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Good News if you are Struggling!

February 5, 2010

Luke 6:20: And turning His gaze toward His disciples, He began to say, “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.

A huge part of my journey deeper into God’s Word has been getting behind the english translations and reading the greek or the Hebrew.  And quite often I am blown away by what I discover.  In this first part of the Beatitudes (which means blessed or happy) Jesus states that the poor are blessed as the kingdom of God is theirs.  And when I checked out the greek I discovered that ‘blessed’ (makarios) is not just about being happy, but about receiving God’s favour, getting special attention and treatment from God.  I found out that ‘poor’ (Ptochos) refers to not only being materially poor, or not having money, but also spiritually poor, so those struggling with their faith.  And then I discovered that ‘kingdom’ (basileia) is Kingly power and authority.

So Luke 6:20 is saying that those who are struggling with their faith and those who are without money or work will receive power and authority from Jesus to deal with the massive challenges in their life.


Jesus power and authority are available to those who are struggling.  If you are struggling, pause now, and invite Jesus into your heart and request the power and authority that comes from God.  The promise is clear!

I praise you Jesus!  Wow!!

God bless,


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  1. Justin Best permalink

    Hey Mark. First I’d just like to say thank you! You have been a real inspiration for me this last month, and you’re responses to scripture have really challenged me in my walk with Christ. And it’s been so good to have that challenge, and to grow and mature in my faith!

    Anyways I just had a question for you… Where do you find all of these Greek translations and explanations?

    • Hey Justin, you find them in an interlinear Bible! That is a Bible where the Greek and english are side by side, then you read a Greek/english dictionary. Hope this helps!

      • David Keyt permalink

        Interlinear Bible…. gotta get me one of them…

        Thanks Mark… love it when people go back to the Greek and Hebrew to get the original meaning…

      • thank you so much for sharing this message. I really love your encouragement. God bless you

  2. Michael Cook permalink

    Wow! I so need to grab hold of this promise for my life! God is a promise keeper! Lord I believe your word and thank you that I am receiving your favor and special treatment right at this moment in my life! I thank you that your special favor is mine, that I have your attention. I thank you that I don’t have to act out or act up to get your attention but that you have always been there for me, from the time I was conceived in my mother’s womb! I thank you that I have your life in me! I am blessed! I am blessed to be a blessing to many others. Use me Father to touch those that you love around me. Since I am blessed, I have abundantly received from you and I can give lavishly as you have given to me! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Amen…I love Jesus!

    • Carley permalink

      Thank you for this wonderful prayer. I have been struggling for quite some time. I have several big issues in my life that I’m fighting against and I need this blessing from God to take these burdens from my shoulders.

  3. debbie permalink

    God is so great! This message came at such a great time. Many of my friends are struggling and some are out of work. I forwarded this message to them in hopes they can see and take comfort from the great PROMISE God has for all of us. THANK YOU, LORD!!

  4. Aquie permalink

    Im absolutely moved by your blog… I love reading it everday keep up the great work!

  5. Thanks for your insight and encouragement today, especially needed in these times!

  6. tammy permalink

    Thank you for taking the time to learn more.. It is wonderful to have a reading in the morning that helps you contemplate for the day.
    thanks for helping us all understand a little More to what Jesus has instore for us.
    The gifts of love that a wait us all if we take the time to listen and learn are amazing!!!
    Sharing you journey helps me on mine


  7. Marcy permalink

    Actually it’s a question, not a comment. Can anyone help me find the devotion where Pastor Mark wrote about the phrase “Let Go, Let God”?
    Thank you.

  8. Karen permalink

    Glory……that was a blessing to my spirit at times feel like if I’m doing this walk right I shouldn’t be running into mess but I have learned to cast my cares to him that carries me

  9. Davitta permalink

    Wow! Thank you for being a blessing to me daily…thank you for allowing God to use you to bless us! Wow!
    Thank you God for Brother Mark and his journey as it enlightens mine….Wow

  10. Jacqueline Brown permalink

    Thank You, I needed a message like this today, last couple weeks veryt hard for me, no job, health problems, no insurance and no doctor or hospital wants to take someone on like me, but message remines me that Jesus is still there ande will take care of me, even if they dont.

  11. Lynn permalink

    thank You God that in my hour of need You look down from above and grant me the power to overcome obstacles placed in my way by satan and You give Your angels charge over me so i don’t hit my foot against a rock. You have taught me to be happy in times of needs as well as in times of plenty, in times of sickness and of health. in times of need,i know that You will make provision for my needs plus give me enough to share with someelse in need. in times of sickness You have taught me to be still and know that You are God, the God Who heals me,and You give me strenght to comfort others with this knowledge. God You are so good,You have been so good to me.

  12. Chrisey Alfree permalink

    VERY interesting, VERY good one. Thank You, and GOD BLESS YOU, Chrisey Alfree Dover, Delaware…

  13. hello mark i have been struggling with my spiritually for a while i have been think i am always doing something wrong but i know it just being weak knowing that i can now work on it i do read the bible daily it my soul food i can’t go to sleep until i read it at night thank you so much for your words this morning they brought tears to my eyes i am so happy to know what was giving me trouble and also know that god does help he has been blessing me and my little brothers whose handy capped god has blessed us well thank you so much god bless you and yours in jesus name

  14. Shasta permalink

    Thank you for breaking down the meaning of that scripture. It was something that I needed to hear as I seem to struggle in my faith. God Bless you!

    • Lori Buchanan permalink

      I really need this one.I have been struggling,any so many ways.I have been seeking God so much,but the enemy works hard on me every day.The closer I get and seek God the harder the enemy works on me.Thank you for this message,because the enemy has me feeling the struggle daily ,Thank you God for being here for me,to get me through the tuff times,I have Faith!

  15. Wow! What can i say if not praising the Mighty God for his power on us.. Yes if God is for us who can be against us?.. God bless you so much..

  16. Renee Thompson permalink

    I wish I felt I was receiving God’s promises or graces. I am soo struggling with it all! I lost my mom over 10 years ago and still struggle with it! Today I have an interview the the man who bought her business and I am soo afraid what may happen if he brings he up. I am going to have a breakdown! I don’t know how I am going to get thru this interview?! I need a job very bad. I have been unemployed for almost 2 years and I am struggling financially every day just to make it. I don’t know if I have the strenght in me to get through this today.

    • May permalink

      Hi Renee,
      Count on Jesus for the strength to get through! Like in the ‘Footsteps’ poem, let Him carry you through what may be a tough time. Go in with positive focus, pray that they will see Jesus in you, not just you. And keep calm … “Be still, and know that I am God”. I am in a very similar situation financially and am praying for a good interview for you, and a good result from it.

  17. Julie permalink

    Thank you thank you so much for this and for all that you do!

  18. Terry Stobbart permalink

    I was baptized last August as a re committed believer…I am grateful to the Lord Jesus for His blessings every day. As a poor person, I pray for His guidance every day…and I see evidence of His blessings every day also. I am comforted by His presence in my life and see that there is a Light at the end of the tunnel…God Bless those who Jesus has put into my life…and Bless each and every one of them

  19. I am struggling and I so believe that my struggle is related to “Peace, be still.” I am not sure if anyone else thinks in that context. Some times when I get to this point, I believe that God wants to see how I react to trials and tribulations. If I struggle instead of just let Jesus take control, like he tells me to “cast off my troubles”. When I rely on Jesus, it demonstrates complete trust in him. Please respond if any thoughts. Thanks to you and I owe it all to him because he gave his all for me.

  20. Chris Pinault permalink

    Thank you so much for taking the time to translate this passage. I have been struggling with my faith for well over a year now and feel that I am just going through the motions. Your translation gave me hope! I look forward to reading your blog every day.

  21. Cristal permalink

    This is what I needed to be reminded of. My husband recently left me and our kids. I don’t know how I was going to make it financially, emotionally and still be there for my children. Your explanation of God’s word helps put it all into perspective. As I travel on my rough journey, I tend to forget God’s promises, thanks for reminding me.

  22. Dutch permalink

    Wow, thank you Mark! I just prayed a quick little prayer to God that you said to do, and it was a huge prayer spiritually, God works in magnificent ways! And once again, thank You Jesus Christ for dying on the Cross to pay for my sins, and I believe You rose the Third Day-Easter Day, and I thank You great loving Lord and Heavenly wonderful Savior Jesus Christ for eternal ever-lasting life! Praise the Lord and the Lord’s unfailing love!

  23. shannon permalink

    I SOOOOOOO needed to know that!! I have been told that if you struggle in any capacity you are out of th ewill of god. I argue against that every time to no avail. I wish I had the means to understand the Greek & Hebrew texts. God bless you for studying the word & having the spirit lead intent to share it.

  24. Thank you so much for this encouraging word. I have really needed this lately and it’s amazing how so many Christians can either encourage you with God’s word or discourage you! I am struggling SOOO much with somethings and I just feel hopeless. I know I shouldn’t feel that way but I do.

  25. stephanie permalink

    can someone please give me some words of wisdome I go and visit MARKS BIBLE page also there are so many GOD loveing people there to talk to and fellowship with I just love going there and of course everyday there is a lost soul that visits also that has nasty things to say I seem to be blessed to be able to say something BUT yeserday the whole day was spent by what seemed to be a all out fight between god and satin back and forth with belivers and non belivers I found myself defending GOD as the non belivers were defendig there belives there wereso many non belivers on there yesterday the atacts were just so out of controle one beliver tells us just to stop leaving comments just scroll past them but I found myself unable to stop trying to speak to these kids I could feel myself geting so up set I found myself get angery and started lashing back I had to leave the page I felt I was chased away by satin I just gave up and left by the time I left I took my blood presure and it was higher than it should be …………….. MARK …………..ANYONE………….. SHULD I STAY OFF THAT PAGE? GOD BLESS.

    • Ken permalink

      I, too, have been where you are. The unbelievers on these pages take joy in disrupting, refuting, taunting believers. The natural urge I had was to respond with reason and love to them. They, of course, responded with hatred and poisonous statements. It has occurred to me that we are not to cast pearls before swine. Yes, God loves each of them. BUT, once we have witnessed it is up to us to let the Holy Spirit do his work. We cannot, by our will, convert anyone. It is always by the work of the Holy Spirit that a soul is won. Otherwise we are providing entertainment….

  26. Carrie permalink

    thnx sooo much. i needed this.

  27. Julie I permalink

    Thanks Rev! I am really going through a struggle right now. But I just have to remember to trust God and Not question Him or try to drive myself crazy figuring out “Why.” I am going to cling to my faith and hope in the Lord, as He has never failed me even when I am at low points in my walk. God bless all of you!

  28. Lydia Reyes permalink

    A clean heart create in me, God renew in me a steadfast spirit. [Psalm51:12] I also give thanks to God for the Promise he has given me . Thru the gift of the Holy Spirit I have the power to deal with any challenges that come my way. I am so happy to be able to understand what God is telling me thru his word and I thank you, Mark for searching the different translation for us. It excites my soul to be able to grow in knowledge of his word. The kingdom is ours my Brothers and sisters. Praise be to God.

  29. All can say is I love you this gs Awsome!

  30. David Rowan permalink

    Brother Mark these teachings are always right on target God has really anointed you in this field keep them coming brother

  31. firenze permalink

    thanx for this message mark.this brightens my day as i am really so down these days..
    i always see myself as a i see it as a step to grow up…so thank you thank you thank you…God bless to all..

  32. Ali permalink

    Pastor Mark, I don’t know how you do it but this message is very timely

  33. Sae Hattori permalink

    Thank you for posting this.
    When you are a christian, you tend to think you have to be strong in your faith.
    That you have to be a good and decent man, knowing exactly what to do in times of trouble, etc.
    But this article (of course Jesus, too) says, that those who are poor in spirit are blessed.
    This has really encouraged me. Thank you again for posting this article.

  34. Cloy McWilliams permalink

    We are studying the Beatitudes and it has become so exciting the teens are spreading the word in school, “Makarios” I am so thankful that I have a Father that will bless me and I can have JOY REGARDLESS.
    And thanks to you for Journey Deeper into God’s Word.
    Pastor Mark keep sending these wonderful messages they are right on course for people that are struggling, and that is about everyone I know.

  35. Kevin permalink

    Thank you so much for the Bible verses and lessons..I am grateful for this time that I can open God’s Word and learn more how to love Him and live for Him in a world that is falling away from the TRUTH..Thank you..

  36. Dearest Brother Mark
    This came as encouragement to me, as today I was searching and asking God for a message for his People and I just could not hear from him, it seems when I am asked to preach, everything just start shuttung down, and I start out blank and end blank. It is not easy for me, never has been easy it is True Labor for me to get a Word for Gods people and it leaves me in so much turmoil of wether to preach or not. This is my first Revival and I need much Prayer. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

    Much Love Belvie

  37. carmon permalink

    thank u so much! I need all the inspration i can get!!!!without god and his grace and mercy i dont know if i could keep on!!!!But no matter what happens some how or another i always end up with what i need it might not be what i want every time but god always sees me through some way or another!!!!! Thank u jesus for saveing a rech like me i dont knowq where i’d be if it wasnt 4 him!!!! please keep me and my family in everyones prayers!!!!

  38. Rita Powell permalink

    Thanks I really needed that.

  39. Norma McClure permalink

    We are all struggling in the life to keep on the straight and narrow path. Thank you for sharing your great insight into the savior’s word.

  40. Please Lord help my friend who is going thorugh a very trying time right now. May your prescence bring him peace, good health and a new life through you.
    He is about to lose his job and needs your blessing. He has shut me out and I know of no other way to help him but though you. Please help him.

  41. Valerie permalink

    Thanks. I really needed to read this. Please pray for my brother who is ill and fighting hard to recover. I know through God, all things are possible and I know it it postively possible that he will be heald in the name of Jesus.


  42. MARILYN TURNER permalink


  43. Avola permalink

    hi im so glad i read this blog. It came at a time when i really need it. There really is a God! Powerfull Mercifull Father who watches over us. I try read my bible often but i never feel like im getting anything out of it. So a few moments before i read my bible this morning i prayed asking God to show me the way. But i got distracted by facebook as always, n as i was scrolling through my home page i saw this post read it n i trully believe God lead me here as it has given me the Word and Meaning i desperatly need to build back my Faith in Him. Prais be to God. May He richly bless you inspire and lift you up in all you do Mark. Amen.

  44. The teachers of the law and the Pharisees taught that the poor were not blessed. Therefore, Jesus was contradicting what they were saying because it was believed that those who were struggling were doing so as a punishment from God because of some sin in their life.The poor are the spiritually dead, which was everybody at this point in history. Jesus hadn’t gone to the cross yet or been resurrected. This is a passage that was meant to lead people to Christ by emphasizing the condition of their heart. Most Jews felt they were right in God’s eyes because of their obedience to the law. Jesus wanted them to know their hearts weren’t right and their behavior and percieved obedience wouldn’t save them. There is a message in there for all of us. This is not about God getting you through tough times, but a salvation passage. Be blessed.

  45. i think we all blessed either you rich nor you poor ,why we all his children why i think we believe the riches they are not sometime cause they’ve everything so some of them they forget about God they forget to share what they got with the poor,most of the time the poor we remember God because his our only hope while the riches can rescure they self,in this wold its all about money.

    God bless

  46. Molli permalink

    I was thrilled to see that you mentioned the name Yahweh in your blog! I mean-He gave us His name in the OT, saying that was His name for all generations… yet the Bibles have “changed” His Holy name to “God” or “The Lord”, which are titles, not names. Our names stay the same, no matter what language we speak or what country we go to, right? God has recently given me the desire to call Him Yahweh, and His Son Yeshua. Blessed be their names!

  47. Jennifer permalink

    Thanks so much for this awesome post! Many times God has brought me to your post just when he knows I need it! Thank you for bringing that verse even more clear to me on a day I need it the most! I find myself very often struggling with the ways of the world against the word of God. So often I know the answers but let the world get in the way. So you help to bring me back to reality!

  48. Kim Gregory permalink

    I’m struggling with, am I trusting & believing enough. I have to trust God because I can’t pay for it all, but somehow each month I make it. I hve a job that pays well, overtime was canceled but I’m making it. My husband has gone to do his ‘thing’ & God continues to bless me To juggle the bills on my own.

    But I thank u for the revelation! I’m rebuking depression & regret. I don’t hve the energy to smile this week but I’m praying for DELIVERENCE!!!!!!

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