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A Clean Heart

January 28, 2010

‘Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.’ Psalm 51:10-12

I just love how God is revealing His will for me through His scripture! I yearn for a clean heart, a pure heart, free from the blemish and ugly stain of sin. Why? So I can more fully be in God’s presence.

This started as a calling to draw close to God and now several months later I realize how completely essential it is to be as close to God as possible. As I draw close I find myself more and more being guided by the Holy Spirit, and an assurance that I am more and more doing God’s will. I seek to be used by Him, for His glory!

And I am not alone in that calling. God is calling you to draw closer to Him. How? Through making that commitment to seek God, facing your sin and immersing yourself in the Bible. Yes God is calling you as well!

I yearn for a clean heart, for the Holy Spirit to be fully active in my life, for me to completely walk in His will.

This amazing scripture is my prayer today:

Lord create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from your presence; and take not your holy spirit from me. Restore within me the joy of your amazing salvation; and give me a wonderful life through your free spirit. Amen!

Is this your prayer to?

God bless ya,

Rev Mark Brown

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Yahweh’s Yarn in a Year : 1 year Bible reading plan

The Portion for todays is:  Isaiah Chapters 18-22

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  1. Jenny permalink

    Thank you so much for this passage . I recently went through a loss and before I knew it , it had me down and depressed and had stolen my joy and my peace of mind . After reading this I am more determined than ever to get up and draw closer to God and seek His face , His strength , and His guidance . He has never let me down and never will . I wrote down this scripture and i plan to read it several times a day to help me get back to where I need to be , where He wants me , doing His will . Thank you again for reminding me what an awesome , loving , compassionate God we have . God bless you .

  2. Simone permalink

    That is my prayer also. Thank you for allowing God to use you to minister in this way. It’s almost like a virtual communion over His Word, and is very refreshing and challenging. I pray that no weapon the enemy comes against you with will prosper. He hates ministers of God, but our Saviour is the all-consuming King of kings and has all the power to help us overcome every dart of the enemy.

    God bless you Mark. Keep living for the King!

  3. Pam permalink

    This is one of my daily scriptures…I use it on a daily basis…because we can sin in so many ways without even realizing it…in our words, our thoughts and our deeds, knowingly and unknowingly…my desire is to be an overcomer so I can help others to overcome through God’s Word!

  4. Enid permalink

    AMEN!!! To that…It is difficult to stay in focus with the Lord and live in accordance with his Holy Word, when we see the ugliness of this world day to day…But, we must strive to stay in God’s presence in order to be able to one day be in the presence of and see the magnificence of his Glory…I have been through so many trials and had I not stayed in tune with my God, I would not be here right now…Nevertheless, God knows everything and has a purpose in everything, even if we don’t see it immediately. That is why we must have complete faith and trust in him…He does nothing to hurt us, only to prepare us and to help us mature in spirit so that we may one day live for all eternity in his presence…May our Lord God continue to bless you and yours, abundantly…

  5. Michael Cook permalink

    Yes it is my prayer as well! God create in me a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from your presence, and don’t take your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation! Uphold me Lord with your Spirit which is offered to me freely!

  6. Mack Leggett permalink

    Mark, you just put it right where we need it. God’s Word is a wonderful study under you leading. Thanks for being God’s man of the hour!

  7. Ian permalink

    That scripture is just what I needed to read this morning. As I have known of my sins and did not do enough to try harder to not stray into darkness I feel the absolute need to seek purity of heart in so many ways.

    God is wondrous and amazing in his ways, he provided us with wisdom in the Bible and in these teachings there is much truth.

    God is our creator and saviour and to deny the teachings is to run a-fowl and straight into despair. When we know right from wrong and choose wrong we then have to expect that bad things do occur, however they are there to teach us and to help us learn from bad choices and mistakes. All we can do is to pray and observe his truth and to do our best everyday to abide in these teachings in the context and times in which we live.

    Thank you oh Jehovah God for your grace, forgiveness and mercy so that we may too achieve salvation for our sins by having a pure heart that is not lofty and hardened.

    I pray that you restore my joy and happiness in this life so that I may be able to meet my responsibilities and fulfill my life in accordance to your word. I pray that there is still sufficient time for me to be restored through faith and work.

    Thank you for that verse, it is what I needed or better what we should all want for ourselves and each other. Bless the Lord that he may forgive us our trespasses and save us through our times of trial.

  8. Lately, God is purifying me from the anger I have in my heart. The anger rises to the surface and the feelings are alarming. I know in my heart how very much our Lord loves us; enough to bring these things hidden in our hearts to light. We are on the road less traveled and the responsibility I have to God and to others is in all this anger to not sin. I am recovering from a heroin addiction and have been clean 2 1/2 years. God has delivered me from such bondage and misery. I am so honored that He has chosen me to walk this life out with Him leading me. I say here today Lord…create in me a pure heart, renew a loyal spirit within me. I love this verse and I am like David, a woman after God’s own heart. I submit to you leading Holy Spirit, cleanse me from all impurity so I can better do your will. Amen

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Dear Maren, Praise be to God for your recovery! I loved what you said about God loving us enough to bring our hidden feelings into the light. Only then are we able to actively work with God to address those feelings. Thank you for your insight.

  9. Kathy permalink

    Yes, this is also my prayer. I have such a hunger for the Lord! Thank you for helping me learn how to become the person that the Father wants me to be. We are so blessed that God is using this website to help us grow in HIM! To God Be the Glory!

  10. Malvia permalink

    Yes bro Mark this too is my daily prayer and somb because we ever need a new fresh touch of God’s Holy Spirit to be pure enough to get closer to Him Amen

  11. Joyce Morris permalink

    I look forward to your email each day. I love the word of God and am happiest when in His will. I am reminded of a song God gave me in 1975, “Close To Jesus”. I want to be so close to Jesus that I can always hear His voice, I want to be so close to Jesus that His own will might my choice.~~~ When I was younger I traveled and ministered some and have seen many mighty works of God. My mother was aging and having health problems and I stopped going to help her. I`m 73 years old now and in a good church where people are also anticipating the presence of Gods Glory. God is so good to us, as we begin to draw close to Him, He draws us even closer. So many things in our daily life would try to pull us away from Him but there is nothing else that can ever satisfy the longing in our hearts for more of His presence. God bless you

  12. Bev permalink

    This prayer needs to be on my lips continuously as I live each day. I want to move towards a pure heart and to immerse myself in God’s word so that is what will be in my thoughts.

  13. This also is my prayer.Just as we correct our children and send them to their room,The 139 psalm has been my room and father God has sent me there time and time again.All of Psalm139 but especially verse 23- Search me O God,and know my heart:try me and know my thoughts: 24-and see if there be any wicked way in me,and lead me in the way everlasting.Thank you Mark and thank all who leave a comment,as you also are witnessing of Gods Glory

  14. isaac nazulme permalink

    Yes I do. And I ask Him to search my mind and my heart and to remove anything that is not like Him in me and to put in me those things that are pure and true so that He will get the glory, every day I try to ask forthe renewing of my mind, spirit and strength. Yahweh is a faithful God. I usually watch tv while eatingdinner, but 2 days ago I decided to read and study His word and afterwards pray. It feels good drawing closer to Him, wanting to be in His loving arms and presence. I don’t want to be without Him, I love the connection and how He speaks to my spirit. In my obedience to Christs commandments and Yahweh’s will for my life and purpose I can say I have never felt so good. The joyful spirit He’s put in me, not looking for man or woman to please me or make me happy because they will always fail me but He will never leave me, nor fail me and it’s wonderful. We must constantly renew our minds and think on high.

  15. I just love when God speaks to may in various ways on the same topic. My heart, soul, and mind leaped for joy when I seen todays topic about the heart. In my last night ladies Bible study it was all about a changed heart and we dug into this same scipture that David spoke to God!!! I am grateful, amazed, and humbled by the how deep and how much God’s Love for me is!!! Thanks and these journey’s with you are Blessing me in ways that are truly infallible and priceless!!! Be Blessed!! Annette T.

  16. rev mark think you so much for this the devil likes to make you think your no good and that you well never be nothing but we no when he is on our case we know we are doing right or he would not be on us thank you so much for this prayer i love it and i am going to use it in my daily walk as well love and prayers cecil and jason the burdette brothers ps have used it before but i needed the words to it again thanks for you words love in jesus name cece and jj

  17. Alaina Allen permalink

    Befor we do anything that is pleasing to God we must first start with a clean heart. Often in these times people look @ the kind-hearted, the followers of Christ as the weak ones, maybe even finishing last but WE have to know and show differently. We are the head and not the tail. We are expected to pray for our enemies and those wishing to us wrong and encourage those who want to salvation and are also striving to God’s will and by doing this it first starts with a CLEAN HEART.

  18. Kim permalink

    Amen, Yes this is my prayer too!! Thank you Rev Mark.

  19. Connie permalink

    Psalm 51 is a wonderful prayer for cleansing. Confessing our sin, asking God for forgiveness, and asking God to be restored to a clean heart is the key to being closer to God. I find that I do this on a daily basis. And, as each day goes by, I become closer to God.
    Thank you for enlightenment on focusing on God.

  20. This my daily verse especially when i feel that my self working . ThanksRev Mark

  21. Without Jesus Christ’s perfect and transfigurative death on the cross, one can neither seek God, nor face one’s sins nor immerse oneself profitably in the Bible!

  22. Janna permalink

    I have heard about God all of my life. I believe in Him but their are those times when I wonder if God does exist or is it just humanities way of not feeling so small in the universe. I know that a lot of people think this way but how can you be sure that he exists. I’m currently reading the Bible (for the first time) and it’s making me curious and makes me want to question how people know that this happened.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Dear Janna,
      We all have had questions and doubts. As I studied this over the years I come to the conclusion that God is the only thing that makes sense. I have had many life struggles and most others have as well. The only thing that gets myself and others through those struggles is relying on the help of God.
      Using the power of God is to use the power of the universe and more. It is the power that caused the early Christians to spread the Word despite horrible persecution. It is the strength that allows a person to kick an addiction. It is the power that heals very broken people when nothing else has works. Reading the Bible is not an easy task. Find a local Bible study group that will help you live God’s Word.

  23. shianne permalink

    This is so good. Have you heard the song “restore to me” ? Candi Pearson -Shelton and Mac Powell sing it on the Glory Revealed cd. It is so poweful. Just thought I would share that with you. That scripture is so good, and everytime I hear them sing that song it blesses me so!

  24. Udeagu Blessing permalink

    Create in me a clean heart oh God, thats my earnest desiren prayer especially in this times n season, thank you so much Mark.

  25. Amen to that

  26. Mack Leggett permalink

    Brother Bell Search me (randsack my soul) and know my heart (make me transparent in thy presence) try me (put me to the test) and know my thoughts (reveal what my motives are) and see if there be any wicked way in me ( reveal in me the sins that so easily beset me. And LEAD me ( give me the right direction for my life to take) in the way everlasting…Thanks Bro. Mack, that’s another great thought for the day!!, I just have to share with you a remark of another person:

  27. Mack Leggett permalink

    Brother Mark, this is another good comment. Bro. Bell was the other one:
    Alice Weaver Yes, in my heart each and every moment —- A CLEAN HEART!

  28. Lydia Reyes permalink

    I also yearn for a clean heart. This is one of the scriptures we should read often . It makes it easier to examine ourselves and confess any sin that we have committed through out the day. Then we can thank God for the ultimate sacrafice he made for all mankind thru the dying and rising of his precious son, JESUS. OH how I love my Lord.

  29. Wendy permalink

    I just prayed basically this same prayer about an hour ago and now I read your scripture choice! Amazing!

  30. bee permalink

    Amen! this is my prayer. Thank you for sharing.

  31. elodie M. permalink

    CREATE in me a clean heart God , wash away my sins, father. I love u

  32. Michele permalink

    Absolutely my prayer too. Thanks brother Mark for this passage.
    God bless, Michele

  33. louisa permalink

    Dear revYou have amaizingly ministered to me , My prayr is also to have God renew a clean heart in me. And specialy a right spirit in me. I have felt so lost lately after escaping cancer . I am wonderring why did this happen to me and just asking why God why…? But 3 of your emails has ministered to me so far and it is God giveing me back my faith in Him. I now need to place those scripturers into my heart and make them mine …. i need to realy get them deep inside never to forget them . The other one was when i am weak then God is strong for me… and that was in my weakness like you said in illness.. that one ministered to me so mutch. Never saw it that it included illness. Never new that. Anyway thankyou . For these dayly info of the word and your personal experiances.. it realy brings things right back to our daily lives.

  34. Margaret Ann James permalink

    Thank you , Bro. Mark for this wonderful passage of scripture. Thank you for for your guidance in our everyday lives. I know that you are led of GOD, and I thank him all the time for what he does for me. In Jesus’ sweet name…Amen

  35. Clarion permalink

    God has used you to brighten me up today.I have been down throughout the day with thoughts of how deep i have gradually fallen into sin.Thinking on how to re-order my steps in the right direction,you have given me the right words to say “FATHER, create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.’ AMEN

  36. lakisha permalink

    yes this is my prayer today and everyday till im sue my heart has been cleaned and there is no wickedness that abound within…once God has cleand me up i shall move on….but not forgettn this prayer that has caused me to b cleand asked and it shall be giving….

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