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The World is Changing – Should The Church Change?

January 18, 2010

John 17:14-17 I have given them your word, and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. I do not ask that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from the evil one. They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth. (English Standard Version)

Ok.. time to fess up, time to share a bit about what motivates me to do all this internet stuff.  Ready?  I am passionate about the church being relevant to the world.  I believe the church needs to:

  • find out where people are and go there,
  • find out what the real needs are and meet them
  • find out the modern communication methods and use them

My view informed me founding The Bible page on Facebook and Praying People and this very blog.  I asked the question, where are people? How are they communicating?  What are their needs?  And then I set about meeting them as best I could.  The world is massively changing, what worked 10 years ago just doesn’t cut it any more.  And yet the salvation message of Jesus Christ is still very relevant. Check out this very interesting video by clicking the play button:

(Note: if the video doesn’t work in the email: head to my blog by clicking here. )

My question is, how are we the church going to engage with this new reality, this Social Media Revolution?  How do we do this without becoming a servant of the world?  John 17 states, though we are in the world, we are not of the world, though we might use contemporary approaches ultimately our focus should remain fixed on Jesus.  So while we interact with the world we need to remain firmly loyal to God, sanctified in the truth.  How do we do this?  By immersing ourselves in God’s truth: The Bible.  We spend time reading, reflecting, considering, praying over, seeking the truth, within the Bible.  We give the Holy Spirit the chance to work on us, transforming us!

And so we should not be scared to interact with the world, to even make use of the worlds techniques and approaches, but in the midst of this I share a warning: we must keep our eyes firmly fixed on God.

Last July I wrote a paper called, The Bible in the Digital Space for a conference I spoke at in the UK, in it I explain what exactly the massive internet driven revolution is, and how we the church need to respond. To read it online: click here.

What do you think?  How should we respond to the growth of the internet? I would love to hear from you!  Your comments are so important, so be bold and tell me what you think in the comments section below!

God bless,

Mark Brown

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The Portion for today is:  Joshua Chapters 11-15

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  1. Sister Pam OP permalink

    Father Mark,
    You are right on with your assessment about using technology to reach people where they are. The potential is phenomenal. I appreciate that you are not charging for your services as many are now doing. The Good news needs to be readily available for all people. As the internet grows, there is the potential for a Christian presence at every point. I’d like to see super study Bible structured similar to Wikipedia with links to all kinds of data that correspond to various Bible verses. This would really make the Bible come alive. It is exciting to think of all of the ways this technology can be used to spread the Word.

    • Greetings Sister! I am well overdue saying hello to you! I very much appreciate your comments and involvement with this blog, your words are considered and always helpful. Your idea of a wiki Bible is excellent! When you get a chance read my paper titled ‘The Bible in the Digital Space‘ which I refer to in this blog post. In particular check out my idea of a Semantic Bible.

      God bless!


      • Sister Pam OP permalink

        Dear Father Mark,
        Thanks for starting this great tool to spread the Word. I read the article that you wrote. The Semantic Bible is a great idea. It would help make the Bible accessible for all people and help us all understand the Word even more. There is so much potential with this technology. I pray that we have the wisdom to use it for God’s purpose.

  2. Originally synonymous with the divine identity of Jesus Christ as “the Son of the living God”, i.e., immortal, powerfully demonstrated, once and for all, in Jesus’ perfect and transfigurative death on the cross (Matt. 16: 13-28; 17: 1-13; 26:64; 27: 50-56), the church has been long redefined as a misnomer, viz.: the apostate church which will keep changing according to theological needs and standards!

    The sustainable church is truly promised in the terms and seal of the “new covenant” (Jer. 31: 31-34; Matt. 26: 26-29 ff); and its acceptability by the whole world intimated by Jesus in Samaria (John 4: 21-26).

    Aren’t we all prodigals and a long way from home?

    • Jesus took the message to the people because He loved the people. I think we can do the same.

  3. I agree that the message doesn’t change but how we deliver it should. How to go about this will take alot of planning. I’ve always been told if the people won’t come to church, you take church to the people. We have to do this in a way that will spark their interest and keep them interested. We need to speak their language,too

    • janet eades permalink

      Donna we have to be in the world not of it. I don’t agree with taking the church to the people because for many if not most that may make them lazy Christians. Doesn’t Christ tell us not to forsake the assembling of brothers? We are only the planters Christ does the harvesting of those who are ready no matter what their interest. We don’t keep them interested Christ does by His word. No matter how many carrots you dangle in front of a rabbit he won’t eat unless he is hungary. I love the internet but we have to balance it with active participation by believers not just sitting and typing.

      • Min. A. R. Lewis permalink

        Hello Janet,
        I agree with what you said about the word that says we are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. We should not use TV, internet, books (other than the Bible) to be a substitute for attending church. However, there are other scriptures in the Bible that let’s us know that we are to take dominion over those things in the world. The new technology is there for us to use to help get the gospel out. Those in the world think it’s for them and they are using it. It doesn’t matter how the knowledge to do it came, we know that the knowledge to do it came from God. Television, internet, etc. is not meant to replace attending church, but I can say that when I was in between churches years ago, I was so glad to have preachers on TV that I could still receive the word through. There are also those, for whatever reason, that can’t make it to church sometimes and it’s good to still be able to get the word. Now that’s just dealing with Christians. When we think of all the others out there that are not saved or have been hurt by church people, etc. and are not going to go to church, we must be able to reach them also. The building we go to is not the church; we are the church; the individual person. Jesus, our example, went in various places preaching, teaching, and healing; not just the synagogues. It’s true that some ‘lazy’ Christians, as you say, will use this avenue in the wrong way. However, we can’t throw the baby out with the bath water. We need to pray for those who abuse technology, both Christian and nonChristian.

      • Jesus took the message to the people because He loved the people. I think we can do the same.

    • Unfortunately the message has already changed from “preaching CHRIST” to “preaching ABOUT CHRIST”. There is a world of difference between the two!

  4. Suzanne McClere permalink

    I have found that when I post silly things or things of truly little importance on my FB page I get many “likes” or comments. But the couple of times that I have posted things about God, my faith, or articles on abortion, for example, I get hardly any “likes” or comments. In fact, a few people that talked to me before I posted these things now do not reply at all. Wow, I guess I may have struck a nerve.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Hang in there Suzanne. Yes, you did strike a nerve. That is pretty powerful. To be Christian is to be counterculture. It has always been that way. That is why we need to encourage one another. Losing a friend on Facebook is a small price to pay when we think of the serious consequences Christians have suffered and continue to suffer for their beliefs. Look at the success of Father Mark’s Facebook site. Keep up the good work.

    • Teresa permalink

      I can completely agree with that, I also find that when “friends” do respond it is to mainly criticize that you are doing something wrong. Which I do welcome the criticism. I know I am striking a cord in them. Keep it up it means you are on the right track!
      In the one true Christ.

    • Ferna permalink

      My mom had a wonderful saying, “The truth never hurts unless it ought to.” If your boasting about Christ offends anyone, then chances are they needed offending. It is not for you to be quiet, for this is His commandment. Good for you. Good for you. God bless you as you show Christ to others through you.

  5. Judi permalink

    Rev. Mark….you are right on!! We must follow Jesus’ example. He took his message to the people…who happened not to be in the synagogues for the most part. We can modify our methods but never our message. It is always and only the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

  6. Beverly Clark permalink

    Rev. Brown I feel that using the internet to be able to reach all of God’s children is a great way to serve God. I myself use the internet all of the time to find information and even to join in many different Bible study groups. I have had a problem with reading the Bible because I would always get sleepy, but now with people like yourself reaching out to others over the internet in order to teach them about God, I am able to stay in the word of God at all times and read the Bible online without getting sleepy. If people only knew how much the internet fits into the word of God. In the Bible He tell us to go out and teach His word to all nations, and what better way to do it than over the internet.

  7. Shannon Alexander permalink


    I love the opportunity of ministry that the internet provides. I live in the middle of the United States and have been able to minister to a gentleman in England! I mean…WOW! And now that my son is serving in Afghanistan with the Marines I am able to “feed” him the Word. I believe what you are doing is fabulous and is impacting people everyday. Thank you for your service.


  8. yes the church should get ready ..remember in ephesians 5:10 put on the armor of god ….be strong in the lord and his mighty power.. what is that power..the holy spirit.. put on the full armor of god so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes . for our stuggle is not againt flesh and blood ( people) but against the rulers against the authorities against powers of the dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms…

    this his way the church needs to change becuase. were not fighting against each other …but their a war going off in the spiritual relam ….and we need to be awear of what going to come againt the church and the world and has chirsitain our spiritual eyes need to be open be ready ..for what every going to come next and as god to open our hearts and minds and give us understanding to equipe uses for the days to come … amen thank jesus

  9. Jessica Keyes permalink

    Thank you for allowing yourself to be used by God. I enjoy being challenged by his word, more people I am sure will feel convicted and then I pray they will be lead to change. God Bless you!!

  10. elodie M. permalink

    The Bible says in the book of GENESIS that God gave men dominion over all things existing in the world.the Bible does not only refer to beasts, seas, wind or seasons, but it also mean that we have the power to influence our environment and controll it as chilldren of god. I believe that what Xtians must do is to use Media as a weapon to reach people all over the world. We can download xtian videos in our Ipods and watch it wherever we go, we can use facebook (as Rev Brown does) to share the word of God with friends, we can encourage one another through emails and listen to xtian songs using a walkman.The devil is just using powerfully (in a destructive way) whatever We Xtians do not make good use of. Technology and media are ours, to do the work of God, it does not belong to the world. Hwvr, many Xtians do not understand it and we think we must separate ourselves from media because they are dangerous to our relationship with God. Thats a gift from God to reach people massively and i believe its High time we take back control upon it cuz there must be more Xtians posts on facebook, more xtians songs downloaded than others…We are Kings and Priests as the word of God says, We must command and controll things on the earth…In Jesus name.shalom

    • I agree about taking the Word of God to the people in a way they can understand it, but I am a firm believer that we should keep Christian websites for Christ. X=unknown. I do not worship someone called Mr. X. I worship Christ, The Son of the Living God.

      You xtians can do whatever you want, but, as a Christian, I don’t think you should be allowed to infiltrate into a Christian site and spread your worship of the unknown to those who are just now learning about Christ. You xtians should start your own site, and Christians should remind of you of it frequently.

      • elodie M. permalink

        Let me tell you,man of God ,the way you speak does not portray Christ in you and you should not judge me,only God can judge me for He knows my heart. When you say ‘you xtians’ instead of telling me kindly ‘do not use the word xtians but rather Christians”, do you really show to your fellowman meekness and patience?Look at the way a christian sister said it more politely right after your comment.This is what God is seeking in the body of Christ. Are you really teaching the ways of God to someone who knows perhaps less than you and wish to learn when you talk so wickedly?I do not share the word on this website to fight or criticize, all im seekin is to know God more and be corrected whenever i make mistakes. Remain blessed and God be with you, brother.P.S. and the Pharisee said to God, i thank you God for iam not like them(the tax collector) peace be with you

    • Melissa permalink

      Although I do agree with your statement, it bothers me Greatly on your abbreviation of the word CHRISTians. I have never seen this abbreviation used and I feel strongly enough to ask that you stop using it as well. To place an “X” where CHRIST should be said is the same as placing an “X” in Christmas. PLEASE do not take Christ out of Christianity!

      • elodie M. permalink

        Thank you for makin this statement and it teaches me a lot. I am always abbrevitaing and i never realized how ‘dangerous’ it was to limit Christ to a simple symbol.God bless you, because the Spirit used you to teach me more about it and correct a mistake i have always made.

      • Melissa, I think the person who substituted the “X” for “Christ” is Jewish. I may be wrong but he closed his post with Shalom.

      • Teresa permalink

        Just a note the “X” is not a symbol it is a Greek letter X. It is an abbreviation of the word Christ in Greek. It is spelled this way Xristos in our language. Here is a link to a page in blue letter bible explaining the
        translation and meaning. I use to believe the same way. Until a dear brother showed me in the Strong’s Concordance. Remember the New Testament was written in Greek. I hope this helps clear this up for someone.

      • Teresa, that is VERY interesting! Thank you for sharing.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Dear Elodie,
      While some people objected to using the abbreviation, X, for Christ, do not let that discourage you from posting. Your comments are good and people agreed with you. You have something important to say. I look forward to reading more of what you have to say. Peace be with you.

  11. sherrie permalink

    Very interesting! I too believe that we need to meet people where they are. I just hope that people still gather and fellowship “in person” as well.

  12. Good word pastor Mark! While I’m not a big fan of changing things just to make people comfortable (becoming seeker sensitive) about finding their place with our Lord, I am all in favor of taking the word to them. I often re-post your daily words on FB so they go farther than just being on my wall which most people don’t look at. I personally do attend a traditional pentacostal “church” on Sundays and show up for all special events they have. Bible study was with another “church” group closer to my home on Weds, and that evolved to a more messianic group of followers that now gets together in each others homes every week or two for fellowship, feasting (observing Shabbat together), worship and bible study. I know of very few “churches” that could keep the attention of a group of people for 4 hours at a time on a regular basis, but it happens in this group we call Hebrew Roots. Many of us (and we’re not a young crowd, with my wife and I usually the youngest in the crowd in our mid 40’s) are using the internet, social sites etc to pass the word as well. We’re plugged into all kinds of blogs, periodicals and other groups this way. That’s all well and good, but we all believe that doesn’t take the place of time with our Father and His word. So in our postings we all need to do what you are doing and encourage others to get into the word, spend time with the Father and grow their spiritual life in greater porportion to their electronic one. Thanks for the work you do, I look forward to getting your word daily and the Journey Deeper Into God has given me a nudge to spend even more time with God, in ways that I wasn’t before too. God bless!

  13. Lexan permalink

    I completely agree. The world is changing the way it communicates and if we want to continue communicating what Jesus has done for us with the world, then we also need to change how we communicate. Being stubborn and resisting the this change will only turn people off for Christianity and restrict who we can reach. I do think that it is super important to make sure we keep our eyes fixed on God, though. We need to change the way the message is sent, not what the message says.

  14. I have been sharing my photographs on flickr, a photo sharing website and have been able to connect with other photographers around the world. My heart has always been in missions but I can’t get up and go right this minute, having a family with 3 children. But God is opening doors for me to make friends in other countries and in turn begin to share the gospel. Please pray for my Buddhist friend in Tibet. He tells me most people there are Buddhist and I’m in the process of buiding a friendship and sharing Christ. It takes a little time to communicate over the internet but I am finding that if we pray God will open the doors even in far off lands. We as Christians have to look at what is available to us now as the world is coming to our door. Even this past week on a trip to the mall, I realized the world has come to us. Are our churches reaching out these new immigrants to our area. I’m looking to start a mission team in our hometown to do outreach to various ethnic groups right in our backyard.

  15. victoria cooper permalink

    i think the church today use this as a excuse of drawing people to church . church is not the church like it use to be .like td jake says goback go way back and have church u dont see the wearing hats and dressing like u u in church u cant tell now a days the world in the church the church in the worldi am old school praise the lord

    • Min. A. R. Lewis permalink

      Hello Victoria,
      I’m considered ‘old school’ too. I believe in Christians living holy lives, dressing holy, and acting holy. I don’t believe that the church should be infected by the world but I do believe the ‘Church’ should affect the world. I also believe that we must catch the ‘fish’ before we try cleaning them. The bait we use is very important though. To use worldly methods to draw people to Christ, I believe, is deceptive. By worldly methods I mean like gimmicks, cliche’s, ganster rap, hip-hop, heavy metal, and other destructive music, to draw people in the ‘Church’ is counter-productive. That’s bringing the world into the ‘Church’. Light and darkness cannot co-exist or cohabitate. However, using the technology that’s available to get out the gospel message, in my view, is using what God has given. Those things I mentioned before are man-made and devil influenced things. I hope the difference is plain. We, that are considered ‘old school’ don’t want to be like the old wineskins and the new wine. We need to be landmarks.

      • I have to say that I really don’t see a problem with whether a woman wears a hat to church or not as long as her heart is pure. But you know, that really is between she and the Lord. God looks on the heart and judges by the intent of our hearts — not if we wear a hat to church or if we have too much makeup on for the liking of others.

  16. Kim permalink

    I agree with you.The Word of God never changes and we must protect and uphold the Truth at all cost. However, our methods must change or we may lose this generation! Internet is the language this generation speaks so we need to bombarde the internet with the Truth that Jesus is the answer in every situation. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the LIfe and any other way leads to eternal death.

  17. Pastor Mark,
    Your article “The Bible in Digital Space” was very insightful. Considering the paradigm shift in communication and relationship building, you are definitely on the “edge” with your presentation. Risk-taking is about belief in what is not but what could be and the fact that you see such great opportunity of advancing the Gospel Message through alternate but ultimately mainstream media tells me you are well positioned to be an influential voice in the Kingdom of God for winning souls. Thanks for being a “line crosser”.

    If possible I would like to make personal contact with you because it is my intent to initiate a “virtual church” as well. I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel and so it seems you have done much of what is in my heart to do. If it is not to much to ask, could you contact me at my email address with the subject line
    “planting a virtual church”. Thanks for your diligence and faithfullness to our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Ray Green (pastor/servant)

    • melva permalink

      Dear mark,
      we should read our Bible daily and pray for the understanding. and no i think the church shouldn’t change if it’s a true Bible beliving church God will show the way like He has always. Cause a true Bible church or children of God learn and help HIm spread the word daily amen and Hope they shine their Heavenly Father word daily amen

  18. Cindy permalink

    When the church is not meeting needs it’s time to look elsewhere. Home churches might be on the rise in the future; I am prayfully considering it now. A ‘church’ is a body of people who ‘love’ each other and are not afraid to ‘listen’ and ‘help’ when our loved ones are in need or hurting.

  19. Mark, I too agree we must get the message out to all the world in any form we can. I would hope there is a way to encourage others to find a local fellowship as well. 3 years ago we moved from California to Tennessee, we knew very few people and were not close to them. It took us awhile to find a new church. Praise the Lord we did and I wouldn’t change the fellowship and gathering together we have with this wonderful group of Christians. Being able to read God’s word online thru your blog’s and facebook and being able to be involved in a church in our community and put God’s word into action, is a wonderful blessing. Thanks for your time and hard work in doing this daily reading. I also read my Bible daily and do a intense Bible study with the women of our church.

  20. Bilar permalink

    I really agree with you. Christ charged us to go out into the world & make disciples of all nations, so if the internet is a medium where the people can be reached, then so be it.

  21. Charles Rhineberger permalink

    We (the Church) are compelled to go into all the world and preach the good news. This means to use all available avenues. However we need to be careful not to use the Internet to be our only means of outreach. We still need to visit the sick, feed the hungry and give to those in need. To physically go into the highways and hedges and compel the lost.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Dear Charles,
      You and others present a legitimate concern. Technology does not replace the work of the church; it supplements it. I wouldn’t trade the Christ based relationships I have in my local church for anything else. God works through the congregation to support one another in our daily lives and outreach. I appreciate Father Brown’s site so much because it gives me an opportunity to interact with people from all over the world, hear how scripture is impacting their lives and learning from the extraordinary lives of those posting. I pray for those struggling with faith and problems of this world. I am thankful for the collective wisdom of this site. Thanks be to God.

      • Not to sound terrible, but shouldn’t Christians be getting fed at Church, supplementing their spiritual diet with virtual church, and then giving out to those who need Christ as Saviour? I thought the main emphasis here (with a virtual church, etc.) is to reach those who are hurting and those who need Christ as their Saviour and NOT concentrating solely on Christians but the lost.

      • Sister Pam OP permalink

        Dear Donna,
        Forgive me for being confused. I agree with what you say. Are you referring to something said specifically? I think technology can be used to reach Christians and non-Christians alike.

      • No no no, Sis. Pam. I was only implying that instead of just looking at this issue from a Christain’s church attendance point-of-view, that we should more closely focus on how to best minister to the unsaved. I grew up in a church that their main outlook was “bless my 4 and no more.” I could never understand how that kind of mindset even came near to Christ’s ministry here on Earth. He wanted us to minister to others outside the church walls. In the church I attend now, I have never seen so much attention given to preaching, ministering to the unsaved. The Christians inside of the church walls are ministered to in Sunday School and the main preaching service. They just do not stop there….they go outside the church to minister to others. I’ve just never seen this before and I praise God I attend a church like this.

  22. Jerome permalink

    I agree Pst Mark…The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof. It is via the wisdom of God that man advance in medicine and science and technology which contribute to the welbeing and commonwealth for all when utilized in a godly fashion. Same with the music, movies, media and education. All should be used to bring Glory to Jesus. The one problem we have is that man pollute and distorts the things of God by wrong wordly alliances and mixture and conforming to wordly standards..some singers compromise with wordly folk, giving legitimacy to the evil lifestyle of these artist. My question is how can Samuel L Jackson have a part in making a CD of the NT…is he even saved. The word on FB an absolute MUST…great job glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ.

  23. Melissa permalink

    I am 32. I have seen technology surpass my wildest expectations. I believe that God intends for us to use social media as a mission field. This is a way for the average Christian who does not have the means to go to the mission field, but yet can Reach The World from our living room!! I feel strongly that you are on the right path! I will be following you to gather ideas of how I can use this to His advantage. THANK YOU for doing what you are doing!

  24. Haleluyah!..yes the world is changing but the church is not allowed to change becouse the word of God will remain the same for ever & ever Amen!..we need to pray God to give us wisdom & knowledge as we try to reach our brothers & sisters at wherever they are…be blessed Rev..

    • After I read your post when you said, “the world is changing but the church is not allowed to change becouse the word of God will remain the same for ever & ever,” I thought to myself that we had better learn to change the way we minister to the unsaved and the hurting without changing the Word. If we do not present the “unchangeable Word” in the language the world will listen to, then we are not truly doing the very best we can in seeing that the whole world hears about Christ. We don’t need gimmicks or anything like that….we just need to present the gospel in a way that will soften a hardened heart and heal one that is hurting. Christ always knew what to say and how to present the gospel that would be the most effective. We Christians need to learn to lean heavily on the prompting of the Holy Spirit when we reach out to others.

  25. Connie permalink

    John 17 is Jesus’ prayer to his father, God, for the people that God has sent him to teach them God’s truth. “It is the ‘Real Lord’s Prayer’.” Christ had finished his active ministry and is thanking God for His (God) people sent to him (Jesus) to learn God’s ways. Jesus gives all of the glory to God for accuracy, reliable Scripture without error. Just as he did in his teachings. Giving God’s word to us, each step of the way, we receive the glory of God. As we read and understand Scripture we receive the honest truth of God’s word, which brings us closer to Him.
    Vs. 14-17 tell us that we need to act on the teachings of Jesus. I expanded a little on Mark’s scenario:
    • find out where people are and go there, we need to seek out people in need and spread the good news of Jesus Christ our savior, Including his life, death and resurrection earth.
    • find out what the real needs are and meet them, listening to their needs and helping them meet them.
    • find out the modern communication methods and use them to spread the Word, and help them with their needs, giving some of our wealth to them. There is always someone who needs it more than we do.
    This covers it pretty well. I will also add that:
    We are the body. Our feet need to move into action, our mouths need to speak the true Word, our hands need to heal and guide all in the name of Jesus Christ for God.

  26. Connie permalink

    The nedia is the communication of the world. Let’s go tell it in the media!

  27. Launa Powell permalink

    Dear Rev. Mark,

    I enjoy Journey Deeper Into GOD’s Truth and I Thank GOD for you and how u ultilize technology to reach GOD’s people. I feel Deeper Into GOD’S Truth is an excellent way to respond to the growth of the internet. The Internet to me is the world because you can find any and everything on it, so we as children of the light must go out and testify as children of GOD, in order to win souls. We must also continue to pray for discernment of the spirits we encounter while we move into this technology era because the communication and intrepretation is hard to interpret. I trust GOD to give me discernment as to where to go to witness to his people, and I Thank GOD for his present online.

  28. Tyler permalink

    I agree that we need to use the communication lines that are relevant. Really, all that is happening is that the medium in which the message is being relayed is changing.

  29. dorthy porter permalink

    Hi Mark,I am still praying daily for you.I have been considering what the needs of the world are and also how to meet them.God has freed me up as of last Thursday I am unemployed.I knew it about four days ahead of time that it was happening.I was singing getting ready to preach when God spoke to my heart that he would be my employer for awhile.Four days later where I worked for 25 years had a massive lay off.As I walk into Gods will letting God be incontrol I have ask a question of my Lord how do I reach into the heart and lifes of others.It is love Mark,to win the world for Jesus we have got to be the hands and feet of Jesus with love.Why do we all love you Mark it is because you have offered your friendship to each of us.We know you have a heart for Jesus that actually cares and prays for us.To Love each other as God loves us meets the first basic need of a man.I walked up to the door of a couple of people to see how the where doing since the lay off.A couple of brothers who I knew would enjoy a basic good meal, who also got layed off same day as me.I wanted to make sure they knew how to file unemployment,I also wanted them to know they where not alone.Jesus shining threw us is the only Jesus some will ever know.I am emplementing a way to feed the needy in my area.I will raise a soup kitchen with my church and a food pantry.We must each reach the world with the gospel,plus reaching basic needs of others.What would Jesus do if he was me.

  30. Ethan Skinner permalink

    I think that a church internet revolution is a great idea.
    It’s one of the only ways to get to active teens that are always using the internet!
    I’m 16 and a half and am from the USA. I think it’s quite disturbing to see all these signs on sex and whats in and whats you should do and all this non-senses on ads on the sides of a web page when you open one up. We need to find a way to get the word out and put it out there for people to see more commonly in this whole world than fashion or whatever the world wants us to see or influence on us!

  31. stepwjesus permalink

    I agree wih what Judi said…. “We must follow Jesus’ example. He took his message to the people…who happened not to be in the synagogues for the most part. We can modify our methods but never our message. It is always and only the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.”

  32. So-shu permalink

    My pastor says this all the time and I agree wholeheartedly. We are to be the salt of the earth…the light in the darkness…How can we reach and transform if we aren’t out there and my church promotes being out there through service! I appreciate all that you are doing!

  33. Marti permalink

    Before times of the internet came the times of the television evangelist shows, because that is where the people were. Now we have the internet. I love your post on facebook and I enjoy and appreciate what you are doing here. They touch my life in one way or another if not directly. Thank you!

  34. Taylor permalink

    Wow that video!

    Something I think that the church can do is definitely show their love for others and Christ on the web. Post something on their status. Comment to an athiestic video on YouTube. Something!

  35. Michael Cook permalink

    Here’s what I think about your post Pastor Mark; Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation! Mark 16:15

  36. James permalink

    Hey Ps Mark,
    The world has shifted dramatically with the introduction of technology, especially ‘socialnomics’. But the church can use it as to their advantage! We can easily reach people like this blog as you are, we can attract people, we can create so many things that will shine the church but we need to use it under one condition…which is to not change the simple good news message which is that God sent his son to die for us so we can be free in his name!
    At my church, I know people who have great skills with computers, filming, photography and so on and God influences them to use their skills for the church and they have done amazing things with more to come!
    Thanks for that blog as it was a rather interesting one!

  37. Susan permalink

    I can definately see the need to incorporate the bible on the internet… something like a click on an icon on your desktop would be nice. Once clicked it would log you into a virtual church environment. The problem is most people aren’t motivated enough to take time to learn the bible and who God is. People need a reason why it is important to attend Church to discuss the bible with others.

  38. Bob permalink

    The President reached many young people using the internet and social media. It worked what a better way to spread Gods word and reach many people not only in the USA but world wide.

  39. Roy permalink

    I truly believe that the internet can be used in such a way that every race of people can be told the Good News and have the chance to receive Salvation, but there is also a very real danger in doing this as well. The danger is that people can use what is given and twist it to meet there needs, which is not what God intended for His Word to be used as. That is why we must always pray and look to God for guidance and wisdom so that what tools He has given us can be used to the full and total extent of their capabilites. You are doing such a wonderful service to God and the post’s that I get daily are ever-so helpful and enjoyed. Thank you for what you do, not only for me but for the thousands of FB viewers out there. May God bless you and give you the wisdom and knowledge that is needed to perform you assigned task.

  40. Lydia Reyes permalink

    I also agree with Michael Cook. He quoted, Mark16: 15 Jesus said to them, his disciples, GO INTO THE WORLD AND PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE. Way back , who knew that someday far off in the future we will be able to make contact with so many people around the earth. Even our Lord Jesus was only able to do his ministry in a small portion of the world, but when he made that statement he knew exactly what the plan was. You see one day for God is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like one day. So today we can thank our Lord for making it easier to be able to reach people for him around the world with all the new technology. I believe the day of the Lord’s coming is getting closer and he wants us all to help others from perishing. .My family in christ. continue the good works God has given you to do. In your Churches, in your homes, in your jobs and in the internet. Where ever possible, Speak the truth of the Bible with all the Love you have. God Bless you all.


      The gospel we are proclaiming today is devoid of Christ’s ongoing self-revelation .

      Knowingly or unknowingly, Christians have also reduced themselves to enmity to the cross of Christ (the “tree of life”) –the key to firsthand knowledge of God!

  41. Min. A. R. Lewis permalink

    Hello Bro. Mark,
    I am in total agreement with you concerning the internet. It’s the way to communicate today. We live in a high speed society and if we want to keep up, we’ve got to get with it. I also like your warning though. We must keep our eyes on Jesus; we must stay focused on what it is that we are about. It’s so easy, just like with anything, to get off course. Over the years, through the different changes in technology, the church has lagged behind. We have not allowed ourselves to be major players. We were afraid of TV, thinking it would corrupt. It has and does but that’s because we didn’t get involved to promote godly programming. We are doing better but we still need to do better. Now, we have this awesome opportunity to reach millions with the gospel over the internet. Like any other means of communication, it can, and is being used to do evil. But we, as the church, must overcome evil with good. We have the Truth; we are lights in this dark world; we are to be the salt or preservers. We need to turn on the light! We need to change the flavor with the salt of God’s word. This is why I so appreciate what you are doing, Bro. Mark, with the Bible Page and Praying People. I started Journey Deeper Into God’s Word on recommendation of one of my FACEBOOK friends. I’m really enjoying being able to read what you have to share, as well as all the others there. I’ve been called to intercede for others, so getting with Praying People is great for me. There is always something and someone to pray for. I may not have faces to connect with, but I have a name. As far as I am concerned, I see my need to get better with all of the new technology. It seems as soon as I get kind of familiar with one thing, something new has come along. I want to stay in the loop. I believe I must, if I want to be effective at reaching the lost, hurting, and dying. Thank you for all that you are doing and may God continue to richly bless your efforts! Pray for me!!! I have about three books inside me that I need to get out and I would like to use the new technology to get it out. Thanks again.

  42. That’s farthest from the truth, the church and the people of God do not need to keep up with the world. The church and people of God is the one thing that should remain constant, consistent and never change. With so many pretends and look alikes, the church should be the one thing that guides the world back to its basic human and spiritual fundamentals. It is changing, that the truth if it were ever told, however God does not, neither should the church or its ways.

  43. Awesome, I’ll share that GOD is the revealer of secrets, he has allowed me to meet people where they are traveling with mobile devices, sending text messages to a bulk of people who are attempting or doing or practicing or having difficulties at coming to GOD and staying close to him. GOD has equipped me to send messages that are relevant to their salvation experiences and encouragement and conviction that hits home, starting with me first.

  44. Akin permalink

    I want to appreciate your good work. My view is that much of this reaching out to the world should be done, first on our knees. Deep intercession bring about great harvest. The second is that we should flood every available advert with a verse of scripture. What people see and hear often affects their thoughts.

  45. I agree that the message must move to where the world is moving but care must be taken to avoid making the message atrophy as the telecommunications methods do. My fellow-feeling also led me to start Jesus at work on It is already pasting outstanding testimonies such as the this Please feel free to drop your own recorded testimonies and those of others in this site.

  46. MaryMarthaKay permalink

    People are searching. They want to know the TRUTH. God’s TRUTH. They want to understand the TRUTH –> the WORD of GOD so they can walk in that TRUTH. They want to help others, and what better way than encouraging them through the WORD OF MOUTH —> Spoken Word of GOD, whether Blogged, Twittered, Flickr’d, Kindled, digg’d, Bebo’d, Orkut’d, or yes Spoken via YouTube or via DVR.

    Mark, What IF —-> Wikipedia as to Encyclopedia were WORDipedia as in the WORD of GOD with the scripture and all the Hebrew, or Greek translations clearly defined along with an understanding of the culture at the time the WORD was spoken ——> easily accessed within the confines of WORDipedia. Go for it ! The WORLD is waiting for it but they don’t even know that’s what they’ve been Googling for all this texting time! I can see the VISION! Can YOU ? Oh yeah, and leave plenty of space for people to post prophesy, dreams and visions to go with a particular scripture or book of the BIBLE or by topic. WE WILL BE IN THE KNOW THEN! ALL in ONE PLACE on WORDipedia. I feel the HOLY GHOST ! ❤

    Joel 2:28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:
    Ac 2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

    your Sister in Christ, Sharron Gray Atkinson Jan. 19, 2010 @USA

  47. MaryMarthaKay permalink

    In regards to the above comment / idea:

    The prophets of old stood at the podium in the center of the community and taught the WORD of GOD to the people …… the community went to the center of town because that is where the prophets were teaching and because they longed to hear the WORD and learn. Likewise, the center of the social networking community is the place of knowledge, the place of learning a common understanding we all long to embrace. Build it and the people will come. Twitter it and they will flock there. Blogg it and they will read all about it and travel to the place you speak of. Post it on YouTube and they will hear what the prophets speak. They will find it! They have been searching !!! Did not the Lord say “Preach the Gospel to all the WORLD?”

    Sister in Christ, Sharron Gray Atkinson @ Jan 19, 2010 @USA

  48. Joy permalink

    I think the internet and social networks can be viewed as more of a blessing than a curse or problem. Now, we can reach even more people and spread the Gospel even faster! We should use all the ways possible to tell as many people as we can of God.

    Many of the older generations don’t want to use the new technology for this, but it’s probably the most effective way to reach my generation, so why resist? It really does not compromise any religious beliefs, and this generation is just CRAVING to know God! Staying in our own little world doesn’t help spread God’s Love, sometimes it can actually turn others away from His direction. We need to use some of the world’s resources, but, of course, stay strong in Christ and not succumb to secular ways in the process.

  49. Nsikan permalink

    I think we couldu se social networking sites as a very very useful way of reaching people to preach God’s word to them but we should be careful not be 100% dependent on social media and encourage actual meetings with each other where possible not “virtually” online all the time.

  50. “In the world” but “not of the world” is clearly no justification for market research, branding and promoting an unknown Jesus Christ as if he were a commodity!

  51. Rebecca permalink

    I do not agree with anything you say. For one thing you are using the wrong version of the Bible. The King James Version is the authorized version of the Bible. The church should not change Christ’s standards. As mentioned in Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. His church should not change. It should remain the same as Christ Jesus. Lost sinners do need to here the gospel, but we need to pass it along the way the first century Christians did it. Read all of Acts and the Lord will tell you the history of the church. If Peter was able to lead 3,000 people to Christ by simply doing what the Lord wants him to do then we can do. If you do what the Lord wants you to do then He will bless you for it. That is what a Fundamental Independent Baptist who reads the KJV would do.

    • Where did Rebecca or my Missionary sister get the idea that King James was a Christian or that Christ authorized the KJV? God who is in control WHEN it is his desire, has allowed many versions and right now the devil is in control of the “world” and caused many to worship the creation and not the Creator and to worship the various versions of the Bible and not the WORD! Often times it takes much digging to understand certain Scriptures and that may require even 20 plus versions and the Hebrew text even. I have know people so radical that if the Scripture isn’t in “red letter”, meaning Jesus spoke it, that they refuse to heed to it!
      Isaiah 40 (King James Version) “The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.”

    • Joy permalink

      Yes, Jesus will stay the same, but that doesn’t mean He wants that of us. In I Corinthians 9:19-23 (KJV) this is what Paul was saying:
      “For though I be free from all [men], yet have I made myself servant unto all, that I might gain the more.
      And unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews; to them that are under the law, as under the law, that I might gain them that are under the law;
      To them that are without law, as without law, (being not without law to God, but under the law to Christ,) that I might gain them that are without law.
      To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all[men], that I might by all means save some. And this I do for the gospel’s sake, that I might be partake thereof with [you].”

      So, Biblically speaking, it’s normal for the church to adapt (but, of course, not compromise God’s Word) to the changing society and world so we can reach more people to bring them to Christ.

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