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Life = Awesome Experiences?

January 21, 2010

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death. Those who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what that nature desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace; the sinful mind is hostile to God. It does not submit to God’s law, nor can it do so. Those controlled by the sinful nature cannot please God. Romans 8: 1-2; 5-8

As I draw closer to God, He is revealing more and more what being a Christian involves. The opening part of this amazing reading speaks of ‘condemnation’ which literally means a death sentence, and with ‘the law of sin and death’ the word law also has a long term definition, in that laws are established long held approaches to life. So in becoming a Christian all those practices and behaviours that have been part of my life for many years suddenly have no power in the face of the ‘Spirit of life’. I am set free from those destructive patterns!

But there are times when I forget this freedom, when I find my mind ‘set on what that nature desires’, on that which is earthly, separate from God. It is so easy to chase after things that will benefit me and in doing so I can find myself living according to my sinful nature.

Now when Romans states, ‘The mind of sinful man is death’ it is not so much saying that if I sin I will suddenly die, but death is utter misery arising from sin, the Greek behind the word ‘death’ is also used to describe the darkest thick, bush where no light penetrates, so focusing on sin, living to my own desire is like being trapped in thick bush, thorns cutting into me, I am lost and disorientated, confused and full of fear.

But the opposite is, ‘..but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace;’ and these two words life and peace, the Greek behind them is amazing! ‘Life’ refers to a vigorous life, a life lived to the full, a real and genuine life. And ‘peace’ refers to security, safety, prosperity, being content with what I have, and knowing that God loves me. So when I turn my back on sin, on following my earthly desires and turn to God, my life will be full of amazing surprises, full of excitement and joy, I will also feel confident and not worry as I know that God is in charge!

And as I draw close to God and make that decision to not seek after the things of the world, I am experiencing a life that is amazingly full of wonderful experiences! And although there is much uncertainty in my life, although I struggle with challenging situations, I feel this amazing confidence that God is in charge and all will be well.

Praise God!

God bless ya,

Mark Brown

PS.. as its my birthday today (22nd Jan) I plan a full day of wonderful experiences!!

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Yahweh’s Yarn in a Year : 1 year Bible reading plan

The Portion for today is:  Isaiah Chapters 12-17

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  1. Happy Birthday, May you and your family be blessed as your messages have blessed mine.

    • Pearl permalink

      Happy Birthday ! I hope you live to see many wonderful years and may God bless you and your family !

  2. Kamal permalink

    Happy birthday. May you continue to be a blessings to all. God bless you.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mark! May God bless you and all your folks!

  4. Patty permalink

    Happy Birthday to you!
    GOD = Good Orderly Direction!!!!!!!!

  5. Kathy permalink

    Happy Birthday! May God bless you as he uses you to bless us!

  6. Connie permalink

    Wow! This passage reminds me to keep renewing my faith in the Spirit of God. God frees me from the burdens of life’s temptations. At times, I struggle with daily life and existence thinking of how “I” can make things better for myself. At those times, I forget to let God take charge of my life. I needed this message to stay focused on God to guide me through the tough times. Thank God He is there for me and will never leave my side, even when I make wrong decisions in my life. When I let God do His work in me, the peaceful feeling of letting go of my works for me, and letting God do His works in me is indescribable. All the time and torture that I put myself through trying to figure certain things out for myself are so futile. Thank you God for being my guide in life’s decisions!

  7. Have a blessed birthday!

  8. Sister Pam OP permalink

    I appreciate learning the Greek meaning of the words since it enriches not only the text, but also, the whole Bible. If death is the deepest dark, then life must be light. When Jesus says he is the light of the world he is destroying the darkness, destroying death.

    Father Mark, I thank God for the day you were born. Peace and blessings in the coming year.

  9. Tina Camara permalink

    A very Blessed and Happy Birthday to you Pastor Mark! I laughed when I read that “today” – 22nd Jan. is your Birthday, as it is the 21fst here in Mass. U.S.A.!
    I am always at God’s great creation and how it can be the 22nd there and the21fst here. Only God could have set the earth to rotate as it does!

    This is the day that the Lord has made…and he made it just for you – Enjoy your special day!

  10. Michael Cook permalink

    Thank you for your insights on these scriptures. And Happy Birthday to you! I too thank God for you! You are a blessing to me and to many who look forward to your daily post and the scripture reading for the day. I am determined to keep with this reading plan to read through the Bible, so you need to stay faithful to posting these readings in Yahweh’s Yarn! 🙂 Have a great day sir!

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Hi Michael, I am right there with you on Yahweh’s yarn. I hope others are also.

      • Kim permalink

        I’m with you on the readings, I look forward to each and everyday.
        Happy Birthday Mark!!
        Thank you for your teaching, insight, and thoughts. I felt like I was right there when you wrote about these verses, and I am so very thankful to find that I have peace. I pray for others to have it too.
        Praise God, He is in charge!
        Thank you and God Bless!

  11. Sara Sue permalink

    Tina, I too was wondering if I really should wait until tomorrow to send my birthday wishes to Mark! I am in the USA also, so it is only the 21st for me too! Mark, Happy Birthday early from us!!!! Hope you are feeling really well also!(I guess if you were born in Australia on what was then the 22nd, that would have been the 21st in the USA that year too!) We do have a wonderful planet to be living on!

  12. JOE FELTNER permalink

    Happy Birthday and may God bless you and your family on this important day of your life.

  13. Happy Birthday Mark.God looked down thru time and saw all the wonderful work you would do for the Kingdom.I know you are not working for your salvation,you are working BECAUSE of your salvation and I salute you.You are a blessing each day as I read your posts

  14. hello rev mark i hope your birth day is a blessed one and i hope you and your family have blessed weekend the message has help me out today it is good to know more of what god wants us to do well much love and prayer in jesus name cecil and jason the burdette brothers

  15. rose blevins permalink

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! I enjoy your site very much.

  16. Lelanie permalink

    Happy birthday. May God bless you more and more. Thank you so much for what you do. It really means alot.

  17. Happy Birthday, Mark!! God bless you and yours!

  18. Julie permalink

    Happy Birthday Mark, here in England its also 21st!!
    Thankyou for this great blessing you are giving us, to help us journey deeper with God. You are a star!

  19. Ashley permalink

    Happy Birthday Mark!! Today is my mother’s birthday as well (Jan. 21st). May it be a blessed one. Thank you for doing these posts, it really means a lot. I make it a point to read them everyday!! God bless you…

  20. Enid permalink

    Happy Birthday and may the Lord continue to expand your territory…This has hit close to home, as I was struggling to focus on the Godly things and not the earthly. Lately, I have experienced an amazing closeness to God, through prayer and worship…God is dealing with me in a marvelous way and I have felt the power of the Holy Spirit over me…Our God is an awesome God…

    May our Lord continue to bless you and your family, abundantly!!!!

  21. Margaret Ann James permalink

    Happy Birthday!!

  22. Jae permalink

    Happy Birthday, Mark!!! May you continue to have many more blessings, and continue to bless others by guiding us to God’s word.

  23. Marie-Claire Stone permalink

    Happy Birthday, Mark. May your day be filled with wonderful surprises and happy expectations of the day and the years that the Lord has blessed you with. Birthdays are times for the soul to reflect on how great He is to us and how he uses our lives to the enlightenment ourselves and toward God’s many children. My father would say to me, “When you smile, your heart is singing a happy song.” Happy Birthday again, Mark.

  24. Judie Eboch Beegle permalink

    No need to respond. My prayer for you today is to have the best birthday ever! Thank you for all you do in serving our God!

  25. LaNelle Reese permalink

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARK!! Thank you for the blessing & inspiration I get from reading your insights into God’s word. Thank you again, LaNelle

  26. Shadell permalink

    Be bless on this ur special day! May God enlarge ur territory, while u allow him to order ur steps.

  27. Becoming... permalink

    I truly am grateful for your online group ‘The Bible’ on facebook.
    May God continue to use you to help others. I’m praying for you!
    Stay blessed.

  28. Agnes permalink

    Happy Birthday Mark!!!!Hope you have hav a wonderful year ahead……
    May God bless u and ur family!!!..May Jesus guide you thru and make it easier for you to bring us back to him!!!!

  29. Lisa permalink

    Happy Birthday! I’m in the US so it’s still the 21st.

    I loved your reflection today. I don’t know what I would do without God in my life. Where do people turn with life gets hard and no “man” can help? I am so thankful that He is always there. And that His plan is perfect and provision is already made for it. God does not schedule failure in HIS plans for our lives!

  30. Happy birthday Rev..may God protect you always.

  31. Lisa permalink

    Happy Birthday Mark! Thank you for all you do for us! Oh, and BTW, awesome devotional today. Those controlled by the sinful nature cannot please God.” Sometimes we nee”d these words to remind us that God is displeased with us when we do not have a spiritual nature/mind.

    Have a great day!
    Lisa K in the USA

  32. Manisha permalink

    Happy Birthday!!

  33. May this be a very merry Happy Birthday to you. I read your passages daily and they give me encouragement. I hear voices and it is not in my head . Its the kind of things satan who I believe says. Its been 5yrs and every medication been tired. I try hard to not respond, and lately through prayer about 10x a day. I know tell Satan not to talk to me that I believe in Jesus Christ as my savior and in God. I have been baptised 2x and my pastor has read scriptures to change the situation. Now i have a broken foot so I am limited to my church services. I used to use drugs but those days are gone and im quitting smoking in CHRIST name i have 2 left. Ive been praying to Jesus and reading the bible and i continute to believe all things are possible. not some but all! Enjoy your day, and know that you are a special gift from god to all those who read the scriptures you post.

  34. Vicki Peterson permalink

    Happy Birthday Rev. Mark…
    Thanks for your posts, they are so encouraging and most of us can relate to what your messages contain. I hope and pray you have a blessed day!


  35. Brent Hammer permalink

    Happy Birthday Mark!!!! It must be a good day because my wife’s Birthday is today also. Thank You for what you do. I really enjoy and benefit from your postings. May God Bless you in your endeavors.

  36. Shakena permalink

    Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for the Wisdom…

  37. Gina Wright permalink

    Happy birthday! Have a blessed day!

  38. Gbemisola permalink

    Am happy for you. Happy birthday.

  39. Mischelle Johnson permalink

    Wow!!! I just wanted to say that no matter how bad things get and how far you bury yourself in death and darkness all you have to do is call upon Jesus Christ and he will bring you out of the the darkness to so much peace and love that you fall on your knees in awe. I know this because it happened to me and the more i learn about the bible through reading it and reading your website i see that through God i will have more excitement and joy than i ever had before.

  40. Johnny Volk permalink

    Happy Birthday Mark!

  41. Teri permalink

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you receive all the blessings you deserve and thank you for providing me with daily guidance. I am really in need of it right now. Thanks so much for being here for me. 😀

  42. Jeannie permalink

    Happy Birthday!!!! May God bless you on your journey!

  43. Ann permalink

    As God adds life to your years, may He add years to your life. Happy Birthday!
    May God continue to bless you life and give you the desires of your heart..

  44. Theresa Martell permalink

    Have a very Happy and blessed bithday.

  45. Marie permalink

    Happy Birthday Mark! Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us! God Bless you!

  46. Rasheika permalink

    Hello Rev. Mark,

    God is SO Amazing!! He allowed you to see another year. Happy Birthday and may God continue to bless you, with many more! i hope your day has been special.

    Take care and keep the Faith!! =)

  47. Chizi permalink

    may God bless u on this day and all the days of your life just as u have change my life frm what i read frm you.

  48. Kelly Magiera permalink

    Happy Birthday,MarK.I am so grateful that you took the initiative to start the Bible online. God Bless you and your family. May you continue to receive many blessings. Kelly:)

  49. Carlene permalink

    Happy Birthday!!!!God bless, u.

  50. CRYSTAL permalink


  51. Juan Torres permalink

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please thank God for another year of life. Also, aks him to give you many, many more! God is good all the time, all the time God is good!! God is with you no matter in what situation you are in. It is true what you said. I know that it is easy to sin, but it is not the right choice. You inpired me to think more and turn my back and not sin. You’re right, God is the right choice! God bless you!

    Once again, Happy Birthday!

  52. Ross F. permalink

    I pray you had a Blessed Birthday sir.

  53. Happy Birthday! Love your posts on Facebook. Look forward to reading them each day. Manna from heaven.

  54. Coralia permalink

    Happy B-day, enjoy and be bless

  55. Alicea Goddard permalink

    Happy Birthday and may God continue to richly bless you. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. It has helped and blessed me so much.

  56. Lydia Reyes permalink

    May our heavenly Father continue to pour out his blessings on you and your family on this special day. I thank him for guiding you to start the Journey in the Bible in this site. You are an inspiration to all of us here. May he give you many years to continue the good works you are doing for his Glory. I know that when you meet him face to face , he will say, Well Done My Faithful Servant. Happy Birthday, my Brother.

  57. Lennie njeru permalink

    Happy birthday pastor mark. May your day be full of God’s blessings. You lift my day everyday thank you. I pray this morning the prayer of jabez for u n ur family. May God direct u to Africa for a mission to be specific KENYA. Thanx again pastor

  58. happy birthday pastor mark,,, i hope that God is will give u good health and many bleesing.. i thakn GOD because he use you to bless others in the whole world…Im here in the philippines… Thanks GOD, and thanks Pastor for the wonderful message everyday

  59. happy birthday pastor mark,,, i hope that God will give u good health and many bleesings.. i thank GOD because he use you to bless others in the whole world…Im here in the philippines… Thanks GOD, and thanks Pastor for the wonderful message everyday

  60. jonathan permalink

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I really appreciate this journey that you are leading us down, i had wanted to do something that would help me grow closer to GOD, and then I found this. I must admit that i’m struggling with keeping up with all the bible reading for the 1 year plan though. 1 of the things i like about these studies, is that you break it down and wirte the greek translation down to show the literal meaning of the words. I am in the middle of a struggle now that is exactly what today’s passage was about. GOD has literally fixed it several times, but the sinful fleshly nature of mine, tends to try to undo what GOD has done. I need to totally surrender to GOD and let him have this situation once and for all.

  61. jolandie permalink

    Happy birthday!!!

  62. Estelle Warren permalink

    God bless ya, Mark Brown………..Happy Birthday!!!!

  63. jack permalink

    Happy Birthday

  64. Shannyn permalink

    I love this reflection …

  65. sam baba permalink

    hapi bdy…………………………

  66. Emily Pama permalink

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May GOD continually use you as a channel of SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS to everyone through your REFLECTIONS.May GOD pours out HIS double portion of ANNOINTING on you. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ALL THE DAYS OFYOUR LIFE.

  67. Premala Jacob permalink

    Have a very blessed birthday and a rewarding year ahead

  68. Dear Mark, May God bless you on your birthday and all the work you do for God.

  69. Lee King permalink

    Happy Birthday and thank you, I am an artist who struggles with human nature but with a soul unyielding to it’s carnal iniquities. Such a conflict has caused me to shut down and I’ve produced no work in the last ten years. I understand why, I only wish to win this fight in the promise of my Lord Jesus once and for all so I may continue my work in his good graces and in his peace for all time. I come before the Lord bearing the weight of my sins not on one, but two shoulders through my confession. You are the second. Please pray for me, I terribly miss his fully received Love and I hope he is watching even now. God Bless and Good Day to you.

  70. Sally permalink

    May God bless you for sharing with us this beautiful words.

  71. Sally permalink

    God bless you for the beautiful words you share with us.

  72. Michele permalink

    Happy Birthday!!

  73. Sibyl permalink

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for your faithfulness in posting your reflections and Bible passages every day. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  74. Chrissie Minton permalink

    Happy Birthday Mark!! May you know God’s blessing as you celebrate His goodness.

  75. Taniesha permalink

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  76. Thank you very much for posting these daily scriptures Mark, it really brought some light in my life.Also have a happy Birthday And may God’s Blessings continue to flow in your life. God Bless You and your Family.

  77. Felita permalink

    Happy Birthday and May God continue to bless you as you Do HIS work!

  78. Liz permalink

    Happy Be-lated Birthday (sorry this is late)

  79. Joyce Kesterman permalink

    Hi Mark,
    Everyday when I read your messages, I receive something that helps me with my walk with God. You seem to be talking directly to me. My desire is to
    be all that God wants me to be, the person He created me to be. Thank you
    for helping me with my journey.
    God bless you and your family.

  80. RITA ENYIM permalink


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