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Good News if you are Struggling

February 12, 2010

Luke 6:20: And turning His gaze toward His disciples, He began to say, “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.

A huge part of my journey deeper into God’s Word has been getting behind the english translations and reading the greek or the Hebrew.  And quite often I am blown away by what I discover.  In this first part of the Beatitudes (which means blessed or happy) Jesus states that the poor are blessed as the kingdom of God is theirs.  And when I checked out the greek I discovered that ‘blessed’ (makarios) is not just about being happy, but about receiving God’s favour, getting special attention and treatment from God.  I found out that ‘poor’ (Ptochos) refers to not only being materially poor, or not having money, but also spiritually poor, so those struggling with their faith.  And then I discovered that ‘kingdom’ (basileia) is Kingly power and authority.

So Luke 6:20 is saying that those who are struggling with their faith and those who are without money or work will receive power and authority from Jesus to deal with the massive challenges in their life.


Jesus power and authority are available to those who are struggling.  If you are struggling, pause now, and invite Jesus into your heart and request the power and authority that comes from God.  The promise is clear!

I praise you Jesus!  Wow!!

God bless,


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  1. Angie permalink

    Wow! I love this!

    • Michelle permalink

      So true, so true…Jesus was meaning the poor in Spirit who feel empty or feel like they are doing ministry as a moment by chance thing. Meaning that I felt like I was doing what God wanted me to, but it was as if I was doing it without Him. Going through the motions, if you will. It was then that I sought God and cried out to Him for why I felt so empty and so unable to minister to others for Him. And as I waited…being poor in Spirit…He fill me with the knowledge that it is He and He alone who gives and takes. It is He and He alone who gave me His Spirit and without It I am nothing and I am still nothing without Him. It is by His grace that I can minister in true humility by placing myself in alignment under Him.

      • DAVE permalink

        Thx michelle, that helped, ive felt like that too

    • Ella Gee permalink

      I love this…You’re blessed when you’ve lost it all. God’s kingdom is there for the finding.

    • Carol permalink

      Wow. Thank you Mark, I had always associated it with having no money too, but you have shown me it is worth digging deeper. God has always been there for me and my family, keeping my son in Iraq safe, healing my newborn granddaughter from Spinal Meningitis when the doctors said there was no hope, and giving me people like you who carry the good news farther!
      May God continue to bless your efforts! He is awesome!

  2. Pam permalink

    God is so good, this is the same exact beatitude that I was taught via Radio (because I am snowed in) on Sunday. Confirmation of God’s messages always excite me, it let’s me know that God does Love me…little ole me…even in my struggling…I always associated the poor with money, never with the spirit, that’s why it pays to journey deeper into God’s Word…Thank you for being that willing vessel being used by God in my life.

  3. Being “poor” and brokehearted, beyond measure, is the moment of opportunity for breakthrough into the Kingdom of God or the self-revelation of Christ. I know! PTL!

  4. Karen permalink

    Thank you in sharing that part of the beautitudes. Beautiful. I am on a journey reading more of the english translations and am waiting for a book to help me in the Greek and Hebrew. This is a new journey for me and I am excited. Showing the scripture of Luke 6:20 and expanding the meaning with Greek and Hebrew was wonderful. Struggling in life is always there. Claiming Luke 6:20 is a powerful promise in struggling. Thanks I needed that. It seems some days in struggling are worse than others. This week I can remember Wednesday afternoon. Yikes. There was a battle going on inside of me because of a work situation. I was on the verge of getting really grumpy. Yikes. I don’t like getting like that. Now, I have a new promise made so long ago that I can claim. Thanks Mark for sharing your thoughts on Luke 6:20.

  5. Meagan permalink

    Thanks Mark for the deeper look into the translations, ever since I was little I thought it meant poor, and thankfully and not-so-thankfully it didn’t pertain to me. But now I realize that I struggle and fall down, I believe we all do! So this is something to cling to when times are hard! I believe we could all use something like this scripture in our hearts – it personally gives me the courage to turn my cheek the other way when situations are difficult. Because when I am struggling I can think “blessed is he” – and that’s enough for me! Thanks and GOD Bless you Mark!

  6. Mark, if you do not mind my asking, what books are you using for the greek and hebrew translations. I am interested in the same thing so I can learn also. I do enjoy this site every morning. It goes right along with my devotional and prayer time. Thank you for it.

  7. thank you once again for help me out see when i think of the poor i think of people doing with out things that money buy’s not spiritual things that never enter my mind but now hearing you tell it oh it makes it all clear to me that god is always with and i may feel weak at times but to always remember god is always with i thank you again for this word and god bless you and your today

    in jesus name cecil and jason
    the burdette brothers

  8. Pam Dye permalink

    I came across this twice when looking thru C. Stanley’s book and opening my bible to it yesterday. The reading of the prophet Isiah at the synagoge which Jesus was asked to deliver on Sabbath. He was handed the roll as any Israelite might give the reading from the prophets but ended up in Jesus’s hands to deliver…..

    The scripture He read was one that was understood as referring to the Messiah:
    “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me,
    Because He hath annointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor;
    He hath sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
    To preach deliverance to the captives,
    And recovering of sight to the blind,
    To set at liberty them that are bruised,
    To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

    And He closed the roll. and gave it back to the attendant:……and the eyes of all in the synagogue were fastened on Him….And all bare Him witness, and wondered at the words of grace which proceeded out of His mouth. Luke4;20
    Jesus stood before the people as a living expositor of the prophecies concerning Himself. Explain the words He had read, He spoke of the Messiah as a reliever of the oppressed, a liberator of captives, a healer of the afflicted, restoring sight to the blind, and revealing to the world the light of truth. His impressive manner and the wonderful import of His words thrilled the hearers with a power they had never felt before. The tide of divine influence broke every barrier down; like Moses, they beheld the Invisible. As their hearts were moved upon by the Holy Spirit, they responded with fervent amens and praises to the Lord.

    When I came online this morning the first thing I did was to respond to a McAfee scan and went into programs to see if I could find the problem clicking on a folder that contained a picture of Jesus reading the above that I didn’t even know I had! A beautiful large image of Jesus with the roll in His hands and everyone listening.

  9. that really gives me hope for my husband and son
    thank you.
    I love when the Greek and Hebrew are use because there is more understanding behind it like you do

  10. Ernie permalink

    God bless Mark,
    What a powerful and encouraging verse.

  11. Liz permalink

    Today’s reflections just confirms what has been going on in life for the past couple of weeks. I am so excited about the ways God has been showing Himself in my life! I decided to give my first offering this month (first one in my whole life). Not soon after, I was hit with the cost unexpected repairs. On paper, there was no way that I could make it through this month financially. Well, twice so far, everytime I have gone to pay for the repairs, the bills are half of what I was originally quoted. The ONLY way I can account for this is by God, because everytime I felt stressed out about it all, I spoke to Him about it (cried, question with frustration, then prayed lol). True, I am not exactly proud of how I approached Him, but I’m working on that. The point is, God is showing Himself to me, and I am blown away! That’s right, I’m blessed and highly favored!!!

    • Renee Love permalink

      Hey Liz, just wanted to let you know I believe he wants to hear the crying, the frustrated questioning, and of course the prayers and at the end praise, even when you do not feel like it praise him. you will both feel better at the end of the praise. I am sure God was the one working with the money..who else.. God Bless.

  12. Sister Pam OP permalink

    Yes, special attention from God is what we pray for when we pray for blessings for ourselves or others. That is an awesome thought. One thing I read over and over here is how each person, no matter how hurt, has felt that Blessing from God. Each one has felt that special attention. That is the awesome power of God. Thank you Lord, God for blessing each one of us, for blessing the power of this blog and for choosing Father Mark to spread your Word throughout the world.

  13. Jo Heatley permalink

    ;ord I lift Your name on high. Oh awesome God I praise you and give all glory to You.
    I lift brother Mark and his family before you and ask for Your blessin ,Your grace and Your tender mercy to rain down on them today and always. Let them feel Your presence right now and let Your peace flow through their lives.
    Lord whatever they are doing today let it run smoothly. I pray Your protection upon them, Your warring angels guard and surround them
    In the Name of Jesus
    x x

  14. claire permalink

    wow. At the moment i am kinda struggling. I have had a really bad “bout” of depression, and i have felt like im not going to have a future with him, as if im going to become yet another peson who believes in God but doesnt have a relationship. this is… rather helpful to say the least. thanks for posting, and im going to check out the rest of the site :))

  15. Renee Love permalink

    Thankyou so much for the time and effort you put into to this.. as each day I read it it touches my soul in new ways and makes me see my life as better than I thought it was.. God Bless You Mark..

  16. Gilbert obaga permalink

    God is a big helper in struggle

  17. so i jus happened to hit the refresh button on f.b nd this is wat popped up earlier this morning i was struggling with my faith “were is god? ” y hasnt he yet 2 show me my purpose on this earth ive been nothing but streesed nd depressed nd idk wea to turn nd then i seen this my god!

  18. Gilbert obaga permalink

    God is a big helper in struggles and life challanges

  19. I love this. So beautiful! Thank you so much. I think this is just what I needed. God Bless you!

  20. thank you,I love the Word and enjoy reading your blog.

  21. Cornita permalink

    WOW! There r no words that I can utter @ this moment, but I can say Thank u 4 knowledge & a better Understanding! Opening minds, seeing things n a different aspect! Keep doing Gods work…..

  22. Scherriea permalink

    thank you for sharing this Pastor Mark…I feel as though I am poor in spirit rite now

  23. Leanne Kivimaa permalink

    I am always looking for a scripture when I am weak in my faith. I felt like giving up and I read James 1:12. The Holy Spirit always leads us to the right places in God’s word! Be blessed friend!

  24. Kelley Crow permalink

    Thank you for reminding me that in those times of great pain and struggle, that The Lord My God is always there for me. It is so easy to become discouraged and forget that he meets us in our time of need. Thanks for your study that better explains the awsome love of our Savior:)

  25. morris permalink

    I have been perhaps too questioning when it comes to knowing what Jesus actually said . Is there actually any way to assure me of the accuracy of meaning and trans lation of his words ? I guess i’m looking for just his words and the assurance that I”m trying to follow His actual advice on how to live according to god’s will . I just want to follow his teachings as best as i can which doesn’t seem easy. I did find a book called the word have you read it? it’s by lee cantelon ,credo house publishers. I have been curious about early christian mysticism.Perhaps a Meditation group would help me with my spiritual growth?

  26. DEBBIE permalink


  27. I am now learning that through God our struggles can be taken care of. Just walk in faith and always believe in the Lord. I ask tonight if anyone reads my comment that you include Don Conway in your prays he has been denied a liver and doesn’t have long to live. Glod Bless you Mark and all of you who take part in the wondeful site.

  28. LORRAINE permalink

    My favorite thing about being a Christian is that there is always more, more love, more God, more. Therefore I am always “spiritually poor” because I will receive more with each day, because I don’t have enough, I’m poor, get it?

  29. Lydia Reyes permalink

    Thanks Mark for making it so much easier to understand God’s Word. At times I feel lost in understanding some of the things that I read in the Bible. I have Prayed for God to give me more understanding and yes, We Seek and we shall find. Right here on this site he uses you to teach us . How wonderful is our Lord. So Mark, continue giving us the different translation . It makes a big difference. I will also look for the translation in Hebrew and Greek . I have so much to learn. God Bless all this wonderful family in this site.

  30. Steve permalink

    Very encouraging in these hard times. Seems ever since I got baptized I have been struggling with my own flesh. Lol!


  32. I love your page because there are time I totally misinterpret and you clarify things for me so much. I Thank God for YOU !! Thank you. As I do struggle with my faith as I have family members who dont always practice what they preach and tend to be very rigid with me. THank you so very much for helping me because I think God loves me and that he knows my HEART better than anyone things they do. HE knows I try so hard everyday

  33. Julie permalink

    Mark thank you for remining me that I have the power and the authority. I just left my husband after three years of marriage. I stood beside him through many many relapses’ on drug’s even stayed with him while he was abussive, but then
    I found out he had an affair and that’s what broke the straw so they say. Anyway I have a five month old and she is the love of my life, and I need that power and authority over our lives. Thank you Mark Bless you

  34. Mel permalink

    Thanks for the enlightenment Rev. Mark – perfectly i am in a situation of struggle on behalf of my relatives. Upon reading your thoughts and pondering those lines, give me bright way out with the POWER OF GOD given to me. Struggles is not that new to me since the crisis/recession went on and I am not away of it – I am ready to face it as I know GOD will give me an EMPOWERMENT to battle it. Thanks Rev. Mark for your daily feedings to our soul…Great HELP for our daily lives.

  35. ava heron-davis permalink

    Thank you for this wonderful message I too am struggling with my finance ,work, and personal relarionship at home, reading all this comments has made me realise I need to get into a closer relationship with God. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh, and sometimes he has to bring us down for us to realise that he is calling us.

  36. Bill permalink

    Thank you and Bless you for your words of trueth this hits home.

  37. brenda fischer permalink

    there are times when i will actually ask God if I can borrow what i need from Him to be able to use as my own…things patience, gentleness, humility, basically any of the fruits of the spirit. sometimes my own reserve of these things is just bone dry. I ask Him, “please bless me by allowing me to use Your kindness, love,( or such the like) as my own” . and what a blessing to have the power of the Almighty Redeemer offered to us and at our disposal whenever we need the soundness of spirit that only the Lord can bring!

  38. Lynn permalink

    pastor Mark thank you for your message ..I am always searching different sites for Gods word I found your site its awesome ..look forward to your news everyday..god bless you always

  39. Rebecca Fetzer permalink

    I believe in the Good News Bible it is translated or paraphrased “Blessed are those who know their need for God, for the kingdom of God is theirs.” That really helped me with understanding what Jesus meant here. It goes along with what Paul said about God’s grace… when we are weak He is strong in us, to us and for us.

  40. Agy Wanzala permalink

    its just too uplifting to know that Christ knows my sufferings and he offers a hand and calling me for his wonderful help to keep me going through my daily stuggles and to win since he is a winner forever and thtough him I am a winner too. I praise you Jesus my Love.

  41. Agy Wanzala permalink

    thank you pastor Mark and may God uplift you more. thank you Jesus

  42. vida permalink

    Hi Rev. Mark! I came across with what you have posted (Luke 6:20) when I was checking my account on facebook. I am struggling at this moment and I would say that I am the exact representation of the “Poor” mentioned in the scripture. I am angry and depressed. You know my husband told me to pray and not to stop in doing so. I am praying but sometimes I don’t know what to say anymore. I believe in the POWER OF GOD, I believe in HIM but what I feel is entirely different. I felt alone and abandoned. You see I’m torn. I know I should be ashamed with this, but I am just being honest with what I feel. And then I saw your post and think for awhile and it hit me…God is talking to me through the scripture you have posted. It made me cry. HE used you to reach me. Thank you Rev. Mark and I hope to be your friend. Please pray for me. God bless you more.

  43. Gee permalink

    Good elucidation on Luke 6:20. Very encouraging. Thanks Rev Mark Brown.

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