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Showing God’s love through a hug

April 22, 2010

Here is my final devotion of the five part series on ‘How to be a strong Christian’ for my kids, with the final one being on serving.

We spent quite a bit of time at the beginning reviewing the other four, and reinforcing the connection with each of their fingers.  The first finger is prayer , the second is reading your Bible, third is dealing with sin, and the forth, attending church.  My plan is that over the next weeks and months, I will remind them of these five important parts on how to be a strong Christian.

Then I spoke about serving, asked what they thought it meant, and shared how serving is helping others out, even when we don’t benefit ourselves.  I read 1 Peter 4:10:  Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.

And then taught them that when we serve others using the gifts God has given us, that we are actually sharing God’s wonderful love!

I asked my kids what gifts they had with my 6 year old boy sharing that he had a gift in finding bones (he is a junior palaeontologist!) and making campfires, my 3 year old boy shared that he was good at hugs (oh he so is)!!  Then I issued them a challenge each, to come up with three things they could do over the next couple of days that serve others and show the love of God.  We wrote up a list with boxes to tick when the task is complete, and what a list it is!!  Not long after I finished the devotion, I was getting something from my bedroom when my 3 year old boy bursts in arms wide and gives me a wonderful hug!  And in that act he served me and I really did feel God’s love.. wow.

I will be continuing to lead devotions with my kids and though I won’t be regularly posting them on this blog I am sure the will make an appearance from time to time.

God bless ya!

Mark Brown

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Yahweh’s Yarn in a Year : 1 year Bible reading plan

The portion for the next two days is: Jeremiah 12-16

To access the complete plan for the year click here.


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  1. Jhoanne Vinuya permalink

    I just realized that I don’t really give hugs because it makes me feel awkward. I am shy and not so expressive of affection but I am far from cold. How I wish God would make me more open to people around me. Also, I pray that I use my skills and talents to serve other people. Thanks for this blog post, Rev. Brown!

  2. Ann permalink

    Thanks for posting these devotionals. My husband and I have 5 children between us. We do family devotions also; however, just once a week because of our circumstances. We love the activities you do with them and we are planning on using them in our family. Please post some of your others as you do them so we can make our family time more fun and meaningful. We struggle with the creativity at times to make it interesting for the kids.

  3. I love hugs!!!

  4. denise wooldridge permalink

    I love reading your inspirational thoughts and ideas. God certainly uses you to serve his people in this way. Thanks for your wonderful spirit. God Bless You. I have 3 sons (2 are teens and one 10 year old) I plan to use all of this with them. I think it transcends age!

  5. It is so precious to see and hear about Father’s who are such an influence on their children. I Thank you Rev. Mark for your grace and love here on our Facebook…and to all the readers, I was afraid that God was not much talked about until I got on Facebook. And all of a sudden a person has come in from Texas here in our neighborhood in Tooele, Ut. and is helping us with our daily walk as well! Keep up the wonderful work of our LORD bro. Mark, and may HE graciously shine on you and your beautiful family. Anna

  6. I love serving others in any way possible but the most glorious time for me is with the Nursing Home Ministry where some of my church family go on weekends to bring the word to the sick and shut-in.The residents love it and they are so responsive.I feel so happy that i am a part of that ministry.

  7. GlenysLouise permalink

    Love this devotion! Thank you. Oh, to be like your 3 year old, knowing his gift so assuredly and using it so unstintingly and bringing so much joy to God’s family. God bless him.

  8. servant permalink

    Just make sure that this does not turn into a pillars of Islam situation where the children think they are justified by these 5 acts. The topics you have been covering are important, but they are not the source of justification. Justification comes by the grace of God through faith in His son Jesus Christ. Those 5 acts are important things that Christians who are justified and empowered by the Holly spirit should do and it is good to teach about them, but make sure they know that we do good works because we are saved. We do not do good works so that we will be saved.

  9. very sweet;pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to inspire you.

  10. These are excellent examples of teaching discipleship. Each lesson could be adapted for teens and adults. Discipleship nurtures our faith and with God’s help develops the fruits of faith.

  11. Donald A. Basile, Jr. permalink

    Thankyou, Mark. You sure do use your gifts well. Your kids have a magnificent Dad.

  12. Priscilla Smolucha permalink

    Pastor Brown I like your gift of sharing GOD with us.

  13. cheryl permalink

    Mark u are so inspiring to face book. I look for new thngs everyday to learn. I teach Sunday School at my church I;m feeling I need something new. This has help me so much ! I would like to know do u have any book that u can recommend beside ur teachings which is annointing and awesome.My prayer for u is Gods to Bless u and ur family and that he would annoint u wh his calling he has for u. Have a Blessed Ministry!

  14. wow fun stuff bro.

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