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Big Change To The Bible Page

February 27, 2010

Yesterday I posted the following note on The Bible page on Facebook and thought I would share it with you given how important you are and how important this amazing Bible page is for me!  Here tis:

Greetings, when I founded the Bible page my vision was to share God’s Word via people’s walls across Facebook. This still remains, but what has happened is that God has grown that vision! As the page grew and more and more people became fans, I started to see people praying for each other, supporting each other, and participating in amazing discussions (more than 2,600 discussions going at the moment). People are regularly hearing the Gospel, and yes, the Word of God is shared.

The Bible page grew rapidly and became one of the fastest growing pages on Facebook. Presently, it is the largest page on Facebook in the Religious Organisation category. With this diverse group, it has attracted a massive amount of unwanted attention. Every day the wall is full of troll attacks – inappropriate comments that require removing and managing.

I quickly assembled a small, but amazing team of volunteers who help me manage the page, but this has become too big a task, even for them. Now, the time has come to pause, take stock of what is happening, and work out a plan to move forward.

The plan is to close The Bible page wall down for the month of March. We will continue to post scripture daily, but there will be no access to the wall for individual postings. We know this will disappoint many of you and we understand. We value and appreciate all the posts and comments many of you have brought to this wall. You have made it a truly unique and interesting site to be on.

Over the course of this month, our goal is to design a workable plan to manage the page in a way that honors the vision we have of sharing the Bible and all the other amazing activities that happen on this page.

We fully appreciate all the contributions to the wall, and value each and every one of you. We understand this might upset many of you, and we want you to know we do not take this step lightly and without careful consideration. When we reopen the wall, we plan to have measures in place to manage it in such a way that it honors God above all else.

God bless,

Mark Brown and his team

Bible Page founder


To check out the hundreds of comments of support see:

God bless,


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Yahweh’s Yarn in a Year : 1 year Bible reading plan

The portion for the next day is:  Matthew Chapters 23-25

To access the complete plan for the year click here.


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  1. Sorry, but I have been all over everywhere about this!!! Old saying, you can please some of the people sometime…but not all of the people all of the time. So it is with this Bible page change.
    Thank you Mark that your first desire is to please God and as long as that doesn’t change YOU WILL do the right thing, I know you will.
    There just may be another reason for all of this that you know not now. But God.
    ok, I am done now!! Will pray and believe for you.

  2. Valma permalink

    Putting God’s will first can only be a benefit. No need to appologise. You are in all our prayers I am sure.

  3. Suzanne McClere permalink

    I understand and believe you are doing the right thing. If you need help let me know.

  4. God Bless you Mark.will be waiting and praying for the page to come back up.Do your best and God will do the rest.

  5. Daphne Brown permalink

    God blessings to you my brother, you are doing awesome job for our Lord Jesus Christ. The word of God I love. Its most powerful word in the world, its God voice to his children.

  6. Kimberly Cavett permalink

    May God bless and guide you in the direction HE wishes you to take. As others will be, I will wait patiently for the site’s return. My prayers are with you and your team. To GOD be the glory. Amen

  7. Joyce Morris permalink

    Will be praying for you as God leads you this next month. I appreciate all of your efforts in making God`s Word available through the internet. May He richly bless you and yours.

  8. Mark, I am sorry this happened I joined about 2 weeks ago,I’m sorry that theres people out there that have no respect.we will pray for you as you work on this,thank you so much for what you are doing

  9. JOE FELTNER permalink



  11. Veronica Majsiak permalink

    Satan is the author of confusion! I have read all the comments on reading the Bible in one year from how to, when to, etc! Don’t you see what Satan is doing? He is causing confusion in God’s people in such a wonderful priviledge that we have to even be able or have access to read the Holy Bible. There are people in other countries being persecuted for even being caught with a Bible and we now are debating on when or how to read the Bible! Let the Holy Spirit guide you on how to read the Bible. Just the fact that you want to read it is a step in the right direction. The Bible is not like a novel that you may read in a day, a week or even a year. I have read through the Bible several times now and each time I get a different revelation . I have had to stop and say to myself, “I didn’t see that before!” I look at the Bible as my day to day guide book, for when I am sad, when I am glad, when I need direction and much more. I don’t have all the answers and don’t claim to, but I do know that I will continue to read the Bible each and everyday of my life until I go to Glory, over and over because through this wonderful book my blessings are renewed everyday.
    Stay encouraged each and everyone of you!….and just a note to Satan…..”I am better than you even on my worst day!”

  12. Mack Leggett permalink

    Thanks for letting me know! I want you to know that I look forward to what God has given you, each day. It is a blessing to see and hear a man, who lays it all our before God and man. We can really relate to what you are sharing and need more folks to be so open with their lives. People need to learn to take a stand for Christ and allow their testimonies be shared with the world.
    Take care and thanks for carrying the message of Christ in this world of sin.

  13. Lynn permalink

    the page will be missed while it is closed down, but Gods word is in our hearts and noone can take it away from us. i understand why this needs to be done, as several times i went to the page and saw some of those posts you’re talking about. the same thing is happening on praying people also. but i know who the winner is because i read the Book all the way to the end. PRAISE GOD!!!!!

  14. Darcy permalink

    Sorry it came to this, but not surprised. Every day I take some hit or another personally for my faith — God’s enemies are busy. Do what you need to, Rev. Mark, and know we will be waiting for your return to this forum.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Amen, Darcy. That is part of the cross we carry.

  15. Darlene Sullivan permalink

    Well Brother Mark, you have done a wonderful job sharing God’s word with everyone. I do not see this as an end of anything that our Father God is leading you to do. You are in His perfect plan and in the perfect place. Praise the Lord. I am encourage in your faithfulness, as you have listened and followed in His ways. What a blessing you have been to so many people, lost and saved alike. I will always believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God Almighty, and Our Lord and Savior. For all those lost wondering souls out there, who are confused and misled by mind-binding spirits, may God have mercy on your souls.
    Blessings Mark, from a Sister-Friend in Christ Jesus. { I’ll be looking forward your big to come back. Am sure it’ll be another awsome Journey with God.. Amen }

  16. Sister Pam OP permalink

    I don’t blame you for wanting more control over the content. There are some very nasty people out there and there is no reason to provide a platform for their abuse.

  17. nicholas ross permalink

    its funny how there are people who are jelous of the lord and so they say bad things about him,but its funny as well when thet person is in trouble who does he or she call,he knocks on the door all the time and yet the people are stubbon,my brother they will come to the lord one way or the other ,just keep up the good work you are a good man and its good to read up what you send us ,god bless my brother !!!!

  18. Joyce Kesterman permalink

    Thank you Mark for being obedient to God’s call on your life.
    He is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.

  19. Joy D Rayle permalink

    Thanks Mark for all you do… I love your sites and feel comfort as a member of your flock. Mark, as such, I have to say I think you are missing something with all the adverse remarks and comments posted on “THE BIBLE” site. We as Gods people are well aware that there are those who will defile Gods work, Gods people and Gods message. They are struggling in their own ways and sometimes these juvenile actions are cries for help. I do not for a minute suggest that we continue to submit ourselves to their antics but I do suggest we add them to our prayers that in deleting their “art work” we publicly add their “name” to our prayer lists. Let them know in a Christian manner that we have seen their ‘crying’ and that we recognize how much they need God in their lives. If you need more help with volunteers, you need only ask. There are those of us who will offer our time…. gladly. There are those of us who do not think ahead enough to realize that this finely oiled machine does not work just because Pastor Mark is a wonderful human being, although we do tend to revere him as such. This is Gods way of opening the eyes of some of us “relaxed” christians. Time to get off our backsides and contribute as we can. Please feel free to tap me on the shoulder, I would be happy to help at the site as best I can. Thank you Mark, for so much. God Bless you and yours. My prayers are for mankind, our earthquake victims worldwide and for ‘Facebook artists’ who are struggling with their identities, perhaps their artistic abilities need a more definative platform and the Lord can help them find it. Prayers too for the souls of suicide, most recently Marie Osmonds son, in the past my son Timothy. Help her and me and others find the comfort of Gods assurance we will meet our loved ones again. Last but certainly not least, I pray for our Government, the embodiment, oh how they need the hand of God, the guidence of the Bible of which the very foundation of our Government was based. All this in Jesus name. Amen.

  20. Kristen permalink

    I am in full support of everything you need to do! Soli deo gloria!

  21. Lydia Reyes permalink

    God is in control, No matter what. Prayer warriors, just continue to pray and ask the direction of God’s will for this Bible site. May God continue to guide Pastor Mark in all he is trying to do in glorifing God at all times. I believe with all my heart that a good thing will happen. Look to JESUS. No one is in charge, but Him. To Jesus, be all GLORY, HONOR, POWER and PRAISE.

  22. Reba Becker permalink

    God Bless you Mark for your wonderful ministry! You are touching so many peoples live by this. Thank you for putting God first in doing the right thing for your postings. God will bless you for this also. May the powerful love of Jesus continue to guide you.

  23. beth permalink

    You in Australia now … now where you were number one. Number two … don’t sell God … I’m sure he’s pretty darn sick of it. Don’t become like all the other crappy ministry’s that pay homage by working the 7th year. K … Get a Machetti … You’ll need it cus if your seeing trolls you better kill them and feed em to the Kangaroo’s.

    God Bless .. I am learning the hard way …


    PS if you want my beautiful pictures .. now that your turning into a big corporation .. give me a holler … I have a machetti ..

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