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How to deal with anger

April 29, 2010

James 1:19-21: Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God. Therefore put away all filthiness and rampant wickedness and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.

I while back I witnessed something that really bothered me. I saw two men screaming at each other, and then one of the men punching the other guy in the head. And that was it, after some more yelling, they parted. And I found myself thinking about, ‘let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.’ My first response to this reading was that I am not an angry kind of person so how does this relate to me?  And witnessing the argument seemed to confirm that, as I would never hit someone.  And then God brought to mind a meeting I was at recently where I found myself getting very angry by what people were saying.  Thankfully I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut in the meeting, but afterwards I was slamming doors and getting seriously worked up.  I drove home my mind full of thoughts of retribution, thoughts of how I would react, all out of anger and all absolutely ridiculous.

The next day I was still angry, still ready for a battle and then everything changed in a moment.  In the midst of my anger I found myself talking to God, asking why this had happened, and God gave me this amazing peace –


Wow.  Trust God.  What ever happens I need to trust God.  A smile entered my world, the anger draining away.  And then I learnt more about the meeting that had got me all pent up and discovered that there was more going on than I realised and actually I really didn’t need to be angry at all.  And this reminds me that I have a long way to go in my faith.  I seek the meekness that comes from having the word implanted in me as the James reading states.  Meekness is being quick to forgive, gentle, prepared to let go of that which would make me angry.  I want to be able to forgive instantly, to be gentle and loving in who I am, not how I am.  So I don’t want to act gentle and forgiving, I want to be gentle and forgiving.  And this can only come from having the Word of God implanted in me.  And this is why I spend so much time immersed in the Word, to graft this mighty Word into my soul; that it becomes part of me.

I seek you Lord, I trust in you.  Praise God!

God bless,


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  1. Rebekah Smith permalink

    Just a line to say thanks. I read this and realized that I’ve been angry with my kids. Mostly in the morning when I’m getting them ready for school. It’s very frustrating. Even after I take them to school, I find myself more upset. Not at them, at myself. This doesn’t make for a good day. I need to learn that even if I get upset, I need to realize that God still forgives and He reminds me to let it go. I guess what I’m saying is stay focused on God even if you make the mistake of getting angry. He’ll set you free! I love Him for that.

    • Jennifer permalink

      You are not alone. I feel the same way. I find myself so upset and ashamed of how angry I got or if I hurt their little feelings. When its all just little stuff. It doesn’t make for good day for any of them and me. I am so glad our God is so loving and forgiving. He knows our heart and that our flesh does get in the way alot. I pray that he continues to work in me to be more like him! Hang in there!!

      • Melissa permalink

        I found myself getting angry at mine for the little things too and I started seeking God to help me! he showed me it was not them at all. I was resentfull of their father and took it out on them! I had to confront my anger and forgive him for expecting me to take care of all the household responsibilities and show him he too is their parent and I can’t do it all by myself job or no job it takes two to make the home happy!

    • Finnie jenkins permalink

      Hello it’s good to no that im not the only that feels that way. I tell myself e everyday there has to be a better way of getting my sons off to school with peace pray for me will pray for you.

  2. sheryl permalink

    Its amazing, that God talks to me through this reflection daily….Yesterday I felt like i wanted to slice my sons fathers throat & stab him in his chest and kill him…… hes making me so angry & harrassing me, I’ve only ever tried to be helpful to him & at the worst time in my life after I have been fired from my job of 11 years he is adding to the stress & called child abuse CPS on me making up lies that I physically abuse my kids because he is so angry at me……he is only hurting his son…..I am in process of graduating for my masters exams for NP & he is trying to mess up my career with this ….I spent 6 hours in family court trying to get sole custody of my son because I fear next he will try to take my son out of the country just to get revenge on me (hes from Mexico) ……Hes jealous & angry of me…… we were never married Thank GOD… as he was using drugs & cheating on me after the birth of my child….Afterwards he was in a car accident & broke his sternum & had back surgery, i took him back in my house & cared for him till he recovered….then he was using drugs & got mugged in city I again helped him , put him up in motel till he recovered…..Ive supported him & taken him on numerous vacations with his son & tried to get along as freinds , because he is father of my child & in turn he does this to me now at the lowest point in my life & most stressful time in my life….

    • Steve Gill permalink

      May the Peace of The Lord be with you today. We all know those feelings Cheryl and I pray to The Lord right now that he gives you the “same” peace that Mark had at that moment. Just know that whatever “wrong” you are being handed will be righted when our Lord comes back again. Until then, endure whatever pain you have to in your loyalty to Jesus Christ. He endured alot for you and me and he counts you worth it. NOW…. let’s make our tempermants a testimony to that Grace He gives us everyday. Blessings to you sister. May your day be filled with this Peace that passes all human understanding.

  3. I had read this article on anger before, and it has come back across my path. I am thinking there is a reason, so I am going to put what you and James said to memory and use it when I am tempted. Thank you so much!

  4. Richard Armitage permalink

    I have just read your note regarding attacks on your facebook pages. You have probably been told by now but just in-case you haven’t:

    You can ban people from your page, to do this you click on the ‘report’ tab and leave a tick in the required box. This not only bans them from commenting on your page but also alerts facebook to a potential problem poster, this is then helpful for others because if it is a repeated offence they will get banned from facebook.

    • julissa permalink

      I have sooooo much anger but 1 thing I know is since I was child I was always close to God & I went to church always since 8 & no1 had to tell me my mom jst allowed me but when things got bad for me in 2003 a reall big tragedy for 5 yrs ltr & a divorce aftr 18 yrs I was so angry with my loved ones & ppl & every1 I took so personal things & what was grt I didn’t question God really like some ppl do ” y me?” or anything I prayed more got closer & what’s odd is that aftr ALL that happened most would have not even believed like some of my fam.. But I have had this personal frnship with God that I would dream Jesus on cross like I was there & yet I hold anger towards ppl & my kids for not understanding me or ppl judging me! That yet I’m still not angry towards GOD it’s us that can’t control that feelin in MY belief.. If only I had time to explain all that’s happened ppl would be shocked no1 should go through so much but it made me who I am & stronger! Thx for allowing me to share.. I have read some ppls stuff & I understand! The anger jst try to believe God is good & is there holding you cuz if we wouldn’t go through anything idk what would happen.. But anger is so strong of an emotion hard to control! God bless!

  5. ROSE permalink


    • just keep praying god will show the way to get aaaaaaanger out of everyon that will accept jesus in thier heart .put all in gods hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am angry,I have loooooots of rage.When someone does something outta pocket to me or my kids,thats what sets me off.

  7. I Kinda had a fight with the person i love the most over the Phone….. i was so angry with him, that i told him, if I were there with him right now.. I would hav hit him hard and also said i would have killed him,,well we sorted it out that time it self over the Phone…… I just Dint know what i was saying at that time…. And I ask God to forgive me for what I said to him, though I said it for fun, im really ashamed for what i said…. AND I TRUST IN GOD….

    Thank You, MARK… God Bless You 🙂

  8. Wow…God just confirms so many things in my life. I am a young christian and I have this brother in my congregation who used to do drugs and was homeless…things have been looking up for him since he gave his life to Christ, but he keeps letting the people in the church get to him. He is always so angry these days. I just finished ministering Luke 6:27-36 to him and I can see that it touched his heart and now I come online and I read your devotion and to me its confirmation. ALL THE GLORY TO THE GREAT AND MIGHTY GOD!!! I myself have issues dealing with daily and it is only through His Word that I am able…

  9. Cristi Brohawn permalink

    I am struggling with anger myself and realized that it is often the one’s we love the most that we lose our temper with and then that hurts even more after we calm down and relize what we have done. Some times it is even miss placed anger and our love ones pay the price.

  10. Holly permalink

    This was great for me to read today. Especially the “i don’t want to act…just want to be” part. I will reflect on this many times now and thank you for planting that seed of thought for me.

  11. Donna permalink

    For Sheryl: You must release your son’s father to God and stop supporting him when he’s in difficult circumstances. By supporting him this way you are enabling him to continue living his life in an unacceptable way around your son. You are giving your stamp of approval to his life-style. Pray for him and provide him with information concerning the agencies HE can contact for help. You must concentrate on providing for you and your son alone. Release God to do the work He needs to do on your son’s father without interfering in the process.

  12. Joan Dawson permalink

    I completely relate to the anger issue, though I consider myself a child a God, I dont act it at times! I ask God to forgive my actions and thoughts almost daily! Life has its unique way of sneaking in and taking over our emotions, and I need to take a step back, and let the master handle it….Not an easy task for those of us so bound on taking charge! Anger, is so lasting it seems, and though I forgive readily, I have trouble, with not being angry over things, for days and months. I pray for renewed faith in My Lord and Saviour….Our town is hosting a revival this coming week…..I am going to make the effort to go to as many meetings as possible….to be revived in the spirit AGAIN…..God Bless you day!

  13. Recently I travelled to a National Womens conference with a leadership team I have been involved with. I had some doubt as to whether I was to still be on the team but went anyhow looking for Gods leading. During a night of prayer at the conference, I felt the Lord ask me to have someone pray for a ‘spirit of gentleness’ to be upon me….i didn’t quite understand it though…
    today I received the email suggesting I should step down from the team…I knew it was coming, but still it is heart breaking..feels like rejection…again.
    tonight I have had a running dialogue in my mind, and angry, victimised and dissapointed mindset. And then I read this- a spirit of gentleness and forgiveness….I think it was just for me….thankyou Mark.

  14. Stacy permalink

    This is the second article this morning that I have read that deals with anger. God is definitely opening my eyes to a change that needs to be made in my life.

  15. I have been struggling with anger problems all my life. It wasn’t until I was in college when my parents and I realized that I had a problem. We have sought counciling. Now, I am a mom that is still struggling with this same problem, but I am seeing the effect it is having on my son. It is okay to feel angry, but it is not okay to be yelling, screaming, throwing and/or hitting objects as well as people. My anger has calmed down, since I was in college. Everytime it rears its ugly face, it is hard for me to ignore it, but once I have calmed down. I turn to God and ask for forgiveness and why me. Lately, I have been surrounding myself with music of praise and worship. This has helped me keep control of my anger because I am not as angry and I find it helps with my work situation as well. My anger comes about when I am really stressed. However, I am not as stressed lately. However, I am trying to figure out what God wants me to do, if he wants me to return to the area I grew up or not. I have things that I need to resolve with my parents before it is too late. I have asked my parents time and time again to forgive me, and they always have. However, in order for me to get past my anger, I need to sit down and talk to them face to face. Please pray that I am able to do so. Pray that I am able to figure out God’s will for me.

  16. Carol permalink

    Mark, 5 years ago I was home alone one day and decided to remove a really old fence from my back yard. I am slightly built and petite so as I started removing the rotted out posts & rusty wire, some of them were entwined with roots and I started pulling and tugging on them. The more I pulled and tugged the angrier I got. It was not long until I was in a rage over this dog gone fence. Long story short, I had a previous spine injury which was aggravated that day and I have been in terrible pain & unable to work, every day since. The LORD has used this incident many times in the last 5 years to teach me about anger and wrath. The Holy Spirit since has intervened and calmed me when I was about to blow my top. Thank God the LORD brings balance to our emotions, if we will let him. I am dependent upon the LORD for my strength and support now so it may be a good thing that I hurt myself. I just do not like the consequences of the pain impacting my life so negatively. However, when I keep my eyes on JESUS things are much better. Of course I have a long way to go and lots more to learn and many more character defects for the LORD to work on with me. Thanks for your post. Carol

  17. Sue permalink

    I saw this on a friends Facebook page – God knew I need to read it today. Hurt and betrayed – Anger was on my lips and in my heart. You touched me and sent me to my knees to the Lord. Thank you.

  18. Debbie permalink

    Sheryl and all,

    Praises for your compassion to help your children’s father many times over. There are things to consider in your life. I feel you are stretched as a person, reacting to what comes your way as you have so much going on. I also feel you help everyone else, but your own self is suffering. It is vital for you to open the Bible to let God’s word breathe new life and love into your life. As you lean on Him, he will guide your path, so please start your day with God, keep a conversation going all day long, and end your day with God. Pray and listen for God’s leading. I firmly believe we cannot fix our lives on our own, but with God all things are possible. Please seek God and ask to love with Christ’s love. I praise God for you, you are important and well loved by God! I pray God’s blessing for you and your family 🙂


  19. Treeta Mayfield permalink

    I love how there are no accidents with God and how He lead me to your site this morning through facebook pages of 2-3 of my dear girlfriends (one in Texas, one in Louisiana and one in Costa Rica!)

    I have been surrendering anger to God about our daughters drug addition and the devastating affects it has had on our entire family, expecially our grandson (5 years old).

    God has taken us past the devastation (just as He did King David in 2 Samuel
    6: 1-19 and 2 Samuel 7:1:19. If David hadn’t realized God is good even though HE didn’t behave like David thought he would, he couldn’t have moved past the devastation of anger and fear of God to the blessed place he was in chapter 7. There his is brought to his knees in worship and thanksgiving about how GOD is “dealing” with himself and his family (household) These two chapters give me so much hope. God is so loving and mighty and HIS word is so clear, If I am obedient to God and let go of the anger and realize I can’t change ohers just me, then Christ’s blessings flow through my family for generations. Thank you Jesus for making this possible – Thank You
    God for your supernatural strength to slam those big heavy doors closed on
    my minds eye of the past and the Holy Spirits guidance in staying in today.

    I love what I read recently – that God only gave us 24 hours in a day because
    that is all we can handle. He has the rest in HIS control and I don’t have to worry or be anxious just trust HIM.

    God Bless You


  20. This means alot to me because I get upset at my wife which leads to being upset at everyone else. I thank God for peace because he is in control….I forget to breathe and TRUST. Could you pray for all the spouses out there who need to to trust the Lord with all thier heart and be slow to anger………..

  21. renee permalink

    I love this..I have to mediate and pray heavy on this. Currently I do breath before I would even allow myself to go there..but still from time time I still
    Finf myself getting pissed off and agitated …but on the surface I’m good but once I leave the present of others I get rage and angry all in then my chest starts to hurt..and then a slight headache then I realize it was worthing it and then I ask god to forgive me..but this here oh!! I’m going start practing. This..again thank you so much for this. God bless you.

  22. Lynn Sicard permalink

    I used to have so much pent up anger inside of me that I would totally lose it over the littlest thing. so I tried medicating myself with drugs and alcohol. it seemed to help as long as I stayed high, but that wasn’t the way I wanted to live my life nor the way God would have me live my life. but then again, I didn’t want to live. I eas mad at my dad and older brother for sexually abusing me, mad at my mom for the emotional and physical abuse, mad at the man in charge at the childrens home for sexually abusing me, mad at mr. stubs for sexually abusing, mad at the boys I dated for using me. mad at my gram for falling down and breaking her hip and leaving me. And I was especiall t at God for allowing all of this abuse in my life and not letting me die when I had trto kill myself. A I was mad ay me for being alive. that anger stayed with me into adulthood and no matter how hard I fought it. I couldn’t beat it. It was so bad that I would get angry about something,and within 5 to 10 minutes I would have such a headache that

    i was blinded by the pain, couldn’t stand , light, noise ,or anyones touch. then one day I was told that I had to forgive my abusers. I told this soft spoken man of God that they didn’t deserve to be forgiven, and he very softly replied, niether did you. It felt like I had been hit with a 2 by 4. I never stopped to see all the sins against God I had commited til then. A couple of months later a dear reverend, who was a victim of abuse herself was having a seminar on forgiveness, and she also told me i needed to forgive my abusers and that my healing would begin once iI was able to forgive. I told her I didn’t know how. She then told me to do it as an act of my will, so

    i did. I then started praying that God would make that forgiveness real in my hheart. It didn’t happen overnight or anything like that, but a couple of years it became very real to me. I started praying and asking God to draw thrsr men into His kingdom,and not to hold this sin to their charge. And slowly the anger that at one time would throw me into a blind rage disappeared little by little. today, I very seldom even raisemy voice the anger is gone praise God!!!!

    • Jana permalink

      What an encouragement that testimony is! Thank you for sharing.

  23. Anger permalink

    I was scrolling on my Facebook when I saw your posting. I really believe it’s God trying to talk to me and touch my heart but I just can’t let Him in again.

    I’m going through a really very hard time right now after a broken relationship with man I trusted God had sent him into my life for good and forever. I gave him all my heart especially because this man showed me that he loved God as well. It was amazing at the beginning but then a couple months ago everything started to falling apart. At the end he left and here I am with a broken heart and spirit.

    I can’t help but hate him with all my heart because I gave it all to him trusting in the promises we where going to get married, built a future together for God and us.

    God knows how much I’ve struggled to find that right person in my life. One that loves Him so he can love me through Him. I don’t understand why these wrong men keep showing in my life, hurting me to the bone every time and saying they’re God followers and they do the things they do. They’re actions don’t match their words at all.

    I have so much hate to all these men for hurting me the way they did when all I gave them was my heart full of love. I hate God for allowing this to happen Him knowing that I’m not a mean person, that I always try to be good before His eyes, to be more like Him and to treat others they way He’ll do. Well, this is what I get for trying to do all these! I even hate myself to letting all these to happen and for being so stupid in believing to any of them including God!

    I’m tired of being manipulated, abused and taken for granted. Every broken relationship is driving me into madness to the point where I want to die!

    My problems might seem nothing compared to other people but we all have a cross we carry with us and this has been mine since the day I was born. When am I going to get a break and feel that I’m worth of God’s love so he can put someone honorable, faithful and loving in my life. Am too small and my actions are worth nothing too Him? Do I have to amount to any scale to be able to get the promotion to finally be happy?

    I have so much hate in my hear right now that there’s no room for anything else. Where there was compassion, love, faith, care, understanding…there’s only a black hole that keeps getting bigger and bigger by the minute.

    Please pray for my soul since I can’t put myself to trust God for anything in my life anymore.

    • Obi permalink

      “All things work together for good to them who Love God” God knows the end from the beginning. God is still God no matter what happens. Maybe one day you will thank God for what has happened.

      I pray that God will help you overcome the hurt. I pray that God will give you another man who will love and cherish you.

      But you get annoyed with God, it is not worth it. Who will you go to? Because you still need his comfort and healing.

      Thank you

  24. LeAnn permalink

    I read what u had to say about anger. Anger is something that i hold in. I dont react physically but i do feel bad when i get angry. And trying not to be angry is something im trying to work on. But my question is, what do you do when people, whether they be your family, friends of stranger, do or say things to bring you down? DO you tell them about it or do u just walk away and try to move on? Thats what i usually do, just hold it in and move on. If i dont, im afraid that i will say or do something i cant take back.

  25. Camille permalink

    This is truly an answered prayer of mine! Wow God, YOU ARE AMAZING. Just now, I couldn’t help myself to blurt out what’s inside my head. Yes, sometimes, even your own family is against you on what you are doing, against you on your service to the Lord. Since birth, we were being raised in a Roman Catholic way. And now that I am a teenager, I am so blessed to be enlightened and know that the Lord Jesus Christ is alive! This is my calling. God’s calling for me. And for the rest of my life, I want to worship Him, to praise Him, to do my mission of spreading His Words until the end of time. But here goes the worldly perspective of my family: “You have no right to change your religion / to become a born-again Christian!” or “We are educating you and thus you should obey us not to go to Christian churches and worship God the way they do!” Personally, “religion” doesn’t matter at all! As I have pondered about this, religion, in its literal sense, totally has nothing to do with my relationship with God. We create “religion” just to make sects and factions out of our differences in beliefs and ways of worshipping the Lord, but, it doesn’t confine you to certain LIMITATIONS on HOW you will worship and serve God. It depends on your RELATIONSHIP with Him and if you are being enlightened, there are a multitude of possibilities that you can discern God. And no one can ever control or manipulate you as long as you put your FAITH in God alone. My dilemma is this: Sometimes I cannot control my anger as I try to make my family understand this. And so what I did, I prayed that God provide me the Wisdom and strength to go through this situation. And yes, right away, I saw this post on facebook.

    James 1:19-21: Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God. Therefore put away all filthiness and rampant wickedness and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.

    This sure has completely changed my response to my family the next time they talk to me. Rev. Mark Brown, I totally agree with you. Just TRUST HIM. And everything will fall into its right place. GOD, YOU ARE AWESOME. PRAISE GOD, THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS LESSON.

  26. Joanne Heatley permalink

    Wow Mark thanks for sharing that!
    That would be my prayer too, that God’s word would become who I am. In the name of Jesus Amen x x

  27. Karen - Omaha, Ne permalink

    Amazing story and an amazing realization of who you want to be in Christ and knowing the path to be an overcomer by reading the Word of God. I just love to read the Word of God. It is living and breathing in my life.

  28. Linda permalink

    AMEN, nothing makes me happier than the spirit!

  29. I have just read Lynn’s testimony and am so blessed by how she was able to forgive her abusers, by faith, with the feelings following on later.

    It may be worth mentioning that not all anger is manifested in aggressive behaviour, and sometimes the most sinister anger is the one which is turned inwards, or the one which manipulates, by withdrawing love and affection when angered.

    Those types are more subtle, and all the more destructive because they remain so hidden and unchallenged.

    Thank goodness that God’s mercies are new every morning!

  30. Keyia permalink

    I was so blessed by this. My goal is to be meek, to be humble. I love the Lord my God sooo much, and want nothing more than to please him and let his light show through me. Such words of encouragement are so appreciated day after day.

    Thanks, and stay Blessed. :o)
    Your sister in Christ

  31. SHIRLEY permalink

    Thanky you for these articles on anger. My husband is a very angry man and these words help me to understand more and how to pray more specifically. Thanks. Bless you.

  32. Tracy permalink

    “So I don’t want to act gentle and forgiving, I want to be gentle and forgiving. And this can only come from having the Word of God implanted in me. And this is why I spend so much time immersed in the Word, to graft this mighty Word into my soul; that it becomes part of me.”

    I am in the word daily but this does not seem to be making a difference. I have long struggled with gentleness and I like others have commented am more likely to become angry at those close to me.

    Its bad enough that my husband told me on Sunday that he does not know how much longer he can take it. If I don’t work on it he may just leave and take our girls to a safer place. I don’t know how to fix me. I tried counseling. it helped some but we can’t afford it right now. I am 8 mo pregnant with baby #3 and we just moved.

  33. Nancy permalink

    I have some anger problems also that need God’s healing touch. It festers inside, and usually comes out as anger towards a loved one whom I’m not even angry with! I don’t want to just ACT gentle and forgiving, I want to BE gentle and forgiving. Thanks for pointing me back to the Word of God, the great physician and healer. I need it this week.

  34. Sister Pam OP permalink

    “Quick to hear and slow to speak” are the keys to anger, along with strong prayer. Too often we tend to speak without even listening to the other person. When words are spoken in anger they are hard to listen to. This sets up a perpetual cycle of miscommunication.

  35. jillebean143 permalink

    hope all is well now! the Lord helps us in whatever we go through, or somebody puts us through……… long as we learn from why it made us that way to begin with!

  36. sheryl permalink

    Thanks, everyone for your comments & thanks for this blog, very comforting to read

  37. Sister Elsie permalink

    I thank God for allowing me to receive this message of anger.
    I have been quick to anger for the smallest thing, I had been abused in many ways for so many years, but the devil is a liar. As far as I can recall as a young child I was always an angry child, felt left out, mistreated and not loved. I can recall hearing a voice telling me lies which I did not know were lies at the time and did not know it was satan. Today I am so grateful to know that the devil has no power unless I give him the power. Today I know I have to keep calling on Jesus Christ to keep me and for God to change me into the woman he wants me to be. To be patient and kind, to call on Jesus when I feel angry and not to react to my feelings but to go into a praise, praising my Father God and praying releasing any angry feelings and filling my spirit with praises to my Savior Jesus Christ.

  38. LaJuana Hollingshead permalink

    I really liked this posting on how to deal with anger. It is telling me how to deal with my anger and at this time I need to learn how to deal with the anger of parties who are hurting and humiliating me. My feelings from the anger dumped on me by another person(s) are not anger but hurt and humiliation. I have been studying and meditating on several proverbs on anger found in God’s word in the Book of Proverbs. One particular Proverb, Chapter 19:19 God called to my attention as Bible study was beginning a few weeks ago. This proverb would apply in a couple of situations I find myself in at the present time.
    One of these situations is something I brought on myself by running ahead of God and marrying a man of whom I knew little (or perhaps nothing) about. Less than 48 hours after the ceremony, he abandoned me in anger and left me standing in front of the residence, hurt and humiliated.
    The other situation deals with the minister of the church I sttend. Along with a number of other members, I have experienced the brunt of his anger. The man has an anger problem and is refusing to deal with it.
    My question…what does a person do in a situation like this? Is Proverbs 19:19 the answer? I am trusting the Lord to guide me through these dilemnas. Please pray for me as well as the men involved. Thank you.

  39. It is important we take ownership of our emotions. When you are angry with someone it is YOU choosing to be angry, not him or her.

    When you are angry with or have a ressentment against someone, the best thing to do is PRAY for him or her.

    Pray he or she will have the serenity you seek for yourself and that he or she will come know the power of God’s healing love.

    Pray only for good things for that person (NOT “God show him/her how he/she is wrong” etc),

    Do this on a daily basis and your anger and resentment will be taken away.

  40. sheryl permalink

    Lynn, im sorry, you have had a hard life, you had every right to be angry.I’m angry just reading your story. Thank you for sharing, im glad you have overcome this and are here today to post your story. I will pray that God will bless you. You are a strong woman.

  41. heidi permalink

    thank you mark for bringing me to this truth, i know i have a desire to follow jesus with all my heart ,and that is one erea in my life that i really struggle with , but i know i can over come all this, if i put my whole trust in jesus when this wants to take over me, and start talking to the lord !! halleluja

  42. Yolande Howard permalink

    This is so appropriate. There are many angry people in this world. In my country, there has been a lot of debate recently about the emergence of gangs and their impact on the youth. I believe there is a lot of anger in those who start those gangs and in some of the members. Others may just be joining because they want to belong to something. They all need love. I believe they also seek love and meekness and don’t know it. Please join me in praying for all those people, especially young people who need to discard their and seek love in God.

  43. OHDZ permalink

    thanks 4 d wonderful verse n reflection,it came 2 me at d ryt time. I pity myself , im hurting,im crying. n was very angry 2 d people hu did bad 2 me.i even starting 2 curse reading dis truth,i felt gud.Let dem hurt me n d Lodr will see my distress n He will bless me more. Thanks 4 being an instrument of God’s love.

  44. Olivia permalink

    I am so glad I saw this. I had been dealing with alot of anger. I wanted to be able to find away to deal with it in a spiritual way. It must be the work of the Lord that I saw this. I have been angry for a long time and I don’t want to be this way. I want to be a loving,caring gental spirited person. I need allthe help I can get spirtually.

  45. Marla permalink

    God is good, all the time! It truely amazes me how your ministry touches me on some level every single day! Thank you so much Mark.

  46. marilyn permalink

    This is a good one Mark …
    I too have been caught off guard, and recently in a meeting, also I became very angry – but saying nothing. Actually, first I felt pain, and then the pressure of anger building inside. My reaction was to leave as quickly as possible … even with some time passing, while leaving I was still hurt and angry. While backing my car out quickly,I backed right into the corner of the building doing damage to my bumper …that isn’t like me normally, but I do have something to think about each time I look at the bumper on my car.

  47. lucy ng permalink

    I’ve dealt with anger too . Everytime when I get angry with someone I try to either move away (people might think that i’m a coward but i know its the best action) or just calm down don’t answer a word cos if I continue arguing it may surely cause friction to the situation!!!I experience with this way of not quarrelling with this woman later she helped me get a promotion !!!
    I learn that it needs two hands to clap!!!One hand alone cannot clap!

  48. Lydia Reyes permalink

    I’ll be praying for all my brothers and sisters in this site for sooner or later we all fall short. We have a merciful God and all we have to do is surrender all to him. He knows our weaknesses . Like pastor Mark said, we must dwell in the word of God. This is the armor that he will supply for all who and ask, no matter the circumstances. Forgiveness is hard for us to do on our own but for God nothing is impossible. The Joy of the Lord is our Strength.. God Bless and anoint each one of us with his Holy Spirit.

  49. Edgar permalink

    Amen! If I could not talk to God every day anger would be built up inside of me to the point of “poisoning my soul” and I would pour out that wrath on anyone around me. Take all your anger to the Cross and let Jesus handle it in His way, not yours. He will handle it and keep you from doing anything extremely stupid as you learn to lean on Him and trust Him with all that is your life.

  50. GlenysLouise permalink

    Thanks for this post – my prayers for years re anger are being answered but it still jumps out to bite now and then! But so much more manageable with lots of prayer. bless you.

  51. Japie permalink

    Dear ALMIGHTY LORD,please would You help the people that need You very urgently,could You please keep us save today at work and in every thing that we do,You are almighty and no one can come close to Your power!! In Jesus name alone,amen….

  52. i was so happy to read this today ,since God gave me a revelation on this anger this morning. and when opening found this sharing. i know we are all slave to anger in one way or other and God can train us if we allow Him to touch us on this delicate where we should surrender our area of weakness realising self. Then we need to take a decision to get over it praying to the HolY Spirit daily. Mediating on the on the word of God and try to relax or rest on Jesus . we soon become better day by day and understand things as Mark said. Thank you Brother.God Bless

  53. Thank you Mark for bringing this message my way.It brought so much peace to my life this morning. I was so tensed up before but since i read this it has been peace peace peace. It just did to me exactly as it did to the storm when Jesus said “peace be still”

  54. LarrytheWrightman permalink

    Aaaaargh—what is it about having a temper. My my my
    In the past my brother Roger and me had so much hate going on for our Dad. He left us when Roger was 12 and I was 10. It was a very bitter struggle with just Mom and the 2 boys as a family. We lived in the absolutely worst house in town. We had no money, little food, and only a hard working mother and the love of God through some locals keep us going.
    Dad had been a Baptist preacher and then he went and lived like the ole devil.
    It took years to recover. Glad to be able to say Roger and I both have scars we always remember, but today we are living for the King of Kings–Jesus Christ our Lord.

    • Steve Gill permalink

      What a great story brother. You are living proof that God heals wounds in a most real way. keep the faith.

  55. So very true. We seem to be very angry anymore. Road rage is rampant in America and I have to wonder why? Have we become so involved in ourselves that we can’t see that others have rights too? We don’t have rights to a parking spot or to being able to go a certain speed on the highway and yet, we think we do. We want everything now, including what ever prayers we bring before God. I know even I am guilty of doing this! Thank you for the devotion!

  56. sera permalink

    i think i need more encouragement and prayer,i find it so hard to get over my anger……

  57. Daisy Mancia permalink

    Awesome Word!


  59. Praise God for the msg because i know we being in the flesh we are weak and only Hisword implanted in and through us we get and delivered from it james speaks in his letters.

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