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My Passion

January 17, 2010

I am passionate about seeing people really grow in their walk with God.  I know that the closer we get to God, the more we will be living our lives as He intends it.  A life of purpose focused on Jesus!  And we grow our relationship through spending heaps of time reading the Bible, being open to the Holy Spirit leading us, confessing our sin and spending time praying.

And I really want to encourage you in these important activities.  Which is why I started the  2010 Constantly Seeking God Challenge where we take the challenge of being constantly focused on God through spending time in the Bible, confession and prayer.

To become part of this challenge and receive encouragment for your walk with Jesus, subscribe to this blog by clicking here .  Most days you will receive in your inbox for free, a short reflection on the Bible that is genuine, personal and easy to understand.  You can also become part of reading the Bible in a year called, Yahweh’s Yarn in a Year. Each day I send out the detail of the scripture to be read towards covering the whole Bible over the course of 2010. And to catch up with what is already been posted read the following portions over the next few weeks along side those I post: (numbers are complete Chapters) Genesis 1-11; Joshua 1-10; Psalms 1-5; Job 1-4; Isaiah 1-11; Matthew 1-4; Romans 1-4.

God bless ya!

Mark Brown

To susbcribe to this blog and become part of the challenge: click here

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  1. Darcy Lalimo permalink

    I Love that you are doing this.. I myself am taking your challenge. I found when I read the word everyday my tongue is controlled, my behavior is in control, My thoughts, compasion for others, it was all in Love. Now, I read 4 times a week and find myself bothered by things. My tongue is at times of this world. I need him everyday to keep me stong.

    Thanks God Bless you!
    Mrs Lalimo

  2. Robin king permalink

    Please pray for my daughter Caitlyn and my son Chris Kingthat Gods will be done for them and nothing hinder it in any way. I have been praying and reading God words and seking to draw closer to Him and it seems satan is working harder and harder everyday to cause problems and hinder all i pray for. I pray that his meddling be stopped and Gods will be done. Please pray for a breakthru on our behalf, my daughter has been thru a breakup and satan has worked to make it so hard on her she really needs relief and healing from it soon and for me to its so hard to watch her in pain for all these months I ask the Lord to bring somebody of his will into her life to help her thru this and keep here ex from having yet another girl in his life until she can get thru this it causes her to go backwards each time he starts with another girl. Please pray for deliverance from all this very soon for us Thank you I praise God for our victory i know he is bringing to us very soon

    • Sue permalink

      I just came downstairs from my daughter’s room. She is in bed crying about a boy that broke up with her in September…and it is now January. Her heart was broken as it was her very first boyfriend. I pray so hard, as you do, for God’s will to be shown and encourage her morning, noon and night. It has affected her in every area of her life. She is a brand new college student and she doesn’t even want to be there. I’m very concerned as she has become very withdrawn and depressed. I know God will give her a breakthrough as well…I pray every day that the Holy Spirit will fill her heart to overflowing with joy. I will be in agreement with you for your daughter and your family, and please be praying for my daughter and our family. God bless you!

      • pucciprint permalink

        Hi Sue,

        Your post touched me as I read it, as I am going through exactly the same thing at the moment. My joy has disappeared since my break-up and it has affected all areas of my life, as well as my weight (I don’t have much of an appetitie anymore). How is your daughter doing? Is she feeling encouraged by God now?

  3. amanda thompson permalink

    Thankyou 4 ur request bcuz i can relate 2 it so much. Im also going thru a very painful breakup that is hindering my growth. i miss my closeness wth the lord & seem 2 b having so much trouble getting that back. so i can relate very well 2 ur situation. i will b saying extra prayers 4 u & urs.

  4. Omar Palacios permalink

    First of all I would like to thanks God for all that he had done for my and my family. Im 19 yrs old and Im a Christian…And i would really like to you to Pray for all the people in haiti because the quake and the loss of many people,friends and family. I know God allow this to happen Not to get revenge tto the people but to them to seek God daily..This is a great difficulty to look up and say Thanks God for all what have u done in our lives…even though is harder to think that way..but God has plans for everyone. And im asking you to pray for those people who might think that quake was a tragedy but a blessing to look for God and surrender to him.Please Pray .! My biggest desire is to see sinner comes to the arrepentance…Please Pray! Thank you and Blessings!

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      I like how you phrased this, “God allowed this to happen….” That is very different from saying God made it happen. We live in a fallen world where bad things happen. With the grace of God, good can come from the bad.

  5. Your blog is such an encouragement. Thank you 🙂

  6. every body needs god this day and more than ever.

    • Victor permalink

      I thank God everyday for my life of sobriety..I,m so grateful for the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous for being around so many wonderful people that help me with my walk with God…I,m going on 14 yrs. of being sober and I thank God every day for the life I have today …My lifes not the best but it,s better than it ever was..One Day At A Time…..

  7. elodie M. permalink

    God is so good!These mails are like a sunshine to my day and i thank God cuz He made Omar see things the same way than I.The earthquake is indeed a blessing for Haitians,an invitation to come closer to God and leave their evil practices(voodoo, witchcraft) behind them. I bless the Lord for Mrs R. King cuz i ve been through the same and the Lord has delivered me from that.I was like a captive but His mighty hand rescued me. I thank God cuz the same grace He gave me to face difficulties is goin to rain on her. Remember, God has something in store for your daughter , even better cuz he separated her from someone that caused her to suffer. Shalom,in Jesus name and thank Reverend Mark Brown for this special moment in the presence of the Lord

  8. Diane W permalink

    Thankyou so much for your insight to the message that you bring each day through God’s Word. It is such an encouragement to me and it does bring me that much closer to Our Lord. Each day brings new blessings…I am so truely blessed. I am starting, albeit slowly, to deepen my relationship with Our Lord and I pray each day that I am receptive to His Truth for that day. Much much blessings to you and your family…

  9. I agree with Darcey,that a prayer and study in the morning keeps me more focused all day.May God Bless each post on here and thenk you Mark.

  10. Francisca Millet permalink

    This has been my weakest area. As much as I crave the word of God and to read the bible, I find that I have difficulty incorporating reading the Bible into my life..I am conscious of this, but still weak. Please pray for me and guide me in this needed area of my spiritual walk.

  11. chhaya permalink

    i thank GOD for what you are doing i was following the journey and reading and then i let distractions come in, but during my reading i have become more hungry for the word and also it feels as though blinders are being taken off my heart is being broken down into compassion and iam just a cry baby this year lol. but GOD is truly good in my life and i want to thank you for the journey we get to follow each day and thank you for the scriptures that i may have missed and can now catch up.iam going to get back to my reading and enjoy GOD’s word daily and watch the glorious things he will be doing for me like he has done before.,iam so blessed to be in his joy and i give him praise thank you again for a place where our faith will take us into places we have never been before and stories worldwide through your help will be told of his wonderous works.

  12. Oh I get so busy I can never find the time to sit and study God’s word any more.
    I am glad to get your emails as they give me just a little that I do have time for.
    God bless you! My the Living God guide you in all your ways!

  13. lyn permalink

    please pray for me. Yesterday got laid off. I know that God is leading me in a new direction. I need God to give me a passion for something! I feel stale. This is a chance to do something that matters with my life I just need to be able to see it.

  14. Kim Thompson permalink

    I just want to say that at the moment I am going through cancer treatments. I have recently been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (blood cancer). I draw encouragement at every moment I read your posted scriptures. I usually, not always, but usually repost your scriptures onto my posting on Facebook. Thanks for what you do. It really does help my passion for the word.

  15. Linda Mitchell permalink

    I thank you for the encouragement and inspiration.
    I am quite the procrastinator, and need structure in order
    to follow through with things.
    So, your emails are a great help.
    Thank you and God bless you for your obedience.
    In Jesus, Linda

  16. Lasandra Fonder permalink

    I ask for prayers for my mother. She went into the hospital for pneumonia, but ended up going into cardiac arrest for 8 mins..the doctors say that 5 mins is critical, but with her it is a slight chance that she will recover or wake up. I believe with every that she is still here. No matter how bad she looks with all of those tubes and things-I know that GOD can heal her. I ask for the lord to give me strength and keep my brothers and sister close to him. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    • Thomas Fonder permalink

      I am confident that your prayers will be answered. I pray that God gives you the strengh that you need , along with your brothers and sister. You have a wonderful family and I hope that you can appreciate and understand that everyone is not against you. You are truely blessed with what you have and that would include your huge heart that goes unmatched. thomas fonder

  17. josi permalink

    God bless you all

  18. Michele permalink

    Thank you Mark for your emails and obedience to the Lord. I pray for all of you on here and lift you up to our Lord.
    God bless you, Michele

  19. Stephanie permalink

    I am so very thankful for this post. I look forward to it everyday. My prays are that for all of us struggling with a crisis(es), searching for healing and comfort or drawing closer to GOD our maker that we lean on GOD alone. He is the author and finisher of our faith and we literally can do nothing aside from Him. This life can be hard; it can be devastating and frought with devastation. However HE said HE would leave us a Comforter and that’s the Holy Spirit. Focus on GOD during the good and the bad. His word promises if we draw near to HIM, HE will draw near to us. The Bible isn’t just words but our lifeline. GOD bless you all.

    • Benjamin permalink

      Amen Stephanie;M blessed already and God’s really a Mighty God.

  20. Peggy permalink

    Thanks for posting the passages for catch-up. I’ve been so caught up in praying for Baby Pierce and looking up scripture to pass along for encouragement, etc. that I totally neglected The Challenge. Btw, I’d like to ask everyone to lift up Leah Helms, Baby Pierce’s mother, for consolation and peace of heart and mind. Pierce was born with congenital heart defect, was up to 2nd on the heart transplant list, but got his angel wings yesterday after a 2 1/2 month journey on this earth where his story touched nearly 8,000 people via Facebook & prayer requests passed from person to person. He served God’s purpose wonderfully well.

  21. Lynn permalink

    I will pray for baby pierces mon. i really believe that pierce was sent here for a reason and i know he lives on in the hearts of those who had contact with him. i had a niece,Amber Rose who lived til she was 6 months old. she needed a liver transplant and then was found not to have a uretha, the tubing that goes from the kidneys to the bladder. the one thing about Amber i was told,was that even eith all the ivs and other tubes she was hooked up to, she always had a smile on her face. i think God at times sends these special angels to teach us how to act in the face of adversary. I have a lung disorder that requires me to be on oxygen24/7, but i will not complain, because i am still breathing, praise God.

  22. Lynn permalink

    yes,i have bad days, but i get up looking to God as my strenght and i ask Him to send me reasons to smile,and your e-mails pastor mark do just that. thank you. now i’m not complaining, but i’d like you to know what a bad day is for me. i wake up in so much pain it brings tears to my eyes. i fight for every breath i take as it’s hard to breath even with oxygen. my legs are so swollen and sore i almost fall trying to walk. i also have a condition where i fall asleep 4 to 6 times a day. as hard as i try, i can’t remember the postings for more than 2 days,and when i try to read my bible the words blur together and i fall asleep. but praise God i’m alive!!! and i smile because i know things could be worse, but they aren’t. i thank God for each new day He gives me and i try to make the most of it. and i say to anyone who will listen, ah, life is good.

  23. I really appreciate this Bible study, it has gotten me more focused on God’s Word.A few years ago I was diagnosed with a terminal disease, I’ve been praying for healing ever since and I have faith that God has healed me but whenever I take my eyes off of him the doubts start setting in. One of my sons is in Master’s Commission and is training to be in the ministry, I’ve been learning alot through watching what God is doing in his life. I’m here to say that God keeps his promises.

  24. Khathutshelo permalink

    I’m a student currently studying at Wits university in South Africa,last year i failed one course and they are telling me to repeat that course this year so that i can proceed to another year.My problem is that my bursary has been suspended and my parents are making loans which they wont be able to pay back.please pray with me as i’m going through this hard times.

  25. Unpopular as it may be to say, the wish “to see people really grow in their walk with God” will be misplaced and counter-productive if the people do not at all know God firsthand in the first place. Is this right or wrong? Why?

    • By the grace of the Lord Jesus, MY PASSION is to see people (as many as God wills) share the knowledge and witness MOSES and ELIJAH had in common on CHRIST’S perfect and transfigurational death on the cross, which Jesus teaches about himself (Matt. 16: 13-28; Luke 9: 18-36) and the two great witnesses forshadowed even in their own deaths (Deut. 34; 2 Kings 2).

      The re-appearance of Moses and Elijah, in heavenly glory, is a great confirmation of our Lord’s words: “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die”. (John 11: 25-26)

      If interested to study and investigate online the prospect, please contact me through Feedback on ( GBY!

  26. Greg Olmen permalink

    I wanted to thank you for a memory this morning…I had a friend from Australia that I meet over the internet that was struggling through a battle with cancer. When I read this post and came across the word “heaps” I was immediately taken back to the days of our conversations about life and about God and about death. She and her family used that word so often to quantify so much in life…I miss her heaps, and I thank you for that embrace of her memory.

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