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2010 Constantly Seeking God Challenge

December 27, 2009

Colossians 2:6-7: As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving.

On the 20th of September 2009 I posted my first Journey Deeper into God’s Word which was on Galatians 5:24-25.  Nearly everyday since God has taken me on the a stunning journey.  I have found myself nothing short of amazed by what God has taught me, deeply challenged to face my weaknesses and try harder – all towards seeking to truly come into the presence of God.

And in 2010 I want to build on my learning so far!!  As Colossians 2:6-7 says, I want to be ‘rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith’ which is about building on what I already have learnt and strengthening my faith. When you look at the greek behind the three words, rooted, built and stablished, a common theme emerges: being constant.  Wow! This stands out.  My faith in Christ needs to be constantly strong, and I need to be constantly focused on God.

My journey deeper into the Bible came from God giving me a word: prepare.  To prepare for the next stage in my life.  This sense of needing to prepare remains, but now as well as this God is calling me to be constant.

I am exercising a lot at the moment; most weeks see me exercising at least 4 times a week.  Over the past number of months I have really got into a good habit, a good routine and this has been amazing for my health!  The key to this renewed health is my care of myself is constant.  Aside from the few times I have been sick, I have maintained my focus on working out.  My faith needs the same constant determination. I can see that I need to remain constant with my walk with Jesus, never wavering, always focused, determined on serving Him.

2010 is the year of being constant!

Constant Bible reading, constant prayer, constant confession of sins:  constantly seeking God.

And I want to invite you to join me on the 2010 Constantly Seeking God Challenge.

This involves spending a minimum of an hour every day immersed in the Bible.  Reading a passage, praying and carefully thinking about what the passage means personally.   It also involves committing to pray throughout the day, to turn to prayer often.  And finally it involves coming before God daily and confessing sin.

So do you want to join me in building up our faith?  I invite you to take on the 2010 Constantly Seeking God Challenge.

To become part of this challenge subscribe to this blog by clicking here.  And let me know you will be part of the challenge by leaving a comment below!

At the beginning of each week I will post my Bible readings for the coming week which you can follow, I will offer advice on how to pray, how to read your Bible and how to face your sin so as to grow in the Lord!!

God bless,

Rev Mark

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  1. sharon chatwin permalink

    I need lots of prayers

    • Calvin permalink

      indeed you need it.

    • Sheri permalink

      I really need this challenge and I accept it. My husband and I have been in a restoration of our marriage and I believe this will help me continue to go through it. Thanks!

      • Myra permalink

        Sheri, I am ready to give up on my marriage. If you have any suggestions, please contact me. I am in need of prayer. Please.

      • amy permalink

        i need this challenge, i’ve slid in my walk in the past couple months. I was praying for discipline and for God to help me find my way. Thank you for this!

      • Pam permalink

        Lord Jesus – I come to you right now and lift up Sheri and her marriage to her husband. I ask you to bless their lives mightily as they seek you and serve you. Please continue the healing process you’ve begun. Thank you for the restoration you have given them. God you are such an awesome God. When we purpose in our hearts to draw closer to you, mighty things happen. Lord, I believe you will do a mighty work in Sheri’s marriage and that she will be a living testimony to help other couples that are struggling.

      • Michelle permalink

        I am also standing for restoration of my marriage. Even though my hubby is currently in jail God is bringing us closer together everyday. Before he went to jail we were seperated for a year and the last few months he was out I started standing on Gods word and promises for my marriage. There is a website called that has so many great things about living a christian life and standing for your marriage. it has helped me so much. I too take the challenge.

      • Lisa permalink

        Sheri, I’m praying for you and your marriage. God restored my marriage when the enemy tried so hard to destroy it. Trust was restored. Faith and committment was restored. And more than that it was made stronger. God is so good and He is faithful. I encourage you to lean on Him and pray, pray, pray!

      • Russell permalink

        Way to go sheri!! Marrage is hard, and so under fire. There are so many things trying to convince us that it’s ok to divorce. It’s awesome when two people can work through their problems together when the world tells us to go the other way! At times even our friends try and tell us it’s not worth it. But it is so worth it to work at it and make it work! I wish I could talk to every husband out there and tell them how much there wives need them to just love, care, and protect them. My wife is such a blessing to me, and I pray that I can treat her the way that she feels I love and care about her.

    • Sharon, here is my prayer for you: Lord God, I lift Sharon to you, place her before Your throne of grace, so You can surround her with Your loving care, bring her Your revelation knowledge, give her a desire for Your Word. I pray You will grant her Your very best in her life to live for only You and that You will be glorified in her life. I pray You go before her in a mighty way, to set her free from all evil, that wants to harass her and destroy her. May You defeat all malice, sickness and ungodliness in her life.
      I pray that only You be her Source, her Strength and Deliverer. May she see You clearly and desire to serve you only. May You allow her to store up treasures in heaven. I also pray for Sharon’s family to see the change in her You are going to make and may they also seek You and find You, so their joy will be complete. I pray these things in Jesus name. Amen

      • Charity permalink

        Mayra….. I also was at the point where I was ready to give up on my marriage! DON’T DO IT! God wants good things for you and divorce is NOT one of those things. If you are in a situation that you are being abused, please leave and get help….other than that…..THE POWER OF A PRAYING WIFE will CHANGE your life!
        Lord, I lift up Mayra and her marriage toyou today. I know that you have good things in store for them and you can heal their marriage and bring it back to the mighty committment you desire for them. I ask that you soften their hearts to one another and open their hearts to your word and works. I thank you Lord for the healing that you have already begun to set in motion for thier marriage and I ask that you bless them abundantly. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

    • Tim permalink

      yes I want to learn more about GOD and his word thank you Tim

      • Keith S. permalink

        Just a suggestion Tim check out viewpoint with Chuck Colson or Chuck Swindoll or Rob Bell . They have helped me in my growth.

    • I want to be a part of this journey in 2010! I want nothing more than to be as close to my God as I can. Thanks, brother Mark!!

    • Lauren permalink

      I’m SO excited for this challenge 🙂

    • rebecca permalink

      im in 🙂 i dont wanna “go through the motions”

    • Amber permalink

      I excitedly accept! 🙂

    • Nathan permalink

      Im also in need of prayers my wife decided to give up after three and half years, I will pray for you and encouraged by this.

  2. Stephanie permalink

    I would like to partake in this challenge. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • stephanie permalink

      Yes I want to be part of the challenge.This has been the desire of my heart lately.

  3. Lindsay permalink

    😀 Thanks for the challenge!! I need this! God bless you, Mark!

  4. debbie permalink

    I am in this journey with you! I accept the challange!

    • Pearl permalink

      I want to go more in depth into the word of God, i think i came to the right place Thank you!

  5. Kim Allmon permalink

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to join this wonderful challenge. A lot of things have been happening in my life right now and those things have pulled me away from reading the Bible & praying as much as I did before. It is my resolution to be consistent in my Bible reading & prayer in the coming year and I am so thankful that you will be providing that “jump start” I need!

    • Shannyn permalink

      Hi there.

      God already put it in my heart to make the whole of next year committed to Him in prayer, reading the Word and to Ministry (even if it means scrubbing toilets!!). I am very happy and excited to be a part of this challenge.

      Thank you

  6. Cammy permalink

    Count me in.. I want my faith to become the full center of my life. I love to pray, and love see God answer the prayer. Cammy

  7. RosieMarsh permalink

    Thank you for publishing this and including others in your journey!

  8. Mike Sparks permalink

    yes i would like to take the challenge

  9. Tawanda permalink

    I have subscribed to join and I wuld like for you to pray for me and my family.. Tawanda, Ryshean Sr., Aria, Bria, Amarie and Ryshean Jr.

  10. Cheryl Stevens permalink

    what you said stirred something inside of me,and touched me.This is something i need ,and want to do for God and to grow closer to the Lord.

  11. Leah permalink

    I accept the challenge it’s a great idea, and i’m ready to grow more and more in God everyday! Thanks

  12. Thank you so much for posting this. I am a pastor’s wife, and your challenge is very similar to what I have been working on for our ladies’ ministry in our church for the year 2010. I feel this weekly encouragement will help me in trying to guide our ladies (myself first) into a stronger personal relationship with our LORD, as well as becoming a physically stronger person. Our focus will be on applying the “Fruit of the Spirit” to our lives, as well as the proper “fruit” into our bodies. I look forward to receiving your blogs. God bless! sj

  13. Cindi permalink

    i am looking forward to 2010 constantly seeking GOD challenge!

  14. I also want to add a special thanks of encouragement; our church is having our first annual Ladies’ Jubilee in April…the theme…”The Journey”. I am even more excited! To me, God is showing me even more of what His will is in this Jubilee.

  15. dusty permalink

    I’m all in. I accept the challenge!

  16. delbert permalink

    love the challenge

  17. Lucinda Akootchook permalink

    I would love to be a part of this journey! I’ve been learning more about God and yearning for more!

  18. I accept the challenge and will join you

  19. Lisa permalink

    I am joining this challenge with you! This is just what I have been looking for. 12-26-2009.

  20. Thelma Nornes permalink

    I am excited to accept the challenge to “journey deeper”!

  21. I am excited for this New Journey of 2010 Constantly Seeking God Challenge! Thanks for this awesome ministry Mark.

  22. Don Alspaugh permalink

    I pray that I desire to constantly seek Jesus’s face. He is my Lord and Savior and know that I can not live my life without Him. Praise God for his unconditional love!

  23. Debbie permalink

    Okay… I’m taking the challenge!

  24. Carla permalink

    Its going to be a challenge but I gladly accept it!!! I love the Lord with all my heart!!!!

  25. Robin Ellen permalink

    I’m excited about this challenge. Thank you!

  26. Marlana permalink

    Wow, God’s timing is amazing as always. I need this more than you know 🙂

  27. Yes I want to be a part of this journey with you I truely need a closer walk with God in 2010. thanks Mark GOD BLESS YOU !!!

  28. Charles permalink

    I desire with my whole heart to draw closer to Jesus & His word in 2010.

  29. Thank you for doing this. I really need it.

  30. Larry Graham permalink

    I want to be part of the challenge to seek god more in my life. thanks pastor mark

  31. Sandra Balderrama permalink


  32. Kristyn permalink

    I just want you to know that everything you post really helps me! I have grown really close to God this year but I sometimes slip away from him pretty badly. But every time I read your posts I get back to him and I love it! I want to take part in your challenge! I need to. God deserves as much attention from me as I am given fro him.

  33. Teresa Kaiser permalink

    I accept this challenge,, and please prayer for me.

  34. Julie W. permalink

    I will be on the journey with you too~

  35. sasha permalink

    i will take up this challange 🙂

  36. Yes, I will accept this challenge with you!..2009 was pretty amazing for me..when I finally completely trusted Papa & surrendered..I went to China on my first overseas mission trip this summer, I graduated college after a 33 year break…I’m a recovering alcoholic & drug addict & I’ve been sober & clean 3 years,1 month & 23 days all due to HIS glory..I can’t wait to see what Papa has in store for me in 2010..I am so open & ready..I just want to honor,please,serve Him and serve others!…I love your ministry Mark!

  37. MundiLou permalink

    I want to be part of this challenge….thank you for the invite.

  38. michael permalink

    thankyou for this encouragement im going to take up the challenge. God is really telling me to be rooted in him. the more we stay in god we will radiate him more

  39. Sheridan permalink

    I will definitely be participating in this challenge! An hour each day set aside for God is nothing compared to what we are getting in the end. Hopefully this will bring me much closer to God and unlock what i’m seeking and yearning for!
    I read your pages all the time, they provide constant encouragement and make me think. They make me realise that I don’t know everything and there is always something new to learn with God. God bless

  40. Kelly Magiera permalink

    Iaccept this challenge and excited to follow this New Journey of 2010 Constantly seeking God Challenge.

  41. Dustin Clay permalink

    Sign me up for the Challenge, God has directed me to do it, and I will follow Him in the best way I can; with His strength. Thank you for inviting me to join you in this growth, I can’t wait to begin, to build on what I already have.

  42. Dee R. permalink

    Count me in!! God Bless you Rev. Brown and everyone who has taken on the challenge also!

  43. Martha Moree permalink

    I’ve been praying about what I would do in the New Year to grow closer in my relationship with the Lord. This challenge is an answer to my prayer. God bless you, Mark for your faithfulness to be obedient to our Lord and want to help others to “journey deeper into God’s word” and for challenging us to “constantly seek God”. Have a Blessed New Year!

  44. April Peterson permalink

    I am truly excited. I take this challenge and I pray for strength and encouragement in advance, because when the people of God join forces and pray and meditate on God’s Word together; the enemy will try to destroy; but in the name of Jesus, the devil is already bound.

  45. Sonja permalink

    I accept the challenge and will join you. I need all the help I can get. 🙂

  46. Sherika permalink

    I accept it…I’m learning my way to God and need the help..and so is my fiance…Thank you!

  47. Tsitsi permalink

    Philippians 4:8 says ‘..brothers (and sisters), whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.’ This challenge, I feel, is more than one of these qualities Paul talks about in this verse. I was just asking myself if I was at all going to have a new year’s resolution not more than an hour ago and I thank God because He has given me a great one through you.

    I’m all in!!

  48. Jacque permalink

    You can count me in. I am in need of some healing and change in my life. I know that I need to turn all my problems over to God and make him the center of everything I do…this challenge will surely help accomplish this. Thanks and God Bless you and your work!!!

  49. NASTASHIA permalink

    This is awsome what you are doing, and i thank GOD that you are doing. As the time get nearer, as a body of Christ we need to be consistence about our spiritual life. Thank you

  50. Catherine Teer permalink

    I am already a subscriber to your blog, which I am very thankful for. Now I would like to join you in this challenge to journey deeper into God’s Word every day for 2010, which I am sure will continue for years to come! Thanks for the opportunity.

  51. brent permalink

    this is something i do every day… i am always thanking god that i thank him without even realizing i am doing it.. every morning i pray and read from the bible and every night before bed as well.. i leave my bible open and place my st.michael medal in it for where i will start my next day…( i feel by leaving the bible open while i sleep i allow gods word to enter my room and abound my dreams)

  52. Tomeka permalink

    I am up for the challenge!!!

  53. paul permalink

    Thank you, Mark, I need this to help me deal with everyday life choices, that I make, my wife has pancreatic cancer, and the Lord has sustained her so far, I need accountability, and I welcome it, with time so short here, I wan t to grow immensely, so I can do more work for the Lord Jesus Christ.

  54. Sherrie permalink

    I’m in the Challenge!

  55. Christel Lim permalink

    I’m in! It’s what I’ve been doing in ’09. And I’m going to continue doing in ’10. Only better ! Do check out my soon-to-be released book : 25 Miles to Touching the Heart of God on 26 Jan 2010! It’s available for pre-order on or Barnes and Or available directly from Tate Publishing online:

  56. Donna permalink

    Challenge accepted

  57. jacquelyn permalink

    i want to stand with you in 2010 in this challenge andbelieve for a great spiritual walk in the new year. thank you Mark

  58. Karen Hawkins permalink

    I’m ready for the challenge Mark! Thanks for inviting all of us in to grow more spiritually with Christ! 2010…look out!

  59. Kameha Perkins permalink

    Count me in!!

  60. Cyndi permalink

    I am looking forward to being a part of this challenge – it is my desire to grow closer to the Lord and stronger in Him. He has been revealing things to me this past year – about myself, about thing I needed to let go of in my life, about Him, and about my relationship with Him. As I move forward into 2010, I want to develop even more as a Christian woman, and really live out my faith! Thank you!!!

  61. David Chenoweth permalink

    Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.

  62. Martha $ permalink

    My prayer life is lacking and so is my attention to bible study. Thank you for challenging me to get back into the Word and spend more quiet time with my Lord!

  63. Jeff Broome permalink

    I accept the challenge! That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection.

  64. Melanie permalink

    There is no better New Year’s Resolution than to commit more of our time to the Lord! I’m excited about this new year and I know the grace of God is here for those of us who are serious about constantly seeking. I believe that as the days continue to grow more evil, the grace of God abounds more and it is so important that we realize that we are not a part of the American culture… we are a part of a Kingdom Culture, a Jesus Culture!! Let us not conform to what society says. Let’s be what Jesus said, and be about our Father’s business!! ….Thanks for all the motivation too!!

  65. ~Rev Mark…Thank you for this oppertunity!! I am just starting to read the bible and get into praying everyday…I was not sure where to start other then at the beginning…I am very blessed to have found your site to help me along my journey and am greatful for that!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us and I do mean “Wisdom”, because you are doing something with your knowledge!! I too will join the challenge in 2010 🙂 Have a blessed holiday season and a journey filled New Year!!!! Love and Hugs, Karey

  66. Sebastian permalink

    Mark this challenge sounds awesome and witnesses in my spirit to what the Lord has been saying to me. I sense that this year we are going to be wooed into a deeper relationship with him. I sense the chocolates and flowers of his word coming. I look forward to becoming a stronger disciple of his and being someone he can say” my good and faithful servant.”

  67. Anna permalink

    I love this new talk and walk I have today, and I am truly gratiful to God for directing me on thisw journey to rightousness. I most definetly accept the challenge. God Bless and keep us all.

  68. Ardith permalink

    This challenge is what the Lord has been speaking to my heart and I haven’t followed through. this will keep me on track. Thank you for your ministry to us on the internet.
    My personal goal is to remember He has called me to a quiet life, to seek ou the wisdom to know His will in my life and to LIVE it out. Lord grant me the strength.

  69. Ingrid permalink

    Looking forward to the challenge! Thank you!

  70. Crystal permalink

    I am ready for the challenge! Renewed in Christ!

  71. Kim Wilson permalink

    I’m excited to be apart of this challenge. Thank you Mark!

  72. Linda permalink

    I joined the challenge. I know God has more in store for me and I can’t wait. Just reading and praying and mediating on His word gets me excitied. Oh, how I love Jesus…….

  73. Steve permalink

    I think this challenge is just the thing I need. And a side note: your blogs are a real gift and blessing from the Lord. He’s working through you and speaking to so many people through you. When I feel like I’ve messed up and fallen on my face, I read your blog and get back up, ready to serve the Lord again. So I think this challenge would be a good tool for being a better servant and really finding what the Lord wants to say to me. Thanks Mark.

  74. I am determined to stay in constant resolute connection with our Almight Creator God.
    I am determined to persevere in order to serve Him and the Kingdom of Christ unto His eternal glory of love and life…. in abundance.
    Praise the Lord…. He is our amazing God.
    We are so fortunate to be blessed.
    Praying for safety, protection, and divine favor in all of your lives.
    In Christ’s powerful name.

  75. tony permalink

    I would love to be a part of this challenge…

  76. Rev.David Rowan permalink

    I am alway ready willing and able to learn take us to a new level

  77. Mandy permalink

    Mark, Thank you for presenting a great challenge to better ourselves 🙂 God is good!

  78. Wendy Orestano permalink

    Going to need a lot of God’s grace, but I am excited about joining in this challenge.

  79. Hi Mark. I think this is great. I want to grow stronger in my faith so I gladly accept your 2010 Constantly seeking God Challenge.

  80. Im look forward to getting closer to the LORD in 2010. And I look forward to doing this with you sir GOD Bless you. I realy need to commit to the LORD again.

  81. Abbie O permalink

    I’m taking this challenge by God’s grace!

  82. LuAnn Joseph permalink

    I was just praying about what format I should follow to continue my Bible study habit into the new year. When I opened my email this opporunity was there. Thanks for offering a way to grow deep roots.

  83. Ashley permalink

    I accept the 2010 Constantly seeking GOD challenge!!!!

  84. Belinda permalink

    thank you for having this site…….it is a blessing to a lot of us…..God Bless You

  85. Mary Ann permalink

    I will take up the challenge. I have allowed myself to become further from God than I would like to be.

  86. Rick permalink

    The Lord has been speaking to my heart already about this very thing.

  87. Min. A. R. Lewis permalink

    Rev. Mark, I want to be included in this challenge! I receive this challenge as confirmation of what I believe the Lord is saying to me for this upcoming year. That is more prayer, reading and meditation in His Word, and fasting. Of course, before we can be effective in our prayers, we must confess our sins, constantly. So I’m excited to get started. God bless your efforts. It keeps those who really need the motivation, from becoming apathetic.

  88. I welcome the challenge! Thank You for posting this link!

  89. Rebekah permalink

    I will be participating in the challenge. I really desire to learn more about Jesus and to have a real, personal relationship with Him.

  90. John Kalb permalink

    I want to get closer to the LORD and learn more. I want to live in His presence. This is going to be awsome and I will be there. God bless you Mark, as you bless us so often.

  91. Linda permalink

    Yes I need this challenge in my life….i don’t want a dull stale relationship with the Lord, I need one that is growing daily in Christ. Thank you for the encouragement and the challenge. God Bless.

  92. Terri permalink

    I’d like to join in on this journey. Thank you!

  93. Robin permalink

    I will be posting this link on my wall every chance I get. Thank you for reminding us that we are to constantly renew our minds in Christ. May the blessings of God follow you and cover you with grace and mercy.

  94. Ashley permalink

    I accept the challenge,,,i actually unpacked my bible today and said to myself “i need to spend more time with GOD”

  95. Cindy Braun permalink

    I want to get closer to the Lord and pray like I should…

  96. Michelle Campbell permalink

    Reverend Mark, I want to be closer to God in 2010. I have a problem with being constant & faithful in my studies & even attending services. I pray daily and confess my sins to God but I want to do better. I think a lot of times it is related to being tired bit I need to do better. The Lord is faithful to me & I want to do the same with him. Please pray for me that I will be able to maintain and grow in my relationship with Christ. Thank you.

  97. Kelon permalink

    I would love to be a part of such a worthy challenge

  98. First of all i would just like to say thank you for listening to God and putting this challenge into action. Its needed in my life, am going through some hard times and i’ve been trying to focus all my trust in God. This challenge is a blessing to me. Prasie God!!!!

  99. Angie Schaefer permalink

    I would very much like to take part in the challenge.

  100. Benita permalink

    Challenge accepted! Our faith walk should not be an “aside” that we find time for after all else is done – but it is so easy to get caught up in our worldly lives. I am so looking forward to this journey with you and all of my brothers and sisters in Christ. Let’s do this!

  101. Valerie Pingley permalink

    Yes i accept the challenge, I am going on a mission trip to Isreal this summer and have a lot of preparing and growing in the Lord to do. Thanks Mark:)

  102. Kay permalink

    Yes! I wanna get focused on him in 2010

  103. sharon permalink

    Always want and need god in my life, and want to get closer.

  104. Joan permalink

    thanks for all the inspiration to continuing this walk that we are on. I would love to go on this journey with you…

  105. Martie permalink

    Ok, let’s do it. Let’s power up with the Word of God!

  106. Sean permalink

    Mark, I’ve been a Christian most of my life. God’s been teaching me a lot in recent days, and I want to openly commit to following Him more closely in 2010. Thanks for the daily bits of inspiration. May God Bless you, and make this your best year yet!

    Your younger brother in Christ,

  107. candace permalink

    I would like to take on the challenge

  108. Francine Thompson permalink

    Thank you for the invite. I accept the challenge, and look forward to a deeper spiritual walk in 2010.

  109. Laura permalink

    I will do my best to also be apart of this challenge.
    Thank you,

  110. Lou permalink

    Can’t wait to journey with you, and looking forward to learning more and working towards being constant in his word.

    God bless you Mark! You are a true blessing from God!

  111. Jackie L. Chambers Sr permalink

    I really feel God impressing me to get into his word deeper so i would like to take the challenge.

  112. Sarah permalink

    I have been down on God’s word, I can’t wait for this, I am lookin into it.

  113. Alex P permalink

    Count me in Mark. God has been speaking to me a lot lately on persistence… and that pretty much means consistency! So let’s do this!

  114. Mary permalink

    I want to be part of the challenge. Thanks for the inspriration.

  115. Elisha permalink

    I’m a constant procratinator, so not only do I need prayer I need constant support

  116. Edger permalink

    I am ready to embark on my road trip with God, with him in the drivers seat me in the passengers seat and jack in back (: here we come hotel california

  117. wow! i read this and i love God.. please pray that I will partake in this challenge! ive been redeemed ever since 9/21/08./ best day of my life! God has brought me far and He gets all the glory! pray that i will not be afraid of an hour-a-day.. usually i read 15 minutes.. but that i will do that and and CONSTANTLY SEEK GOD!!

  118. Dear Mark,

    Hope that you have had a blessed and miraculous CHRISTMAS!!
    P lease include me in your 2010 challenge,prayerfully,thoughtfully,and encouragingly! I look forward to striving towards our ultimate goal; JESUS CHRIST,and a deeper relationship with our father and Saviour!
    I look forward to receiving daily inspiration!

    Thank You and GOD bless

  119. Cecelia Gilbert Saigeon permalink

    I really want to be a part of this challenge. This is something I want to do is grow closer and stronger in my relationship with the Lord.
    Thank you and God bless you Mark.

  120. Victoria J permalink

    Would like to take part in this challenge…

  121. Jesse permalink

    I would like to take on this challenge!!

  122. Sandy permalink

    Just the challenge that we all need. Can’t wait to start!

  123. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this challenge.

  124. Tina Martin permalink

    God should always be our main focus for he deserves nothing less than this!
    I look forward to the challenge!

  125. Katie permalink

    I want to participate in this challenge =)

  126. Denise permalink

    want to be a part of the challenge for 2010.

  127. I have been trying to get into a daily habit of reading the Bible. I LOVE reading and studying the Bible, but I forget! On Way of the Master’s television show, Ray interviewed people on the street, asking them if they pray every day (all said yes) and if they read the Bible every day (only one – a pastor – said yes). It seems we all remember to pray daily but forget to read the Word. Why is that? For me, prayer is a habit. Therefore, reading the Word must become a habit!

  128. evett permalink

    i will accept this challenge and try my best to be consistent. thank you for your efforts to get us closer to god.

  129. Pastor Sabrina Bragg permalink

    Interested in this challenge…

  130. I am having some difficultied i cannot solve myself. I need God to show me the right way to handle them. I could use alot of prayers. I really want to join the challenge. God’s Peace…

  131. Dean permalink

    I believe God has been speaking similar things to me, but it has been difficult to exercise my integrity to follow. I believe this may help me in my journey of experiencing God. Thanks Rev Mark

  132. Rainier permalink

    This challenge is what I was looking for.

  133. Cindy permalink


  134. This is the sort of thing I have been praying for. Thank you for your obedience to the LORD. You are answering more prayers than just mine; I’m sure of it. 🙂

  135. Hester permalink

    I can not wait!!!!!!.

  136. Jerusha permalink

    Thank you. I have had a difficult year, but God has used my circumstances to draw me closer to him. This challenge is so amazing, and an answer to my prayers. I get so bogged down in my despair that I am not consistent with my prayers and Bible readings, but Jesus is the answer. I want to seek Him constantly.

  137. Alex permalink

    I’ll accept the challenge 🙂

  138. thank u I except I truly need help and some sone to guild and help me

  139. Anita permalink

    2010 Constantly Seeking God Challenge! ❤

  140. gloria browning permalink

    you lead I’ll follow…
    even tho my heart and my flesh may fail God is my portion forever…
    lets do this!!!!!!!
    thanks soooooooooooooooooo much!

  141. Ane Huculiak permalink

    Thank You, I would love to do Bible Study with you. May God bless you!

  142. Miranda permalink

    What a wonderful challenge! Thank you!

  143. helen permalink

    I need this for myself and my family. So mny things hav happened to prevent me from my daily walk with God.
    Thank you

  144. Lisa permalink

    I’ve really been needing a way to refocus.
    I’m going to try my best to stay consistent with this challenge.

  145. Thank you I would love to grow closer o God constantly in 2010!

  146. Here is another challenge!

    Paul’s TALL ORDER: receiving Christ Jesus; walking in Him; being rooted, built up, established in the faith, and abounding in thanksgiving, is a function of KNOWING JESUS CHRIST, firsthand and personally (“as ye have been taught”)! Like in the Parable of the Growing Seed, all the good effects will become real without us knowing how they happen! (Mark 4: 26-29) In other words, Jesus Christ takes care of His own! There is no better deal. PTL.

  147. Helene permalink

    I would love to be part of the Constanly Seeking God Challenge of 2010!!

  148. Lee Zoraya De Jesus permalink

    I will surely take the challange Mark! I yearn to become closer to God! God is using you in great ways, keep it coming! This will surely help me grow in faith and wisdom. Thank you Lord! ❤

  149. Veronika permalink

    I am looking forward to this challenge… I have disconnected myself from the Lord lately and it is time for me to seek him with all my heart thank you for guiding us into this journey…

  150. Chelsea permalink

    I was just recently talking about what I was going to do differently for 2010, and when I opened up my e-mail and read the new blog I was more excited. I want to become closer to God, and this is the exactly what I need :)….Thank you Mark…you truely have helped!

  151. Cleon permalink

    Hey i just want to say thanks for the challenge 4 the coming year and I am looking forward to the challenge. I see the need for us as Christians to draw closer to the Lord because he is our strength to stand in the last days via the Holy Ghost..
    Bless up…

  152. Susan permalink

    Yes I will do this with you. Pray that I will stay focused and continue in the reading thoughout the whole year.

  153. Regina permalink

    Thank you for offering this challenge. May we all become closer to God, and through this closeness help lead others to God.

  154. Judith permalink

    This came at the right time in my life. Thank you!

  155. Lisa permalink

    I’m in…am gonna live life ot the full this year! As per John 10:10….Life with a vengeance! Woohoo! 🙂

  156. Cheryl permalink

    Mark, I welcome this challenge and look forward to growing in the Lord. Thank you for letting the Lord use you. 2 Pet 3:18 – “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.” PTL

  157. Will love to take part in this challenge…especially these days that I feel like I’m slipping a little because I have so little time because of work…I need to get back to the level that I was on in 2009…Thanks Rev Mark…Count me in!!!

  158. S Lebby permalink

    What an awesome challenge! Thank you for allowing the Lord the use you this way. I’m definitely taking the challenge and am encouraging the members of my church to do so also. God Bless!

  159. Lindsey Shake-Hall permalink

    I will take this challenge also!!! It sounds like something every christian should be doing. Thank you and I hope we build a strong nation of christians from this idea!

  160. roy k permalink

    count me in I cannot think of a better trip to take except the one HOME

  161. Brenda permalink

    I have been so hungry for God’s constant presence in my life! I appreciate and accept the challenge! God bless you!

  162. tonie permalink

    Thank you for this challenge! I pray that I will be able to be as committed as you! Growing in faith, becoming rooted in the word. I’m in!!

  163. Bev permalink

    Yes, this is great…count me in.

  164. Courtney permalink

    Yes! I would love some Godly advice and assistance in my prayer life, and daily walk with God. Especially in HIS Word. Thank you for letting God use you.

  165. Christy permalink

    God is SO AWESOME!!! Yes, I would love Godly advice in my life with this new year we are approaching in 2010. Thank You, for being OBEDIENT to God and taking a STAND for HIM we NEED MORE PEOPLE like you.

  166. Michael permalink

    SIGN ME UP !!!!

  167. Allen permalink

    I would like to be a part of this challenge! It sounds like a great deal, and to do it alongside others..even better!

  168. I really need this challenge!

  169. Erby permalink

    yes i want to challenge myself to constantly seek God and i encourage people to do the same

  170. Torie permalink

    I want God to giude me in every walk of life,each step i take,may the Lord be by my side throughout the year!

  171. Lelanie permalink

    Looking forward to the Constantly Seeking God Challenge!!! Thanx

  172. Celae permalink

    I will join your challenge. I’ll be attending a christian academy from Jan. 2010- dec. 2010 and I think this’ll help keep me focused while I’m there

  173. Rosina permalink

    I will take this challenge! I know it will help me grow deeper in Christ! Thank you! God Bless!

  174. I accept the challenge

  175. Olivia permalink

    I need to draw closer to God.

  176. Marilyn permalink

    Would love to be part of the challenge! Roll on 2010!!!
    Thank You Lord for Mark’s obedience and I pray that You will continue to fill him with Your wisdom and strength.

  177. Kellie Thompson permalink

    I would like to participate in the challenge. God bless you for your emails, I use them daily.

  178. Kim permalink

    Thank you for this. What a wonderful way to start the New Year.

    Happy New Year to all.

  179. Carla permalink

    I want to take part in this!

  180. askduane permalink

    This is a good thing to do.

  181. Christopher permalink

    Rev Mark,
    I’ve been following your emails for about a month now, I know the lord is speaking to me through your trials. Through the past year or so I’ve found myself in some very stressful times and I always find myself helpless the more I place it into the Lords hands and follow what he wants for me I put myself at ease. But I feel that I rely on him more when there is a problem in my life, And that is totally oppsiite of how I want to live, Im going to take this challange as an oppertunity to move closer to the lord, I just want to thank you for this post. And I’m looking foward to the challange!
    Thanks again,

  182. Emily permalink

    This is AWESOME! I accept this challenge and know that it will be a very challenging thing, but with really fantastic consequences 🙂

  183. Suzanna permalink

    Thank you!!!! u are such a blessings! Thats all i want to grow stronger in faith, in God,to seek Him constantly!!! thank u ! God bless you!!!

  184. Toni permalink

    I believe this is what I need in my walk with God right now. Thank you for answering God’s challenge and for sharing it with others. Many blessings.

  185. Count me in.

  186. Kelley permalink

    What a wonderful and blessed thing you have started. I am new to Bible College and i am wanting to grow more into the bible by understanding and becoming one.

  187. Maryke Visser permalink

    I had a really difficult 2009.

    I need to and am willing to grow my relationship with God.

    I am up for the challenge and I am excited!!!

  188. Jeff Saxton permalink

    I will do it. Also my Father in-law is awaiting a transplant, needs prayer, is very sick.

    Go with God.

  189. Angie permalink

    Count me in!

  190. Dear Mark, My prayers are with you as we move into 2010 and accept this challenge of consistency for our lives. I as with most christains am fully aware of my shortcomings and because of that I tend to resent (I’m working on it) anyone that trys to make sure I’m aware of my sins more than me. I tend to be my own worst enemy. Therefore, the next statement comes with love and not harsh judgement and delivered with a sound mind. I hope you recieve it that way. But, I wish you would consider moving to a newer version of the bible. I for one, grew up hearing the King James version of the bible and was so glad they translated it. I believe we have developed a new language since ole’ King James. Even the New King James version of the bible at least rid itself of the thees and thous. My prayers are with you Mark and I pray Gods holy spirit is upon you constantly guiding and lifting you up. I believe God has bigger and better plans than even we know. My heart tells me your on the right track brother Mark. May the wind always be at your back, and the sun warm you to the core, may Gods holy spirit guide you and protect you and yours always. Yours in Christ. Sincerely Alan N Miller P.S. Remember Christ Is Counting On You!

  191. tina permalink

    I will accept this challenge

  192. I’m with you Mark. Great Challenge for us all

  193. Stephanie permalink

    I’m in

  194. Josie permalink

    Rev Mark, I accept the challenge but will need a lot of prayer, I too easily get side tracked! Thank you!

  195. Gayle permalink

    Thank you for this challenge.

  196. Sol Carelse permalink

    Hi, Mark

    Thanks for the invite. I’ve found your insights most helpful in my own walk with the Lord.

    This challenge is a great idea. Count me in!


    Sol Carelse

  197. Lynn MacLeod permalink

    Diving Deeper into the Word is a blessing ; one that I am with you 100% on !

  198. Carmen permalink

    YES, I will definately be taking part in this challenge for 2010 and BEYOND!!!

  199. simon muthurania permalink

    I want to know GOD’S will in my life & do it.

  200. Myra permalink

    I accept the challange

  201. Agnes permalink

    Im ready to take up this challenge,to take up my cross,to make a difference!!

  202. Catherine Wilson permalink

    Thank you Pastor Mark…I am in!

  203. CYE permalink

    I am in as well, sounds awesome!

  204. Christy permalink

    Thank you I would like to take part in the challenge, I need to refocus on what is really important in life and grow in my faith. Thanks again.

  205. Vilia permalink

    I would like to be part of this challenge and grow deeper in my Lord. Have a blessed day!

  206. Daniel permalink

    I would love to take part in this challenge!

  207. Diane permalink

    Best Christmas gift ever! I want so much to do more yet I do not find myself comfortable in public places doing so. I need to learn so much more at the age of 61, thank you ,so much for the opportunity to belong to this mission and hopefully inspire others to do so also. Many blessing to all involved.

  208. Darlene permalink

    Yes, I am also in. I have been battling a rare cancer for a year and a half, but amazingly it has drawn me even closer to the Lord. I want to be closer still. My last two CT Scans have been clear. PTL

  209. I am ready to follow you on this journey Mark. I really need this. I am so glad that God led me to you.

  210. I’m up for the challenge to grow in His Glory!
    Happy New Year to all!

    • Wanda Davis permalink

      I want to go along with you on this GLORIOUS ride to be constant in my faith in the Lord and in myself and with others. God Bless you and I am ready for this journey

  211. Calvin permalink

    I’m in for real.

  212. Iris permalink

    This really inspired me to take up what I know God is calling me to do. 🙂 I need this challenge, and I’m going to take it.

  213. I will be joing you in the challenge!

  214. Mariana permalink

    I’m definitely up for the challenge!
    I want my faith in Christ to grow stronger 🙂

  215. Shelly permalink

    I’m definitely up for the challenge. Very much looking forward to the journey God has in store for me in 2010!

  216. Jackie permalink

    I am TOTALLY up for this and can’t wait to start!!!

  217. YJS permalink

    An answered prayer from God. I was just talking to God this morning about how I’ve just been feeling so distant and drifted away. I told God I did not want to go into 2010 like this. I told Him I wanted to start fresh and get an early start on the New Year by rededicating myself and making changes starting today.

  218. kayla permalink

    I am always looking for ways to grow in the spirt and to be closer to God

  219. Liz permalink

    Count me in!

  220. Tina permalink

    I want to participate in this challenge! Thanks Mark!

  221. Tina Kaye permalink

    I would like to take part in the challenge for 2010, God Bless You, Mark!

  222. Nancy permalink

    Looking forward to more daily devotionals with our Heavenly Father as I grow more each day reading, praying in His word.

  223. I am praising God for putting you in our lives. God opens doors if we just let him. I will pledge myself to the challenge of 2010. No matter how close to God we think we are, we can always get closes and become stronger. God Bless you in your work. and in God’s using you. Thank You Jesus!

  224. Shantell permalink

    im definiteli up fo this challenge! cnt wait to begin

  225. Fonda permalink

    I am believing 2010 to be the year of God’s favor in many lives. I trust Him to use this blog as an open door to making that happen. Thank you so much for listening and following God’s leading in this area. LET’S GO! 🙂

  226. so excited about the challenge…I’m in…Lord, please keep me constantly abiding in you!

  227. well this is what I need consistancy this ois the problem I have am scared to enroll but am going to try my hardest to start this in 2010….. I need lots of prayer and support.

  228. Annie Glover permalink

    This is just what I needed! I am all in!

  229. Alene permalink

    Let´s join the challenge and I´m sure at the end of 2010 we all will praise god for what he has done!

  230. Seems as if we are walking the same path. Recent readings of James, working out, and wanting to dig deeper into God’s word!

    I am signed up and ready!!


  231. dorthy porter permalink

    I want to be apart of this challenge.I believe each person who takes up this challenge will become stronger walking with the Lord.

  232. janico permalink

    I will join you! I desire for 2010 to come closer than ever to the heart of my heavenly father and learn more than ever before what it means to have a real intimate relationship with him and know him by heart.

  233. Timothy permalink

    This is a great way to start the new year with faith in mind! Thank you and God bless!

  234. Gayla permalink

    I’m so excited and so ready. Thank you for letting the Lord lead you. Be Belessed in the Lord always….Love and Blessings

  235. Lady-J permalink

    Thank you for encouraging everyone to pursue an intimate relationship with Jesus. He is my source of strength… and would not be the confident and strong woman that I am without his word

  236. Hy there! Ok, I`m in. I try to read Bible every day, I speak to God, confesion my sins, pray in every minute.
    But… I want to be better so I`m joining you in this Challenge!
    god bless you!

  237. Tish Mency permalink

    I am in!!! Facing some health issues right now, so this challenge is exactly what I need to boost my faith and help me get through!!! Thanks for leading this!!

  238. Cathey permalink

    I accept your challenge, Bro. Mark. God is the answer to all of life’s troubles. He’s true to his Word. When we’re all contemplating New Year’s resolutions, there could not be a better or more appropriate than now to accept this challenge!

  239. Jennifer permalink

    I would like to participate in this challenge. Thia ia juat what I need to start out the new year.
    Thank You

  240. Cathey permalink

    Although I’m sure you understand my meaning when you read my comment, I meant it to say ‘more appropriate ‘time’ than now to accept this challenge’. 🙂

  241. Laurie permalink

    I”d love to join, what a great challenge!!!

  242. Donna permalink

    I’m in!

  243. Anissa permalink

    I would like to accept the challenge…Count me in!

  244. I just read “the Bible” that u decribed to explain about daily devitation. I like to be involve and need to lift my spirits up cuz I had lots of plms with my christian life. I always read the bible and daily word books. Seem to think about world things not god’s words. I had too many challeges thru it. In 2010 I would like to join the changelles to foe those evils things and other religons. Can u send me some verses to my email every am? Thanks for your advices to mention those feed burners! Smile! God bless u in your heart!

  245. Shirley permalink

    My spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak.

  246. I can’t take the challenge, because my life is too ridiculous flexible.
    I have the faith of the guys in Mark2:4, who brought the paralyzed man to Jesus. I spend all my spare time in the Word, either by audio or reading, writing a book for my grandchildren to help them overcome for their generation, counsel with the helpless via internet.
    One thing I will do is to pray for the people, who took on the challenge, that they will glorify the Lord with their new found insights. I pray for all of them, not to grow weary in well doing. Lord, help them to make an impact in their families and their generation. I pray they will overcome procrastination, complacency and unfaithfulness by the blood of Jesus. Lord help them to overcome the trials, temptations and test they may encounter as they draw close to You. May each come boldly to Your throne of grace, where they find help and mercy, healing and encouragement on their journey to draw closer to You. Strengthen each one, as they go out into the world to fulfill the great commission. Lord, please help them to keep Your goal uppermost in their mind, so we can share heaven together with You. Please remind them, that Your children can not loose- ever, because the victory is already won in Jesus name. Amen

  247. I will be a part of this challenge. I have been looking for something like this. Perfect answer to prayer, thank you! I am in Texas, just fyi.

  248. shawna permalink

    I accept! Can’t wait to start it!

  249. Anna permalink

    I am with you. God Bless!!!

  250. haley permalink

    im in! so excited to see what God will have in store for all of us! 🙂

  251. Michele permalink

    Count me in on the journey. I look forward to a closer, stronger and more intimate relationship with Christ Jesus in 2010. God Bless!!

  252. Angie permalink

    It is never an easy road when you take on a challenge alone, such as weight management or exercising and eating right. It is truly a blessing to have someone to come along side of you and encourage you and to pray for you each day. Thanks for this challenge that I really want to strive to accomplish in my life. It has been a struggle for me to maintain a constant walk in God’s word and continued pray each day. Please pray for me and I will pray for all of you as well.

  253. David permalink

    I’ll take the Challenge, Mark. God bless you!

  254. cincinism permalink

    Rev. Mark, thank you for inviting others to join this challenge, I’m on board. Happy New Year to all!

  255. Kehinde Olugboja permalink

    God bless U Rev Mark, i’d love to seek GOD constantly in 2010, and i’m sure spending an hours in GOD’s presence is a very good start. I’m In.

  256. I’m in. Been looking for this for a long time. Thank you

  257. SHARON F. permalink


  258. Amy permalink

    I have just been praying asking GOD to help me draw closer to him and I just read your challenge and am so in awe of GOD that he sent you with this awesome challenge…I accept and I pray that GOD grabs a hold of your heart and he floods into you like never ever before!!

  259. Susan permalink

    This is an awesome thing to do, thank you Rev. Mark for taking the challenge and sharing it with others. I will be praying for you that God will enable you to dig deeper still into His word and will make you a voice for many. I am going to take this challenge and soar to new levels of closeness with our LORD.



  260. Jhia Henderson permalink

    Thanks for the challenge! Really appreciate it 😀

  261. Ali permalink

    I’m in

  262. Stephanie permalink

    Thanks so much. I want to take the challenge with others. I really need prayer as my husband will be released from federal prison sometime next year after nearly 10 years of incarceration. I don’t know what to do as I’m not sure if he is really ready to be home again. Please pray that he gets over his anger and hatred and will establish a relationship with God before it’s too late. He is not saved and he is so angry with God. Please, please pray for me and his family. Thanks so much.

  263. carrie permalink

    I can’t wait for this challenge. Sounds awesome.

  264. I accept this challenge

  265. Rhonda permalink

    Thanks for your obedience and for the challenge to the body of Christ to be constant in all things concerning our walk with God. May God bring us all deeper and take us all higher in Him. Blessings!

  266. patsy nndem permalink

    I am in please..!!

  267. Mike permalink

    its inline with what i have been thinking lately, that i want to be closer to God this coming year.

  268. Cindy permalink

    Thank you so much for sharing your challenge with us, I accept the challenge and pray that GOD gives you strength you need to keep this going GOD bless you and thank you for the encouragement!!

  269. Topper Markham permalink

    I would love to take on the challenge and strengthen my relationship with God.

  270. Patricia permalink

    Pastor Mark,
    I’m in with the challenge. Thank you. Your posts are great and I desire to grow deeper in God’s word.

    Happy New Year!!!

  271. Jacqueline Brown permalink

    Thank You for all your hard work bringing all of us together. I am in need of prayers, my marriage is on the rocks, my health has some issues, looking for a job. need help.

  272. tina permalink

    yes i would like to takepart of this experience but i will need guidance in this

  273. Marquis permalink

    I would love to be apart of His challenge.

  274. I’m taking this one on …this is a challenge I cannot afford to miss! God bless you.

  275. Dear Mark, I’m writing to you in hopes that you will read this.this particular email from your website about being constant really hit home with me.Trina(my wife) and I have been struggling to keep our house from being foreclosed upon. we have been trying to keep up with the payments. when i read todays “Journey deeper into Gods Word” email, the word “constant” has been upon me lately. constant in prayer, reading Gods’ word,keeping my faith that He will deliver my family through this trying time for the six of us and struggling to keep our home.Mark, God gave us this house. why else would He have given it to us? I have prayed for this chance to have something like this of my own. I am not going to give up on Him. That’s why He’s not giving up on me and my constant prayer and dedication to God our Father will never cease from me.Thank you for listening to my comments.

  276. I have been sensing God leading me to dig deeper and be a leader instead of a follower. This Challenge is something that can help me do just that. I had been thinking about the Prayer of Jabez lately and how God expanded his ministry. It is a scary though to step up and become a leader, but otherwise I am ignoring God’s leading.
    So, prayer would certainly be appreciated.
    Thank you and God Bless

  277. Andie permalink

    Wow! This morning the pastor of my church shared his vision. This year we are going to Let God Win In 2010! Thank you for the challenge to remain constant. I too will be partaking in this challenge. God Bless!

    • katrina permalink

      Oh how I love that “Let God WIn IN 2010”!!!! Hope you don’t mind me useing that….

  278. GAIL permalink

    Yes, I’ll take the challenge. I need this Thank you!

  279. Mary Eyiolorunfe permalink

    Thank you for setting this challenge and I pledge to follow it. I’ve been feeling so far away from God for quite a while now and every time I take a step forward I find it so easy to say I haven’t got any time left each day as I have 4 small children. I am sure this challenge will help me become disciplined and my hearts desire for next year is to get closer to God and spend time with Him like I used to and I feel excited at what might happen in my life as a result!

  280. crystal permalink

    Id like to say that i except the challenge to be constant!!

  281. Paulo permalink

    I would like to join this challenge. I miss this Lord so much.

  282. Susie permalink

    I am looking forward to the challenge and encouraging others to commit also. I accept the challenge of Constantly Seeking God. Keep me in your prayers. God bless and thank you.

  283. Marvi Victoria Obrero permalink

    I want to join this challenge. Please count me in. Thanks.

  284. Tawanda Walton permalink

    Thank you for the oppertunity to join you in this challenge.

  285. Evan. Mary permalink

    Yes, thanks Min. Mark this is a God send. Happy to get closer and have more, more, and more of the Word of God. I ready for the challenge

  286. Debbie permalink

    I would like to except the challenge

  287. Michelle permalink

    Me too!!!

  288. Theresa permalink

    I accept the challenge eagerly and faithfully!

  289. Eugenia permalink

    I’m in for the challenge! Looking forward to going deeper in the Word and my relationship with God! Thanks Pastor Mark!

  290. Segun permalink

    Jus what i need, always felt the need to do more in my spiritual life. I get so much yet i give so little, God help me as i take this step.

  291. I’m in for the challenge! Looking forward to going deeper in the Word and my relationship with God! Thanks Pastor Mark!

  292. hello mark you well not believe this just about a hour or so a a had a woman in my living tell me i spend to much time on my talking about god she told that god did not want us to be in always be thinking and talking about him well she was getting me mad because i have give my life all of it to god and i want him to tell me what next well she told i need to find friends and got to movies and don’t be all about god everyday of my life mark i had to stop and take a time out because she was not talking to i can tell you that i know after that talk that the devil was in it and i am not having it and i had my nephew to tell me i need to not be so into god to have a life outside the church my life is the church and i don’t want to deal with no one who not about god well please keep in your prayers and my family thank’s brothers cecil and jason burdette god bless you and love in jesus name cece

    • Diane W permalink


      You be true to yourself and true to God. Be strengthened in your faith in Him and may it ever increase more and more as you grow in Our Lord Jesus. Always think about Him and always talk about Him. I will pray for you for Strength and Courage and a Great and Beautiful 2010 and beyond. Numbers 6: 24 to 26 🙂

    • katrina permalink

      WOW is all I can say to that.. I can honestly say that I hate that I lost my rightness path with God. I am deeply trying to get it right this time & keep it. I just don’t see anything going right in my life without the Lord. I wouldn’t listen to her or anyone else on talking about finding something else to do but God.. God is EVERYTHING.. I want all that he has to offer.. I pray that you keep serving the Lord as have been… Pray for the lady & your nephew as well…

  293. Lynette permalink

    Anything I can do to grow in the Lord! I’m in!!

  294. Victoria permalink

    As this year will entail many many changes, I need God to be the constant in my life. I’m on board!!!

  295. Sandy permalink

    I would like to go on this journey also. I am not very consistant and need to draw closer to the Lord. thank you

  296. Christina permalink

    Like so many others my #1 goal for the new year is to be spiritually fit and for Jesus to be my all in all. I accept this challenge:)

  297. Tonya permalink

    I will be joining you too!

  298. Kayla permalink

    I would LOVE to be a part of this! Thank you so much for your encouragement and dedication to our Lord! I pledge to be consistent and join you on this journey!

    By His Grace,

  299. Joseph permalink

    I want to have a lasting relationship

    • Attention: Joseph

      For sustainable relationship with the LORD, we only need to trade-in our make-belief, based on HEARSAY EVIDENCE (even Jesus’), for real faith based on the HARD EVIDENCE of firsthand and personal vision of Jesus Christ’s divine identity and authority (“seeing heaven open and God’s angels going up and coming down on the Son of Man”, John 1: 47-51) viewable at His “finished” works of perfect and transfigurative death on the cross (Ibid, 19: 30-37). Nothing could be more radical than Biblical faith. Check it out!

  300. Ron permalink

    Looking forward to the challenge.

  301. Eli permalink

    Count me in!!

  302. MaryJane permalink

    I am anxious to strengthen my understanding of God’s Word!!! Thanks!

    • Try the proven way equipped with the “key” that opens up all the hidden treasures of God’s wisdom and knowledge in the Bible. How? Know firsthand and personally Jesus Christ as He is! There is more @ ( Without the key, all your efforts will be in vain! GBY.

  303. Ivania permalink

    I am willing to join and become part of this challenge for 2010!

  304. Taylor permalink

    This is just what I needed for 2010, Thank you!

  305. Debbie permalink

    I just wanted to say thank you. I am committed to this challange.

  306. Elizabeth permalink

    There is no accident that I saw your challenge. God doesn’t have to tell me twice. I am in. God bless you, Mark.

  307. Dee permalink

    I too will accept the challenge! I look forward to learning more and living more Christ like in 2010. Thank you for this. I have been trying to figure out how and what I can do to have a closer walk with God and I think this is exactly what I was looking for.

  308. Shannon permalink

    I am joining you on this journey. This is confirmation of what I believe God has been speaking to my heart already. Thanks!

  309. Kwayne Bryant permalink

    Well, geez, i’m like the bottom of the chain on the comments! LOL, but I would like to join and grow more in the Lord and stop sinning so much! Thanks Mark! 🙂

  310. Darcy permalink

    Wow, this is going to be tough, maybe one of the hardest things I have ever done. It’s is something I need to do though. Please pray that I strive through till the 2011. 🙂 I’m a quitter!

  311. Antonio Hein permalink

    I love your site. Thank you for sharing your time to step out and make a difference. God bless, and I am all in.

  312. Shelley permalink

    I am excited to join you on this journey.

  313. I am so thankful for everything everyone is doing in my life to help me meet God personally. Every email is a blessing. Every passage brings me hope. I was a completely hopeless and destroyed teenager but when God came into my life, I saw a new meaning. Ever since I was on fire, I started noticing that God challenges me to help me grow in my faith. Many times the challenges I face, (not proud to say this) but I fail them! I recently started losing that fire and just find myself living and struggling through the day. I face so many issues. I feel like Satan wants to destroy me all over again. I cant let that happen! Please pray for me. Whoever reads this, please pray for me. I need prayer ! I am a lonely helpless individual and need much prayer. I want to really find God. I want to surrender my life to HIM completely, but I find myself submerged into doubt, jealousy, distrust, and just pure depression. I need help, and the most help I need is everyones prayer. Im a drowning soul. I need prayer and councilling. I find myself not wanting to live anymore at times, and that i understand comes from Satan. Gods people, please pray for me!!!! Thank you so much. -Victoria.

    • Vichy,

      Congratulations! With your spiritual poverty, you are an excellent candidate for the Kingdom of heaven (Matt. 5:1).

      To take advantage of your situation, “look at him whom they pierced” (John 19: 30-37). In the signs of perfect and transfigurative death of Jesus Christ on the cross, pray to find the powerful POINT OF CHANGE which is guaranteed to give you a completely new life immediately (Ibid, 3: 1-21). There is your Christ-mass present for you. May you live to be a witness and blessing to friends new and old! AMEN.

  314. Sue permalink

    I am looking forward to joining you in this!!

  315. Liz permalink

    So much of this article has said exactly what I have been feeling. I’m in!

  316. Joshua Yakel permalink

    This is amazing it is a nazarite vow of seperation unto the Lord and I accept gladly.

  317. Michael Cook permalink

    All right I accept this challenge. I will be working on not only my spiritual life but also my physical as well. Both need to be in better shape. So…Let’s GO!

  318. Diane Walden permalink

    Yes, I totally accept this challenge Mark to “2010 Constantly Seeking God Challenge”. 2010 is a New Year with New Challenges and I want to grab that with both hands. May Our Lord bless you always….Blessings 🙂

  319. Lilibet permalink

    I hope this challenge helps me to be more steady in my study!

  320. michele permalink

    I want to do this challenge

  321. Tamika permalink

    I’m in!! 🙂 It’s time!! 🙂

  322. Diane Walden permalink

    Yes, I absolutely accept this challenge Mark. 2010 is a new year and I want to grab it with both hands and constantly be changed into Our Lord Jesus Christ. Much Blessings always 🙂

  323. I follow your blog and have loved your commentaries on the word. I look forward in learning more of God’s word through this Challenge. I accept this challenge and Thank God for people who carry the Gospel on the internet. God Bless you as you guide us into our Destiny by discovering his Word for ourselves. Thank You ❤

  324. As I left as a comment earlier today…I told my husband that he should blame my mom for me being such a “Jesus Freak” cause she prayed for 28 years for me to hunger & thirst for His righteousness. I’ll be 50 in June and I haven’t stopped in all these almost 22 years! And, I’m always looking for a way to grow more, learn more, follow more, glorify Him more…and on and on! Even though I’ve been through quite a bit physically….I yearn to be whatever He wants me to be, even if He has intended for me to be a broken clay pot! Thank you, Lord!

  325. Susan permalink

    I want to do this, and have for a long time now. Thanks for the motivation! I’m in!

  326. I know I need this. I know I’ve stumbled along the way, and have just been laying by the side of the path. I sense *this* is part of what God is calling me to do, to get back on track.

  327. BethAnn E Backer permalink

    I am excited to accept this challenge and grow my faith in 2010.

  328. Ruku Molinari permalink

    Yes! A closer walk with Jesus is my desire. Thank you for this challenge, and please pray for me and my family to do this.

  329. Michele permalink

    I’m in. Thank you…I pray that each of us finds strength in God to persevere through His challenge. And that in our weakness He will draw ever closer to us and remind us of who we are in Him and who He is in us.

  330. i feel I need all the help I can get; so I take the callenge Mark 2010 with a open heart. After losing my son four yrs ago I have been very angry with life and GOD seem no matter how hard I tryed I failed. Then I relized I had to love myself and stop blaming GOD for my anger and fight. My goal is to make it into the gates of HEAVEN where my LORD and Son wait for me. SO LETS GOOOOO

  331. Christy permalink

    I am in…I really hope to learn and grow with this challenge.

  332. Mary Kay permalink

    Believing that consistancy is vital to growing in understanding of God I would like to open this door and see where it takes us.,

  333. I look forward to embarking on this journey with you!!!!!

  334. katie permalink

    im going to try so hard because god gives me strength & i can do all things through him. im accepting this challenge!. im going to try & start up a fire in my family…& youth group…one that does not burn out…

  335. Robert Wade permalink

    I am accepting the challenge. I am in to win in 2010!

  336. Teri permalink

    I’ll take that challenge!

  337. Cherie Hinton permalink

    I accept the challenge.

  338. Carmen permalink

    I’m there Pastor Mark..this will go well with our church’s 21 day fast starting Jan 4. 2010…Be Blessed…

  339. Donna permalink

    I am up for the challenge. Thanks for the opportunity to grow!

  340. Lisa Balash permalink

    Mark: Thank you for your challenge…I am willing to accept this in hopes that it will lead me closer to the Lord. Thank you.

  341. Breauna Wilburn permalink

    Im 14 years old and even though most people think im too young for this challenge,I still want to do it!! I think this journey will help me to dive deeper into Gods word.And help me to put God first in my life.This challenge will help me to overcome some of the things that held on to since I was 7. It will also help me to make better choices in life.Thank you for this opprotunity and God bless

  342. Jodi permalink

    I am definitely in!

  343. Kim permalink

    I definitely want to be a part of this challenge. I know Jesus is coming back soon, and I want a deeper relationship with Him.

  344. D. Bunch permalink

    I am definitely in need of this!!!

  345. angie fischer permalink

    I would like to be apart of this challenge. I want to show and tell the light that our LORD has given me! Thanks for shareing Gods blessings every day! in the fb world.

  346. Tera permalink

    I accept the challange! I need this! Thanks so much for allowing me to be apart of this. 2010 will be the BEST year yet! God Bless, xoxo

  347. Marquita permalink

    I really need this. I have been struggling so much over the past few months and I want to renew and strengthen my walk with God.

  348. denise permalink

    Yes I want to be a part of the Challenge for 2010. I love our Father. Bring it ON

  349. Sara permalink

    I’m in.

  350. Cheri Guptill permalink

    I accept the challenge. I had already made a commitment to spend more time with God, growing closer to him, and this just solidifys it. Thank you Mark!

  351. Carolyn permalink

    I accept your challenge and thank you for this opportunity. God has been working with me to return to my relationship that I had with Him when I was first saved. This can only help in that quest.

  352. Kim permalink

    I have been attempting to have a daily schedule of time with God but have not been successful. Prayerfully with this I will start a daily routine like I have hoped.

  353. Peggy McGlothlin permalink

    I accept the challenge. My desire is to grow as strong in my walk as I can this year. I have been complacent for too long. To be honest,I had very little faith left when I came to face book. The connectitons I`ve made here have saved my life spiritually,and I have been Blessed beyond measure because of all of my FB friends. It is amazing to me that God is using a web page to bring me back to Him in such a wonderful way.

  354. Janet permalink

    I want to start my year off right seeking GOD more and more. I accept this challenge and have GOD’S will be done in my life.

  355. Brittany permalink

    I am up to the challenge and looking forward to it!

  356. Pat permalink

    I’m with you…glad to have your blog as a daily reminder

  357. Billie Ruth permalink

    I accept this challenge because I feel in my spirit it will make a huge difference in my relationship with Jesus. A few years ago I was praying and reading the Bible more than ever. My pastor and his wife noticed a huge difference is me. I felt so close to the LORD. It was a beautiful experience. I met a man and had a sexual relationship. He was a Christian also. We both repented and it never happened again. I stopped reading the Bible and praying. I was so angry with myself because of the lack of self-control. I have let go of the anger and realize that the LORD means it when he says that His mercies are new every morning. Praise GOD that He is a forgiving God. I am ready to grow spiritually so that I can be used by Him to advance His kingdom.

  358. RWhitaker permalink

    Yes I would like to be a part of this challenge. Thank you!

  359. Wendy permalink

    I am ready for the challenge. For I know God will do get and mighty things this coming year. This just goes along with things we are doing in church this coming year.

  360. Aprella permalink

    I accept the challenge. I love God’s Word and I know this is a way to grow and get closer to Him.

  361. Jessica permalink

    Hey guys…so I’ve been dealing a lot with trying to discern the voice of God. I’ve always acted out of turmoil and fear of disobeying God, without even asking for confirmation (which would be disobeying God, or so I thought). So finally this caught up with me…I almost divided my family, and was in complete turmoil for weeks. I lost weight and had trouble sleeping…barely holding onto God. I’ve recently moved away from my home church and so I am virtually alone. Anyways, the leaders and pastor of my home church and the one I have been going to in my new town all told me the exact same thing (that what was going on had NOTHING to do with God…He is not the author of confusion…and He doesn’t put us through turmoil. So…I’ve finally gotten my head out of water and the anxiety attacks have lessened. This has all been an attack seeing that in the month previous to this I had gotten closer to God and it was amazing…then this happened. It showed me how broken my view of God was…as a loving father who helps His children to do His will and who understands, and gives second chances…I have lost that Jesus some how. Though I’m fighting condemnation and a messed up thought process, Jesus is my everything and I WILL fight. So…if anyone has any words of wisdom or encouragement I would very much love you for it!

  362. Emmanuel Ekeopara permalink

    thank God for what he is doing in the last day and also for counting me wordy to be part of his move in this few day left.

  363. Emma permalink

    I’ll take this on… thanks!

  364. Kelle permalink

    I want to join the challenge.

  365. Deanna permalink

    i am taking on the challenge.. it was something i was already hoping to give my best at..but an organized program and challenge like this..makes me declare it and hopefully will have more of an affect!!!!

  366. Don permalink

    Thank you for the challenge! 2009 has been a difficult year for our family, and over the past few years I have drifted away from the Lord, the scripture, and prayer. I need this challenge to bring me closer to my savior, and to keep me in the scripture. I know God has an infinate love for me, and I want to accept his gift of love and life everlasting. Please pray for me, that I can get my life back on track, and keep God first and foremost in my life. Thank you.

  367. lyn permalink

    I accept the challenge, please pray for me

  368. Jessica permalink

    By the way…I’m in!

  369. Bill permalink

    I will commit to daily time with with Gods word everyday.

  370. This sounds wonderful and a great way to start the new year on a firmer foundation; Committed to using the Bible in 90 days to read through the bible but have made it a point to read the bible each day and seeking Him always.

  371. Glynnis permalink

    So looking forward to growing cloer to our gracious Father with everyone in 2010. Such a necessary step ….. PTL for inspiring you to walk this walk.
    Blessing from sunny South Africa.

  372. Angela Ayira permalink

    I ll be honoured to be a partaker of seeking God’s challenge.

  373. Aimee permalink

    i am so looking forward in doing this! i have been a full committed christian since june. and ever since school started back up, ive been slacking with prayer and reading God’s word. i think this will really help me and i’m looking forward to all the good things God will do in our lives as we grow with him. God Bless everyone.

  374. Beck permalink

    I am always wanting to seek GOD more, more, and more…I want to always be able to hear HIS voice and move when HE says move, do when HE says do, speak when HE says to speak!! I always want be sure and know I am in HIS WILL and not mine!

  375. Amber permalink

    Thank you for this inspiring challenge. Count me in!

  376. virginia permalink

    I am a new christian and a skeptic but I am told if I ead the bible and pray I will get answers and my life will change….let’s see

  377. Justin permalink

    I want to renew my faith and begin a journey that will lead me even closer to the Lord

  378. Kevin permalink

    This is a great way to stay focused on God and be deeply involved in His Word. I love it.

  379. Bernardo permalink

    I have excepted Christ a few years back and fell out of communication with Him.. I am trying to get back in touch with My Lord and Savior yet have been having difficulties but with the help of you’re post and advice i know that i can do anything through Christ who strengthens me. He has always been there for me so he has never left in fact i am the one who left his side and like the Prodigal Son seek to return to my father who i need very much… May God keep blessing you and you’re family. Thanks again…

  380. Kevin permalink

    I’ll join the challenge

  381. Bernardo permalink

    Challenge Accepted…

  382. Terri permalink

    I want to take the journey deeper into God’s word, thank you, Terri

  383. Nikki permalink

    This is exactly what I was looking for! Now I will pray for the motivation and discipline to stay focused and determined. Please pray for me.

  384. Ryan B permalink

    I’m in! The Lord is amazing and there is always more to learn about Him and His will.

  385. Lynn permalink

    I desparately need this challenge. I have great difficulty retaining things I learn and I’m praying this challenge will help me. I want nothing more than a closer walk with God. Let me rephrase that, I need nothing more than I need a closer walk with God. I depend on Him for every breath I take. Without God I wouldn’t be alive now. Thank You God. I love You.

  386. Jenn permalink

    I need this not only to help feed my own soul, but so I may continue to feed others. This discipline will be good for me. GOD BLESS YOU!

  387. isuquinndog permalink

    I’m ready for this. 2010 is going to be awesome!

  388. cherry bajao permalink

    i want to take the challenge .. i want to make a difference in my life this 2010..

  389. Kathy Voss permalink

    I am believing that 2010 will be an awesome year, not only for me but for the church worldwide. We’re marching to Zion!

  390. Nichole permalink

    I would like to take the challenge, I have been working on bringing myself closer to God and i believe this will help and challenge me to do just that

  391. MaryMarthaKay permalink

    Looking forward to this challenge Rev. Mark, and excited and looking forward to see your personal reflections as we go along, and comments and reflections of others participating ….. and to hear the still small Voice of God in a louder and clearer way ….. as in HDTV (Higher Definition Trusting Victoriously) !!

    God Bless you and everyone participating in 2010 !

  392. Jennifer permalink

    My church today created a 2010 resolution board some people said to be consistent with our reading and praying so this is so amazing 🙂

  393. Randall permalink

    I enjoy reading the scripture’s that Mark places on facebook.They are very encouraging.It’s been a little over a year since I had backslidin away from my church.I remember how close I was to God.I graduated two years of ministry school and now I feel like I am back at stage one.While in ministry school God gave me a vision and I come back to that vision every once in awhile.I will take this challenge and act upon the principle’s that I have been tought.Thank You for being diligent and constant in your walk.It is very encouraging.

  394. Frederick permalink

    I realy need this challange so please count me in. God is very very good to me and I realy want to get closer to Him.

  395. Count me in, I need change. I need the hunger to read the Bible and to lose this anger demon that is fighting inside me.

  396. Olufunmilayo permalink

    Thank you very much for sending this message of God. In fact it was as if u know what i am thinking in my mine cos i was telling God that i did not dedicate my self full to him this year 2009. I believe through the messages u want to be sending to me it will transformed me totally in reading the word of God, prayer and fiath.

    I will be expecting it.


  397. Jenine permalink

    This challange is just what I need! I seek to get closer to God and to be what He wants me to be. To long have I been holding back and I didn’t look to Him for help when I needed it the most, but it all changed this year and I would love to do this challange with you and to really get to know the Bible.

  398. Toya permalink

    Count me in Brother!

  399. Benjamin permalink

    Dear brother Mark!

    I am so happy you have decided to take the Lord seriousely. I too want to be constant in my walk with Him; so, I have decided to join your 2010 challenge. I am sure the Lord will bring many blessings through it.

    In His love,


  400. Jaclyn permalink

    I’m in! I’m ready to be constant in my seeking of God!

  401. Heidi permalink


  402. The Lord has been tugging at my heart and it’s time for me to swing wide the gate and let Him in to do what He wants. Thank you for this…yes I am joining you.

  403. God has been awesome this year and i pray for the same next year. However, i have not been constant with prayer but i try, so count me in. Hope to change in 2010

  404. Amen, am with you

  405. Aisha permalink

    Rev Mark, i just want to say thank you for obeying God. 2009 has been a big learning curve in my life and coming across your application on facebook was like a revealation on my part. i know this is God talking to me and so many other people out there. i thank God for your life,your family and your ministry. i pray that He strengthens you each day spirituallyand physically to keep doing what u are doing for His people. It is amazing how people’s lives can be changed by you obeying God and not even realizing it. thank you for the challenge, i accept it and i pray that great testimonies will be shared on your blog because of what you are doing. May God bless you immensely.

  406. jenny bigalbal permalink

    I’m happy to be part of this challenge because I am eager to know more God and be closer to HIM. Thanks to facebook because I’ve learn about this site, it will become my daily habit for 2010 to read God’s word through this site and inspire me always in everything I do and in every struggles or problem that I will encounter. God is good all the time. 🙂

  407. Libby permalink

    I’m in! I am making a commitment to being constant in 2010 in reading His Word, prayer, and confession, repentance, and moving up to the next level. An hour a day… I’ve called myself a Christian for over ten years, and I’m ashamed to say I have become complacent. I want more!! More of Jesus!! Thank you, Reverend Mark, for your challenge and for your guidance in this journey.

  408. 2010 Constantly Seeking God Challenge
    27 12 2009

    Colossians 2:6-7: As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving.challage for 2010 jounery stronger with god

    when i saw the message i said yes lord your speaking to me …so lord i shall do this because i need answers for 2010 to move forward in my life and to be guide by you philli 4-4 guide my heart in christ jesus thank you thank for my vison and mt answer amen

  409. Fritz Hubertus Vaziri permalink

    I’d like to give it a try.

  410. Meagan permalink

    I would like to join please! Thanks Mark, this is so exciting! Thank you and GOD Bless!!

  411. I want to learn how to read the bible….. I am ready to commit to change in my life and focus on good health and especially on spiritual nourishment! Thank you for this great tool of enlightment!

  412. Bertude permalink

    I know that God wants to do somethings special in my life, but first I really need to discipline myself. Thank you for this

  413. Kim permalink

    my husband and I are starting the new year with fertility treatments so learning to rely and trust in God are going to help me get through the next year. Thank you for issuing that challenge.

  414. kay permalink

    I need this challenage as I need to be closer to god,and to make a difference for the up coming year.

  415. I would love to be a part of this challenge…

  416. Michelle permalink

    MYRA, Please contact me at I have been were you are at and would love to help if I can. It really helps to have someone to talk to and pray with. I have alot of good information too that you can use to help you. My name is Michelle and I pray to hear from you soon….

  417. Kathy permalink

    I will join you in this challenge. I want nothing more than to please God with the life that He has entrusted to me and this challenge will help me to do that. Thank you, Mark! God bless us all as we aspire to be continuously in His presence!!

  418. With the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup in June / July 2010 we need all the prayers and help we can get as we prepare to proclaim the name of Jesus to the many thousands visiting our country during this time. To God be the GLORY – Great things He Will Do!!!

  419. Bertha Patrick permalink

    This is just what I needed ,I don’t get to get to church like I used to so I except your challenge in 2010 getting closer to God and holding on tight .Thanks Rev.Mark

  420. Keep my husband and me in your prayers.I try to live a christian life,but sometimes you wonder away my husband has been cancer free for two years.I am thankful for all God has did.I keep him and my family in my prayers all the time but it don’t seam like it enough. Maybe this will help. Thank you

  421. Tammy Nadeem permalink

    Thanks Mark! Yes I too would like to take this challenge. Almost a year ago I prayed for God to put his man in my life and he did. I did not want to get involved in a relationship that was not God’s will for my life. He has grown and answered several prayers confirming that this relationship is from him and is his will for my life. I am now waiting and praying for him to give the same confirmation to the man in my life. God has told me to be obedient and submissive and that is what I am doing in the present. Being human I do struggle not understanding where and what God is doing, but I can rest assure that he is working in areas unknown to both of us. I am excited to see where it goes and what he has in store for us. Please keep us in your prayers that we will keep our eyes on God as we pray for this confirmation of his will in our lives. This challenge will be very good for me and I thank you for your time.

    God Bless!!

  422. Nancy Lee permalink

    The desire of my heart is to make some major changes in my life in 2010. This will take alot of work on my part and especially, God’s help. My life is pretty much a mess…..bad marriage(2nd time around;rushed into it)….smoking and drinking too much wine. I am really sick of it all,but depression is keeping me from moving forward,plus some days I feel as if I have basically given up. I am exhausted trying to make everyone in my life happy,at my own sacrifice, so I am tending towards isolating myself. I have always been a “people person” and very active. This marriage mistake is taking a toll on me. Please pray for God to take control so I can “let go and let God.” I hope we can all improve our lives thru Rev. Mark’s leadership!

  423. Peggy permalink

    I have been searching for a long time for a way to find God in a deeper relationship. Thank you. Pray for me and the healing of my body. I have had six years of one illness or injury after another and have faith that the reason will be revealed to me and healing will come. GOD BLESS YOU and your endeavor!

  424. Mary Kate permalink

    As I read these comments, I am in awe of how many people you have touched Mark. This is truly a blessing to see. I have said that I would love for the bible to be an extention of my arm. I truly thankful that God is using you for this ministry. Thank you for helping us with our personal journey with God.


  426. Sheila permalink


  427. Sheila permalink


  428. natalie permalink


    dearest i too at one point was ready to give up on my marriage my husband for 10 years had different affairs and i was so tired of the lies. i realized forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting, it was very hard but i kept my eyes on the Lord and instead of asking for my husband to be changed i asked God into my heart to help me. it was very hard and took almost two years. your in my thoughts and prayers. I run a very large street ministry over 145 families almost 400 people so this is truly a challenge for me Mark to make the time everyday it has to be a life change! thanks

  429. Karell permalink

    Yes I will take the challenge.

  430. Cassandra Ramirez permalink

    I definitely need this as part of my new year’s resolution!

  431. Terri permalink

    I am looking forward to joining you in this challenge. God is my pilot! I lost my mom on March 21st of this year and I have so many questions that I’m trying to find answers to. I know that she’s in Heaven and that her struggles are over but she was my world and I’m having a hard time with losing her. My mom raised five girls on her own and I will always remember her reading the Word daily. She taught us about Jesus and she instilled faith, morals and integrity into me. So, I’m praying that this challenge will open my eyes to what takes place once our journey here ends and we’re finally at home with Jesus. I know that we can’t begin to fathom how beautiful Heaven is but I wonder what my Mom is doing, if she has thoughts of this life and if she remembers us. God bless you for opening the door for so many people seeking to do God’s will .. each and every day of our lives.

  432. Quinta permalink

    I am ready for this challenge. We need GOD like never before. I am going to seek GOD like never before. Praise and Glory belongs to you LORD.

  433. Thank you for presenting this Challenge. I need this so much. I will do it. God bless you!

  434. Brandon Kern permalink

    I will join this challenge.

  435. Kara permalink

    I am definitely on board!!

  436. katrina permalink

    I am ready for this challenge. Thank God for this… I am praying that my 2010 goes as God has desired for it to go, not my desire. I went through alot lot this year of losing my job & my home. I am praying to end my drinking habit that I have had for 20+ years. I am a single Mom of two teenage sons (who are 20 & 18 yrs old).. They thank God didn’t take up drinking as I did in my young age.. I am so grateful that they have strong minds.I pray that they journey on there visions, that they have for life.. I pray for my strong Mom who God have kept strong to be there for my sons & I through it all. I ask you all to pray for me & I will do the same for you all. I am thankful for this challenge & to remain strong in the Lord!!! Want to remain in the forward lane & not be side tracked. I will have to lose some friends for the new year.. I just pray that when that happens they understand. NEW YEAR, NEW BEGINNINGS!

    • Becki permalink

      Also remember that the Lord’s mercies are new EVERY MORNING!! So, it can be NEW DAY, NEW BEGINNINGS! 🙂 – I will be praying for you Katrina.

  437. Catey permalink

    I pray a lot during the days and I seek solace in the Lord and His Word; however, I probably don’t spend as much time as I am supposed to with Him and reading and praying. So, I am taking this challenge because I feel a deep personal need to grow closer to Him. I can’t wait!

  438. Dolores permalink

    Challenge accepted!!

  439. Aisha permalink

    count me in!!

  440. luis permalink

    great spirit-led idea! i’m in! thankyou JESUS!

  441. i am the kind of person that needs a alarm on everything and i tryed to remind myself to do a quiet time on my phone but i would always turn it of and say i will do it tomorrow. i see all these people writing about their marriges and i pray for them but im still in school…no not collage or high school but middle school im in 8th grade. and i hope when you read this you will pray for me because i need it! thanks for all the help!!
    -Maddy 😀

  442. jessica permalink

    I am hoping this challenge will help me with my 7 yr old son. He is having a lot of bad influences that are leading him in a bad direction. I am having trouble with him acting out and throughing temper tantrums. He has started cursing and i cannot get him to stop. he is also ADD. if anyone has any suggestions on how to get him back on the right path please let me know. he is such a good boy and i love him so much i just want what is best for him and i am not sure what to do. i am hoping this challenge will help my family to grow spriritually and help our bond as a family to grow and strenthen also.

  443. Jackie permalink

    I want to be apart of the challange! :]

  444. Nadine B permalink

    I would love to partake in this challenge!

  445. Becki permalink

    Just last night I was reading in Luke about taking up my cross daily. I am ready to take on that challenge. This is really great and I am looking forward to great things in 2010!

    I will be praying for all of you that asked for prayer. It will be a priviledge 🙂

    God Bless Everyone!

  446. “You study the Scriptures because you think that in them you will find eternal life. And these very Scriptures speak about me! Yet you are not willing to come to me in order to have life”. John 5: 39-40

    The point is clear. There is no life in Scriptures themselves. Life is in Jesus Christ alone! Scriptures, with their road signs, are only a means to that end. The distinction, between Scriptures and Jesus Christ, justifies change of strategy on our part and an all-out search for the signs that ultimately lead to the perpetual self-revelation of Jesus Christ. The last given sign, about to happen, was: “From this time on, you will see the Son of Man sitting on the right of the Almighty and coming on the clouds of heaven” (Matt. 26:64) .

    Therefore, there does not appear to be any better way than the death of Jesus Christ on the cross for MEETING THE CHALLENGE OF SEEKING AND FINDING GOD! What do you think?

  447. Denise permalink

    There is nothing that I want more than to seek God! I just want to live my life to please Him, so I will join this challenge.

    2009 has been a challenging year for me, and my family (especially my child) but I am trusting God to see us through

  448. Sandy permalink

    I really want to be seeking God in the coming year and everyday of my life!!
    I need your prayers.. I need to go deeper with God.. i want to be a part of this challenge!

  449. Charity permalink

    I definately need this! I think everyone does. I hope to involvemy children in it as well! Thank you fo rstarting this,as many people (such as myself) don’t know how/where to begin with something like this!

  450. Dawn permalink

    What a beautiful way to start a year !! to be seeking more of our lord and saviour.I know I dont read my bible enough .Praying is like secon nature to me but reading I always seem to find myself doing other things.I pray this year I seek the bible more and learn more .I take on this challange with excitement, filled with my armour and the fruits of the spirit.
    lead on dear friend
    your sister in Christ Dawn

  451. Suzette permalink

    Seeking God more is exactly what has been placed on my heart in the last few months and I am definitely excited to start this challenge!

  452. Bill permalink

    I think this concept is truly a blessing from the Lord. There are so many of us who have gone thru so much and continue to do so, God can take it away. 2010 will be a time of NEW BEGININGS as Katrina said. The blessings are already on the way, we got one today when we woke up. In order for those NEW BEGININGS to take place we will have to be prepared to let some things go, also some people. That doesnt mean we don’t have love for them, we’re just going to love them from a distance. We’re going to let go…and LET GOD! we can move forward and stay on that constant path that Rev. Mark is telling us about. God bless and keep us in the comming year, may he lead, guide and provide – in the precious name of our Lord & Saviour JESUS CHRIST – AMEN

  453. Jamie permalink

    I really need this challenge in my life and am so grateful to you for sharing your experiences with so many! Thank you and I look forward to becoming closer to God!

  454. god bless you and i am looking forward to getting closer to god

  455. Ros permalink

    What a perfect challenge to take on for 2010, and one I so need to get back on track. Thank you

  456. matthew wiley permalink

    I really want to try. I feel like I’m pretty messed up inside, and I get scared about changing sometimes, because sometimes it all feels so overwhelming, my relationship to God and to others and everything. But I know that I need to change, to be made whole and new, and I want to try. Please pray for me.

    – matt w.

  457. Julie permalink

    This is one of my goals for the New Year as well. I am off to a good start, as I was laid off my job so had much more time on my hands. Although I am suffering Economic hardship, I am still blessed and want to draw even closer to God and continue to build my faith. I accept this challenge and it will be great to see others partake in this journey as well. I pray for all of you to recieve a renewed and refreshed heart; to plant the Word of God deep in the soil of your heart and may it take root and produce much fruit in this coming new year! May God bless all areas of every one of your lives!

  458. catrina permalink

    God bless you for this awesome challenge, and the reason that it is awesome because of what the results will bring If we stay commited and determined to stick with it because God says in his word he is a rewarder to them that diligently seek him, and I know for me personaly I need to grow more and more in God!!! I will be praying for every one that is going to be doing this as well I pray there STRENGHT IN JESUS NAME.

  459. Sheena-Gay permalink

    I’ve been struggling in my walk with God for quite sometime and having made a decision to seek him earnestl I think that this challenge will propell me towards my goal. I’m really looking forward to renewing and rebuilding m realtionship with God.

  460. LaDonna permalink

    Yes. I accept and look forward to this challenge to be consistant, to form good habits, and spending some much needed time with The Lord. Thank you and God Bless you/

  461. Evan permalink

    I’m ready for this challenge!

  462. Thank you for this challenge I have been wanting to get closer to God and his Word. This will help me keep consistent I so deeply want to know HIm in a much deeper way. To hear from him and to know him more though this coming year. Thank you for this blog I know many people are encouraged by it. God Bless you and your family.

  463. jameel permalink

    i would like to be part of this challenge

  464. Sarah permalink

    🙂 Thank you, Mark. I am exited for the 2010 challenge, and it really helps, because it is kind of a motivator for me to read my Bible. I will be praying for your friends that you mentioned in your “an encounter with an angel” passage, and all of the people participating in this challenge. 😀

  465. fiona permalink

    God amazes me so much, I am sooo in this challenge, last year my pastors said we were praying for a year of break throughs and many breakthroughs came in our currently little chirch of about thirty, this year he and his wife said may 2010 be the year we work on our relationship with God, let it be the year we come closer to God, we gain more of Him. The Spirit of the Lord, I believe, Is moving the church as a whole in the same direction, MAy the Lord empty us of ourselves and fill us with more of Him..Amen

  466. Evanjaleen permalink

    I am very excited and very willing to join the challenge to seek God on a constant basis.Though I love God I find myself being pulled away from his presence by allowing the things I do and deal with on a daily basis take up my time so I find the time I give to the Lord shrinking and chaos growing. So the challenge to constantly seek Him in 2010 is just what I need and desperatly want!!!

  467. dorthy porter permalink

    I am excited to be apart of your ministry this next year.You have helped me grow so much this past year.I will be doing my bible reading right along with you.

  468. Ann Hite permalink

    I’m looking forward to this challenge. I have been studying on a passage each day for the last few weeks. Matter of a fact, I don’t move on until I feel moved by God to do so. It is a wonderful learning experience.

  469. Robbi Avila permalink

    I shall take this challenge and passs it on to my friends…God is always around to be found we just all need to seek!!!

    In Him,


  470. Samantha permalink

    I Totally had this idea, MY YEAR OF GOD! I’m stoked this is out here now! I think God saying, “You’re Gonna Need Some Help, Sam” 🙂 I’m happy to have it!

  471. I really need this, I want to do this, I”m not very good at remembering to read the Bible every day. Please pray for me. I need this so much especially now. I enjoy your commentary very much.

  472. Pat Clardy permalink

    I’m ready to touch the hem of my Lord and Saviors garment more and more by constantly seeking God.

  473. David Obaseki permalink

    Iam in… it will help me in my Spiritual walk.

  474. Lori permalink

    Definitely!! I want to sign up and get closer to God so I can be a witness to those who don’t know, or have denied Him. I’m very much enjoying and do appreciate your posts, Mark. Keep up the great work!!

  475. Annie permalink

    Alright, this is a little worrisome for me because I tend to have a hard time commiting but I need to and must do this. It is the next step in a growing relationship with the Lord. Please pray that I can keep my focus and not get lost in the midst of this crazy world we now live in. 2010 is a great year for positive change! Thanks for the challenge.

  476. Jennifer permalink

    I want to know God deeper– I am willing to accept the challenge

  477. Penney permalink

    This is going to be a real challenge for me. But one I need to commit to and one that I need in my life. I go through phases in my walk with the Lord. I get really “high on Jesus” for months then hit a wall and stray away for even longer periods of time.

  478. Lydia Reyes permalink

    Wow, I am so thrill in seeing the hand of God working on his people. I feel he has a lot of good things coming our way thru this great challenge he is offering all of us. I look forward in taking this challenge with all my brothers and sisters. I am very excited to see the mighty Army , Our Awesome God is putting together. I pray that we will all be filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that we can accomplish the works that God has for all of us. Thanks again Mark, for doing the works that will give God all Honor ,Glory and praise. I wish you all Joy Peace and Love in 2010, from our heavenly Father ,Whom all good things come from for all who love him.

  479. Katrina Bond El permalink

    I would love to seek God’s face daily, read the word of God and learn to pray more effectively every day about all things.

  480. Mary Phillips permalink

    I need lots of prayers over the next year.

  481. Trace permalink

    I SO need this in the coming year. White-knuckling my drug recovery. White-knuckling on life…

  482. There is NO GREATER CHALLENGE than going through “the hard way and narrow gate to life which few people find” (Matt. 7: 13-14). Know the costs are high and the benefits incomparably higher!

  483. Melanie permalink

    Hi! I would like to be part of this challenge. I am looking forward to learning more about my God and His Word. Thank you for making this possible.

  484. Marlene permalink

    God is amazing and works absolute miracles every day. I was in Mozambique over the Christmas period, and decided then that 2010 is going to be my year to make my relationship with God stronger and to communicate with our God more. Then this challenge came along…coincidence…I think not… : ) I believe this is God’s way of starting the new chapter in my life and relationship with Him.

    I accept the challenge and I’m looking forward to a great 2010.

    : )

  485. misty permalink

    wow this is crazy!!

  486. Dixie Plank permalink

    Hey thank you so much for the challenge!!! I look forward to the challenge in 2010!!

  487. Jamey permalink

    I will be partaking in this

  488. Leslie permalink

    Wonderful! Thank you for doing this and I pray that many souls will be touched by your work here.

  489. Chris Rich permalink

    God is amazing. It will be fantastic having something that will help to encourage me in my daily walk with the Lord.

    • Ms. Lanetta permalink

      My dear brother in Christ Chris Rich. God is with you daily. For each time you open your eyes, you are able to see, smell. speak, move your legs, and arms. That is Gods way of saying good morning my child. What can I help you with this day. God is good all the time, try to spend more time with God, just talking to him, just like you would a friend for God is our friend. Once you begin to talk to him God will begin to talk back to you. Now that is a good, great thing. To have speak to you about your day. For each and every thing that you wish to do in life if it is Gods will it will happen. Bless it be in this new year 2010. While spending more time with God. Your sister in Christ Ms. Lanetta!

  490. Sharri permalink

    I write in my Journal every morning to God, seeking Him, perhaps this will help me intensify my walk and faith. I will try the challenge.

  491. Emmerson permalink

    l really need Jesus Christ in my life. l know The LORD is always with me and he is going to do great things in my life. Pray for me guys so that the power of THE LAMP OF GOD may manifest in me and break all bondages.
    thank you

  492. Maria Vilona permalink

    I want to be constantly seeking God..

  493. Christina permalink

    I want to go deeper into God’s word. I want to be a part of this challenge.

  494. Monica permalink

    I want to constantly seek God to be closer to Him and do the things that are pleasing to Him.

  495. Terrie permalink

    I like so many others, find it difficult to commit to seeking God. I need to have a closer relationship with Him, I am so lost at this point in my life. I have lost my identity and need God in my life to help guide me on the right path. Please pray that I will be successful keeping this commitment and find my way in this life again, with God as my guide.

  496. Anna permalink

    I will be participating

  497. Sieglinda permalink

    I want to constantly seek God.

  498. Cindy permalink

    I am always seeking God and in the current state of our world I believe we must be ever deligient in our journey to be close to our Lord and Saviour.

  499. Brooke permalink

    I am so excited!!! I really need this. My family and I are going through a very hard phase right now. I feel as though our faith is being tested. Please pray for us. We are trying to adopt a child that we have cared for since he was 4 days old, and he is now 13 months. We could use all the prayers anyone can lift up.

  500. Josh permalink

    I want the challange.

  501. sherry permalink

    i accept god has truly blessed me in 2009 and i also need to prepare and be more constant in him!!!

  502. Charice S. permalink

    I’m gonna do it! 😀 And I’m extremly excited about it too! ^_^

  503. Jim Heffner permalink

    I think this is an incredible challenge….. one I feel I really need. I am in for it!!!

  504. Lee permalink

    me too

  505. Jen permalink

    I am looking forward to this challenge

  506. Alicia permalink

    My walk with God is always an off and on one and I definitely need to change that; I believe 2010 is my year for that, so I am ALL in to challenge myself to get it together and focus on God the way he focuses on me… Thank you for starting this; you’re such a blessing!

  507. Colleen permalink

    This year has been particulary rough for my family and myself. My husband’s friend and business partner took his own life in September and then in November, my mother-in-law passed away unexpectedly at the age of 64. I have struggled with depression and have found comfort in scripture. Sometimes my faith falters , but I always look to the Lord for strength. It helps so much to be able to read His word everyday and know that there are people out there who care and will help me when I falter on my journey.

  508. Lindsey permalink

    There has been a lot going on in my life and God seems to keep telling me to be in His Word more so I definitely will do this.

  509. please pray for the Philippines because next year at 2010, there will be a presidential elections and one who we’ve been supporting is Bro. Eddie Villanueva as president… we need a government who has faith in God and fear of the Lord…so pray with us . . .thank you

  510. Rebecca Hartman permalink

    WOW, what inspirational stories & quotes, I am so into this challenge. GOD has been so good to me.

  511. Jennifer Womack Jones permalink

    I look forward to growing stronger in my relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I am at a very low point right now, and I need to immerse myself in God’s Word to make it through. Thank you for the challenge.

  512. Margie Anderson permalink

    I’m in, Mark! The Bible is a constant delight!

  513. Marcia D Roberts permalink

    I think the Lord has sent me to this site as I have recently accepted God as my savior and is seeking diligently to walk in his presence daily. I am looking forward to studying the Bible and to concrete my walk with my Father! Pray my strength! God Bless!

  514. Lizabeth permalink

    I am accepting this challenge! I SO want to be in a deeper relationship with Him and I want 2010 to be the best year yet!

  515. Clarice permalink

    I luv it and i sure am going 2 join it!

  516. Russell permalink

    This is awesome how many are willing! I’m in and ready to see what God has in store for me.

  517. Jordan Smitherman permalink

    I want to constantly seek GOD

  518. Rachel permalink

    I accept this challenge. I have been praying an asking for a way to diligent seek God and a way to form a closer relationship with God, what better way than by accepting your challenge. You are such an inspiration Rev. Mark I pray that God be with you during this journey, your words that you post are always something that I need. I can’t thank you enough for what you have started. May God continue to bless and keep you as you guide us all through this spiritual journey to form a closer relationship with God.

  519. JANE MORRISON permalink

    i think we all need constant prayer for the coming new year i need prayer for my family and myself my grandaughter will be in holland teaching foe a year my son inlaw wil be in saudi arabia for a he can period of time working and he can anot take his bible or any material about god.

  520. stefany permalink

    i really need this. i seem to take a few steps forward and then slide back.

  521. Kristen Johnson permalink

    definitely up for the challenge[:

  522. Mary permalink

    Thanks. I was looking for something for 2010 – as I am not going to be able to make the Bible studies at church this year because of work.

  523. Keith B permalink

    I need to become focused. I know that God is calling upon me to serve him I can feel this and see this through his examples to me. i need guidance on how to get started it’s been over 40 years since I’ve really really prayed and took God into my life full time.

  524. I have been struggling the past two years with my faith and at some points wondering if I was ever saved to begin with all those years ago. I know that I was born again and that Jesus is my Lord and Savior, I have just lost my way. I am desperate to make 2010 the year I shine my light and make a difference for the Kingdom of Christ. I am anxious and confident that the Lord will see me through as I constantly seek Him in the new year and daily for all the years after. This program is a God send and I do not take it lightly.


      “Put yourselves to the test and judge yourselves, to find out whether you are living in faith. Surely you know that Christ Jesus is in you? –unless you have completely failed.” 2 Cor. 13:5

      To answer the question, “How?”, there is a one-point questionnaire based on Jesus’ screening of disciples (John 1: 47-51) which we badly need today!

      The question is: Have we believed, like Nathnael, “just because” Jesus (the Bible) told us to, i.e., for kicks or fun? If so, not good enough!

      Real, New Testament FAITH requires “seeing” a specific vision (“heaven open and God’s angels going up and coming down on the Son of Man”), i.e., firsthand and personal knowledge of the divine identity and authority of Jesus Christ, under preparation, but ultimately fulfilled in Jesus’ perfect and transfigurative death on the cross (John 19: 30-37) according to the Gospel, the books of Moses, the Psalms and the writings of the prophets (Luke 24: 25-53). It still works!

      Similar to the makeup of faith, the Prescription for BEING BORN AGAIN has a mandatory POINT OF CHANGE on the cross of Christ confirmed by Nicodemus among others but conveniently overlooked today at great cost (John 3: 1-21; 19: 38-42).

      Therefore, anything less than the great vision (the “light”) is shortchange of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ and subject to judgment. “Becoming God’s children by natural means” (Ibid, 1: 13) or any of act of own will and decision, as is customary, will be surely followed by spurious and short-lived faith (Ibid, 3: 18-21).

      The more comments the better!

  525. Joy permalink

    I am definitely looking forward to this challenge b/c consistency always seems to be a problem for me. I pray this would help me learn to stay on track and not give up so easily.

  526. Ana P permalink

    I have been reading some of the posts and it is so encouraging and awesome to see my brothers and sisters lifting each other up in prayer. I am joining the challenge too…please pray for me to dray closer to our Savior.

  527. Helen permalink

    When do this challenge start? 1st Jan? It sounds exciting!

  528. Tamika permalink

    I greatly appreciate this challenge because God has been calling me to “seek Him” and I believe this is the way He would have me do just that! Welcome 2010!

  529. Vickie S. permalink

    I am in constant need of discipline and consistency in growing my relationship with the Lord. I am glad for this journey, I pray it will grow all of us and our relationship with our Lord and Savior.

  530. Jasmine permalink

    This will really help me learn more about the lord and how to live the way he wants us too! Keep me and my Family in your prayers

  531. Donna Bradshaw permalink

    I am ready to join your challenge and am looking forward to growing in God Thank you and God bless

  532. Mena permalink

    I want to be a part of this, feel it would help me develop a stronger relationship with God.

  533. Rita permalink

    I hope to encourage those of you struggling in your marriage. Seek counsel even if your spouse is not willing. Let them see the change in you sort of like what happened in the movie Fireproof. I am not mocking, scolding, ridiculing or belittling you in any way. I have been a single mother for almost 19 years. My son, who was almost 2 when I got divorced, will be 21 next April and leaving for boot camp soon. The past 4 years have been tough on us, but especially this year.

    I do not wish single parenthood on anyone and I only have one child. I can’t imagine having more than one and being single.

    Do what you can to preserve your marriage and if it still ends in divorce, then you know it is nothing you have done, because you have given it your all and you can stand before the Lord without shame.

    Unless your spouse is cheating on you, or in my case, my ex abused me, mostly verbally, but the day it became physical, I walked. He also tried to kill me and if my son had not wandered into the room, he might have succeeded.

    Seek some time alone, go on a personal retreat to fast, confess and pray. Ask for strength and wisdom and humility for you and pray for your spouse. I have struggled with bitterness over the years and I am really the only one who has suffered. It is not worth it. I have let the enemy defeat me through it.

    If your spouse is providing for you, if they are not abusing or neglecting you then do what you can to work through the problems. I don’t know the verse off hand, but the Bible speaks of winning your spouse through “silent witnessing”. I realize that is about winning them spiritually, but I don’t see why they can’t be won emotionally, etc. But don’t just give up, that is letting the enemy win.

    Father, I lift up all those struggling in their marriages right now. I ask that you give them the strength, wisdom, and humility they need to continue in this relationship. Help each spouse to see the importance of this relationship, what it means to you and how You want to help them “fireproof” their marriage so they can stand firm in the storms, trusting, relying and looking to you. Help them to remember that You are their shepherd and You lead them in the path of righteousness for Your name’s sake; that they can cast their burdens upon You because You care for them; that You bind up the brokenhearted; and that they do not need to be anxious for anything and can have peace that passes all understanding, because the God of peace will guard their hearts in minds in You, Jesus. Protect their relationships from the enemy’s schemes and place a hedge of protection around each marriage that is and will be one day. In Your gracious and holy name Jesus. Amen

    • Teri permalink

      thank you Rita… for what you wrote and your prayers

    • Felicia permalink

      Rita that was very encouraging for me. Thank you for the insight. Be blessed, and I pray for blessing for you and your son.

  534. Michelle permalink

    I’m more then happy to participate in this!!!

  535. Janay permalink

    I am ready and willing to participate in this challenge! I am a 21 year old college student sold out for Christ and I love the Lord and I won’t take it back!! Thank you so much for offering this to everyone..this is really appreciated it!!

  536. Briana permalink

    I definately need this type of challenge to get me back on track! It’s so easy to waver! I accept the challenge! Thanks!

  537. felicia smith permalink

    I have made up my mind to put GOD first in my life and give him full control. I have been totally lost without him.

  538. Elizabeth permalink

    I need this challenge…I know what God has planned for me and i know my gifts and purpose…but I fall and I fall and feel like a disappointment to God,like I won’t achieve my purpose. I take this challenge, to strong,bold,unwaivering and self controlled. Pray for me Please

  539. Tim permalink

    Need and want to take this challenge. I need to grow more, learn to live by faith, apply God’s word to myself and my life. Have much in my life to be “down” bout, seems like I can get now where.

  540. Rebekkah permalink

    I definatey need a challenge after 2009 I am 20 and about to start college my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and my dad was layed off and I had to pick up the slack so I could help out and my faith faltered and I need a challenge to get back on track I have a deep rooted faith but I need guidence and to grow as a christian so I am excited and I want to thank you for the offer

  541. Josh permalink

    I accept this challenge, you have really been helping me in my walk. I’ve been struggling alot lately and believe this will help me. Constant searching and constant seeking of Him.

  542. Whitney permalink

    I definitely accept this challenge!! 🙂

  543. I am so ready , Can’t wait to get started.

  544. Theresa Martell permalink

    I am looking forward to the challenge.

  545. Denise Smack permalink

    One of my greatest fears is not doing enough !! Not knowing enough! Not using God’s word ..not sharing for lack of knowing … the challenge is the tool that I need … ThankYou Much …It’s great to have a new start in a new year!

    • One will neither do enough; nor know enough; nor use God’s word enough to obey the leading at any cost; nor share enough. The greatest challenge is, as you said, the lack of “tool”: specifically, today’s largely unknown yet perfect and transfigurative death of Jesus Christ on the cross (the “tree of life”) in which the Apostles found and made use of “God’s powerful weapons” (2 Cor. 10: 4-6). YES! It is in His death that Christ is self-revealed as “I Am Who I Am”, i.e., the Father and self-sufficient life (John 8: 21-28; 14: 15-21; 19: 30-37) in Divine glory, wisdom and power for all posterity. By the grace of the LORD, “The light (still) shines in the darkness (but) the darkness has never put it out” (Ibid, 1:5) so we can keep seeking until we find it! By the grace of God, some have! It works for the broken-hearted; and by Jesus’ verifiable works of cause and effect in His death for our confirmation. (See GBY!

  546. many NEW YEARS resolutions we take on are a means to make us happy so we think.. This year let us not seek happiness that comes only thru circumstances, relationships, hobbies whatever you can try to fit in this area that we think is going to make us “HAPPY” its stuff but lets get a new direction how about JOY- joy is not the absence of pain but its our lord JESUS christ thru the midst of pain and then peace and freedom comes thru seeking GOD and turning away form sin this is the direction of the CHRISTIAN life is it WORKING for you? when we are most satified in him (JESUS) he is most glorified in US… people see that and it overflows into the lives of others our cups are to be overflowing with JOY that comes only thru a right relationship with the LORD grace to you!

  547. Raquel permalink

    I definitely need this challenge. I am having trouble with being obedient to things that God is directing me to do. I’ve given up the cares of the world,but sometimes I let them almost take over me. Thank you for this challenge. I really believe that 2010 will be about saving souls and bringing restoration back to the body of Christ. God bless!

  548. Teri permalink

    I am taking the challenge…

  549. Bambi permalink

    This year has been a year of many challenges, trials, and tribulations and it would be comforting to read more of God’s word with a group of others who believe. Our entire famiy is in need of strength and guidance, hope and optimism for the new year and beyond.

  550. I plan on joining in on the 2010 Constantly Seeking God challenge.

  551. Heather permalink

    I will be joining your challenge!! Looking forward to it!!

  552. chandra permalink

    this is a blessing, i need this also, and i am willing to commit to this…thank you so much.

  553. Gary W permalink

    let’s do this!

  554. Jose permalink

    Lets do this.

  555. Ronnie permalink

    Great idea Mark and thanks for including us. It’s funny how God can work in our lives this way. I have been on a year long study on Godly Living and am about to wrap it up this week. I was thinking of what I would do in 2010 and it hit me that I wish you would do something for this year and lo and behold you did.

    Looking forward to constantly reading my Bible and constantly praying and constantly growing in the Lord.

    I am in!

  556. Kathy Gilmore permalink

    This is what I have been looking for. Thank you!

  557. Tamra G. permalink

    I am so excited! I am so ready! i cant wait!

  558. Tamra G. permalink

    God bless you Mark. This is something I’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to seek it. You’re truly a blessing.

  559. Jeff Waara permalink

    I look forward to this challenge. I am going to read the Bible chronologically for the first time and get into Gods Word deeper than ever. I am also going to challenge our youth group to sign up also. Our church has already challenged out conregation to read through the Bible in a year but this should enhance that greatly!!!!!

  560. Jorge permalink

    Lets ask the LORD to bless this blog

    Are you guys willing to offer all, all, all, all, all, all, all of yourselves to the King of Kings, to the LORD of LORDS.

    LORD we are asking you for your blessing and your presencein our lives

    We want to be like JESUS and live in the example that HE has left fot us

    We want to give YOUglory and honor my LORD

  561. Jayne permalink

    I to am ready, lets roll!

  562. Veronica permalink

    This is going to be awesome! I cannot wait to see what I can learn and how I can grow with god!

  563. Terri permalink

    I NEED this help in my life right now. I am anxiously awaiting to get started!

  564. Sigmund Stringer permalink

    Thank you Brother Mark. I do accept. The Lord has been telling me to do just this. But it’s an area (like so many others) that I need a lot of help. So I thank the Lord for leading you this way.

    • Katie permalink

      I could not have said this any better myself. I feel exactly the same way. God Bless you, Mark and thank you Sigmund Stringer.

  565. Michelle permalink

    I too take the challenge…God bless!

  566. Isundari permalink

    I take the challenge to walk a closer walk with God in 2010.

  567. Jeffrey George permalink

    Praise God Pastor Mark…I am looking forward to this challenge and will pray that I will grow closer to God through His Word, through persistent prayer and through repentance daily.

  568. Dennis Bisner permalink

    Praise God. I am in Celebrate Recovery at my church and am really trying to understand God more every day. I am looking forward to this in 2010.

  569. Katie permalink

    I accept the challenge. Becoming closer to God, and living a life through and by His will is something I’ve told myself I would do for a while now. Now is as good a time as any to start a wholesome Christian life. I’ve always been a believer and now is when it is put into action. Pray for me and all those others who are committing their lives to the Lord.

  570. Carolyn Simmons permalink

    How exciting all of this looks and the desire is deep in my heart. Constant is what I will need to be as well as prepare. I need to let God to direct my steps, and I know that He is always faithful. It is me that needs to be faithful. Prayer is another area that I need to be constant. I feel like a very small child trying to find my way to Him. I am joining this challenge in 2010. God Bless us all.

  571. Sheri Clark permalink

    I am excited about this challenge and will pray that I will grow closer to God. 2009 has been a horrible year for me and my family and I just pray that God will help make 2010 a better year. My marriage is wonderful and I couldn’t hold on without my husband, but financially we are suffering and it has caused many strains in our lives. I pray to God lead me to a job that will help me help support my family. I re-dedicated my life this year and was baptized as an adult and feel it was the best decision of 2009. I am glad to have found this site and again look forward to a wonderful 2010 with this challenge.

  572. Sherri permalink

    I have accepted the challenge, and look forward to it! I had already made a commitment to read the Bible through in 2010, and believe that this challenge will further strengthen my relationship with God. I have also decided to stop smoking with this new year…and would appreciate any prayers for strength. I KNOW that through God all things are possible, and I am trusting in Him to be able to do this!

  573. May the Holy Spirit lead us all, like in Henry Van Dyke’s “The Fourth Wiseman” (1896), to the perfect and transfigurative death of Jesus Christ on the cross: the place of God’s self-revelation according to all the Scriptures. AMEN! (If not, we would labor in vain.)

  574. Alyssa permalink

    I’m so excited to be a part of something radical for the Glory of God! It’s such an incredible thing to so see so many people willing to lay down the selfish desires of their flesh in order to “constantly seek God”. I’m looking forward to an awesome year of growing in the Lord. 🙂

  575. Bridget permalink

    I’m extremely motivated and excited to begin my journey with God in the year of 2009. I was raised as a Christian, but I recently have been making my relationship with the Lord stronger. I am changing into a totally different teenager, which has amazed me. The Holy Spirit has transformed me. I am giving God full control over me. Thank you!

  576. Debra permalink

    I am ready and willing !!

  577. Kristi permalink

    I want/need a closer walk with God in 2010. Please include me.

  578. Yvette Castillo permalink


  579. Chrissie Minton permalink

    Wow – it’s quite a challenge but I really want to go for it. God bless you Mark and keep you constant!

  580. Mark permalink

    Yes, I will gladly take this challenge, thank you for doing it.

  581. Betty permalink

    Thank You so much for putting this together for all of to have an enlightenment at hand this is great for all who love our father’s word.

  582. Beth permalink

    Dear GOD we ask YOU please help us take this challenge very seriously and keep YOU in our minds every second of the day. We see that YOU are working through Rev. Mark Brown in order for us to become closer to YOU in prayer and also by reading YOUR WORD everyday to stay focused in our faith. We thank YOU for letting us enjoy a wonderful year with our family and friends and most of all with YOU by our side and in our hearts every single day. We ask YOU to please protect us and help us to grow this coming year in 2010 in our Faith. And most of all we thank DEAR LORD GOD our HEAVINLY Father for giving us your only son, DEAR JESUS CHRIST our savior who lived, died, and rose up into heaven for us so that we may become closer to YOU, DEAR LORD GOD. YOU loved us so much that YOU would give us YOUR only SON whom we love, thank, and praise above all. Thank DEAR JESUS CHRIST our savior for all that YOU have done for us and we wait in joyful hope for YOUR coming. Thank YOU DEAR LORD GOD for always forgiving us for our sins and help us to always follow YOU and pray daily so that we may be able to repent. We pray that YOU may bless all of YOUR children so that we may one day spend etenity with you and DEAR JESUS CHRIST, HOLY MARY VIRGIN MOTHER of GOD, St. Joseph, and all the Saints and Angels in heaven. We love YOU, DEAR LORD GOD our HEAVENLY FATHER, above all and above everything, in the name of JESUS CHRIST our LIGHT and LORD, SAVIOR, SALVATION, and REDEEMER whom we also love above all and above everything. Amen.

  583. Aaron Bell permalink

    I’m up for the challenge too! Going through Uni is hard when trying to find the time for a constant walk with God but it can be done 🙂 and I know he can simplify my day to day activities to find time with Him.

  584. oh i see good things happening here!! 😀
    great motivation too! i know the Lord will help us. God bless all, and remember to pray for those who persecute you, and to forgive just as your Father in Heaven Forgave you 😀

  585. Tharadjyne permalink


  586. Misty permalink

    Count me in!!!

  587. Stephanie permalink

    thank you for doing this
    i am definately ready and willing to deepen my walk with God!

    • A CLOSE WALK WITH GOD is prescribed in the roadmap beginning with the books of Moses and the writings of the prophets and leading to the self-revelation of God in the perfect and transfigurative death of Jesus Christ on the cross, a.k.a. the resurrection at par value, viz.: a momentous event with no shadow of any doubt whatsoever! (Luke 24: 13ff) The fare is free but one has to check out the facts.

  588. Denise Smack permalink

    looking to start this challenge, anxiuos to become closer to God … today is January 1st, 2010.

  589. shantae watkis permalink

    i am very much looking forward to this i think it is great and a wonderful step in the direction of god!

  590. Wow Rev. Mark…I KNOW that the Lord is all up in this endeavor JUST by the passionate responses of the saints! Wow…I am excited to journey this with you…starting today I believe? I look fwd as I am entering the Daniel Fast simulteously as a corporate body with my church on Jan 2, 2010…glory to GOD!
    Demetria (NJ)

  591. Kayla K permalink

    Count me in on this challenge! I’ve been looking for direction/structure to get my “journey” started in God’s word. Thank you!

  592. Susan permalink

    I’m in

  593. Joel N. permalink

    I’ve been seriously looking for more of God, but when I want to read the bible, I have no clue where to start!! So this program is gonna be an AWESOME thing for me, and anyone else that starts it.

  594. SANA permalink


  595. Deborah permalink

    I accept the challenge.

  596. Jonathan permalink

    I really really need some prayers. I’ve been drunk too many times, i’ve been smokin’ for too long, i’ve been depressed for too long, i’ve seen no future for way too long… I need a real fresh start out of of this misery,.

    • Sister Pam OP permalink

      You got it Jonathon. You can’t do this alone. You need God working in you and the support of others. This is a good start. I hope you are also getting professional help and working in an AA group. These problems require a team working with you.

  597. Laura permalink

    I need this challenge, and I am looking forward to immersing myself in God’s Word and just getting closer to Him!!

  598. brandi permalink

    I am greatful that it is other out there like me that want a closer realationship with god but dont know where to started. I am willing to commet to this progam.

  599. phew thats a lot of really exciting comments!

    just wanted to say im in my 5th year of a bible devotion “plan”/routine/thing – and so i’ll continue on that… but i am resolving to blog on it for the first time (as well as my usual blog) – so here is the link for my bible devotional blog

    One Passion One Devotional

    and again, it is so cool to see so many people getting excited and committed about knowing God!

    blessings, claire

  600. Kay permalink

    We as Christians ( a BELIEVER and a FOLLOWER of JESUS CHRIST) need to constantly be preparing and the only way to do this is by studying God’s Word daily!

  601. Tim permalink

    I am ready and , hungry for the word of GOD

  602. Velvet permalink

    I didnt start on the first but I have every intention of starting this soon. I feel like I am going backwards again and I was doing so good. The worse part is that I know it. Thank you Rev Mark! Your a great. God bless you! I will find my focus!

  603. June permalink

    That is the part that is the worst and best part! for you to know that you are doing wrong gives you the chance to repent and turn right back around and begin again. It’s a BRAND NEW DAY! Praise God…he gives us a new day to turn things around AGAIN in the R I G H T direction! his way!! Praise his Name.
    Be blessed! this brand new day!

  604. Lee permalink

    I would like to join this challenging challenge! It is just what I need to overcome my inconsistency in spiritual disciplines. Thank you.

  605. Bethany permalink

    Last night, I decided to give up my dreams to God, and make knowing and loving Him the dream for my life. This is hard for me to do, since I’ve always been a dreamer. But I’ve begun to learn that my dreams will always disappoint me in some way or another. So, I want to make loving God my dream, because I know He will not disappoint me. I think this challenge to constantly seek God is a step toward my dream of loving God. I know that I’m weak, and I’m not sure how successful I’m going to be with doing the challenge, but I’m going to try. I want to be lost in God’s love, and how can I do that if I’m not constantly seeking Him?

  606. Ken permalink

    Yes!!! i want to understand God better and grow in my christian faith cos He’s all i’ve got

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