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A Vision for the Church

March 25, 2010

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23

This morning God gave my a vision and it happened while I was running through some stunning Australian bush while listening to Lead Me to the Cross, (check it out below) and the lyrics just drew me in, Brook Fraser sings:

Lead me to the cross
Where Your love poured out
Bring me to my knees
Lord I lay me down
Rid me of myself
I belong to You
Lead me, lead me to the cross

As I listened to it I reflected on the Bible passage above from Romans. And suddenly I found myself crying, touched by the Holy Spirit, overwhelmed by the amazing offer of eternal life through genuinely turning from my sin.  I could see myself at the foot of the cross, turning from myself towards Jesus, refusing to be captive to sin, accepting the gift of eternal life.  As the tears flowed God gave me a vision of a church, a big church full of people, and at the front was the pastor and he was on his knees, arms stretched out, confessing his sin to God before the people.  And then one by one the congregation fell to their knees and followed the pastor in confessing their sin.  This vision is for me and for all Christian leaders: to deal with our sin, and through this, the church at large facing their sin.

And so I am going to pause in writing this and fall to my knees and confess my sin:

Lord Jesus I confess my sin, I bring it before you now and welcome your free gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus.  Lord not me but you, all you.  Jesus I am free in you.  Praise you Lord!

I turn from sin, I make a commitment now to accept the free gift and not work at sin (wages given for work).  For as the gift of eternal life is free so to am I free through Christ’s death on the cross.  All glory to you Lord Jesus Christ!!!

God bless,

Mark Brown

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  1. Drey permalink

    I can see with you Rev. I am convinced that the church needs just that. Forgiven priests, repentant priests, priests with testimonies, then and only then will it catch afire. I did not recognise this easily, it has come with much wrestling.

  2. so are you saying our work can become sin …by putting to much expectation on the $ ?

    • Stephanie permalink

      I believe that it can, becuase we have lost the true focus of our work. We are here to do God’s will. We are to follow God not the all mighty dollar. We are suppose to preacher that which God gave us with out fear, because the Lord is with us.

    • ..that depends on how you spend your life,ask yourself…bro mark just implying to us that working too much to take you from the LORD is like commiting sin..maybe thinking too much on how we live in this world,nstead of thinking how we can get ourselves closer to our SAVIOR.i pray that all christian will have a contented heart to live simple and entrust the rest to our GOD.more like serving HIM than ourselves.more like more time in the vinyard of our LORD than to your own vinyard…more like give servicing others than ourselves….think…

  3. David LeSesne permalink

    Thank you and May God Bless you today and evey moment he allows you, i love you and Thank you, David

  4. [taking deep breaths] WOW[pausing]……..what can I say?…..nothing…..
    back to my kness Lord….
    thanks Mark, N.

  5. KKY-Omaha, Ne permalink

    accepting the gift of eternal life – all I can say is AMEN and Praise the Lord for the touching of our souls.

  6. Neil Price permalink

    Wow…that’s all I can say…Wow!! I was reflecting on the suffering Christ went through to save us, and i immediately posted Isaiah 53:5 on my FB page this morning. What a Friend!!! What a Saviour!!!

  7. Rashid permalink

    this has made me think differently…I really want to try taking God more seriously and putting him first in my life; and to stay on topic, i’d like to confess my sins to the Lord….thanks….

  8. Elaine permalink

    Thank you Mark for being the 2×4 to hit me on the head!! WOW!! Really touched me. On my knees (even if only in thought) all day today!!

  9. Grace Forme permalink

    I have had visions and dreams from the LORD..I know that HE still uses this for the ones of us who will use it to
    Gods’ glory.. I have just started to tell about the things he has done for me.. some do not believe it. But, it is true. Use this as a witness to HIS power in this day and time. I am using Mine.. Grace

  10. nuana permalink

    OH MY GOD, please lead me, fill me! Search me, know me, change me, I surrender.
    Thank you Mark, this is something I so badly needed to hear, without knowing it.Our God is truly working in and thru you.
    Thank You Father,

  11. Angie McKnight permalink

    God Bless you and your family, Mark. Thanks for you strong commitment and dedication. Your love for the Lord is so apparent and reaching so many people throughout the world.

  12. Lewis mkenya permalink


  13. Leanne Kivimaa permalink

    I have been praying for a movement of God’s Holy Spirit within all churches that teach Jesus and His Salvation. More repentence within the staff is badly needed, there needs to be an openess that has not been seen before, I thank the Lord for giving you this vision. My prayers are with you…

  14. Thank you Sir Mark!… it’s an eye opener for all of us… Lead us to the the cross, and confess all our sins… to accept the gift of eternal life! Praise You Jesus our saviour!

  15. jennifer permalink

    Thank-you Jesus for taking my sins on your shoulders for suffering for my sin and bathing me in your blood forgive me for often times walking in the flesh help me to deny it bas I walk in your glory I receive your gift of life and love and pray I walk in your Holiness may my life be a reflection of the one who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, who died and YET LIVES STILL!!! I love you Lord- thank-you forb the valleys and for the mountaintops! In your name I pray- Amen

  16. Marla Martin permalink

    Mark,I too had a vision similar to this last Monday March 15th.Mine was in a large beautiful church as well and right in the front Jesus was really big and tall with his arms out stretched.I was healed of depression at Winterfest that past Saturday where Reinhard Bonnke preached but I now on Monday had a sore throat.I knew it had bn from all the praising and worshipping we did for long hours but I said God how is it you can heal me of depression and them I am still sick of sore throat 2 days later.Then I had that vision above I told you about.After the vision I said God what does this mean? Please explain this vision to me.He said we need to come to the Holy of Holies, the Throne Room to receive healing.(Into His Presence) We need to seek His face for healing.

  17. hello brother mark i am so happy to see you back
    god bless you and a good message today i enjoy your daily word i put one out my self daily it is just a blog but i feel the need to do for my lord and i feel he gives me what to put in it well god bless you cecil and jason your brothers in christ jesus take in jesus sweet name

  18. Melanie permalink

    This was such a blessing to read today. Daily we must ask the Lord to forgive us os sins even the ones we do not know about. We don’t realize that while we are in the flesh we will sin and no matter how small we cannot be one with the father unless we confess. Not saying we shouldn’t worry about sinning, I’m saying that when we try not to sin our flesh sins. That’s why we are to meditate in HIm daily so we can allow HIM to change us. No one is perfect but when we confess to HIM daily we can gurantee that we are in line with HIS will. Thanks again for this message, was truly needed.

  19. Christina permalink

    I just recently took a Philosophy class in college as part of my prereqs and I, who have been very strong in my faith, have begun doubting God, His word, and whether He exists. I KNOW He is real, that everything I have believed is real, just every time I think about it the bad thoughts pop into my head. I have been praying about this, but I would like for others to be praying for me as well. If anyone has any advice or has experienced this please talk to me. This is an awful feeling to have.

  20. Jo Heatley permalink

    Hi Mark!
    Wow thats amazing! God’s grace and mercy
    is awesome. As we approach Easter and reflect more deeply on the cross I am totally astounded by such selflessness, such grace, such mercy, such love.
    on mother’s day, as we had been studing relationships at church, The Holy Sprirt directed me to look more closely at the relationship Mary and our Lord Jesus shared. After listening and watching a video of “Mary did you know” i was bowled over by our Lord’s selflessness anew. Near to death not only was He opening the way for us to have eternal life with Him but also taking care of His earthly duties as the eldest son of Mary by making sure she was cared for when He left this earthly realm, absolutely incredilbe.
    To empty ourselves of ourselves and walk in the Spirit, is what is required of us, as you have said more of Him and less of us. Coming to God on our knees with a repentant heart that is willing to change and our hands stretched out ready to recieve His forgiveness is all we have to do, so why is it so hard at times? I guess it is because we have to admit we are wrong. If our leaders are totally open about confessing their sin, they will be leading by example and open the way for the church to follow. This is quite hard for us all as opening up can make us feel vulnerable but I feel you Mark have already been doing this with your over the shoulder reflections and have put your trust fully in God to do so.
    i thank you once again for your obedient heart and ask God to continue pouring out His blessings on you and your family x x

  21. Cecil Broughton permalink

    Lead Me To The Cross is one of my favs.. I can’t singing it without crying, while praising God… This could not have come at a better time for me.I need to lay down everything at the feet of Jesus..

  22. JTG permalink

    WOW! Today was not the first time that I have listened & fallen in love with this song, but it was nice to hear it again after so long at at a time such as this. That said, my church is now expericing a very painful, trying, and confusing period. The board of our church has not and is not listening to the voice of the people. After an internal financial review report was conducted they decided to suspend him without taking the matter before the church. They removed our senior pastor at the advice of a corporate lawyer, who’s not a christian. Members of the review team stated that the report was incomplete and unsubstantiated by CPA standards. Our church is bleeding, the people are bleeding, Jesus we need and love you. Lead me, lead us to The Cross. To God be the Glory, Amen.

  23. therese permalink

    WOW!!!!!!! My brother in Christ, Mark Brown. There are NO words to express what I am feeling right now. Your openness is absolutely refreshing. Thank you for allowing us to see a glimpse of what you feel inside. We love you brother. Keep reaching out to people, and more importantly, to JESUS!!!!!!!

  24. In Jeremiah 6:14 and 8:11 the Lord says “My prophets and priests offer superficial treatments for my people’s mortal wound. They give assurances of peace when all is war” (New Living Translation)

    I’m convicted that as Christian leaders we cannot do anything but live daily in right relation with our Lord … only then can we rightly call others to follow me as I follower Jesus.

    It is an enormous privilege to represent God and every Christian is called to do so … and to do that we must daily come to the cross, confess our sins and follow him for ourselves.

  25. How we should all be before God.

  26. John Francen permalink

    The following is my vision for the United States of America!


    By John Douglas Francen

    We as a nation need to fall on our knees and pray, repenting of our sins, both personally and nationally. We have become an adulterous people, a murderous people, consumed by all manner of evil! We call evil good and seek our own pleasure rather than God’s will. We count ourselves wiser than God and are devoid of love one for another. We know not the difference between love and lust. We are increasingly leaving God out of our lives. We are a nation headed for destruction, with religious people becoming complacent. We credit ourselves for the prosperity we have enjoyed rather than thanking God for his immense favor.

    II Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

    This is the only hope for The United States of America!

  27. Connie permalink

    Wonderful blessing first thing in the morning!

  28. Brad permalink

    Unable to sleep, I was searching for something unknown and I stumbled upon your post. I really needed this word and the music video added an extra kick. It inspired me to share the song with others and I know God has been laying something heavy on my heart for the past several months. He wants me to be a leader in ministry, but I’m not a pastor and I’ve come to realize that I can lead from where I’m at. I will continue to be a genuine example of who a christian should be. Thank you for sharing from the heart and keep it up!

  29. Larry permalink

    TY Jesus for this prayer. I need it so much. The world has taken over me. Remove it Lord. Forgive me. Fresh start needed. You know all.

  30. By reading all your prayer and preaching, I do understand that your religions(i.e Christianity)is a religion that attract people’s attention to embranced love, justice and peace in one way. But,i also encounter a message from a christian like you whose mission is quite different from yours- Because his preaching show’s that christianity in the other hand is also attracting people’s attention to a violence act as well as terrorism. The reason why i say so is because the person bring’s his facts from the holy Bible as you did in your preaching. The person message begin’s as follows: Fighting Smallness ‘And the coast of the children of Dan went out too little for them :therefore the children of Dan went up to fight against leshem and took it,and smote it with the edge of the sword,and possessed it,and dwelt therein,and called Leshem,Dan,after the name of Dan their father.’ Joshua 19:47. Nothing handles smallness like violence.Aggression is the major key to possession in life.To enlarge your territory,you must engage your enemy.Limitation will always bow before confrontation. Life begins and continues by fight.You don’t grow and progress without a fight.A child does not come out of the womb except he fights his way out through the birth canal.That is how he gets bigger space. He does not leave the lying position until he fights to sit up, he fight to moves from the sitting position to start crawling, he fights to stop crawling to stand up,etc. Those who are afraid to fight have agreed to be small. Those who will not fight have agreed to fail.And no one can or will do it for them. You must first and foremost determine what you deserve in life. Determine and decide what is fit for you in life and in God.You don’t just accept everything that is thrown on you by Life. Next,you must demand what you deserve.Go for it in prayer,in Word,in worship and praise,in seed sowing,and in practical work. REFUSE TO GO UNTIL YOU GET IT. YOU SHALL MAKE IT, IN JESUS’ NAME. I also read a book which is title: A PROPHETIC CALL .This book is also being produce by one of the famous Nigeria pastor’s in Africa.He is call pastor Musah Pal Gindiri. This pastor,is also well recognised by Nigerian Christians,Muslims and some people in the World, and mostly are regarding him as a peacekeeper (a Good pastor) as well as others saying prophet.The crisis that presently existily between Muslims and Chritians in Plateau State of Nigeria is the reason why he wrote the book, I made mention above. In the book,he use a page as an avenue to call upon Christians attention and show them how to make a violence and terrorism in a Christianic way. According to the pastor, he is aware that members of the christian association of Nigeriat (i.e CAN) uses there clergymens,top gov’t functions,traditional rules,men and women (youths) as well there resource to attack muslims in plateau state.Which according to his own opinion is not the good way to attack Muslims, that they should have use a divine weapon to fight agains muslims. My questions here is that,why is that you christians call upon people’s attentions in a dual direction i.e both in a positive negative directions? Or it’s the holy Bible teaching you in a dual direction? Why Christian’s followers don’t want to leave with muslim followers in particular place in peace? While to my own understanding,God created both religions to leave together and interacts with each other. SO, MARK BROWN I USE TO ADVICE YOU AND OTHER GOOD PEOPLE IN GENERAL TRY MORE TO ENGAGE YOUR SELF IN PEACE GOSPEL,PRAY AND PREACHING EXPECIALLY TO OTHER CHRISTIANS TO EMBRACE PEACE, IN WHERE EVER THEY FINED THEMSELF. I’M YOUR BROTHER IN LIFE. Thanks.

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