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How to control sin

February 7, 2010

James 5:19-20  My dear brothers and sisters, if someone among you wanders away from the truth and is brought back, you can be sure that whoever brings the sinner back will save that person from death and bring about the forgiveness of many sins. (New Living Translation)

We live in a valley surrounded by dense bush covered hills and right now as I type this reflection, one of the hills is on fire.  Helicopters buzz overhead dumping water as flames leap high consuming the bush before it.  A fire truck has just raced past our house as a precaution.  Thankfully the wind is pushing the fire in the other direction away from the houses out into open countryside, but every few moments I pause typing and check all the same.  (This sort of event is very good for my prayer life!)  And then I read this final part of the amazing book of James.

I am a sinner, no question.  I struggle with sin on a daily basis, sinful feelings and thoughts burn through my life like the fire on the hill.  And in reading James 5:19-20 I realise the utter importance of not allowing that sin to overtake my life, for that fire to rage out of control.  It will cause destruction and pain not just in my life but those dearest to me.

Seeking forgiveness is like vast amounts of water that dampen the bush and extinguish the fire.  And I readily come before the Lord and accept that forgiveness – Praise God!!

But once the fire is contained there is a need to clean up the surrounding bush, to build fire breaks, areas of clear land to prevent future fires spreading quickly.  In the same way it isn’t just a matter of seeking forgiveness, but of making changes in my life to assure the sinful practice or thoughts don’t continue.  What do I need to remove?  What do I need to clean out of my life to make sure I am not tempted again?

Lord I praise you for this awesome James reading, and commit my life to serving you.

Praise you Lord Jesus!!

God bless ya!


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  1. This really reminded me of a time in my life where I was young, a bit into my wild streak and really had to make a choice of what I wanted to do with the life God gave me. I was dating a guy that was completely wrong for me and causing me to stray far from Christ. One day, I just woke up and broke up… Out of nowhere really, I decided to break it off with him and since then, we haven’t spoken. I decided to make a change in my life. I find that in most cases, people cant take that initial step. Something about it is so frightening. And i know it is! But, now, I am happily married to a wonderful Godly man and thank God everyday for the strength to let go of the things that were causing me to be far from Him. Sometimes it takes a hard leap of letting go of comfortability and drastically change your circumstances! Great post!

    • Michael Cook permalink

      You are why I not only read the posting by Pastor Mark but also almost all the postings in the comments too! You guys really encourage me! Thank you for your sharing.

  2. James 5:19-20 (A WAKE-UP CALL)

    GIVEN: The defining moment of truth=Jesus Christ, as he is, i.e., “I Am Who I Am”, God Almighty, “the Father” and self-sufficient life, in his perfect and transfigurative death on the cross for thorough verification and experiential confirmation (John 8: 21-32; 12: 20-36; 14: 1-21; 16: 5-33; 17; 19: 30-37)

    QUESTION: How many people will be saved from “dying in their sins” (Ibid, 8:24)?


  3. Annette permalink

    realistically, is it possible to control sins?

    • Michael Cook permalink

      Annette, we can’t control sin. We have to repent and turn to Christ. But in Romans Paul ask a very important question which I believe we have to ask ourselves everyday.

      Romans 6:2b How shall we that are dead to sin, live any longer there in? We have to consider ourselves to be dead to sin, which means we have to consider that sin does not illicit a response from us. Romans 8: 6-7 says, For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. Now this is King James english so maybe we should see this in the message Bible translation:

      5-8Those who think they can do it on their own end up obsessed with measuring their own moral muscle but never get around to exercising it in real life. Those who trust God’s action in them find that God’s Spirit is in them—living and breathing God! Obsession with self in these matters is a dead end; attention to God leads us out into the open, into a spacious, free life. Focusing on the self is the opposite of focusing on God. Anyone completely absorbed in self ignores God, ends up thinking more about self than God. That person ignores who God is and what he is doing. And God isn’t pleased at being ignored.

      So what we can glean from these verses is, we cannot do this on our own, but we can only by focusing on God and what God has done for us through Christ are we able to overcome our sinful nature.

      I John 1:8-10 says this: If we claim that we’re free of sin, we’re only fooling ourselves. A claim like that is errant nonsense. On the other hand, if we admit our sins—make a clean breast of them—he won’t let us down; he’ll be true to himself. He’ll forgive our sins and purge us of all wrongdoing. If we claim that we’ve never sinned, we out-and-out contradict God—make a liar out of him. A claim like that only shows off our ignorance of God.

      I John 3:9-10:People conceived and brought into life by God don’t make a practice of sin. How could they? God’s seed is deep within them, making them who they are. It’s not in the nature of the God-begotten to practice and parade sin. Here’s how you tell the difference between God’s children and the Devil’s children: The one who won’t practice righteous ways isn’t from God, nor is the one who won’t love brother or sister. A simple test.

      So we learn from just these few scriptures that God does not want us to continue in sin…He doesn’t want us to practice sin and He desires that if we do sin…we should be quick to ask for and accept the forgiveness that God has freely given us in Christ.

      So the short answer to your very important questions is, no we cannot control sins, but we can OVERCOME THEM!

      • Jason permalink

        While I agree with all your evidence there, I think the key word is control. We can control to what extent we sin, but we can’t ELMINATE it. Just my thought

      • Jerry permalink

        Amen, Michael !

        Thanks for giving it straight Bible, no chaser.

      • Amen and amen…so well written that the laymen could recieve it. The Lord knows our hearts and sees the truly repentant and forgives completely with a Fathers love.

      • Julia permalink

        A Bible teacher taught me that, after Adam and Eve sinned, they had the power to sin, and did not have the power not to sin. Now that atonement has been made through Jesus Christ, all we who trust in Him have the power to sin, and the power not to sin. As I study the Word, I find this to be true. As I look back on my life, I see sins that once riddled my life even as a believer and are now not even a temptation to me. That came as a result of repentance, of coming to Christ when I “messed up” and confessing that I knew He could make me free of those sins. Do I struggle with other things now? Yes, but I constantly take it back to Christ and know that soon I will not continue to fall in this trap; whom Christ has set free, He has set free, indeed! One of the main messages of the NT is that in Christ we have the power to resist sin. I am not an advocate of Christian Perfectionism, or the thought that we can cease to sin and live perfectly. BUT Christ set us free from the law of sin and death, and so our lives should be more categorized by holiness than sin; if someone is not now more able to resist than before he came to Christ, where is the power of the Cross being evidenced in hs life? Remember, a good true bears good fruit. There is a higher law than Torah, that is the law of love. It is the first and greatest commandment. Let those who struggle in continual sin run to Father’s arms, confess and utterly abandon their sin. But do not wallow in guilt and shame. Know that you are forgiven and dive into the love of God. Love, not law, the love that was written to us throughout Scripture and revealed in the person of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, is both motivation and power to live a higher life! If we view God as “the cop in the sky” fear will drive us to keep sinning. But when we know His love, when we hate sin for the reason He hates it–because it seperates us from Him–we know that He is for us, and His love can empower us to overcome!

    • Bryan permalink

      We can’t control it,( in my belief) because of our flesh nature. But as God reveals it to us in our lives we can confess to Father God, repent (change our ways) “clean up the brush and fire hazards”, and prepare for the next area God will reveal to us…hopefully before the fire gets started…maybe we can clean it out and build the firebreaks of Faith before the fire starts next time. This is my hope in Christ anyway.
      Peace and God’s Love

    • The only sin, a.k.a., the one mortal sin, we will be held responsible for, is the sin of not knowing firsthand who Jesus Christ is (as self-revealed). If we take care of that, all our other sins will keep being washed by his grace (2 Cor. 12:1-11).

      That is why Jesus said, “Whoever is thirsy should come to me and drink. … “Whoever believes in me, streams of life-giving water will pour out from his heart.” (John 7: 37-38)

      This is the guarantee of the presence of the LORD in the believer’s life; and uninterrupted sin-cleansing (24×7) as committed. That is why Jesus said, “Anyone who has had a bath is completely clean and does not have to wash himself, except for his feet”. (John 13: 10)

      That is why the LORD said, “If anyone wants to boast, he should boast that he knows and understands me, because my love is constant, and I do what is just and right. These are the things that please me. I, the LORD, have spoken.” (Jer. 9:24)

      Who has a better solution?

  4. debbie permalink

    THIS IS a great teaching today and your experience with the fire is much like mine with a severe and horrid snowstorm we have had the last 2 days. I am home stranded until they come and plow the driveway and streets. I am captive in my house. No way out. Much like sin we are slaves to it unless we let Jesus come and plow our sins away with HIS SAVING GRACE. Then and only then can we run freely into His arms be slaves no more. It is so freeing to know He is there to free is whenever we run to HIM.

    God bless you!

  5. Jo Heatley permalink

    Hi Mark!

    Praise God for the cross, for His amazing forgiving heart! I agree we can make some changes to our lifestyle to avoid some sin, however I feel for our thought life, for repeated sinful thoughts, we need to ask God to renew our minds. By spending time in His presence, prayer and reading His word I have found that the way for God to work has been opened. However as we move closer to God as you have mentioned, the evil one rises up and we find our selves in the way of temptation more often.

    I think prayer, at these times, is the thing we can put in place to help us not sin. Can we live a completely sin free life? With His help we can try but we are all works in progress and will not reach perfection here on earth. x x

  6. Hello, I read your blog daily – I am on a wonderful spiritual journey and one of the first books of the Bible that touched me the most was James~

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  7. Lynn permalink

    is it possible to control sin? absoloutly YES!! Jesus did while He was here on earth, and lived a sinless life. you have to remember that when Jesus left heaven He left behind all rhe glory He had up in heaven, He lived anong us as a man, tempted in every way, shape,and form that we are tempted with, but He was able to resist all temptation. How did He do it? i’m not sure except to say that He spent hours ,even days in prayer seeking Gods will. and He studied rhe scriptures, and i have a strong feeling that when Jesus prayed, He not only talked, but He also was quiet at times to listen to Gods voice. it wasn’t a one way conversation. i have learned through the years that when i pray i also have to be still and listen if i want an answer. And God does answer, by putting a certai n scripture in your heart, or the urge to call and talk to a certain person, or to go see someone. or maybe to just be still and know that He is God. i have learned that since i now give God a chance to speak it has gotten a lot easier to resist the things of this world. please don’t get me wrong, i am still tempted and yes, sometimes i fall. i’ m far from perfect, but then again, Hods not finished with me yet.

  8. Cameron permalink

    Pastor Mark,

    Can’t tell you how blessed I am to have your reflections as a part of my morning devotions each day. Thank you for your faithfulness to write each day and encourage us believers in our daily walk with Jesus. I love to mention my “pastor friend way Down Under” to others as I share your reflections with them. God bless from Tennessee!


  10. What a blessing your blog is to me each morning. The Lord has blessed you with the ability to share his word in such a beautiful and enlightning manner. The Lord is using you to speak to speak to so many. Thank You and God bless you.

  11. Good stuff! I’m finding myself falling into the same pattern with one particular struggle: I fall, I cling to denial about the fact that I’ve fallen, I repent….and then I fall again. Realizing I need to clear some bush and build some firebreaks!! Thanks brother Mark!

  12. Jody permalink

    I have been struggling this weekend, and have fallen. I have felt miserable and frusterated with myself for giving in to temptation. I truly believe that GOD directed me to the opportunity to read your blog today. Thank you Bro. Mark for allowing GOD to work through you. GOD bless you!

  13. My elderly mom has been a preacher’s wife for 50 years. Now that they have retired, she is not active in the church. She feels she just might not get to go to heaven. She questions whether she is good enough. I keep reminding her that Jesus saved her a long time ago…and she feels that she is not DOING enough. She won’t hear when I say it is not what she does it is what HE DID!! She feels that by not doing (and she doesn’t want to do anything any more) that she is sinning.

  14. Anonymous permalink

    I needed to see this this morning. I just fell into the same sin I’ve been trying my hardest to avoid, and now I feel like just giving up. But I saw your post, and it’s given me a little strength to get through this day and try harder tomorrow. Sin seems to rule my life right now, but I know if I just give God the chance, He will heal me through his grace and love. Thank you for your words.

  15. Bernhard Breytenbach permalink

    Its a pretty cool comparison and it made me think allot about my life.

    One thing thou that we must realize is how we look at ourselves. You said you are a sinner, and because of that you will sin. If I say I am a smoker, it means my Identity lies in smoking and therefor I will continue to smoke. But if I change the way I look at myself and see that I am a Holy Son of God, that smokes/sins. All of a sudden smoking is something that I do that is contradictory to my Identity and because of that I will change the habit so that my actions will fit into my Identity in Christ.

    We are not Sinners, we are Sons and Daughters of God! And sinning is a action which doesn’t fit into Identity!

    But still, awesome post.
    Thanks 🙂

    • Michael Cook permalink

      So very very well said! Beloved NOW ARE WE THE SONS OF GOD! I John 3:2. I think we need to realize our true identity is that of Gods Sons and not anylonger those who are condemned to be sinners (lawbreakers) for the rest of our days. If we can only begin to identify with Christ, because this is how the Father sees us. Wow, You are so right about this. I love my brothers and sisters here.

      I try to read all the postings of not only Mark but also all of you! I get so much encouragement and inspiration from you! Thank you!

      • Wonderfully said to help us stand how much God loved that he gave us his only begotten son. How else would we survived the world we live in. Beautifully put, please keep it up along with Mark.

    • Thanks, I loved what you said. I believe this thought can help us overcome our sin/ bad habits.

      Thanks again.

    • Austin duncan permalink

      Genisis 1:12. The seed was good. not to stray from another subject but what about the plant Cannabis?

  16. Patrick Changalwa, from Eldoret Kenya permalink

    Thanks pastor for the mighty revelation of the word of God. You are reaching so many of us, only a few, I included, can live their comments. God bless you so much, as continue ministering to us.

  17. Garrett Stewart permalink

    WOW! God’s time is awesome! I have been struggeling with a particular sin since my wife and I have been going through a sepperation and possible divorce. Please pray for GOD’s will not mine (as so do I). Besides my anger problem (which ansewer is also in James) I have some other issues. I have cried out to God and He has heard me and confirmed it through your message…thanks for all that you do with the Lord and His ministry! God is AWESOME!!! Love through CHRIST!

  18. 1 John 3:9 says it all. To repent, which is the first lesson taught, is to turn away from sin. This you must do first to be saved. To be born again means just that, a new life without sin. We were all born sinniners, but created perfect in His image. That is what God expects of us now. In the words of the great late Oswald Chambers, ‘God will never take away are ability to sin, but he will give us abiliby to stop sinning’. Remember Matt 7:23. If you believe you can continue to sin and be saved you will hear those words. Strive for perfection as in Matt 5:28, those are the stern words of Jesus. God Bless

  19. christyne permalink

    i really enjoyed the way you compared the fires to Sin and how the water is like God’s Forgiveness for that sin. the part that i liked the most was when you asked “What can i do to resist that sin?” and i thought about that as i read on, and the only thing i can up with for myself really is to give all to God it’s the only place where it really can go if you think about it. i may be young but im mature for my age and i am proud of myself for that, but all that aside im proud of my friends for they are maturing BEAUTIFULLY, and after reading this i think i will use this same type of anaologe when witnessing b/c it’s good to understand how quickly sin can take over and i dont think my friends quite get that. this has lifted my spirits and i thank you. hang in there b/c even in persecution and in times of trouble, God’s Glory shines through always. and if you think about that the winds blowing the fire towards the country side is a God thing

  20. Dian permalink

    Awesome message….I agree sin is like a fire that spreads and destroys….To get on the right path, what will get you where you want to be: Decisions you make…good or bad…It is easy to look at others and say to yourself, I see where they are going and where their decisions are leading them…God allows you to do anything you want, yet we can not erase the consequences of your decisions…cause and effect. When we sin we are asking for pain that we have never ask for…would you just say to God, go ahead and give me extra pain…Of course not. Then you find yourself sinning and in a situation that you did not ask for. It is never to late to jump into the river, river of the holy spirit…God gives us grace, which means he forgives us of our sins when we do not deserve it..when I say jump into the river of the Spirit…I mean, sometimes we hear a small still voice that tells us what we need to do. Some people will say, you mean when we know right from wrong. Really it is God telling you what he wants you to do. So many times I have found myself denying God, quenching the spirit..just refusing to listen to him and what he has told me to do….If we listen, yield and follow that direction. You will find yourself in the river…river of his grace, river of his love and river of his forgiveness…We are all sinners…ALL….not some, not most not just you, not just me or your neighbor…We are ALL sinners and fall short of Gods Glory…So to the sinners, that’s me…jump in the river, follow, let God lead you…to happiness…and his Grace..Wonderful Grace. Remember one thing, the Decisions you make lead to where you want to go, your destiny..If you want to know where you will be in 20 years…Look at your decisions…Choose your direction, choose your destiny. Choose God 🙂 Go help yourself, go help your brothers and sisters, go help someone. Just Go.

  21. omar permalink

    Great post, really enjoyed it. I have recently turned to God from a long period of time. I had told my self, I would never again be an active member in church. God made me realize how wrong I was, and gave me conviction to return to HIM. Reading the post really help me, and the inspiring comments everyone leaves, really encourage me. Praise be to Father God above.

  22. This is so true to home. This morning in church our minister said that we need to at prayer to help us to overcome the weaknesses that the devil wants to impose up on us. May God Bless Us.

  23. tanya permalink

    I. Needed this thanks

  24. Tia permalink

    I have gone to my bed and dream that I had immortal relationship with guys. When I realise it’s a dream I am so relieved cause I don’t know how I was going to break this news to my husband. Mark can I be pure in my dreams. These dreams are scary.

    • Michael Cook permalink

      These dreams are a warning. Pay attention to them as they may be God trying to give you a message.

    • Nina permalink

      I have also been under attack in my dreams…..I encourage you to pray for God’s protection as you sleep….pray that he put a hedge of protection around your thoughts and your dreams….even as we sleep satan will still attack….they may only be dreams but satan is trying to push that door open.

  25. Bev permalink

    I’m asking for prayers to help me have the courage to resist temptation. I need to turn to God.

  26. Cheryl permalink

    I have been in a horrible struggle due to some sinful choices a few years ago. Alot to explain here but to make a long story short I was married to my husband for 24years most of which was miserable and hurtful. At about 22years into our marriage I got way to close to a married man and the whole time I KNEW it was wrong but continued and even planned to make this an intimate relationship. I divorced my husband Then the trouble got even worse this man was “PERFECT” (i convinced myseldf) I finally was convicted after 2years and begged the Lord to show me the truth I remarried my husband BUT my husband still allowed this man around (I sure didn’t say NO) we continued to be close and yes a few times intimate. I would say we need to stop this is wrong he would say I think God wants us together we will always be part of each other etc etc…Last summer this other man called one day said we cn’t be friends anymore “I met someone on the phone, we had sex a week later she is moving in then i heard he is now getting married”. Instead of being grateful the Lord separated us I was hurt, angry sinful, stupid. I am better but I still think of him way to often and he really isn’t where I would want to be if it was ok with the Lord and it is not. I NEED to completely let go forgive him for all the lies Like saying he will never marry only live together now he is married all that should not make any difference to me. My husband and I are finally getting the relationship we should have in the Lord. I am so blessed by the ministries the Lord has opened to me. PLEASE HELP ME before this destroys me.

    • Dian permalink

      Concentrate on the things you can control…and let go of the rest….You can not see the future, the Lord can….even though you are suffering, you could have suffered more. Can you image if you had married him and he left you for another women. Your situation could be a lot worse…ask for forgiveness and read the bible. Follow the teachings of God, even thought the path is narrow it leads to eternal life and the wide path leads to destruction. I have found when I feel wounded and hurt with pain, if I focus on helping others it gets my focus off of me and onto God…With God I pray you can do all things….You can do it….stay strong..and I ask Jesus for strength for you, In Jesus name, Amen…God Bless you sister.

    • Dian permalink

      Cheryl one more thing; it seems simple and it works…when you get ready to make a decision, ask yourself’ ” It this decision going to lead me to where I want to go”? small steps are what leads you in your direction in life…I also pray dear father for Cheryl, that you speak to her through the holy spirit and send her good christian friends she can be accountable to, to help her make wise decisions. I know how much you love her. Father put your loving arms around her and keep her safe. Keep her from temptation and provide a way out. Keep her stay close to you. In Your glorious Name Jesus. To God be the Glory, Amen….

      • Cheryl permalink

        Dian, Thank You so much. I have read books, listened to many cds on this subject. I am getting better but I want to be completely set free. I can feel closer to the Lord and He has really opened many doors for me to minister to others. Your right If I would have stayed with him I would have never trusted, believed, or had peace in him. My husband who I remarried is trustworthy and has made many changes and I know this is truly what the Lord wanted. I am so grateful for your prayers and any advice. The Lord is truly the only way to peace, truth, joy…

  27. Anonymous permalink

    Hi, forgive me Father God for missing so many church services in the last 21 months. I love church and am torn apart between it and working full time around the clock. I’m glad that I am able to pay my debts, and be a blessing to my children’s cause in the past I never had enough to make ends meet. And at the same time I know that I am a blessing to that person I’m working for because now they are able to turn to God with their problems because of the example I have set before them in living a godly life. I give God the glory for that. And thank Him for the grace and mercy in my life. Amen!

  28. So often we make promises to avoid the very sins that beset us. We vow to live better lives for Christ. Only to find ourselves back at square one, committing the same immoral act that we promised to stop. Truth be told, we are humans, expected to strive for perfection as the Word commands, but we are not perfect. Nonetheless, that is no means for us to justify our acts. When we sin, we disobey God’s command for us to be sanctified (holy).

    As we go through life’s journey, let us ask God to give us the courage to say no to sin. Let us be brave enough to trust Him and seek Him in prayer and reading the word and be strengthened against all temptations. It is so easy to say yes when we consider the pleasure that an act will do. Often times we regret after all is done. But God is able to grant us the power through the Holy Spirit to overcome.

    Keep up the good work and let us all hold on to God’s unchanging hand that we may be glorified at His return. God bless you all.

  29. Trevor permalink

    Thank you all for such inspiring messages. We are all sick some more than others and fall short of the Glory of God. We thank Jesus so much for the cross co’s without that selfless act, we humans would have zero chance of being with God!!Thank You Jesus for your mercy and your Love to us, and fo rthe free gift of salvation!! We Lve You Jesus and want to be more and more like You. It is so difficult co’s the people we think are godly are sometimes worse than the peole off the street,ie Pastor of the Church I was going to was just interested in making more money. I told the so called Elders how my wife and I were strugling and they could’nt even help us with a bit of food. But the Pastor wanted the Church tithes to increase as he put it,eg wanted to reach this amount from now on, monthly………God Bless all of you!!! Trev

  30. This was a great reminder to not just receive God’s forgiveness, but to also allow Him to help make changes where they are needed. This blog was encouraging and very helpful.

  31. Ed Martens permalink

    My life is full of blaming, full of attacking, full of seduction, full of sin, full of ego, and full of evil. Only you God have the power over these sins. All these sins were crushed by you heel and stamp into the ground by your death on the cross, and by the fact that you rose from the dead. The serpent will crawl on the ground defeated. I will live in the everlasting power and love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  32. Ivan permalink

    Hi uncle Mark
    Im a few years away from marrying,my fianceè is a catholic. Is their religion wrong or right,im a christian. Many people have talked to me but i get diffrent answers. If their religion is wrong and she wont convert,what should I do? Ivan.South Africa

    • Austin duncan permalink

      You may only get to god through his son, doesn’t matter the religion. Just where your heart is with god, ofcourse we all have our own interpritation – but in the guide lines of interpritation you have to include the elements of god. Love, peace, righteousness, holiness, power, grace.

  33. Colleen permalink

    My Sunday School lesson was on the 10 commandments this morning and we are all measured by them however I explaned to my 8 year old children that none of us can meet that standard. Thank GOD for JESUS willingness to go to the Cross for my sins. It was hard for the children to wrap there minds around the thought that we will not get to heaven because of what we do or do not do. It is only through faith in Jesus Christ that one is saved. Not through works least anyone could bost. If we could have done it ourselved Christ would not have had to die for us. Thank GOD for is mercy and grace.

  34. Lydia Reyes permalink

    In John14:25-27 Jesus tells his disciples that he had to go but that the Father would send the holy spirit in his name to teach and guide us in the truth. I have ask God to pour out the gifts of the spirit upon me so that when those moments of temptation come I have the help that I need. I know that everyday is a challenge for all of us,especially when we want to do what’s right in the eyes of God. That is why we must confess, Pray and stay in the word of God. When Jesus was tempted in the desert God send his angels to minister to him and if we believe when we fall into sin we must come to God and ask him to help us , as he helped his son. On our own we can’t fight the sinful life but with the power of the Holy Spirit we can win the battle. Jesus has conquer it all for us. We just have to be faithful to the Gospel and turn away from sin. May the Lord help and guide each one of us here. God bless.

    • The pattern for receiving the gifts of the Spirit is already made known in the relationship between Elijah and Elisha (2 Kings 2: 1-15).

      Jesus Christ’s divine identity, which “not even death will ever be able to overcome”, was taught to unbelieving disciples; testified by Moses and Elijah (for the benefit of three disciples); and revealed, once and for all, at Jesus’ perfect and transfigurative death on the cross. (Matt. 16: 13-28; 17: 1-13; Luke 9: 28-36; John 8: 21-32; 14: 15-21; …; 19: 30-37)

      Therefore, no one can receive the gifts of the Spirit without seeking and “seeing the Son of Man go back up to the place where he was before” any more than Elisha could without seeing Elijah being taken away (John 6:62; Acts 1: 1-5; 2; Eph. 4: 7-16)!

  35. I must say thank you to this inspiring site,it has really helped in nurturing my faith in Christ.We are living in a world full of uncertainities and i believe this is a great consolation.May our good Lord keep the fire of faith burning in our hearts always.Remember with God nothing will be impossible.

  36. We are born to sin, it like a cancer affects every bit of our life, and we are helpless in our own power to fight it. Before Jesus we were not even aware that it was sin that made us miserable or it was unfairly illegal . That is why one cannot condem those in the world, they are clueless, led about like dumb animals by their lusts and whims. [Romans ch 1]
    Then comes the LAW OF GOD and now we know that we offend GOD but we still have no power to stop. A wretched condition, powerless and condemned by the sin that we cannot control.[Romans ch 7] Enter GODs mercy in “that while we were yet sinners HE died for us. Now for those who will, the sin is neutralized, paid for, “It is finished”
    Now we are clean from the past, but the desire is still there. He sends us the Comforter, The HOLY SPIRIT ! [John ch 3, ch 16] to guide and convict and fill us with power to overcomeour darkest side and the devils that exploit it.
    Now if we will HE fills us and we are cleansed daily, even hourly and we now desire to please HIM who bought us, so we serve HIM and as we do we become stonger and we fail less and less often, utill we at last, are perfected in him when we see him. [1corth 13]

  37. ferdie permalink

    many people struggle to sin because they don’t submit their selves to God’s authority…they give in to their carnal or fleshly desires…this should be the mentally of everybody,Jas 4:7 So then, submit yourselves to God. Resist the Devil, and he will run away from you.
    Jas 4:8 Come near to God, and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners! Purify your hearts, you hypocrites!
    so again if your struggling to sin, think again and submit your self to God’s authority…GODBLESS!

  38. Thank u so much but i strongly believe it’s not just by control ………..its more than that ,coz u need to feed ,load,reprogramme ur system with word of God………..been conscious of who u are in Christ 247 will make d difference.

    Thank u.

    • Bev permalink

      Delly, The way you expressed yourself, makes so much sense to me.

  39. ROSE permalink

    i love it. it reminds one of mission as a christain that wants to live a holy life that will please GOD and keep the holy spirit at work in you.

  40. Isaac permalink

    It brings tears to my eyes…… right now something the Lord is leading me through…..though I walk through the vally of shadow of Death ……. My Lord shall be on my Side!

  41. Isaac permalink

    Though I struggled so much with this sin…… He is stronger than it… to overcome it…. I’m being set free…. or I guss I’m free now…
    My father said to me….. “your never far ….I’ll be where you are…. anfd when you come to me ….I’ll open my arms………”
    Be Praised O Mighty Yeshua( Lord Jesus)! Be exalted!

  42. Woodrow Minchener permalink

    What did Christ say to the woman caught in the act of adultry? I don’t believe we can be perfect. We can be in a constant state of growth, putting the old sinful man to death and walking according to the spirit and not according to the flesh. One the best ways I have found to do this is making myself accountable to a body of believers and confessing my sins to people I trust and asking them to hold me accountable. This is where small group comes in handy.

  43. anonymous permalink

    Thank you for this message today, I really needed to hear it. Sometimes I think I am the only one struggling with my problem, but then I see there are many others. The fires do get watersoaked, but sometimes one is left smoldering, only to flame up again and do the same damage all over again. Sometimes we allow just enough to smolder because in our flesh, we don’t really want it to die. Some struggles are easier to handle than others. I just pray that somehow I will let God completely put the fire out for good. I cry and agonize over my sin everyday, but I guess I have not really repented. Does anyone else have that problem, a sin that you hate because it’s against God’s will but you hang on to it because you don’t really want to give it up?

  44. 5kidswdisabilities permalink

    I try very hard to live a life that God would approve of by being good to others to make up for any sins I may committ. I am hoping that it all works out in the end!
    Lindsey Petersen

  45. hi bro mark,…CHRIST greetings…the fire is just outside of ur house,what if that fire is in ur heart???it burns and it hurts so much.pain that wont go away..pain frm other people suffering…i’v visited again this christian orphanage yesterday..and saw the kids,see their needs,it hurts so much knowing little that i can do for this kids.its good that they have roof over their heads,praise GOD for that not murmuring or saying anything against r LORD.I kno that HE has a greatest plan for this kids,but i see hindrace of blessings,sin,somewer that i could not me to pray for this street children,the admistrators of the place…that they will not surrender to the calling of r God to this orphanage.their needs to run the place.i prray that this orphanage will continue to open for the street children of r country. thanks and GOD bless on r journy of living just for HIM.

  46. Russell Milan Percival permalink

    Keep it simpel! Get anionted!

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