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So why go to church?

April 16, 2010

Ok I realise my blog has suddenly developed a devotion for kids bent and there is a good reason.  I am massively challenged to step up and share in the spiritual development of my kids and this is so big for me I want to share it with you.  And if I am upfront, I kinda hope it inspires you!

So this is number three of five, once I have finished the 5 ‘fingers’ of the ‘how to be a great Christian’ hand I will return to normal service.

So today’s devotion was on going to church.  I set the room up like a church and then when the kids and my wife were seated I went up the front and with a cheeky smile on my face I pretended it was church!  I greeted them, asked who was a visitor for the first time and had some fun to relax them.

Then I asked them what they liked about playing with their cousins, my kids aged 8, 6, 3 and 1, those who could, shared how much fun it was, the games they played etc..  I talked about the bond and connection they have with their cousins, the fun they have, the things they learn from them.  I then said that church can be just like that, a place where you play with friends, have fun and learn about Jesus.

I then talked about how church is a lot like our home, only it involves lots of other people!  I shared that at home and at church:

We get to meet friends

We help people out

We get to eat yummy food

We can pray and sing cool songs

And we learn about Jesus

I then read Hebrews 10:25

Some people have given up the habit of meeting for worship, but we must not do that. We should keep on encouraging each other, especially since you know that the day of the Lord’s coming is getting closer.

I spoke openly how lots of Christians don’t go to church and yet they should, as it is a place where they can receive lots of encouragement and encourage others!

And then we went round the family and each person shared an encouraging thought about the other members of the family.  My 8 and 6 year old said of me that they loved that I was a strong Christian!  Well praise God for that!!

And we finished with prayers and something to eat and drink, just like church.

God bless ya!

Mark Brown

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  1. Jhoanne Vinuya permalink

    Wow, keep on teaching your kids about Jesus. You must be a very great father. 🙂

  2. Becky permalink

    I have three step children, and the middle one really hates it when we take them to church. They don’t experience any church-related activity at their mum’s house, and she finds it boring and irrelevant. Sadly, we have recently decided that the time has come to allow her to choose whether to come with us to church. I would love to be able to encourage her more. I love what you’re doing with your kids. Grabbing their attention young has to be key, and we all need to remember that God is able to use everyone, the very young especially as they are so open to Him. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Angela Brydon permalink

    love it! this one is a great help to me as I have strugggled with my own church of late – not much by way of encouragement! However I will perservere

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts


    • Glenys Louise permalink

      Perhaps Mark is enabling an “on-line church” where we can “meet” and encourage each other. Wouldn’t that be great for those of us who are struggling with our own churches. I’m even wondering what “our own churches” are! I think God is opening new ways to meet the needs of some of His children, because the traditional ways are not encouraging those who stumble and fall, and His heart is broken because some never get back up again, despite being in a church. Praise God that He can use anything, even the i-net, through people like Mark. And The Bible, and the Holy Spirit – wow, sounds like a church meeting!!! Stay strong in the Lord Angela.

      • To Glenys Louise…We go to a home church which is just like Mark described here…this is what the disciples did..Sometimes we cannot make it so we do online Bible Studies and or just read the Word and write in our journals…etc…TOO many churches now are Too much like the world…the music..the, we need your money…and all the “traditions” that man has added..they ask you to say the “sinners prayer” which by the way is NOWHERE in Scripture..baptize you..give you a Bible .add you to their membership, and then leave the rest up to you…There is no more teaching of repentance,no more reaching out to those who really need stronger Christians to help them grow, too much judging on what others are wearing…its awful….We need to follow Jesus example in all these areas and to love the unlovely…and so much more,,,God Bless!

  4. Marilyn permalink

    What a wonderful thing to feed into your children’s lives! Bless you for this Mark. Often the strongest messages we’ll find when we get down to a child’s level.

  5. Its great that you can show your children how great it is to fellowship at church with other christians. God bless you and yours.

  6. Sandy Rya permalink

    I am a 67 year old grandmother, I live in Maryland, USA. I work with children in our AWANA club..I have been doing Bible Council Time once a month. I hope you do not mind me using your idea of the “hand” for my next one…Our year is winding down and this seemed to be an excellent idea for them..they are 5 years to 10 years old and most of them are our regular Sunday School and Church attenders, I think they will be able to grasp this..

    Thank you for all your posts. .I look forward to them each day. May God Bless your work and your family..


  7. Bilar Peter permalink

    That’s wonderful!! It is very good to teach children about christ from their tender age cos when they grow, they will not depart from it. Thumbs up sir!

  8. Good job, and you are being a good father, the seeds you are planting will harvest in the future of your children. Jesus is smiling down on you and your family. You are blessed!

  9. Sophia Churchill permalink

    This message has so touched me! Have I missed out with my kids? We brought them up in church, we had great fellowship butnow they don’t want to go. They are 10,14 and 15 and we are probationary pastors starting a church plant.

  10. Pamela McDowell permalink

    Mark, I am totally enjoying the ‘Devotion for Kids’! I found my way back to the Lord almost four years ago after 44 years of drug addiction, so I am just a babe in this Journey!

  11. Glenys Louise permalink

    Mark, God has a sense of humour – I was wondering when you’d get to this verse! Yes, we must not stop meeting and worshipping – but can I ask does it actually stipulate how and when and where? Does it actually say “in a church building”? And, what is church, what does church look like? If a common element of church must be encouraging others, then the writer of Hebrews must have had “meetings” in mind that I only experience very, very rarely (and I have gone to “church” all my life, I mostly go to church now, sometimes several). Mark, I am not being flippnt in my questions, as it seems there are a growing group of people – we could call them the non-compliant ones, opposed to meeting – but what if, just maybe, God had in mind more types of meeting to worship Him than we have yet allowed for, to lovingly meet the needs of the non-compliant? It’s funny, but I read more encouragement in the comments people make to you and each other, than I hear in many churches – so is your blog “a meeting” where we can “gather together” and worship, and encourage others. Also, when I read the verse, there is a full-stop after the warning about those who have stopped meeting. In a new sentance it talks about encouraging each other – is it possible the encouragement is meant to be all the time – and not just “in church”? Anyway, bless you for what you are doing with your own precious kids – how wonderful that you are personalising “church” for them, to meet their needs to grow in knowledge and love of God, in ways that they understand and relate to. May God less you heaps. GL

  12. Lydia Reyes permalink

    My heart fills with joy just knowing that there are fathers like you taking time to show your little ones about the love of God. That seed that you are planting is sure to grow in abundance. I also love the way that you and all the other people in this site can interact with each other by being witnesses to the great God that we serve. It is so wonderful that we can take time to be here to encourage and be encourage by all the comments. It does feel like a special church, But truly this site is a great learning expierience , but there is nothing better than gathering together with others who also love the Lord. In this site , I love that we can share with so many people from around the world, but God calls us to fellowship with one another. The church is the body of christ followers, so lets get together in the name of the Lord. Find a good church that teaches the true word of God . Be focus on the Lord and everything else will fall into place. God bless you all.

  13. Nikki permalink

    Hello Mark!

    I am loving the week that has turned into a devotion to kids! I myself do not have children but I feel like one as I am a new believer and still learning and growing in my faith.

    Your blog is excellent and l look forward to reading it in the mornings! Praise God for finding ways to glorify Him through the internet! I love it!

    Keep on posting!

  14. Elizabeth Rosales permalink

    Long story short, God blessed me and reminded me of my purpose and what I need to do right now and tomorrow to be obedient to him through your link on Facebook. Thank you for your perseverance. I am going to turn off the computer and read today’s passage for reading through the bible. May God bless your beautiful family and your ministry:)

  15. Nelly Lufuno permalink

    i was raised by a single praying mother. There was not a day she would go to church and leave me behind. I remember i didn’t know how to pray, i was about 8 years old and everytime she prayed she would call me and i kneeled next to her quietly and when she said amen, i also did. I then started to listen carefully at what she was saying while parying and started also to say the same words till i learned how to independently pray. She would ask me read the bible to her and that even today, i live by the lessons on the bible and still read it in my privacy. all this time my Mother was building me up to be a spiritual woman i have grown to be. I’m 25 and will be having a baby of my own soon and the lessons and discipline my mother tought mt through the years will passed on to my child. It will be her first grandchild and but raised on her believes.

  16. I love going to church! But, it wasn’t always that way. Interpersonal conflicts and poor leadership almost caused me to leave my now beloved church. With the help of a dedicated priest and committed parishioners we have turned this around. While some are still disgruntled, most are joyful. Our church is growing and evolving into a loving family of Christ, just as Jesus intended.

    There are people for one reason or another who will never attend church. Therefore, we need to take the church, the Body of Christ, to them. This is happening all over the world. The Fresh Expressions movement in the UK is taking hold in the USA. This is a challenging and exciting time to be a Christian. Jesus traveled around a lake and preached from a boat. He was not constricted to a building and neither ought we be.

  17. Steve Gill permalink

    Don’t want to sound like I’m not a brother…. because I am. BUT…. I completely disagree with this subject. If I could speak boldly and with what the spirit has showed me…. I have seen the demise of what we believe is “Our Church” in America. When Jesus spoke of “The Church”…. he spoke of His Body. The commitment to Jesus follows some commandments that a great percentage of American Churches have fallen away from. By the way, I go to church regularly and I love going…. but I do not follow the “Self Centered” approach that my denomination follows. Jesus is the Church and buildings can be such barriers. Mark…. these aren’t the five fingers of being a great Christian. When you say this than you are telling people that spend all their time on the street preaching the gospel that because they haven’t found a “Man Made Church Home” that they are not doing something right. But God may have put them in the street for a purpose. Therefore you have discouraged your brother. I know Mark that you love the Lord. Please be careful of defining what you believe a Christian is. God is the planner and if we “Walk by Faith” and “Love All Men and Women” than we truly are becoming what God wants us to be. By the way, humility will lead us to these truths….not being GREAT. I love your blogs and I believe that having a ton of people to listen to a ministry is a great responsibility. Most of the time I’m right on par with what you’re saying. This is a time I must let what I believe come to light. I don’t really think God keeps score about church…. and I guarantee you there are other ways to worship Him than meet at a specific time on Sunday. Bless you Mark.

  18. CHARLES JENNINGS` permalink

    Would like to know how you teach the Bible.Do you chapter by chapter,verse by verse using a Strongs Concordance along with a kjv so that each word will be correct in Hebrew and Greek?Do you know enough about Gods word that you teach what the three earth ages are? The 6th day creation and the 8th day forming? Do you teach the Rapture? If so do you teach them who Margaret Macdonald was and how the rapture came about.
    I am not trying to cut you down or anything of that nature. I just care about what I have found from studing the scripture in depth.

  19. opus Sancti permalink

    Love is the key to the question: why go to church or why pray.

    Recall your first dates when your heart was on fire of love. You did not ask questions nor researched any book for seeing whether you should go and meet him or her. You just went because your desire was to be together with your special one in every moment. The power of love answers every question and clears every obstacle. Our True Love is therefore undefeatable and eternal.

    A holy mass is like a wedding. You unite with your loved one until death on your wedding day and you unite with your Eternal Love forever on the holy mass. You did not wed at home or at any other improper place. So the dedicated place of your “Sundays wedding” is prepared at church.

    And of course, you did not wed in jeans, leaned to the benches and watched the sealing boringly on your special day. How do you do on your “Sundays wedding”?

    Recall those tight hugs when togetherness was not ever close enough. Whenever you accept the Eucharist, your soul entrapped in your body is hugged by Christ entirely, from head to toe. This is how perfect your being is for Divine intentions and how imperfect for human intentions.

    You seal your wedding event with a kiss and an “I love you”. Do you end your “Sundays wedding” with a wonderful “I love you” to your Eternal Love? Him, who is longing so much for your little love ever since He showed his on the cross.

    The Lord has established the church for us, not for Himself, and for us to use it because that is what He foresaw as the most effective institution for reaching our salvation.

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