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What is my purpose in life? James 1:18

December 17, 2009

James 1:18: Of his own will begat he us with the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures.

Things appear slowly, but they appear.  My old style of reading the Bible was rapid, get in read, get out!  Now I spend time, I explore, I read commentaries, check out the greek and Hebrew, pause, listen, pray.. come Holy Spirit come.   I immerse myself in the Word and things appear that didn’t appear when I rushed God.  I give God lots more time and lots more attention and the results seriously blow me away!

Spending time with James 1:18 revealed to me that God created me, begat is to literally be born, to be brought into being.  Now I already knew that God is the mighty Creator, but what struck me about this passage is that God created me for a purpose. I am no accident; I have a clear purpose in life – YES!

And I realise that my goal in life is to become all that God intends me to be, to be the firstfruits of his creatures, which talks of being special and unique in God’s eyes.  When I look at me I see lots of problems!  I have plenty of insecurities, like when I preach, I may seem confident, but the number one question in my head leading up to me speaking, (and sometimes while I am speaking) is: will this be an amazing message? (For an example click here ) But I realise that this is the wrong question as I am way too focused on what people think.  Sure that is important, but what is more important is: what does God want me to say?

So in seeking to become all that God wants me to be I need to:

  • Spend more time praying and thinking about God’s will for my life.  What I also find helpful is asking people who know me well what they think my gifts are;
  • Remain focused on God, seeking to be in His presence and constantly seeking the God perspective (What Would God Think? WWGT)

How wonderful it is to do God’s will, to live as God wants me to live!!  Wow!

God bless,

Rev Mark

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  1. Christina permalink

    Thanks for letting God use you. I was just pondering this question today. Thinking what is my purpose, what if i had a better decision, what if i had did something differently, what if? Sometimes we know what God has called for us to do and we run from it by trying to fulfill our lives with doing other things or getting involved in so many other activities, mainly because we may not feel worthy of a calling or afraid of what people are going to say or think of us. Is it really possible to miss your purpose and left with a feeling of emptiness? Thank you for reminding me of this scripture, i am definitely going to reread and study and meditate and activate this into my life.

  2. Cool! I especially like WWGT = What Would God Think?

    • nwokolo chidi permalink

      i really love the message cause he made me to understand that GODS decision is the best.

  3. Michelle Meyer permalink

    Do you read these comments Rev. Mark?
    I love theology- it’s awesome, however, I don’t spend time in it like I should. If you wonder how your preaching is, just remember that God put you there because He equipped you– so cast down those lies against you. I have watched your video and you are much different than I expected. You are animated, and passionate for God and righteousness in your life. You even made me laugh (in a good way of course). You have been told by many people that they admire you because they see godliness in your life. I pray you never get burned out.
    I suspect that your teachings/sermons are with knowledge, passion, some admonition, love, humor, and more… It’s rare to see preachers with these traits.
    -Michelle Meyer

  4. how powerful this is mark and thank you for giving me something to think about and strive for. GOD BLESS.

  5. ash ♥ permalink


  6. that’s awesome thanks

  7. Terry Reynolds permalink

    Ever sense my wife of 35 years passed away from cancer on 9/19/09 i have been praying to god to help me understand why he took her and not me. I also ask god to help me find the way he has in mind for me as i feel lost.
    I feel god is with me and i know he is helping me but i still need that push that i pray for.

  8. Lydia Reyes permalink

    I thank God for using people like you to help me understand what his purpose for my life is. I feel at times that I don’t give him my all. I do read his word, but I do know that I need to spend more time meditating and just truly searching as you pointed out. I have so much to learn and I truly desire it. Sometimes it is a struggle for me, but I know that the spirit lives within me and I can do all things because Jesus is my guide. God Bless you my brother and I must tell you I saw the video and I just adore that accent. Continue the good work that God has given you.

  9. I fear I am losing my faith. I am going through so many challenges right now. I know that God doesn’t give us any burdon that we can’t carry. It’s the burdons we put upon ourselves that we can’t handle. But I have no purpose in life. I’m poor, sad, lonely, and have had to bury 4 people in the last year. Now I fear I am losing my own daughter because her husband committed suicide in front of her. God doesn’t seem to hear me at all.

  10. Gamma Shiyanga permalink

    Amen,your inspirational message has really made me understand GOD’s time is the best coz am currently prayin for a job & the pressure from my family members but am stil believin for GOD to come through were mortal man has failed to come through for me for GOD aint man that any problem is to big for HIM to solve.HIS the author of my life & stil holds the pen the writes the story of my life

    • I put this to the LORD, one day I was out of work. I had been out looking, I said to the LORD, your word says
      thay if you don;t work neither shall you eat. I like to eat LORD. I was depressed, The LORD had me a job even before I got back to my house. It was snowing that day in Nevada. GOD has a job for his own, Don;t listen to your family, That is between YOU and GOD. “Personally”

  11. Emily Martin permalink

    Your message is so inspiring that it makes me feel like sitting right down now and reading the Bible. A confession I would like to make is I really rarley read my Bible except Sunday morning services. And your email makes me feel inspired to read it and study… God surely has led me.

  12. Lize permalink

    I seek our Lord, I trust in our Lord, but my problem is to control my anger and words that hurt so much…………. a few minutes after getting angry, and say nasty things I feel so guilty and ashamed that I apologise. THen ask God for forgiveness and I always pray and ask God to put a guard at my thoughts and mouth.
    Unfortunately I get into a situation every single day where I get tested and tested with a family member that lives with me……………… and it is so difficult. 99% of my anger and frustration comes from a situation where I get told nasty things that hurts me so much and in return I sau hurtful things too.

    “Please Lord, help me”… I want to be gentle and forgiving. I also pray that You would bring gentle and forgiving, support, love and compassion into my home.

    Be with us all today Lord, guide us and keep us safe, Amen

    • God is more than likely testing you. To see how you are going to respond to these attacks. The person you put makeup on in the morning is your real enemy.Take care of that person, May be some in your family need the
      HOLY SPIRIT in their lives, Just do what is right Fighting back is not it.
      GOD bless

  13. Lynn permalink

    anger used to be my constant companion. it protected me from people who tried to get close to me or cared for me. my life had been filled with all kinds of abuses since i was a child and through my marriages. i didn’t even trust God. i knew He loved me, but so had my abusers. or at least that’s what they told me. then a pastor told me that God rejoiced over me with dancing and i said that’s because He was having a temper tandrum. the pastor laughed and gave me a hug and held me til i stopped crying, he told me that God held me each time i cried and that God cried with me and for me each time i was abused.he also told me that God wanted me to let go of the anger and forgive those that had abused me.well, that just made me so angry, angrier than i had ever been. i shouted that the ******** didn’t deserve to be forgiven and stormed out of the church and didn’t return for years.i still read my bible but my battle with anger still ruled my life. i decided to give church another try and it seemed like every message was on forgiveness. one sunday a little lady came and asked me if i would go to a seminar with her sat. i agreeded and she picked me up sat, morn. she didn’t tell me what the seminar was about til we were almost at the church it was being held at. it was then that i learned it was for victims of abuse. the lady in charge was a survivor of abuse herself and had gone on to become a reverend. we prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to have its way in all that tookplace that day. the service began and the lady talked about how it was not our fault we were abused and how God weeped over it. then she came over to me lifted my face and said you are not dirty. i broke down in tears. then she salid that God wanted me to forgive my abusers at which anger swelled up in me. i yelled they don’t deserve to be forgiven and was about to walk out when she said niether did you or anyone else here. i stopped in my tracks and fell to the floor sobbing uncontrolably. i cryed out to God for help and was told that healingwould start when i was able to forgive. it didn’t happen right away, but i did get to that place where i was able to forgive as an act of my will, then each day i would cry out to God to make the forgiveness real in my heart and soul and He did. He also released me from the pent up anger. i am now a new woman. what God has done for me He will do for anyone that asks and means it.your heaing will start when you can forgive. i also had to forgive God for the misconceptions i had about Him. try it, i promise you won’t regret it. God bless

  14. Mary permalink

    “What’s my purpose in life?” is another excellent commentary. I too have learned that to really hear what God has to say to me through His Word I must read slowly, study it, and give it a chance to speak to me. Our pastor has recently encouraged us to journal….and I love it. I’m getting so much more out of my reading. Your comments on anger are excellent too. Thanks for taking the time to do this for all of us. I, for one, certainly look forward to reading these and appreciate having this wonderful resource!!! Have a blessed day!

  15. James 1:18 is a beautiful, concise and loaded verse.

    What continues to give me enduring purpose in life is my being “born again” to be numbered as one of the “firstfruits” (they are so few) of the One “firstborn from the dead”, i.e., the divine identification mark of Jesus Christ (John 8: 21-28).

  16. thank you so much,each time i read your messages,i grow deeper into GODS WORD,THANK YOU SO MUCH,GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WORK!

  17. kristy permalink

    I have never thought I really had a God given purpose in life. I just live everyday not knowing exactly what my purpose is. I am still seeking this purpose as a “pre-christian” and I hope to find it. I have just been going about it the wrong way. Thank you.

  18. Our purpose in life is to know firsthand and personally JESUS CHRIST –the essence and bearer of “life in all its fullness” as demonstrated in His perfect and transfigurative death on the cross. (John 10:10; 19: 30-37; for more details go to

  19. Evans sang permalink

    I have been uplifted by all your comments!

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