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I am Planning to Do God’s Plan

March 1, 2010

Isaiah 30:1   1“Ah, stubborn children,” declares the LORD, “who carry out a plan, but not mine, and who make an alliance, but not of my Spirit, that they may add sin to sin;  (English Standard Version)

Wow this is unbelievably timely.  This Friday I finish as Chief Executive of Bible Society New Zealand and my plan was to move back to Australia, spend some time completing my doctorate and undertaking some consulting.  The major thrust of this next phase in my life is to give me the freedom to develop more fully some of the ministries I have started and explore what God wants me to do next.  What I didn’t want to happen is to have the next role locked in place too quickly, but to give myself some room to reflect, to pray and to see what emerges.  Sounds like a nice plan but it isn’t my emerging reality!

Without going into detail, I have been approached to consider three ministry roles: one is a global leadership role, another a regional leadership role and the third a church leadership role.  And the thing is all of them require action now and will be decided sometime around May.  And all are contrary to my original plan of remaining a free agent this year, giving myself freedom to explore.

But really what I think on this matter doesn’t matter!  As Isaiah reminds me, I should seek God’s plan not mine, to follow my own plan is off track.  But how do I know I am doing God’s plan? As the reading shares, by making an alliance with God’s Spirit.  This means I need to do all I can to stay as close to God as possible.  What does it take?  It takes me spending way more time in prayer, in reading and reflecting on the Bible, in listening to trusted Christian friends.  The key is that I wake up in the morning with the intention of getting as close to God as I possibly can and from this I will find greater clarity as to God’s will.

It also involves others praying for me, so would you pray for me?  And if you get a word from God about what I am to do I welcome it!  My email is

Also if I could pray for you please let me know your prayer need.

Exciting times ahead!

God bless

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Yahweh’s Yarn in a Year : 1 year Bible reading plan

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  1. Jo Heatley permalink

    Hi Mark!

    I thank you for sharing this with us. I find it really helpful to see your response to the Lord’s word. As I have said before your walk before God is such an inspiration. I have always found seeking God’s will for my life hard. Well I guess that is not entirely true! I have found it hard when the Lord has not given me crystal clear direction or a choice! I will certainly pray for you and one of the things I will ask for is crystal clear clarity of His will for you. Keep us updated! x x

  2. Bev permalink

    Hi Mark,
    During prayer, when I am still and pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal to me what he wants me to know, I am amazed! I’ll pray for you to hear what God has planned for you!

  3. Linda Jo permalink

    Dear Bro. Mark,
    I will be praying for you that your heart, mind and soul would be clear in what path you and your family should travel.

    Linda Jo

  4. Joyce Morris permalink

    Hi Mark, I will keep your situation before God in prayer. I pray for you to have such an inner peace about your decision that you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt what He wants. It could be the very thing that you had intended in the first place. I am reminded of the passage where God`s people desired to get alone with God just for a short time to worship. Right away the Egyptians looked for a way to keep them busy. They thought they did not have enough work so they made them make their own brick in order to keep them busy.

  5. Dear Mark:

    What an exciting time to be walking in the Word following the leading of the Holy Spirit. As you begin your prayer towards clear leadings from God as to how or what your next service to Him will be, my prayers will be lifted up daily for you and the plans He has chosen for you and the ministry you will serve in His name. I am certain of one thing, that regardless of what direction you follow you will serve Him humbly and with grace and fortitude. I am reminded of the passage in Acts 20:24 – Run the good race Mark, complete the task He has set before you and you will not fail. Blessings and prayers be with.


  6. I will pray for th Lord to speak to you clearly like he did in the Bible when He told that one person to go to a specific rd-i think it was called straight-and like He did when he told that one man to go to a specific house where Paul was waiting to receive his sight and so many other places where he gave specific instructions-i pray in the name of Jesus that he would speak to you clearly also. Please pray for the Lord to do the same for me-a half of a year ago my husband was killed in a car accident leaving me to raise 3 children. My oldest son graduates in June and I would like to move to KY where I have family and there are positive male role models-but, this is MY plan-and I desire to do God’s will and I would just like prayers that He would tell me exactly where to move-thankyou

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Dear Barbara, I pray that the Lord opens your heart, mind and spirit to His will. Peace and Blessings to you.


  8. Peggy permalink

    Rev. Mark,
    I sure admire your humility in asking for prayer! Praying that you will easily recognize the path God wants you to take and have peace in you heart and mind that you are following HIs plan.
    All Things IN HIS TIME,

  9. I will certainly pray for you to follow the path that God wants you on. It certainly can feel confusing I am sure with so many different choices and so little time…but God ALREADY knows so I pray he reveals that to you. And I will ask that you pray for me to find the right church to be part of. For over a year I have felt drawn away from the ones I would normally visit. I want to be in a church that is honoring the true Sabbath and Gods holidays not man-made tradition. I finally thought I found one and actually the first service was great and answering many things I needed an answer to and at the end it came up that they do not preach heaven and hell. I spent hours today with my Bible trying to find justification for that teaching and I could not. I do intend to go back again but I have been left to feel down. It is an hours drive from me but worth it if I can find the truth to follow. What do you feel about this? For a year I have basically been watching minister’s on TV and reading my Bible and other religious literature alone. THANKS!

    • Kathy permalink

      Sherry, be careful! Don’t go to any church that has beliefs that are obviously contrary to the word of God, no matter how nice the people are to you. Don’t drive an hour to attend some cult group that doesn’t believe in the existence of heaven! What’s the point of it all if there is no heaven?

      I know all about the history of how the church started having services on Sunday instead of Saturday. I know it was Constantine’s idea, but don’t make more of it than it really is. Don’t become legalistic. We are not bound to live under the Mosaic law. Read Acts 15 to see what the church decided about the law and what to expect of Gentile converts. Also, read Colossians 2, especially the 16th verse.

      I urge you to get into a good, full gospel church. Ask God to lead you to the right church.

  10. Blanche permalink

    Rev Mark , I pray that God’s will , will be done. Remember to walk in faith not sight. God will make it clear and in order. I will pray with you. God bless you.

  11. Kristina permalink

    Wait on the LORD ! 🙂

  12. I rarely ask for prayer yet I’m constantly praying for myself and for others. I know the importance of prayer and the strength it has with God but I have found myself to be in this state of seclusion lately that I feel if I ask people to pray for me that it means I will have to open up about the pain I am going through and that tends to be difficult for me. Ironically enough 9 days ago I made the mistake of claiming a negative thought for the month of February and sadly that is exactly what happened all month. I have been miserable, lonely, sad, ashamed, and secluded for the past 9 days. 9 days may not seem like alot, but when you are in despair it feels like an eternity.

    Today I claimed the last day of the month will be the last day of my emotional downfall. I want to renew my mind, my way of behaving, my way of reacting to negativity in my life, and recieve all the blessing our heavenly Father has in store for me. With this message today I realized I also need to humble myself and ask my fellow friends and christians (such as the ones on this webpage) to pray for me when I need prayer as well. So here it is…

    In the past year I was very disobedient with our Father and I found myself in a relationship that was so unhealthy for me I feel like I saw the devil working the spiritual battle over me full force. It gave me such sorrow when I realized how disobedient I was and how I wasted a year of my life because I made awful decisions that I have never been soo ashamed in my life that I behaved this way being a child of God.

    Today I ask you to pray for me that from this day on I seek only God for guidance and truth and practice only obedience. That I learn to control my anger and negative tendencies with jealousy that only shines a light towards a sinful path. That I continue to surround myself with Godly people that are going to improved my life. That I forgive those that hurt me and I find the courage to forgive myself for making bad choices and hurting those who I love. That I learn self respect and respect the privacy and choices of others, especially when their choices are not to my satisfaction. That with this new knowledge and awareness, my heavenly father gives me the abundant blessings he has planned for me and they are well deserved. In Jesus Name… Amen.

    • JJ
      I have been feeling the same way but not as deep in depression as you sound. I will pray for you. You are right we must be aware that our heanenly father has given us abundant blessings. That you for sharing. It helps me to know that it is ok to be human for our father loves us inspite of what we do. After all he gaves us his only begotten son “Jesus”. GBY

    • Joshua permalink

      I will definitely pray for you JJ! Jesus loves you and has a plan for you and all his people that want to follow God and live out His plan for their lives!!! Amen God be with you and thank you!

    • You have my prayers. God bless ya! Mark

    • Kathy permalink

      JJ, it sounds like you are under demonic attack and oppression. Jesus gave us authority to rebuke demons and bind them so they have no power over us. They tremble at the name of Jesus and the mention of His shed blood. Ask the Holy Spirit to baptize you, fill you and give you power. Really get into the Word of God. Pray aloud, giving God praise and worship, read or quote scriptures and command those evil spirits of negativity, anger, depression and defeat to leave you in the name of Jesus! Declare that you are set free! Tell the devil that you are a child of God, so he cannot harass you any more. Don’t give up! The devil will come back and try to tell you it didn’t work, but stand on the authority of God’s word. When Satan tempted Jesus after he had been fasting 40 days, Jesus simply quoted scripture against him, and he left for awhile. Life is a battle, but it’s worth it!

    • John permalink

      JJ, many of us have been where you are. I think of Peter. “Lord I want fail you or deny you. I’ll die for you.” (paraphrased a little) Then a few hours later in the presence of a little maid (not a big tough Roman soldier) Peter curses and says he doesn’t even know Jesus- hard to get worse than that in my opinion. Then he cries tears of repentance and is mightily used of God-Day of Pentecost sermon, sermon to those who were disturbed over the healing of the lame man at the gate beautiful, just his shadow passing over people and they are healed and of course even more that could be mentioned. Call out to God in sincereity, dust yourself off and see what God can and will d in your life.

    • Mike permalink


      This is a couple of days late by human standards, however I believe it’s about God’s timimg. During my time this morning in my devotion I was reading in the book of Mark, the 11th chapter, verse 25 and my spirit jumped when I heard this. The weapon of unforgiveness is one of our adversaries greatest, if not the greatest means of division or separation, from God and man, in his arsenal. Mark 11:25 state’s that “whenever you stand praying, FORGIVE, (this is not a request, but a command) if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is heaven may forgive you your trespasses.”(ESV) I have found within myself that I tend to think that I am alright in this forgiveness dept. and that’s exactly what the enemy wants me to think(trap), but I believe that in the deepest recesses of my heart and soul there are still things I haven’t dealt with. I believe that these places only the Lord is able to penetrate, so today I ask Jesus on both of our behalf’s, to reveal, to deal, to heal and to give us strength to make it through. Jesus said, “Have Faith in God.” Mark 11:22. I pray that this will impact you in a positive way. May God continue to bless you!

      Be Blessed and Encouraged,

  13. Edgar permalink

    And good luck with the choices you soon have to make concerning your life and the lives of your family. Always remember that night in the Garden of Gethsemane when Jesus prayed that God would “take this cup” from Him, but then said, “NOT MY WILL, FATHER, BUT YOUR WILL BE DONE.”

    When we are serving God in some capacity, we must always let God be the leader of our lives and to guide us through His Spirit as we continue on this journey we are on. Let God lead you in this choice you must make, and even if it does not coincide with [your] plans in life, the so be it, the Son still shines in your life as the work of the Lord goes on until His return.

    Let God lead you!


  14. I asked tonight along with our prays for Mark that we include Tami who has cancer and Don who has not been saved but could use our prays. He needs a liver transplant soon. Mark where ever God places you I know you will serve his will. You are a great inspiration to all of us. GBY

  15. It is a priviledge to pray for you! Shalom: Susan P.

  16. debbie permalink

    No doubt that GOD will guide your way and put you in the RIGHT PLACE! It will be a smooth decision and transition and one that will bring many blessings to you, your family and many Christians! GOD IS WELL PLEASED WITH YOU, my brother, WELL PLEASED! Rest in prayer and reading and all will fall in place.
    “Begin with God, stay with God and end with God.”

    much blessings and prayers for you!

  17. Jennifer permalink

    It is difficult to discern God’s will, BUT I’m certain that He will make it clear to you in His perfect time…it is my pleasure to pray for you…I’m thankful that my friend connected me with your website where we can all lift each other in prayer.
    Matthew 19:26
    “With God all things are possible.”

  18. Kristen permalink

    God bless you in all you do! Of course I will pray for you!

  19. Pam Dye permalink

    Mark, in the short time it has been since I joined I have throughly enjoyed every day and looked forward to your ‘Posts’. You are so blessed as God is using you in such a way! So exciting to do God’s work bringing people together to fellowship, to pray for eachother….To be loving and kind to one another and CARE for eachother. God has lead you to do such a good job with this site in uniting people in the name of Jesus. God bless You Mark….God is with you, NO DOUBT! You are accompanied by God so you can’t go wrong. You have listened and are carrying out God’s plan and in so, enriching the lives of many! Thank you for being such an obedient servant and thank you Jesus for all you do and have done. Praying for you is what you have requested…..and I certainly will do that!!! GBY Mark

  20. Miranda Fann permalink

    How timely this is for us too! I am glad I read this today… we are seeking God’s direction too. My husband is without a job still, and we are waiting upon God for His help and provision for our (rather large!) family. What a test! I am praying that God will use this trial for His glory and that my husband will find the right work that God has for him in God’s timing. Learning to trust God in this… Thanks for this insight today 🙂 God has used your posts so many times for me in the past few months to speak correction, encouragement, etc. I am so glad I subscribed!!!

  21. Miranda Fann permalink

    Oh and by the way… “He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ…Phil 1:6” Praying for direction for you Pastor Mark!!! We appreciate you!

  22. Sister Pam OP permalink

    Discernment is a gift of the Holy Spirit. I pray that Father Mark and every member of this site is blessed with that gift as important decisions are made. My prayer extends to those many who are unemployed or under-employed. May God bless your lives in ways that you cannot yet foresee or imagine. God is working His purpose out and only he sees the big picture. Trust in the Lord.

  23. TomInDallas permalink

    Interesting how each of the options are all God-centered and very good options. But they also interestingly require you to commit with a sense of immediacy to act NOW! And they all seem to lock you in and keep you from being flexible as to God’s plan. Each of us here pray for you on this Mark, but I think you know what you should do. Just sit with Christ in prayer and in being restored and refilled by His Spirit until you are SURE it is time to go. And remember what Christ has to keep telling us about every 10 minutes, “Trust me. Do not be afraid. For I know the plans I have for you, etc.”

  24. “Heavenly Father, I pray for Mark Brown today. I pray for wisdom and clarity with regards to his decision on what to do next with his career. I pray for a humble and honest heart in evaluating his alternatives, that he will choose what You want and not what he wants. I ask that You reveal Your will for his next step to him. I pray that Your will be done in his life, and that You will receive glory as result. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

    Mark, my suggestion would be that you take the necessary action required now in terms of the 3 roles you mentioned, telling them about about the other options you are also considering and about your desire to do what God wants you to do. And then take the time till May to wait to hear from God about what He wants. I trust that God will show you the way.

  25. Jo Heatley permalink

    I would just like to make an ammendment to my earlier response. on re-reading it I realised my mistake!!! It should read
    I have found it hard when the Lord has not give me crystal clear direction or when He has given me a choice!
    Really should take more time to edit before submitting my comments!!!!! x

  26. Shelby Abney permalink

    i found this verse very interesting since i am very confused with what god wants for me right now..i am doing my best to follow his path and be the kind of person that he plans me to be. while that is going on a friend of mine that was like a sister to me i keep losing and i am trying to keep our friendship in my heart as much as possible. life has become challenging as iv grown older and i understand some of the changes are according to God’s plan. I will definitely be praying for you for your journed with God and i hope evrything goes according to plan for you..Please keep me and my friend in your prayers and that God helps me have more faith and trust in him, and to not let satan take control of evrything, to fight him off of me and evrybody around me

  27. Angie McKnight permalink

    Prayers are with you Mark. I pray that you may open your mind to hear what God has in store for your next Journey. May God bless you and your family.

  28. Kelly permalink

    I ask myself those questions everyday! What is God’s plan, and how do I know if I’m making the choice He would have me make. I’ve been in a constant state of having to make quick decisions for about a year now. It’s very stressful, and I’m constantly afraid I’m doing the wrong thing. However, over the past month, I’ve realized, I can’t really screw it up. I’ve made the wrong choices, and those plans have “magically” fallen through and the door I was supposed to take was patiently waiting and open. I will be praying for you. Thank you for sharing, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one! 🙂

  29. Dutch permalink

    Lord, I pray for Mark, I pray that Mark just does Your will Heavenly Father God, that Mark doesn’t try to follow his way, but Lord, that Mark will follow Your way Lord Jesus Christ, and keep Mark always surrendering to Your Holy Spirit, and that You will just help Mark to follow You Lord step-by-step, and I know Mark can use a fresh touch of Your Sweet, Loving Holy Spirit, and that You will work through Mark in whatever way You want, Lord. God, In You One and Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ Real and Alive, Resurrected Ever-lasting, King and Savior and Lord and God, Heavenly Divine, Name Above All Name, Blessed, Loving Name! Amen!
    Mark, just walk step-by-step with God’s loving Holy Spirit, and serve even the least of people!

  30. Dutch permalink

    Lord, I pray for JJ, I lift JJ up to you right now Lord. That you will work in JJ’s life, that JJ will just obey and serve You only Lord Jesus Christ, that You rescue JJ, that JJ won’t be depressed, but that JJ will dance in joy because You Jesus Christ died on the Cross to pay for the world’s sins, and that JJ will just sing and dance to You Lord, praising You Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Lord, please comfort her and conform with Your Holy SPirit to be more like You Lord Jesus, and Lord please help me Lord to be evangelical in front of my family, and share You Lord Jesus Christ with my family in a way where they will embrace it, and save there souls. Lord, You are Holy and deserve all Praise! God, in You One and Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ loving, saving, glorious Name! Amen!

  31. Teri permalink

    I want to thank you Mark for being here and leading me through the Word. I’m trying to grow closer to God and form a more personal relationship with Him, and I find your thoughts and readings most helpful to me on this journey. I’ve still got a ways to go but I intend to be successful. Whatever you decide to do, I hope and pray that you will remain here with us and continue to teach and bless us with your wisdom. Thank you so much for helping me to find peace in the midst of all of this turmoil that is a part of my life right now. I pray for you to be successful in whatever you do and that I will successfully fulfill my desire to walk closer to the Lord. Amen and God Bless

  32. Hello my brother’s and sisters!

    First of all I want to say thank you for the love you have shown me and for your prayer! I truely feel blessed to be a Christian. Thank you Rev. Mark for giving us this page to utilize as guidance to bring us closer to our Lord and to allow us to be supportive of each other in time of need.

    Chris – your words brought me to tears. Not because I wasn’t grateful but because I didn’t realize how sad I sounded when writing my feelings until someone from the outside looking in said what you said. I personally don’t like to use the word “depression” because I feel its more of an illness than a state of mind or emotionally set-back. I just want to look at this time as a sad moment in my life that with the will of God and my renewed mind of discipline I can conquer and return to my joyful and happy spirited way, sooner rather than later.

    Kathy – I agree with you completely. I believe that what I’m facing is a spiritual battle and just as Jesus was persecuted, we as Christians will always have to face this battle at one time or another.

    I have embraced the word again as strongly as I possibly can and I am taking this time of lent to begin my path of obedience and spiritual awareness from good and evil.

    Joshua and Dutch – Thank you for your beautiful prayers. Dutch you’re a beautiful person!

    May God bless all of you who are reading this, to all of you who have kept me in your prayers – that the blessing you have given me to lift my spirits – that our heavenly Father returns that sense of happiness to you 10 fold.

    In Jesus Name – Amen!

  33. Michele permalink

    Dear Mark, I will certainly continue to pray for you. He will lead you. Please pray for me to? I have recently started a new job search program with Arbor Eduation and Training, in hope of finding a job. I went back to school to get my AS degree and then fractured my ankle so was medically exempt until last month. I am eagerly job searching now and just last Thursday after getting my most recent occupational results from a test I took, scores revealed that I am best suited for the Science/Skilled or Outdoor careers. My AS degree is in Human Services, because I have experience in and enjoy working with and helping people. I am going to research Radiologist Tech and see if my education thus far will meet the prerequisites for this occupation. Please pray for God’s Will in this search because although I have had exciting times in this, it has also been stressful for me in knowing just what I am to do for God’s plan. Thank you and God bless you brother Mark, Michele

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