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I am ready to constantly seek God in 2010

December 30, 2009

The response to my last blog post about the 2010 Constantly Seeking God Challenge has been amazing!   Wow!

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And now some details about the challenge:

It starts the 1st of January 2010.

Most days I will send out a short Bible reflection (currently working through the book of James) and a portion of Scripture to read for that day.   I will from time to time provide a prayer focus and will offer special prayers and thoughts as God leads me.

The aim is that by the end of the year the whole Bible will be read and our relationship with God will be massively strengthened!

The real aim is to come into the presence of God, for when this happens, we get a God perspective on life.  We see the world as God wants us to; what before angered us about someone close, now will drive us to love them, a sin we kept alive will suddenly with the God perspective, be dealt with.  Coming into God’s presence is to see our world as God intends us to see it.

John 15:5 talks about me being a branch, and God is the vine.. and when I am deeply connected, constantly focused on God then, and only then will my life produce much fruit. And fruit in the greek means benefits and rewards, so as I come into God’s presence, as I am deeply connected, then I will see amazing rewards and benefits flow in my life.  I see this now and have done for a while!  And yet I know God wants to give me even more.  One clear example is my pages on Facebook and this blog.. where in being focused on God, in being deeply connected, the pages membership and subcribers to this blog have grown astronomically.  This is all about God acting in my life.. not about something I have done, but something God is doing as I have become deeply connected.

So the 2010 Constantly Seeking God Challenge is about more of this, more of God rewarding me in a way that He is glorified.

And starting January 1st, 2010 this will involve: Constant Bible reading, constant prayer, constant confession of sins:  constantly seeking God.

Spending a minimum of an hour every day immersed in the Bible.  Reading a passage, praying and carefully thinking about what the passage means personally.   It also involves committing to pray throughout the day, to be ready to pray often.  And finally it involves coming before God daily and confessing sin.

Bring on the 1st of January!!

God bless,

Rev Mark

To become part of the 2010 Constantly Seeking God Challenge, subscribe to this blog by clicking here.

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  1. Thanks so much for putting this together for us. I am really looking forward to getting started on January 1st.

    • peter permalink

      YES AND AMEN every promise of our eternal loving Father in Heaven, lets search his ways together!! It’s exiting being a part of this challenge!!
      God bless you guys!!

  2. Karra permalink

    I love this, God is amazing. And bring on January 1st, I’m ready to be deeply committed as I’m constantly trying to do.. but I love reading your blogs and I hope this helps me to become closer to Christ and to really CONSTANTLY seek him. Thanks for your updates!

  3. darci permalink

    I’m ready! 🙂

  4. For the Christian, it’s easy to dive back into old ways of sin out of sheer habit because of the many temptations in this world. Even though we are “in Christ Jesus” as Romans 8:1 says, we sometimes live as if we are “in sin.”
    Born of the flesh, conceived in sin,
    Then born of the Spirit, new life to begin;
    I’ve been washed in Christ’s blood and this will suffice,
    Praise God I’m His child, I’ve been born twice!

  5. i live to learn about christ

    • bawani permalink

      i am happy , from 1st i am going to start my journeydeeper in to godsword.

    • Vickie Jackson permalink

      I am ready to get back to seeking God and a more personal, intimate relationship with Him in 2010!

  6. that was beautiful biker Dan! i’m inspired!

  7. I love the idea!! Totally!! I want to do this, however, I don’t know if I can commit an hour of bible reading. I can commit to 30 minutes everyday of reading. Would this be acceptable to you? Of course it’s up to me, but what is your thought?
    Michelle Meyer

    • Darcy permalink

      Michelle, I used to wonder how I would be able to commit even 30 minutes a day to studying the bible. . . now I do that, and more, and as a Catholic generally pray the rosary, and do adoration time. Then there are the weekly masses (I haven’t been doing the daily masses), liturgy of the hours & daily personal prayers, etc. From my experience, starting out small is great, just do what you can, but the more you do THAT, the more you are going to WANT to spend even MORE time with our Lord! Don’t worry, I think, you will find the time that you will need. . . not sure how Rev. Mark will answer this. For me, it wasn’t the desire, that was already there, but along with the desire all of a sudden there was the TIME available to commit!!!

    • Michelle Myer i feel exactly the same way…I can definitely dedicate 30 minute+ per day…i just honestly Mark don’t know if i can do 1 hour per day..i surely can do it for 1 hour + until January 23rd..but after that college starts and it may be difficult…could i still join this wonderful challenge? and aim for 30 minutes minimum?? I hope Michelle and I can still reap the wonderful benefits from this challenge..:)
      Please let me know..:)

      p.s. You can also email me with the answer to

      Thanks!! And God Bless You!!

      Have a Happy New Year 2010!!

      Blessings always!

      In His Love, Jane

      • Hey Jane! The key is to give God plenty of time to work with us, to not rush it. Making it a priority within the busy day is so hard I know!!

        God bless ya, Mark

  8. Pastor Osita Arum permalink

    Am grateful to you,sir for this opportunity to reach out to the world for Christ and also strenghten the Body.
    You actually might not know the fulll span of what you are doing sir but,it goes deeper than you can imagine.
    Am in a prayer confernce now & my Pastor told us to work on our Goals & PRAY to GOD to send us the right people to help us achieve them.All my life as christian,i’ve never completed the full year study of the BIBLE & here is this opportunity sir.This is just after i prayed yestaday &wrote in my vision that i wanted to complete the BIBLE this year.
    Thanks a lot,sir.

  9. Pastor Osita Arum permalink

    I promise to get more of my friends involved.
    This is surely a blessing to the world.

  10. Debbie permalink

    I am looking forward to the challenge. This is going to be a great year.

  11. Michael Cook permalink

    I am soooooo ready for this! I believe God is waiting with something very special for those that are willing to commit time and energy to Him. This is not about working to receive God’s favor, but working because we LOVE God and want more of Him in our lives. Let them that have an ear, hear what the Spirit is saying to the church! We are the church! We are God’s holy temple where he wants His presence to dwell on Earth. He wants us to be the city of the most high. And we can be that! We can be the light of the world with Jesus in us and shining through us. He is the light and we are to show forth His glory in the earth. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so! I am redeemed! Praise God!

    • I am so excited about this for Jan, 2010. I love the Lord and want to know more of HIM. And want to hear from Him to direct my path and to be in Christ so that my light will shine and win souls for HIM.
      Thank you Mark for this opportunity.
      I am READY! And look forward towhat my spiritual growth might be like in six months. Praise God!

  12. Yayyyy I’m so excied. Thanks for your hard work and love!

  13. Peggy permalink

    Thank you, Rev. Mark, for this opportunity & your leadership. I find myself wanting to study the Bible but needing daily guidance, so this is a blessing to me. And how intuitive of you to start with the book of James, my favorite book of the Bible. Nowhere else have I found such concise, down-to-earth, understandable instructions on being a good Christian! Now, to get my desk cleaned of all it’s distractions so I can better concentrate on God’s word….

  14. Sheena-Gay permalink

    I am ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I am ready and looking forward for the challenge. Let Christ live in us.

  16. jean crawley permalink

    I am so excited about seeking a deeper journey into Gods word. I am also thankful that you opened this Website to anyone who has a desire to grow in the Word and to share what God’s doing in our lives. God bless you.

  17. Colette permalink

    I am so very excited at this opportunity and thankful that I am able to share in seeking and pursuing God, prayer, fellowship, and Bible study with you and all who participate in this challenge!! Thank you for all you do. You are such a blessing and know that you are all in my prayers daily as well.

  18. Agnes permalink

    Rev. Mark, I’m looking forward to walk with you through the Bible. It’s my desire to know God better and better and put Him on the first place in my life. And I hope that we (all christians from all over the world) will grow in faith in God and put our hopes in God. Thank you for this oppurtunity, Rev. Mark!!

  19. Sarah permalink

    This sounds very exciting, I can’t wait for the challenge. Thank you so much for the hard work you put into it. God Bless.

  20. eric permalink

    may GOD crown all your efforts with success.;-)

  21. Stacy permalink

    I am very excited about the challenge! This is going to be amazing! Thanks and God Bless everyone!!!

  22. Mel permalink

    I am soo privilege to be part of Bro. Mark Brown’s daily seeking with God and I am ready to go and cant wait for NEW YEAR’s new life.

  23. Sanjay menon permalink

    i believe 2010 would be a gr8 year for me…..& i knw god is wid me…..

  24. Desmica permalink

    very interested.

  25. this is a great idea , count me in.

  26. tammy permalink

    i pray and hope i stay in wit this i need god and want god in my life more

  27. Angel permalink

    I am ready for 2010. hopefully with you guidn me though the bible it will bring a lot of anger and resentment i have out and i can move forward. i know God will help this year!!! Bring it on! Thanks for the hard work you are going to put into this. I am not one that knows much about the bible. Hoping I can get baptized and all of that this year. I guess if it is God’s will I will!!!! 🙂

  28. Deon permalink

    This is awesome the Lord really is there to assist those with this programmed challenge for those who wants to get closer with him,to make a way to do just that…Thanks Rev Mark for your obedience!

  29. Barbara permalink

    This is just one more way for me to seek God first in all I do. Thanks for assisting. Looking forward to a very Blessed 2010.

  30. Bill Rector permalink

    Thank-you Brother for this challenge, the deeper my relationship is with the Lord the better off I am in life. God Bless You.

  31. KC Anderson permalink

    I take the challenge, and consider this a blessing, as I need a lil reminding to put my head where it needs to be, from time to time.. Also, now, is probably the best time, if there ever was a time, for me to do this. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this, should be good for me.

  32. Rhonda permalink

    Please pray for my daughter, She has seizures and she had a few small ones last night. Please pray that her new Dr. will find a way to stop them all together. We worship an awesome God.

  33. My life has always been a challenge so am ready to embrace this one.

  34. Thanks..alot for God to send you to heal us & show us the way we must live in christ…i believe is going to be a year of blessings to the work of God..i am in.

  35. Sharon permalink

    I serve an awesome God who has never let me down no matter how undeserving I am. His love for me is great to say the least. Your Bible verses and, comments seem to be just the lift I need. I look forward to each and everyone of them.


  37. jake permalink

    this is an great idea!!

  38. Darcy permalink

    I am VERY excited to start this, fresh at the beginning of the New Year! My personal growth in my faith has been incredible since last January and I am always looking for additional ways to become closer to Him. I thank our Lord for showing you, Rev. Mark, this path to bring His word to so many of us, all the while growing in your own commitment to Him!

  39. Denise permalink

    God is answering my prayers. I made a decision that 2010 is the year that I would really commit my life a 100% to the Lord, this challenge couldn’t come at a better time. I need your prayers to continue this journey that I am embarking on.

  40. Pauline permalink

    Dear Rev. Mark:

    How commendable of you to accept the disciple’s journey with more time spent seeking the Lord in prayer and in His WORD! May you embark upon rich and fulfilling insights into God’s WORD and an even more infilling of His grace and truth.

    Thank you for the service of dedication that you have given yourself over to, for many to come into a clearer understanding of God’s WORD! May God continue to shine His face upon you, and give you more and more of Himself! God bless you richly! I am with you in faith and commitment!

  41. Missy permalink

    I am committed to this challenge. Thank you!!

  42. Jeremiah mwangi permalink

    This is the oppotunity that God has presented to me to enable me grow and mature spiritually. May God bless you for good work you are doing to the body of Christ 🙂

  43. Gao Zoua Vang permalink

    I am really in need in getting close to God, and seeking him.
    I just recently got married in the Old Hmong traditional way, and nothing really seems like it’s working out for my husband and I. We feel like we weren’t ready to be married into this covenant, but if this is God’s will, then let our journey begin….

  44. Jeff Rattay permalink

    I know it will be hard for me. But I know God will help me do this challenge. I want to get that God perspective. I am so glad I found your Facebook page!

  45. I am so very ready for this! I’ve been hearing many confirmations, like I had posted the 2 Chronicles 7:14 on my facebook back on Dec 4th before I had really paid attention to you or what you had going on. All year I have been speaking Matt. 17:20 to everyone! Constantly repeating “Keep the faith and trust in God’s plan” to so many who have felt defeated during 2009. My husband keeps calling me “his little mustard seed”… 🙂 I am ready for those mountains to part in 2010! So your words about being prepared really struck me. If you actually get to read this post–take a look at our website–read about us and my story of healing (get to know me a little). Then drop me a personal email. I have another Challenge for you that goes hand in hand with this one! God Bless! Cheryl Tima

  46. Rose permalink

    I am looking forward to spending an hour a day with the Lord.

    • Pauline permalink

      Thanks Rev Mark. Im looking forward to strengthing my relationship with our precious Lord in the new year. 1 hour a day isnt much to ask considering what He has done for me.

  47. Tosha permalink

    Constantly seeking God in 2010!

  48. Tosha permalink

    Thank you God for the many blessings that you have bestowed upon me, both big and small. Lord: I love you, I trust you, and I just thank you…

  49. Sarah permalink

    WOW….our Lord is AWESOME….I have truly been struggling with being “CONSISTANT” with picking up the WORD and reading…(may go a week and read every day then miss a day or two…then three….and so on) I really have had this feeling like I need to be COMMITTED….the thought of Jesus Spuing me out of his mouth because I was lukewarm! Well I want to be the one that is on FIRE!!!! And though we can ALL make excuses for the different circumstances that pull us away from picking up that Bible and taking 5 10 15 mins at least to read and grow into and with our LORD AND SAVIOR….it comes down to it…there are no excuses….just Laziness…A mom of 4 and a full time hairdresser…I have made a lifetime of excuses too busy too tired…too…I have been devoted in other areas Attending church with all 4 kids…reading and telling them Bible stories through the years….teaching them the POWER of prayer! Why was I and still am SLACKING in this one area…the one area that brings me the closest to Jesus…he is the word! So I am excited to EMBARK on this Journey! and cant wait for Jan 1st 2010!!!! And my prayer is that we all stay focused on this commitment! God Bless each of you as you embark into a “NEW YEAR”!!!!

  50. I can’t wait! I am sooooo ready!!

  51. Elida permalink

    I am so ready to follow God in 2010!!!

  52. nuana permalink

    I am so excited about this. I have told my husband, and I am praying and know is my heart the Lord is working in him, and he will surrender to His Love and Mercy. And this will be a awesome challenge for us both. Thank you, and may our Father continue to use you for His Glory to reach His children.

  53. Cats permalink

    I wish there was a way to get this other than email since I don’t have internet at home.

  54. nicholas ross permalink

    bring it on rev

  55. PRAISE THE LORD FOR YOUR FAITHFULNESS TO OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. Please pray for S, C, M, & B to love people, but especially the LORD.



  57. Mandy permalink

    God is so good. We can never be in His word too much. I’m looking forward to this journey with all of you guys!

  58. Annette permalink

    I’m very excited about the challenge and I am looking forward to seeing all that God has planned. Thanks for letting Him work through you.

  59. Jodi permalink

    I’m ready! Bring it on!

  60. Emma permalink

    I too am ready! I’m starting bible college in 2010 as well… this will be an awesome year in the Lord! :-)))))

  61. Rosa Elkins permalink

    Thank you God for this challenge. Lord let everthing written in the email come to pass in each one of our lives. Bless us with understanding. Bless us with a deep intimate relationship with You. Bless You Lord God Almighty. I love You. Let me love You more.

  62. Mitzi permalink

    Yes Lord! Help us to live this out day-by-day, week-by-week, and month-by-month over the next year. This will be a challenge, but it will also be a “journey” worth making. Bring it!

    Thanks Rev. Mark for your help and support along the way.

  63. Michele permalink

    I’m ready to seek God in all that i do and build upon the relationship we have. I want to be a doer of the Word 100%. Coming upon your challenge is confirmation to me that daily reading and constant prayer is exactly what He wants me to be doing. Praise to Him!!

  64. Jeff permalink

    I have chose not to wait until January 1, I have already begun what you have decribed, and it is amazing how it has already affected me. Keep up the great words, and may Godd bless and lead you on.

  65. Lisa permalink

    Joining, I want more of God…help me in my weaknesses God 🙂

  66. Thank you so much for creating this challenge, Rev. Mark. This is going to be a blessing for all that participate. Seeking the Lord & His word daily will promote so much spiritual growth-I cant hardly wiat to get started:)

  67. Cathy permalink

    I just started receiving your emails a few weeks back. May God richly bless you this coming year as we go through the Bible together with your daily bible study challenge. Can’t wait to get started.


  68. Jerri Arnold permalink

    Looking forward to the challegne and also be constant in my walk with the Lord. Thank You for letting the Lord direct you!

  69. Canies Myers-Brown permalink

    Thank you for your vision, your committmand and for including me. God Bless you!

  70. Khalelliah permalink

    i am ready to seek God for 2010

  71. Becki permalink

    Bring it on!! Looking forward to getting closer to God this year. We ALL need prayer to be consistent because we know that, that old fox is out there and will do everything possible to get in our way!

    I will pray everyday for all of you! 🙂

  72. Thank you for this. I`m looking forward to seek God! Praise God!

  73. My name is Maria, I have two girls that was taken from me. from DHS/CPS and I been fighting for seven years now and I have done everything twice plus I am paying child support. And all I did is married to someone I thought I knew. and I am taken the blame for it to. I am a good mother never had done anything in my life not even get a speeding ticket in my life I am a Christian women I love life itself. I love to help others that need my help. But I feel like I am being punished and I don’t know why. I have not seen my girls in seven years at all and I do have my rights still I go to to trial in January 25th and thats the day I will never see my girls at all because I know I will be losing them for good. or until they come looking for me. I try to stay strong. but it’s very hard to. when I help other families like me it’s hard not to cry and feel hurt and depressed. I know that GOD has a plan for me but I don’t know what it is. And my faith for all this time has been fading and I don’t know what else to do. My Q’s to the the oh mighty is WHY. What did I do so wrong for my to lose my family like this. So can you tell me why GOD hates me so much.

    • Hey there

      I can not nearly say anything to make you feel better, but I will ask God to guide you and to answer you somehow to make sense of it all….

    • Jeni permalink

      Maria- I can’t imagine the pain you have in your heart in not having your little daughters with you. Unimaginable and I ache reading your comment. God does not hate you, He longs to be good to you… Satan hates you… he wants you to blame God- to turn away from all the blessings that God wants to pour out on your life. Keep seeking God. Get connected to a Bible believing church, small groups, other woman in your situation that are also Christian, get a tough Christian attorney to help you fight, read the Bible and PRAY… pray like you’ve never prayed before. If you don’t “feel” anything right away, that’s OK- keep seeking God… keep telling God how you feel. There is hope for you Maria… Keep seeking God… Love and prayers to you and for your girls…

      • Hi Jeni
        Thank you for your support I really am thankful for good people like you. I did have two paid attorneys and one I fired because he was not doing what he was suppose to. And my Second Lawyer that I paid saw that the system all ready made there minds up and the to decides not to continue to fight for me, so the bailed out on me. So now I have a court appointed Lawyer that is not willing to fight for me at all. Come January 25th is my trial. I will still be fighting till the end knowing I did lose my girls from a corrupt system that we the Oklahoma Family Rights Coalition is trying to change. But I will never stop fighting for my girls. because I have not done anything wrong . The thing that hurts me is so many families out there that are in the same boat that I am in. Is going through this and some worse off. Where is the justices in that. knowing that we fight to prove our Innocents and we still get wronged. All I know is I prayed today before I went to court and the funny thing is the judge was surprised that I showed up. He stated that he noticed that I am always at the court hearing and he stated that if I am not there at trial Jan 25th 2010 that my rights will be terminated and I just looked at the Judge and told myself with a smile and said to myself that nothing will make me miss my own trial. Unless something bad happens to me. So the Lord was with me today. And I felt great walking out that court room. It’s hard to know that I will never see my girls ever again. But I will wait till there return when they are old enough to come looking for me. I hope Thanks for your support

    • cassie permalink

      God does not hate you. Trust and believe that he has a greater plan for you an your children. Things will work out. Stay blessed.

    • Diane permalink

      God doesn’t hate you. Whatever you have done in your life has been forgiven by Him dying on the cross. We don’t know why bad things happen to good people like you, but we can TRUST in HIM. He has promised us an eternal life as long as we trust him and accept his GRACE. Stay with this web site and your questions will be addressed in His Word. Being in the Word always helps me… when I’m not in the Word for any period of time, life gets harder to handle. Your girls will seek you out in the long run when they realize the truth. Pray and it will happen. Trust and it will happen for you…. in God’s love…

      • Thanks Diane

        All I know is that I just married some that I thought I knew for 13 years and he and the girls where my life. All I know is that I have not done anything wrong and I will continue to fight for that. I know it’s been very hard. But I am making it by the grace of god. And thats why I am here to help other families that have been in the same boat that I am in. all I know is that now I have to prepared for my girls to come looking for me. And from there will see what happens.

    • Becky permalink

      Maria, I wanted to tell you that God doesn’t hate you He loves you. He is not out to get you he is out to love you and comfort you if you will let him. We don’t always understand why God allows these things to happen but He doesn’t make them happen to you. I know you don’t know me but I have just felt that God wanted me to share this with you. I wish I had time to sit and talk with you about all of this. This sounds like the perfect time to let go and let God. It’s time to step back and ask God what He wants you to learn through all of this. Maybe this is the time to truely hand your life over to God. Maybe you have done this and you are just going through this rough time. Please find a good local church that follows Christ and you can find godly counsel. I think that going through this challenge sounds like a wonderful start. I know that I am going to sign up right now. I am so grateful for an opportunity to find a different way to grow closer to God. In Christ service, Becky

    • Carla Jo Reeves permalink

      No, no God does not hate you! God is Love, un-conditional, dying on the cross love honey. He loves us us all; it is and always has been the sin he hates. Look at Job, a righteous man, but he was allowed to go through such persecution, lost his family through death, his servants and his fortune and health. But GOD retored him totally through who? Others dear. They were all instructed by God to bring him portions of their wealth and The Lord provided a new family and blessed Job MORE than what he had in the prior years. Why? because Job stayed faithful. I didn’t say he di not ask why or maybe if he hadn’t done something wrong. But Job stayed faithful to Him who is able and faithful HIMSELF to all that love Him.
      No, a new family would never replace your children and who is to say that is what is in God’s plans. But if it is, either way, TRUST HIM NOW, and wait and see what great and wonderful things He has for you. You see, I too have gone down this road and my only child has a highly malignant brain cancer; but, due to circumstances I will not go into, I will wait and trust Jesus, my Savior, my God, to lead him back to me according to HIS good pleasure, not mine. It is hard, oh yes, but in the meantime I can rest in my Father’s arms and cry and lay in that peace that surpasses all understanding at other times.
      I do pray this helps in some way. Please know that other people in this world are also walking a journey and they too will need interference from God either by rebuke or reward. We all get it one way or the other; I have lived long enough to feel both and see it all.
      Hang in there….never give up…praise Him in the good times and the bad…Then stand aside and see THE GLORY OF GOD!

    • Maria,
      I Clicked on Marks page, scrolled down and started reading your post and nothing more for some reason. Maria, I stopped and said a huge prayer for you and your family and the situations that you have and will face. I want to assure you that God does not and never has hated you. Jesus loves you so much that He (GAVE His life) died for your sins :>) Wow!! He gave up His life for you Maria. Life is hard and will always have its ups and downs and they hurt!! But you can always depend on God to pull you through. Maria, I think that God is having you climb that mountain so that you will be able to get to the other side. Face what is next. I believe that the other side will be amazing. I do not know your entire story, sounds complicated and very painful. For that I am so sorry. I will think of you often and praying that you hang in there no matter what the cost and time it takes. It will be worth it as long as you always place God first and for most in your life. Moses was in the desert for 40 years, all he had to do was go straight. It may take a lot of time but never give up!! God will continue to lead you. Trust in Him with your whole heart :>) He loves you no matter what! God is love :>) I pray that God you will let go and let God. You are a wonderful person and I do not even know you. I do know that you are wonderfully made. You love your children. You still want to be a part of their lives and you love God. That is a huge start. I pray that you get your prayers answered in life Maria and share the Love of God and Jesus with everyone you meet. May God continue to bless you in your life always. He loves you. Trish

    • ~Maria…My heart goes out to you…Please do not lose your faith in God…He loves you so much and your daughters…He is the one that will keep you fighting for them…Do not give up or give in…I too will pray for you and your family…Please don’t ever think that God hates you…He has more love for you then you can ever imagine…He is with you now and will continue to be…Keep praying and his plan for you and your girls will be reveiled…Just remember, prayer is not one sided, you have to listen too…Love and Hugs,
      A mother of two

    • Darrell permalink

      God does not hate you. It is not his nature, it is not his way. He tells us he will bless us, all you have to do is ask. I have a suggestion, get a book called the Prayer of Jabez and on called Beyond Jabez. Read them. They are faith builders. I pray that God blesses you in the upcoming year. Never take your eyes off of him no matter what. It is satan that is telling you that God hates you. Just remember he cant hate you. He made you. You are his child.

  74. Shelly permalink

    Thank you so much for this challenge. My heart needed this.

  75. What you are suggesting is what a church would offer to their parishoners. You care about spiritual growth for people you don’t even know which in my opinion, warrants a crown for you. Yep, sure enough, I’m sure you’ll have lots of crowns in heaven to present to Jesus! I am looking forward to beginning this challenge and indeed it will be, LOL.
    -Michelle Meyer

  76. Thank you so much. This is great because this will help me get back into reading my bible often and have a better understanding of what I’m reading as well as preparing me for everyday life. I cant wait until this actually starts!

  77. Sherry permalink

    Ready to roll with the Rock of my salvation!

  78. God is so good to all of us. God will always help us threw any trials and tribulations that we have.

  79. Maria permalink

    Thank you for putting this together. I am ready!

  80. Mona Bonilla permalink

    I am ready to make a new commitment in drawing nearer to our Lord. I believe in this time, we need to have faith that our Lord will sustain us, I am ready to pray, read, and interact in all that makes us better to do his will. Praise God for his precious son Jesus Christ!


  81. Ricky permalink

    First off, I totally agree with Biker Dan. He hit the nail in the coffin. It is a hard life to be a Christian. It is easy to stray away from the faith, with going back to your old ways of sin. I have been reading God’s word for over the last 4 months or so. Off and on I have been away from the word, because of not only temtation but distracted with life itself. I am trying to build on my faith, but it is diffucult to stay strong. My New Year’s resolution is to not only stay with my faith in God, but also keep reading his words without straying away. Reading his word’s is only the half of it. We also as Christians have to follow his commandments and laws. It is our duty to spread his word’s to everyone who wants to be saved.

  82. Darrell permalink

    I cant wait. I have been searching for ways to get closer to God everyday. My life has been changed by God in recent years. Not everyday is great but he never promised us that. For the past 6 months a lot of bad things have happened but I have not given up on my faith. I may not understand what God is doing but i know he will carry me through it all. We have to know that God is just waiting to send a flood of blessings upon us. All we have to do is ask. Nothing is to big for God.

  83. Thank you for the great work you do….may God bless every step you take and greatly reward you….best wishes for the new year ahead…

    South Africa

  84. Cheryl permalink

    I am on board, this is going to be so good.

  85. Diane permalink

    WOW! This is great. I’ve always wanted to read the Bible in one year. Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  86. Jody permalink

    I recently got saved, really saved. I was dedicated in, and raised in an Assembly of GOD CHurch. However I have spent my entire teen and adult life running as far away from GOD as fast as I could. One day while at my moms a few months ago I was helping her move some stuff and I came across the last book of the Left Behind series. It is titled Kingdom Come. I was glued to it from beginning to end. I then sought out the entire series. That fictional book based on the Living Word really opened my eyes. I started reading in the Old Testament and I will finish the last two chapters of Revelation tomorrow. My plan was to start in Genesis Fridy. I am grateful that I stumbled across this site today. It never fails to amaze me how GOD directs our every move if we will allow him. I a very excited about growing spiritually in 2010 and the years to come until the rapture. Which, by the way, I believe could happen any day. GOD Bless!

  87. Marie permalink

    Looking forward to the challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Wuraola permalink

    God is forever faithful. We need to do our part which if not done does not change the position of God. The grace to do it and go through 2010 moving deeper into God’s word, God will give to you and all of us who wants to follow suit….. His grace is sufficient to go through.

  89. Shauna Jacobs permalink

    My prayer is that I can be faithful to this, I know it is what I need, Keep me in prayer also and thank you for being such a great vessel for the Lord to work through.

  90. patrice traylor permalink

    Thank u for this new Journey!!

  91. Carlene permalink

    I am looking forward to New year, Thanks for all the goood Bible study.

  92. I am ready. I thank God for using you to set this all up. This will really help me get deeper into God’s word.

  93. I want to join the challenge

  94. adam levy permalink

    i am ready! Bring on 2010

  95. Anita permalink

    God has been working on me the last few months to pull me away from being a work-a-holic to slow down and focus more on him. He did thus with a accident, not severe but enough to keep me out of work for 3-5 months(since november)This allows me much time to refocus and rearrange priorities. Thank you for being His tool to help so many of us. I pray for success in this not only for you but also for me and all who are hungry for His word.

  96. sheila permalink

    I am looking forward to fellowshiping with the bible study group.

  97. Sister Pam OP permalink

    Thank you for your Spirit inspired message. Today I was thinking about how to explain the benefits of encountering God in our daily lives. You explained this succinctly in all of its richness. God bless you.

  98. Joseph permalink

    My name is Joseph. I am very thankful to God, for my daughter in the way that He use her, and being a Father we dont know what or how our children will turn out to be. So today, I am bless to see and know that my daughter is save. Glory to God. This reading was send to me by April (my daughter). I did enjoyed the reading and it was a blessing for me so I thank you.

  99. Sanya dami permalink

    With the help of God, it is possible

  100. Reba permalink

    thanx for doing as God has directed! u have moved me in ways that only God & i know dude……i’m at a point in my life where i need to focus more on Him and seek His presence daily. this will be one of the ways that i get it done. counting down to Jan. 1st!!!!

  101. Diane W permalink

    This is a wonderful idea, I am ready to commit at least an hour a day. After all look what Jesus did for us !!

  102. celestine brown permalink

    I am in agreement Bring on Jan12010 Thank YOU LORD FOR ANOTHER CHANCE.

  103. I am so ripe for this. Count me in…I am ready!

  104. Christy permalink

    I am ready for 2010.. It is going to be a New Year for me as I focus on getting closer to him. Thank you for the challenge as I accept.. I have gone down some roads this past year that I never should have ventured.. He has brought me back into his presence where I belong.. I am so thankful for you and your blog. I read it everyday and it strengthens me as I walk daily..

  105. Edgar permalink

    Bring it on! And may God receive all the glory, in His name! Amen!

  106. Danielle Frederick permalink

    Thank you. I am really looking forwarded to the challenge and getting closer to GOD.

  107. Ann permalink

    Thank you for this, i know this is part of God’s answer to my prayer, that i walk with Him faithfully, I’ll pray that i will remain faithful in seeking the Lord everyday..
    God bless.

  108. I’m so excited and ready to learn more every-day where my LORD is concerned.
    I have been under alot of pressure lately and decided that I would put that where it belongs and that is with GOD. So lets go I’m ready

  109. Jodi permalink

    I usually don’t start anything new until Lent. I give something up and then I add something. I am feeling called though to join this challenge!

  110. Lynn permalink

    I am so looking forward to this challenge as I need a structured program to help keep me focused and prayerfully to help me retain the things I learn from it. I am battling medical conditions that make it very hard for me to remember thingseven just minutes after I heard about them,or read about them, and I fall asleep several times a day no matter how much I slept the night before.But more than anything else, I want a closer walk, and to get to know my God better then I do right now. Not to be able to show off my knowledge or to be able to brag,but just to know my God better and to have a better relationship with Him. Just as any child,I want my Daddy to be proud of me. I love Him so.

  111. Neil permalink

    Greetings all, I have been committing to dive into God’s word for the past 2-3 months, and I must say, it has been a blessing to my life…As you say Rev. Mark, spending at least an hour (i usually reach work before the staff, so i use that hour) really helps put the Word of God in perspective, and how it affects me…Please pray for me that I continue on this path, as we can fall back into ‘old habits’…we start a good thing, and by the end of a short period, we get lazy…Laziness has no place in the presence of God…let us pray and uplift each other to grow in Christ now more than ever…i am wek in terms of witnessing…i ask your prayers that i will be brave, like the Apostles, to declare the Word and Truth of God to other…

    Be blessed!!!

  112. Sherrie permalink

    This is going to be awesome!! Learing to devote an hour soley to worship of God. I’m sure there will be some hurdles and cross roads but facing these in the challenge will only make the Jurney that much more worthwhile! 🙂

  113. singrid nash permalink

    I am pump up for Jesus and is ready to come into the presence of God. He has truly been blessing me.

  114. Patsy Bond permalink


  115. I am looking forward to reading the Bible through the New Year with fellow brothers and sisters of the Lord. I am committing to this journey with God’s guidance and strength in Jesus name. Amen

  116. Lauralea permalink

    I really need this to help me get back on track. Reading through the Bible in a year, daily prayer and Bible reading, all use to be a regular part of my life but I have not been doing it and attempts to get back to it always seem to be short lived. I need something to help me to actually do it. I feel this may be the best way to get back where I need to be.

  117. Yes and Amen! Let’s do the stuff that Jesus did! He said we have the authority to but He only did what he saw the Father doing. I pray that this year we draw near to him so that we can see what he is doing and participate in it with him. He is irresistable.

  118. Laura permalink

    I am so ready for this challenge to constantly seek God everyday in 2010. It’s a good idea to read the Bible to get into God’s Word, constantly pray, and confess our sins on a daily basis. 2010 will be the year I will focus on getting closer to God. As I read your blog daily, it does strengthen my walk with the Lord. Thank you!

  119. I am with you brother! Bring it on! New year, a new start in life. A closer relationship with my Lord and Savior! Thanks to you, I am starting to understand the scriptures. May the Lord continue to bless you with your ministry.

  120. Cara permalink

    I continue to be amazed at how God has used your emails to meet my needs. Thank you for being willing to be used by Him, and I look forward to gaining a God perspective in 2010…intentionality and consistently being in His word. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  121. Kym permalink

    I’m SOOOOO ready to get on board with this!! Thank you for your time and committment to this project! I’m looking forward to really connecting to the Bible, Prayer & GOD through this great ministry Mark.
    Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  122. Nancy Wyland permalink

    Rev. Mark,
    This is sooooo wonderful. I just wrote down last night what my Goals are for this coming yr.2010, And one of them was to Seek God More; To be closer to him. And the other was to read the Bible More, and Pray More. So I know we are on one accord. I find that if i read at different times during the day it is better for me, verses reading before going to bed. It throws the devil off. LOL.
    Thank You, and May God continue to Bless You.

  123. Vanessa Kunz permalink

    I have to admit when I first saw this challenge I was very encouraged and disappointed at the same time. I felt this was a great way to learn and grow even more in my relationship with Christ. But I felt if I was to comment and accept the challenge then I would have no excuse if I failed and fell away after a month or two. Well was I surprised when God worked out my week allowing me to spend more time with Him then I have EVER before. To the point where I’m constantly waiting for a moment to slip away and open my ears wide to hear what He has for me to learn next. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you! I full accept this challenge and with the Grace of God I may have the strength to finish the race =D AMEN!

  124. Debbie permalink

    i am trying to unsubscribe to this.. my email is being flooded…how do i do it?

    • At the bottom of one of the emails from me is the ability to unsubscribe. God bless ya!

    • Juanita permalink

      go to your spam blocer and put it in as junk mail and you can tell it to ask first if you want it in or not and pick and choose the days you do……..
      God Bless and take care
      i would love to pray with you and talk on a more personal leval if you want to respond to my email and i will let you in just put that in subject when you write.

  125. Anne Eppright permalink

    Looking forward to this!!

  126. Susanna Liew permalink

    Hi Rev. Mark, thank you for being a faithful servant of God. Thank you for touching many lives through your sharing. Praise God!
    It had been an eventful year for me and I learn a lot through all that I have gone through. I thank God for being able to go to Him in all things and make me a stronger person.
    The last sermon of the year challenged me even further. Three questions were being posed to the congregation:
    1. Are you talking with God?
    2. Are you walking with God?
    3. Are you spending time working for the Lord?
    I pray that each of us will grow even closer to Him in 2010! God bless you all.
    A blessed New year to everyone!

  127. graham permalink

    Hi Pastor Mark
    what God is saying that if we are faithful to Him to read Gods word and allow God to speak through His word we then get our proirty right
    as we go into 2010 what do we want to take with us are we hanging on to past blessing, or do we claim what Gods word says I will do a New thing
    lets focus on new Challanges

    Yours in Service

  128. I am fired up thanks for doing this!God bless you.

  129. Juanita Nita permalink

    Please pray everyone with me and my family , one for me to get off of this pain meds, i feel i’m ready but i did not know they would do this to me, and even though my pain is tremendose from my auto accident i don’t like anything or anyone but God in control of me….. please pray with me to get through this… also while i’m lying here trying to get control of myself our business is suffing with my poor husband left with all the worries, and i feel it is the devil working on me to give up, but i look at him and he is so overwhelmed with everything, his wifes suffing, work, employee’s, family and so on. Please Help…….. anyone have any suggestions as to how to get through this?????? i am a true believer in Christ Jesus Amen

  130. This is something that I wrote out of the blues something that is going on every where. And with the help of my lord in heaven this people will be held accountable for there actions

    What mothers, fathers, grandparents are feeling when
    DHS/CPS has taken our children

    The day that our children are taken from us, Is the day our souls are gone. We feel numb all over. Our whole world was taken from us, Please tell us why? Our children are our world! I know that most of us parents are not perfect, but who is! Yes, there are parents, out there, who don’t deserve their children. Yes, it’s horrifying to know that there are parents out there who are abusing their children. So, why not go after those who really do murder, abuse, neglect, & sexually abused their children.
    And what if there is some kind of abuse going on in the families, because of one abuser in their home? Why condemn the one parent that has not done anything wrong? Tell me why? Why not help the one that is getting abused along with their children?
    Is that too much to ask? Please can you answer that, or is it easier for DHS/CPS to steal our children for money or for their own power, just because they think they can. Where is the JUSTICE in that?

    We as parents will do everything it takes to gain our children back from the people that took them in the first place.

    Answer these questions, DHS/CPS:

    If you say that we have done something wrong to our children, even though you have no proof what so ever, we sacrifice everything in an effort to prove that we have always been good parents; sometimes for years on end. Does that make us guilty? Or does it say that we are willing to give up everything that we have, even the breath we take, to fight for our children. Does it make you right when you allow for our children to be abused or neglected while they are in your “care”; when you overmedicate them, coach them to tell lies, make them believe that they are not wanted or loved by us, and make your millions off of their pain and misery? Or does it mean that you are nothing more than vicious, ignorant, and morally bankrupt barbarians who seek to destroy all that is good in the life of a child and his / her family? We are the innocent; but we are not forgotten. If we are guilty of anything at all, our guilt rests with loving our children and doing our best to help them to have a better life than we did. We are the innocent; but we are never lost. Regardless of what you do, DHS/CPS, our children will find their way home someday; and you will, then, have to stand and answer for your crimes.

    DHS/CPS tell us truthfully, if you can, who is the guilty one now? How will you see yourself, when you examine your evil deeds, in the mirror every morning?

    From: Maria Moore
    Chair, Planning Committee
    Oklahoma Family Rights Coalition

    A victim of DHS/CPS

  131. 29.11.09 you wrote “My focus is totally on God rather than what others might think.”

    May I not only set aside 1 hour, but my own will.

    May you have a blessed 2010 Rev. Brown.

    Thank you for sharing and caring.

  132. Ms. Erma permalink

    I look forward to walking with you in this commitment to our Living God. I ask that you pray that I may be convicted to this commitment. I need it I want it. I know the Lord knows the plans for me, I need to be focused on Him so that I may see the way to these plans. I’m with you Rev Mark, keep up your ministry and pray for me as I journey with you. God bless you always.

  133. may god bless you for all you do for him.

  134. Kristen permalink

    I can feel God in me and can’t wait for the blessings He has in store for this new year! I am so excited to take this next step in my spiritual life! Thank God for bringing me here!

  135. It is so nice to see people talk about JESUS, & The Bible, and how everything comes together. Some day we will all be at the Great Wedding Feast in Heaven
    LORD i can’t wait. Hurry up JESUS we are all waiting for you. AMEN.

  136. DeeDee permalink

    I know that God is calling me to draw closer to HIM! OH how I feel HIS love!

  137. aria wright permalink

    thanks for publishing these things im 13 and they help me alot:)

  138. I am so ready to be sold out for God like never before!! God Bless yall and Happy New You!! :^)

  139. Ilina Lama permalink

    Thanks to God that he is still giving us strength, Knowledge and Wisdom to understand and become stand firm in his word. A lot of remembrance and thankful for your daily reflections coming to our email address…….

    Thank you

  140. Jeanne permalink

    I look forward to knowing him more! Philippians 3:10

  141. CyndiW permalink

    I am asking prayer for me and my family, especially for me. I want 2010 to be the year that I move closer to our Savior. I don’t want any excuses to keep me from Him, I don’t want any persons to keep me from Him, I don’t want anything to seperate me from the love of my precious Savior Jesus Christ!

    • ChellyA permalink

      I wish you the best and I will pray for you that you are able to move closer to the Lord and not let ANYTHING stand in your way! God Bless you!

  142. Mark del Rosario permalink

    I am resolve that this year is a year that I should bring myself in more closeness to our God. I thank you Rev Mark for this challenge that you have posted.

  143. I desire to grow deeper in God’s word,and and be a witness in these last days. Be bless

  144. Danielle permalink

    I am ready to turn my life over to god like never before. I want to bring God into mylife and children to the best of my ability. God Bless everyone and Have a Safe and Happy New Year<3

  145. Tina Camara permalink

    I am so ready for this challenge and always trying to be closer to God!

  146. Rachelle permalink

    This such a great movement. Every christian should strive to be closer and to contantly seek the Lord’s face. I believe God is going to work great miracles in the lives of his children.

  147. hello there, 2010 will be a fresh new start for everyone. God bless you.
    -mark, philippines

  148. Kerrie permalink

    I need to wake up and face the fact that I am hanging on to Jesus with one last fingernail. My heart is hard and I need to refocus and go back to what I know to be true. Thank you for appearing on my facebook to stir me into action. The body is weak and I know my relationship depends on the effort I put in to be with God EVERY day and draw close to Him through prayer, His Word and healthy, Christian relationships with other believers. Thank you Mark

  149. Marie permalink

    Thank you for including me in your journey!

  150. i am ready,and will always be ready to draw closer to the lord.i loved what you said about it being what god is doing in you,and not of your own….but his will.
    that reminded me of ephesians2 where the bible talks about how the lord placed the good works in us “beforehand”that we may walk in them.
    many blessings!

  151. Angela permalink

    Ready to gain a closer relationship!!!

  152. I’ve been praying for something like this in my life! Praising God for this opportunity, and thanking you for sharing it with all of us!

  153. Jasmine permalink

    Amen!! this should be helpful along my journey to constantly and consistently seek God!

  154. Della permalink

    I am so ready, and encourage with everyone here, to seek GOd more, and draw near to him and to his Word.. I am so ready, thanks so much ,GBU

  155. Leah permalink

    I am so ready. I am going to try my best to do this. I am trying to get closer to GOD and this is my chance. I LOVE GOD!!!

  156. ChellyA permalink

    I am excited for this challenge! I gave my life back to the Lord in ’09. So this challenge shall be an amazing way for me to get closer to God! The Lord has blessed my life in so many ways. Through the Lord I found Intervarsity at my school and have been blessed with the most amazing friends. I am happy to constantly seek God! =)

  157. Joseph Elie Essomba permalink

    Thanks very much for this. These last days, The Spirit talked to me about being at least ONE HOUR EACH DAY with The Lord… and today, January 1st, i found this.
    God bless you!

  158. Tishri permalink

    My ultimate purpose for 2010 is to have a closer walk with God. Thank you for assisting!

  159. I am so excited to learn more and give more to God. This challenge is amazing and helpful in many ways. God has done so much for me in the last 7 years of my life and I have given m life back to Him in 2009 and wish to strt 2010 off right. In 2003 I had a stroke at a young age, was in a coma for a year, woke totally paralyzed told I would never recover and never leave the Nursing Home I was in though with God I have recovered and have been living outside of the Nursing Home since April. I rededicated my life to Him and am currently living with a Christian family looking forward to what He has spared my life to do. Thank you for this opportunity to learn and grow more…

  160. This is something I am really looking forward to. I have tried before but have a support system, daily reminders, and a way to discuss what I read will be just what I need to continue through the year and succeed! There has to be a change in me and my relationship with God. I know He will never let me go but my weakness and fatigue have made holding on hard. THANK YOU !

  161. Omoigberale Junior permalink

    The Lord Has been so great, So i want to use this opprotunity again to say My Father I love You And also to Thank him for all he has been doing.

  162. LEAH W permalink

    is walking into my destiny by staying in God’s Will..leaving past failures behind me & standing on the promises of God for prosperity though out every aspect of my life.

  163. Sheila Preston permalink

    I’m ready to let God totally consume me. I want to seek him in all that I do in 2010. Let’s go.

  164. Pam permalink

    I, like a previous poster, am wanting to do this but am afraid of failure for not finding the time…I am going to join and have faith that it will all work out. I’ve been lugging around my One Year bible for a couple days getting ready to start today. But just saw this on my FB page and thought what a wonderful way to do this – with a hundred or more accountability partners!

    God bless all of you and Mark for preparing this for us.

  165. ESTHER AFERE permalink

    I’m ready to let GOD take control of my life in year 2010. so bethren let’s go

  166. ESTHER AFERE permalink

    am so happy for smthing like this, one needs to tight up in 2010

  167. Martie permalink

    Sometimes it’s hard to realize that there are true, committed Christians all over the world, and not just in my little corner of it. I know that Americans have the reputation of being arrogant that way, but it isn’t arrogance. It’s just a lack of perspective. I am so thankful to have been directed to your ministry.

    It may interest you to know how I came to find “Just One Word”. I was plaing a farming game on facebook, and I got to know a young girl from New Zealand through that game. She recommended joining your group. I have been a Christian most of my life, yet it seems like I have such a long way to go in my relationship with Christ. “And a child shall lead them…” Thank you!

  168. Vixie permalink

    This is going to be awesome. I just finished bible in one year with Holy Trinity Brompton in London, Uk and its just given me a thirst for more of God’s word!! Im so excited!

  169. Sharon permalink

    Rev. Mark,

    I decided over a month ago to reconnect with our Lord Jesus. I’m a Christian that has lost her way but I know the best way to get back on course is to seek Jesus. Today is Jan 1 and I’m struggling to stay focused on God. However, I know with God’s help, I’ll be victorious. I need Jesus in my life. Without him, I cannot succeed at anything. I’m so glad you started this challenge. I had already challenged myself in 2010 to draw closer to God. Now I’m publicly accepting your challenge. I will find time to read the Bible at least 1 hour every day. I look forward to it.

    Thanks again!

  170. Carrie permalink

    Everyone has echoed my feelings about all the reasons this is such an awesome idea. Thank-you for doing this, I’m so excited!!!

  171. it’s amazing to see what God is doing all over d world,pple everywhere loving and wanting to know Jesus better.Jn17:3.Jesus said,this is eternal life that we will know Him the one true God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent.the whole duty of man is to know Jesus.God bless u.

  172. I am so ready. Thank you so much for your faithfulness and for your challenge to all of us. What a great way to start the New Year and to be reminded each day of what is truly important. blessings………

  173. Tamika permalink

    I truly welcome this oppprtunity with my whole heart! God has been speaking the words “Seek Me” to my spirit for some time now. I believe that this challenge is the perfect way for me to do just that!

    Thank you Rev. Mark

  174. mary permalink

    I feel as though God is speaking through this ministry to me and you

  175. jean crawley permalink

    I am so glad that this came across my facebook page. I pray that all who are struggling to get their lives back into God and His word. It’s great to see the overwhelming responce to this Web site. May God continue to grow you. Live and work for Him. Don’t let anyone try to distract you from getting a deeper burning for God’s word.

  176. lisa permalink

    I have been praying about how to improve my relationship with God and was planning to read the bible in a year solo. I am so thankful that you are taking the time to share your knowledge and providing dicipleship! God really shows us what He wants us to do if we listen!

  177. Dina permalink

    This is a confirmation of what I wanted to do this year 2010. In fact, I already started reading my daily bible 365/yr before I come across your website. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used by God to talk to me. God bless your heart.

  178. THELMA MAY SEDDON permalink

    I have already started this reading of God’s Word and praying every day and I desire to continue. When you were not on Facebook for several days I thought OH! guess Mark will get back on when he get moved in March. I am glad that that was not so. I need a frequent reminder. Thank You–Mark Brown

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