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I want God all over my life.

February 11, 2010

‘Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe.’ Heb 12:28

When I started sharing my reflections on God’s Word back in early September of 2009 I was following God’s lead.  I had a clear sense that I should let people look over my shoulder at the conversation I am having with God.  And I have really stuck to this, making sure that I am not writing for an audience, trying to entertain, keep people’s interest, but just sharing what God is showing me and being really honest about that process.

And something beyond my thinking has happened, in five months more than 45,000 people are signed up to receive my reflections.  I cannot comprehend this, seriously, I am nothing special, no great preacher or well known evangelist, or some famous actor, I am just some aussie guy following God’s lead, seeking to come into the presence of God.

Speaking of which, what is this presence of God?  It is about God and me being really close, that He is all over my life, in every part: affecting my relationships, my thoughts and my decisions.  And in being close to God I feel the Holy Spirit guiding and counselling me, encouraging and energising me, and it is so amazing!

I am getting closer to God through reading the Bible, tons of prayer and facing up to my sin.  Bible reading for me isn’t about reading for 10 minutes once in a while, but about immersing myself in the Word.  I spend anywhere between 1-2 hours (sometimes more) reading, praying, reflecting, seeking God’s guidance and then writing.  And every day God reveals something new and amazing.

My desire is to come into the presence of God, to draw near to Him, to be intimately influenced by Him every moment of the day.  And in reading His Word I find myself being drawn towards Him.  The Hebrews reading above says that I am to be thankful for all that God does in my life and I am!!  And it instructs me to worship, which I discovered in the greek actually isn’t so much about singing, but serving.  And that is a key challenge for me, how to serve God?

Lord I offer you my energy, my intellect – all that I am, I offer it to you.  Lord show me how you want me to serve you.  Amen.

How is God calling you to worship, to serve Him?  Be great to hear from you!

God bless,


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  1. Patty permalink

    All things are possible with God. I am fixin to meet with the comittee at my church to see about bringing a recovery program into the church. It is for broken people with all hang ups. I know through the power of God and christians streching out their hands that many more people will come to know God, his love, grace, and forgiveness on all levels. It is an awesome sight when you can see healing begin in a person. It is as though God has aloud you to observe his work first hand. I am so blessed to have found this web site, it has made me want to get as close to God as I can. I am a nobody also, but with God I can help reach alot of other nobodys. Thank you Pastor Mark for allowing me to look over your shoulder, it has made a difference in my life and I want to use that to help others. I want to worship the Lord in as much service as I can possiblly do. 🙂

    • crystal hall permalink

      i think that is so great that you want to start a recovery program in your church! we have one at our church its callled celebrate recovery. Its a christ-centered 12 step program and God moves on the broken in that ministry like you wouldnt believe. may you be blessed as find your recovery ministry.

      • Derrick Hawkins permalink

        I read your comment about do you want God all over you. and i Know what you are saying is true. i hope you keep letting God guide you and your life and keep writing what he would have you to say

      • yvette worth permalink

        celebrate recovery is as awesome ministry in our church as well , i have witnessed the healing of recovery for myself and have seen God heal many countless others. i am a member of trading ford baptist church , our pastor is mike motley , is also a part of the celebrate recovery ministry.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Oh, yes Patty, except for one thing. Both you and Father mark for definitely somebodies. Bless you both for the work you do.

    • Rashawna permalink

      We have a program like this at our church and God has blessed the group so much. It is wonderful to be a part of God’s work.

  2. nicholas ross permalink

    first of all mark its always good to hear from you ,second why have you got so many people ,thats easy,we love the way you explain it all to us ,sometimes when you read a passage you have to go over it again and again until you undertsand what its all about,you make it so much easier for us,thanks and gos bless,keep up the good work brother

  3. Alison permalink

    keep on feeling that you are not someone special -God chooses very ordinary people to do his work – the glory is all his.
    He chose fishermen, taxcollectors – he even chose the church’s worst enemy to be his apostle!
    Watch and pray – the moment we think we are doing pretty good Satan will tempt us, or God will let us make an embarrassing mistake – he has to keep us depending totally on him.

  4. nicholas ross permalink

    i meant god bless

    • Christy permalink

      We know you did…let’s stand together on Mathew 18:18-20 and bind that hypercritical spirit that makes us feel we must fix everything perfectly. He alone is perfect & we are His perfect reflections. Praise God! (My spell check corrected me 😉

  5. Suzanne McClere permalink

    Thank you for allowing us to “walk” with you.

  6. Pam permalink

    I have only been following your thoughts for a short while, I want you to know that every morning I get up and open up my email…and find your email and read it and think to myself…how in the world does he know what I am going through right at this moment…and then I begin to Praise God for I know it is His Will. I really appreciate your honesty it is so refreshing, especially coming from a Preacher, I know a lot of preachers who would have you believe that they are Saintly all the time…but I know that isn’t true at all, I believe in being real & honest…and I thank God daily for placing such a real & honest vessel in my life by way of you…you may feel like nothing, but in God’s Eyes and mine you are something special…Be Blessed!

  7. Cavin Wright permalink

    Mark, you are doing exactly the right things to bring another 45,000 people into your fold.
    Short, bold quotes from the Scriptures.
    Concise comments on how the quotes affect your life.
    A message just short enough to sustain interest.
    A reminder to us all each day that we do need God in our lives.
    Do not be surprised by the great response – Jesus wasn’t. :o]

  8. penny permalink

    I want you to know that you are some one in my life. I look forward to you everyday. I have been hit hard with the spirit of God over the past few weeks and everything you have hit on has spoken to me. God leadership in your life is helping me live…….God Bless you.

  9. Val permalink

    This attitude of yours is exactly why you are appreciated so much. I love that you are just an AUssie guy trying your hardest to serve the Lord. We can only be who we are, but who we are is a reflection of our creator.
    I am on a healing journey from years of childhood sexual and physical abuse. I am trying to recover from PTSD. All of a sudden I can write and truley believe that God’s plan for me is to help others who have been where I have been. I am writing my story in a book as I go and God’s love and help have been shown many times through my life and especially in recent months. Thankyou for the humility and honesty you express in your writing. Thankyou God for showing us that good can come out of a terrorfying childhood.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Dear Val,
      Praise God for your healing. I have been there and have worked with others who have been there also. I truly believe that relying totally and trusting God completely is the only hope there is for healing from such traumatic experiences. I thank God for His healing graces.

  10. Karen permalink

    I love worshipping God. My passion is to be so totally connected with God that I can not be moved. Reading the Bible and words of inspirations pull at my heart string. When I hear a sermon, read the Bible, meditate on God or pray for someone…I want a reaction from me. A reaction of more of Him or realize I need to straighten my act up because a sin was brought out in my character that God needs to heal or I need to pray about what I heard or perhaps sing to the Glory and Honor of God. A healthy reaction that God is putting on my heart. God can really knock my socks off. I stand totally amazed of how He interacts with me. I do not know how people can live their lives without him. This is my second day on this blog. I have never blogged before but this God blogging has spurned my interest. I have enjoyed, so far, everyones comments. What a blessing. Perhaps I am 45,001 that was added to this God blogging. May the Lord to Bless each and everyone today. 🙂

  11. sheryl permalink

    Thank-You Mark for your Reflections. God is an Awesome GOD! You are a real down to earth Christian. Sometimes religion, bible is confusing. We need something like this to relate or thoughts, etc. Especially new Christians or (Old) christians that are lost. Personally, I want to get back to this presence of God, I was getting close at one point in my life & the devil seemed to drift me away from it. I feel distanced from it now. reading your reflections is helping me see the light, Thanks again. I am A Nurse, going to be a Nurse Practitioner, I know God has a plan for me & I have to get back into the word , for him to reveal those plans to me. I’m also single & aging (42) with 2 kids (15 girl) 10 yr old boy). I know God has a patner for me as weLL, a Christian partner. I hope thats in the plan anyways. I listen to christian music while jogging outside, or driving in my car, sometimes this gets my thoughts back on God.

  12. Karen permalink

    Have been struggling with this deep relationship with God, through your medium I have been reflecting more and each day I can relate more and more to the need to be close and the need to have a bond with Jesus.
    Please pray for me and my family as we all struggle with pleasding God more and more

  13. Dawn Painter permalink

    You are doing exactly what God has told us all to do, tell the masses about Him and His love for them. You have found your purpose in life and that is to bring other the word of God. You have a gift that you are able to make it easier for others to understand the Bible and what it says….I thank you very much every time I read your postings. But you are right none of us are anything special except that we are all different individuals with different talents to use for the glory of God. If we do what we are supposed to for Him and not focus on being special for the world if will keep us grounded and centered in the love of God.

  14. Grace Joseph permalink

    I am really thrilled reading you sharing. I just want to be with jesus all the time. I spent a lot of time reading the word, talking to Abba Father and these days I am inspired to write books. I wrote one in 2007 “A JOURNEY FROM RELIGION TO RELATIONSHIP”. Now I am in the process of completing printing of a book called “AN HOUR WITH JESUS”. He is inspiring me to write another one. With allthis,I am thirsting for the Lord. I do not feel Him all over me. I want more of Jesus. So help me Jesus and work inside of meto get divine wisdom. Pray for me Mark. May the Lord Bless you and use you powerfully for His Kingdom. Grace

  15. Diane Burke permalink

    I look forward to reading your inspirtations every day. As God leads you to share, it helps us to connect on another level, too. It’s wonderful that you’re able to draw closer to God, and guide us as you make your journey. Thank you for the time you devote to studying and writing.

    God Bless You!

  16. Lisa permalink

    I am thankful for your Relections. I am a recovering alcoholic, 5yrs sober. In the past I truly struggled with myself, until I decided to change my life and live it for the Lord. I am now a registered nurse and work the nightshift for the intention of getting close to my patients. With God’s help I have helped individuals in many ways. From helping them to feel God’s love in their last days, to helping individuals with addictions know there is another way to live. I know I am in the place God wants me to be. I am truly greatful for everyday I have and thank him the minute I wake up, then thank him at the end of the day.

    Please know you are doing great work and are appreciated.

  17. Bev permalink

    I look forward to reading your “journey” every day. God is using your talents to spread His word. We are a community of believers and this is a way to connect, communicate, and support one another. God bless you!

  18. Anita permalink

    People come along periodically that can take a piece of scripture and break it down where it makes sense and in the process help other people to dig more for themselves, change how better they can serve and sometimes just help them grow closer to God. Thank you for being one of those people. Thanks for being His tool and you are right-its not about you-its all about Him. God bless and keep you and yours.

  19. Sana permalink

    We love you because of your love to God, your faithful to Him, and most of all you are sincere and truthful. God bless as you bless us.

  20. isaac nazulme permalink

    I worship by ministering to others that He has lead to me or lead me too on fb and personal, spreading His word and my testimony through rap, walking in obedience to His will and Christ and thanking Him. I deserved death but he offered me salvation by grace through Christ, I worship Him just because and I fellowship with my Father. Oh how I trust and love Him. I have faith, I trust anf rely on Jesus and will follow Him and spread the Gospel. I worship Him in spirit and in truth, through song, praise and testimony.

  21. Sara Sue permalink

    I have been asked to consider taking on a major responsibility within my local church. I am meeting today with the person I would replace. I am seeking a clear leading from my Father concerning this, so I know about “waiting on the Lord”, Mark, just as you do/are. I will be praying for your direction and I ask that you would pray for mine. Thank you.

  22. May we be covered with the dust of our rabbi.

  23. Dina permalink

    The same desire …I also want God all over my life and to be really available for His service. I love you Lord.

  24. Rebecca permalink

    Thank you for being obedient! I think your experience with this website/blog proves that people are hungry for God. When James wrote (James 4:8) to draw near to God and He will draw near to you, he was speaking of not only prayer, but getting to know the very nature of God. And how better to do that than to immerse ourselves in His word DAILY? He’s so faithful to do all He says He will do – and drawing near is just one of those things!! Continue your quest and please continue sharing it with us. It’s very inspiring…

  25. Mack Leggett permalink

    Mark, what God is using in your life is that “over the shoulder” effect; which you are allowing us to see. You are not, just preaching; but you are living before us and allowing God to show us how even HIS servant is living. We are all sinners saved by GRACE. It is great to me, when I see a man admit his failure and think of what it is doing to God. He wants us to fellowship with HIM and then HE draws others to us, so we can fellowship with each other. Thank you for being the open servant of God and allowing us to watch your life unfold before God and us. Communication, communication with love and fellowship is all we need.

  26. Amy permalink

    I really think you are on to something using social media as a conduit for the Word. The Bible has been translated into many different languages to ensure almost universal access to God’s Truth. I think your blog is part of the next “translation” making it more accessible to all. Through this you are showing us what can be accomplished for the Lord when you are willing to humbly submit to His calling and seek Him and His will daily. I also appreciate that you see this journey as not only a study of the Word, but prayer and facing sin. We must be reminded that our relationship with the Lord is much more than an intellectual pursuit – it’s about active, on-going communication with our Father and accountability when we fall short of His glory. Thank you for your obedience. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

    • Amy all I can say is wow! God bless, Mark

      • Bryan permalink

        Mark, I’m like what you’ve done here. I will continue to view and comment on the scriptures. But I must ask something of you first. Can you explain what is Gods Plan when one of my lovely young (18yrs old) daughters dies in her sleep. What scripture would tell me why this was done. She just began her life and never new what could be by being called by God.
        I really hope you see this and can comment. My family has been hurting so badly since her death.
        I’ll always keep reading and stay in touch with you.

      • Greetings Bryan, I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your daughter, as a father of a daughter myself I cannot imagine the pain you feel at loosing her. I don’t know God’s plan for you except to say that He deeply loves you and your daughter. If it is ok I would love to pray for you and your family. God bless, Rev Mark

      • Why did you respond to this comment? I thought they all were good.

  27. Michael Cook permalink

    I love you Lord for this journey we are on together.

    Pastor Mark, I hear your heart in this posting and share your desire to be in His Presence every day. In His presence there is joy! In His presence all my needs are met. There is satisfaction! In His presence we experience what it means to have life, true life everlasting! In His presence, is where I want to be!

    • STEPHANIE permalink


      This is such a hard one to deal with I personly have not found anything that tells us why such painfull things are allowed but JESUS does tell us he gives and he takes all for the glory of GOD I never did get that I still dont know why he allows such pain some of us know this kind of pain first hand becuse we lived it or liveing ………….WHY….WHY…..WHY …..GOD….. Do you alow babys my goodness ….WHY DO YOU EVEN BLESS US FOR THE NINE MONTHS IF TOU ARE JUST GOING TO TAKE THIS PRECOUSE BABY HOME WHEN HE HAS BEARLY TAKEN HIS FIRST BREATH LETS ASK GOD FOR HEALING OF ARE BROCKEN RIPED OUT OF ARE CHEST HEARTS .Know I thank him for sparing these babys from so much more pain that this world has to give BUT KNOW THIS GOD PROMISES NOT TO GIVE US MORE THAN WE CAN HANDEL AND THAT IS A FACT STAY FAITHFULL TO GOD THAT PRECOUSE CHILD THAT ALLWAYS BELONGED TO GOD IS WAITING FOR YOU ……………GOD BLESS YOU ……….BRIEN.

      • Bryan – the verse Stephanie is seeking to comfort you with is often misquoted. It does not say He only gives us what we can handle. The truth is, we can handle nothing without Him. – The verse is 1 Corinthians 10:13, and it states that God does not allow us to be tempted without providing a way out for us to resist that temptation. In other words, we cannot be placed in a situation where there is no way out but to succumb to the temptation we are facing. I’m not trying to scold Stephanie. Her heart is in the right place as she is taking the time to be loving enough to try to comfort you. I just didn’t want you to walk away after hearing that, the way most people do – thinking, “I know somewhere in my heart that this is not true. I CAN NOT handle this thing I am facing! Either God is a liar, or I am just defective, because I know I can’t handle this!” — You absolutely cannot handle this devastating loss alone. Please cry out to Him to get you through each day – and surround yourself with Christians who can be His human Ambassadors and love you through this.

        As for the “why”. – I wish ANYONE knew. I have asked him “why” about a million things. Sometimes the why becomes evident later, and I find out that yes, He knew what He was doing and He is still good. Many times, I never learn why, and I have to just rely on what He has shown me so many times – He knows what He is doing and He is good. This is all we can ever hang on to, and mercifuly, He works so very hard to prove this fact to us in so many ways, every day. Though we call Him a liar, and we accuse Him of being evil, and we never seem to learn to trust Him enough…He still works to prove Himself good. I suppose it’s not really work for Him. He is just being. He cannot be evil.

        The earth is fallen. The curse placed on it after the fall of Adam and Eve is still active. The body is imperfect and it fails. God never promised to rescue our earthly bodies from death. Praise Him that He has provided a way to rescue our spirits from eternal death.

        I have an 18 year old daughter. I know what that love is like. I cannot imagine what it would be to lose her. I mourn with you. It is horrifying to consider losing a child. Do not feel guilty for mourning or for questioning God in this. Don’t let others tell you it’s wrong to do. Just get on your face with Him and ask Him to increase your faith and strengthen you and help you through each day. He is not afraid of your questions, and He loves your daughter more than you ever could.

        Love to you, dear brother.
        I will be thinking of you often, and praying for you!

  28. scott permalink

    Mark,you are so right about the closeness we feel to God when we’re reading the word.At times I feel like I’m neglecting other parts of my life,because the word gets a hold of you,consumes you so much,that I don;t want to put the Bible down.Three monthes ago I was introduced to the (computer age),not knowing one iotta about any of it.I feel it everyday,I’ve became a (junkie) of this machine,with my Brothers & Sisters prayers I will beat this addiction. Thanks again for sharing your journey with all of us,God Bless All Of Us.

  29. JOE FELTNER permalink


  30. Judie Beegle permalink

    God has certainly blessed you and all of us with your messages. Thank you for allowing us to look over your shoulder. Your messages are always uplifting or thought provoking. I always hesitate to comment as I don’t want to add to your work load. I appreciate what you do as I’m sure others do. Thank you again.

  31. Great reflection! I, too, want God “all over” my life. If God’s not in it, I don’t want it! I don’t want success by the worlds means. I don’t want to “cheat” my way to success. If God isn’t blessing me, I don’t want it! Only in making God my one and true source can I enjoy the fulness of His blessings and the intimacy I desire from Him. God bless you, Mark, as you continue to serve our Lord. =)

    • Donna Mae Baukat permalink

      I must have God “all over” my life! If He is not in it, I just would fall apart in chaos. God keeps me together as one with Him. He gives me the deep love that earthly love cannot fulfill. He is my “first love”. He is my “life”, “breath”, and “sustenance”. Earthly success is less than God’s “wellness”, than God’s “goodness”, than God’s “mercies”. I want God to bring me His “will”. I “long” to be with Him. Good comment Mark. God bless you and your servitude. 🙂


  33. Henry permalink

    I am interested in learning of your walk. Would like to know of which Bible you read from. Love all knowledge of our Heavenly Father. I have never known a earthly father. I read the N. K. J. V. heck I don’t even know why I am doing this.

    • Donna Mae Baukat permalink

      Hi Henry,
      I read your question at I want God All Over My Life…..

      The Bible to best study in is the New American Standard Bible (like the KJV and closer to the Old Hebrew than any other Bible). There are study outlines and commentaries before each book of the New Testament. I started reading the Old Testament in Genesis like a book, and not like a study. It was like opening my eyes to the awesome God He really is.

      When I went to the first Book of the New Testament, Matthew, I began to read the story of Jesus. His story connected the Old Testament together. Therefore, I learned that The Old Testament is about Jesus Christ. Reading of the life of Jesus, his apostles and disciples, gives a perspective of the real culture in His lifetime. We then can follow their walk in our “new world”.

      The New International Version is also a good one. I have both because the ASB is all marked up with highlights and notes. The NIV is easier to read without the distractions of markings. But, when I want to go to a page I remember, the American Standard is there for me to refer to.

      Hope this helps you.

  34. Miranda Fann permalink

    My husband just lost his job today. Amazingly, I am not going out of my mind! I am totally at peace about this. I know God knows what He is doing and He will see us through. We have 6 children to care for, but God knows how to care for us. I imagine God like Isaiah saw Him in his vision “high and lifted up, and His train filled the temple.” It’s hard to worry about anything when my God is still high and lifted up, still on His throne, still the same, still all-powerful! Blessed be the name of the LORD!!!!

  35. Cristy S. permalink

    I try to be of service by running a Twelve-Step Rapha Christian Codependency at my church.


    • Teri permalink

      Thank you so much for your blog:The last 20 years of my life have been wasted in a fog of drug use, self indulgance and self-pity, I was once a child of God and served Him faithfully, but made a choice to turn and go the other way.. what could I possibly be thinking, how stupid could I be? The only peace we can have in this world is in Jesus Christ and I broke His heart by taking the reins into my own hans, what pitiful hands they are, too. Nothing in my life is going right and I know it won’t until I escape this quicksand that I am trapped in. The more I stuggle, the more I sink.. and I don’t have any more strength. Pleas God, have mercy on my poor lost soul, please forgive me for turning and walking away from You, the One true God, Jesus, who died for my sins, please forgive me for all of the hurt I have caused my family, but most of all, You. I have sinned and done what is wicked in your sight, I want to come home, but I just can’t do it… I know I don’t deserve His mercy, love, forgiveness……………. Please give me the strength to obey you , to walk in the light that you have shed on my path for many years… I don’t want to walk in darkness anymore… I hate sin and what giving in to sin has done to mylife and those that I love and have hurt so much… can you forgive me, God in the name of your son, Jesus Christ…… I ask again for mercy and grace, forgiveness and peace, strength and hope for the future. Pleaseeeeeeee………………………………….

  36. Steve permalink

    This is a Quote: “I’m just a Nobody, tryin’ to tell Everybody, ’bout SOMEBODY, who can save Anybody!” ~~ This is who I feel that I am ~ I feel that more people need to hear about the Word of GOD ~ As Disciples, Christ commanded us to Go Out And Spread HIS Word to All Nations. ~ Mark, you have a Strong Foothold, with 45000, Belivers who like what you are doing. ~ I am one, amoung many who want to hear more. ~ Thank You ~ Maybe You would like to use this Quote ~~ “I’m just a Nobody, tryin’ to tell Everybody, ’bout SOMEBODY, who can save Anybody!”

  37. Merilee permalink

    I too am trying to get closer to God. I also have surrendered myself and make a choice each day before going off to work to have at least 1/2 hour to read and the same amount to pray. I try and spend more quality time in the word on my days off and then I find that I cant put it down. I am studying the old testament for now and have made my way to Deuteronomy and I’m fascinated by the old testament as never before. I understand it more and yet it makes me focus on my willingness to obey God in all I do. I want to be completely translucent before the Lord and so I’m continually checking myself and confessing all my flaws to him in prayer. I wonder if I spend too much time on confession for my inperfections than on others prayer needs. Lately I also am fearfull of the day I stand in front of the Lord on that day of his return. It says we all will stand before him to give an account on what we have done. Will I get a reward, not that the reward is my motivation, but am I really living a pleasing life to God??? I question myself continually to the point of wondering if I’m questioning the purpose of the Cross?? I Love the Lord so much that I only want to please him. I’m blessed someone else is putting their thoughts to the world to see. Lets figure it out together as a body of Christ. Be Blessed

  38. Etta permalink

    “Dear Lord, please bless Mark with strenght and peace of mind so that he will continue to write and share with people like me. I pray that you will keep him safe from all danger and harm, I bind that forces of evil that are trying to put an end to his ministry and I plead the blood of Jesus over his life, the life of his family and freinds and everyone he comes in contact with. May you sustain his with your unconditional love. In the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour with thanksgiving. Amen

  39. Dean permalink

    Glory be to God Almighty! I have been in and out of work over the last 2 odd years… God has really provided for my family and I. I am now running my own business and it is all through God’s work… He has already mapped out our lives… I don’t worry about anything… No matter what the situation… I have trusted all into my Lord’s hands cos’ I know he has already taken care of EVERYTHING… BLESS HIS HOLY NAME, AMEN!

  40. Sister Pam OP permalink

    The Holy Spirit is definitely present on this site. Thanks Father Mark for listening to the Holy Spirit guide you. I appreciate the thoughts of everyone on this website. There are massive amounts of healing taking place here. This is an international Christian community of love like no other experience I have had. Let us all give thanks to God for making wonderful things happen.

  41. Jo Heatley permalink

    Hi Mark!

    Without Him I’m nothing. My deepest desire is to be as close to Him as is humanly possible. Yes I lost my way for a time but I’m back on track, praise God. I desire to serve Him and Him alone. For this to happen I need to keep the lines of communication open at all times with Him. I’m still trying to do this and of course the distrations of the world sometimes get in the way, but I will persist because His loving kindness is better than life itself. I yearn to feel His presence as I did when I first fell in love with Him. I will continue to seek His face daily .

    Finding out what He was calling me to do used to stress me out as I really didn’t want anything that He didn’t want for me. Now I feel assured that if I acknowledge Him in all my ways, He WILL lead and direct my paths.

    I work in a primary school and recently have joined the children’s ministry team at our church. I pray that God gives me an obedient heart so I too can serve as faithfully as you! x x

  42. elia permalink

    Wow! sounds exactly like reading my thoughts and desires. Except I don’t have 1-2 extra hours in my day to read. I read anywhere from 10- 20 maybe 30 if I have a little more time. I do seek his righteousness and wisdom more than anything. I ask him daily to mold me into the woman he has called me to be. Such a blessing to read your reflections. You are making a difference. Will keep you in prayer. May God continue to use you and bless you in all you do.

  43. Dee Dee permalink

    This partiular message brought repentance to me. I too want GOD all over my life, to dominate it. But I had been too busy with my life to let him. Thats why I repented. Praise God this message came to me this day and I ask the fatehr in Jesus name to dominate my life, my talents (and the lack of talent). Beause I know there is NO-Life, outside of Christ. What could I have possibly been doing before this message? Living a life outside of Christ, really isnt living at all! LORD DOMINATE ME, MY LIFE< MY FAMILY< MY WORK <MY EVERY DECISION< MY EVERY RELATIONSHIP< EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. howard permalink

    I think there is a great need for good quality biblical reflection and devotional stuff online and you’ve tapped into the new connectedness of places like facebook.

    What am I looking for: easily accessable daily reflections, that have a good quality of scholarship as well as real life applications. A hard ask I think. It is going to be an interesting to see how you wil keep this up on a daily basis

  45. Michele permalink

    God has given me insight into how He is working in my life. He has brought so much comfort and peace to me and has helped me to trust more. I’m just in awe everyday now as I continue to seek Him more. I have found a greater Love than I have ever know in deepening my relationship with Christ. I am thankful for his mercy and for salvation. I enjoy every opportunity he uses me for to share the good news of knowing Him. We serve an Awesome God!!

  46. Lupe Luevanos permalink

    I want God all over my life. The funny thing is that without him we are nothing. To serve him with our talents can only come with his gift of talents. Therefore, everything i am, everything i have is already his. Moreover to worship him is knowing this. God bless you!

  47. Jordan permalink

    Hi Mark, I have recently discovered that my biggest desire is to set the world on fire for God. I want them to realize how wonderful God is and how much they need Him. How much they need Jesus. I want others to see Christ through me. I want the whole world to know about God and get saved. Not everyone will get saved but that would be amazing if everyone got saved. When I am around someone…I always let them know what I stand for. I want to be one of the Christians who stands up for what they believe in and make a difference to the world. I want to bring God’s lost children back to Him. So far, I have brought my sister to God, and praise God for opening a door for her to come to Him!

  48. Phillip Lynn permalink

    God is an awesome God, Who can comprehend Him? We know not why he does things or for what reason. That is why we have to trust Him in His decisions. Where He leads we follow. He is the shepherd we are the sheep. We know His voice, you recognize Him by the Love in His words. The more I commune with the Lord the better I feel, act, live and LOVE. May God bless you in your commune with Him.

  49. Peggy permalink

    Rev. Mark, I think that your normalcy (I dare not say ordinariness!) is exactly what draws people to your devotionals. You explain the Scriptures in a way that laymen/women can understand & relate to, & you don’t agrandize yourself or your station in life. I pray that you retain that homespun appeal! I am basically homebound, and my only social outlets are e-mail, Facebook, & a weekly Bible study (very elementary) group. But it seems that in the last few months God has been leading me to people in pain or confusion and almost magically putting His word at my fingertips to send to them! So often lately I’ll read one of your postings or another daily devotional, & almost immediately receive a message via e-mail or Facebook for which those readings give guidance, comfort or a lead-in to prayer—It’s so amazing I have to believe it’s “a God thing”!

    Bryan, our little Bible study group is using John MacArthur’s “End Of An Era The Rise and Fall of Solomom” study guide, & our last lesson was on Ecclesiastes 3. Your post reminded me of verses 1 & 2: “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die….” MacArthur’s guide reads, in part, “God’s self-governing hand guides all our events, and the Lord never does anything that is ugly or evil. Therefore, the Christian can rest in the knowledge that He will use every event of our lives to produce His will, and He will bring beauty even out of ugliness and sorrow. The key here is the fact that He will do so IN HIS TIME [my caps], not according to our schedule.” We might not be able to see how an event can bring anything but pain–at the time the event occurs, or maybe not ever on this earth–but the Bible assures us that God has a plan and a purpose for everything & that it is all good. I’m sending up a prayer that God will wrap you and your family in His loving arms and pour His comfort over you all.

    • Joshua permalink

      This encouraged me 🙂 To realize that God has good for us even in the bad. that alll things work together for the good of them that love the LORD! 😀 Woot woo! Jesus is the lover of our souls!!!

  50. Pam Dye permalink

    I came across this twice today… Charles Stanley’s book ‘The Source Of My Strength and “Bible” when I opened it up

    “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me,
    Because He hath annointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor;
    He hath sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
    To preach deliverance to the captives,
    And recovering of sight to the blind,
    To set at liberty them that are bruised,
    To preach the acceptable year of the Lord. Luke 4:16,17

    Luke 4:16,17

  51. David permalink

    I want God all over my life! He has His hands on me and I am trying to follow his lead.

    • Luis permalink

      Okay, God must have His hand all over your life. I am getting this urge to encourage you, man. Keep that attitude. It’s when you don’t feel in control and come to Him with it that He is in control. I’m praying for you, brother.

      Father, You are so good! Lift David and whisper into him Your reassurance and Your guidance. Like the David of the book of Psalms, this is also Your David who is after Your own heart. Bless him with Your peace and grace, and bring into his life an overflow that he cannot contain. In Your wonderful Son’s Name, Yeshua Messiah.

  52. David permalink

    My sister recently lost her 6 month old daughter, Alexis, to SIDS. The whole family is struggling to cope with this loss. Any prayers are welcome.

    • Praying now David. God bless, Mark

    • Luis permalink

      Your family is in our prayers, too. The Lord’s word says that Alexis, though sleeps as what is known to be perishable will be raised on the day of Christ’s return with an imperishable body. We all have the chance to see that little girl if we, too, go to rest in Him like a child. I pray that the whole family come to the understanding and/or the peace with what God has taken away from us through His Son. My peace and love is with you and your family in Christ Jesus.

  53. Lou Ann permalink

    Eighteen years ago, God called me to teach. In university, He made me successful by opening doors and leveling obstacles in miraculous ways to help me complete my education. Since I graduated in 1998 and began to follow His plan for my life, I have never lacked a job.

    All things work to the good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. –Lou Ann

  54. Dutch permalink

    Beautiful! I love the song ‘The Heart of Worship’ by Matt Redman, shows that praising, glorifying, and loving and serving God is a lot more than singing and dancing! I can serve the Lord even when I paddle out to surf!

  55. ferdie permalink

    that’s true pastor….sometimes we can’t comprehend on how to do with the things He wants us to do; but that is, what God wants in us, to acknowledge that we are nothing that our dependency and sufficiency is in HIM…2Co 3:5 Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God;
    2Co 3:6 Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life. thanks for the sharing
    pastor mark…GODBLESS!!!

  56. Charles permalink

    I’ve discovered ever the last year or so, after having spent months in deep prayer and study for many hours every day, all the while becoming more and more ruined financially, that it is in fact better, even necessary to be clear of neglected financial responsibilities, and to have made restitution where we have wronged others before coming before our Heavenly Father. We cannot give up your day job or career to serve God if you have financial commitments that you are neglecting! We cannot neglect your financial responsibilities, nor your families needs, to serve God. We cannot steal from/defraud others and think our service before God is acceptable. (Ref. Matthew 5:23-24) God takes our commitments seriously. Let’s all make sure we’re not the catalyst for the blasphemy of others because of our financial irresponsibility. May our Father have mercy on us, forgive us, and help us all moving forward, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  57. Debra permalink

    I want to keep God in my life every minute,I have to have him there…I love the Bible,I love Gospel music…The Lord is my life He has been by my side even when I thought I was so alone,He has pulled me out of ditches I thought I would never see myself through…Thank you Jesus.

  58. Joshua permalink

    God is calling me to worship Him by focusing on music a lot more! The music i make is service to God and i want to use it to bring people to God!!!!

  59. Luis permalink

    Mark, you are so right on, bro. Those words you have written come from a heart that God has put in you. “My sheep know my voice”. Brother, I embrace you from Houston and give you my peace and love as a co-laborer in Christ. The Lord has revealed to some of us here in Houston (a non-specific church building body 1 Corinthians 3) that same revelation about worship. Who would lay their life down for a sinner that won’t give God the time of day? Jesus did. As will I now. Oh, but the enemy will have them hit us and spit on us. I am reminded of His word of how He looks on us with favor for when we suffer righteously for Him and others doing His will. The sheer numbers coming here, bro? God’s word says He will call all people toward Himself. He must be alive and well in you. I encourage you to continue to do as you have been. Keep that humility. It blesses everyone. Praise God for His mercy and grace! He brings to light the truth and those that are truly His and undermines the hypocrites.
    Great to see another brother in Christ! Peace and Lord bless you, bro!

  60. Mike S permalink

    Hey Mark,

    Thank you for this passage and the reflection. I’ve been going thru some major changes recently….I lost a job and a week later God blessed me with another one. I’ve had trouble as I was unsure and scared of the new job as I also want to go to school to become a broadcaster but this job is in a completely different field and well I felt like it was pushing me away from my dream….I have come to question in how I am serving God and struggle with this but I’m starting to place my trust in Him and know that there is a grand plan thru all of this.

  61. kimberly permalink

    thank you for this. I have been struggling for about 5 or 6 years now with my walk with God. I trusted him and I feel he let me down. I believed that he was my provider and that when my husband lost his job he would provide one that paid the same or better. We had just started tithing and continued to tithe for months when it was either tithe or buy food. My husband still has not found a job that pays the same as what he made. I had to go to work and leave my duties at home and that has crushed me terribly. I wanted so badly to be the Godly housewife and do my best for my family have a little side business like the Proverbs 31 wife. Through this time in my life not only did my hopes and dreams get destroyed but my husband had an affair and left me for over 2 months. I fasted and prayed and over a course of 2 years God healed our marriage. My husband is happy again in his line of work and my life I am happy with him but I am devestated that I have to work out of the home. I am horrible at time management and exhausted most of the time. I don’t understand why God would lift the protection he had on me. At home I was free to work in the church and spend hours with him and homeschool my children. I was not perfect in any of this and maybe failed at it and that is why he did this to me. I love God and miss the way it was between Him and I in the begining. I am miserable and so hurt. Anyway.. I was hoping you would talk to him for me. Let him know I love him and miss Him and pray he would help me to make since of it all. Heal my heart and give me the vision he has for my life cause all I have is broken dreams and wasted desires. Thanks You.

    • Luis permalink

      I address “you” as one, as you and your husband are one.

      You may be seeking Mark in this, but I tell you that my response is not of me or Mark but of the Lord (test the spirits to see where it is this comes from). Have you actually trusted God? I’m not saying these things happened as a result of fault, but when a change happens in your life, do you trust Him that it is for the best no matter what and seek Him for understand or at least His peace in it? (read the book of Job who was a righteous man of God–notice God doesn’t take Job’s wife away from him as they are one) God isn’t as concerned with money, healing and miracles as He is with a relationship with Him. You need not seek God through another person. The Lord says, “Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Also, His word tells us that sometimes we receive a thorn in our side, but His grace is enough for us. We will not suffer unrighteously in Him nor will we always suffer. Remember, Jesus says, His “yoke is easy, and [His] burden is light.”

      As for tithing, this is of the law. An act. Does it mean stop doing it? No. However, it should be an action caused by the love of God and not by trying to do the letter of the law as a sacrifice attempting to please God. The Lord says, “faith without works is dead.” Ah, but that also means works without faith is empty. Jesus says, “For you tithe mint and rue and every herb, and neglect justice and the love of God. These you ought to have done, without neglecting the others.” This is His way of saying “first clean the inside of the cup and the plate, that the outside also may be clean.” We do not want to be a wife to the Lord that honors Him with our lips while our hearts are far from Him. Kimberly, I have been ministering outside of church walls for sometime now. Spending time at a building with some of the body of Christ isn’t the only place God calls us. He expects us to grow in Him and not stay stagnant or complacent. We need to make sure we are where the Lord wants us above the agenda of any church. Otherwise, we are no different than the Sadducees and Pharisees written in the Bible. I am happy that you kept your marriage and that God has healed it. Praise God!

      As for fasting, read Isaiah 58 to see what kind of fasting that the Lord is seeking from us. Remember, the Lord desires mercy and not sacrifice. Does this mean fasting is wrong? Certainly not, but when we commit the acts outside of faith, it is going back to doing what is required in the law. We are no longer under the law in Christ Jesus, but we keep it by keeping Jesus in our hearts. Otherwise, we try to act like a Christian and fail; thus, putting us under the condemnation of the law.

      Read the Bible in the Spirit. Understand that God isn’t trying to keep women down. Yes, wives remain submissive to their husbands, but not kept down (1 Peter 3:1-2) (do not take God’s word in this book as literals as, again, Jesus is concerned with what is inside us rather than outside of us–even the law is spiritual–our physical acts will reflect what is inside of us without having to ‘keep up with the Joneses’). However, understand that our Lord Jesus is the husband of the church. Not the building but each and everyone of us inside and outside of those buildings. Read from that understanding that all of us are wives of Christ. Jesus says, “the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.”. You are too precious to the Lord to be caught in the world’s way of following God.

      In America, and I can only speak of what I’ve known here, our church models (the buildings and their agendas) have been structured after the Romans and not after the indestructible temple Jesus Christ has created and the covenant for which we are partakers of. Read the book of Romans, Corinthians (both) and Hebrews. We are the church. You, me, Mark, and everyone whose trust is in Jesus Christ. Does this mean that these churches are wrong? No, they are doing what they know, but God calls us to grow and come out of ignorance of where we’ve been. “God does not live in temples made by man, nor is he served by human hands, as though he needed anything.”

      I am positive that many of us will be praying actively for you, but it is imperative that you drop to your knees and cry out to Him. May our Lord and Savior’s peace be upon you.

  62. Diane permalink

    Thank you Mark for your reflections….for your honesty and love for God to truely change 🙂 I am in the process of being truely honest and open with Our Lord….my struggles I have even reading God’s Word…..I find so hard but I am taking each day as it comes and am starting to truely enjoy the day for the beauty it is. I am so grateful to Our Lord for His Sacrifice….my destination is absolutely secure and He is present with me on the journey. May God truely and always bless you and your family….:)

  63. brenda permalink

    i am so blessed to read your words. as i was reading I felt that there must be a kindred spirit present. what God has given to me, is so rare that when i discuss my faith or understandings of my heavenly Father with others, they only seem to understand what I’m talking about on a very elementary level. and i can always feel from the tone of their words (not to be confused with tone of voice) that these people who i have considered to be examples of beautiful love and faith for the Lord, have almost no comprehension of what I”m talking about. i too, have conversations with God:) And i think that’s where the drop off of understanding comes in. it’s quite unfortunate, but i certainly have no trouble seeing that there are a whole lot of believers that don’t have any idea that prayer is meant to be a two-way conversation. And it seems so simple to me. What kind of relationship would it be if you were always talking and never listened:)
    OK! so! to the point! onward! as i read the first two sentences of your blog i couldn’t help but smile. Yesterday, i was getting into the Word, having just a really blessed time with the Lord, and He gave me something in such a simplistic way that i actually was laughing and i had to call my mother to share the joy:) it was the type of thing where you spend your whole entire life trying to understand something and in the last 2 seconds before your life is all over, you say to whoever is standing over your hospice bed… ” duh,,,,” and the person tries desperately to have you explain but, alas, it’s too late! your gone.
    ***I promise you that I’m going somewhere with this, please just bear with me:)***
    Alrighty…on we go…and as i was saying..
    i never go to God with any other agenda than to have Him lead me in a way that He knows I cannot mistake His message to me. when am sitting down to seek His face, I invite Him to join me in a magnificant intimacy. I tell Him.. “come close to me, fill me with your wonderful presence, fill my home in such an overwhelming way that if someone knocks on the door, they think you live here, not me:) pull me in as close as You can get a woman like me who spent so many years denying You even were real” I try very hard to humble myself even just to open His word. Moses hid his face from the burning bush when he realized it was God speaking to him. And when I invite God to join me in my livingroom, you better believe i should hide my face. seeking Him means quieting myself so much so that if He chooses only to tell me in a whisper, that I never need worry that I didn’t hear Him right. What He shared with me yesterday was regarding fear in the face of faith. (and no, not the other way around. He always tells me things in a VERY specific way…to the point of actually making me go back to choose different words. haha) …and so, at my apex of understanding, i suddenly thought back a few months to where God really began to reveal Himself to me, and i thought…you know what?…I’m supposed to be sharing this with others. that’s why He is so insistant even to the point of correcting my word usage:)) i need to be sharing the things that He’s telling me because THAT IS THE REASON HE’S TELLING ME IN THE FIRST PLACE! and that is why He has been so specific with me. and i love Him for it. and i am so moved by His movements and mercies in my life that i just cant keep it to myself.
    this is exactly what iI’m talking about. right here. prime example. i had all of this typed up in the comment box and i deleted ALL of it and thought “i will just say that it was such a nice article. this guy does not want to read a novel in his comment box. i started over and God made me write it all out again anyway. The reason God knows when i sit and when i rise (Psalm 139) is because He’s the one who gets to decide if and when I do it, as I’m sure you now see:))) thank you very much. i invite you to send a reply to my e’mail if you feel so inclined. If not, I’ll just tell you that you were a blessing to me today and i hope that i blessed ya right back:)

  64. linda persinger permalink

    I wrote this tonight. this truly and honestly happened to me just a few minutes ago. my whole body is still reeling from it all …It was the most BEAUTIFUL experience I have ever felt!
    After the past few days I have had I know if God hadnt answered me I couldn’t tell you what would happen to me, I seriously have been at my end here especially today when I got that last letter about them taking all my money and garnishing my bank accts. I just gave up hope today, I lay in the dark asking GOd if I couldn’t have hope in HIm then where could I find hope?

    Alone in the darkness
    Crying out to the Lord
    Are you there Jesus
    Can you hear Me
    Do you care that Im hurting
    Do you know that Im here?
    You are my heavenly father
    I am your daughter

    Do you know that I love you
    and I need you in my life
    Can you Help me just a little Lord
    Can you comfort me
    as I reach out to you in the darkness

    I stretch out my arms Lord
    I need to feel your touch
    Somewhere in the darkness
    I feel you Lord
    I feel your peace
    I know you are here
    I dont have to see your face,
    your presence
    is so beautiful to me
    I love you Jesus
    You tell me You love me too
    I smile into the darkness
    I know you are smiling too

    You tell me everything is going to be ok
    I know in my heart it will be
    I love your presence Lord
    you fill my heart with such Love
    beyond anything I have ever felt
    I love your touch
    it brings me joy , far beyond any I have ever felt
    I love your voice, It never fails to calm my fears.

    I love your presence Lord
    I could Lose myself here
    and find complete happiness
    I ask you to never leave me,
    I dont want a second without you in me Life,
    You tell me you will never leave me

    I love your presence Lord~
    I want to follow you all the days of my life
    Send me your spirit Lord, Give me a new heart
    Fill me with forgiveness and hope
    strength and joy
    even in the midst of my pain
    I will give you glory always

    I love your Presence Lord
    You are my life, My Savior
    My redeemer, My everything
    without You I have no reason to Hope.

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    • Wow!! Praise God Linda!! God bless, Mark

      • linda persinger permalink

        thank you Mark. I dont share alot of my writings with others but I felt inclined to share that. I hope that others will feel blessed and know that GOD is near us at all times and if we just open our hearts and our ears we will hear what HE has to say to us.. He \is always waiting in the wings…just hoping we will come and spend some time with HIM…God bless

    • brenda fischer permalink


  65. yolanda permalink

    I thank God for your your site Rev. Mark i love Wanting God all over my life. In every thing i do i want God to lead me and guide me. I want everything i am about to be about God. I want my life to glorfiy Him. To Brenda i understand just what you said when you are talking to people that they only seem to get it on a grade school level. I believe that is because they have not had a real encounter with God. They are only on the surface and have not gone into the deep. It is the relationship that we have with God and not religion it is a difference. when we start to have that one on one with God then we can become more and more like Him. A we chase after God and read the Word He will guide us into all truth. I Love m relationship with God my life has not been the same, and i would not give it up for nothing and nobody. Thank you again Rev Mark. Yolanda R.

  66. Brandi permalink

    Thank you so much for this message today.. Although I have been a lifetime believer in Christ, I have never experienced His presence in my life the way I am now. Every attempt i made to become close to Him I failed at. It was not until I began to seek God in an unselfish way and truly just get to know Him that my life began to change. As with any relationship, it only grows through quality time together. For once in my life I am passionate about being close to Him, thus I am experiencing his presence in my life in a way I really cannot explain to others effectively. Now I still have alot of issues that I need to weed out of my life but I’m comforted in knowing that I am not alone in my struggles. In Ezekial, God tells us that He is our shepard and that he will seek out and bring his lost sheep back, feed, clothe, and take care of us. I truly understand and feel this to be true in my life. Thank you for your message, what a blessing you are to me.

  67. David Peters permalink

    Yesterday the Lord spoke to me and said “Are you taking advantage of all the power that is available to you” I had to answer “no” I began reading and searching for the fullness of the Holy Spirit in my life and realizing that Prayer and Praise were an integral part and immersing myself in the Word. Thank you for your daily writing it was just what I needed today.

  68. There is an old Applachain saying that was told to me when I was a child. My grandparents were farmers, and in the summers I went and helped, or was in the way. But, I enjoyed every minute of it. Anyway, one hot evening we sat with the doors open, and one light bulb burned dimly. I asked why does all the millers (moths) keep flying towards the light. My grandmother said that it represents lost souls looking for the light. Your honest quest to grow closer to God ,has allowed his light to shine thru you. The light shines so bright that its attracts believers, the saved, the unsaved to Gods word that you are allowing to shine thru you. Keep Shinning, your web page has helped me alot, and I know it is helping many others.

  69. Joy Rayle permalink

    I know that the reason I am compelled to listen to, to follow you in your studies and biblical teachings is that you are non denominational. You are not trying to pressure anyone into a specific religion, you are not “preaching” and you stay on ‘our’ level. What a gift!!! We are seeking God’s word, we are frightened for what we see happening in our world, in our families & in our governments. While these things are indeed signs of the end times, we as humans still seek comfort but as Christians, we are constantly seeking reassurance and other Christians to associate with. I am horrified to see Christian fundamentals being cast aside in our Government. These were the foundation for our Country being established, our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Laws. This loss further enables the masking of men coming in the name of God and misleading people who are weak and not willing to think for themselves, not willing to read the Bible for themselves. Your non-pretentious manner ensures Christians that they are amoung Gods chosen people. I do not need to follow a “leader” so to speak, I need to find comfort in who I am with, I need to know that the people I have encircled my life with will recognize false leaders and be strong enough to stand alone. I watched and ‘listened’ as you began your reflections. I felt drawn, I felt comfort and I felt fulfilled. I continue to feel your reflections are a valuable tool for my needs. Thank You Mark…. and may God bless you and yours. Yours in Christ, a trusting sister.

  70. Mark, this reflection reminds me of my favorite psalm:
    Psalm 27
    In particular, verse 8:

    “My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face, Lord, I will seek.”

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us as you seek His face!

  71. Ms.Cookie permalink

    I want to continue recieving Christ into Every aspect of my life always and forever…infinity and beyond. I’m overjoyed to be Born Again and know I am a child of the King.

  72. Vicky permalink

    I must say I really enjoyed this reflection. God is truly wonderful & ground shaking to me. I feel that my relationship with him is so perfect, so clear and of course, so truly honest. I believe he is what keeps me safe and out of harms way. He is my whole reason for living & his love makes me want to always be a better person.

  73. Polly permalink

    Your posts are an encouragement to me. Thank you for allowing God to use you in this way.

    Your sister in Christ!

  74. Tyrone wright permalink

    The Lord has called me to sing in the choir and I did join; then the opportunity came to serve on the praise team and that was a little hard for me because I had no intention to be on the praise team.

    We just got a music minister and after such a long time without one it feels good to have one now. The thing is God keeps coming up with all these opportunities to serve in the music ministry I feel like Moses before God in the burning bush. Its a little scary for me being responsible for leading Gods people into worship.

    What do you do when you are just not sure whither you are being called or not?

    • brenda fischer permalink

      alright Tyrone:)) this is what you do #1.) you trust me:) haha ok #2) you trust God to let me give you the right kind of information:)) 3#) are you still reading this? i hope so:) ok ..what i will tell you is that this has been working for me without fail, but you and i are not the same people so lets just hope for the best. are you ready??
      ok go!!! haha you can trust me, i promise.
      You go to God and you say “ok Lord, I’m going to do whatever it is that you are trying to have me do.” make no compromise on the issue. dont be wishy washy. make no expectations for the situation. just take it like God’s going to be taking you on a little adventure.
      When you agree to do what He wants you to do, (even when you still have no idea what that might be), the Lord has a miraculous way of making sure you know EXACTLY what He was wanting from you.
      and i will tell you a secret. the reason God asks us to do stuff is bc He wants to pull us closer and He knows the best way to make that happen, but it can only happen if you just say “ok! what ever it is lets do it”::) these things work completely by His logic, not our goofy human logic . and that’s why we say stuff about how we dont know what He wants us to do bc we can’t understand WHY He would wnat us to do something…I’m willing to bet that the Lord is wanting to use the praise and worship to pull you closer into His grace and just really be able to spend some time in counsel with you through the worship and prayer.
      hear is my advice (the shorter version:))) offer yourself up to Him. ”
      this is one of my favorite simple truths to remind myself of God’s completion of the planning of my life that He began before He even saw the outlive of my unformed body and unformed life. it is a passage from a book called “my utmost for His hightest”
      ” Keep yourself in such constant contact with God that His surprising power may break out on the right hand and the left. Always be in a state of expectancy, and see that you leave room for God to come in as he likes.”
      You know what Moses learned? He learned that God does not ask us to do things just for the sake of the sake itself. And if you were to open your Bible up to Matthew 8:23-27 your fears might diminish a little bc this is what helped me to trust in my Lord, ESPECIALLY WHEN I AM AFRAID TO DO HIS WILL…think about this…”even the wind and the waves obey Him” and the secret message in that is this: The wind and the waves NEVER question the Lord. if he tells them get crazy, they dont ask why, they just immediately do what He commands. are you and i so rediculous that something like water would have more faith the Jesus than we do?
      Whatever you choose do not choose it on lack of faith or abundance of fear because God show us in His Word examples of His mercies and movements in the lives of all who were faithful to Him. if you really want to know what God is asking you to do, seek HIM, not the answer. Seek Him and you will never need to know a single answer again for the rest of your life. tune yourself in with Him and seek HIS face, and bow down at His feet and just show Him how much you love Him. You will be able to get to the point where the answers dont even matter bc your only concern will be that you show him the reverence that will grow in you for your ALMIGHTY GOD, YOUR REDEEMER. THE ANSWERS JUST WONT EVEN MATTER ANYMORE. GOD BLESS YOU

  75. Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus. I just want to incourage someone out there that now is the time to acept Jesus christ as your personal lord and saviour. Since of have recieved jesus as my lord and he filled me with the holy spirit. He has been teaching me and showing me how to grow in faith and be a witness of christ. I love the lord with all my heart, with all my might and with all my soul and I put him above all things. When I stumble and fall he’s always there to pick me back up. He teach me how to worship and also how to pray. I hope whoever is reading this message draw close to god and he will draw close to you. The word of God says without the holy spirit you are none of his. When Jesus fill you with his spirit I guarentee your life will never be the same. I will never change the lord for anything and he promised that he will never leave us nor forsake us. Hold on to god’s unchanging hands and he will direct your path. Thank you and may god continue to shine his light upon you and yours.

  76. Faith permalink

    I am blessed reading other comments and thoughts of the family of God.

    One way that I have learnt to serve is by surrendering; self and my will on a daily basis…sometimes even on a moment by moment basis. That means I have to make it a point to put God first in all I do and seek Him constantly. Easier said than done. When I got the grasp of doing this I found myself constantly praying, Lord, am about to say something, please give me the words to speak that I may not sin against you…Lord, am going to the grocery store, order and direct my paths that I may buy what I need….Lord, let all I meet see the glory of God in me….and so on and so forth.

    It got to a point I could hear the voice of the Holy Spirit vividly like someone standing next to me….yes, true worship is total surrender to God…

    I am blessed and thank God for you. Keep on listening to God, many people are hungry for His Word.

  77. Sheerah Parson permalink

    To Mark,
    I was blessed by your blog.God is quite amazing and it is exciting to see the Holy Spirit moving in your life leading and guiding you calling you to become more like Christ to fulfill the kingdom work God has planned for you. I get excited to hear how God works in others lives because it motivates me to draw closer to Him so I truly thank God for you and the ministry God has given you for such a time as this. God is just looking for a willing vessel to commit to and follow Him.God has never left us or forsaken us and he never will but He’s just waiting on us to reach out to Him and when we realize we can’t survive without Him,He will come. We have to want Him and have a longing desire to draw closer to Him.My dad is a pastor and in fact most of my family are ministers and I have always been fascinated by the spiritual realm since I was a child growing up in church but oftentimes I have put too much weight on it when actually all we have to do is pray and seek His face out of true hunger and thirst for Him..the same things you did.
    I am a music vocal perfomance major at Hampton University planning to walk in May this year! Praise God!:) Your blog immediately made me think of an incident last semester while in the school library early in the morning. I was listening to a sermon where the preacher stated Christians should be more immersed in God. The first thing we should ask God every morning is ‘According to the gifts/talents you gave me and the plan you have for my life God what is my mission for today?’I said to myself instead of thinkin about missed texts or grades first I will ask what my mission is for the day. I tried it and by the time I walked into the music office I was immediately asked to sing at a fellow students memorial the next day!there are plenty of talented singers at this school but humbly I said yes and I knew God was saying you asked and this is it. I sang R. Kelly’s “Ibelieve I can fly” and it took a lot of strength as the atmosphere was very sad and somber but God was with me and through song He shined through me for the friends and family of the loved one..Mark,may God continue to bless you and shine through you for others:)

  78. I want what God has to offer and through his word it is promised to me if I obey his word and sow the seed of sucsess…….I forever have not applied this to my daily life and have found myself to be going nowhere. My goal is to no longer stand withold from the Lords gifts and pay back all that I owe to him. Pray for my healing and my goal to walk the path of rightousness in Gods eyes as he so desires all of us to do….James

  79. Stephanie permalink

    I have such a hunger to “feel” God in my life that I don’t really know how to fulfill the hunger. I can’t seem to find the right path to Him. It is like I seem Him in the distance but I can’t seem to get to Him. I want to feel Him within me so badly. Thank you for helping me to understand the Bible verses which I find confusing in the way they are written at times. You do a great job at clarifying them.

    Again, Thank You for all of your hard work and God Bless you!

  80. Tina permalink

    I lost my 20 year old son on June 10, 2009. He took his own life. He was my only child and I love him dearly. We were very close as I basically raised him as a divorced Mom. He developed schizophrenia as a result of drug use, I prayed heartfelt prayers every day and night, it was all I could do because he refused help and a judge refused to force him to get help. I stayed up with him and prayed so hard for his healing, he was scared to even sleep. He accepted Jesus as his saviour and started reading the bible constantly. I thought there would be a miraculous healing but he died approx a month later. Thru communication with the holy spirit I know he was healed and he is ok, I have been assured of this. I miss him very much, but I know I will see him again. Jesus conquered death. My prayers were not answered the way I thought they would be, but they were answered in the way God wanted and thought best. In hindsight perhaps he was saved from a life institutionalized or jailed. I don’t have all the answers, but I do feel Gods care and keeping every day. I know my son was very sick and it was very scary for me to see him deterioate before my eyes. I love God with my whole heart, I am living proof that he can carry us through anything! Not that it hasn’t been sad and hard for me at times. But I know we live in an imperfect world at this time where immorality, drug use, crime, and death is the norm. But these things will come to an end. Gods love through his son Jesus will reign supreme and these things will be no more. How blessed we are that those who turn to him can enjoy His love now. What a blessing.

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