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Old Man of Prayer in Audio!

February 9, 2010

A couple of days back I shared a poem I wrote called, Old Man of Prayer and Dave Roberts over at Parktake Ministries organised a guy by the name of Richard Allen to recite my poem.  Listening to it got me a bit misty.. beatiful reading!  To listen click on the play button below.. (if you are reading this on email click on ”Old Man of Prayer in Audio!’ above, to go to the blog to listen!!)

Here is my poem:

Old Man of Prayer

Ignoring the cold constriction of knees long past their best
This old man of prayer persisted with long earned patience.

Painfully positioned, hand grasping each other in a determined embrace
The old man of prayer dropped his head, eyes locking out the simple room.

He paused, to release his thoughts and invite a focus on the one who made him
The old man of prayer knew his time was short, but he thought slowly.

He prayed a life of friendships and family long travelled
The old man of prayer told the story as he had done many times before.

The story of love and joy that brings tears and pain
The old man of prayer found his cheeks moist with memories.

The story of failure and desire of hope that confuses and refines
The old man of prayer, with undaunted clarity pushed on.

Then pain splashed across his frail body, pushing him into the grey
And the old man of prayer knew that his time had come.

They found the old man of prayer resting peacefully against his bed, still kneeling, hands loosely bound in prayer, a faint smile fixed on his face.

When they gently removed him they found two knee sized worn patches in the carpet beneath him.

The ambulance attendant, quietly offered, ‘Amen.’


God bless,


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  1. Connie permalink

    Very touching! I have no words to express my feelinga on this. It speaks for itself.

  2. Dr.Jacob permalink

    Awesome one and it s really touching.. thanks !! God Bless

  3. debbie permalink

    I saved it so I can listen to it over and over. VERY TOUCHING INDEED!
    God bless you!

  4. Patty permalink

    AWESOME!!!!!! This is a must hear. Great way to start the day, thank you. I will be reflecting on this all day at work.

  5. Julie I permalink

    Very Beautiful! Moving/Touching. It speaks to the heart Rev. Mark. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Blanche permalink

    Beautiful!!!!The poem gave me hope to continue in prayer.

  7. tammy permalink

    this is such a great poem

    blessings to you and thank you for sharing your thoughts


  8. JOY permalink

    Pastor Mark, Thank you for sharing your awesome poem. It is so beautiful. I think God put it in your heart. He asked you to bring it to the world.
    Thank you for saying Yes to the Lord.
    God Bless you!

  9. Debhra permalink

    How beautiful! Thanks for sharing ;o)
    ❤ Debbie

  10. Lynn permalink

    beautiful poem pastor mark,very moving when you hear it read to yo like that, as iclosed my eyes and listened i could picture this old man of prayer in my mind faithfully kneeling despite the physical pain to do battle for his loved ones. he was very frail, yet at the same time a mighty warrior who refused to give up. he had won many a battle on his knees and in the end he knew he had beaten the enemy and won the war of good vs evil with God at his side as each night he kneeled and prayed the prayer of faith.

  11. Lynn permalink

    God was very good to me, as He gave me a praying grandmother whom i knowprayed for my life when i was born and continued to pray for me to come into Gods kingdom. i know her prayers saved my life. my one regret is that she died without seeing me start living my life for God. but oh, what a reunion it will be in heaven as we both kneel together at the feet of Jesus to worship Him as our Lord and King and give Him our crowns. AMEN

  12. Pam Dye permalink

    My cheeks are wet as I listened to this poem this morn. Made me realize this…… I need to do more of what this faithful servant of God did All his Life. Thank you, to All of you brothers and sisters in Christ.

  13. Jan Morgan permalink


  14. Marilyn permalink

    Awesome! Thank you for writing that beautiful poem Mark and also blessings on the guy that read it so beautifully! O Lord, that I would wear patches in the carpet too.

  15. Estelle Warren permalink

    Such a beautiful poem with such a message, a message that this man spent his life doing what the Lord would have us to do daily and that is to come to him in prayer. The old man spoke from his heart to our Lord and surely sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit in doing so.

    To get to the end and having had such a close walk with Thee surely would be our desire too, but we tend at times to let busy life crowd in on the things that are really important……the spiritual……the only thing that really matters at the end. Surely God will bless this “Old Man of Prayer” poem and the video to help us get a better focus on life as he wants us to pray to him, gave us the model prayer, “Our Father, who art in Heaven……..”

    Mark, I am sure He would say “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

  16. sanjay permalink

    i can’t get the meaning of this poem clearly coz i’m bad at english. can someone please make it on a simple way? thanking you. god bless you

    • Meredith permalink

      Sanjay, in the poem, he’s talking about a man who’s about to die, but is spending the last minutes of his life in prayer. He’s been a faithful prayer warrior throughout his life, so this is a habit of his. He’s focusing on God, even though his knees are worn down and his body is in pain. Then he takes his last breath and dies, and the rescue team finds his body still kneeling by his bed. Does that help?

      • Meredith permalink

        I think the man’s also looking back on his life and thanking God for the family and friends He blessed him with, as well as for the failures and struggles he went through, because they brought the man closer to Him.

  17. Darcy permalink

    The emotional intensity is very obvious. . . and stirring. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  18. Pauline permalink

    Thank you Rev Mark for your beautiful poem. It really spoke to my heart, about the wonderful intimate relationship the old man had with God, how he brought everything to him in prayer. That is my desire, to grow closer to Him daily, I really appreciate your dedication to spreading God’s word. I also love your reflections with the word. Im challenged every day as I read and I need that so much.

  19. Sharon Martin permalink

    Your poem is so beautiful. I have read it over and over and now listened to it on audio. This poem inspires me to be just like “The Old Man of Prayer”. God bless you and your wonderful Bible Studies.

  20. Kathy permalink

    Wow! That made me cry! Beautifully read!

  21. Lori permalink

    What an absolutely beautiful reading. Your poem is so touching. Thanks for sharing with us.

  22. Lori Colbo permalink

    The reading was absolutely beautiful. Your poem was very touching.
    thanks for sharing.

  23. elodie M. permalink

    God,please,recandle my prayer life and restore the joy of my salvation. You remain faithful though iam not and this is why You Are GOD alone! I an seeking the sparkle again’

  24. Meredith permalink

    Thank you, Mark–that was wonderful. I appreciate your sharing this with us. I want to have that kind of passion!

  25. Bev permalink

    The reading of your poem brought it to life! Awesome and inspiring!

  26. That is very touching, and does show how we all are always to stay humbel before or Lord–

  27. ferdie permalink

    how i could image that he was entrusting his soul to our creator…as Jesus was about to die He said, luke 23:46 Jesus said, Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit. And when He had said this, He breathed out the spirit….this should be our prayer every day entrusting our soul to God, we dont know what will happen in the next seconds of our lives….as the old man in the poem committing his life to the LORD…..great poem! Godbless!

  28. Very sincere, and touching. Good poetry takes you to the inner place where thoughts become a visual reality. Thanks for the journey.

  29. sanjay permalink

    thank you meredith. now i’m getting what the poem is trying to say. it really encourage me. thank you mark for sharing wonderful n blessing poem with us.

  30. Joshua permalink

    Beautiful :)) Jesus love!

  31. kay permalink

    thank you Rev Mark.
    The poem is a beautiful challenge.

  32. Ron Parks permalink

    Thanks for this beautiful poem….your writing and the audio.

  33. Tharadjyne permalink

    Just beautiful…..

  34. Rena Bolster permalink

    I long to be able to leave such a legacy!

  35. Sheena permalink

    I feel blessed by God what a wonderful poem God Bless all!

  36. marcia permalink

    wow really had me thinking this is a good one i have to share it with the members of my church

  37. Velvet permalink

    I needed to hear this! Thank you Reverend Mark. I know what God wants!

  38. Polly permalink

    WOW! This poem is awesome (as I wipe the tears from my face).

  39. Debbie permalink

    What a wonderful place to be when called home!

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