I have returned to school to obtain a Masters in Christian Counseling, Ive spent time studying and growing and I have a new Bible Study starting in September.

    Still, I feel like Im watching my life just pass me by. I feel like Im not doing anything and I know that I must be patient but theres a lot of inner turmoil and sabotage taking place.

    As someone who has been called to minister, is this normal and how do you deal with it? I realize that God gives us times of peace so that we might grow in him and have peace but still……

    Thank you for your insight and teaching!

  220. Julie cowley permalink

    The best way to study the Bible. Following the 1 year Bible reading plan, is that best? Using the Greek translation you suggested, is that necessary? Submitting to God, and confessing sin is necessary I can see that. Having said this, I find every one of your posts of enormous encouragement. Bless you friend.

  221. Dave Jenkins permalink

    I would love to hear more discussion about the end times and where we are in that prophecy…thanks !
    Dave Jenkins

  222. What is our inheritance in Christ?

  223. Marnus Marx permalink


    Thank you so much for the teachings and commitment you do with this journey… It has really guided me on many occasions. I would like more guidance and help with a personal relationship with Jesus. I often find myself struggling with an intimate, really deep and “in-contact” relationship with God. Thx a lot and God bless

  224. Rob permalink

    There is certainly a plethora of pathways to growing in Christ that come to mind, but a few off the top of my heart are:
    -Practical ways to avoid passing judgement on others
    -Deeper intimacy with God by curtailing sin in our lives and pursuing holiness
    -Coping with non-believers in our environment that can be very corruptive, and how to stand firm knowing we too can become affected
    -Signs for increased vigilance towards hardness in our hearts

    Many blessings in Christ for undertaking such a task! The value of daily encouragement cannot be overstated!

  225. Cindy permalink

    I am interested in a teaching on the Rapture vs the First Resurrection. I know mainstream Christians believe in the Rapture (pre trib) but there is a lot of scriptures that support First Resurrection… (mid or post trib).

  226. Marty Shafer permalink

    How Important it is to be saved,and how important it is to walk with Jesus,and to live the life of Jesus.

  227. Valeria permalink

    I am suffering a lot because of my fiance who is a Christian (a member of the church) but his life is still unchanged, he is alcochol-addicted… he betrays the Lord and me many times and always asks for forgiveness, but his ways do not change afterwards. Question: how should I behave as a Christian? (Matt.18:21 “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?”) What shall I do with our engagement? the more I suffer the more I am in fear of marrying that person, although my still loves, trusts and hopes… Jesus says “forgive seventy times seven” but I really want to understand it and apply to my own situation.

  228. Rose Beverly permalink

    Dear Rev. Mark,
    I came to your site because of my search for deeper meaning of life. I wanted to know more about having faith, trusting God completely and how to discern His will and plans for me.
    It is easy enough to say that I believe, I have faith and that I trust Him but am I living that belief and faith? Because if I truly believe and I have faith there will be no reason for me to worry at all. I still do. I still struggle to live a life completely in accordance to His will, I keep committing the same sin and I often ask “what if?
    May you be His instrument to show me the way.


  229. ifeseyi permalink

    on aw 2 avoid sin of thought

  230. Rosemary Potter permalink

    I attended Gordon/Conwell for several semesters until I ran out of money. I was studying for my Masters of Divinity. The last course I was taking, but didn’t finish was Spiritual Journaling. I am trying to pick it up again and am having a real hard time. When I pray I pray so intensly, but when I try to write it in the journal I can’t seem to get it right. What could be holding me back, I feel like I’m rehersing for something.
    Any help you could offer would be great.
    Also I would like to hear you speak or write on End Times and the book of Revelations. Nothing like writing a book, I’m sorry. Thank you.

  231. Gwen permalink

    I noticed that others said the same thing I was thinking and that is the end times and what we need to know would be a good study. I also would like to learn more about God’s will and fasting….Thanks for everything that you are doing. I love it all.

  232. Jennifer permalink

    I would love to have teaching on hearing God voice as a compass for our lives. How do we know when it’s God and when it’s not? How does he speak to us (directly or indirectly)?

  233. darnita permalink

    divorce and marriage

  234. Connie permalink

    How to forgive, and learn to love and trust again.

  235. Michelle permalink

    I just want to say that you have helped me so much, and I’m struggling a lot (being a teenager and all).

    I’d love if you could talk about how to deal with emotional problems.
    Also please discuss the correct amount of material items to give and receive throughout life.


  236. Cindy permalink

    I would like clear and concise teaching on the book of Revelation and how it relates to the books of Daniel and Ezekiel. I look forward to the rapture anxiously. I see so many signs talked about in the Bible about the end times, I’ve been told for years that Jesus would return during our lifetime, but I would like to know how these 3 books show and tell the exact nature and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  237. Robyn permalink

    I am going through a very painful and often bitter divorce. I would like some insite on how to keep the bitterness out of my heart. I want to forgive and move on with my life, but as soon as I get to that point, my soon-to-be-ex-husband does something else to cut me to the quick. How do I get through this whole ordeal without sacrificing my spirit and keep my heart tender?


  238. Kristen permalink

    How about how we should think about people of other religions and the existence of other religions in general? How to we remain true to our faith while still being accepting of followers of other faiths?

  239. Valerie permalink

    I want to know why do people allow titles to get in their way when ministering to a dying world and why are people that dont know and understand certain think, elders, ministers, and other church leaders look down on people and lie to make themselves look good or important…………Have you ever seen a u haul hooked up to a HERSH……..Jobs said naked i came into this world naked I will leave..People have forgotten where God has brought them from……I apologize is I sound judgmental but when you are in pain and cant take an aspirin what do you do!!

  240. Karen permalink

    Lot of good comments–I think discerning God’s voice in the midst of all voices we here from ourselves, the world, well-meaning Christian friends, etc.-sometimes hard to know direction when you feel you are going against the grain and sometimes God calls us in different different than our good Christian friends may think as well

  241. Jody Stevens-Curtis permalink

    I would love to see more on the UNconditional LOVE of Jesus Christ…So many people..even Christians feel like they have to DO a certain thing or BE a certain way in order to DESERVE or WIN the LOVE, GRACE and FAVOR of GOD…I struggle with PERFECTIONISM and feeling GOOD enough…I think it would be GREAT to SEE more scriptures on this…I’m sure that I’m not the only one that STRUGGLES with this and think it would be VERY HELPFUL..!! Thank you for your consideration in asking what I would like to see. Sincerely, Jody

  242. Ana permalink

    How to start a conversation to share someone about christ? and How to recognize Gods voice..

  243. Tuvia Pollack permalink

    I have lately been dealing with the common accusation we Messianic Jews get, about legalism. Many of us believe that it is still God’s wish for us Jews to live according to his word in the OT, but some of us focus too much on keeping the Torah and it has become legalism. When I tried to examine this further I realized that this is not a specific Messianic Jewish problem, but it is everywhere. Whenever you focus on something, however good and correct it is, more than you focus on Jesus, you loose. And this is just as true when it comes to keeping the Torah as when it comes to creationism, gifts of holy spirit, healing, second coming, etc. People that focus too much on an issue rather than focusing on Christ, will loose him out of sight. I’d love to hear your reflections on this topic. I immediately saw in front of me Peter walking on the water, and how he started to sink the minute he forgot to keep his eyes on Jesus. For the record, I personally do believe that God expects us jews to keep all of his laws, but to keep it out of love to him, and not in legalism. When I talk to Christian brothers who disagree with me on that topic, I ask them to see me as a “weak brother” as Paul put it… =)

  244. laurie permalink

    How not to worry so much.

  245. Karen permalink

    How about a teaching on what is the WORD OF GOD really? Is it the bible or is it something else? 🙂

  246. Lydia Reyes permalink

    Wow Mark, You are really getting alot of feedback about what people want you to teach. I think you were doing a mighty fine job without asking. Everyday that I read your blog and read the comments of others I am inspired and encouraged as I learn so much of what’s being shared. I pray for all the ones that are going thru trials right now but I also thank him for all the trials he has gotten me thru. I still got alot of growing and learning to do. Most likely it’s going to be till I leave this earth and hopefully see my savior Jesus, face to face. The Lord is doing a wonderful thing in this site and I give him thanks for you being a good instrument building up his people for his Glory. God Bless.

  247. Janine Anderson permalink

    Hello Rev. Mark,

    I would like you to do a teaching on Original Sin because there has been much controversy and debate regarding this topic. It would be most appreciated, Thanks and God Bless

    Janine A.

  248. Becket permalink

    trusting God / direction / waiting of God

  249. Lynne Jarvis permalink

    Mark, I stumbled upon you through some online material being offered at my church on reading through the Bible in one year. You are so far away and yet here I am in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, being fed and challenged by your material. Sometimes your words jump right off the screen because God knows I need a particular reminder or a certain kind of comfort. One thing I struggle with is accepting ongoing forgiveness and forgiving myself when I mess up. How presumptuous of me! This happens at a level I am not fully aware of and I have asked Jesus to reveal to me the root of my struggle and how to appropriate His Word and Work on the cross fully. I am a fixit person and need to live where I need Him instead of being self-sufficient. Thank you and Bless you for your walk with Christ and your willingness to share with us your blessings.

  250. Jeff heuby permalink

    Mark, Love what our doing and I look forward to your daily teachings. I have sent your address to friends. Your honesty is causing me to examine myself.
    My 18 yr old son Tyler has asked ” If God is omniscience why does he create people He knows will not except Jesus”?

    Jeff @ Lyons, Indiana USA

  251. Tracy permalink

    Hi Mark,

    I really appreciate your posts, I didn’t grow up in a Christian family so it’s a great testimony to read how you lead your family in their spiritual growth. You have such a gift to make passages in the Bible clear as day and very relevant to our daily struggles through your consideration of the words in their original language and personal anecdotes. I’d like to hear your views on women in the church as referenced in the New Testament. Thank you for all that you do to build up and encourage the Church!


  252. Good afternoon,

    I would love to hear a teaching on how to be a better husband, and a better man overall. I have not been on the right path and I have made many grave mistakes that are affecting me spritually and affecting many others emotionally. This would benefit I would think many men although some of us wont admit it. For too long have I hid behind myself and have not admitted God is in my life.

    Thank you.

  253. I think that the most important thing that the church is facing is, family are falling apart, Children are so caught in the middle. The children become labeled at a young age. Sometimes they are just being normal kids. But they medicate them and lable them and that is with them the rest of their lives. It is runting our nation. Our future is in the hands of our throw away children. I don’t think teaching is going to help, for the ones who would read this is not the ones that need to hear. We are however the ones who must pray. Only the hand of God can correct the matter.

  254. Terry Meiste permalink

    How our priorities can be straightened out should be God,, wife,children ,family,friends, and fun which should be enjoyed in all of these things

  255. lucy ng permalink

    Rev Mark ,I suppose when you read mine after so many request you might be tired already.But I pray that GOD will renew yr. strength day by day for HIS WORD will be forever!!!
    I ‘ll love teachings on symbolic numbers or words used in OLD TESTAMENT or …144,000 .etc……..
    Leviticus still applies in todays modern world???

  256. Thank you for the opportunity, and be bless by God’s Word through your blog. Every days topic is enough and right for me, specially right now that i give my personal bible. As long as every topic is purely from the word of God and not dominated with man’s experience, for me that is good. Every topic bless and rebuke me, and truly God’s Word speaks to me. God Bless.. Thank you for asking.

  257. Cynthia permalink

    How are you..thank you for what you do I practice positive thinking, and good words from the tongue and I want to believe that all things work together for the good of the LORD…and how to hear from GOD and waiting on GOD…I am just a mess right now.

  258. Elfi permalink

    I was reading some of the input of the comments and I thank a lot of you for sharing.
    I’m going through a lot of trouble in our lives at the moment, unsaved husband to top it up, although I don’t want to and I dearly love my husband because he’s a great guy, I still feel resentment popping up every now and then, like a Jack in the Box, because I feel a lot of what is happening now is partly his fault (mainly business problems). So I want to learn to free my heart from this feeling and I want to learn to really trust the Lord more and more, even if things look “so bad”, to get us out of this mess. I would like this mess to be a message one day to glorify the Lord. So thank you Mark for your help.
    God bless you!!!

  259. BillieJean Bieker Craft permalink

    How about more Jewish roots in understanding God’s word [like in the book of Luke, Mary’s genealogy has Joseph’s name listed in place of Mary’s name because a woman could not be listed as a head of a household; Joseph’s father was Jacob as found in the book of Matthew.]

  260. Stacy permalink

    I would like to see teaching about WHY we trust the Bible as the perfect Word of God. I am not convinced on this issue, myself. I still read the Bible and trust GOD, but I have a hard time putting COMPLETE faith in something that other men wrote down. 🙂 Thanks!

  261. Danielle permalink

    My husband has recently been overseas. Since he has left he has turned his back on the Lord. He was very strong in his faith before he left. He is a completely different person. I dont know how to react..or the next step to take is dealing with this. I talk about my faith often to him adn it seems to push him further away. I guess what im saying is a teaching on patience/understanding. Im just not sure what to do.

  262. Brooke permalink

    I would like to know what is a womans role in the church, if the Bible teaches they are to be quite. I have people ask me this every time I try to witness to them. Thanks for asking. God bless you and keep you.

  263. lYNN sICARD permalink


  264. Listening and knowing it is the voice of God.
    Faith and Fear. Having confidence in your faith and not fearing death.

  265. Nadege permalink

    Witnessing! How do you make that transition during a conversation. I feel ill equipped to witness. That is a barrier that needs to be broken. I feel as if i am a disappointment to God because i don’t witness. Help!

  266. Lately i have been reading about the cross and how it helps us but i need more things to help me with that. And of all the comments ive seen posted i have several words for you, LIVE LIKE THE TOMB IS EMPTY AND THIS WILL HELP YOU TONS!!!!

  267. Ralph W.Magruder permalink

    Hi Brother,since you asked I do have something I have been trying to figure out how to teach the church and apply in my life.The early church and it’s structure.We have strayed so far from it with our denominational barriers and man made tradition,that I find small group setting’s the best place to get to the meat of the Word.I am thanful I have joined your blog (or whatever they call it)You seem to be doing a good work.Any thought’s on this would be appreciated.In His Service,Ralph

  268. Darrell Rutledge permalink

    My walk with God has really grown ove the last 4 or 5 years. Since this has taken place satan has really attacked and some damage has been done. I recently went through a divorce. At one time i thought I would want her back, but Im not so sure now and I dont know if its God that is letting me know I dont need the marriage back. There have beena lot of things that have coem to my attention since the divorce. What I want to know is how do we really know when God is speaking to us?

  269. Amanda Wilson permalink

    I would love to see a teaching about the reality and person of the Holy Spirit.

  270. Joyce Kesterman permalink

    How to die to self.. let your eye be single.

  271. jen permalink

    Hi Mark ,
    Thank you for your daily readings, I want to know more about agape love.
    I could write a short novel on the supposed christian relationship I had with
    a guy .Little did he know my sponge of a brain craved learning more about
    Jesus.I attend Church of Christ ~ no instruments~communion every first
    day of the week.. Men lead with mutual respect of the woman .

  272. Daniel permalink

    I’d really like to see more on how to recognize a calling from God and then what to do afterward. I’m only 15 but I feel God is calling me. I just don’t know what it is yet. It may be that it’s just not the right time for my calling to be revealed to me, but I’d really enjoy seeing more about what a calling feels like. I know you talk alot about your calling and how you plan to pursue it, but just an overall writing on the subject if Gods will, maybe share about your calling experience or something like that. I really appreciate all this time and effort your putting into these reflections! It really does make a difference for me!

  273. Jodi permalink

    Marraige please.

  274. James M permalink

    Unwavering Faith through hard times

  275. Shayne Pitcock permalink

    I would like to have more depth of teaching about being a disciple of Jesus and going deeper about a walk of life that shows I’ve “been with Him”. I want to truly live a life that “follows” Him.

  276. Katie permalink

    I would really like to receive teaching on forgiving ourselves. I am struggling with living confidently and freely in Christ because I am constantly replaying old tapes in my mind of what an awful rebellious selfish person I am.

    God bless!

    Katie in Arizona

  277. Hilda permalink

    I appreciate for this question has come at the right time, you know I have been in a community where people have taken the love of Jesus to die on the cross as being commercialised and secular holiday. A time when little kids collect chocolate Easter eggs but don’t hear anything about the event the holiday is meant to commemorate. So I would like you to enlight me more on how to handle such situations

  278. I would like to know all about marriage and when people were actually made to sign papers. How were marriages confirmed before that time.

  279. I would like to know about what the situation was when mankind went with Angels.

  280. Mary Ann permalink

    Hi Mark. I’d like to congratulate & thank you for all teachings you’ve shared to us, these help a lots in my everyday living. Thanking and praising God for all His blessings, for annointing you as one of His desciples to spread the words of God. My request is that to receive a teaching about the behavior/ attitude of todays’ teenagers. On how to guide them to live a Christian way of life. For them to make God as the center of their lives. I have 3 teenagers and worries about their future.



  282. Shateca McGee permalink

    Healing, Manifestation, and more about the glory and love of God

  283. Shateca McGee permalink

    I long to know more about what is it that I am supposed to do in arrival of my healing. I am praising God,worshipping him.I know and continually keep his word before my eyes but. I am an ative person in sharing the word before anyone I just want to please him more.

  284. Angela permalink

    I would like more teaching on getting thru depression, how to really lean on HIM in your time of need when, sometimes, you don’t feel HIS presence and how to be more forgiving of people you feel have wronged you who just don’t seem to care that they have hurt you.

  285. Liliosa Manjoro permalink

    please teach me about forgiveness if you decide to forgive someone and avoid them at all costs because you know that being with the will bring hurts is it right

  286. lilian permalink

    premonitions or dreams that come true after you have forgotten about it.
    how do you deal with them?
    how will i know whether its the will of God?
    how will i know what to pray about?

  287. Abhigale permalink

    Thanks for the messages.Kindly can you post materials in regard to spiritual warfare

  288. Racecar permalink

    Well, something I’ve been studying lately is love. All aspect of it, from Christian love to brotherly love to romance. What about reflections on friendships, God’s love for us, or how we need to love others? Or dating/marriage teaching?

  289. Bosco permalink

    To know the word more and to live His way.

  290. Penina permalink

    Hi mark
    I would like to learn more on how to bold prayers.

    Thank you


  291. Dineo permalink

    I’d like to know why it is anathema for a Christian to be wealthy? It would appear that Christians are supposed to be poor, preaching the gospel of salvation yes but ignorant of bread and butter issues.

    Please teach us how to be wealthy and still live a devoted life to Christ.

  292. Fatima de Jesus permalink

    I would like to learn how to really humble myself and do things according to God’s will. Every choice I make, every decision I make, every situation I am faced with, I would like to stop and say O.K. Lord, what now? And then I would like to hear from Him. And I would like to be able to say that those choices and decisions that I made came from the Lord and that I live by Him and His will and not my own.

  293. Simone permalink

    Yes, I agree with Sharon as I also suffer from bi-polar disorder and mental illness remains to be such a taboo subject within modern Churches. Also, like many others who have listed comments here, I would very much appreciate some advice on Christian – Atheist relationships of all kinds. Christians still tend to be the minority which means so many of the people we interact with and are influenced by daily are not believers.
    Thanks for asking us and for always posting such encouraging messages.

  294. HI MARK,



  295. akinola agbelusi permalink

    How to build up more on faith,and how to speak in togunes

  296. Minette Hatton-Jones permalink

    How do you know that it is God is speaking to you and not your own thoughts and inner reflections?

  297. Annah permalink

    Dear Mark,

    I greet you in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, how are doing? I will love to receive teaching on prayer. This is the area I am desiring to grow to the level of knowing God’s heart and knowing His mind.

    Mark, that is the cry of heart!

    You are blessed brother in the Lord


  298. I would like to know more about how to deal with the spirit of fear,of late i have been having fear especially at night.My heart beats faster and it is worrying me alot,i am born again and i believe in JESUS who saved me this issue is weighing me down and am wondering if you can help.
    Thank you for your messages they are an inspiration to me GOD bless you so much.

  299. Helen permalink

    I would like teaching on how to strenghten my faith in God. Thank You.

    • terry permalink

      you already have faith. faith is simple. eg. when you go to sit on a chair, do you first make sure the legs are ok? do you make sure the seat is ok? NO? You have just put your faith into action simply by sitting on that chair knowing its going to hold you up and not break. GOD bless you my friend.

  300. saruni permalink

    Hi i feel touched by the scriptures.Need more teachings

  301. joan permalink

    Teaching on dealing with anger.

  302. Gabi permalink

    What are the Saints? Are the ‘Saints’ in the Bible the same as the ones they speak of today?

  303. Brian permalink

    I too would like to learn how discern God’s voice from among all the other voices in this world and from my own thoughts. There have been too many times where I have asked God for an answer to something and then I think He might be giving me that answer. But then I ask myself, is that really God speaking to me? Or is it just me making stuff up?

  304. Victor Kedemi permalink

    growing my faith and making it work for me and overcoming temptation

  305. Grace permalink

    Spiritual Breakthrough, getting out of depression, Keeping your eyes on Jesus.

  306. Joe permalink

    On how to hear and be able to tell what the Spirit is telling you. How to know it’s the spirit and not just yourself. Also Forgiveness, to show people that they need to forgive and give second chances because God does not want people to have resentment and hold grudges.

  307. natasha permalink

    I would like some more on forgiveness

  308. Sarah permalink

    I struggle with the issue of forgiveness, and how to let go of the hurt and pain a Christian sister/healer has caused by not being honest — initially leading me to believe, “God has spoken to me and has led me to tithe my time towards your healing”, only to follow that up with, “God commands me to cease all interaction with you and to leave the healing to Him. I know I promised, BUT…” — I have prayed and tried to practice not being resentful, and understand the concept that we will suffer as Christ did — my soul still aches and wants to forgive, but I’m finding it very difficult.

  309. Benjie permalink

    Please teach on how church leaders can deal with, and overcome issues of porn and mustarbation in their personal lives. Its killing many church leaders, as they find no one to talk to, because anyone who may hear might give up the faith.

  310. Clark Cooper permalink

    Parenting to raise the Christian Child. Tithing

    • Steve Gill permalink

      Is this Clark Cooper in Suffolk, Virginia?

  311. Daniel permalink

    How to hear the holy spirit when he talks to you

  312. Donna Browne permalink

    I would like to get help on how not to worry and to trust God for all my needs. I have accepted Christ as my Saviour but I have not fully committed my life to him so I need some personal help and I hope if you can be of some assistance to me personally.

  313. Robert permalink

    Keep on brother in Christ!I like what you have been doing! Going deeper into the Word.
    I’am a new Christian and love learning more about scriptures.

  314. Gloria Collins permalink

    Hi Mark,
    I’ve read many good suggestions. I would like teaching on what we should expect in the next few years in relation to the end times. Also how to deal with adult children who are saved but are living in the flesh. I know you hear and respond to the Leading of The Holy Spirit. I know I will be blessed by whatever you choose to teach. Thank you.

  315. Pam Bailey permalink

    How to battle discouragement when God chooses to be silent.

  316. Chris permalink

    I would like to know more about how God gives us guidance, and aids us in making important life changing decisions in our lives. How do we know if the decisions we are making is his will?

  317. Ashley permalink

    Hi Mark!
    I am only a teenager and would like to know more on the subject of how to talk to God, and how you know that it is God speaking to you and not your own thoughts.
    Thank you,

  318. Diana permalink

    I have been living this past year like many others…unemployed, scared and feeling very alone. I pray for God’s guidence, and HIS help…..I don’t feel HIM tugging on my heart for anything….how do you keep the faith when your cries out loud echo with no answer’s?

  319. Tammy Nadeem permalink

    Reading over the comments it looks like you have your work cut out for you, but this is very encouraging and truly shows the many needs.

    My first thought was strong holds. We are in a day and age where the strong holds of sin in our life are becoming huge issues. Many families are suffering from these strongholds. God doesn’t put a level on sin, it is sin regardless of what it is. So many people are tangled in it and don’t know how to pull away from it. This sin has stunted the growth of many christians and many of them don’t even realize the stronghold that these sins have on them.

    When I speak of stronghold I mean anything that takes your heart away from God. Any sin that can start out as lying and go all the way to addictions to drugs, pornography etc. These are real life issues that have a huge affect on husbands, wives and children. Our families are hurting from these strongholds and satan is sitting and enjoying the pain that people are in.

    I myself had a run in in my own personal life with someone dealing with a strong hold that was unknown to many people and it has opened my eyes to the heart ache and how easily this can slip into any one of our lives.

    Well my friend, I think we have given you alot to look at and hopefully God will work in an amazing way through all of this.

    God Bless!!

  320. how do i learn to forgive myself

  321. Peggy permalink

    I’d love instruction on how to truly forgive people and totally let go of hurt feelings and animosity.

  322. Jacque permalink

    I would love to learn more on how to totaly trust God in every situation of my life.

  323. Kevin McPherson permalink

    I could use some guidance in biblical parenting. I love what I’ve seen from you on the subject so far. I’m a 48-year-old father of two boys ages 4 and 3.

    Thanks brother Mark!

  324. Crystal permalink

    Wives submitting to their husbands.

  325. marti permalink

    A teaching on the commandments,,,I have had people tell me you know the 10 commandments were not written for us, although this is a good idea to live by them, they were not written for us.

  326. Royce permalink


    I am a long way down the comment list, so I don’t know if this will get to you. Nor did I check if this has been suggested by someone else. Hopefully it has been. But I would love to hear your teachings on either Christology, or the miraculous working of humility in our hearts. Christology – simply because if we dont know who we are following, how can we follow Him truthfully! And the truth, through a right relationship with Him is what we desire. Humility – Well, I think humility is a gracious gift from God, which is the mother of all good. The antithesis to pride, lots to find out about humility, plus I think so many Christians (myself included) struggle with it.

    Thanks so much for your work for the Lord. Your emails are an awesome way to start my day with Jesus. Keep trusting Him!

    Your brother, royce.

  327. Matt Black permalink

    how to save aa marriage

  328. Deirdre Childress permalink


    My question is on Christian dating. As a women I know its my job to stay in the face of God, but if its flowing and there hasn’t really been any tension or being uncomfortable with one another is that God? How do you know if a man is supposed to be in your life for a season or the rest of your life???

  329. Ethan Skinner permalink

    Cutting, all my friends do it. but i don’t to set the example for them in God but its so hard not to fall into there temptation or any that comes across me because i have so much stress from trying to help them. one is demon possessed and the others were raped and molested.

  330. Bobby permalink

    Pastor Mark,

    Plenty to choose from aye? I have a plague on one of my walls that reads “Faith is not knowing that God can, but is believing that God will”. That’s probably my biggest struggle, even after seeing the “little miracles” and experiencing His presence in my life, I still have a hard time continually believing “He will”.

    Thanks brother, God bless!

  331. jonathan brown permalink

    i want to be discipled so that i can grow. i am a new Christian who keeps stumbling and falling backward.


    jonathan brown

  332. Hi Mark!

    I would like to see bible prophecies interpretations. Also, I like learning about the prophets in the old testament and the stories.

  333. Rita permalink

    Advice for living unequally yoked

  334. I would like to leran more about parenting adult children. I know of many young adults, and have one myself, that have not been able to reach a point in maturity where they can leave the nest and start their own lives. In my perspective, we will always parent our children and hopefully grandchildren as well.
    I enjoy your daily blog very much and look forward to reading it. Thanks for all you do to support the Kingdom of God!

  335. Mamoleboge Lulu Segolela permalink

    Good day Reverend Brown,

    I would like to teaching or rather clarity on what the God says about things like what to eat, or not eat or what to drink or not drink, where to go or not go. It is very confusing meeting people who have long been born again and still hold on to mindsets like you must not eat pork. Am I wrong to be eating it? and what about alcohol, is it right for a Christian to be drinking, now I’m not talking getting drunk cause that is just plain old wrong but enjoying a glass or two of wine with friends for instance and another thing, is it wrong for Christians to go out to parties and clubs? I just wonder what the proper conduct is on the above three and any other conducts for Christians you may point out.

    Your presence is present to the world. Thank you for being a blessing!

  336. This is for Tiffany.
    Unless an individual has lived with chronic pain they cannot know what those “sandles” feel like. I’ve lived with chronic pain for over 20 yrs. now, to a lesser or greater degree. I have found that, yes, one’s life is affected due to limitations – never knowing the pain scale of the ole bod from day to day. I have also found the irony of such suffering brings joy, tremendous joy in the itty bitty things in life. I call them slivers. A sliver of hope, a sliver of gratitude, a sliver of … you fill in the blank. Those slivers are priceless and go unnoticed by many. I have learned that chronic sufferers must guard our hearts against the spirit of self-pity. It is a never satisfied spirit and will drain a person of all they have within their hearts. I am growing in authority over the pain(s). I know my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, bought and paid for by the precious blood of the Lamb. My temple is not satan’s domain but God’s. I bind the enemy, the powers of darkness and the assignment and command that I be loosed from its grip. The blood of Jesus is against all evil and protects me just as the blood protected the Israelites when the death angel passed over them under Pharoah’s tyranny. There is power in the name of Jesus and in His atoning shed blood. Seek Him, learn of the authority He has paid the price for and wield the sword offensely in Jesus’ name! Yes, find what you can do practically as well. I recently acquired a traction unit and it helps! I praise God for it. Remember we are tri-part beings – body, soul and spirit.
    May the love of God continue to carry you through your journey of faith as we draw closer to seeing our Redeemer face to face.
    Standing in Awe,

  337. Enid permalink

    First of all, I’d like to say that I am in total agreement with Hope, as far as the comment made about salvation. People think that because we are saved through grace, they can keep on sinning and not lose their salvation.

    I’d like for you to talk about living a christian life, as a single person. I have been divorced for five years and am struggling with loneliness but want to remain in obedience. I have not met the person the Lord has for me yet but have come across every man Satan can throw my way…God Bless!

    • siew permalink

      What Jesus says and did in the Bible regarding those who condemn his followers for not cleaning their hands or cleaning their utensils before eating is a good reference as to what He teaches us about eating, what’s clean or unclean.

      Here’s a good reference :

  338. Grisel permalink

    I’m with Ashley Feltman about receiving a teaching about how to deal with VERY difficult people; especially the ones that brag about being SO BLESSED by God but their actions don’t match their words!

    Please, please, please give us an insight on how to deal with them! I’m not the only one having to go through this and the ones that are, even though we believe in God and pray every day for guidance, we’re losing our sense of trust in ourselves mainly because we feel so abused by these people!

    We’ve tried so hard to surrender it all to God but a thing are getting even worse and feelings, and self-steams are getting hurt…sniff. >_<

  339. Careice permalink

    I just want to say that i am truly blessed but i need help with getting through my divorce…..after long thought i finally realized that i never went to the lord about my marriage or about us even being together and now we have a son in the middle of this mess and i just want help with forgivness and my anger problems i try to keep the lord on my mind when things happen but the other side of me just takes over and i truly feel bad after all is said and done

  340. Mauyne permalink

    I would love to know more about tithing. We have argued with my fiancee about it and we don’t know who is right. Please talk about it.

  341. David permalink

    I find it very hard to to become member of a Church because of all the hypocrisy that seems to prevail in organized religion. How can I get past this to be able to worship with true christains and fellowship with them ?

    • Steve Gill permalink

      Hey David…. I hope you don’t mind that The Lord Led me to reply to your comment. The funny thing is that I woke up this morning to find out that our TV Services have been cutoff for failure to pay a bill on time. If it hadn’t been for that…. I’d be watching Sportscenter and wouldn’t have seen your comment.
      2 THINGS…
      One, and by the way, I’m 48 years old and The Holy Spirit came to me 6 years ago after living a very sinful life. I believed on Jesus and the Spirit entered me so this is not someone “controlling” you or trying to say “I know and I am better”. I am no better than anyone.
      Alright, FIRST THING….
      Don’t let anyone tell you how to feel about you being a church member. You already are a church member. Scripture says that “We are His Body”. The church is bigger than a building, and if you love Jesus with all your heart…. you are a Church Goer…. you are my brother. Guilt over you not believing this is a trick by the devil.
      With that being said…. almost 3 years ago I was struggling with the same thing and my wife came to me and said that she wanted to attend a certain church. It was EXACTLY the church I had promised that I NEVER wanted to go to. So….. I said to my wife reluctantly, “Ok, we can try it out after I get some confirmation”. Knowing that God was on my team, I went to work that day feeling self assured that God was going to confirm that I wasn’t going to that church. Boy was I wrong. 3 people came up to me on my job from 3 different homes and witnessed to me about that church the day after my wife asked. I looked up to heaven and said “I understand”. The point is this…. God will tell you where you should go to church, not if you should go. You are needed. Your gifts will be utilized both in church and out of church. I’m not going to tell you that I’m satisfied with the “Building” that I am attending. But I have been amazed at who God has put in my path and how some have helped me in my time of need and how God has let me serve others.
      FINAL THOUGHT…. I hope this helps and if it does, then just pray that God will show you where you are needed. Don’t base all your decisions on your past dealings. BECAUSE, “You walk by faith, not by sight”.
      Love to you brother. Hang in there.

  342. Nona Humphreys permalink

    I would like to learn why, if Jesus was buried on a Friday and arose early Sunday morning, Why do they say He was in the grave 3 days? What scripture explains any of this time frame?

  343. I too would like teaching on having the Mind of christ. Also about the Bi-polar + mental illness. we just had a freind commit suicide was a chirstian…..????? What does the Bible say about thoes of us who have been gifted with challenges that serve the Lord but not the world?

  344. janet eades permalink

    I was told to search God’s word to understand what God is doing with me. I am one of his children but I pray and draw 95%blank. How to listen for God I would like to learn about.

  345. I just want to thank you for what you do. You are definitely and inspiration to me. I would love a teaching on True Worship, submitting yourself as a living sacrifice. Also a lesson just on knowing when you need to “be quiet” and when you should share. Sometimes god places things in my heart and I’m so excited and wnt to share and then someone just gets really negative about what I am sharing. In those moments god reminds me that eveything isn’t for other people sometimes he gives me a Word that is just for me. I quetsion my motives in those moments and I feel like I’m bringing attention to me instead of God. Those are not my intentions I just want everyone to be as excited about the Gospel as I am.

    God Bless you and your ministry!

    • Steve Gill permalink

      Hey Jean…..

      This morning I had this overwhelming feeling that I needed to Arise and Go downstairs even though I could sleep in for another 2 hours. I turned on the TV only to figure out that because our bill was late…. we had no TV. I sat down and wondered “oh wow…. what am I gonna do now”. So I started praying and then I went on line and saw your message. Start praying to the Lord more frequently. Look for His little “whispers” that He wants to talk with you. It only took a very little amount of faith for me to recognize that God was trying to get my attention this morning and He led me to you. It is up to us to respond to His Will. “Knock and the door will be open to you… Seek and you will find”. Notice it doesn’t say… “Hey, this is God and I’m going to meet you at your house every morning at 7AM”.
      I look forward to knowing that you are already praying about this. I hope that you know that if this helps, I give all the Glory to my Maker for giving me the thoughts and the words. it was His Word that inspired this.

      Love …. Your Brother In Christ Steve

  346. justin permalink

    how to love and serve God to the fullest.

  347. LaToya permalink


    I would like you to touch on or rather teach about growing deeper in a relationship with God, how to spend time with him. Suggestions on what to do during that time. Generally just how to draw closer.

    Thank you for asking us of our needs, I enjoy reading your post everyday they are indeed helpful God bless.

  348. Wendy permalink

    I would like to see teaching on how to ‘live by the Spirit so you will now gratify the desires of the sinful nature”. Thanks.

  349. Philip White permalink

    I would love more teaching on showing God’s word, and the people we have to be

  350. Dinah permalink

    Teach about intercession that accomplishes God’s mission and pull people out of hell

  351. deborah grinstaff permalink

    I would like more encouragement on finding rest in His promises in this crazy consuming life. And how we, as believers, can minister in the workplace without crossing lines, if you know what I mean.

  352. sara permalink

    thankyou soo much for your writtigns as i find them so helpfull.

  353. Deb permalink

    What is your statement of faith? I like to know what I am subscribing to before signing up. Also, would you give a brief explanation what you believe in insofar as creation is concerned? What really happened “In the Beginning?”…
    Thank you

  354. Nelly Lufuno permalink

    Hi Mark

    I’m a 25 years old lady and grew up without a father around. My brothers and i don’t know how it feels to have a father because he never took care of us nor made time. My mom and dad were never married but is this reason he never cared for us? I’m pregant and the father of my baby decided to get out of our two year relationship and be with someone else when i told him about the baby. I think men need you to pass the message to them so they know the importance of being a caring a father. Women need emotional support from the fathers of the childrem through pregancy and even when the baby is born. can you please teach men on making the right decision and not making thier children suffer because of their love for the world and the fathers still want to do things to please thenselves and the world.

  355. Deena permalink

    A teaching on marriages, young people who are married in particular if possible and a teaching on dealing with a spouse who isn’t as strong as a believer as the other spouse would be nice.

  356. Matt Brown permalink

    I have a question about being a better Christian husband and father. I’m a fairly new born again Christian and my learning is going very slow.
    Can you lead me in the right direction in scripture to help me with this.

    Thanks and God Bless

  357. One of the main issues I would like to have a better understanding of and teaching on is: Asking the Lord through prayer and meditation to be useful in the lives of others no matter where we are or what we are doing. I think it follows along the with the scripture – 1 Cor. 3:16 as well as many others. To have a better understanding of how to bring the Lord’s Peace & Hope to others….?

  358. Caryn permalink

    I’d like to know more about dealing with people I really don’t like & how to love them even though I can’t stand them. How to deal with anger & insecurity. I know that people keep saying pray about it but some practical advice would be good too. Praying is great, but when you’re face to face with someone you can’t stand; HOW do you deal with them lovingly?
    Insecurity is another one I’d like some teaching on. Thanks – you’re awesome Mark & I love reading your blog.

    • Steve Gill permalink

      I hope you don’t mind me replying to your comment. I just wanted to tell you that “sometimes” the most practical thing us Christians do is Pray. Alot of people don’t think prayer is practical, because they practically never do it and therefore, never see it’s power. Personally, I think the ONLY thing that you can do is pray because just like my heart isn’t right about this issue at times, neither is yours or anyone elses. We all need help with these things and its “OUR” spiritual issue. We need to grow in these areas. God helps us grow and I promise you that He Will Send What You Need in the moment.
      OK…. I do have a witness on this issue. My wife kicked me out of the house. (I know why she kicked me out and it wasn’t a good reason. But she did it and that was that. I prayed as I slept on Motel Room floors with friends and my other friends floor of the place he was staying). There was so much “Gossip” going on from people that I thought I knew. There were many hateful things said about me and lots of whispering and unkind things. I was so angry with people that I thought I knew. Then, of course, my wife and I started to work things out and things got better. I told her that I knew that people were talking to her negatively about me and that it hurt me. I had NO facts. The spirit had told me that this was going on. My wife then said… “I am sorry that people did that and I am sorry that I did that. You are right and that was very wrong”. In an instant I felt the weight of the world leave me. I realized that even though I was right, I gained nothing by knowing. I have learned to forgive and love those people again. The true essence of God is to Shine your light to those that live in the dark. The people that were doing those things are still in my life and I feel like God is working on there hearts. I hope that you can pray to gain this heartfelt knowledge through the experiences that I will pray you have. God will show you if you let him. Praise the Lord. Sorry this was a long reply.

  359. Toi permalink

    I would really like to learn more on prayer I feel so inadequate

  360. Paula permalink

    I would like to learn more about the fine line that divides predestination from free will. Like do we follow God by choice or are we chosen.

    My God continue to bless your ministry!

  361. Larry permalink

    Wow–really good comments.
    I would appreciate learning more on the value of placing our complete trust every day in Jesus Christ. Salvation from the Lord for our sins is so awesome.
    Daily walk and talk is really where the Lord lives with each of us.

  362. John Tyler permalink

    I pastored a church for six years that focussed on recovery. Every member of my congregation was in one form of addiction or another. I would appreciate any thoughts you might have on the “process” of learnin to “take captive every thought”. I have found that many people struggle with their thoughts which tend to stray from the things of God to the things of the world.

  363. Agnes permalink

    Dear Mark

    Please can you include tips on how to continue in his love without feeling lazy .

  364. Christine permalink

    How to get through break ups … It seems do hard when you love someone and you break up .. how to move on !!

  365. Abiodun permalink

    I would love to know more about Holiness and Righteousness with comparison with Romans 5:16-19. May God continue in blessing you.

  366. Chi Gonzales permalink

    hey mark! hope my comment isn’t way down the line.. ^_^
    i need to learn how to wait… i find it very hard to do.. and i also need to learn how not to be overly serious and zealous in tasks that i do–i need to learn not to be such a perfectionist..

    i love reading ur reflections.. it helps a lot.. God’s favor to you always! ^_^

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