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January 26, 2010

Colossians 3:1-5 & 8,9: If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in glory. Put to death therefore what is earthly in you: sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry. But now you must put them all away: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk from your mouth. Do not lie to one another, seeing that you have put off the old self with its practices.

I am finding my daily journey deep into God’s Word utterly confronting. Each day I am challenged and am learning so much about right and proper living as a child of God.

Recently I have started to fully realise how much I need to ‘put to death’ within my own life, practices and approaches that through reading the Bible, God is really challenging me to deal with. And when it says ‘Put to death therefore what is earthly in you’, in Colossians, it is saying the world, its practices and approaches no longer has any power over me. I was chatting to a close non Christian friend recently who knows how to get me angry, for some reason he was in a foul mood and wanted to drag me into the mud, so he was pressing all the usual buttons, trying to get an angry discussion going. And what happened was amazing: I just looked at him, smiled and said, ‘You ok?’ Whereas in the past I would have taken great offence at his rude provoking comments, they had absolutely no power at all with me, and I was free to love him in is obvious pain. And that came directly from drawing close to God. How glorious is that!

And there is more in my life where practices and attitudes need to be put to death, the power taken right out of them, so I need to remain committed to journeying closer to God through His Word.

And I do this in part by seeking ‘the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.’ This ‘seeking’ is to desire, to inquire and ask questions. So I remove the power out of those personal practices and attitudes that are plain wrong in the eyes of God by really wanting to find out as much about God and what it means to be a follower of Christ. Ask questions!! Read, listen, write and desire.

Rather than my heart being filled with desiring after earthly things, it should be filled with a desire to learn about Jesus. Wow.

So I guess my question for today: is my heart full of a desire to learn about Jesus? Or are there things in my heart that I need to get rid of? In seeking after Christ, those earthly practices become completely powerless.. yes!!

God bless ya,

Rev Mark Brown

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Yahweh’s Yarn in a Year : 1 year Bible reading plan

The Portion for todays is:  Psalm Chapters 9-11


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  1. aria wright permalink

    thank you for posting that 😉

  2. I regret to note that the comment on Col. 3: 1-5, 8-9 reflects a clear CHANGE OF FOCUS from the “life of Christ” (revealed in his Biblical but little known, perfect and transfigurative death on the cross with power to raise us up with him) to “our own life” (ever-useless and powerless).

  3. josi permalink

    surely i have to die of ma evil desires for CHRIST to reign. God bles

  4. Pamela Batten permalink

    You seem to be lined up with what I need here lately…things that I thought I had conquered have risen up but in new and unique ways, sort of diguised…but I thank God daily because He allows me to hook up with people like you to give me the Word of God I need. Thank you for allowing God to have His way in your life so that you can help others!

  5. I just started you Journey Deeper into God’s Word, and it has been a blessing to me. I rededicated my life to God, Jan.7th, 2006 and my husband the very next week. I am battling cigarettes. I’ve tried to stop but have been unsuccessful, although I am still trying. I have a host of medical problems that landed me on disability in 2006. Will cigarette smoking keep me out of heaven?

    • Stacy permalink

      I do not believe smoking cigarettes will keep you out of heaven. I think if you have been raised with Christ you will constantly seek to live a life worthy of the calling you’ve received. Smoking is obviously bad for your health. It is destructive to the temple that is your body, and dangerous for those around you as well. It is something that should not continue. It is not God’s plan. Yet, like all addictions, stopping is easier said then done. You must rely on the power of God and flee temptation. Rebuke smoking and addiction in the name of Jesus Christ, when you are tempted (as a defense) and when you are not (as an attack). If you seek God and strive to live in a way that is pleasing to him, you are doing all you can do. God saves us by his power, not by our own. I hope this has helped you.

      • Thank you for your comments it has helped. Remember me in your prayers.

      • STEPHANIE permalink

        LINDA I agree with STACY I dont belive smoking will keep you from heaven but he does tell us not to harm the temple of GOD and we are his temple.I was a smoker for 30 years I quit when I went to jail Iam saved also now my mom was a smoker for 45 years was diognosed with infusema in her late 40s was put on full time oxegn in her mid 50s she would get off her oxegen long enough to have cig and get right back on every day lifs task became just horreble takeing a shower she needed help becuse she could not breath she was suffacating she was in the hospitial what seememed like every month with the umonya the antebiodics stoped working her hospital stays got longer and longer I quit my job to care for her I told her ……..MOM this is it though that pack away you are not finishing it I went and bought her a bunch of hard candy when she cried out for a cig i would give her a peace of that candy and quikly distacted her for that moment she would get so mad at me and everyone around her she got straight mean I woud get someone on the phone for her or vacume what ever i coud think of just to pass the moment even though i knew and she new it was to late she was not going to get better she did not want jesus commeing toget her holding a cic in her mouth she was sucsessfull only to be diognosed with brain cancer 5 years later thay could not treat her becuse yhay did not belive she would make it through surgery therefor kemo would do no good the tummer was to large ……………..POINT BEING SHE DID NOT MEET ORE LORD AND SAVER HOLDING A CIG………………….PS i have not had a cig in 13 years and I still wake up sometimes and think of having a cig with my morning coffee or news papper driveing OH driving was my faverate time to smoke I was one of those smokers that would wake up in the middel of the night to have a cig and stress was allways my exuess to have a relaps OH that waqs the hardest is when I would get stressed but know it is only a thought that comes and goes it is no longer a cravingsome people say the gum works but we know are real power is are LORD JESUS ………….PRAYING FOR YOU LINDA.

      • George permalink

        I agree smoking send no one to hell, and you cannot call it sin but the destruction of thetemple of the holy spsirit is sin.
        Should one continue to smoke after coming to Christ? No because paul said we could do all things thru christ which strengthen us and that would include helping one to stop smoking.

    • Dianan permalink

      Smoking will not keep you out of Heaven. I struggled with smoking for years and finally quit last year because of a serious medical condition. I still crave them and think sometimes I would be less frustrated if I could just have one more…..but I know that is a trick of the devil. God knows your heart and sees your struggle. Keep praying and ask for God to change the way you feel about smoking. May smoking not bring you pleasure anymore, may the smell make you ill and the thought of a cigarette turn your stomach, in Jesus name. AMEN

      • tonya permalink

        You’re right – smoking won’t keep you out of heaven, but it sure will get in the way of the important things in life… and that’s before your health gets bad. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made an excuse to go somewhere, away from my family and friends enjoying each other’s fellowship, so I could smoke a cigarette. Just think of the time I could have spent with them that I gave away. It’s not easy to walk away from it, but keep trying. Exercise is a great substitue. I find when I exercise and feel better about myself, I’m less likely to want to ‘self-destruct’ with a cigarette. BTW – I haven’t had one in 2010 and I don’t plan to, ever again. I wish you well. You can do it!

      • Cheryl permalink

        I used to smoke too and someone once told me that no it won’t keep you out of heaven it will just get you there faster. Praise God for deliverance.

    • Let me share with you an experience which helped me quit smoking, altogether, more than 60 cigarettes a day.

      I was so deeply immersed in reading the gospel of Mark that I found the experience of powerful miracles too hard to believe. Therefore, I took the opportunity to pray to the Lord Jesus for personal demonstration of his power by taking away my nicotene addiction. He did: immediately and for good too! That was 30 years ago.

  6. Ernie permalink

    Praise the Lord for this word! Is above all a word of encouragment that reminds me that God died for me so that like Paul I no longer live, but lives Christ in me. I can olnly accomplish that by, as Romans 12: 2 states not conforming to this century, but renwing my self in the understanding of his word. It is so easy to let your flesh take over, after all we once walked only in the flesh when know not Christ. But today, his holy spirit lives in us and guides us if we listen. As in Galatians 5. It must remind myself to walk in the spirit, not the flesh and remember as this chapter points out, what the fruits of the spirit are. The truth is that there are two natures fighting within me, the fleshy nature inherited from Adam, and the spiritual and heavinly nature inherited from Crist through his spirit who lives in me. I also try to be cautios that I do not find any mistake I make greater than the blood of Christ who died for me once and for all. That is why in Romans 8:1 Paul reminds us that there is no condmenation for those who are in Christ, Jeus.
    A daily inventory of my life and my walk with Crhist may allow me to walk more freely toward his purpose. Praying to him to guide every one of my steps and take me to his will, is what makes my life a peaceful one, as in john 14 “peace I leave you not like the world gives it”

  7. Nice…appreciate the inclusive language of your messages. Glad to know I share the struggle and yet in Christ we are Victorious!!
    Have a Spirit Filled Day!

  8. isaac nazulme permalink

    I found that the closer I drew to Yahweh, the more I followed Christ, wanted to do the will of the father and not my own by walking in obedience he started to give me what I needed and not wanted, His love, peace and joy. Somethings I was battling with I prayed about and asked Him to just remove it and He did. I had to change my friends and the way I thought about life. I want to inherit the kingdom and worship God and serve Him. So I realized for me to really do this I have to take on the characteristics of Christ, read and study my word more and apply it to my daily living, pray and praise Him through out the day, be an example and a light, being obedient to HIs word (Christ) and hang around people wiser than me and that are of like mind, loving without expectations and just because, putting God’s needs first before mines and others, standing up for righteouness and not defending the unrighteous. Living and breathing Christ, striving for perfection and fasting. When he took away the worldly desires that was killing my spirit I felt free and today I feel even more free, no cursing, drinking, smoking, changed my music, paying my tithes and knowing that it’s better to suffer telling the truth than it is to tell a lie, helping and giving and lbeing opened to God first and seeking Him before I consult with anyone for my life and decisions. I a in want of nothing and He’s to good to me for me to turn back. I’m moving forward in the Lord. Continue to pray my strength in Him. God is my everything. I love these daily readings.

    • JYahiro permalink

      wow! awesome testimony! continue it and let Christ’s holy fire take over as the Day draws near!

  9. malvia permalink

    thank you for your devotions everyday i really look forward to reading them each morning as i wake the first place i head for is to see if you are there yet it has really let me realise a lot about God i find myself getting closer and closer to God thanks again for them may God always bless and annoint you to continue with this work

  10. janet permalink

    I just wanted to tell you what a blessing this is for me. I stumbled across your blog on facebook and loved the heart you are sharing so much that I subscribed, which is not something I normally do. I really appreciate your sincerity and willingness to share not only the heart of God, but yours as well. Thank you for making a difference.

  11. Glory be to God,He never takes something that He will not leave something better in its place.He simply took my one set of friends and replaced them with my church family.Some people are ours for a season and others are for a life time.Living close to Jesus will help us desern what we are to do .God bless Mark

  12. Sara Sue permalink

    Is Christ my life or am I responsible for my life? I believe that we need the grace Jesus offers–the no condemnation–because we are helpless to effectively do what He commands for ourselves. (see Romans 7) BUT, that is the point. He does the work in us as we fully trust Him and cooperate because we truly love Him back. (He loved us first.) The greatest assurance I can have that He is keeping His promise to never leave me or forsake me is when He gives me those moments when I KNOW I have just done or reacted in a way that is not natural for me, but which I know is consistent with God’s character.

  13. Joyce Kesterman permalink

    Thank you for your daily devotions. We do have to die to our flesh, so hard sometimes. But as we study God’s Word, praise, pray and worship God,
    He changes us from the inside out… changes our desires. In 1976 God completely deliverd me from smoking. I wasn’t in a prayer meeting, I was at home in my dining room telling God that He couldn’t expect me to quit because I was going through a divorce. Later that day I realized that God had delivered me…. it was like I had never smoked in my life. My cough was gone, all traces of nicotine were gone. Thank You Jesus!

  14. Connie permalink

    Putting sin to death. That’s awesome! When we focus on the ways of Christ and begin to act on them, we are putting sin to death. Wow! I can take part in killing the sin in my life. I find that I have to think twice before I speak when I am upset in any way. It is sometimes hard to do. But. The closer I come to God through this “Journey Deeper Into God’s World”, the easier it is to keep sin out of my life. It is becoming easier to kill off the sin in my life as the days go by. Every day is a huge challenge to keep sin out. Letting Jesus take the burden is one of my biggest challenges. I worry about everything, I even worry about worrying. What a vicious circle. When I take time each morning to talk to ‘God in prayer through Jesus Christ, I find the day goes much smoother.
    Thanks for this wake-up-call this morning Mark. God bless you. Amen.

  15. Mary Kate permalink

    I am trying to get back on track, so to speak. I pledged the 1 year reading plan and then a few weeks ago I got sick and that stopped the reading and dedication that I am supposed to have. I am schooling at home and so my children need to make up the work that they missed..and…well…my focus turned to everything else then where I should be in the first place. Please pray for me. I should be putting HIM first and everything else second, not the other way around. Thank you Rev. Mark once again, God has used you to plant the seed again. God Bless

  16. Thank you Mark for this word and I thank God for using you to minister to people like me. I try so hard to leave the things of this world behind and keep focused on God. My biggest fear is Hell and not spending Eternity with the Lord. I just pray and hope that God has mercy on me and I thank Him for his forgiveness. I need to work on my attitude, curse words, patience, and anger..I just want peace, so that I am not easily upset. These habits are so hard to break because I’ve been doing them for so long. I feel horrible at times constantly asking God to forgive me because I know that when you repent you are suppose to completely stop. There were times I didn’t pray at all or went to church because I was so ashamed of my behavior. My mom who has a very strong faith told me that those are the times that I need to draw nearer to God.
    I think this site is great and it really helps me a lot, especially when I am at work.

    • STEPHANIE permalink

      RHONDA562 I to stuggel with quick to anger and my curseing but I know GOD is working on me or I would not feel so gulty after words I know he forgives us every time we truly repent and focuse on this what realy is helping me is MARKS lesson on are most dangerious mussel in are body I AM TRYING TO STAY FOCUST and catch myself at that time of anger and it helps alot GOD BLESS YOU.

      • Thank you Stephanie..I also try to catch myself before I start cursing or get too angry, a lot of the times its too late but I will continue to ask for forgiveness and work on not doing it again.

        God Bless you too.

  17. the way I got off of smokes ……ask The Father to want Him more than cigs. Ask Him to disire Him more than the things of this world …….

  18. Vicki Peterson permalink

    Thanks for always encouraging us and being so REAL… we are and continue to be a work in progress as children of God. I am sooooo tired of going around the mountain…. I pray I’ve learned my lessens while doing so, and I am setting my eyes on Jesus as you say, and not focusing as much on my woes ((soooo hard to do)) but I will keep pressing on in my faith. As of late I can relate to Job and his struggles.. But Job was a perfect example of extreme hardship, and bless his heart, it wasn’t in vain.. God loved him and still does, and so I am mindful of this when hurting so much!!!!! Please keep your posts coming, they encourage and lift me up!!!!! God Bless YOU… 🙂

  19. Erin Marks permalink

    Awesome reflection!! I completely agree that through drawing closer to God, he does work situations to make us stronger in our weaknesses and to help us ‘put off the old self with it’s practices.’ I am very encouraged because I’m beginning to see the power we gain through drawing closer to him to set these things aside and to become new in Him!! Thank you Brother Mark for all you do and all you share with us…you are a true blessing in my life!! Praise to God!!!

  20. Jane ojile permalink

    Thank u pastor Mark, this has been a blessing to my life . . I learn a lot here and its nice to read the experience of other xtians. I just pray for Gods grace to kill all the things contrary to his will in my life . . . .

  21. Christian Goodson permalink

    Thank you, I like it! 😀

  22. jessica permalink

    ive been reading these passages for three days in a row and every one is so timely!!! god is so intimate and desires usvto mature in his kimgdom that we can experience freedom in his love!! thanks rev. for being so sensitive to his voice!

  23. febrianty magonna permalink

    i’m very like this… it’s an amazing reflection… ^^v

  24. Ruth permalink

    My desire is to know God

    • For guaranteed knowledge of God, try Jesus Christ’s preliminary and final works in his perfect and transfigurative death on the cross! GBY! Start by visiting ( Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

  25. Marika permalink

    I really like this passage because it talks about the things that we used to do while reminding us that we are now new creatures in Christ. I think that there is power in testimony. Having a testimony is a powerful thing within itself because it represents the fact that the devil did not get you down, in fact God picked you up so that your story could be told for His glory and in His name. I too have been dealing with something sort of similar in which I am surrounded by someone with different beliefs than me. At first, I remember asking God, why did He do this to me. But know He is helping me to realize that regardless of what the devil meant for evil, God has the power to turn it into good. Even though I am still learning about the situation, I know that God is going to get the glory out of it in the end and that in return it will make us closer than before and for that I am thankful. That doesn’t mean that it won’t be hard, it just means that I refuse to let the devil steal my joy, which is something that God is still helping me with. I am continuously learning and I am very grateful.

  26. Selena permalink

    Thank You for posting this today. It really hit me right where I’m at. My heart is full of a desire to learn more about Jesus. Yet I acknowledge that there are things in my heart I need to get rid of. I pray that doesn’t sound like a contradiction.

  27. I agree, but let us not forget. We can’t just focus on putting away the things of this world. It will lead to similar results as telling yourself not to think about a pink furry elephant. The more you tell yourself not to, the more you will think about it. Instead, we should focus and spend more time with God. Then, the things of this world will simply fade from our sight.
    Reading these things (and writing this) is a great way to constantly think about God. Thank you, Pastor!

  28. Patty permalink

    I want to thank you Pastor Mark, you have made it so easy for me to understand scripture and want to get to understand it. 26 days in a row I have read the bible and have tried my best to understand Gods word. I cannot thank you enough. 🙂 I look forward to your reflections and to the daily reading. I have set time aside everyday. At first I would do it whenever I had a minute to spare and now I am finding that being with God is what I look forward to the most every day. I am at a peaceful place when I am with my creator and I really owe that to you. I am keeping a journal on my daily readings and writing my own reflections on what I read. I have discovered one thing, I am not a very good writer, but my heart is in the right place and that’s what God cares about. Thank you…God bless you and your family….

  29. Ross F. permalink

    Howdy Pastor from New Mexico, USA,

    Last verse of Psalm 27 brings me Blessings from Jesus everytime I read or say it. David sure was after God’s Heart! I ended up memorizing the whole chapter. God richly Bless you and yours. Your Brother in Christ – Ross Feagin.

  30. jkel.hawkins23 permalink

    I like this, it shows me that there are others out there like myself working toward a truly intimate relationship with Christ. I had lost my way for awhile and its been hard not giving in to my flesh and the earthly desires i have picked up along the way. I feel Christ tugging me more than ever now and i know its because He loves me….i just want to get to know Him better. I’ve been trying to just focus on Him and trying to listen more and let Him lead. I’ll be checking this more often now, God bless.

  31. I struggle with being able to put to death earthly things when I am stressed to the maximum from the consequences of my sins. I put us into debt and am struggling to get us out and not winning. I know i did this to myself, I deserve what I have coming. I would love to have His peace but those earthly debts keep me from it 😦

  32. I am constantly asking for forgiveness with my daily sins. As hard as I try I still slip and sin in someway. How do I overcome this. May God bless you for how you spread the Lord and the TRUTH.

    • We will all die in our sins if we do not know and believe in Jesus Christ as the “I Am Who I Am”, i.e., God the Father, revealed once and for all in his perfect and transfigurative death on the cross (John 8: 21-32; 16: 5-15; 19: 30-37).

      For putting FIRST THINGS FIRST, all our other sins become justification for his matchless grace (2 Cor. 12: 1-10). PTL!

  33. Praise the Lord!!!!! upon browsing internet hillsong music was play on my pc…Jesus you are the savior of my soul and forever and ever i gave my praises to you… its a great help also for me to focus on our mighty GOD and not the earthly things.. Godbless pastor..

  34. Colossians 3:1-5 & 8,9:…….good scriptures for these days that Jesus returns soon……. I am being led nearer to Him every day and I do not try very hard and I can see what He is up to…….! I Praise His Name Jesus, and the kittens like Him too. I got a good talking to from your post. Thank you Rev.

  35. Lynn permalink

    i grew up being abused and married young to get out of the house only to enter an abusive home once again.i was filled with so much anger and bitterness i even had a hard time loving God, never mind my fellow man. i was mean,spiteful,and hurtful towards just about everyone. i had drastic mood swings and would be up one minute and down the next.but i still sought after God,or should i say He didn’t leave. in 1986 i rededicated my life to Jesus and He began to cleanse me from the inside out. but i couldn’t seem to keep my anger in check for some reason. and when i got angry i would be hit with a really bad headache that would knock me off my feet.then slowly things from my past came up to haunt me. i would wake in the middle of the night shaking and sweaty.nightmares,flashbacks fear,anxiety,and sheer panic hit full force. it was PTSD. but it was also my time for healing. it was a long walk,but Jesus was with me each step of the way. in the end i was set free from all the anger and bitterness. gone too were the disabling i sought after God more i learned how to forgive,and i even aquired a heart of flesh in place of my stoney one. i no longer lose my temper andall fear is gone.i now just want all that God has for me ,and i want to give my all to God.

  36. Joshua permalink

    This really describes what i’ve been going through lately with God…recently God confronted my own life and things within it that didn’t point my desires in His direction…just time wasters that took my mind off of everything but the time waster. I realized through God speaking to me through the spirit, that i needed to quit the game and get about His business. So I’ve stopped playing the game and trying to seek God and keep my mind and heart upon Him at all times and the feeling is wondrous! Yes it is hard to let go of some of the things of the world but God’s love is so much more powerful…Hallelujah There is life in Jesus but the world brings death! In God you can find peace, happiness, everything good your heart could desire! 🙂 God has so many blessings in store for us if we will only pray to Him and make HIM our first love! Our first desire. Praise God 🙂 Jesus love…

  37. Sister Pam OP permalink

    Yes, today there was something in my heart that I needed to get rid of. It involves a very hurtful experience that occurred a few years ago and occasionally wells back up. I went swimming and prayed with every stroke for satan to be gone with those evil thoughts of hurt, resentment and anger. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to be with me and help me purify my mind. Gradually, a sense of peace came ever me and the rest of the day went well. Thank you, God.

  38. marie quick permalink

    sister pam god bless i to am plagued sometimes by thoughts from a horrible child experience now i will pray the same way u did in hopes of the holy spirit to be withme and purify my mind of thoughts and the hurt thankyou sister for this prayer…

  39. Chris seems to be at a similar stage of knowing Jesus as me. Getting to know Him better each day slowly. We need to really and truely ask Him, use the prayer Jesus taught His disciples…”Our Father in Heaven…….” and God will hear you. Once He has heard your plea He will never leave you and you will grow increasingly quickly sooner or later.

    • Nicholas permalink

      I can add, ….sooner or later”….you will notice yourself growing in Him, which in my opinion may be Him telling you you are growing in Him.

      • Only if one knows Jesus Christ firsthand (John 8: 21-32), can one can grow in his knowledge and grace (2 Pet. 3:18). Not otherwise!

  40. Michele permalink

    With God all things are possible. I certainly have experienced this on my walk. After smoking for over 15 years, I recently realized I needed to confess it as sin to God and ask Him to help me give up the desire. He took the desire from me immediately and I quit in December 2009. I no longer have the desire and amazingly when I have been around others since who are smoking, the desire to smoke is gone. It’s been absolutely amazing!! I feel so much better without this constant battle. I have much more work to do as He continues to cleanse my mind and heart. He has also blessed me with putting people in my life who do not smoke. I could not have done this on my own as I tried in the past, but failed. Praise God!! I pray for all of you who have spoken of your struggles. God bless, Michele

  41. i like this one !

  42. Carolyn permalink

    Thank you so much. this happen to me 2 days ago with my sister . She lost her father and my other sister and I were laughing with her and enjoying the memories we had with him. She really didn’t remember him while she was young , but she got to see him in her teen and older years (44yrs) . My father killed his self when I was 25 yrs. And he never was really in my life . I was told he took his life because he didn’t do right by me and my 9 other siblings. Any way she didn’t have the money to help bury him , before we hung up I started to pray and told her God understands and know your heart . If you don’t have the funds to help with the funeral God doesn’t hold that against you . I was trying to tell her God will work it out . She went off on me saying I don’t know how she Is feeling . But the last time I check she called me . I love her so much . So when she hung up I texted her and told her if I offended her I was sorry and if she needs to talk I will be there . Before I would have gone off on her . Please God for the new me . We just had our 21 days going yo church everyday consercration . That’s to God he seperated me to being able to humble myself when things like this come up . God is so good and I thank my friend for sharing thus website with me . Real people doing and saying things with a purpose driven life to help all Gods’ children thNk you

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