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OK So I am Weak.. now what?

January 22, 2010

‘”My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.’ 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

Grace is one of those words I have heard many times before but not fully understood till I spent some time with this passage. Grace is God offering His power for free to me when I really don’t deserve it, or can earn it. And this isn’t just words! I really do feel this as I struggle with my weaknesses and feel like I am constantly letting God down. I am reminded of my imperfections daily. And yet God still offers me complete forgiveness of my sins and amazing power, strength and energy! And this is grace, though I feel I let God down often, God still loves me. Wow.

weaknessSo in my weakness God is really present. The greek behind the word weakness covers ill health, lack of strength, being distressed, weak in our faith, doubting and needy. And when I feel any or all of these, that is when God is most present in my life. That is when God is really working through me. When it says, ‘For when I am weak, then I am strong.’ The greek for strong is ‘dynatos’ which can also mean ‘Mighty One’ one of the titles for God! So when I am weak, then I am strong for God is with me. Wow!

Ok, so one of my weaknesses is boasting. I like people around me to know what I am doing well. And yet this amazing passage states that if I am to boast it should be about my weaknesses! Why? For as I overcome my weaknesses I can share about the power of Christ in my life. Yes I sin, but I am forgiven through Christ’s death on the cross. I am weak, but through Christ I am strong. Yes!!

Recently someone who knows me well shared how something I had said came across badly, and they were spot on. I immediately became defensive and shut the conversation down. I hated the idea of discussing my weakness. And yet now I can see that actually I should have done the opposite and thanked them, and shared how I make lots of errors which is why I really need Jesus!

I celebrate my weakness for in them God shines!

Praise God!

God bless ya,

Mark Brown

PS thanks for all the amazing birthday greetings!! Wonderful!!

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  1. Alvert Johnson permalink

    Thank You for this passage Rev Mark. I was really down and was feeling really bad because I cudnt overcome my weakness yet, and i feel so disappointed with myself. This passage has really revive my faith back, and I will strive in overcoming my weakness with HIS grace upon me.

    GOD bless You

    • John permalink

      you have communicated this message directly to me many times am going through difficulties, and boast about myself for no reason. thanks for this leasson.

    • Teresa Hafen permalink

      Hello Pastor Mark.

      I so appreciate your leading and feeding the sheep for Jesus. :o) I used to teach a Bible Release (Good News Club) class and we’d have a “grace gift” each week. While prizes could be earned by the kids for verse memorization, attendance, etc. we gave out 1 grace gift a week just because. We wanted to really get the kids to understand that grace is given because of who God is…not because of anything we’ve done. I’d pray for the Lord’s leading about who got this special gift each week and the kids really got it. Pretty soon they were bursting into class each week proclaiming all the other wonderful free gifts to them from God….and giving Him praise and Glory because they understood it’s really all about Him and not about us.
      Thanks for your encouragement. May you be encouraged as well.

      Prayer request: I seem to have caught a flu bug. I ask for speedy recovery in Jesus’ name….


      • Wow, maybe that was the whole concept of giving gifts to all children for Christmas Jesus Birthday.
        And just think people seem to love to critisize the idea of giving gifts, but think about it God gave us His Son, and we learned from God how to be givers. And just think giving at Christmas really does make children feel loved at home by parents giving to them gifts to show their love to their children showing they really do love them.

        Too bad some parents don’t get it they are building loving memories for their children that will never be forgotten that childs entire life time. And then those children will grow up and learn how to love their children too.

  2. debbie permalink

    Oh Rev Mark, I just recently UNDERSTOOD what GRACE is! I have overcome so much by being reminded of HIS GRACE. I actually think most people just exist and are what I like to call, one hour Christians, because they do not fully understand THE GRACE OF GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. it has been so freeing to know that even when I do something bad, He sees me as RIGHTEOUS. He died for my sins……ALL OF THEM. Past, present and future and all I have to do is BELIEVE AND RECEIVE. Oh what an amazing loving God we serve. I am HIS BELOVED daughter, of whom He is pleased. I am resting in that. When someone asks me how I am, that is my response. I am a BELOVED daughter of God.
    I have weaknesses too but when they surface, I remind myself that I AM A RIGHTEOUS CHILD OF GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. Keeping this in the mind and repeating it often, helps me with my weaknesses and my faults and I rest in knowing that God is with me ALWAYS.
    At this time in my life, I am the most PEACEFUL and HAPPY then I have ever been. GOD IS GOOD! ALLELUIA!

    • I enjoyed reading the summary. I love God with all my heart and soul ! God Bless !

  3. Jordan permalink

    Someone once told me that the difference between mercy and grace was that mercy was God withholding something we do deserve and grace was receiving something from God that we don’t deserve.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Thanks, Jordan. That is a nice summary that is easy to remember.

  4. If my weakness is my guarantee for the infinite grace of the Lord, what else can I keep saying except “WONDERFUL THE MATCHLESS GRACE OF JESUS!”

  5. I can do nothing on my own,But I can do all things thru CHRIST who strengtheneth me.Phillipians 4:13

    • through the Lord we CAN do anything..and that mean’s ANYTHING..whatever you’re hearts desire, God is there to give it to you…I worked at a factory for 21 year’s…My kid’s were grown and pretty much on their own and I wanted to do something different..At that time, I’d spent 1/2 my life in the same place getting nowhere…A friend and I went on a cruise and I thought I’d love to do that..a few year’s later I quit my job at the factory…stepped out in faith, total faith….worked at a Dr. Office as a office manager for a few months..Then I got into waitressing, forgot all about he words I had spoken on the cruise, mind you…worked for Redlobster for a year..loved it…I loved taking care of people and waiting on them..I know that sounds strange, but I did….then one day I was looking on the internet and found it my dream job…I sent in my application and I was off to Hawaii ( a waitress on a cruiseship) what an awesome job…done that for almost two year’s..then I got injured..I was devastated…lost my job….but I know now that God didn’t want me to do that for a career, he just gave me my hearts desire(what I thought was my heart’s desire. Sometimes we think we want something, but when we get it’s not quite what we thought…I’m in sales now and I love it too, not as much as being in Hawaii, but I know one day the Lord will take me back there, down a different path…He needed me home, here with my grand-children….But for that brief moment in my life I done something that only people dream of..They never take that leap of faith….I walked on water then with the Lord and I’m still walking on water with him…When you open you’re life up to God, the sky is the limit…There’s no greater feeling to me to leaving my pay check and finances to the Lord…Each day…Each month…He’s still filling all my needs and desires, but as we grow older, the desire’s we had when we were young change…As when we grow in the Lord, we change…..

  6. Donna permalink

    I love it when I see pure honesty and an openness about ones self. Thank you for your honest approach in your devotionals.

  7. hello mark and think you so much i have a lot of trouble with this one my self when i am down and i feel as if i am letting god down and i mess up and i know i am not perfect but i feel sometime i need to do more and do write blogs my self there not perfect i can’t word them real good but the people that get them say they no what there saying they come from my heart and i love doing them i do them daily i don’t feel right if i don’t do them anyway i wanted to thank you this brought tears to my eyes because i am also weak in ways and it sometimes scares me will thank you i know god sent this one to me from you thanks and god bless you in jesus name cecil and jason the burdette brothers

  8. Dana Benton permalink

    Dear Mark, This really hit home today.I love it and now I can read and reread this passage to help me get things in the right perspective.I have weaknesses and it’s opening my mouth when I shouldn’t,or even being my weaknesses,I have alot of those,as I am not the healthyest person and I am in pain alot for what I don’t really know,I have no Immue system and I get things very easy,so this passage helped me out there,I just love it and will keep it open to read everyday,as I have a e-mail box for all of GODS Words.It’s wonderful because I write them down so I know just what to go to,The only thing is I forgot to put the day,so sometimes I have to go through all them which will take me a good share of the day,but the thing is I find it and read what it was I needed,I love following you on this Journey.and what you have to say about it,I’ve learned alot from this,and I hope it never ends,As I really hate to read from a book cause I always fall asleep,here I can read and enjoy.I am so HAPPY YOU come to facebook as I learn more from you than I do reading it myself,Thank You so much Rev.Mark Brown.

    • NANCI BROCKETT permalink

      Hello Rev Mark Brown, I ‘m new to thisfacebook and replying to your scriptures. so bare with me, I ‘m learning how to email and type and this is part of my weaknesses and boy do I have alot of them. I came apond your website by browsing and it was also on my fb .(I ‘m learningthe short hand ) ha ha. I am a christian for 16 years and a member of the Nazarene Church. and I love this scripture today in 2 Corin 12:9-10 This passage has spoken to me over a few times in the years as a christian and i love it .It is so powerful but, gracious .and I learned something new from reading this today .God knows what His childern need to hear at the right moment. And I want to thank you for sharing this with me today .thank you again for your ministry to us God bless you .

  9. Marilyn permalink

    Thanks for that message! You are such a “real” person! Somehow we always expect those in leadership in be above all problems! Not so! God Bless you and your ministry

  10. Cheryl permalink

    Good morning Mark
    I just found out it was your Birthday. Happy Belated Birthday and many more fun Birthdays. Thank u for having a humbling spirt in a listening ear of what God is calling u to do! I;m Blesssed to look forward to your emails every morning. I;m in a job that tends to be boring and not challenging! This is what I do in my spare time. May God Bless you and your family of what he has clled you to do. Hope you had a Awesome Birthday!

  11. Marie-Claire permalink

    Being down on myself seems to be when I go to God the most. although recently I find myself going to God even when I am happy and filled with joy. He gives me strength during the good times to endure the difficult times. Thank you, Mark, for clarifying this passage. I have a sister whose middle name is grace, who is a happy, cheerful, smiling person who helps where and when she is able.

  12. Tamika permalink

    Happy belated birthday Rev. Mark!
    I have to say that today I was feeling weak in my faith and wondering why I simply can’t seem to do what I will to do when it comes to God’s word.
    Last night was a rough one for my “blended” family as it seems there is very little happiness in our home anymore. There is always some type of arguement going on or just plain old tension. I try to pray us through it, talk it over, or whatever I can. It just doesn’t seem to get better and of course the enemy makes me feel as though it’s my lack of true dedication to my devotion that this somehow is my fault. In my heart I truly want to seek God in everything I do, just seem to not happen (behind on my readings by 7 days even though I enjoy them immensely). Please pray for me and my family to realize God’s grace in our lives and allow Him to reign.
    Thank you for all you do!

    • Connie permalink

      Tamika. Building faith is the key to believing that God will help you through your troubles. Remember that God’s time is not the same as ours is. I prya for patience and comfort during times of waiting for God to do His work in me on a daily basis. When I think that things are not getting better, i pray that i will know the good things that God is doing in my life. Believeme, they are there. Just knowing that God is giving me His grace in even the smallest things in life gets me through and the tension begins to go ways.
      I am diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Talk about tension. I was raised in a tense family as well. I know that God does not want us to suffer. He does help us get through the tough times. We need to go to him during the good times as well.
      Keep up the faith in jesus name. Amen. 🙂

      • Tamika permalink

        I want to thank you for your words of encouragement! I am going to apply the new tools you have given me and dig into God’s word for stronger faith and wisdom.

  13. Michele permalink

    Dear Mark, I am lifted up by your passages and reflections. Since starting this journey there have been days that I am a day or two behind in reading and yet God has pointed out things to me that He is doing in my life. I am so very weak and yet so many around me see me strong. It is He who they see as through Christ I am strengthened. Praise God!! Have a blessed day. Michele

  14. Dana Benton permalink

    Rev. Mark Brown,You have helped me out in so many ways,I can’t thank you enough.I’ve learned more from you than what I would learn in church,as you put the verse and then you tell it word from word what it means,That is how I learn so much,It’s so awesome to be able to know what some of the things in the Bible really mean.Now I am able to do that.You are and awesome Person Rev. Mark Brown and your family is so Blessed to have you as a Husband and Father,God Bless You,and Thank You for everything you do for Facebook and the World.You are a GODS BLESSING.Thank You Dana Benton

  15. Ruth permalink

    I needed this cause I am struggling quite a lot to a point I want to end my life. I am so far from God. I want Him back.


    • Anita permalink

      Be blessed, Ruth. I pray for you.

    • Squeeze yer hand Ruth like you have something in it yer trying to hold onto for you see you DO … God’s hand has never left yers. Everytime you feel far from God … SQUEEZE … He will NEVER leave nor forsake you Ruth. That is a PROMISE from his word and he is not a man that he should lie so it has to be the truth right? ::smiles and huggs:: I have been right where you are at right now Ruth and i felt like ending it all myself but God had better plans for me and i know that he does for you as well. If you are on Face Book look me up … i am Michelle Brown. I will be more than happy to talk to you anytime. Please hang in there Ruth God does have a purpose for you for he knew you before he formed you in the belly … so you must be pretty special to him hunh? ::smiles and hugs again::

    • i posted a reply to this once so if you get two Ruth i apologise 🙂 . Squeeze yer hand Ruth … like there is something in it that you are trying to hold on to. Because see God’s hand is still in yers and all we have to do is hold on tight. Sometimes that is alot easier said than done i know. But his word says he will NEVER leave nor forsake us and he is not a man that he should lie 🙂 . Listen if you are on FaceBook i go by Michelle Brown … Add me as a friend and please feel free to talk to me at any time. I was once at the very same place and wanted it all to just go away but God had a plan for me just as he does for you. He knew you before he formed you in the belly so you must be pretty special to him … ::huggs:: Anytime you need to talk please feel free to mail me. May send you abundant peace and blessings Ruth in Jesus name!

    • Ruth, don’t end your life. Just remember God Loves you soooo much. Just talk to him in your own quiet time. I truly hope things get better for you. I know how emotions can take over…I’m working so hard on controlling them so they control me. U R an awesome child of God. Hang in there!! God and I are counting on you. Carol

    • debbie permalink

      Ruth, HE is with you right NOW…………HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH and wants you to talk to HIM…………He will never leave you nor forsake you. I will pray for you and if you need to talk about God please do email me.
      Please do not feel guilty or ashamed because God sent His son to die for all our sins….ALL OF THEM. You are His BELOVED daughter of whom He is well pleased!

    • Ruth God has not left you. In His Word He promised that He would not leave us (you) nor forsake us (you). His Word is true in it’s totality. I love you and God does too. Jer 31:3 tells you of His everlasting neverending LOVE so don’t give up, please don’t give up. Do not fight life let God fight your batttles for you and you will be assured of the victory. Please do not give up.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Dearest Ruth, most precious child of God, sister to Jesus and us all. Your pain must be intense right now, I cannot imagine. The one who does know is Jesus who suffered all of your pain so you can have life everlasting. This time on earth is boot camp. We are a team working together to prevent satan from winning souls. We need you. Please call a local crisis center so you will be safe. Please let us know how you are doing and if you need more help.

    • Connie permalink

      Ruth. Praise God you didn’t go through with ending your life. As a child of God you will love life. 🙂 You will receive the grace of God through Jesus Christ our savior. Never forget that there is power in prayer. God hears all of our prayers. He might not act in ‘our time’, but He is an “on time God”. He will destroy satin’s work to bring you down. Never give up on God, He will take you into his loving arms and comfort you like you have never known before and change you into the person you want to be. He has a plan for you and does not want you to die not knowing who He really is, truly.
      I know these things because I suffer from major depression. Medications do not work for me. Believe me, I’ve tried them all.. The only thing that worked for me is being close to Him. Reading and understanding the Holy Bible, and never stopping praying is my focus when I am down.
      God bless you and keep you saft from harm. In His gracious name. Amen

  16. Eric b Frank permalink

    After reading this I was encouraged, because I often think of how much I fail. Without Christ I am nothing. A couple of scriptures come to mind after reading this devotional. Romans chapter 7:1-25 and Proverbs 12:1 and Proverbs 13:1 Thank you for the encouraging words. God Bless!

  17. You know, when I think about this scripture, I am reminded of the process of purifying gold. When the goldsmith is purifying gold, he takes it and heats it up and burns off the impurities. And, each time he does this, the gold becomes purer and purer. That is just how it is with us. Each time we go through a trial, He makes us stronger and better. So, when I am going through something, I don’t pray for deliverance. I wait for God to speak to me. I wait for Him to give me what He wants me to have.
    One more point: The purer the gold, the softer it is. How does this appy to us? God doesn’t want us to be hard-hearted. He wants us to be supple like clay so that He can mold us into what He wants us to become. Our hearts have to become soft and open to receive His instructions.
    Thanks for the messages Rev. Brown. They are very informative.

  18. RJ Sauvé permalink

    Learning “the Greek behind the Words” helps clarify the text for me so that I get the most out of it. Thanx for your ministry Bro. Mark.

  19. aria wright permalink

    hi im aria im 13 thank u for posting this this was kinda egzactly wat i was going through. 🙂

  20. Thank u Mark for such a nice passage . u reminded me about God’s grace and im really happy after reading it. yessss… when we are weak He becomes stronger.

    God bless u!!

  21. Margarita permalink

    Rev. Brown, This is the first time on your site, I really enjoyed your reflection on weakness. We all have them, and I am truly grateful for the way He is working in my life, and the way He is blessing you to bless others. Thanks for letting God use you..

  22. Good stuff Mark!
    In God’s formula strength and weakness are not opposites! My take on this passage:

    Be blessed,

  23. Sharon Couch permalink

    Thank you Lord for speaking to me thru Bro. Mark. I have been so weak lately. Keep working in my life. Keep transforming me by your wonderful grace and power. Amen

  24. Jonny permalink

    i have recently made an admission to myself that i struggle with alcoholism, but have contended that i’ll quit for MYSELF, by MYSELF…this passage made me take a second look and reassess my approach…i can’t in fact do this by myself…reminding myself that God’s strength is greatest when i am at my weakest will surely help me conquer this endeavor…Thank you Lord for reaching through Rev. Mark via facebook, of all places…often times God reaches us by the most unsuspecting avenues, when we need him the most, please pray for me

  25. Steve Gill permalink

    Oh Mark…
    Right on time. Yesterday was a terrible day. All my weaknesses came out in an instant as my wife and I battled over finances. We have been without for a long time, yet God has been an Amazing “I’ll give you only what you need” provider. Anyway, my ego is so bad sometimes because I go back to my old self. This passage is very settling for me as I grow in Christ. I have cried my tears over these weaknesses. As Paul says “The Thorns”. Anyway, I will walk with God and no one else and I will continue to know that HE is Sovereign and I am just “little ole me”. Amen for this passage. It’s comforted me today.


  26. Raye permalink

    Thankyou. Right now I am going through a lot of tough things in life and am very inadiquate to deal with all of them. Gods grace will bring me through, I just needed this reassurance right now. Thankyou again, and may God continue to use you so deeply.

  27. Willam Corcoran permalink

    Rev Mark I am weak right now and feel like I am alone . I am glad you posted this I read 2Cor 12:9-10 and for this encourageing word. I just want you to Know how awesome you are and how you are encourageing me. Keep up the good work. Reply

  28. Anita permalink

    Thank you Mark for this. I am struggling now and this really helped.

  29. Erin Marks permalink

    I’ve been struggling lately about how I keep letting my God down with my weaknesses and how to overcome them…the main one being getting frustrated easily and letting my anger bring me into sin’s trap. I can’t explain exactly how He is beginning to strengthen this weakness of mine, but over the short time since starting these devotionals, daily Bible readings, and prayer and confession at the start of the year, I am beginning to think before I act and I am beginning to feel the Holy Spirit working on my heart at the times I struggle…although I would love to say I listen every time to His leading, I must admit that I still give in to my sinful nature…but I must also admit that there have been times that I followed His leading and He helped me master my sin at the moment I needed it! But I am excited to see how He is already working in me and what might happen as I continue in His Word and building my relationship with Him!! I pray that with His help, I will eventually overcome this weakness and move on to the next one on the list of many…but until then His grace is sufficient when I fail…Praise God and my Savior Jesus Christ…thank you for your forgiveness!!!

  30. Sister Pam OP permalink

    Dear Friends on the Journey,
    I literally think I will frame this passage for constant reference. A few years ago went from hyperactive workaholic to so sick I could not get out of bed. I was devastated. Yet, this changed the direction of my life toward a closer walk (not run) with God. I still get discouraged and have difficulty handling stress. I good friend laughs and encourages me by calling this practice time. She says, “Don’t worry, you’ll have the opportunity for more practice.” I am done practicing. Life is too short to waste time on discouragement over weaknesses, hardships, insults, etc. I am accepting the gift of grace once and for all. I celebrate my weaknesses as an opportunity to live in God’s grace for all time.

  31. Dear Mark. Thank ou for this wonderfull scripture that you send us. Somebody said something to me and it made me very sad, but by reading this today you inspired me once again with God’s word. May God bless you in the work you are doing.

  32. sam emmanuel permalink

    you di not write this…God wrote this for me….God Blesss….

  33. Lynn permalink

    Amen,good message Pastor Mark. I know what you are talking about. I just got home a few hours ago from the hospital. On Monday my doctor told me to go to the er to be acessed as I had called her office and told her I wasn’t doing too good. I went to the er and they took me in right away.I was admitted with pnemonia and was released about 1:30 this afternoon. before I went to the hospital, I sent out an urgent e-mail asking all I knew to pray for me as I knew the prayers of others said in faith was the best thing for me. While in the hospital I couldn’t help but praise God and thank Him for my healing and did so quite vocally. I also had a chance to talk to those caring for me about how good God wasand how He was my strenght.So I say now to my God thank You for the blessing of pnemonia.

    • Connie permalink

      Great testamony Lynn! Keep spreading the word. Never forget that there is power in prayer. God bless you and your ministry. 🙂

  34. May permalink

    I just want to thank you for the emails I am receiving. I lost my husband nearly two years ago, after a marriage of 30 years. After he died, I found out about an illness I have aswell. I have been going through emotions of guilt, lonelyness, emptyness, Godforsakenness, feeling like a failure, realizing that I am weak, etc etc etc.
    Your messages has really given me hope again and helped me to cope with sooo many things that has happended in my life since my hubby passed away.
    Thankyou & God Bless

  35. Demy permalink

    Well you said your birthday’s on January 22.
    I live in America and when you sent your message, it was the 21st.
    But today it’s the 22nd here so Happy Birthday Mark!
    May God bless you for all you’ve done 🙂

  36. elodie M. permalink

    I thank you for this wonderful testimony of god’s grace. It strenghtens my faith. amen
    All things work together for the good to them that love the Lord

  37. Doris permalink

    Thank you for the message about weakness. I have several weaknesses and sin daily but one weakness in particular I struggle with and also feel like I am letting God down. This week it has really gotten to me. I have committed to serving more to the Lord and Satan is really attacking me. I know that God’s grace is suffiecient for me and so daily I continue to pray that God will do his work in me. I pray for his strength. I had a friend to tell me just yesterday that God makes me strong through my weaknesses. I praise God that he chose me to be one of His.

    Thanks you for this message.

  38. Edgar permalink

    I do indeed delight in my weaknesses, like Paul, there are some that are a “thorn in my flesh,” but through it all, these weaknesses have made me grow closer to the Lord than at any point in my life. John 15:5 reminds me that without Christ I am nothing but a withered branch fit only to be burned (comsumed) in the fire, but as I read more and grow in His knowledge and word, I learn that “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

    My brothers and sisters in Christ, if we cannot do this, then how can we abide in love and keep one of Jesus’ greatest commandments to us all, “That ye love one another, as I have loved you?” Without love we cannot be in Christ, and thus are nothing but a withered branch.

    For far too long I wandered in the wilderness searching for something, but knew not what. At my lowest and loneliest point in life, Christ reached down and pulled me up, and though it’s been a long and hard road, I lean on Him everyday just to get by despite the ones around me who have already made up their minds “there is no God, nor Creator.” I’m glad I can rely on Christ and His followers in this modern age, while others have nothing but themselvess to rely on, who believe when this life is over, it’s over and there is nothing more beyond it.

    “Lord, despite this thorn in the flesh you have given me to bear in this world, let me remain faithful and obedient to you no matter what.”

  39. Patty permalink

    my weaknesses are what brought me to the point that I am today. I needed God to help me get strong and stay strong so without my weakness, which is my own free will, I never would of come to Christ. I thank the Lord every day for weaknesses, there are many.

  40. Elaine permalink

    I really love God! This passage of scripture is exactly what I need to read and hear. I am weak! I need God’s love so very much. I thank God for these words and hope that I can always remember them when I fall weak.

  41. Thank you for being here for all of us. I feel so week and don’t understand why. God has given me more than I deserve and I see so much suffereing in our world today. I am so thankful that Jesus pulled me out of the river of sin that I used to live in. My weekends are now boring since I chose another path to follow but I am more appreciative of the love I have received from our Lord and Savior. God Bless YOu.


  43. THELMA MAY SEDDON permalink

    This surely what I needed and of course this is my Life Verse and so it is special to me and I need it to remind me that Jesus loves me so very much and His patient OH! it’s surpasses mine leaps and bounds. Thanks

  44. niecy davis permalink

    Pastor Mark

    You are truly a man of god this message of yours touched my very soul I love gaining more understanding of god’s word and thats what I learned through you
    god is truly amazing Im glad my eyes even feel upon your post these words were just for me keep being an instrument for the master’s use.

  45. Liz permalink

    Hey guys,
    Maybe some of you can give me some advice (doesn’t have much to do with today’s reading). I really struggle with reading some of our assigned reading. In fact, I haven’t a clue what they are talking about sometimes(especially in Isaiah and Romans), and I have the study Bible which is supposed to help out. I’m reading all your great posts, and wondering what I’m missing. I’m getting that same frustrated feeling, just like all the earlier times I really tried put an effort into reading. This just makes me want to hang it up and quit. However, my pastor said its okay to admit when you’re having difficulty, because that’s the only way you will grow. So I’m having trouble, I really don’t want to quit reading, I want to know what God says, and could use some advice.
    I like having assignments because it keeps me focused. Before I didn’t know where to begin when reading. I have found a translation that I really enjoy reading too, so that does help. Thanks for your time and suggestions.

    • Mel permalink

      Hey Liz,
      I struggle with reading my bible too. I beat myself up a lot because I’m not automatically understanding what God’s word is saying sometimes. But what I’ve been trying to do is to ask God that He would instill His Wisdom and understanding in my heart so that it isn’t my human knoledge that helps me understand, but the Holy Spirit through God’s word. Don’t worry, God knows you’re trying and He wouldn’t ask you to do anything but what you can. Just trust in the Lord’s understanding and He’ll guide you through! 🙂

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Hi Liz, I think we can all use some help with reading the Bible. I hope the discussion links for the various chapter readings will again be posted. I am not an expert and need as much help as the next person. There is so much to absorb when reading the Bible. If I can get one new thing from a day’s reading I am ahead. I will pull one small phrase from the day’s reading and write what that means to me or how it helps build a relationship with God. I keep this in a journal. I love going back and rereading old notations. That often inspires me to learn more or I find that I understand more upon returning. Please ask specific questions as that gets everyone thinking.

    • Steve Gill permalink

      I want to tell you a story about how I knew that time was right for me to not just read with my eyes “The Living Word Of God”. We had been at Disneyworld with our young children and it was the WORST/BEST experience of our life. On the busiest day of Disney ever, our 6 year old boy was lost in the park for 2 and a helf hours. Needless to say, when he came back to me and my wife “He had been lost…. but NOW was found”. Him coming into my arms after being found was the best moment of my life. Imagine how God felt when you came “Back” to him. He is so happy that you gave your life back to him. Back to my story. So a few days later, we’re driving back to Virginia and it’s New Years Day and everyone is asleep in the car. A guy comes on the radio and says “I hate New Years Resolutions”… so it peaked my interest cause I never really liked them either. I turned up the radio a little and then it happened “God spoke directly through that man to me”. The man said “BUT…. if I had one it would be this…. I WOULD READ THE BIBLE WITH ALL MY HEART FOR ONE YEAR EVERY DAY”. So, looking back on that moment after the year already happened I realized that that man was sent to me. And yes, I read the bible every day for the whole year. It was MY TIME to see what was already written on my heart. Every word I read…. I truly understood because I wasn’t doing the understanding. God REALLY sent the Holy Spirit to reveal it to me. By the way Liz…. I had read many parts of the Bible before that and was ALWAYS a little frustrated.
      Back to my son. Even though he was found, do you think he’ll ever be “LOST” again, or did he immediately gain all our trust and independence by “JUST” being found. He is an amazing almost 12 year old boy right now. God truly has given him many gifts. But after 5 years he’s still growing. You are a child too. Let God work on you. He loves you but it’s His way and His time and that goes against the way we learned in our previous life (Before Him).
      Liz…. I hope you know that every word that I wrote was specifically made for you. That’s HOW MUCH God loves you.

      Your brother in Christ….. Steve

      This is also for Mel, Sister Pam and you too Stephanie. God loves you guys for what you said. And Sister Pam…. keep ministering in this forum because that’s what this is about.

      • Sister Pam OP permalink

        Dear Steve, Thanks for the great story. I am going to save to use in a sermon some time if that is OK with you.

      • Steve Gill permalink

        Sister Pam…

        Use anything you’d like to further the Kingdom of God. God Bless.


    • Connie permalink

      Liz. Boy did you ever touch my heart bringing out the fact that you have trouble understanding the Bible. I found that is a problem that many of us face. Praying without stopping before you read the Bible God will help you break the barrier that Satin put us all through as we become closer to God. . . I simply pray that God will give me the patience to understand what it is that He wants me to know from the reading. If I don’t get it at first, I keep reading the verse until I do. Repitition is the key for me. Each time I read a passage, I get something more out of it that God wants me to know.. Scripture passages mean different things to different people sometimes, but the thing you need to focus on is, what God wantsa you personally to know at the moment that you read and learn God’s message to you.
      In Jesus’ name, may God bless you through your journey deeper into God’s word. Amen. 🙂

  46. Diane W permalink

    Thankyou so much for this passage Rev. Brown. I constantly battle within myself…, doubting myself and feeling weak in my faith. Yes I am weak and HE is STRONG. I can do this because He is within me…I am going to take my eyes off me and focus my eyes on HIM the author and perfector of my faith. God bless you always 🙂

  47. stephanie permalink

    HELLOW LIZ I dont realy know what to say so I pray that GOD will speack to you through me I posted on this blogg when PASTOR MARK first started this chalenge and told him that I dont read my bible becuse I two do not understand it and I did not want to be miss lead or miss understand I am a new christen and dont read or wright well I do not comprehend well so I put my BIBLE down for know not that I am saying you should becuse I would never tell anyone to do that so I come to this blogg every morning before my feet even hit the floor and read and study from PASTOR MARKS post and everyones comments and through all GODS followers I am becoming more more of what GOD wants me to be he is doing amazing things in my life through lots of prayer and and this blogg …………….SATIN…………. TRIED TO ROB ME ALLSO………….the more I came here and the more I pray the less frustrating it gets dont let satin rob you .

  48. Mel permalink

    Hey Rev. Mark, This message really hit home for me. Especially the part about boasting weakness rather than strength. I tend to boast alot, and just like you, I like letting people know what I do well. And I’ve seriously been struggling with letting go of my pride and just letting the Lord be the lead of my life and boasting in His power through my weaknesses. Thank you for letting God use to you to speak to me today.

  49. wow… this is so true. often i have problems dicussing my own failings or when im being ungodly but this verse shows you to embrace those oppertunitys not be angry with them

  50. Amy permalink

    I feel so all alone with decisions 2 make nd challeges 2 face.I believe in his word dat i should fear not.

  51. Nikki Terblanche permalink

    Thank you for reminding me that I am not a failure when I am weak……..but a victor thru God who loves me so much that He gave His beloved Son who washed my weaknesses away with His precious blood!

  52. thanks for these words i have learn something this day that i have bin trying to understand for years the way how GOD’S grace works in us.once again thank you so much!

  53. Steve Gill permalink

    Dearest Sister Amy….

    Don’t feel alone. The closer we get to him, the further we get from the world and has His Word says “The Harvest is Plentiful…. but The Laborers are Few”. I am with you as a brother and there are many others in this forum that will be your Christian brother or sister in the times that are toughest. The internet isn’t very good most of the time…. but in this case WHAT A BLESSING.

    Have a Holy Spirit Filled Day Amy.

    God is on your side. With that…. there’s nothing to fear anymore anyway.


  54. Deborah Michaels permalink

    I can so relate to this…however when I am weak, which is pretty often, I tend to beat up on myself, feel like I’m just disappointing God…grace is hard to receive at times. It’s hard to see any good (or grace) come out of my failing to live up to what I think are God’s expectations of me as a child of God. Anyway, enough rambling. God bless and thanks for what you do!

  55. My weakness is lusting after the flesh. This is something that I have struggled with all my life. I have fasted and prayed many times about it but nothing seems to help. I’ve read this passed, actually I wrote an exhortation on this passage. What I have thought to myself is “How can Jesus be present when I’m sinning?”. God hates sin and sin takes you out of the presence of God. So how can He be present in this weakness of mine which causes me to sin almost on a daily basis? But amazingly He is…because without His presence I would probably be a hopeless sinner, but I have hope that one day I will overcome this weakness of mine and even now I find I do it less than before which means that He is strengthening me. Although I want it to be done now, I know that He does things in His own time so I have total faith that through this weakness of mine that He is making me stronger for whatever task he has laid out for me later on in my life…THANK YOU ALMIGHTY JESUS!!!

    • Steve Gill permalink

      I loved your post Julius. Honest and sincere. Keep the faith.


  56. I love this blog. I admit that I am weak and I can do nothing but by the power of God through Christ who strengths me. All that I want for this year is what ever He wants for me and to do the will of Yahweh and walk in obedience according to His word (Christ) . I was never like this until June of 09 and I was living a luke warm Christian life when He called me and I am not afraid to share my past, my faults or my weaknesses with others only because of where He’s brought me from and through and where He has me now in Christ. All that I am is because of Him, all that I am able to do is because of Yahweh and because I follow Christ. When I feel frustrated I pray immediately because I know I don’t want to say something that’s not pleasing to Him and to hurt others. I’ve always struggled in my giving of tithes, so I started last year and it’s on going I will give my tithes in full as well as to others as the Spirit leads me. I’ve let go of friends and have gained godly friends still loving the old one’s but keeping them as associated. My friend and brother in Christ Jeff Fazio sent this too me and God bless him for doing so and God bless you for writing it.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      I’m glad you are hear giving your testimony. I love this blog, too, along with all my brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world who gather here.

  57. I’ve also struggled with listening to others and acting on it and jumping to conclusions or letting it fester….But through Christ Yahweh has shown me things, told me to wait and then when it’s true intent is revealed He tells me see, it’s not what you thought so trust in Me and Him alone. And when somethings He’s told me because He knows I need to know so although I may hear what others say, I wait on the Lord and let His truth be my guide and not that of my own. Isaiah 55 and 8. Our ways are not His ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts so I must rise above and think on those things that are righteous and do what’s right in the eyes of my Father/Yahweh. God bless.

  58. Helen D Watkins permalink

    I think God is trying to tell me something. I feel that I must confess a weakness that I have lately of using the excuse I am too tired to go to Church. I do have some physical challenges that contribute to the tiredness BUT I have no real reason not to go. God’s grace is that even with all of the challenges that I have had HE has been with me in spite of myself. I can’t forget that He is with me leading, protecting and giving me the ability to go through it all, in spite of my failings.

  59. Cheryl permalink

    That’s what I like about you Pastor Mark, you are transparent. If we would admit it we all have weakness. We give the devil a black eye when we can bring those things out of the dark. God knows all about us, when we give it over to Him…His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

    • Steve Gill permalink

      Great post Cheryl. I can tell that you REALLY know the Lord. I will fight right beside you with the Love of the Lord. I am weak … but He is strong. God Bless.


  60. Please watch!!! PLEASE

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Thank you Edgar! That was truly beautiful, both the music and the testimony.

      • Connie permalink

        Edgar Edgar edgar.. Thank you for putting Jason Castro out here. What a wonderful way to start off my morning. I remember Jason on, I think it was So You Think You Can Sing show.. I sit corrected if I have the show titled wrong. What a great testimony. Jason hit it all right on the nose. What a great tallent he has for spreading our purpose in knowing Who God is. Bless you my friend. 🙂

  61. Liz permalink

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for your replies! I read them all (more than one time lol), and something really stood out. The statements about my understanding vs God’s understanding were present in every post. When I read my Bible, I read it like a book you pick up from the store. I guess that is not the best way. It reminds me of hearing a message about the way we do and understand things in the world is not like God. Never thought this applied to Bible reading. I will keep this in mind as I read the next assignments.
    I will keep everyone updated, but I ask for forgiveness in advance cuz I have LOTS of questions. They aren’t always about what I read, but I also things I hear about God. This probably isn’t the right place for all of that, but it really stinks when you’ve got questions and no answers. Hugs to everyone! Love you all! : )

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Hi Liz,
      I think is as good of a place as any to ask questions. I know that I have questions as I study the Bible. We are growing deeper in our faith as we study together. Instead of reading or studying the Bible, I like to think of myself praying the Bible. Before I begin I prepare myself by getting into a quiet place. Sometimes I listen to holy music. I like to light a candle as a symbol of Jesus being the light of the world and as an external reminder that I am entering a time with God. I quiet myself and pray for the Holy Spirit to help me discern the word given to me. I read through the lesson of the day just to get a feel for it. Then I read it again attending to those areas where the Spirit leads me. Then I beginning meditating on the lessons. I like to have a pen and my journal handy to I can write down whatever insights are given me. Then I pray using the Word. This time can be very rich and rewarding.

    • Michael Cook permalink

      Your questions are very welcome. I think we all have questions and yours may help those who don’t have the courage to ask. Someone on here will ready your questions and Holy Spirit will give someone Godly wisdom to answer you. Be open to hear the Spirit of God speak to your heart. Jesus said, He that has an ear to hear. Some times we have ears (physical) but we shut them up to the truth, because we would rather continue in our darkness. Jesus is the Light of the World. When the Light comes on, the darkness can not remain! Walk in the Light, as He Jesus is in the light. Darkness and Light cannot occupy the same space. Light is more powerful than darkness, so darkness has to go when the light is on! Be Blessed in Christ!

  62. Steve Gill permalink

    Liz…. remember this…. we’ve never met. But because of Jesus Christ we are as close or closer than most people you’ve known since childhood. Keep smiling and know that you have so many invisible brothers and sisters that will be praying for you wherever you are. Please keep us all updated and we’ll all accept those hugs with grace and humility, knowing that they come straight from the Highest of Highest…. God…. and His son…. The King of Kings.


  63. Connie permalink

    When I am weak in mind, body and soul, it is so good to know that God is always beside me to pick me up, heal me and to guide me spiritually toward Him. Awesome!

  64. Michele permalink

    May God continue to bless all of you while on this awesome journey towards eternity. He is there for all of us as His Word shares with us. I enjoy reading everyone’s comments and I lift you all up in prayer. One day He will join us all together in a place that is more than words can tell.

    My sister shared a slogan with me that she heard over the radio the other day and the DJ said, “Jesus…the Right Way, the True Way…not the easy way.

    God bless, Michele

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