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Colossians 3:1-4

February 21, 2010

Colossians 3:1-4  1 Since you have been raised to new life with Christ, set your sights on the realities of heaven, where Christ sits in the place of honor at God’s right hand. 2 Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth. 3 For you died to this life, and your real life is hidden with Christ in God. 4 And when Christ, who is your life, is revealed to the whole world, you will share in all his glory. (New Living Translation)

I absolutely love the daily engagement with the Bible as it is exposing practices and approaches to life that are rough and shocking and need sorting out.  In reading the Word I reflect on my life, on who I am and find myself at times ashamed and mildly shocked.  There is a lot that I need to work on, but I am cool with that as the more I realise how I really am, the more I am turning to God for guidance and change.

It is like in the face of trouble I turn more readily to God.  And I see that around me with those close to me as well, when they are really struggling is when they often turn to God and their faith grows.

And that takes a particular view on life, a view that sees difficulty as an opportunity to get closer to God.  So you are struggling in your marriage, now is the time to depend even more on God.  Have an addiction issue?  Now is the time to depend even more on God.  Wondering how you will pay the bills?  Now is the time to depend even more on God.

And reading this passage causes me to ask the question am I really dependant on God?  I took Jack, my three year old shopping the other day and we were walking through a crowded shopping centre mall and suddenly he calls out, ‘Spider Man!’ I am looking around, keen to share his observation, but I cannot see what he is referring to.  So I ask him, ‘where is spider man Jack?’ He points and exclaims, ‘there is spider man!’  Eventually amidst the many advertisements, stores and people I make out in the distance a spider man ride.  He saw it so quickly as he has a three year old view on the world.  My interest isn’t spider man rides so I easily missed it.  In the same way as a Christian I should see things around me as Christ would, to make decisions as Christ would.  The reading challenges me to, ‘set your sights on the realities of heaven, where Christ sits in the place of honor at God’s right hand.’ The greek for set your sights speaks of searching and desiring, so the challenge is to genuinely desire the realities of heaven, of eternal life with my creator.  To Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth. And how do I do this?  More time spend reading and reflecting on the Word, more time in prayer and worship, more time in sacraficial service.  Now go and do it Mark!

Lord I seek to be even more dependant on you, to truly live my life seeking only after you.  Amen.

God bless,


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  1. Cavin Wright permalink

    Mark, there have been many times in my life when depending on God has been the only thing that pulled me through.

    If only people realised that God-dependancy is the only way to get through life adequately, we would live in a far better world.

    Success is not how well we do in this life, but how well equipped we are to enter our eternity.


    • Lisa Kelly permalink

      Thank you Mark, for blessing us with your reflections. Today I’m even more inspired to be dependent on God!!

      In Jesus name,

    • Elizabeth permalink

      Mark and Cavin, thank you. These are timely words for me.

      God bless,


  2. Michael Cook permalink

    Thanks Mark. This is one of my favorite scriptures. As a child we had to memorize this passage of scripture. It was the creed for our church. And the reading through the bible with you is something I look forward to each day as well. We do need to have a Christ worldview instead of a worldly worldview. It is only as we look at the world through the prisim of God’s word that we can understand that our life here is just temporary and that our eternal life is much more important. We are told by Jesus to be IN the world but not OF the world. It is difficult to not be of the world. We are told by so many things in our life that we need to be of the world. TV shows, radio, internet, all these mediums of communication are used by the world to show us what we are missing out on and why we need more of the world. What I truly need is more of Jesus. I need to use the world and not allow the world to use me.

    If I am risen with Christ, I am to seek those things which are above, where Christ sits, at the right hand of God. I am to set my affections. God is not going to set my affections for me. I have to make a consious effort to set my own affections on things above, on Kingdom things, on Godly things. It’s not easy to not love Sodom. But if we look back we can be changed to a pillar of salt. So we have to consiously and with intention set our affections.

    Lord I need your help to do this everyday.

  3. CJ Johnson permalink

    Your daily reflections have been an absolute blessing to me. In this Lent season, I have chosen to abstain from social networks like facebook, MySpace, and twitter and replace them with spending more time reading & studying the Word…your reflections have seemed to coincide nicely with my readings and give me a different perspective and sometimes a better understanding of what I’m reading. Thank you for opening your heart to strangers across the globe & touching our lives in such a significant way.

  4. JOE FELTNER permalink


  5. Pam Dye permalink

    Hello everyone! I wanted to tell you something that happened to me a few yrs back when I was watching some videos on ‘The Spokane Healing Rooms’. I was so engulfed with them all day that I didn’t do much of anything else for hours!
    My sister came over and I was inbetween watching the last tape. I asked her if she would like to sit and watch with me. I made a comment about being a fanatic about wanting more of Jesus…just couldn’t get enough that day it seemed, and I SAID as I was putting the tape in the VHS player….” Do you think I’m being too much of a fanatic?….Well, as the words left my mouth as the tape went in imediately in answer to my question BEFORE a picture even came on…. a voice came out of the speakers saying……”You know what a fanctic is don’t you? Is a person who loves God more than you do! I had to sit down quick my heart beating fast! Praise God, for ALL things are possible!!! God speaks to us in SO MANY WAYS! It’s so Awesome. My heart still pounds when I think of that day!
    God Bless U All and fill your hearts with desire to seek Him continually! PRAISE GOD!!!

    • Wow! GOD is AWESOME! What a moving experience for you! Thank you for sharing.

  6. elodie M. permalink

    Amen a big amen to this. We need to get closer to God and totally surrender. Let’s look at the crown and fix our eyes upon Him alone.

  7. Yes, LORD! I seek You! I praise You… In Jesus’ name, amen.

  8. Please elaborate on what sacraficial service means?

    • Hey Kathy, it is serving others in a way that doesn’t benefit me, and may well take me out of my comfort zone. God bless, Mark

  9. Life is only tempory so why sit and watse time on the lil things that dnt matter. For example we waste drink on the floor we get mad a cuz and by that we wasted time….when we spend time worrying bout the spills that we make we wasted time

  10. Tina Lee permalink

    I have relied on Jesus my entire life for physical strength. This has taught me how to rely on Him in every area of my life as well. Thanks for sharing your insights. :D)

  11. Great read and food for thought as I struggle through my life’s challenges with the love and FAITH of God. Thank you for sharing the good word of God. I am embroiled in a very wicked lawsuit that has shaken my base for white people and so it is good to know that there are still good white people who love – is there a difference between White and Black Christianity. Can a White or Black Christian be a racist and still claim to love the Lord?

    Thanks Again and Have a Blessed Day!

    • Vaughan Jackson permalink

      Dawn, there is no place for racism in the body of Christ. The word says that we are neither Scythian or Greek, man or woman, but instead ONE in Christ.

      Besides, how can hatred for your brother or sister coincide with a love for Christ in your heart?

      God bless.

  12. Mark, this is one thing I constantly struggle with, how do I keep my eyes on Christ? I know Christ-likeness is why we are called into His Kingdom, but the flesh puts up a mighty fight to rule me. Your teaching today is something I can hold onto when the workaday world has my full attention. Lots of food for thought. Thank you…

  13. Jo Heatley permalink

    Hi mark!

    Thank you for your thoughts today. I must say recently I have forgotten to think about what is in store for us as our inheritance in Christ. How could I forget?! How awesome it is going to be to be face to face with our Lord Jesus. Wow!!!!
    Usually when I have been in the storm the first place i have turned to is God, but after several really tough years I reached a point where I just backed slowly away from Him, wondering why.
    Thankfully I am now in a better place spiritually. The Lord prevented my feet from slipping and I thank Him from the bottom of my heart for His mercy and grace.
    I pray that He helps me to remember what wonderful things He has prepared for us and that this is a training ground where He is preparing us for the future.
    i feel so excited just now thinking about being with Him for eternity, actually in His presence continually. AMAZING!!!!!! x x

  14. Harriet permalink

    Thanks Mark. And please thank Jack for the big lesson he taught us. Simone Weil says we find God especially in two places: in suffering and in beauty. Will try to keep my eyes peeled at all times.

  15. Lydia Reyes permalink

    I just got back from our Christian Charistmatic conference and wow, was is powerful. As I read your post today I was so overwelmed at how God brings a confirmation of his word in so many ways. This is a time of lent for us but it does’nt mean just to give up food. It means to feast on the Word of God. Through daily bible reading, you won’t be hungry for food, for God’s word will feed you and satisfied your hunger.[Math4:4] You will expirience the power of the holy spirit to lead you to conversion and salvation for both you and whom you share it[Rom.1:16] You are set free to overcome temptation and the devil through the power of the Holy Spirit wielding God’s Word through you. [Jn.8:31-32] Eph6:17, Matt. 4:4-11] You will know Jesus more deeply for ignorance of the scripture is ignorance of Christ. [Catholic Catechism] You will store the words of the bible in your heart to help avoid sin[Psm19:9] I thank God that through my parrish and my Prayer group and all of my family in this web site I continue to grow in his word. Thanks to you, Mark for starting this beautiful God given site for all the world to see. I know The Holy Spirit had alot to do with this. God Bless

  16. I’m going through this awareness right now! I started a 2nd job a couple of months ago and with my busy schedule I unknowingly distance myself from studying the word and maintaining my relationship with God. I recently realized that it gave an opportunity for troubles to find me in the midst of my weakness because my armor was down with me distancing myself from God. The devil saw the door cracked open for him to come in and he slammed it right open so he could try to take me down. My shortcomings were brought to light again, the devil was taking me to temptation that he knows I struggle with to resist. With that awareness I realized that no matter what is going on in my life I can not let my relationship with God get weakened. I immediately went back to my quest to deepen my relationship with God and I recieved a fabulous blessing in the process. My heavenly Father has reminded me that He is with me even at my weakest point and that when I seek Him in my time of need, that He will NEVER forsake me!


  17. Darren permalink

    wow, my pastor just preached on something very similar he also read from Colossians 1

  18. Lisa Wanninger permalink

    I just want to share with you all, if it wasnt for jesus i dont know where i would be at today. I had two major back surgerys last year and god has got me through both of them. I havent worked in a year and god has always provided for me. God is great.

  19. Michele permalink

    In this fallen world we live in, is no better of an opportunity to really depend on God. I know in my own life and those around me whom are experiencing trials; our Lord is just waiting and hoping that we choose to seek Him for help and guidance in our struggles. It gives me peace that our Lord is here to take upon my burdens…I only need to surrender them to Him and fully rely on Him. God bless, Michele

  20. Michelle permalink

    Last year I lost my mother to a very horrible disease called COPD. I had watched her slowly die over the years. I can recall hearing her beg for the Lord to please take her home. It wasn’t until after she was gone that I felt pease with her illness, passing, and what I had to deal with next. It has not been an easy process but I am so thankful for the peace that God gives me…and knowing that my mom is watching over us and she is no longer living the life she had to for those last few years on earth.

    • John Parodi permalink

      Michelle Schones???

      My sister just sent me this link and I saw your testimonial. Talk about how God works. I cannot believe we just talked about this this morning.

      Give me a call sometime.

      John Parodi
      714 501-3336

  21. Rose Reese permalink

    Thank you Mark. It is my desire to get closer to God and see His will more clearly. I am being helped by the scriptures you choose and your reflections. Thank you again, Rose Reese

  22. Pam Dye permalink

    The Christian by William Cowper
    Honor and happiness unite
    To make the Christian’s name a praise;
    How fair the scene, how clear the light,
    That fills the remnant of His days!

    A kingly character He bears,
    No change His priestly office knows;
    Unfading is the crown He wears,
    His joys can never reach a close.

    Adorn’d with glory from on high,
    Salvation shines upon His face;
    His robe is of the ethereal dye,
    His steps are dignity and grace.

    Inferior honors He disdains,
    Nor stoops to take applause from earth;
    The King of kings Himself maintains
    The expenses of His heavenly birth.

    The noblest creature seen below,
    Ordain’d to fill a throne above;
    God gives him all He can bestow,
    His kingdom of eternal love!

    My soul is ravished at the thought!
    Methinks from earth I see Him rise!
    Angels congratulate His lot,
    And shout Him welcome to the skies

  23. I seek to be more dependent of the Lord. I go to church more than I have ever done and love the Lord even more. I have learned so much lately about him and what the church and mankind needs to be doing today. But it just seems that it never gets better for me. My life is at a low point which I blame myself. But I need something quick I am so frustrated. I don’t fell that he hears my prays. Anyone who reads this please pray for me. GBY

    • Bo C. permalink

      Chris – I have been in your shoes. I was in the lowest point in my life and I had a great friend who I believe God put in my life at that very time to help me thru. I pass on some of her advice to you. No matter your circumstances, TRUST Him. Trust him with all that you have. God’s timetable for me wasn’t the same as my timetable for myself. There is no doubt in my mind that he carried me thru. I guarantee that he has a plan for you. Sometimes we don’t know what it is right away. It may be soon or it may be later. Just TRUST that he will bless you and believe he is with you. He will not let you down.

  24. Mack Leggett permalink

    To be what God has me to be; that should be my/our thought, at all times. His will, not mine! God wants us in moment by moment relationship with HIM; so we should allow God in all our thoughts and ways. We should have HIM constantly present in all we do. When we leave HIM out of our lives; then we are, sorta speak, on our own and HE has to bring us back. He has to get our attention! It is easy for us to wonder; because of our sinful nature.
    As Christians we have our spiritual and sinful nature, both. The more we do on our own, without God being in our thoughts, the more we us our sinful nature. It is up to us, to allow God first place in our lives, moment by moment.

  25. Thank you for this post… and the explanation of the words of God.

  26. Roy permalink

    We spoke about this in our Sunday School Today, and also my own study! its amazing how God Works!

  27. Sister Pam OP permalink

    Illness, life’s troubles and tribulations helped me become totally dependent on God. For me, having a supportive group of Christians helps me keep my focus on God. I love the way this blogs offers that support. Keep writing your testimonies everyone, they offer encouragement for us all.

    • Pam Dye permalink

      One day we will all go home….I am surely looking forward to it, for the fact that our minds will not be troubled anymore, no more physical pain or mental pain…No more trying to figure things out…..NO MORE WAITING for what God has instore for us……because then, the battle will be OVER! We can all rejoice and the heavens will sing…we will be totally content and FREE of it all. I am so tired, but God keeps me going. I am broken, but God’s strength is mine, so I keep going, pressing in, not giving up my Faith knowing that it will all end here to reside in our heavenly home. So, I will survive here and do my very best to be a witness for Christ.
      My 35 yr old son sees me in here on the computer often, and it is always here or another Christian site reading stories and poems…etc. He commented on being addicted to this thing and I told him…yes I am, addicted to the things I am doing here. I don’t work as I am on disability….back injuries have crippled me up, but I lean on God everyday to rehabilitate me and am thankful that I am not in a wheel chair. I always remember that it could be worse and there are people who are,…SO I am grateful for this tool and everyone out there who shares their testimonies here. It’s all in the name of Jesus.

  28. i am totally blessed and challenged in this devotions,i need God more than anything else.
    Thanks Mark.

  29. Mark, the greatest challenge in your post had to be ‘now go and do it’
    Being doers,and not just hearers of the Word, being faithful with what we have freely received and accountable for how we ‘spend’ our talents.

    Thank God that His grace impacts our lives whenever we step out in faith.

    My husband and I are about to step out into un-chartered waters so to speak, it’s an exciting time and we will be endeavouring to fix our eyes upon Christ and heavenly things and not temporary things, even thought they often speak the loudest…still the dog you feed is the one which barks loudest…just got to feed the right ‘dog’.

  30. David Jonathan permalink

    Thanks Mark for your daily share…
    Really does communicate faith in God.
    Am blessed


  32. Mary Mwisiwa permalink

    I am very impressed. I was in very low spirits this morning but going through the posts and pondering over the fact that I was not actually letting God take control of all and everything I am doing or going through in my life made Him drift a distance away. I have realized that it does not matter how big the circle you are in; what matters is God’s presence, His being with you in that circle.

  33. Oh Lord please help me to set my eyes on tjee . In Jesus name Amen.
    Thank u for this Mark
    May God Bless u !!

  34. Yes, absolutely, a blessed Word! It is great to read words that mean something to one’s personel life with God. I would usually read a scripture and God could be talking to me through that scripture but it is especially meaningful to read a Christian’s personel words and see they have a Christian significance. The word to me from Rev Mark Brown today is about learning to pray.
    Be aware, the enemy constantly attempts to dismay(this may be) to discourage a Christian from the faith. The enemy is not to do this so keep watching.
    I experience a soothing when I spend time with the Lord’s works, with His scripture more so, and so I think He is trying to teach me. Praise The Lord and Jesus will return!
    If anyone notices my post here, please, look at my website if the link is visible.

  35. Uduak Essien permalink

    Dear Mark, i do get your word through a link by one of my facebook friends. They’re really uplifting and encouraging even as im going through trials, i look up to Christ cos i know he’ll never leave me nor forsake me. Amen!

  36. Carrie Hall permalink

    Thanks Mark I enjoy reading the word it’s where I get my direction and strength from.

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