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The miracle of the Bible page

April 7, 2010

Psalm 47: Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy. How awesome is the LORD Most High, the great King over all the earth! He subdued nations under us, peoples under our feet. He chose our inheritance for us, the pride of Jacob, whom he loved. Selah God has ascended amid shouts of joy, the LORD amid the sounding of trumpets. Sing praises to God, sing praises; sing praises to our King, sing praises. For God is the King of all the earth; sing to him a psalm of praise. God reigns over the nations; God is seated on his holy throne. The nobles of the nations assemble as the people of the God of Abraham, for the kings of the earth belong to God; he is greatly exalted.

A while back I had a wild idea.. to start a page on Facebook dedicated to sharing God’s Word. And so the Bible page was started.  Each day I would post scripture, just short passages to those who would become ‘fans’ and this scripture appears on their wall for others to see.  Slowly it grew from 100 to 1,000 till eventually it had 10,000 fans.  I recall thinking this figure was unbelievable!! 10,000!!! How is this possible?  Well yesterday the number of fans passed 2 million.

God’s Word is enduring and able to change the hardest heart.  My vision for the Bible page remains:

To put the Word of God before people in their context on a regular basis.

And I want to completely acknowledge God in this amazing achievement.  All glory and honor to Jesus for this amazing achievement!!  The Psalm above rings true!!!

So pray.  Pray that God works through the scripture that is posted, pray that many will be drawn closer to God through this Facebook ministry!  Oh I yearn to see God glorified!!

To check the page out click here.

Praise God!

Mark Brown

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Yahweh’s Yarn in a Year : 1 year Bible reading plan

The portion for the next day is: Psalms 39-41

To access the complete plan for the year click here.


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  1. Janet Harris permalink

    I don’t know if you got the first portion of this or not. My computer decided to go on the fritz for a moment.

    I am a fan of the Bible on fb and would like to say I also frequently post verses from the Bible that I find especially appealing, on my status in hopes that those who have not come to know God and who would never otherwise read a verse, would read it and be touched by God’s message.
    Last April, I was hospitalized with encephitis. My children were told I to plan for the end three times and that if I lived I would possibly be a vegetable. I was in the hospital for three weeks and two of that was in ICU.
    Well, by the grace of God, here I am, not even a year from the date, April 28, writing you this note. Only through God’s love and protection could this be. Praise God. God has been protecting me for many years, even though I was not acknowledging him. I did not turn my life over to God until a year or so prior to my illness, at that time I joined a church, got baptised and soon became a member of that church.
    I do not pretend to always follow God’s rules. I often have to ask forgiveness for my sin’s, especially sins of lust, but He always forgives me and never fails me. He has blessed me so much.
    I have fogotten much of what have learned from the Bible, due to the memory loss from the illness, but I am trying to learn again by following Yahweh’s daily Bible study.
    I thank you & God for the ability to enjoy The Bible on fb, Yahweh’s Daily Bible study, Journey Deeper Into God’s Word, and life. With each reading I feel that much more confident that I will recover from this and regain all of my mental function. Thank you!

    • Nelly Lufuno permalink

      You have experienced the Love of God first hand. It inspires me to see the good that our Lord have done for my fellow beings. Stay in Gods arms and ever let go of the faith and Love for him, he will continue to bless you and your children. Always trust him with all you have, he has already brought great miracles to your life, nothing would be impossible with him. I wish you a speedy full recovery through the Love of God.


  2. Janet Harris permalink

    I had not read Yahweh’s reading for the next day until after I had written my prior comment, Praise God, he was sendng me a message and answering me again. I get many answers to the prayers I pray when I wake in the morning through the verses I receive on fb and email. Thank you Father! Thank Rev. Brown!

  3. nicholas ross permalink

    one way but up mark brown ,you have a lot of people who like the way you explain and express the lords ways and words keep it up brother man and god bless ,open up the heavens above and let it rain with blessings let it rain amen and amen !!!!god is good all the time !!!!

  4. René permalink

    I just love this site, especially the forums. I’ve learned so much in such short time, just because I got challenged to search scripture.
    Really, the bible IS true, from cover to cover!!

  5. Donna Berry permalink

    Just want to thank you for being obediant to God and putting up this blog. So many need to hear God’s word but don’t take time to just read the word unless it is on a blog type thing. So know that God will bless you richly for this.

  6. Candie Gyrl permalink

    I do bless God for this ministry… I askd God why was I on facebook? And the answer I recvd was for a Kingdom Takeover.. So it is my goal by any means necessary to fulfill Gods purpose in me and draw men unto HIM. And I’m grateful to have yet another co-laborer and tool to carryout my assignment. Bless You Pastor Mark.

  7. This site shows that The Word of God will not return viod! The Bible is more relevant today than it was when it was written over 2000 years ago. Keep up the great work Mark deliver, God is honored by what you are doing!

  8. The Bible Page has been an amazing tool for sharing God’s Word on Facebook. We just celebrated Easter and it is imperative that we share the Good News with unbelievers. Do you know that Muslims believe that Jesus did not die and they have an empty grave for Him when He returns? They are serious. If you would like to learn more about this empty grave and also on how to reach Muslims for Christ, please visit You can also read how I came to faith in Jesus Christ on this website. God bless! Hussein.

  9. Linda D. permalink

    This page is an answer to my unspoken prayer!! For quite some time I have been longing for something that would “…put the Word of God before people in their context on a regular basis” and your Bible Page has done exactly that!! Thank you, and GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!!!

    Linda D.

  10. Lynda Kasheta permalink

    God will always be listened to. It matters not what religion you are but your faith in God is all that matters. Keep up the great work you will not be disappointed. Praise The Lord!!

  11. Maria Reyes permalink

    God bless you, its amazing and awsome what you doing. Don’t stop, God has giving you blessing. I had also written Scripture on facebook and on tweeter. Its wonderful.Praise God.God bless you mine brother in the Lord.Keep up the good work in the Lord.

  12. Brenda barnhill permalink

    Thank you Rev Brown! I have been going through a very difficult time with medical problems and have a lot of free time on my hands. I found facebook and have truly enjoyed getting in touch with old friends but then I found your site and joined. I have reconnected with the Lord and share His love through my posts as well. You are touching many lives and helping bring hope to many people who have lost their way. God bless you and keep up the good work in Christ!!

  13. KKY-Omaha, Ne permalink

    Praise the Lord for your inspiration from the Lord. It becomes a full circle. The Lord, you and then the Lord. But with this inspiration, it touches so far 2 million people. Watch out, there will be more. All I can say is Amen and Praise the Lord for His Words of Life.

  14. Gloria permalink

    I love your facebook entries! They are great, and sometimes just what I need to read. Most times though, they are just what my son needs to read as I seed him them all the time! Amazing how our God works that way! Thank you for your ministry and servants heart!

  15. naomi ndiangui permalink

    im proud to be part of this great family of God. i give God all the glory and honour. many thanks to rev Brown who founded it. my life is never the same. my word of advise is we continue praying without ceasing not forgeting that many are called but few are chosen. also the path to Gods kingdom is narrow and the one to satans kingdom is wide.

  16. Florise permalink

    This is so right on time! As I read my disciplines this morning the scripture given was Psalm 150; (1) PRAISE YE the Lord… (6) Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.

    We must express our gratitude to our Lord and Savior everyday with the highest praise. We must praise through every situation and trust and believe that we will be blessed.

    Matthew 4:19; Jesus says, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.
    Keeping following the will of the Lord and He will continue to bless you and those who believe in His name.

    God Bless you and all you set your hands to do! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • janette permalink



  18. Brenda Lambert permalink

    amen mark praise god wow that is asesome 🙂
    the lord is pleased 🙂

  19. I love it. I love what God does through simple things and humble people who speak and write. We never know what influence we will have. I think God loves it when we try something new and He breathes on it. Blessings to you, Mark.

  20. Rose Reese permalink

    Thank you, Mark, for starting this page. It helps me everyday.

  21. Brenda P permalink

    As Christian maturity vestry, it is my job to help others grow in faith and the knowledge of God. Your site helps me to do that, because it keeps ME lifted up. Thank you, Mark!

  22. Patti McLaughlin permalink

    it is amazing what he can do..this is a testomony to those of us who are attempting to start a ministry..and have no Idea what God is going to do with it!!!! 2 million is amazing! even if our ministrie’s help only a few it is still worth the effort!!! but this is truely amazing..may God bless it even more!

  23. I just want to say that I was saved at age 15, but spent many years in and out. I wqas 20 or more years in and out of addiction, homelessness, and co-dependency. I am now 21 months clean and sober,no longer homeless,no longer co-dependent and I even quit smoking a year ago after smoking for 36 years. No life is not perfect and neither am I, but I thank my Lord and Savior for all He has given me and all He has taken away. I am now a soldier in The Salvation Army, am a food sargeant at my local corpos and am in charge of the food pantry. I can’t get enough of His word and hope I pass it along every chance i get!!!! Thank you and God for givng us a page to go to and pass along to others.All glory and honor go to the most beloived savior!!!!Blessings to all!!!

    • Nelly Lufuno permalink

      God has saved you from the darkness and the evil, he saved you from the deadly spell of the devil. praise him with all that you have for he Loved you so much even when you were dirty and never thought he existed. You are one of the chosen on by the Lord and that is why today you are living under his wing. Keep helping those on need, that is the greatest gift you can give to God, Love all around you and never forget his greatness and the miracle you have become through him.

      God Bless always

  24. Chantal permalink

    Awsome, thank you Father, we are working hard to bring people to You!

  25. Lydia Reyes permalink

    God is Good,all the time. I am one of the 2 millions that join this Bible Page.It’s so funny that the day that I decided to give up on Facebook, that’s the day I found this page. You just don’t know What God is going to do next in your life. I’m the person that is always looking to get more of the word and that day I was asking God to show me more and help me understand his word more and then ,Poof.There is Pastor Mark Brown with the message of starting this new Journey Deep into the Bible. I have gotten so much of what I prayed for. Thank You God for being so Faithful and me and everyone here. I’m going to continue to ask God to reveal more to us who are seeking because he said we would have life in abundance and I believe that with all my heart..

  26. Thank you Mark for starting this page!! How great it is to see the word of our LORD every day! “PRAISE BE TO GOD ” for letting so many see this and hopefully getting a change in their lives made!
    Please keep it up!!

    Love and GOD’S blessings

    Donnie Hock

  27. I so enjoy the word of God i know when i fall down he will be there to pick me up Thank you so much Mark and please say a prayer for my Family and Friend’s i appreciate you so very much God Bless you and alway’s keep you safe in his loving arm’s.God be with you through all your traveling be safe God Bless you Mark Today ,Tomorrow and forever.

  28. Sister Pam OP permalink

    Give thanks to God for sharing the Good News and thanks to you, Father Mark for listening to the Holy Spirit. God is good.

  29. Marilyn permalink

    God is SOOOOOOOOOO Good!

  30. Vickie permalink

    This poor man cried and the Lord heard him,out of all his troubles. The angel of the LOrd encampeth round about them that fear him, abd delivereth them.
    May god bless each and every one reading this.
    Thank you Father Mark for this bible website and Please Pray for Me, Family, and friends.

  31. Marti permalink

    I am so inspired with the Stepping up for Kids. It has really helped me to find the words to help young adults who do not know Jesus Christ as their savior, as well as my Grandchildren who are all under age 7.
    Thank you Rev Mark Brown

  32. marty permalink

    I’m very happy for you Pastor Mark. Thank-you for spending your time feeding us. I will continue to read your post as long as you are sending them
    GOD bless you.

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