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Power of Praise – Psalm 145 : 1-7

January 21, 2010

My journey deeper into God’s Word is just amazing, I am learning every day, being refined to become more of what God wants me to be. And recently I have being receiving this sense from God that I am to revisit some of my past reflections, to consolidate and firm up my learning.  So until I get a sense from God otherwise I am going to repost some past reflections, spend time reconnecting with what God has previously shown me.  This is exciting!

‘I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever. Every day I will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever. Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts. They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty, and I will meditate on your wonderful works. They will tell of the power of your awesome works, and I will proclaim your great deeds. They will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness.’ Psalm 145 : 1-7

Praising God is something I don’t do enough of and this amazing passage gives me four tips to help my in praising God more.

The first is that I praise God by exalting Him, by stating how awesome and wonderful God is! Yesterday I went hiking in the New Zealand bush and marvelled at His amazing creation. Today I went to the pool with my kids and watched them laughing and having fun and praise Him for the blessing of new life. God is amazing!! Seriously, seriously amazing! And this amazing creator of the universe loves me, wow!

The second tip is to praise God for ever and ever. My praise should be constant, throughout my busy day I should bring to mind how wonderful and glorious God is! This includes thanking God for the good things that happen to me, but is actually much more about stating the greatness of God. I am prone to presenting a shopping list of personal needs for prayer and of praising God for the ‘ticks on my list’, for those prayers answered.

But Psalm 145 : 1-7 shows me the importance of recognising the magnificence, the greatness of God, quite separate to what happens to me. And yet this will have an affect on me. The more I praise God for who He is, the more I am drawn closer to Him as I realise my need for Him.

The third tip is that I praise God through telling others about God’s mighty acts. Freely sharing with those I interact with how God is working in my life and the lives of others.

And the forth tip is that I can praise God by reading the Bible (‘..and I will meditate on your wonderful works.’); and the more time I spend journeying deeper into God’s Word, the more I realise how awesome God is and the more I should praise Him!

God is awesome and mighty and worthy of praise!

God bless ya!  Mark Brown

Mark Brown

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Yahweh’s Yarn in a Year : 1 year Bible reading plan

The Portion for today is:  Job Chapters 5-6.

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  1. i want to thank you Mark for putting time into this website for us. to share God’s word on facebook is the way of the people today. you are providing a way for us to get God’s word no matter where. yes, we should spend time reading, but we don’t. like we should anyway. but thank you for having it readily available and clear and simple. i like the way you break it down. i’m so excited i found your teachings. thank you again.

  2. Yeah Guess Im d first 1.
    Our GOD is an Awesome GOD . Thank u Mark
    God bless u and ur family

  3. Michael Cook permalink

    Offer up praise as a sacrifice! Meaning even if you don’t “feel” like praising, do it anyway! I think this verse today gives us a prescription for entering into the mode of praise and worship! I know sometimes my emotions aren’t into it. But I find that I can lead my emotions into the presence of God! It also shows our position of humility before the Almighty God!

    Reasons to Praise God: 1. Because He is worthy of our praise. 2. Because He is great! 3. To inform others of His greatness. 4. To give encouragement to others 5. To remind ourselves of Gods faithfulness. 6. To recognize God’s goodness. 7. To bring God’s joy to our hearts!

    Love you Brother Mark! I look forward to your postings everyday and love you for the service you provide.

    I know I cannot pay you for what you do but is there away to give you an offering? Not because you need it but because I need to give it. Maybe if you read this you can respond to me on my email.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Dear Michael, Thank you for another wise response. I always look forward to what you have to say about the day’s lesson. This is a great group and I appreciate your participation very much.

    • Praise God! He is worthy of all our praise.

  4. Stacy permalink

    God is awesome! This morning I read Psalm 8 and meditated on the 2nd verse: “Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have ordained strength (or praise), because of Your enemies, that You may silence the enemy and the avenger.” As i meditated on this verse, wondering and wondering what it meant, God showed me that we (humans) are babes and God’s enemies are the spiritual powers of darkness. Our praise is our strength. God has given us power! In praising God we are literaly silencing the enemy. Thank you for listening to God’s voice and posting this, as it was God’s message for me today! God showed me this morning that my praise is my strength, and now He’s shown me how to praise Him. 🙂

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Dear Stacey, This is a great point. The evil one attempts to enter my life often and sometimes succeeds. Praising the Almighty One is a powerful weapon. Thank you.

    • Praise God for God’s people coming together to praise Him!

  5. Marilyn permalink

    Thank you Mark for such great tips! All too often I’m guilty of praising Him for that “tick list” – and there is SO much more to praise Him for!

  6. Sister Pam OP permalink

    Dear Father Mark, Thanks for reposting previous lessons. I am sure that there are many of us for whom they are brand new. Looking out my window at the beautiful snow covered landscape and hoar-frosted trees I do praise God for His marvelous creation. This is my granddaughter’s 13th birthday. She is blessing personified. I thank God daily for my children, their spouses and my granddaughter.

  7. Mary permalink

    Thank you Mark for sharing this and you are right on; He is an awesome God, worthy of all our praise, in all He does. We all should give more praise to Him; even for our challenges because it is in God’s plan and because we need the challenge so we can become stronger. Our God is so good and so mighty! I look forward to your daily reflections. Bless you for your obedience to His will.

  8. thank you mark for these encouraging words—prayer & praise—the Lord carries us through—he is so faithful—faithful to the end—-obedience is better than sacrifice—you are doing both brother—Lord bless & keep you & yours—<3

  9. When the Praises go up,the blessings come down.We should all have a favorite song hid in our heart and when we are down ,sing the song of praise and the Devil will not stay.I can glorify my Lord with a song easier then I can speak.Thank you mark and let everything that has breath PRAISE THE LORD

  10. Praising God is awesome,it gives me the breakthrough i need,thanks Pas Mark,for that reminder of the importance of praising God.

  11. Cavin Wright permalink

    Thank you Mark for what you are doing.

  12. Justice permalink

    God is worthy of all praise many died today,for they air i take in today all my praises goes to him.Thank you JESUS

  13. Tom In Dallas permalink

    When I was early in my walk with Christ I was told by friends and in song that when things get really dark and bad in my life I was to praise God as much as possible, ask for His will to be done more and ask for relief less. This didn’t make much sense to me. But hey, I’ll give it a try. And when I did I noticed that it was like I was laughing at the ‘perceived crisis/darkness’ and I also noticed that I suddenly much more aware of the blessings around me and could remember the ones from the past a lot better. And the fear seemed to diminish and even leave completely in many cases. Praise and gratitude in prayer have kept me connnected with Christ through all kinds of situations. Thank you, Mark for letting the real you take off with where God is leading you. I so enjoy what you share with us every day.

    • Praise God we are doing what the scriptures tell us to do.
      I am on a Praise campagne while I believe God for blessing my daughter with the job that she is interviewing for today at 2:00 pm please join me at this time that she will have the victory getting this job over every other candidate?
      Praise God we shall have what we say in the name of Jesus according to His Word. I will give the Praise report as soon as she gets the word.

  14. Patsy Bond permalink

    I have done something similar in my life due to satans attacks and they are bad right now. I am no longer on facebook it takes up to much of my time. I am volunterring at church more and getting connected with people there so I can stay connected to God and I have deciced to add more praise and worship time to God every day. I want the armour of God to stay tight. satan has attacked through every door and window he can find. I want to praise God for all the good that comes out of satans attacks. I am going to be closer to God because of the attacks and his word will be spread even more.
    Great pics of your kids having fun.

  15. Lydia Reyes permalink

    Well, this morning I went to check my Email and there was no new post for the day. I felt as if something was taken away from me. So I began to praise my Lord, went into prayer and read some other morning devotions I also do. It is 6:30 pm and I was going to get ready to go to my prayer group but decided to check my Email and there is the Post with all the comments of my God loving Family. Thank You God. Well now that I did my readings on Job5-6 I am ready to go and praise and worship my God for he deserve all our PRAISE

  16. danoda richmond permalink

    This is an awesome thing to do for each other it really lifted me

  17. Danielle permalink

    Reading what u said it brought alot of things to my attention. I’m trying very hard to praise God in whatever I do. The things that I need God to work out for me is so confusing. I want God to speak through me . I want to read the bible more but its really hard and I dont think it should really be that hard. Before I became more mature I develped a whole new set of problems that I need to deal with. When problems faced I turned to people in the natural world to help me out. I know that it I shouldnt because I’m suppose to look to God who is author and finisher of our faith.. The scripture left me thinking and I thank u for that.

    • Amen God is the Author and the finisher of our Faith, and God wants to bless us, and when we become more interested in Praising Him, and lifting God up then God will answer our prayer’s a lot faster, because He said is searching the earth looking for some one to bless. And the bible tells us that God inhabits the praises of His Saint’s, so that means he is present when we Praise Him. And if we are Praising Him then He is there to answer our prayers to Him.

  18. jacqui correa permalink

    thanks Mark

    its nice to be remained that praising god makes me feel good and shine inside.
    i love thanking god for things that have happened in my life, even everyday same events.
    i enjoy reading the bible everyday, i usually dont get the point start away.

    thankyou your messages remained that i am still remained me that i have to let go and trust that the lord our GOD.


  19. Maylove permalink

    -wOw! i was so blessed while reading this page.. I felt God’s love while reading.. He is indeed a good God.. Hallelujah!! 😉

  20. Good word again brother (and pastor) Mark. I like the idea of re-living those old words you have gotten. But more is the word you just gave. As the flesh tries to have it’s way in this time of trial (both me and my wife are out of work) I need the constant reminders to praise Him without cause. To thank Him not just for the beautiful sunset we shared with my in-laws tonight, but to thank Him in continual praise and worship for being the awesome God He is.

  21. Evans sang permalink

    God you’re awesome, glorious and mighty!

  22. Praise God in the morning, praise God in the noon day
    And praise God in the evening, and all night long.
    I praise you Father God when things are good, and Praise You Father God when things are even bad. Because God You have proven yourself to me to be in control, and you take care of me, and my children.

    And Father God I thank You because through the years I’ve learned that when I am mindful to praise You that you are always near to listen to my praise, and that gives me strength. And I’ve also learned that when I praise You the devil can’t stand to stick around to listen to my praise.

    And that let’s me know that only You and I are still in the room when I’m sendeing up praises to you Father God. And I also learned that when I praise You Father God you answer my prayers a lot faster than if I just pray, and wait.

    But in my waiting I thank You, and I praise you for the answer’s that I need in Faith believing Thank You for the jobs that we need. Thank you for providing our every need. Thank You for the Holy Ghost Your best gift to us after your Son Jesus Christ dying for us.

  23. Beth permalink

    Dear LORD GOD our Heavenly FATHER we thank YOU and praise YOU for always blessing us with YOUR perfect love. We truly feel YOU with us everyday and we know that YOU are watching over us and protecting us where ever we go. We also thank YOU Dear LORD GOD our Heavenly FATHER for letting us be able to read YOUR Word and have it instilled in our hearts as we hope to live better lives everyday and help others to live better lives also by YOUR power, light, and love. Dear GOD YOU deserve all of our praise, for YOU have given us YOUR only SON, Dear JESUS CHRIST our SAVIOR, who died for us on the Cross so that we may live forever in YOUR love and so that we may also be forgiven. GOD bless all. In JESUS’S name, Amen.

  24. yes true… praise GOD.. do all,, lift our hands, shout,sing give praises to our GOD… we experience that God is so close to us..God hold our hands always.. thanks pastor

  25. Sthembiso Thwala permalink

    There is this sonv that says “stay in the feet of Jesus coz when watch Him ur ways changes n b likd His, u walk righteous n pp
    l will c u walking like Christ” if we worship God we r creating a place for Him bcz he said He dwels in the praises of His ppl n the more we meditate n worship through His word wl b the more we r transformed 2 holynes. thank mark 4 such a wonderful revealatn

  26. I love what you are doing here. I wanted to share how we can do the part of Psalm 145 that says, “They will tell of the power of your awesome works, and I will proclaim your great deeds.”

    Here is the link:

    It has literally changed my life and my walk with God! I’ve seen 4 miracles in the last 6 weeks! due to these insights.

    In Christ!

  27. Connie permalink

    Excellent steps in becoming closer to God through praise, Mark.
    1. Exalt God with praise.
    2. Praise God for ever and ever.
    3. Praise God through telling others about God’s mighty acts.

    When I read passages in scripture, I read the whole chapter to find the purpose to what God is saying to me. With the help of my commentary, I see that there are 4 causes for prayer in Psalm 145:3-20:
    1. The Lord is Great (3). His graciousness is so great that we could never fully research it in our live-time. But, when we see God face to face, there will be no need to search for God’s greatness. We will have it all.
    To take David’s wonderful “Praise Psalm” further. . .
    2. He is gracious and merciful (8-9). Just think of all of the little things that have gone right in your life. You might even find some big ones in there. Don’t you think God did these works for you? I Praise God every day all day for giving me His passionate grace with very air I breath; not getting angry with me over my mistakes in life; and His mercy when I do something wrong. I find that I am spreading His word in my daily routine led by Him. I share my joy for the opportunity to know who He is through Jesus Christ our savior.
    3. He sustains all who fall (14). God picks us up from falling into behaviors that are wrong in His eyes. When we fall, He picks us up to bring us closer to Him. When I make poor judgments in life, God picks me up taking me out of my self-pity and misery out of the ‘compassion’ in His heart. He doesn’t stay ‘angry” at me. When I pray continuously, staying focused on Him, asking for forgiveness He takes my burdens away with ‘great mercy’. Honestly He does, It may seem futile sometimes, when God does not work in “my time”, but He gives me patience to wait for His works to come in “His time”.
    4. He is righteous in His works and kind in His ways (17). I find that I have to renew my faith daily remembering His righteous kindness toward me in the face of my enemies.

    How awesome is this! Thank you Lord God almighty!

  28. I heard Jan Crouch testimony when she said had cancer, and one of the things I heard her say was that she thanked Jesus for His complete healing.
    And then she said Jesus told her Jan thank you for receiving my healing.
    And we all know about Jan Crouch’s miracleous healing of cancer.

    Since I heard this tesimony I have been praying, and thanking Jesus for complete healing for pacific health issues. And I have noticed since I’ve incorperated this prayer, and thankfulness of my healing from Jesus that my knee’s have tremendously have lost pain, and other areas of pain has left my body.

    And I will continue to thank Jesus for His complete healing, and answers to my need’s. Because I’ve always known that Jesus did not suffer the stripes on His back in vain, so Jesus must have meant for us to be healed this is no joke.
    But we must learn to accept healing, and praise Jesus for His provision for us.

    I personal have noticed healing in my body, and other answers to my prayers have increased, and speedily. Praise God for my healing that Jesus has provided. The sooner we learn this the more answered prayer’s we will receive.

  29. Carry Brown permalink

    God is so good , He is number one in my life and the center !! I am so blessed !! I thank Him for the life He has given me !! no matter what it looks like I know my Jesus is with me !! Father God I love you so !!!!!!!!

  30. Sue permalink

    GOD is an awesome God and I am so blessed to have him in my life. Thank you God for everyday you allow me to spend with all your beauty around me. Thank you for my wonderful family. Thank you for having Jesus by my side at all times. GOD is my SALVATION ! ! ! !

  31. Karen permalink

    I have learned to praise God even in the hard stuff!! That has blessed my life with a peace that only can come from the Father.

  32. Michele permalink

    Praise God!! And thank you brother Mark for sharing your reflections.
    God bless, Michele

  33. Father God

    Even when everything does not go right for us I thank You and I praise You Lord!
    Through sickness, and disease I thank you for Your Healing Power to Heal me.
    I thank You Lord Jesus for Your perfect gift of Healing for my Son who was born Autistic, but through You Christ Jesus all things are possible.
    I just want to take this time to Thank You Jesus for Your perfect gift of Healing in Jesus name I receive Your Gift of Healing it is completely done for me, and my Son. I believe God I believe it is finished no more limitation’s for Nicholas he is healed according to Your Word. Amen!

  34. Praise God because He is, and He is a rewarder of them who dilegently seek Him!
    Praise God for air to breathe, and praise God for food to eat, and the ability to eat it.
    Praise God for He is a provider!
    Praise God for His Mercy toward America.
    Praise God for all the Saint’s coming together to Praise Him for He is worthy!
    Praise God for our families, and friend’s!
    Praise God for His Love towards us!
    Praise God for my loan modification going as planned.
    Praise God for providing job’s for everyone of us who need one, and who are asking God for a job.

    Thank You Father God You are everything that we need!

  35. Amen! …Praising God is the best gesture that a Christian can do ! God would really be happy if we would pray and praise Him in all circumstances. There could be no better way to say” thank you” to God to whom we owe everything. I’m so grateful to know that I’ve been praising God in my own way, and still thankful for all these little ways were included in the 4 ways on how to praise God.

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