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Yahweh’s Yarn in a Year

January 2, 2010

I won’t be sending out a Bible reflection on Saturdays, but the Yahweh’s Yarn in a Year : 1 year Bible reading plan for today is Joshua Chapter 1-5

God bless,

Rev Mark

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  1. My goal and my husband’s is to seek Jesus Christ like never before in 2010. We ask that all of you will pray for us because we have been going through so many trails and tribulation. We also want to walk with him every minute of every day and get to know him more personably than ever before in our life, because without him we are nothing. Jesus you are our everything! We love you with all our heart. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! May your will be done here on Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sheryl permalink

    Please pray for our neice Samanth who, since just before the new ear, went into the hospital with yet another terrible asthma attack. This time it collapsed both of her lungs and she went into arrest. They were able to stabelize her, and she has been in n induced coma since They just started warming her body temp back gradually at 1 a.m. I have faith & have been praying hard every since, like the rest of our family and friends. I feel as though my faith is being tested since I already lost my second Son to murder in September of 2008; & signed up to be constantly seeking God in 2010. I have always sought God & prayed to him, talked with him all of my life since childhood, but I am being weakened by these trials, financial & health troubles, and trumultuous times in my/our lives. Please pray for our Neice, our Mother who is fighting metasttic breast cancer that has spread to her bones, My oldest Son who is getting re upped to Iraq or Afganastanistan, (a second time), and for the possibility that my trials and tribulations of the past four years are ending… Thank You Rev Mark & Everyone. I believe in the power of God and prayer.
    (God’s Angels have been around me, & watching over me most of my life but I don’t understand the constant tribulations. I also haave been unable to get a post onto your Facebook wall for prayers ??? It will say cannot post to this wall.

    • MYRA permalink

      Sheryl I will definetly keep you and your family in my prayers your post really touched my heart. I am saddened by all the trails that you are going thru and I pray that things will get better for you and your family. I also want you to let Samantha know that there are people praying for her full recovery. And also your son is to not worry about going back into the armed services he is covered in the blood of our God and no danger will come upon him. And your mother will be in my prayers as well. Again I just want you to know that my heart goes out to you and your family and I know that God has a plan for you and yours.

  3. I have to say, Pastor Mark, I was really looking forward to reading your email every day, including Saturdays. When we commit to reading and doing, shouldn’t we do it every day? Not leaving any day out? But, I will seek Him regardless…just saying, I am a little disappointed.

    • Lynda permalink

      Good morning Ericka! It thrills me to see growing christians that are so eager to soak up all the knowledge the Lord has to offer. I understand your frustrations, however, as someone pointed out, God took one day to rest as we are all entitled to our day. Perhaps, this day can be used as a day of reflecting on this new year. Rememeber, nothing is by chance. There is a reason for everything.

      God bless you and yours.

      Thank you Pastor Michael!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • jennifer permalink


    • jennifer permalink

      Ericka I just want to tell you that the spirit of god lives in us and he will not leave us or forsake us.The word of god says in proverbs 3verse 1-2 my son forget not my law but let thine heart keep my commandments. For length of days and long life and peace shall they add to thee.Ericka The spirit of god is with in us are heart but it is what you make it you have to choose.You have a very blessed new year and holy spirit holy ghost fulled time this year praise god.

  4. Robin permalink

    I too was looking forward to this being a 365/24/7 kind of thing, but I’m sure you have a good reason.
    If it is a Messianic conviction, I understand.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      Robin, we are all here together with you. Be determined and confident in reading God’s word, reflecting on it and living it 365/24/7. God’s peace and blessings be on you always.

  5. Shawn permalink

    We can look forward to tomorrow and still commit study today.

  6. Michael Cook permalink

    I understand! Even God gave it a rest after 6 days! Be Blessed! I’ll be reading the scripture referenced in the email and spending my time in prayer and meditation.

    Have a fantastic day!


  7. Karen permalink

    I can’t imagine a day not trying to deepen my relationshipt with God. I pray for Him to give me wisdom every day through his word and I am finding your site to be a part of his plan for that.
    All eyes are upon those who call themselves a “Christian.”
    As I learn at Jesus’ feet (As Todd Agnew puts it in his song, Joy Unspeakable) I ask myself if my behavior and actions are modeling Jesus’.
    The scripture that keeps me in check with myself is Galatians 5:22-23. But the fruit of the spirit is love,joy,peace,patience,kindness,goodness,faithfulness,gentleneness and self-control.

    • Michael Cook permalink

      Yes we never take a break from serving the Lord! I also find that I am examining myself more and more by the fruit of the spirit to see what kind of fruit my life is producing. But I know that the husbandman, God the Father is tending the garden of my heart, and if I yield my heart to Him, then I will only produce good fruit. Anything that is not good for will be pruned away by the husbandman. Jesus said “I am the vine, and you are the branches” so I am relying on the vine to provide the proper nourishment for me to continue to grow and bring forth much fruit! Hallelujah to His Name! In Genesis yesterday we read how the Creator did the creating without any help from the creation! Praise God. Every tree bears fruit after its kind. If I am born of the seed of God then I will surly bring forth the Godly fruit of the Spirit!

      Be blessed!

      • Shannyn permalink

        Thank you for this post about the pruning of the bad branches. As a new Christian I have wondered about the days where I havent felt patient or kind etc. PHEW!! God truly is faithful. Somedays are hard but still I put my Trust in our Lord and Savior.

        GOD BLESS YOU!!

  8. Lydia Reyes permalink

    The scripture reading today just shows us how mighty a God we serve. I am so delighted that I have this post to go to everyday. Yes you too should have time off on Saturdays or whenever the Lord call you to do. I thank God for having all of us here to share ,encourage and learn from each other. That is why we are called the body of Christ. May all of you have a blessed week and continue this journey with God.

  9. Debra permalink

    Really appreciate the e-mails to help me stick to reading the Bible through in a year. Also happy that it will not be simply Genesis followed by Exodus. I like this jumping around a bit. It is fun. I appreciate your willingness to set this up for all of us who wish to read the Bible through this year. God Bless and Angels surround

  10. Sharon permalink

    I’m confused. I thought we were supposed to be reading James. Has that changed? Are we now reading James and Joshua chapters 1-5 now? It’s fine with me. I just want to make sure I’m staying on track.

    • Patsy Bond permalink

      He sends out a reflection and then at the end of his daily reflection is the scripture to be read by us. He is not going to read our scripture for us. Look for the reading plan at the bottom of his e-mail.

    • jennifer permalink

      Sharon hello this is jennifer read what god puts on your heart what ever you read you will not be confused because the spirit of god will help you along the way he gives you wisdom and understanding just praise him and pray.The word of god says in proverbs 2 verse 2 So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom,and apply thine heart to understanding. Have a very blessed new year

  11. jennifer permalink

    pastor mark thats ok that you won’t be sending out a email today because the spirit of god lives in us that is the great part about it. The word of god says in psalms 150 says praise him for his mighty acts prais him according to his excellent greatness. So what I am saying he lives with in us are heart. Pasto mark have a very blessed New year filled with the holy ghost PRAISE GOD.

  12. Patsy Bond permalink

    day 2 completed…Amen

  13. I’m fine with not doing Saturdays. I won’t be doing it on Sundays as I will be doing 2 Bible studies at my church and on Sundays I always skip additional Bible studies. So I will just be doing yours a day late most days (since I now know you don’t do Saturdays). I appreciate you sending out the reading for today though!

    God bless.

  14. Carlene permalink

    So far so good. Happy New Year.

  15. There are many days that no reflection or devotional could speak to me as much as God’s word alone. If you didn’t feel called to post a reflection, God has a reason! :o)

  16. MYRA permalink

    Good morning everyone I just wanted to take time out to say that although it is only the second day of the year I can feel a change coming over my life. The things that I was doing last year I am losing the desire to do. Recently my mother told me that she will be leaving the states to move to Jamaica to start her missionary work and It makes me sad that she is leaving but my mother has a strong calling to do Gods work and thru Constantly seeking God my hope is to one day join her and help those that are less fortunate. I am asking that you all pray for her on her journey and to also pray for me that I can get a closer connection with God and begin to live my life as he would have me to live it. I thank God that I was on facebook New Years Eve and read a post from one of my friends refering me to Pastor Michaels page because I needed that more than anything. I dont want to do anything more right now than to seek Gods face. I need him in my life so desperately I havent even told anyone close to me that I am doing this because Im afraid that I wont get the encouragement that I so need from them. If anyone takes time to read any of my posts I just want to say thank you and keep me in your prayers also I just want to be able to talk about God and his works to everyone that I come into contact with because that is something that I want so much. In Jesus name amen and everyone have a blessed and beautiful day.

    • Shannyn permalink

      Hi Myra … God Bless You!! I also feel a change since starting the challenge and am excited to see what God will do within me (and around me as He works THROUGH me!!).

      May God bless all that you do according to His Will.

      In the name of His Son Jesus!!!

  17. Chad permalink

    I just want to start by saying i appreciate all of you! Your words are very encouraging! It is awesome to get together on here and know that there are people out there reading and studying the same things I am and are growing in Christ as I am.

    Sheryl, continue to stay strong. My father and his wife have been going through a major trial for a long time now. Ten years ago my stepmother’s health started to take a turn for the worse. She developed many sudden health issues to which we have no idea where they came from. Needless to say these days she cannot work and is on dissability. There are many days when she cannot even get out of bed. She struggles with side effects from many different prescriptions. However, in spite of everything going on she is still faithful to our Lord! She still encourages me verbally and from being an example to me. God has a plan for all of us. We go through these trials to develop perseverance and to lead others and be examples for them. So please keep on track. keep doing what you are doing. You and your family will all be together and home soon.


  18. Steve P Orozco permalink

    The daily reflections are not as important as is getting into the God’s Word every day. We are to reflect on the reading of the Word for the Day. ๐Ÿ™‚ God Bless You all! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Sharon R. permalink

    Blessings to you all. It’s great to take a day of rest. The Lord says we all should take a day to rest, following His example after the creation of the world. So please rest is a necessary part of our human existence if not we burn out, we can still reflect and praise our wonderful savior. Thank you for allowing us that privilege Rev. Mark and have a blessed week. God Bless You all.

  20. Michele permalink

    Praise to Him for a new day. Thanks to Mark for the reading suggestion in Joshua to today. Our individual journeys may differ, however the destination is the same…Eternity. I enjoy reading everyone’s comments and will pray too for you. Prayer is powerful and has been a big part of my walk. Personal testimony and testimony of others has shown me that He desires to hear from us and answer our prayers. Please pray for me and my continued commitment to our Lord. It’s a struggle for me at times, but I am determined to stay with it. Last week after praying, I received the message to embrace change, trust in the Lord, and Do it afraid. I know there is big changes coming about this year as I have felt it and am ready for it. I saw Rev Mark Brown’s Journey invite on Facebook. What a blessing this is to be a part of. This is a piece of the puzzle in my life and confirmation from God that it’s all part of His plan. I’m excited as I get closer to Him and be lead by Him. Praying and staying in the Word is definitely going to help bring about the changes I need to make in my life. May God bless you all!! Michele

  21. Sister Pam OP permalink

    Joshua 1:18 words, “be determined and be confident” really speak the truth about living a life of faith. This makes a great mantra for the new year. Life is difficult. These words offer reassurance and strength during trials. Be determined to always seek God and confident that God is always present.

  22. Sister Pam OP permalink

    I have written all of these prayer requests in my Prayer Journal. I am determined and confident that this will be a powerful prayer group and that God will work miracles in our journey together.

  23. Manda H. permalink

    As many have already said before me, thank you for your reflections they have been so encouraging! I just recently moved from a home where I had a very strong Christian community that I new I could lean on and it has been difficult leaving them behind. God is most definitely blessing me here with many new friendships, but this is the first time I have felt like I have a strong Christian community with me again! Thank you, and may God bless you all!

  24. nila legitimas permalink

    Ptr Mark,

    Blessings! I am one those fan in FB and i am blessed the daily words you shared to us. Im asking u and other members of ur church to help me pray. I am only the christian among our family, now they are pursecuting me to the extent that they do not even invite me to eat. I lost my job 6 months ago and i am living with my father and sister at home. I am ministering people through bible studies but it seems as the year starts i cant stand. Help me in prayers. I really in need of it. And pls dont stop praying until God’s purpose for me will prevail and accomplish. Thank you very much. God bless your ministry!

    in Christ,

  25. MaryMarthaKay permalink

    Rev. Mark … I’m totally in agreement with you having no reflection on Saturdays …. as it is important that you have a day of rest each week. I love to read your reflections, but the heart of the WORD is in the actual reading of the WORD for the day and what it says to me (to each individual). We should all be very sensitive to the VOICE OF GOD while we read and meditate in the WORD to hear HIS VOICE which is specific for each individual. Your wonderful reflections shed more light from another perspective as an addition to what the Holy Spirit shows us in the WORD, as do the comments from everyone else taking this challenge for 2010.

    I write this to help clarify how important it is that we have our own personal relationship in daily reading of the WORD with the LORD … for those who are disappointed that you have no reflection on Saturday.

    I pray for you Rev. Mark and everyone of my brothers and sisters taking this challenge that the LORD will show you great and mighty things that you know not … according to Jeremiah 33:3 “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” In Jesus’ mighty name! AMEN! (this is a wonderful prayer to pray before you read the Bible each day).

    Thank you so much Rev. Mark for your reflections and this 2010 Constantly Seeking God Challenge as we Journey Deeper into God’s WORD. May God bless every work of your hands everyday in 2010.

    In His love, Sharron Gray Atkinson

  26. Wanda Tolbert permalink

    Please pray for my 19 year old son, who’s kept himself pure through high school but there are temptations in college now. He’s going through a bout of depression, which he’s asked for help with. Also, I am going to make a plea in my church for him that some Christian man would be his mentor. See, both his father & stepfather are in prison, he has only aunts as I have six sisters, both grandfathers passed away before he was 8. I am praying that some man would take him under their wing & do things that men do. I have no idea, either as I never had a father figure. Just a few hours here and there. He needs to learn how to drive. I haven’t been able to teach him as we have no car now. A very wonderful kid who is losing weight because he can’t eat because of depression and he doesn’t have weight to lose.

    • Myra permalink

      Hi Wanda I just wanted to share a story with you today. My brother is now 27yrs old and he kept himself pure throught out highschool as well he lost his virginity to a woman that was not of God when he was 23 yrs old he was in love with her but she did not love him it made him really sad and he was depressed for a long time but through prayer he came out of it and has been abstaining from sex ever since then. He is a very respectful young man and he too never had a father figure in his life while growing up. My little brother has a close relationship with God and I believe that is how he is able to refrain from sex he is a very respectful young man he goes to church and reads his bible daily and tells his friends that he is waiting on the lord to bless him with a loving wife. I am proud of his commitment to being a man of God. I myself have been abstaining from sex for almost a year now and it gets lonely and sometimes I can even say that I get a little depresssed but we have to know and trust that God will give us somebody to call our own. I really hope that your son seeks the guidance that he needs because what he is doing is admirable and I wish more young people would choose to live their lives sex free until they take a husband or wife that is how it is supposed to be. I know that peer pressure can be hard but he will shine through you pray for your son and I will do so as well. Keep encouraging him he will pull through. In Jesus name

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      You and your son are lifted up in my prayers. This is a difficult situation for you both. I pray that you both receive what you need.

    • I pray for you wanda the bitter experience you’re going through . Abba father be with your precious ones and experience your presence in these trialsand send angels for their help guiding her son to be well soon and glorify Your Name . In Jesus Name i pray amen.wanda, Every day Lift up your son to God Place him in His Hand , ask for the precious Blood protection over him in every ares of life . soon you will find changes in him when you begin to proclain the promises of God with a confident faith God will work in his life.

  27. RE: Joshua:

    I’ve read this story (Joshua 1 – 5) so many times before, but it’s just now that I am noticing how much terror & fear were in the hearts of Israel’s enemies – and Israel thought their adversaries were too gigantic for them to fight and win (referring to the passage where Joshua & Caleb went to spy the land)! They basically wandered for 40 years then died there for no good reason. Their enemies would have probably dropped their weapons and headed for the hills if they showed up 40 years earlier……..

  28. I really enjoy your msgs . it’s really my daily manna! Yes these days i was mediating on joshua1/8;This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.
    pl. pray for my entire family to know the truth and knowledge of God through Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit and that is the only desire in my life .

  29. Steve P Orozco permalink

    In reading Joshua 1-5, it is so amazing to see how the Lord is so patient with Israel. He waited for the generation that came out of Egypt to perish for their insubordination, but extended His grace to their offspring. In reading about the Ark of the Covenant it just makes me wonder where the Ark is hidden. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can see now why Rahab is mentioned in Jesus genealogy in the Gospel of Matthew. How merciful the Lord was to the Gentiles even back then. He spared her whole family and was glorified as a result. I like the Lord repeating to Joshua to be “strong and courageous” as it also gives me strength and comfort to know that the Lord is with me even in my trials and tribulations. I pray that the Lord will continue to make me “strong and courageous” at all times. In Jesus name, amen! ๐Ÿ™‚

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