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How to endure trouble – James 5:7-8

January 19, 2010

James 5:7-8

Dear brothers and sisters, be patient as you wait for the Lord’s return. Consider the farmers who patiently wait for the rains in the fall and in the spring. They eagerly look for the valuable harvest to ripen. You, too, must be patient. Take courage, for the coming of the Lord is near. (New Living Translation)

Recently I have been unwell and I am absolutely terrible at being unwell.  I don’t take it lying down, no literally: I rarely lie down and rest, preferring to charge on, intent in the belief that denial is somehow going to heal me.  Err.. no.    I am one impatient patient.  And this brief time of illness made me realise: 1) I have an awesome wife who puts up with my silly winging about my ‘man flu’; and 2) Being patient is actually very, very important, particularly when you are a ‘running around active’ type like me.

In this reading I am challenged to be patient, to wait for the Lord’s return. In the Greek, patience means, to not lose heart, to persevere and to endure troubles and misfortunes.  And when it says, ‘for the coming of the Lord is near’ it is referring to me coming into God’s presence.  When the Lord returns I fully intend to be fully in His presence.  And then I realised something massively profound:

My journey towards seeking to come into the presence of God will only be completed when I get to heaven.

I am on a path towards heaven, towards eternal rest with my Father, a place of peace and joy. Wow.

And on my journey towards heaven, this amazing reading in James encourages me to be patient, to endure the pain, the heart ache, the anxiety.  How can I endure?  By being courageous.  In the greek this is stayridzo which is to strengthen, make firm, to be constant.  So I am patient and able to persevere through strengthening my faith, by constantly connecting with the Word, prayer and confession.

Praise God for this awesome insight!

Mark Brown

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The Portion for today is:  Psalms Chapters 6-8

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  1. Sister Pam OP permalink

    Patience, one of my least favorite words. Learning the Greek meaning does help, “to not lose heart, to persevere and to endure troubles and misfortunes.” Like, you Father Mark, I really, intensely dislike not being on the go. Being a confirmed workaholic, 3 years ago I became very ill. At the time, I was devastated. What I know now is that God that forced downtime to good use. It was during that time that I began to work on developing my spiritual self in earnest. If it had not been for illness, I would not have stopped my restless activity to listen to God working in my life. So now, the fruits of the Spirit are growing well, nourished by the saving grace of Jesus. Thanks for helping us connect with God’s word.

  2. april permalink

    I am a very in patient person and at times I lose my cool. Today was the first day I actually practice patience with a sister in Christ. As a youth leader I am active with the young women in my church. I tend to remove myself from the group when I am going through a challenging time so not to let my situation become everyone elses. In doing this for me it gives me time to be alone and deal with my internal issues so when I am in the presence of the young ladies I can give them my undivided attention. Today the leader of our Jewels 4 Christ (young women for christ) ministry called me and advised me that I need to step down from my position in the ministry for 60 days reflection. I personally was upset because at no time when I was away from the ministry did she contact me to ask me was anything going on that she could help me with or pray about with me. Then to add to my frustration she concluded by saying our Youth minister agrees with her decision. Simly put I did not blow up at her. I counted to 10 then simply said ok. Thier was dead silence on the phone for about 20 seconds. So I asked her did she have anything else she wanted to discuss with me and she told me no but asked me to continue to stay in contact with the girls in the ministry. I did not understand how she still wanted me to speak to the young ladies in the ministry but not be visible in ministry functions. I was really confused by this request but again I said ok.

  3. in these words I understand I need to give it time and I think I need to see what I need to do and I am truly going to take a good long look at what the situation that is before and I will wait for the call that is all I can do is wait !!!!!!!

  4. Michael Cook permalink

    For some reason as I read this scripture and your comments it made me think of the purpose for rain. Rain is needed by farmers in order for the crops to complete their development. Rain primarily replenishes the water needed to sustain the crops and give man fresh drinkable water. In order for the seed that is planted to grow, water is essential. Just like water is essential for the crops to produce, water is essential for Christians to produce the fruit of the Spirit. But this fruit will not come without patience and constant watering. The “water” is the Spirit, the seed is the word and the fruit is the life we produce as we are connected to the vine. Jesus is the branch, the root, and we have to remain connected to the root in order to get nourishment. We are to be like a tree planted by the “river of water” that brings forth it’s fruit in it’s season. (Psalms 1:3) God help me to be patient as you work in my life to bring forth the fruits of righteousness!

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      This is so true. My husband and I have a very small landscaping business and I can see clearly how growing plants is what God does with His followers. I had to laugh because one of my favorite analogies to go along with growing fruit it that it takes manure for good growth. Sometimes it seems that it is applied too heavily, but the crappy part of life is what really makes us a grow strong in faith and draw closer to God, if we allow it.

      • MaryMarthaKay permalink

        Sister Pam OP …. love your analogy ! God Bless you !

    • dorthy porter permalink

      Michael Cook,What you posted was such a blesing to me.I am going to write it down and put it in my Bible to share with others.thank you Dorthy Gods Artist

    • MaryMarthaKay permalink

      @Michael Cook …. love what you wrote ! What a blessing today!

      Holy Spirit RAIN down on all the “earth” so that your fruit flows in abundance in this season ! AMEN!

      Sister-n-Christ Sharron Gray Atkinson ❤

  5. Wow! This is one I’m going to need to reread numerous times (patiently! 🙂 ).

  6. NANCI BROCKETT permalink

    THANK YOU , PLEASE KEEPME UP TO DATE. I love to recivce His word everyday.

  7. aria wright permalink

    😀 me 2

  8. Davitta permalink

    WOW! This is an awesome revelation. Bro. Mark, this is total confirmation for my journey and walk…my patience is much better, but the anxiousness is another thing…I’m in the middle of a life lesson on not being anxious right now…God’s peace surpasses all things…
    Thank you for being an instrument and for your obedience to God in allowing Him to use you…

  9. Bro. Mark: ARE YOU A MIND READER????? LOL

    It seems for the past few weeks your blog has hit home for the very things I am struggling with at that very time. God is gracious and so loving to use you to speak the words that, at least for ME, speak truth and encouragement. During October 2009 to January 2010 I lost both of my parents to disease and have had to face some horrific situations brought on by their passing. Without a loving husband, family, your devotions, and my Heavenly Father, I would be losing my mind. I am so grateful for His many blessings — which I know I do not deserve — but He is my Heavenly Father that loves and blesses us when we don’t deserve it. I am so blessed.

    • MaryMarthaKay permalink

      @ Donna …. such an inspiring testimony ! I cannot even imagine the pain and hurt of losing both parents in a 4 month period …. I praise the LORD for you and pray that God will lift you higher than you’ve ever been before, high on eagles wings to soar above the worldly cares of this life, and that He will bless you and every work of your hands for the Kingdom of God for HIS glory and that He gives you such strength, peace, rest, and JOY unspeakable ! In Jesus’ mighty name! AMEN ! God Bless U

      Thank you so much for sharing !

  10. Lydia Reyes permalink

    Oh , How I love my Lord. Everyday I pray that he gives me understsanding of all he has to reveal to me . Today is just another day he is speaking to me so clearly. I thank God for all who share in this FB. I see how building of the Body of Christ is doing so much good right here. I look forward spending time with all my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I want to be like the tree planted near the stream of water that yields its fruit in season. I am getting alot of help from all of you. {God working thru you} Thank you and may God Bless you

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      I agree completely. We are growing a lovely international family here. The Master Gardener is definitely at work.

  11. Sara Sue permalink

    Entering into His rest…allowing Him to produce the patience in us…allowing the expression of His Spirit in the fruit He produces in our lives, makes the waiting and practice of patience now much more like it will be when we see Him face to face. He desires our trust in Him that results in our “active” rest in Him. It is “active” in that, as He does all the work, we are cooperating with Him by seeking the renewal of our minds, by calling out to Him in authentic worship and praise, by loving Him back with educated decisions and life choices. What joy!

  12. God is Good all the time.May I always have a teachable Spirit.Thank you Jesus and thank you Mark

  13. Amen 1 God is good all the time.

  14. Michele permalink

    Praise God!! This message comes clear to me…patience is something I am Slowly getting better at. And just knowing that I can trust in our Lord and have peace and joy in all circumstances really helps me to be more patient. Thank you brother Mark for your reflection. May God continue to work in you and shine through you. God bless, Michele

  15. Rita permalink

    God has also shown me, the more we complain and grumble about a situation, the longer He is going to leave us there until we trust Him to resolve it.

    An example, I was in a job that I did not like. I was bored with the work, and though the people were nice, the atmosphere left alot to be desired. I tried several times to quit. However, the managers came to me and talked to me and asked me to stay. In addition, I got a raise. The job was a temporary one and was only suppose to last for a couple of months. It lasted for over a year. I eventually got word that the job was ending due to budget cuts. One the one hand I was very excited because I knew that it was then God’s timing and I was also looking forward to what He was going to do next.

    I spent about 1/2 of last year unemployed and am still currently unemployed. However, I became involved in a ministry last spring, which He led me to and has shown me that this is something He is going to use in my future, how, I don’t know yet. In addition, He opened up the door for me to return to school and I am working on my teaching certificate. Because my son will has enlisted in the Military and will be leaving for boot camp, I was able to transfer the college funds that were set aside for him to me because he will be able to use money from the GI bill for furthering his education.

    Teaching is something I never wanted to do when I was younger, but God will get us to the place, one way or another in time, to where He wants us. As today’s message said, we need to be patient and remember He has a path for each one of us to walk on. “All things work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Thanks for the lovely testimony. God be with you on your journey.

    • MaryMarthaKay permalink

      @ RITA ….. God Bless you for your post ! I too lost my job after 30 yrs and am in a transition season “waiting” on God to gently guide and direct me to the place I need to be in HIM and in LIFE. Sometimes we can loose ourselves in our jobs ….. but God can help you find your true self again ! God is awesome ! and I am excited to see what He has in store for me ! God Bless you in your classes and teaching if that is HIS will for you and may the LORD bless every work of your hands for the KINGDOM OF GOD for HIS GLORY ! AMEN!

  16. Alex Abigan permalink

    Thank you for the reminder. We especially myself need to be more patient, coz’ driving in Metro-Manila here in the Philippines need a lot of patience. You will lost it once you’re on the road during the busy hours (to office and back home) other drivers like public utility vehicles are not observing the proper driving that includes me now. Prayers, I can eventually overcome being impatient. AMEN!!!

  17. Connie permalink

    Patience through my tribulations is one of my downfalls. When I am sick, I turn into a wimpy crybaby. Yet praying, becoming closer to God, NOT QUESTIONING His reasoning for this horrible infliction, are so very comforting to me as I pass through another trouble in my life. As the days go by, I find it easier to endure what I feel are enormous burdens in my life. I pray continuously, all day, at work, play, driving down the road, shopping, eating. I cannot do anything without God. It becomes more of a natural thing to do as the days pass on. God is helping me become more patient, and giving me more peace when I am down as my live striving to become closer to God continues until I see Him face-to-face in heaven. Halleluiah! I cannot wait for Jesus to return to earth to being me to God!

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