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In need of healing

February 1, 2010

Luke 4: 38-41: Jesus left the synagogue and went to the home of Simon. Now Simon’s mother-in-law was suffering from a high fever, and they asked Jesus to help her. So he bent over her and rebuked the fever, and it left her. She got up at once and began to wait on them. When the sun was setting, the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness, and laying his hands on each one, he healed them. Moreover, demons came out of many people, shouting, “You are the Son of God!” But he rebuked them and would not allow them to speak, because they knew he was the Christ.

Jesus moves from the very public setting of the synagogue to the private setting of the personal home of Simon. And Simon is a key figure in Jesus’ ministry. Simon’s name is changed to Simon Peter and Peter, and he is recognised as the leader of the disciples. And interestingly this healing in his home happens just before Jesus calls Simon Peter into ministry. So a display of God’s awesome power, an encounter with God occurs just before a calling. This is the pattern I am experiencing right now!

A couple of months ago I asked God, ‘What do you want me to do when I finish as Chief Executive this coming March with Bible Society New Zealand?’ And the answer was very clear: prepare. Prepare by drawing nearing to God, or put another way, prepare by encountering God.

And from this encounter I can now see that God will call me, God will reveal His will for my life. As Simon Peter invited Jesus into his home, his most personal space, so I to need to give Jesus access to all the areas of my life: even the most personal areas. And through that encounter, healing occurs. Already on my journey I have experienced healing in my relationships, healing in how I view myself, Jesus has been at work in me! But I can see that there is still more healing required, and in God’s timing, I look forward to receiving the call to the next ministry God wants me to be part of.

How exciting is this!!

What is God saying to you through this amazing passage? I would love to read your thoughts!

God bless,


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  1. Mamoleboge Lulu Segolela permalink

    The passage today, as well as your interpretation of it has been like someone is putting into words what is inside me, my life, my feelings, my thoughts; almost feels like through it God is speaking to my life…

    Basically, have you ever heard or read something and felt like it was talking about you… WOW!

    • RUBY permalink

      I truly am inspired by your messages, but I am looking for something like asking questions about the Bible and looking them up with scriptures. This is how I stay more focused and committed. I truly enjoy reading the word of God but I need something to challenge me, to stay focused. Maybe you could make up some multiple chioce questions and we could answer them like grading papers. I enjoy bible games like search a word or crossword puzzles. Thank you everything you are doing for the kingdom of God. God Bless Ruby

  2. Samantha permalink

    I am feeling so conflicted and lost – right now I don’t like who or what I am… I am tired – my finances are in a mess – my children are taking strain and I am strugglng to find the love I should have for my husband – I want so desperately to be a better person and through your passages I am starting to improve my relationship with Christ and this message rings particularly true – I am in need of healing….
    Thank you!

    • susan verbeke permalink

      You need to give it all over to God. Spend some alone time reading the word and meditating. Open up the bible to where ever it leads you and read. Use a pen or something and mark the area in your bible so you can see the next time you come across it that you have seen it before. Get a notebook and write down the verses and your thoughts. Ask God to help you learn to pray for what you have a need for. You will start writing it down and it will help. Make sure you date it. God Bless you sister and may God guide you like he has me…..

    • spencer permalink

      i will pray for you

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Dear Samantha, Notice that when Jesus heals there is always someone requesting him to perform the healing. Sometimes it is the sick person who asks Jesus. I am asking Jesus right now to heal you. You do the same for yourself. The challenges will continue, but how you deal with them is where the healing will appear. Your life will be transformed. God be with you always.

      • More often than not, healing is a clear case of “ONE GOOD TURN, viz.: expressed “concern above everything else with the Kingdom of God and what he requires”, DESERVING ANOTHER, viz.: the healing (whether or not requested) as one of the other things. (Matt. 6: 9-13, 33)

  3. krupakar permalink

    Thank you for sharing the great truth..
    I completed in 2006, I was worked as a software engineer around 6 months..
    Later company closed..
    still no job… I need to pay the credits in the home. I’m from poor family..
    No money to learn to new technologies…

    plz pray 4 me to know God’s will…

  4. There is no redemptive healing without firsthand knowledge of who Jesus Christ really is!

    Even the demons know and tremble with fear (Jas 2:19). What a shame for Christians to take Jesus for granted!

  5. Bukurije Nikqi permalink

    Thank you for this message, and sharing with us that what God is telling you. Some how I am in the same situation as you are, and to tell the truth I am so blessed through this encounter with the Lord. Your message encourages me like go on and on with that. I see growth, healing, and many possibilities to preach the good news. I am Missionary and Pastor. I want my life to be home for Jesus well-ordered by him.
    Blessings, Bukurija

  6. dee opell permalink

    dear bro. mark–THIS EXACT SAME MESSAGE HAS come BEFORE ME TWICE IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS–I MUST TAKE IT AS AN encounter THAT I WILL BE EXPERIENCING SOON–YES–WE ALL NEED A HEALING IN SOME AREA OF OUR LIVES–& GOD SURELY KNOWS “MY” AREAS-pray for me for this/these healing(s) to come soon–i am so blessed-HE KNOWS MY NAME!!!!!glad i found your site–will pray for your ministry as I read your study thought for each day

  7. Elizabeth permalink

    what do you mean by healing? I’m curious, is there such a thing as complete healing? such as the damage done has been undone? how can something so damaging not affect a person?

    • Janine permalink

      Elizabeth, I think different people mean different things by healing. Sometimes it is a physical healing, like the man who was born blind and Jesus made him see. Sometimes it is a mental healing – I was completely healed of severe depression and anxiety. Sometimes it is a deliverance of and evil spirit like in the passage today. Sometimes it is a combination of all of them, that’s how it was for me. God can heal the most damaged person, Jesus healed the gedarene demoniac. He had so many demons that he could break free from chains the people had bound him with and the demons called themselves a ‘legion’. Every one of those demons was cast out. I bet he felt like a new man!

      • I think that it is worth qualifying the “healing of the man born blind” (John 9) as a rare act of Creation (Genesis style) or creative healing. GBY!

  8. tara permalink

    Thank you Mark this couldn’t have come at a better time. The Lord told me this morning that I need to focus more on him and less on what’s going on around me. I think that has been my biggest challenge. Learning how not to take on things myself but to trust in him that whatever it is will be taken care of. Say a prayer for me, I really need to learn how to do this.

  9. Shirlee Bolliger permalink

    I am so blessed by these each morning~ Each day is so timely…
    We were out of church for 10 years, over something that a woman we met ‘at’ church was able to convince us of…none of which was true. We are back walking with God, (not that we quit believing) but we were definitely out of fellowship with God’s people. I am so excited with what God is doing, it’s the most exciting time of my life and it just gets better each day. He is so faithful, to Samantha above I would say, trust and have faith…meditate on scripture…esp those that speak of what your struggles are. I have always wanted a ‘renewed’ mind, after I started meditating on the scripture in Romans 12:2 and I sought Him for this, I immediately started to see the Holy Spirit at work in guiding me and showing me where I needed to have a new way of thinking…it then becomes a matter of listening and obeying…be encouraged…He wants good for us and He will bring it to pass!!!

  10. Davitta permalink

    Brother Mark…these Journey’s are awesome…I’m in a similiar spot myself….several months ago I said, Send me Father, I will go….and the preparation began….I spoke with my pastor telling him, that I knew God had called me to preach and evangelize and no sooner than I said it, did my life become turbulent….I had some very difficult times, but faithfulness to His Word and to Him…God has brought me through…my ministry is one that I need strengthening from God…and prayers from those who love Him….Thank you again for your obedience to God’s Will and sharing with us

  11. Mack Leggett permalink

    Oh, how I yearn for God to lead me. What a wonderful feeling it is, once you allow God to touch you and do the leading!

  12. Candace permalink

    Wow! Since the day I subscribed to this blog, I am overwhelmed with the accuracy of receiving exactly what need to hear!!! I am so grateful for this new, valuable ministry. I wish I had to time to write more, but I am off to the Dr., finally…. I praise God for his faithfulness!!! Candace

  13. Brenda P permalink

    I keep hearing the word “prepare” in my life, as well. Now, my story is interesting, because at 60 I am still pursuing my BS in religious studies, after having been a legal secretary for close to 30 years. I am awaiting with breathtaking awe of His power what he has in store for the rest of my life! The excitement keeps me going and keeps it possible. God is incredible! It is good that you are feeling the same. He has put kindred spirits together for a reason. Thank you for your site.

  14. Chrisey Alfree permalink

    Wonderful passage. Thank you so much… God Bless You, Chrisey Alfree Dover, Delaware…

  15. I in NA work on my diease of addiction. Though the grace of god it’s working.(113 days clean) The god of my understand is awesome. AMEN please keep me in pray.

    • Gail P permalink

      Oh, Zina, be encouraged! God’s grace has kept me from drugs for more than 25 years now! It is a form of healing that just keeps working as long as you continue to put yourself in His hands. I would see or hear something that brought back memories from that old life, and the desire was gone! My heart was transformed so the greatest of my desires are to know Him and love Him more and seek His face. I will pray for you, dear Zina!! 113 days is a great victory! You are His precious child and worth so much more than you know!

  16. from the beginning of November, I have been suffering with a very painful,debilitating disease known as sarcoidosis: I am 63 years old: My goal was to take refuge under The Lord’s wing and live in His joy! There were days, I cried most of the day but I truly felt His presence-there was one day that I felt Satan destroyed all my hope and joy-that day, I cried out to God and two spirit friends sat with me-it was horrible! Through all this, I’m just now seeing that part of His plan was to strengthen me in my own mimisytr to the lost and hurting! Now the words I will share with them will truly have a depth of understanding they loacked before and my zeal for my ministry(through the Holy Spirit)continues to grow-please pray for my complete healing: Humbly: Susan

    • Lena permalink

      I’m with you on the ministry to the lost and hurting. Thru my own illness, God is teaching me how to be merciful and how to be compassionate towards other’s illnesses and pains. I think that only when you go thru something as life changing as that, only then you can understand others better who are going thru similar situations! I’m praying for you, sister! God bless you and may His mercy be with you always!

  17. Paul permalink

    Hey Mark…
    first of all, I am German and maybe my spelling or grammatic is not the best…;-)

    My heart yearns to be in the will of God to be at his Heart. I am feeling so ampty and I know that the only way and the only person who can fill this amptynes is Jesus Christ.

    In the last time i get pretty often prophecies, that Got sees me and loves me like I am, He says: come to my heart, and I will open doors for you, let me be part of your whole life and I will let you do “stuff” you didn’t dream of…

    I have got one question, maybe you can answer: What should I do, or what should I let go of that God can come to my heart, that he is 100% part of my life, that my life is a life, that glorifies his name??

    For me it is pretty awesome to read of this passage, and it lets me think about it…. Maybe its already the answer…

    I pry so often that god shows me what to do, but… I do not hear him
    be blessed

    • Paul,
      There are times that God has to lead us thru the wilderness to teach us some valuable lessons in life on how to trust Him and to build up our faith. During those times it feels like God does not hear us or answers our prayers. But I just want to encourage you not to give up. Keep on reading your Bible, and keep on praying. God will come thru. I’m going thru a similar phase in my life where I am waiting on God to answer me. He promised me thru His prophecy that He will heal me but has not yet and its been very long 50 days. But during this time, I’ve come closer to God and God has given me peace in my heart that no matter what happens, its God’s will for my life.
      Don’t give up, brother! I’ll keep you in my prayers.

    • STEPHANIE permalink

      Let your heart be quit and stay in his word the hardest time in are lives are not when he says yes or even when he says no but when he says wait its not time yet it does not mean you cant hear him he is just moveing thing out of the way just stay in his word it may not be the ansers you want but in gods time you will know.

      • Paul permalink

        Thank you Lena and Stephanie… Your word reached my heart…
        I will wait, pray and reed my bible…I hope God does not wait to long…;) but for this is what I surly know now… he will be right beside me and let the doors open, when HE thinks it is the right time… Thanks for showing me this so clearly…
        Be blessed
        P.S.: Please pray for me, I still feel pretty “powered out”

    • Lena permalink

      Just out of curiousity, is English and German the only two languages you speak? I’m from Europe myself and speak 4 languages. And I’m guessing…are you Pentecostal? 🙂 Sorry for the personal questions. If you don’t want to post them for everyone to read, you can just email me lenochka_k@

    • Paul, God bless you for saying it.

      “What should I do, or what should I let go” is really a requirement for your needs of knowing God firsthand in his glory.

      First, give up all second-hand knowledge about God, i.e., any knowledge of God based on hearsay evidence of claims and words including the Bible itself as final authority.

      Secondly, search for directions (in the Bible) which lead to “seeing heaven open and God’s angels going up and coming down on the Son of Man” (John 1: 47-51). What is at stake is nothing less than radical and sustainable faith based on personally seeing the given vision of the divine identity and authority, or the glory of Jesus Christ.

      If you are willing to try, please get in touch with me through Feedback @ (

  18. Donna permalink

    Great teachings Mark! There is so much healing when we draw near to the Lord. Healing for my day, for my sins he’s forgiven. I sometimes wonder if spending time with God is a better way to bring blood pressures down. And it’s free! We are so blessed to be partakers of his grace.

  19. Rebecca permalink

    samatha I am with you. I feel the same way. It has been alot for me too. I have so much going on physcially and spiritually. I will pray for you as well.

  20. I would love to tell you what has happen to me it’s amazing how god speaks and shows us so many things I’m going through this now ..this march will be a year since I gave birth to my angel that god sent that saved my life after she was born two wks after I still wasn’t well sent for ct scan found out I had a mass on my colon it was cancer… If we had not decided to have another child I wuldnt be here now I prayed for her and finally weeks after tryn I prayed to god to please let me have another baby he spoke to me and said I will give you this child but you will have to face the conciquinces .. Gicnt understand that till Now about a week after that I was preagnant..The last three months of my preagnacy was the worst in and out of hospitals with dehighdration couldn’t eat anything basically. Starving but no one new what was wron with me everything looked normal they said it was just a bad preagnancy after she came two weeks early she was fine but she had hole in her heart that wouldn’t close on it’s own so she had heart surgery at 4mths old …prior to that two weeks after giving birth and sent for a ct scan and finding I had cancer I wassent to Memphis wher I had a major surgery even after having a c-section and wasn’t heals from that my life was upside down there was so much that we went through I wish I culd tell you everything..even though all this was going on our trust in god was great..theta one thing that after my surgery the dr didn’t know if he had gotten all the cancer and it wuld be a few days before he’d know week on the third after many prayers he came in that eavning it had Ben raining so ugly outside no sun whatsoever when he came in and asked if we were ready for the news HE HAD GOTTEN ALl THE CAnCER all of a sudden the sun had shined so bright through our window we new it was GOD..isn’t that AMAZING ..I still had to have radiation I went through that but chose not to do the chemotherapy the chemo dr told me I wuldnt live without it..I was devastaed but I knew I had a greater power and only god knew when I wasgoing to die..I prayed about it he told me all i needed was radiation and that was gonna take care of everything that needed to be taken care of so who do you think I trusted…GOD..he has showed me so manythings since then woke me up in the middle of night with thoughts in my head of things in the bible to read such as about Paul the apostale in Corinthians and about how he(GOD) was so much stronger than man and how having faith in him was the key.. He wanted me to read Corinthian 1&2 I did and understood what he was tryn to tell me …not to be scared because he was with me..therse so much more I would love to tell you about what GOD has done for me and our family….I hope you get to read this and I hope your journey is me please if you get this …praise god!!!!!!

    • Jessica permalink

      Thank you for sharing your story. God is all I have ever needed… and didnt realize it until recently. He is the father I never had… and always wanted.. but better than any father on the face of this earth. He has filled that empty place in my heart I had been searching for all my life… I finally found the man that completes me….

      Thank you Jesus for all you have done for me and for all that put their trust in you

  21. Lynn permalink

    I enjoy coming along with you on this journey. I think this phase you are going through is what the Bible refers to as a time of “tarrying” a time of rest, and preparation for the next phase of your ministry. As you look ahead ..fear not .. those things that could scare you are just scarecrows Satan has planted to keep you from feasting on the blessings God has in store. Keep on keeping on.

  22. I could say a lot about this passage. The first thing that comes to mind is the line, “So he bent over her and rebuked the fever, and it left her.” In September, my 49 year-old father-in-law was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. My wife was able to be with him starting in November. Every night she prayed for him … similar to this prayer. When I was able to join him in December, I also prayed similar prayers each night. Unfortunately, on January 8, he passed away. So my first question is, why isn’t it as easy for us to rebuke sickness and have healing happen? To be honest, my faith in God is still strong and I still believe in the power of healing.

    I often think of the verse, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,’ says the Lord. ‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:8-9). My father-in-law was not a Christian until he received the news of the cancer and a pastor friend of ours prayed with him. So, in the most important way, he WAS healed. I just feel like I don’t understand why, if I rebuke the cancer in Jesus’ name, some are healed and some are not.

    The next thing that came to mind is the fact that I’ve been in the same place as you, it seems. I have been pursuing the “next step” in my life and have recently felt like the Lord wants me to just wait upon him. While waiting, he wants me to seek Him; not seek what he wants, necessarily, just seek Him. So that’s what I’m doing.

    Thanks for this post and for your ministry.

  23. Crystal permalink

    i need healing in all the aspects of my life and who i am. I need Jesus, and i know that i cannot live without Him…I am getting married next week, and I need for God to be with me. Heal me mentally, physically, and spiritually. Heal the way I see and love myself, that I may love others more genuinely. Heal my body, my mind and my heart. Heal my drive that I may get out and do something productive. I needed to read this message, because it reminds me that just how dire i am in need of God’s presence and healing.

  24. Dwayne Testimonial Clarke permalink

    I am so going through this process too….So Thank you for sharing your…..Keep having Faith in Christ Jesus…Hebrews 11:6 6And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

  25. Karen permalink


    Your story just really touched me. I just went through a serious round with depression. But I know how you are feeling. God spoke to me one night and said, everything is fine, you are ok, but you have to FULLY trust me. Praise the Lord, he was so right. Everything worked out fine, because God is in control. I am much better now,, going back to work tomorrow. God stripped me clean for over 2 weeks, to cleanse me and make whole for his service. God has a plan for our lives. I am praying that God will continue to heal you. When you spoke of the light shining through the window, just before I got some test results back, everytime I started to doubt(it had quite cloudy in he recent days) He sent the sun to shine down just like he did for you. Thank You for sharing that awesome story. God is good all the time,all the time God is good.

  26. Anne Goode permalink

    If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then you will see a soul that’s constantly crying, constantly in pain, frustrated, aggravated, in despair, tired, desperate and the list goes on and on and on. I am so incredibly unhappy. I have all I need yet I have nothing. Life is a struggle for me. My heart is broken since my husband abandoned me twice. I finally divorced him in November 2008. After a year of being divorced he decides he wants me back. I know God is able to restore but during the time I prayed to restore my marraige, He didn’t. And now he sends him back and I don’t want him because I fell in love with someone else who also broke my heart. What made it more difficult is he’s also a Christian. So for the past 2 years its been pain and sorrow upon pain and sorrow. I always wonder when Jesus walked the earth, how happy was he. If he went through everything we’re going through today plus knowing he was to be sacrifice for a bunch of unrighteous wretches like us, he must have been unhappy. Huh!! I’m just tired of waking up everyday with sorrow in my heart, yet I am thankful. I know am to count it all joy during times of trials, I just don’t have it in me right now. Nevertheless, I continue to wait on the Lord for healing and deliverance. No one can help me that I know for sure. So I’ll continue to serve the Lord and act like everything is fine in the eyes of the brethen and continue to exist until God has other plans.

  27. Mark Persiko permalink

    I needed this instruction to see the order in which Jesus operates: hiding us in the cleft of the rock before we go on to fulfill his purposes.

    Thank you.


  28. Howard permalink

    Glad to ehar about your confidence for your next job.

    Was really feling down today as I was aupposed to go and be involved in leading a young adults conference.

    But can’t… over the weekend I developed a high temperature ( afever) and have a bad leg infection. So it was great to see the title of your GDWG blog today. I thought yes God I do want to be healed, thank you God I do want you to speak to this fever and infection and kick it’s butt… BUT… well

  29. Mariam permalink

    I am in a very confused stage at this point of my life.. I know the Lord sees me.. I have been talking to Him since long about this and the things which affect me greatly.. There’s one thing which I am very deeply concerned about and I need an answer from God. I know everything will be alright if He would just bless me on that.. I am waiting.. and I am determined not to leave Him until He saves me.. Please pray for me..

  30. first i would love to thank od for spairing me life for one more day on earth . ai would love for the lord to spare me ,my family and my child everlasting life on earth, i wouls love for him to grant me civilization to visit the world as freely and constantly, i would love for god to bless my mother financial and physically and also with a job, i woul love for god to keep me and my family safe together and forever i wold love for god to bring back my love one to me in one peace and harmony for u alone know how much i do care for him for us to live as one happy family as how it was in the begining dear lord and whatever i forgot to ask of u dear lord just put it in o lord thanks for hearing me o lord and thanks for your everlasting blessings and healing o lord in ur name amen

  31. Meagan permalink

    I feel a very big change happening in my life, I’m only 20 and me and my fiance are starting to plan for a big move when we finish college to “Our Home” and then kids and jobs will follow too. At this moment though I am trying to find what it is I am suppose to be – and today, I’ve had to talk to my adviser/counselor for help and I’ve also told my parents about this big change, and I don’t believe they were very happy – but I want to be what GOD wants me to be. I know I’ll find it by allowing HIM to be part of this big decision, and not try to handle it all on my own – thanks for the reminder Mark & GOD Bless!

  32. elizabeth permalink

    Brother mark.i need GOD’s direction nd his favour in my lif e

  33. Melanie Smith permalink

    Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your group.I am now trying harder now to be a better person.I look forward every day to your email.I am excited to say I received 3 blessings today and things are starting to really look up for us! Thanks again,Melanie Smith

  34. Tosin A. permalink

    The yesterday and today’s message have been a great inspiration for me,and am using it to boast my faith concerning somethings that are happening in my life right now.Well i think God is sending you to people like me and strongly believe he has already anointed you for the ministry of healing,i will like you to pray for my mom who has breast cancer,the doctors have testified that what she has being enjoying is divine healing,i just want you to pray for divine perfection of her healing,it is coming to a stage that the treatment is causing financial problems,we are all good christain in my family and put faith in God.i know God has a word of assurance to me through you,and please pray for us.God bless you

  35. Tosin A. permalink

    i know God is sending you to people like me,yesterday and today’s messages have really inspired me and has boast my faith,and i believe God has already anointed you for the ministry.I will like you to pray for my mom who has breast cancer,though her doctors testified that she has being enjoying divine healing,but help me pray for divine perfection cause it has reach a stage that the treatment is causing serious fiancial challenge to us.We are all christain in my family and we put our hope in God,am sure God has a word of assurance to us through you,please pray for us.

  36. Carol permalink

    I need healing. My finances are a mess. I long for a Christian Husband. I feel al alone. I have problems with my children. I have been hurt by church people in every church that I have attended since I have been saved. I feel like God is far away from me. Please pray or me.

  37. Jill permalink

    I am asking for prayers of healing, I have been fighting depression, horrible anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and depersonalization disorder. I try to be such a good person, but all of these mental disorders cause such distress. I know that I will only get better with God’s help. Please pray for me. Thank you so much. Jill

    • Lena permalink

      I am so sorry to hear that you are going thru that. I’ve suffered thru severe depression myself so I know how much it hurts. You can’t fight it yourself. Only with the help of God and your family and friends will you be able to overcome! The Bible says that we are all sinners and no one is perfect. But God gives us the strength to overcome sin. Our “good” works will not save us. Only Jesus can deliver us from our bonds. If you ever come to a point that you need someone to “talk” to, and have no one to talk to, please email me at I’m praying for you! God bless yoU!

  38. Brandon L. permalink

    Amen. That’s good stuff, encountering God. Some scripture I found encouraging was Habakkuk 2:3. Me and my friend were wondering when God was going to reveal his plan for us in life and he was questioning what to do if it doesn’t come. I told him that God’s timing is best and that we need to just wait for it, don’t make plans for our life on our own.

    A few nights later I read this passage and I got goosebumps. “Though it tarry, wait for it for it will surely come.” Seriously read the passage.

    I recently turned 16 and God has been doing amazing things in me lately. You’re never to old or to young for God to work in you.

    And if this applies to anyone I don’t know, but:

    A recent poll shows that the most succesful youth group and small group leaders have one basic thing in common(besides that they’re christians). What is it in common? Not their denomination, not the size of their group, not their group they’re reaching. It is the fact that they all spend a minimum of an hour a day with the Lord. Hope this hits home, you don’t have to be a group leader to spend this much time with the Lord.

  39. NORMA permalink

    GOD is great!! he is awesome! this is truly a blog blessing! lol
    i just have to say that he is just turning my life downside up!
    and yes it is scary i have to say good bye to ppl and things
    that dont meet his satisfaction but eventhough i still feel
    he is going to give me the courage and strength to move past
    the pain. (note i have been asking him for healing both physical
    I know he is in control. just letting go and letting God!!!
    itz all good w/ God!!!

  40. MARIA permalink

    My what a powerful message. I often wonder what God wants me to do. I can feel something but I just dont quite get it; All I know is as long as I’ve got King Jesus I dont need nobody else. Amen

  41. lyn permalink

    the part that struck me was she got up and started serving. I beg God everyday to healing me. I have something wrong with my ear and my breasts, but do not have insurance so cannot go to the doctor. It seems if I get up and serve all would be well. I am facing a lay off on the 15th and do not know where I am going it would be great to be able to serve God. I don’t know what is in store but am excited to have this change.

    • Lena permalink

      I’m glad you have a positive attitude in this situation! God will provide! When He closes one door, He opens another one! I’ll keep you in my prayers!

  42. i need prayer for my son my ex wife gave him to the sate of ky now since i live in ohio they just can not just give him to me so he is in a group home so pray he can get back to me

  43. Judy permalink

    I don’t know of anyone not in need of healing….but I need healing in all aspects of my life.I ask for my sons and daughter and grandchildren that they may receive God’s healing powers in their lives also. My oldest son has lost the love his life in a divorce and cannot move on .It has crippled him financially and emotionally and needs guidance to recover .He has prayed and read everything in the bible and other spiritual books to help him understand and is still at a lost. I ask for pray for him and and his family that have been devastated by this. I have a grand son who has lost his way and needs a strong power to bring him back to the person God made him to be. Thank you for all that you do for people through the guidance of Jesus Christ.

  44. B Smith permalink

    As I read this passage I believe that God is working in me. I am 37 and was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. I have a lot of support and a lot of people praying for me. I have asked Jesus to come into my life and rid me of this disease. Today I got some good news from my test results and I know that it was the Lord that answered the prayers of my family and friends. Whereas I am not cancer free, it has not spread throughout my body. I have 2 spots on my liver and will begin Chemo to hopefully shrink them enough to have them removed. I know that with the Lord by my side that anything is possible and that is why I ask him every day to be with me, walk by my side and give me the strength to carry on. I have invited him into my personal space and hope he will heal me and that the chemo treatments wont be that long and too involved. Praise Him for He is the King!

  45. Tabitha C. permalink

    I had multiple clots in March 09 in both lungs and one dvt in lower left leg. In Nov my PCP referred me to a Hematologist to see what caused the clots. I had cat scan of lungs and ultrasound of legs in Nov and all clots had dissolved from the ones in March. In Dec the Hema doc took me off coumadin to test for protein c and s deficiency then we took a long trip to FL/AL for Christmas. We had only been back in town less than 24 hours when I fell out of bed at 1:30 am and Billy and Bradley couldn’t get me up off the floor and I couldn’t stand on my own. Billy called EMT quickly and by the time they got me to beach general my left side arm and leg had no movement and left side of face droopy. They diagnosed me w/bleeding clot on right side of brain from clot in right thigh area. They then put me on life support and took me to Norfolk gen. There they put in a vena cava filter through right side of neck. I was in ICU for four days and 13 total days in the hospital. Dec 28-Jan 9th. I just started back to work last Mon for 2 hrs a day. Movement came back the I think on 2nd day but they had me stand up on 3rd day. I’m a little fuzzy about all that. I have some short term mem issues and I don’t remember the EMTs actually coming. Last I remember of that night was saying to Billy not to call and that I just needed to go to the bathroom. Thankfully he didn’t listen. I still have some tingling in left hand and sometimes down left leg. I have to follow up with Hematologist and Neurologist and Gastro. Anyway God was with me through it all and now. Read Acts Ch 9:36-43 and that tells my story. God also sent a vision to a co-worker of mine the Sunday night before my stroke and she had started praying for my healing before I actually had the stoke. God is so amazing and I thank Him everyday for saving me more than once both physically and spiritually.

    • Tabitha C. permalink

      Billy is my husband and Bradley is my 12 yrs old son. I had copied and pasted this from an email I had sent to a friend. 🙂

  46. grieta permalink

    I had high bloodpresor my feet was swollen I had bladder infection I am healed by the blood off our savoir Amen I BELIEVE tHANK YOU jESUS.

  47. Marika permalink

    I honestly feel the same way God is preparing me for whatever He is about to do next. I can’t wait

  48. Sandra permalink

    Hello 🙂
    Just wanted to say thank you for these encouraging and inspiring devotions. At time when I’ve been struggling I’d see the links to them on facebook and just be amazed at how relevant they are to my current season. I pray that we as believers in Christ stay firm in our faith and know that He is faithful and can heal the parts in our hearts that we are too scared to reveal to people.. And that HE LOVES US!!! Wow! Does he love us!
    Thanks again Rev. Mark!

  49. Jessica permalink

    My husband left me a year and a half ago… for what I thought at the time was my best friend(and a friend in Christ also) Well, in some weird way, I ended up with nothing. He managed to run up all our credit lines and stash the cash somewhere so there was nothing to split… our business, home, cars, boat…. everything on paper looked like all I would get if we split everything down the middle was half… so needless to say… I was left with nothing. Ironically, when the paperwork was signed and I LEGALLY had nothing. He amazingly found enough money to buy her a brand new Mercedes…. hmmm??? Well, my healing is I have to find it in my heart to pray for her and him … and sincerely love them both and ask God to bless them(because I consider them my enemies) which I didnt consider anyone to be an enemy of mine until this happened. My healing would be for me to pray for them and love them like the Bible tells me to … and sincerely mean it… and not hurt anymore. I am working on it.. praying for it.. and trying like I have never tried before to let all this hurt and bitterness go so I can get over this hump. it is not hurting anyone but me to keep this inside…. I am trying… and will not give up until I succeed… with the help of God(of course)

    • You are on the right track for God’s blessings (spiritual and material) more than ever before. AMEN!

  50. Lena permalink

    I was just reading this passage in the Bible the other day. And this passage really spoke to me. I have been suffering a gout attack since December 15, 2009. That means I have not been able to walk for almost 50 days now. I cannot go to work or anywhere else. I have been in bed most of this time. I’m a pretty active person, so this illness has really crushed me not only physically but spiritually too. I really miss my church and friends. I did not have a Christmas or a New Year this past year. The most difficult part was the pain. I would have pain attacks that would last a coupe hours and the pain would be so severe that no pain medication would help and I passed out a couple times because of it. But during this time I’ve spent at home, I read my Bible like I’ve never read before and I’ve prayed like I’ve never prayed before. I know God is faithful and that He is preparing me for some kind of “service”. And even though I have bad days when doubt and frusturation creeps into my heart, I have peace in my heart that no matter what happens, it is all for my own good. God is testing my faith thru this trial and I will remain faithful to Him. May His name be glorified in my life!

  51. Lydia Reyes permalink

    I guess God is talking to alot of us today. We may be waiting for God to do something with our lives and sometimes we miss out on some little things he is doing right now. For Instance, I sometime feel Like there is something really big that God wants me to do and yet there are moments that I realize that he is already doing something. We are not all called to other parts of the world or to even be able to speak of God in big Stadiums, Like Billy Graham or run a big Ministry as Pastor Mark has done, but sometimes he leaves you right where you are at so you can touch people that are close to you, like family, friends, coworkers or even the person you meet at the store. I just ask My heavenly Father to have his way with me. To search my heart and mold me to do his work. Come Lord JESUS and renew the face of the Earth.

  52. lynn permalink

    your message is very inspiring. I would like to have that healing so that i can have peace of mind to be able to put all my burden a side and trust in God that everything is going to be ok. I need help

  53. Mae permalink

    Honestly I can relate to this passage because as of this moment, I’m really confused. I really need to know the truth on something that is very personal and it concerns my relationship with someone. I know that time will heal all wounds and God is always there to help me overcome all the obstacles in life. For now, I just want to have peace of mind and I really hope and pray that I can totally forgive and forget all the bad memories that happened. I’m asking God Almighty to guide me in all my decisions and give me strength to move on. I just always keep this in mind that God loves me unconditionally and I’ll never loose faith in him.

  54. Tharadjyne permalink

    Thank you Rev. Mark for your words that challenge me to seek God’s presence and continue to read His God is planning to do something great in my life but I need to prepare. Constantly seeking to be in God’s presence is a challenge, my life is like a dishonest scale right now and I need to get it under control. I need more self-control and discipline will begin to pray that God shows me the way to acheive that mental state. I love you GOD!!

  55. I am in need of answers and ways that can only come from GOD I seek a overall and general changes to have an allowable more time and balance for God Family and friends out side of working please pray for my answers with me

  56. Kim permalink

    I’m in dier need of help in my life and in my life with God right now. Everything has fallen apart. I have not been to church since I reached out to our senior pastor. I felt so uncomfortable, and felt as though he did not hear me. A great part of that was my fault because of the confessions I need to make. The problem is, I’m so ashamed of myself, I’m too afraid to confess for the awful sins in which I have committed. Now I’m very sick and so very sad. I have no one to talk too and things keep getting worse. How do I find trust in someone who I can confess to that would be willing to stand by my side and help me the whloe way through. I know all of these messages are God’s way of trying to help me. I just dont know where to go, and feel I need to confess and find understanding. Can you help me Mark privatly? Does anyone have any thoughts for me? I see a counsler and I’m still having trouble leaving an abussive relationship, for I’m sadden to let the vow I took before God be broke again, as I promised I would not. Instead my life is now making me ill from all the stress.
    God bless you all and thank you for any advise you may have for me. 🙂

    • Dwayne Testimonial Clarke permalink

      Well Kim you have take the first step, by coming out publicly.For change to happen we have to want it deeply,has Psalm 51:17 say “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.”Coming to him and giving him your all,your life….The next step is prayer,pray and believe,pray and have faith.Has the song by Lacrae explains, you can’t fix nothing in your life,you have to come to the Lord,here listen

  57. Connie permalink

    How wonderful that Jesus had the healing power of God and that people believed in him through his healing. I believe that I heal each time I give a testimony in this blog and in my personal life. Jesus never leaves my side, even when I backslide. Halleluiah!

  58. Aaron Bell permalink

    I feel that the Lord is healing me very similarly to you! The past month I have seen a change in different aspects in my life! I’m currently studying Film at Uni and feel that the Lord wants me to progress in this field. However I feel that i can’t sit back and let God do all the work. I need to put the effort in- this is something I have been very lazy about. I feel that the Lord is teaching me to persevere in my studies and is even teaching me to save money..something i’m also not very good at. Its quite miraculous really! All glory to God!:)

  59. After intense praying and talking with Jesus I feel that a great break though is occuring for me. I have been reading “What Jesus Demands from the World” and with this webcite and daily seeking I feel that great things are on the way for all of who believe and have Jesus first in their lives. GBY

  60. Angela Wilkins permalink

    This is one of my favorites!! I love it that Simon-Peter and his family went out and sought Jesus because they knew they could do nothing else for her! And they were gone another day before returning- as they believed Jesus when he said she would be “taken care of” Thank you for sharing this! I believe that sometimes God uses “sickness” in ourselves or in those around us to send us a message- we just need to be open in receiving it!

  61. yes I whould like prayer for my son to find a job and to keep that job without getting laid off and also for myself Im getting merried and am praying for an appartment low income appartment where we can both live.

  62. Bea permalink

    Through your message, I have received confirmation from God to receive my healing and PREPARATION by drawing closer to Him/

  63. Michele permalink

    God is doing amazing work in my life too!! I asked him a couple months ago to reveal to me His purpose for my life. Immediately new and exciting things started being shown to me. My passion to help others was clearly shown to me in a variety of ways. He brought new people into my life and also distanced some from me. I am now involved in my first ministry to help others in need. Whether it be food, clothing or whatever else they may need. As I continue to do His will, he continues to bless me and my family. Praise God!! He is always good!!


  65. felicia permalink

    This was my first day reading from this website and i really like it, it soaks in to me. I am use to reading the bible and daily devotionals but i really like this alot..Gla to be able to read it now.

  66. My brother is recently struggling to overcome to demons of drug(cyrstal meth) i have to testify againest my brother for the sentence of 25 years to life. My brother has, and still is under-going Rehab and has found that God is the only way. Although know seems to late. We need as nant prayers as possible

  67. Isa. 53:5, “We are healed by the punishment he suffered, made whole by the blows he received” gains greater light from the knowledge and witness MOSES and ELIJAH had in common on CHRIST’S perfect and transfigurational death on the cross, which Jesus teaches about himself (Matt. 16: 13-28; Luke 9: 18-36) and the two great witnesses forshadowed even in their own deaths (Deut. 34; 2 Kings 2).

    The re-appearance of Moses and Elijah, in heavenly glory, is a great confirmation of our Lord’s words: “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die”. (John 11: 25-26)

    There is no better place to go for healing than the pierced side of Jesus Christ! (John 19:37 also forseen by Zech. 12:10)

  68. MRS PEARSON permalink


  69. ademiluyi sunday olufemifemestyer permalink

    thank God for this ministry.

  70. ademiluyi sunday olufemi permalink

    Jesus is lord.

  71. Nse Nyah permalink

    Hi Mr. Mark, thank you for this eye opening message. I have had some health challenges for a good number of years now and have prayed about it believing God for healing which is yet to be manifested. Point of great note in your text to me is “As Simon Peter invited Jesus into his home, his most personal space, so I too need to give Jesus access to all the areas of my life: even the most personal areas. And through that encounter, healing occurs”. Thanks. I hope to get back to you shortly for a testimony.

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