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Big News!!

March 26, 2010

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil.” Proverbs 3:5-7


This morning I received notification that I had been invited to be interviewed for a stunning ministry leadership role.  This is the sort of role that other people do, not something I could even imagine I am capable of, so I was quite shocked to be invited.

And then I read this amazing passage from Proverbs, and was reminded that it isn’t about what I think, my own understanding, or wisdom, but all about what God wants of me.

So my job is to focus on the Lord, to trust Him, to believe He will act in my life and to acknowledge how God is working in my life!

So let me do that now:  God I praise you for this amazing interview and I pray that your will be done.  I am ready to serve you God, ready to do whatever it is you have of me. And I know you are part of this God and I praise you for that!!

But I am also to fear the Lord and shun evil, which has been something God has been showing me for a few days now.  I have this complete conviction to push away evil and sin and not allow it to have a hold on my life, to live for Jesus and not for me.  But the part I know I need to work on big time is fearing the Lord.

To fear the Lord is not to be scared of God, but more about really understanding who I am in relation to God.  Intellectually I know that God is awesome and mighty, but I want that realisation, that understanding to be ingrained in who I am, how I live my life.  That increasingly I see my self worth through God; that I completely understand the world around me from a God perspective.

Praise you Lord for this awesome Word!

God bless,

Mark Brown

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  1. Patty permalink

    God is Awesome!!!!

  2. sheryl permalink


  3. Annie permalink

    May our lord Jesus bless you as you prepare yourself to follow in what you believe he wants you to do.

  4. Duckweed permalink

    Thanks for posting this. I was supposed to enter a competition but later discovered it was too far. I was okay with that. But then there was another similar competition and I thought that I could probably do well in it. But my teacher doesn’t seem keen on me going. I was disappointed. But I know very well that God knows what’s best for me. And his will is perfect. So if it isn’t in his plan for me to take part in the competition, so be it. God is great and I will trust in him.

  5. Lynn Sicard permalink

    Mark, I know that as you are waiting upon the Lord He will reveal His complete will for your life as He sees in you a heart after His own heart, one who can saymit’s all about You Lord, and mean it deep down in your spirit. I pray that He has found that devotion for Him in me also. On Feb. 15th God healed my legs and removed all the pain from them. I no longer have to be wheeled around in a wheel chair. This past Sunday for the 1st time in quite a while, I walked into Gods house,and was able to stand and worship my Lord, my King.Amen And now I have made God a promise because I know that what He starts, He will finish. So I know the rest of my healing is on it;s way and I promised God that as soon as my healing has gone far enough to allow me to, I will go into ministry full time if that is His will for me.So I would really appreciate your prayers that God reveal His will my life and I am more than happy to pray He do the same for you. May I say welcome back, you were missed,as i have short term memory problems, but short blogs such as yours I tend to retain for longer time periods/ So thank you for your blog. take care and God bless.

  6. Patti McLaughlin permalink

    I do believe we are to fear him but in a respectful you fear a dad’s punishment if you do something wrong..If you know who jesus is and you fall will not be the will not cope in the same way..and he will punish us if we need to be ..for our own sake as much as his..I know!!!!! so I do fear what life would be like..if I don’t remain with him!..and without that respectful fear of him ..we could and would easily fall away.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Thanks Patti,
      Another word that can be used is “awe”, to be in awe of God. My goodness, of course I have respect, fear and awe of the creator of this universe and recently claimed multi-universe. What else could there be for a believer.

  7. faith permalink

    Indeed he is an awesome God.all you need to do is trust and believe the rest shall be given in Jesus Name AMEM!

  8. Holly Carey permalink

    Congratulations!!! Keep Him #1 and HE will show His favor upon your life!

    I also wanted to say PRAISE GOD to Lynn Sicard regarding her recent healing! That touched my heart beyond words! I’m am singing with you dear sister in Christ!! God is STILL our healer! He is ALIVE AND POWERFUL! Woohoo! Glory to God!


  9. David permalink

    I just want God to bless you well in your Journey because this word was a confirmation to me with what I’m doing and studying in God’s word. Continue to build your faith and grow in the Lord.

    Your Brother,

  10. Cent Dollars permalink

    I am very happy to be a part of this also happy for lynn sicard because of God’s work in her life.PRAISE GOD!

  11. NATASHA BISHOP permalink

    Thank for your postings. This posting helped me even more about a decision that I made to go back to school for cosmetology. God gave me a thought and an idea, and I followed through on it. I asked God numerous of times is this what he wants me to do right now. He said yes. Every time I ask I get the same response. I fear of making the wrong decision outside of God’s. I pray everyday and I tell him your will be done and not mines. I know that’s all it takes is for us to make one wrong decision, good or bad, that can take us out God’s will. What seems impossible for us is possible for God. God is always going to ask us to do something we think is impossible to do or that we never could see ourselves doing. I am excited for you! I will pray for you and please pray for me as well. Love and God Bless you, your family and ministry!

  12. Heard a lady at a service I went to say, “God doesn’t choose the equipped, He equips the chosen.”

  13. GOD is GRACIOUS to ME permalink

    I’m actually going through trying to manifest this verse in ME. I am a person who seeks fairness in everything and thinks that this may be interfering with what GOD prefers me to do. I’m learning to lend a listening ear more often to GOD’s better judgement and love the outcome it has already taken on my life and spirit. Thank you Christ Jesus and MY HEAVENLY FATHER .. I LOVE YOU AND AND AM MORE THEN GRACIOUS FOR YOU! = )

  14. Donna permalink

    My husband and I have been looking at many, many houses that will become our last move until we either move on to Heaven or into a retirement home. We both have specific things that are important in picking out the right place. Having said that, we both fell in love with different houses which ultimately fell through. Disappointed? Sure. Within 2 weeks of our disappointment, God lead us to the right house and we are so pleased and humbled at the same time. We told a friend yesterday that we are so thankful to God that even when He says “No!” He already has something so much better lined up. He loves us THAT much! The maker of the universe really cares that much for ME. I love Him SO MUCH. This is why I can trust God completely to care for me and do what is the very best for me! He loves me as much too. Thank you Father! *HUGS*

  15. Nell Skidmore permalink

    I am so happy for you Mark. Gods Blessing and favor are always behind you.

    Blessings, Nell

  16. Marilyn permalink

    I love the perfect message that comes at the right time. Sometimes we have to be reminded that we can do all things with His help … God is good! Be Blessed in your interview.


  17. Coker pamppossa permalink

    I wound like to rec.your journay

  18. Jessica permalink

    When I/we am/are weak He is strong! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me/us Phillipians 4:13. God’s best to you for your interview!

  19. betty permalink

    thank you for that awesome word of encouragement, congrats on the interview and hope the Lord will be done

  20. Mary Earle permalink

    Perspective – you mention it and it has been the theme of the latest devotionals I receive. Then out of the blue a friend texts me a scripture and the same admonition about having christ’s perspective. I’m thinking Our awesome Father in heaven is trying to teach me something! LOL Great devotional.

  21. joan m. anderson permalink

    Mark that is so go that u hear the voice of God and u listen . i no some times its hard to do things Gods way because we as ppl like to have it a way .till we get in trouble .lol i love the on time word for this morning . God bless u.

  22. Pat L. permalink


  23. Connie permalink

    The best advise that i will ever have.. TY

  24. Kathleen Merman permalink

    That is good. We are to be used by Him through the filling of His Holy Spirit and the Glory for it is then His not causing any attention to ourselves.

  25. Rhonda Thomas permalink

    You and your thoughts and convictions from God are truly inspiring ! Thank you for your faithfulness and I will be praying about your ministry decision with you. God bless!

  26. Mark Scott permalink

    Mark,this scripture has been going through my head for several days now.I have been homeless for some time now,but on Tues.3/23/10,I went into a building in downtown Minneapolis and right away met a person I knew,at that very moment I knew there was a reason I had run into him(The Holy Spirit told me),sure enough because of this person I went to an office where a county worker made a phone call to a program I had applied for several month’s ago(I had not told the worker this),well the phone call was placed at the perfect time, as the program had me on thier list but no way to contact me.It was the next day when The Holy Spirit said “why don’t you check your voicemail”that I found they had called and wanted me to come for an interview,I went to the interview this morning and guess what?I’m no longer homeless,PRAISE GOD!!! Prov.3:5-7 kept me trusting the Lord and see what happened! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      This is wonderful news! Congratulations to both Marks. The Holy Spirit is at work in your lives! I can’t imagine being homeless in Minneapolis in the winter. I hope you found shelter, food and water every day. God’s peace be with you.

  27. Kimberly permalink

    Dear Mark,

    I read your post today and I’m “turning right” to share something with you that the Lord has encouraged my heart with regard to what it is to fear him. I hope you enjoy the read and it proves to be fruitful in your life. I pray God’s merciful hand upon you. That this day, he fills you up with his Holy Spirit, that you may know what it is to fear him, the riches of his love and our inheritance. I will continue to pray in the days ahead in this way for the whole of the body of Christ Jesus as I ask the Father to draw our hearts toward this daily. How exciting that this he will give to us, because it is his Will for us in him. Again…I hope you enjoy the read. : D

    ~ God is doing something and he wants to use you. You could never rely on your abilities, knowledge or strength because you don’t know what exactly God is doing. While a direction is in front of you…that in it’s self is not the whole picture, it’s just a direction.

    Example: Someone you trust and are totally comfortable with comes to you calmly and says, “There’s a very important thing we have to do, get in the car and drive.” You are full of question inside, but not anxious in your heart or mind, “Where are we going?”, “Do I turn right; do I turn left; do I go straight?” None of these question are answered yet. But because you trust this person, without question; you get into the car, start it up and head out the driveway-knowing the entire time this person is going to tell exactly where to go; you’re going to see exactly where it is you’re going, and exactly whom or what is your going to see and be doing when you are actually there. Everything will unfold one instruction at a time, because you “fear” this person (they are the one with all the detail of your day)…not afraid of (that is our interpretation of fear), you trust them; you’re not anxiously questioning all these details, you’re not relying on yourself or your abilities to get you where your going…you’ve quietly put your trust (your fear) in that person, listening intently to every instruction. And everything is naturally revealed before you eyes.

    Now imagine this is every moment of every day for the rest of your life…”Get in the car and drive.” Is there ever a time for your abilities or knowledge to lead? No. You’re just able…and since you don’t know where you’re going your knowledge can’t get you there. God is made us able for ever direction he is going to give, and never will he give us an instruction or a direction that would be impossible to do or obey; and never should we drive thinking we know where he’s taking us…pride, arrogance, leaning on our own understanding. But rather we should fear the Lord (get in and drive) and shun evil (never think we know where it is he’s going).

    We’ve built a mess out here, full of our imaginations-thinking we know where he’s going…1Corinthians 3 comes to heart with that said.

    What ever path the Lord told you to drive down, just get in and drive-fear him, it’s fun!!! He will tell you when to turn. This interview is just one many turns you’ll be making on the road. 😀 We are all praying for each other, and He is faithful to bring his body through.

    By His Mercy
    2 Peter 1:12

    Ps. I hope I didn’t ramble this…lol Sometimes my words just don’t reach my finger the right way. So sorry if I did 😀

  28. Praise the Lord.Reverend Mark,i’m rejoicing with you for i know something wonderful was coming your way.God is awesome and He’s always on time.Continue to be blessed.

  29. Jo Heatley permalink

    Hi Mark!
    Our God is such an awesome God! Thank you Lord that You are a God of miralcles. Thank you for healing Lynn!
    Thank you Mark for being so open. I pray that God open this door wide if it is His will for you or close it tightly shut if it is not.
    You were saying you need to work on fearing the lord, for me it is leaning not on my own understanding. I have a tendency to try to second guess how God is going to act in my life instead of just trusting.
    God bless x x

  30. Josh permalink

    God is amazing, I was reading this verse last night and its just what i needed.

  31. Lydia Reyes permalink

    Thank you Lord for all that you are in my life. I am nothing without you. May you continue to guide Mark’s life in the direction you want him to go. You are so good and I know you are going to do mighty things in his life. God bless and favor your faithful servant. May we all continue to grow in your ways as you use him to teach and encourage each one of here on this site. All Praise be to you , Oh Lord. AMEN

  32. DAWN permalink

    Kimberly….WOW!! I’m not sure how Mark received your message but it had a very profound impact on me and I want to THANK YOU ever so much for posting as you did. Your words made a deep impression in my mind and will stay w/ me forever, concerning the Lord and what it actually means to fear him. Though I feel that I have a very strong, personal relationship w/ my savior, fearing Him is something I just haven’t been able to fully grasp the meaning or intent of. I never quite “got” how I could or “should” live in FEAR of someone I felt so close to, safe w/, and intimate w/. FEAR of someone that I share all of that w/, just does not come natural. FOR ME, fear is a result of feeling like someone could harm me in some way; I know God will never HARM me, thus my struggle understanding the whole fear thing. Thanks to your insight, I have a valuable understanding of the whole fear thing. Many thanks for sharing as you did. Rest assured, God has used you well!! 😉 Have a BLESSED day…you have been a GOOD messenger!!

  33. Sister Pam OP permalink

    It is so wonderful to have everyone back on line, again. It fills my heart with happiness to see familiar names and so many new names, also. Thank you for bringing this world wide family of believers together.

  34. Rodeline S. permalink

    God is Good!
    The only person we should scared of in life is God just not scared to stay away just to put him first.

  35. KKY-Omaha, Ne permalink

    I really learned this the other day, or it came into home plate (my head)….
    To Fear God is to Hate Evil.

  36. john francisco permalink

    fear in biblical sense means to love obey honor respect

    the fear of the Lord is the beginning knowledge but fools despise wisdom and intsrtuction.

  37. IMBOLOKONYE(MRS) permalink

    Infact it was meant for me this morning. God bless u.

  38. Joyce Kesterman permalink

    You go so deep into God it’s hard to grasp all that you write without much thought and prayer. Thank you for
    reaching where some fear to go.

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