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How to Deal with Anxiety

January 24, 2010

Philippians 4:6-7 : Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I am a little anxious right now. I am someone who goes at something 110%. I am very bad at moderation, as a leader I am a sprinter, I go like the wind; then at some point, exhausted, I rest and then up again running at full speed… This can be a good thing, I am very good at change, at getting things done quickly, I am good at setting up ministries, and I am able to get a lot done in a short period of time. But it can also mean I get too involved in things, I lose much needed balance in my life. And that is somewhat happening now with the amount of time I spend on Facebook. I am driven to tend to the pages I started on there, to build my friendships and connections, answer messages.

The greek for ‘anxious’ in Philippians 4 literally means to spend a lot of time worrying about something. So what can I do about my anxiety?

prayerPrayer. Philippians 4 says, ‘but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.’ And the greek for ‘prayer’ can mean a place you pray, a silent private place to pray. So this is the first help, not only do I need to make time for prayer, but I actually need to find a praying place, somewhere where prayer is promoted and comes easily. For me this is anywhere were I can get total silence.

And the Philippians reading then shares that once I pray the ‘peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.’ The ‘peace of God’ refers to receiving blessing, that good will happen to me. Or in my case, I will reduce my constant need to engage with Facebook. And then it talks about, ‘guard your hearts and minds’ and the greek behind ‘heart’ and ‘mind’ reveals the essence of my anxiety: heart refers to impulse, affection and desire and the mind is the intellect. I am aware of what I need to do on Facebook, and then I get an impulsive thought at 10pm, an idea to follow someone up and before I know it, it is 12am and I am still on Facebook. So in praying, in setting a certain time and place to pray, I will gain increased control over this impulse ‘heart’ urge. And the greek behind the word, “guard’ literally refers to military guarding, which takes discipline and precision.

So how do I deal with my anxiety? Well first up I need to discipline the amount of time I spend of Facebook to just twice a day, early morning to post my journey deeper and answer a few messages, and in the early evening. And after reading this Philippians passage I can see the need that as well as having a prayerful attitude throughout the whole day, that I should also have a structured prayer life, where I have set time each day to find that prayerful space and pray. I am going to start with first thing in the morning, and before I go to bed as a start.

And in fact I am going to discipline the amount of time I am online, have regular ‘unplugged days’ where I have no internet..  Did that last week and you know what?  I thought a lot more. Away from my demanding monitor my brain started to think more freely!!

And through this I am certain that my heart and mind will be guarded in Christ Jesus! Praise you Lord for this amazing passage!

God bless ya,

Mark Brown

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  1. nicholas ross permalink

    you have got to have time alone to gather your thoughts mark or you will b stuck on face book for ever,time alone gives you time to think back as well as forward,time alone is good for the heart ,time alone to pray ,thanks mark and keep up the good work ,god bless you and your family

    • Gladys permalink

      Mark am so glad you are able to bring up this particular topic on HOW TO DEAL WITH ANXIETY. Because am also a victim of anxiety. I pray the holy spirit help me to follow this same steps you took to overcome the anxiety.

  2. Pamela Batten permalink

    Thank you for this post…I was praying to God to guide me in the managing of my time more wisely…because I too have been on FB a lot…I even drop in when at my place of work…and before I know it I have wasted work time and fall behind and have to cram to meet my deadlines…This scripture and your thoughts were the answer to my prayers…Be Blessed great man of God.

    • mark we love u on facebook sharing your input dont leave us your so speacil and informative about god

  3. Connie permalink

    Mark … “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” I had to copy this passage the minute I read it, without even reading your testimonial. This passage puts it all into perspective. I find that I need to organize my focus, not letting myself jump from one project to another. Self-discipline is what I need in my life. Focusing on God is sometimes hard to do when it seems that there is not enough time to get all the things done that I think I need to do. I become anxious about worldly things in my life. I need to turn that anxiety toward God. When I do, I begin to stay more focused on Him.
    I need Jesus to ‘guard my heart and my mind’. Guarding my heart and mind in Christ Jesus is something I cannot do without God. I pray that my mind and my heart stay focused on God on a daily basis, all day sometimes. I find that the more I pray, not just for myself, but for others (petition), the more focused I become on God.
    This passage is a great reminder for me to stay focused on what I have to do at any given moment. During anxiety, I become confused. Praying, no matter what is standing in my way, continuously, is sometimes hard. I never give up of God through it all. I don’t need to be fancy with my words to God. I talk to Him just like I am talking to you.
    I am so glad that God led you to bring us this passage this morning. I need this reminder. 

    • Susie permalink

      You took all the words right out of my mouth. I’m so glad that these posts are available to the body of christ. I take comfort in reading that I am not the only one who feels this way. During anxiety, there is confusion, and confusion is not from the Lord. That’s why it is so important to stay plugged in daily to God through prayer so that He may guard our hearts and minds daily in Christ Jesus. In addition, let’s not forget to put our armors on daily. Eph. 6:11-18.

  4. janet permalink

    Peace of God, “receiving blessings that good will happen to me” For sure good DOES happen to me but the area I am most anxious about (less so now than two years ago) GOOD has NOT Happened to me in fact the situation has gotten worse and the less I am anxious about it NOTHING that I can see hear see or taste has changed. What is up?

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Dear Janet, Oh, don’t I know what that is like! I have been there. Now that I am on the other side of things I look back and it is all clear and what wondrous blessings came from the despair. I think of that as the desert time, like Moses wandering in the little desert for 40 years. Keep your faith intact so you will enter the promised land. It can take a long time for things to straighten out. It took my life about 12 years. For others, it takes much longer. One thing after another kept happening. I prayed the psalms out loud. Put every emotion you have into them. God knows what is happening in your life. With faith it will all work for the good of the Lord and for you. Keep us posted so we can pray for you and support you in this journey.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      P.S. One more thought. You say that good has not happened to you, yet, you are still alive, typing on a computer, communicating with Christians from all over the world. I dare to say that is good. God is working wonderful things in you. Life is difficult and it can all work toward good with faith in God.

    • Dear Janet,
      I, too, went through my own wilderness journey. I believe that every Christian will at some point in their Christian walk. During that time, I prayed, read and studied every thing I could get my hands on (especially the Bible), I confessed my sins out loud to God, I accepted all His promises out loud, and fully BELIEVED and confessed that He would keep His promises to me. I allowed nothing on tv at my house except Christian broadcasting to keep my mind and heart in the right order.
      I sand praises and thanked Him continually for all that He had done for me up to and even including that point. I thanked Him for the desert, because without it, I would not have appreciated the oasis of my life nearly as much.
      What seemed like an eternity finally ended and now I am at peace with myself, my life, and especially with God. Believe me, the more you thank Him, the better off you will be. Rest assured, the oasis will come and with it will come an abundance of blessing so rich and so bountiful, you will be almost overwhelmed. One thing more, sister Janet, when those blessings do come, CONTINUE to give praise and Thanks!
      Also, keep in mind, that you have to take time to LISTEN to that small still voice and heed what is being spoken to you (through friends, t.v. messages, and the Spirit) -you can not always continue to do what you have always done and expect change. Sometimes it is up to you to prayerfully make the first move toward change before things start to happen.
      I hope this will help you in some way. Dear sister, Don’t give up, don’t give in, and don’t settle for less than what God Himself has promised you.
      He tells us that He has a plan for each of us. Ask Him to plainly show you which way to go and He will.
      Take heart, you are not alone. I am praying God’s bounty of Love and Blessing over you right now. Be at peace.

      • Lena permalink

        Thank you, Thank you both so much for your messages! I’m in the same situation as Janet is in and your messages really encouraged me. I’ve been in the dessert for 50 days and it seems like 50 years to me! It all started on Dec. 15, 2009 when I woke up with a swollen ankle and severe pain. After many tests and many doctors, I was diagnosed with gout. I’ve taken all the medications they perscribed me and nothing worked. Finally, I was sent home by a specialist and told that there is nothing else doctors can do for me. I’ve been in bed most of this time, not able to go to work or anywhere else. I live with my prarents (I’m 27) and they have been taking care of me. I’m really active and for me to be in bed and not do anything…its really crushing my spirit. I feel so helpless to have to rely on others. And I’ve never been in so my physical pain in my life! I’ve even fainted a couple times from the pain. I don’t why God is not healing me…is He too busy doing miracles in Haiti? I know I sound really selfish, but I’m in so much pain! Please pray for me!

  5. Hello, Just a quick comment. At the beginning you said that you run full speed….. then close to a crash……..and I am here shouting…….BALANCE, BALANCE. Then next I read you saying BALANCE !!! I strongly believe you will never be in Balance and establish Prayer time alone with God UNTIL you do that first part,,,,,,SET A TIME LINE ON EACH OF YOUR PROJECTS.
    I know what I am talking about……it felt like as I was reading….it was all about me!!! Been there…Done that!!
    Please, please….if you do accomplish Balance in your life, LET ME KNOW so I can apply it to my life.
    With God, all things are possible.

  6. JOE FELTNER permalink



  7. Donna Wall permalink

    I need lots of prayers for my marriage now. He wants to seperate and I don’t. I’m so broken and sad.Can you pray for me and my husband. Donna


    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      You are in my prayer journal. God be with you now and always.

  8. Lynn permalink

    thank you mark for this sharing today. i get anxous a lot as i am bi-polar and at times my thoughts race so fast that i actually miss short prriods of time. i try really hard to stay focused on reading and in spesking. i have what my mom calls senior moments a also makes it hard for me to retain things i read ,or hear. i can’t even remember the Lords prayer or the 23rd psalms. how can i show myself approved when i can’t remember the things i study? is putting forth the effort to do this enough ? at times i almost feel like i should just stop trying. but God didn’t give up on me, i refuse to quit on Him but at times anxiety creeps up and rears its ugly head and i feel like i’m failing God. am i?

    • Liz permalink

      Good morning Lynn! (at least it is morning here)

      Girl, I would have to say I feel like I connect with what you’re saying. So here are a couple of things God has helped me learn…hope they help you too.
      First, and most importantly, God knows you. Triumphs and your struggles, weakness and strengths, and also your HEART. It sounds like your heart is in the right place and I think God really loves and appreciates that! Did you know that God and Jesus picked some really interesting characters to do some amazing things! Moses was a stutterer, for instance (who knew?!) Even some of the disciples struggled with temper issues and other things (can’t remember which ones by name). Saul/Paul, was going around killing Christians cuz he thought he was right, until God knocked him on his rear end. But God worked through all these people to achieve His ultimate purpose. I guess my point is, God will work through us all, even you and me if we’re open to it! So, and I struggle with this too, forget all the “I cant’s”, cuz God can. I have to remember that all my feelings of frustration, fear, and worry do not come from God to begin with, He brings peace and a sound mind (there is a scripture somewhere that talks about that). Sister Pam told me to write things down. Its an idea so simple I had to hit myself for not thinking of it first! lol!! So, I’m gonna get a whole mess of sticky notes, and write down the scriptures or ideas that speak to me. Then I can post them in my room and use them for reference. We may not be ready to recite chapters and versus from memory, but I figure having the knowledge of what God said is just as important and valuable.
      So the short answer is, no ur not failing God, He loves you no matter what, and keep pushing through with us!! : ) Hugs and Love for you!!

    • stephanie permalink


      • stephanie permalink

        LYNN I know just how you feel I also am bypoler and suffer from anxiety so bad my heart feels like it is going to beat right out of my chest my skin just crawles what feels like its moveing it gets so bad at times it feels like I am haveing a heart attac I take meds for this conditon but sometimes it dont help I also have senior moments often it pains me becuse I foget so much of my childrens special memories it feels like old timers sometimes I dont forget everythig but most of it I pray and will keep praying for both of us sometims I feel like there is no help for me or this will never go away GOD BLESS YOU LYNN ………….THANK YOU MARK …………..I WILL FIND THAT QUIT PLACE AND PRAY FOR HEALING .

      • stephanie permalink

        I am confused becuse as I read all these words of wisdom the anxiety I suffer from I dont even know why im having it at times when I am having an a attac I dont even know why I am haveing it I dont feel stessed it just happens I cant stop it I dont know maybe I think I am putting all my trust in GOD maybe I just need to check myself GOD BLESS.

      • Lynn permalink

        stephanie, i will pray with you in agreement for healing. i know it’s Gods will that His children be healed and made whole in Jesus name. in the mean time stephanie, try keeping a journalof your anxiety attacks and what you’re feeling at that moment. a pastor friend told me to try it and it did help me see things in a different lihht at times. i hope it will do the same for you. God bless

    • REBECCA permalink


  9. Lynn NO you are not failing God. He knows everything about you. And in your weakness He is made strong in you. All He wants of us is to be available to Him. Lynn He loves you very, very much ….just the way you are.

    • Lynn permalink

      thank you gail. sometimes the struggle get to me and i take my eyes off Jesus and forget how to get back to where i’m supposed to be, resting at Jesus feet. God bless.

  10. Dana Benton permalink

    Rev.Mark Brown,This is just what I needed Mark,some Self Discipline,as I get my Anxiety running wild.It’s like I cannot control myself once I get started on my Prayers for Other.I try and stay in control,but once they start coming in for Prayer I’m in a state where I need to get them right now.Just as you do,It’s alot like being out of control when you hit Facebook. I don’t give my mind time to think things through before I start writting.I need that self discipline,and this passage today on How To Deal With Anxiety is just what I needed,and you explained it so well.Thank You!!!You are a Great Leader and I have learned so much from you,It is just so AWESOME. This is what the People need is someone to explain what the verse is all about,and you do that so well Rev. Mark Brown.I have to give you alot of thanks and praise for what I have learned,because if it hadn’t been for you and your questions and answers I would not be where I’m at today.Reading the scriptures that you read and then give explanation to them has really help me to understand alot about the bible,When we were children our Mom and Dad would send us to Church every Sunday morning on a bus.but at that time I was to young to remember any of it.Even now when I go to church I don’t learn as much as I do with the way you Write it.I hope and Pray that you never leave Facebook as this is what the people need,someone to actually tell you what alot of the words mean,not just reading to you but telling you what it is all about.I Love It and have learned so much.May God Bless You,I do the same thing just run run run until I’m sick and then it takes about a week or so to catch up again,so the self discipline is what I need so I don’t over do it in one day.Thank You and God Be With You Rev.Mark Brown

  11. Dana Benton permalink

    Rev.Mark Brown,This is just what I needed Mark,some Self Discipline,as I get my Anxiety running wild.It’s like I cannot control myself once I get started on my Prayers for Other.I need GOD’s help in the self discipline part,as He can put it in your Heart that you need to slow down and comprehend what you read.Which I have a hard time doing that,so when you give your testimonial I will understand it and God knows when I do so,which makes me understand what he is talking about.I still have alot to learn but if I keep up with you and read on my own,hopefully it won’t take me forever.Thank You for your Message today,I Love Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

  12. psalm 139….. lord i love this passage when you tell use that you reaaly no use v 1 ‘lord you have search me and you know me ‘ you know when i sit and when i rise’ you perceive my thoughts from afar. read it its very powerful….

    this tell use how god real knows use in and out remember he created use. so we need to trust god with everything own marrage our anxious for to day to morrow and more ..and if were anxous we can call on him for yes ‘peace of mind that will guide our mind and heart in christ jesus’ .. listen its say ‘ before a word is on my tongue he(god) knows it completely o lord’.. this in it self is very powerful can you imagin…before we speak, we don’t no the words before we speak but god’s knows those words

    read this powerful passage …anxouisin the flesh but in the sprit no ….god bless you all have a good week

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Dear Lorraine,
      This is my favorite psalm. During a time in my life when the dominoes were falling, my priest suggested that I pray this psalm everyday. I did and it became my anthem. Then I started to see and hear the words of the psalm everywhere. That was the Holy Spirit working in my life. You are correct, this is a powerful message.

    • Lorraine, thanks for that Psalms 139, I am so blessed and so fill right now my soul and spirit is jumping with joy. I dont know if you read my post but I ma so glad I decided to read what Pastor Mark wrote because I tell you all pain and hurt have left me and when I read Psalms 139 its was like a heavy burden was lifted off me and I give God all the Glory and I thank HIM for using you to share that passage with us today and the same goes for Pastor Mark. May God continue to use you and bless you.

  13. Laura permalink

    Dear Rev. mark Thank-you for today’s passage. That is one of my favorite bible verses. It is so powerful & always helps me put things in perspective. Even tho we know with our heads that we need to put all things in God’s hands & be ‘anxious for nothing’ it is difficult at times to live this way. I am up early today to write a report for a little boy in my classroom -whom I know God loves dearly-more than anyone-even his own mother- But I still get anxious about the outcome of tomorrow’s meeting (He is autistic- I am his special ed teacher- & he needs to be placed in a more appropriate program- we are having his IEP tomorrow) It is sad but there is so much politics in education (especially special education where autistic children are involved) I have spent a lot of time worrying about the powers that be & if they will mess things up for this little boy (as they have already done) Yes I have been very anxious. But I know I need to put this all in God’s hands in prayer & wait upon Him. I will do my very best at the meeting tomorrow, but I know my Lord God is in control & I want to thank-you for reminding me of this. I checked my emails before I begin to work & what do I read but your wonderful Journey deeper into God’s word Thank you so much



    CONDITIONS: firsthand knowledge of the LORD (that is what the gospel is all about), learning from God himself, keeping purpose firm, and putting trust in him! (Isa. 9:6; 26:3; 54:13; John 14-16)

    OPTIONS: none!

    • stephanie permalink

      EPHREM ANXIETY WILL BE GONE AS I HOLD ON TIGHT TO ISA.9:6; 26:3; 54:13 and JOHN 14-16) such powerfull words thank you for taking me there ….GOD BLESS YOU …….YOU ALSO LYNN.

      • Stephanie,

        CAUTION! The power is inherent in firsthand knowledge of the Lord Jesus, as immortal, in his WORKS of perfect and transfigurative death on the cross; but not in the WORDS referred to.

        Any time you spend verifying the works involved will be the best investment of your life! GBY! (Start here

  15. Gina permalink

    Thanks for sharing. It’s exactly what I needed to hear…

  16. Bettye permalink

    Thank God for this message, I needed to read this. This is sooo me, I need help with managing my time too.. Thank you Jesus and I am going to do better!!!

  17. loved this reading! liz and lynn… i agree with eveything you said,,,Just Believe and you will Receive all things thru our lord God. He is never to far away.

    • Lynn permalink

      thank you saved 2. in answering some of these commentsGod has restored to me ways of gettig back on track,and it feels so good. thank You God

  18. Shelby permalink

    this passage is really uplifting, a lot of people today dont make as much time to pray instead of worrying about the things on their list that dont have to do with God. I want to try to do the same thing and pray more often, even to thank god for evrything in my life and how he helped me to be the kind of person that i am today..i worry too much about things that my friends do and looking out for them and get too involved with their actions wether i agree or disagree with them, which i realize makes me even more stressed..a lot of people i know need more God time and i pray that he reaches out to them and ets inside their hearts to help them show their true self, keep loving and trusting God 🙂

  19. LORD,Thy will be done.This is the hardest prayer to pray,but when said in earnest,anxiety flys out the window and a peace that surpasses all under standing moves in.Thank you Mark for todays reading

  20. Margo permalink

    Some of my favorite verses in the Bible. I take them wherever I go. God Bless. Thanks for your ministry!!!

  21. Dear Mark i have often read your daily devotions and this one about anxiety really spoke to me today as i often find myself thinking about unwanted thoughts that really effect my in a personal way! I often try to focus on god when my thoughts are drowning me, cos i know he’s my refuge and he wants us to call on him when we are weary, but i often find when i do just stay silent i’m still worrying about my thoughts i try and take them captive but i sometimes find they still affect me, i pray protection over myself but some how he still creeps in when im unaware! How do you deal with that?

  22. Toni permalink

    I really needed this! Thank you and God bless you.

  23. Thank you so much for this message, I have been going through some personal hurt and pain to the point where I did not want to exist anymore due to a broken relationship, and I have been praying for perfect peace and all I could hold on to is John 14:27 and now you bring me to Phil. 4:6-7. Thanks because I now know that God is ABLE and HE is in control. I too need to stay away from facebook and when I do I consider it a fasting period and I use that time away from facebook to gather my thoughts a find me a quiet place to pray. Fasting does not only require food it is something you love to do, I have fasted giving up my computer also my cell phone anything that I spend a lot to time doing or using and giving that time to God. So again thanks for the message and please continue to lift me up in prayers.


      Without Christ’s “own peace” (John 14:27), for those “baptized into union with him” at the site of baptism in his Holy Spirit (Ibid, 14-16), or being truly born again of the Spirit at his death on the cross (Ibid, 3: 14-15), whatever we do peace will be a mere mirage!

  24. wow! I needed that too. I think I can apply some of those truths to my life as well.

  25. Mac permalink

    As a retired minister (is there such?) I find myself drawn to guilt for ‘giving up’ on the calling. But stress was the burden that caused my early retirement. I pray that I Philippians 4:6-7 can once more ease my mind and just let me relax. 30 years of serving my country, my family and my sins; followed by 32 years of serving His Kingdom first, last and always… but I want to finish the race with a pure testimony for Him. Pray with and for me, Please, Pastor Mark. I’ll answer any further communication thru private emails or Windows live. In the meantime I’ll be praying for your ministry.

  26. Nikki Arentsen permalink

    How often have I read that verse but it has hit me right between the eyes for an anxiety I am going through right now. Praise God for the precious Holy Spirit who speaks even across the internet. Bless you Mark.

  27. emmanuel permalink

    Thank you. God bless

  28. OK…..I needed it TOO!! LOL . Thanks Mark for simple obedience and appreciated transparency!

  29. Mike permalink

    I need u to join me in prayers in getting a good job

  30. Mac permalink

    Waiting for a responce from me?

  31. bee permalink

    Thank you so much! this is the right passage for me on the right time , for my problems of internet procrastination, instead of working what i am supposed to do. God bless you!

  32. Isn’t it amazing how practical the Word is to us in our everyday lives? We can use it for everything that we do or say. With a book as old it is, it’s still practical. And that’s something that just baffles me every time I think about it.

    I was talking with a friend today about in our culture we have many distractions and how that has affected us. To cope we compartmentalize. There’s our business life, there’s our social life, here’s our school life, over there is our church life, next to family life, oh and don’t forget the Facebook life, and what about driving? That list can go on, and we attach a different personality to each.

    I love the concept of unplugging.
    It drains us from that compartmentalize mentality. We are instead focused on our Lord and Savior and with what He wants us to do for Him (not what we want Him to do for us).
    And when we are focused on His wants, at least so I have found, we become at peace and joy within us – despite the weather conditions.
    It’s something I have to do continually make a daily habit of. But I thank you incredibly for shedding some light onto the topic. =)

  33. Sara Bessey permalink

    Hi Rev. Mark,

    I completely agree with what you are saying. You mention a lot about “time”. I will continue to reflect on Ecclesiastes chapter 3 and pray for you in this area. I do believe that the Lord is well pleased in your dedication and service to further the gospel and minister to others. May the Lord bless you and your beautiful family. Blessings…Sara

  34. Dawn permalink

    I rejoice in the Lord this day (& always) I have been dealing with the same things this year myself. God is working with me & helping me to overcome anxiety, fear, worry & fretting over different things & to learn to totally lean, depend & trust in Him with complete confidance. I am reading a book right now that deals with all the above things & it listed the Philipians verse as well. God is so good to be revealing these areas in our lives so we can turn to Him & His word & get the help we need to overcome & to gain Victory once & for all! He loves & cares for us so much & will all His children to rest in Him & to have & maintain the Peace that trancends all understanding. The type of peace that the world cannot give but only He himself because He alone is the Prince Of Peace! Bless You P. Mark as you follow God’s strategy for you to conquer the unecessary anxiety in your life! 🙂

  35. Wow! This really touched right on for me. I have been thinking of this same thing myself. I’ve been spending way to much time on fb and not enough quiet some with God and with myself. Take to mix things up and keep my priorities in order! Thanks for the extra push that God gave me through you 🙂

  36. Lynn permalink

    thank y’all for your words of encouragement and reassurance.. i know that God loves me.of that i have no doubt. it’s myself that i tend to doubt at times. my health has taken a downward spiral and i find myself trying to make sure i do all i can to make things easier for my family should God call me home. it’s easier on me because i have God as my strenght, but for the most part,my family is unsaved. they know there’s a God but they don’t put their trust in Him.i just got out of the hospital again. it was my 3rd stay in the last 6 months.but praise God i got out and am still here. but like since around june i now keep falling asleep 4 to 6 times a day.i’ve fallen to sleep while trying to shut down my puter,while drinking coffee in the morning and spilling it all over me, even when trying to eat. but i will keep fighting because if anyone is going to lose, it’ll be that ole devil, not my God.

  37. Sister Pam OP permalink

    Daily quiet time for prayer and reflection is essential to physical, emotional and spiritual health. I set time aside each day for prayer and the Bible. I have a prayer corner with candles and a cross as external reminders that I am entering a time for one on one with God. Amazing things happen during this time. Being a workaholic, multi-tasker, this time is my saving grace.

  38. im reading this for a reason: comfort.

  39. allery permalink

    Hey sup yall

  40. Nicole permalink

    I needed this, thank you 🙂

  41. val permalink

    I so need this now. My whole life is in crisis now, as I deal with a childhood full of abuse. I am suffering anxiety (panic) attacks and am sometimes scared to go out because I may have one. It is very scary time for my family and I am depending on my God to pull me through. My mind races and I cant think properly and the meds I have been put on make some things worse. Being anxious all the time is every hard and tireing and I need to be able to be more positive. verses like this help so much, Tankyou for what you do. you have helped me in many ways. I have so far to go and it is very hard, but wold be impossible without God to do.

    • Lynn permalink

      val, it sounds like you are suffering from ptsd,post traumatic stress.i also suffered a lot of forms of abuse as a child,physical,emotional,and sexual abuse.i would have flash backs,panic attacks as well as anxiety attacks. for over 3 1/2 years i was housebound because of fear of being outsife. i needed the safety of a locked door between myself and the world, but i want you to know, there is healing in the name of Jesus. i have cime so far with Jesus at my side that i eventually went out,even got a job and learned how to drive. its not an easy journey,but you do not walk alone. Jesus is by your side. i pray that in the near future we will have a victory report from you. God bless you and yours.

      • val permalink

        You are right Lyn. I actually recently spent a week in a psych ward at the local hosital. I was shard. I have s many amazing friends and It has all taught me to trust God in a way I never have before. have had almost 30 years of fash backs, night mares and have only in he last few months sort help. I get scared going out side, but forc myself. and keep telng myself that I can do all thing through Christ. Thankyou for undrstandin and replying. It is so good to know that others have got through.

  42. howard carter permalink

    Anxiety seems to me to be age related as well. When I was younger I didn’t really have nuch anxiety in my life. I didn’t used to worry about much simply go with the flow. Now as I’m in my mid forties I find myself wrestling with Anxiety. Things that would have been a cruise several years ago now haunt my dreams, deprive me of sleeep and as you said can steal the peace of God , or at least the experienceing of that peace as a blessing.

    Developing a more contemplative appraoch to life and developing a deeper prayer life does seem to be an answer. Having a family and work pressures also measn that finding prayer times, quite phases and places becomes more of a challange.

    Have spent much time this summer fishing off rocks and whalfs and found that this slows me down ( They call it fishing not catching). I think our cletic forebares had something when they suggested people find a solitary place in the midst of God’s creation to spend time in prayer and reflection.

    Mind you the celtic monks were monks and didn’t wrestle with the same call and demand of growing family and the city life.

    Keep inviting me deeper Mark. At least spend that time as often as poss online. You are a great help.


  43. Gee permalink

    Thank you Rev Mark Brown, for this passage. It’s so easy to drift into and get overwhelmed, with anxiety and mundane pursuits. These constant reminders does goes a long way in helping me re-align towards Godly devotion which is paramount. Many thanks.

  44. amy permalink

    hey just to let you every time you send an email it really speaks to me! This week especially God has been showing me just how essential it is to pray and spend time with him every day and also I have a mega facebook problem :/. So thanks a lot for taking the time to do these emails 🙂

  45. I, too, am having marital problems. We are being seriously attacked by the devil. He never relents on anyone. I started getting the journey blog and it has helped me focus and concentrate on God. I am starting a new study guide book hopefully with some trusted friends called “The Search For Significance” by Robert S. McGee. I am very excited. Our marriage counselor suggested that I see my “true worth through God’s eyes”. We are at least trying to work on the marriage. We both would like to save it. I stand on God’s promise that marriage is a sacred thing to Him. He answered my prayer with this woman. I consider answered prayer to be a promise from God. Now I lay it at His feet. He knows the outcome but will take time. I want to wait patiently for God. Thank you for this message and all the others.

  46. Staci permalink

    Funny to read this on the last day of my 21 day fast… God instructed me to fast FB to a limit of one hour per day… I think he let me continue with some time because I too also minister to people thru FB.. I was “allowed” to use my hour however I wanted.. so I broke it up into four 15 minute increments.. if I went over 15 minutes at one time then I did less the next.. strange how I have realized I don’t have to be on here all the time keeping the conversations going all day long.. strange how I am better spending my time.. worship, reading the word, prayer and thinking/listening!! So I’ve settled in my heart that I don’t have to meet every request, comment on every status or respond to every thing IMMEDIATELY.. and those I don’t get to.. God does.. I’m sure of that.. be blessed and don’t let your crackbook addiction interfere with your time with God.. you will suffer for it.. your prayer life/intimacy with God will suffer… I’m sure you’ve realized this or you wouldn’t be cutting back your time.. I say … GO GOD!! GO Rev. Mark.. follow HIM.. God will take care of the rest…

  47. Abby permalink

    Hello, I very much enjoy Journey Deeper Into God. I am plagued by anxiety, along with a couple of other psych disorders. And this post spoke out to me. I am spiritually stifled. I have no place in my home where I can pray and meditate silently, for I live in a small house with my boyfriend who has not been saved. So i feel foolish talking to God in my house and I need to talk to Him more often than just at church every Sunday. It will be different in the Spring, my boyfriend is a cement mason, and he’ll be working again, but for now, he’s stuck at home and this is something I don’t share with him. Any ideas as to overcome this? My anxiety has increased because the only way I get in touch with God is by reading the Bible. And, He doesn’t always give me understanding when it comes to reading the Bible. I feel somehow lost and unconnected, when I need to be strengthening my relationship with God. I have no idea what i should do. I welcome any ideas!

    • Kim permalink

      Here’s a few words of encouragement. God knows you heart! You do not have to speak aloud to God all the time. He hears our slient prayers as well as the spoken. I can tell you this… the more you pray to less anxeity you will have. The other person that responeded to your comment has a good point too…. write your prayers to God in a jounal. God Bless Abby 🙂

    • Jen permalink

      Abby I don’t think God needs us to “bow our heads and fall on our knees” to engage with us in prayer. The dictionary defines prayer this way:

      1  /prɛər/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [prair] Show IPA
      1. a devout petition to God or an object of worship.
      2. a spiritual communion with God or an object of worship, as in supplication, thanksgiving, adoration, or confession.
      3. the act or practice of praying to God or an object of worship.
      4. a formula or sequence of words used in or appointed for praying: the Lord’s Prayer.
      5. prayers, a religious observance, either public or private, consisting wholly or mainly of prayer.
      6. that which is prayed for.
      7. a petition; entreaty

      Any of this in my opinion can (and in my case does) occur in different places and times throughout the day. I know it isn’t easy to be in a relationship where you can’t share your love for Christ. I did it for 21 years, and 10 years ago i said no longer…there were other issues as well…but I feel more connected to God without a romantic relationship in my life than I ever did when i was married. So, pray on …… quietly while “he” is watching football 😉 bless you dear and God be with you 🙂

  48. Lynn permalink

    abby, have you ever tried writing to God? for a long time i did just that, i wrote to God in a notebook that i used only for that purpose. i had a hard time comunicating with God vocally,but once i started writing to Him the words just seemed to flow from my heart. as a matter of fact, i think i just answered part of the remedy for the problem i’ve been dealing with. i have a hard time with recall, but if i start writing to God again i’ll have the notebook to look back on time and again. not only that, it might restore my dream of writing poetry. i used to write poems but haven’t for almost 5 years now. thank you abby for bringing up your plight as it helped me remember all the letters i wrote. God is so good. i hope this helps you too. please update us if it does and give all the glory to God.

  49. 5kidswdisabilities permalink

    I believe in your words. They have helped me through life in raising 5 kids with disabilities…
    Lindsey Petersen,

  50. Well I am really stuck and don’t know what to do. I have tried many times to go on a journey with God. Sometimes more than others. I deal with some severe anxiety and depressive disorders. I am on Medications so sometimes it can not just be fixed by praying. Sometimes I feel like I am going against God because I am taking medication for these things.
    I have always had some sort of relationship with God. How do you get that peacefullness of the heart and soul. All I want is Peace of heart and soul.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Dear Erin, Would you tell a diabetic that it is a sin to take insulin? I doubt that anyone would. Anxiety and depression are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. Medication has potential to help these disorders. Life’s hardships have a negative impact on health. If a diabetic, it can make the diabetes worse. If anxiety or depression, it can make them worse. A relationship with God helps us value ourselves more, helps us take better care of ourselves, gives us a purpose in life and healthier perspective on life. AND, some people are actually cured. I personally know people healed from life threatening disease. But, that is not the case for everyone.

  51. Jane Mbendo permalink

    I think internet ‘fast’ is a must for all of us..time just flies by when we get so absorbed into it..I have been a victim in that even prayer and meditation is done online and I don’t seem to have the time to sit quietly and reflect upon the word of God or pray…your message today is a good remindr for I am a student and always tell myself there is no time..yet i can spend the time surfing..sometimes for useful stuff and then get carried away..
    You have blessed me…

  52. Alice permalink

    Thanks Mark. My wonderful husband pointed me to your post, and it’s just what I needed to hear…what we both needed. Peace and blessings to you and your family

  53. So many people relying on the idea of god, yet still in such desperate places in their lives. How many years are you going to waste, leaving your destiny to an idea? Take the bull by the horns, people, and guide your own lives. Life is hard. Anxiety is unfortunate. Try having faith in yourselves, and responsibility for your choices and actions, instead of relying on an ancient story to provide for you. I don’t usually comment on these things, because I left religion behind many years ago, and all the undeserved guilt with it. I am not here to challenge your beliefs, because I know the power religion has on you, and your inability to open your eyes. You don’t want to, because this gives you hope. Who am I to challenge hope? Why would I want to?

    Because sometimes, when I see so many sad people waiting for some respite from reality, some salvation from pain, it’s all I can do to refrain from speaking out. If you need your false hope, who am I to remind you that it’s all a lie?

    As some of you wish you could reach out and embrace me with the lord’s love, I wish I could peel back your eyelids and show you the truth.

    You are free. You are not obligated to this guilt. To this fear of a supposed loving god. You are not going to hell if you act upon what feels right inside. There is no old floaty bearded man in this cloudy trumpety heaven. This is your life, only – and your only life. Live it to the fullest extent, wash your hands from the guilt! I know some of you, when you read this, will feel a tugging inside, where you will know it to be true.

    How you were raised, what your experiences have been – all of these things have led you to god, now in your life. I was there once. And it was NOT like a drink of water in the desert – it was the scariest, most guilt-ridden, shameful time of my life. When I opened my eyes and saw the truth, I felt so. . .silly. I just let the guilt wash away, and started living my life again. I call those my “coma years.” Of course it isn’t a perfect life, because life IS hard. I’ve suffered from anxiety, but anxiety over paying my bills on time doesn’t hold a candle to the anxiety over burning in eternal hell for following my heart – my heart the “good lord” gave me?

    I’m sorry to unleash this on you. It’s been years since I’ve spoken out against religion. I’m sorry you have to be the ones to read it, though I know what faith is like, and I know your faith will continue to blind you, and make my words like water off a duck’s back.

    Probably rightly so, for you deserve whatever comfort you can create. It’s really not fair of me to challenge that. Sometimes I just hope beyond hope that one of you, just one, will wake up.

    • Jen permalink

      What …??

      “Probably rightly so, for you deserve whatever comfort you can create. It’s really not fair of me to challenge that. Sometimes I just hope beyond hope that one of you, just one, will wake up…. and think like you do? I’m sorry you felt you had to join this group in order to leave this message.”

      IMHO you are searching for something to create peace in your life and unfortunately, you get your jollies from trying to shake others up! I pray for you dear for God to bring you that peace that passes all understanding.

  54. Shirley Lawrence permalink

    This was a great reading for me today. Right on the money. I have a lot of anxiety right now in my life and need all the input I can get. My belief has just just started building a few yrs ago. I was not raised with a family who had faith and when I married it wasn’t there either, so as I grow in life so does my faith.
    Thanks for reaching into this growth.

  55. I have suffered with severe panic and anxiety disorder my entire life – I am a Christian yet now I find myself stuck on the medication… I have tried to quit several times… for short periods… then enevitably the anxiety returns… I was once so bad I became Agoraphobic and could not leave my house… So I had to start taking Benzos again… I feel like I am trapped in Hell…. I believe the scriptures but I dont think Paul was referring to a severe anxiety disorder… I know all the verses on fear and anxiety… David suffered with depression and insomnia….. Any Wisdom would be appreciated…


    Scott H.

  56. Cee permalink

    Thanks Mark – I have been really struggling with anxiety recently and have an addiction to Facebook that is affecting my work, so this is just what I needed to read right now. I desperately need to make more time for God and get my priorities sorted out. It’s 2.30am and I’ve been on Facebook for the last 4 hours …then I wonder why I’m so tired and never have any time to get things done?!

  57. I have ran a ministry on xbox love for almost 8 months now the Lord has truely blessed it because of the passion he has placed within me for reaching out to people across the world sharing the good word of Christ.Although i spent to much time on there began to feel convicted.Im going through a 40 day fast for the Lord i absolutely agree that time away is a good thing and it only builds you up to do so much more for God. 7 Days into it haven’t regretted a thing… God Bless take care.

  58. Jennifer permalink

    This is an awesome post. I needed this. I think God keeps giving me this task to do and I have been afraid to take it on because I keep wondering if I’ll fail at it, but he keeps directing me there. I think sometimes I use Facebook to keep from doing the task because I stay on too long talking to friends when I could be doing what God is asking of me no matter how afraid I am to take this risk of a new venture..that could even help us with our finances too. So thanks for making it clear to some of us that facebook can be unproductive at times.

  59. I am very thankful for your ministry this one called to me I am so anxious I actually have physical pain and I think you are so right about prayer and the transending thank you rev mark

    I will be in touch

  60. Gary permalink

    I am so glad I found this (through the help of an old friend)
    Sometimes I feel my faith is and has left me… Most days. With that feeling I feel there is no hope for me and that makes me feel so alone inside and very empty. I am so tired of feeling this way. I ask and plead Jesus to come into my life and tell him my life belongs to him. Maybe I am expecting a chorus of angels to sing and lightning bolts. But after a year of this prayer I still feel unfulfilled with and from Christ. Am I doing something wrong am I not good enough for him? It is crazy to say or think that way but it just feels that way. Please pray for me with this dilemma.

    • Lynn permalink

      gary, please don’t give up and don’t ever think that you are not good enough for Jesus. He loves you so much that if you were the only sinner that ever lived, He would still leave the glory of heaven behind to come to earth and die for you. Jesus never said it would be an easy walk in the park,He told us we would have trials and tribulation. but remember He also promised us He would never leave or forsake us. the times that you feel He is so far away are when He is the closest to you. if you want to see how much God loves you, go to i have it bookmarked on my computer as there are times i need that reassurance too. God bless.

  61. Good Advice!!

  62. Montene permalink

    Thank you so much for this needed message..


    ^^ free 250 points for points2shop!

    My dad would love this article, he’s got such severe depression and he always takes it out on his family.

  64. Sister Pam OP permalink

    Genesis 12-15
    Did anyone read these lessons for today who wants to discuss them? Several items called me attention. Sometimes we sin because we think it will get us out of a predicament. Gen 12-Abram lied saying Sarai was his sister. He thought that this lie would protect him from harm. It did not. He created an enemy when the lie was discovered. Lying is a recurrent theme in Yahweh’s Yarn and it never comes to any good. Gen 13- Lot greedily chose the best land for himself. This backfired since Sodom and Gomorrah were included in this deal. It also led to him being kidnapped. This best deal did not prove to be all that good after all. Gen 14:18 “And King Melchizedek of Salem brought out bread and wine; he was priest of God Most High.” Jesus is compared to the priest Melchizedek. This is a neat connection as Melchizedek brought bread and wine, while Jesus is the bread and wine. Everything in the NT is grounded in the OT. Gen 15 contains the great covenant made between Abram and God, prophecy of slavery by Egyptians, Moses freeing them and returning to the land of Abram. This connects with the battles we have been reading in Joshua and the battles that are still being fought today. This is powerful ancient history. I’d be interested in hearing insights and questions from others.

  65. Pins permalink

    Thank you Mark for all ur remarkable contributions on fb. I thought i was the only one spending much time online,but your message this morning was timely. I think wisdom is a principal thing and is more profitable to direct. I’ll apply wisdom and even if i should be on fb it should more of spiritual things. God bless you.

  66. carla permalink

    woow this is amazing!!!it really touch me because I am a very anxious,nervious person, that want to do things at my way, and i know that is not correct but I have learn to trust God and pray him, and leave all my problems to him, cause he know what is right for me.

  67. Michele permalink

    Thank you!! This scripture and your reflection was perfect for me to read too. I was feeling much anxiety the past few days and also have spent way too much time on Facebook. It seems one thing leads to another and before you know it, hours have gone by. I can get over involved in doing even Godly things, and I know that I am suppose to find joy in serving the Lord and not get caught in a feeling of anxiety. So, thank you for the reminder to keep it within check and to make time to get quiet with the Lord and clear my mind. I pray often, but not on a regular get quiet schedule. I may need to do this too. Thanks for sharing!
    God bless, Michele

  68. This blog was right on point for me today! A lot of times I feel my brain is working overtime, and I forget that I need that break to relax my mind and “reboot”! Gob bless!


  69. Renee permalink

    I prayed for God to give me some kind of message and scripture to back it up to help me with this OVERWHELMING feeling of anxiety. I posted this on the praying people page: “I don’t know what to do when I am overwhelmed with life. All of my responsibilities seem to just overpower me. I pray and ask God for His strength but I feel so brittle compared to everything that life demands from me. I am struggling with bipolar disorder and a panic/anxiety disorder, so I am aware that it sounds like… I need professional help… but the world can’t give me what I need. I need God… it is just getting to be so difficult. I don’t know what to do anymore. Please pray for me.”

    Thank You, Lord! This is exactly what I needed.

    And thank you, Mark, for posting this.

    • Renee, I too suffer panic/anxiety disorder. I know just how you feel and I too have been searching for God.
      I pray that you find your answers. May God Bless You.

  70. val permalink

    Renee, I too suffer anxiety disorder, brought on by years of child abuse.I have found some awesome professional help. Contact a local chuch or search for Christian psycologists. I have found by having her and a Christian concillor you get all the help you need from a God perspective. The will help you to recover professionally and to rely on God. Bless you and keep on keeping on.You can recover.

  71. Cloy McWilliams permalink

    After reading your digger deeper article today, I realize I am a lot like that myself, I go full force all the time, I am 72 years old still work walk two miles daily, have a daughter in the nursing home which I go see her at least three times daily and sometimes more. I do jail ministry, been doing that for fifteen years, involved in upwards basketball, greeter at my church, bible studies and my one ministry that God has really gifted me with is feeding people that have less than I do. Before my salvation ( I was 59) I was angry at God for giving me so much energy and would get mad at people that was so slow, now I am thankful for each ounce he gives me I try to give God all the glory for without Him I am nothing.
    Thank you so much for each day you post, I love to read your thoughts and pray for you.
    Cloy McWilliams

  72. Kevin McPherson permalink

    God bless you Brother Mark! He has spoken to me through you and this passage. I need more regular quiet time with my Heavenly Father and His Holy Word. I have a wife, a soon-to-be 18-year-old son, going through the struggles that go with that, and a three-year-old and a two-year-old boy. I’m just about to launch a new career at the age of 48. Life is busy. But I need God to guide and strengthen me in and for all of life’s decisions and challenges!
    You inspire me! God bless you and your beautiful family, who stand to benefit from your decision to limit you FB time!

  73. Good Morning! I had over looked this one somehow and just found it while cleaning out my e-mail. First of all, you should know that I’m forwarding all of these to about 40 (mostly women) on a devotional list of mine, that I know appreciate them, some reading every one that I send them!

    I also wanted to add (and maybe this is just stupidity), if you’ve ever prayed about writing a book? It’s just that I’ve published one and am putting together a 2nd one and your writing is so similar to mind. I share ME with people and just put it simply, sharing my heart, my downfalls, how God picks me back up, etc… (Maybe a book at the end of these daily devotions compiling all of them?)

    Thirdly, they are such a blessing to me and this is why I feel the need to share them with others! You have a special gift to not be over looked! Thanks & God bless you for sharing it with me!

  74. Just another quick share. I’m prone to over-doing over and over again! I was prophesied over a few weeks ago and it seems pertinent to share with you. I’m to quit striving! He is taking care of things. I’m to rest in Him. He is in the boat! So, I’m learning more on resting in Him!

    Thanks, again!

  75. anmol permalink

    Thanks Mark for the apt topic. I too am trying to get out of wired life and focus on God with a quiet time. Nothing like a quite corner, closed eyes and praises…but internet has spoilt me completely. (Thanks for sharing that even you have similar issues and how you are trying to address that. I will too….) – you are doing such an amazing job of reaching out to all of us around the Globe. I thank God for your ministry! God Bless.

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