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The Art of Being a Good Person

January 25, 2010

Luke 6:45 : The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.

I like the idea of being a good person! But not just an everyday ‘hey he is a really nice kinda guy!’ good person, but a Luke 6:45 good person. Digging deep into this passage I discovered that a good person isn’t just about helping the elderly across the road, but about living and speaking God’s truth.

And this speaks to something God has really been working on me through my journey deeper into His Word, God is encouraging me to speak out! To talk about Jesus with non Christian family and friends, to share God’s will for His people with other Christians.

But all that I share has to come as much from God as possible. As a good friend of mine challenged me the other day, ‘just NEVER share anything that is not based on the bible, and ALWAYS keep your focus on God, and you will have your shield and sword.’ I need to remain focused on God in all that I do.

And the Luke 6:45 reading describes the source of our goodness as, ‘goodfood treasure of his heart’ and ‘treasure’ literally means, storehouse. So like filling the house with food ready for a number of lovely meals, so I need to fill my storehouse with God’s truth ready to share with His people.

So in striving to be a good person, ready to share God’s truth and love, I need to make sure I am regularly reading and absorbing His Word, active in prayer and often humbly coming before Him confessing my sins. I need to fill the storehouse in my heart with God’s abundant love and truth!

Oh wow!!

God bless ya,

Mark Brown

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The Portion for todays is:  Joshua Chapters 16-20


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  1. Very good word from a GOOD person. Love how God gives you such insight to bring your message so clearly to us

    • that made a lot of sence to me and i must tell you my church youth just when and performed/watch at resurrection in gatliburg, TN. we learn about feeding our self with the word and being holy, and then this shows up and it has to be a sign!! that i was suppost to be hereing all this. Thank you soooo much for posting this!!!!

      -kristen brown-

    • Linda permalink

      Thank you that is what God has been dealing with me about, it’s all about keeping His Word forever in our hearts. Praise God He is so good!

  2. I love the Idea of the store house.I have a closet I have converted into a pantry where I keep things on hand to cook If I have unexpected company.The word is our spiritual food and we need to have plenty on hand to answer any guestion that arises.Thank you Mark for this has really given me some food for Thought {no pun intended}

    • peggie carter permalink

      Thank you for being here sharing your thoughts and scripts. through the Lord Jesus Christ. By you being on line helps me daily. May God bless you

      Thank you Rev. Browm

      Peggie Carter

  3. Mack Leggett permalink

    Oh how this touches me! God please do a work in my life. Thanks Mark for allowing God to touch you, so you can touch us and God can help us to be more like HIM.

  4. Lori permalink

    I absolutely love Journey Deeper Into God’s Word, praying people, The Bible, YOU and this wonderful place to experess our thoughts and pray for others. I so look forward each day to the messages and the request. I am filling my storehouse with God’s truth each and everyday. I hope to have a storehouse so full it will burst!
    Thank you for all you do..Be Blessed..

  5. Shelia permalink

    Loved this message, Mark! Really hit home that we not only need to have good things to say, we need to have Godly things to say, and spread God’s word to others. I post scripture to my Facebook status every day, and lately I’ve been posting it from your blog or Facebook page. Thanks for the blessings!

  6. Mary permalink

    Another excellent reason for all of us to be in His Word everyday. Thank you for your insight. God’s love is shining through. God’s blessings, Mark.

  7. Shelby permalink

    i love this truly inpires me to want to be a better person and change some of my ways i am today.. even though im not the most outspoken person in the worlf, i still try to encourage my friends to do what god would want best for them because he wants all of us to be good people, when i cant exactly reach out, all i can do is pray that God guides them and helps them find their way, to keep love and trust in God is very hard for a lor of people to do but i never lose faith..

  8. The Lord drew me to this reading this morning. As we embark, at my church, on a 50 day journey through teachings on Transformational Love where God’s love fills our hearts so that it overflows to others, I’m reminded so much of how I portray myself to others. This teaching just confirms this even more. I want to make sure that my sharing is Biblical, also…a great reminder! I’m also learning to portray myself as human, but always having faith in my awesome heavenly Father!

  9. Connie permalink

    Mark: Thanks for letting God bring the “good treasure of his heart” to us this morning. I struggle with keeping my heart in a good place (pure) on a daily basis. Luke talks about Christians being like a tree. A good tree brings forth good fruit for its survival. Just as the good tree brings good fruit, our good hearts bring out good things in our lives. We can keep our hearts good by focusing on God. We do this when we consistently study the Word of God in the Bible. When we fill our minds with a focus on what God, wants us to do, our heart becomes more like His and we automatically do good things in our lives. It is a blessing from God to have such knowledge.

  10. Ian permalink

    The passage is a good one indeed, as such I must confess that I almost always gave consideration to those around me…I spoke good of people and NEVER (in jealousy or otherwise) slandered my fellow peers, or friends…even though this had happened to me on more than one occasion over the years.

    Regrettably in more recent times and in retaliation to slanderous remarks in reference to my character, resulted in me spewing out horrific words in defense mode. Then I realized that, that was exactly what the evil ones desired from me in order to substantiate previous erroneous claims against me. How sad!!!

    I am now and constantly praying in repentance for my ‘words’ though not slanderous they were latent with contempt. This experience has put me in a very serious situation that seems almost impossible to overcome at times. However and thankfully there is our God whom understands my issues and offers us all the opportunity to pray for forgiveness and do our best to repent and not repeat our errors in judgement or opinion. I have not yet felt that I am completely forgiven though I have forgiven those whom lead me to sin, but I pray in all sincerity that I will be forgiven.

    I spent the better part of my life as what would generally be considered a decent person, and I still strive very hard to become a better person for all life’s benefits.

    Thanks for to Rev. Mark there is this site that allows people like me to express myself in such circumstances. I always believed in God but did not truly journey deeper into the Bible for a clearer understanding, but that has since changed as it is a great source of instruction and hope in faith of our redeemer and saviour through the belief in his son Jesus Christ, who died for our sins in order that we may be saved.

  11. Sister Pam OP permalink

    I like what your friend had to say, “just NEVER share anything that is not based on the bible, and ALWAYS keep your focus on God, and you will have your shield and sword.’” This is very good advice indeed, especially the focus on God.

  12. Funny how this is the first time I’ve been to this blog, and you’ve detailed a verse I’m very familiar with. I recently had my 9yo daughter study and write this verse multiple times after some very mean and hateful things were said to her sister. We had a talk about it afterward and it really spoke to her. This was only about a month ago.

  13. Lydia Reyes permalink

    I am so thankful for this site. It shows me how many people are just flourishing in the walk with our Awesome God. By receiving God’s word, we hear the Lord better and grow in faith. God,s word will help us know ourselves better by judging the thoughts of our hearts. By his word we are fed spiritual and strengthen. I want to be eager for his word as a newborn baby for milk. I believe this is going to be a great year as we continue this deep expierience in the word. Continue on my brothers and sisters. Mark, bless your heart of love.

  14. Ian permalink

    Admitting being wrong takes strength and honesty and shows integrity and maturity.

    In doing my part to try and become a better person involves identifying and admitting previous errors in judgement / opinions that I had in regard to some things in this life in order to develop a more pleasing attitude and overall good character.

    Reading the Bible has helped me become more aware of my thoughts, words and even actions, I pray for better understanding of how deal with difficult situations as they present themselves.

    Thank you again Rev. Mark for your excellent site, it is informative and inspirational in many ways, and thank God for his compassion and grace.

  15. Davitta permalink

    Brother…thank you for blessing us with these words…God’s words to fill us with instruction.
    Good person/God person…be blessed

  16. Bev permalink

    Thank you for your post today! God has been working on my heart to study His word and to tell others about Him. The “storehouse” concept helps make it seem more real to me.

  17. Wow. Thank you! That is a verse I am familiar with, but I’ve never thought of it in that sense. I always took it as “a nice person says nice things.” This is a new insight and new perspective. I appreciate it! :]
    However, from a different view. Not all people who proclaims the gospel are necessarily good. We always have to be wary of that for we are all sinners.

  18. Patty permalink

    Awesome reading again….Thank you so much for the light you are shining. 🙂

  19. Love this blog, as I have some friends who come to me for advice and I dont always think to keep God’s word in mind! Thank you~!

  20. Sherry permalink

    Thank you God for allow Mark the opportunity to deliver your word on a daily basis.

    I have been reading since New Years and I can honestly say that everyday the word seem to be speaking to me only, especially the reading on Sunday that dealt with having anxiety. I just woke up from a dream that shook me up and I didn’t know what to think. I opened my email only to find that you were speaking on that same topic. After reading I felt so much better. I believe we all need to journey deeper in God’s word and you Mark are helping me do just that.

    Looking forward to more!!!

  21. nycole permalink

    i have been struggling with this fo a while now… this was sooo helpful to me :))

  22. dorthy porter permalink

    Praise God Mark,This post brought joy to my heart.God has been openning more doors lately for me to spread his word.My Bible reading has increased alot ,My goal is to keep at all time two sermons prepared .I pray for you daily.I feel like a worker in the field now days for my Lord.I enjoy hearing what you have to say.God bless you man of God.

  23. David permalink

    I like the old saying, do whats right because you may be the only Bible that some people may see!!

  24. David permalink

    Thanks for your words!!!

  25. Taylor permalink

    May God bless you for how you are touching my life.

    Please check out some outreach that is going on in Lodi, CA, USA:

  26. though,it’s my first time reading through this,it’s inspiring and as well makes one have deeper knowledge about GOD,the creator of heavens & the earth,so also makes one to change for better by living a righteous life.keep up the good work of God.

  27. Though,it’s my first time reading through this,it’s inspiring & allows one to have a deeper knowledge of GOD by living a more righteous life.keep up the good work of God.

  28. Michele permalink

    Thank you!!

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