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The story of my faulty pineal gland and how God is working in my life – James 1:16-17

December 16, 2009

James 1:16-17 Do not err, my beloved brethren. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

Occasionally my pineal gland gets a bit stubborn and decides not to release Melatonin.  Melatonin is the hormone that is released into my blood stream around 9pm and causes me to be drowsy, assisting me in falling asleep.  And last night for some reason the Melatonin decided to remain in my pineal gland.  So there I am laying awake, mind racing, thinking about my life and the world around me.  I get up, I eat, I politely ask my pineal gland to get on and release the good stuff.. nothing.  Is there some sort of national pineal gland strike on?  Better pay and conditions?  What’s going on?  I start to get a little upset, I like sleep, I need sleep, I have a massively busy day the next day, up at 5am and I suspect sleep might help.  And then I realise, why not pray?  This pineal gland strike gives me an excellent opportunity to have a good chat to God.

So I start this conversation, and almost immediately I am struck by how amazing my life is, how wonderful God’s provision is.  I have stress and troubles, challenges and issues, I certainly don’t have a life without trials, but to use the wording from James 1:16-17, life is full of good and perfect gifts from above.  And the phrase, Father of lights is beautiful as it describes wonderfully that God is not only the God of the universe (the celestial lights in the night sky) but it also refers to the radiance that comes when in God’s presence.  Being in the presence of God is an experience of being bathed in light, a light that banishes darkness, a light that reassures and comforts, like a bright light banishing a creepy dark night.  So as I lay wide awake in the darkness I realised how absolutely awesome God is, that whatever challenge I have, with God’s help and intervention, I can overcome it.  And then I fell asleep…

I woke in top gear… and what a day it has been today!!  A wonderful glorious day where an anticipated stressful situation completely evaporated before my eyes in literally minutes.. wow!  God is with me!  God is present!!

I would love to hear:  where is God working in your life?

God bless,

Rev Mark

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  1. Wendy Davis permalink

    By Jesus glorious saving grace I was saved on July 17th of this year. God is so amazing and powerful and knows exactly what I need and when I need it. I have seen Him move in my life every single day since. It may be confirming my feelings about him through a friend or scripture. He always gives me the answers I need and He has given me knowledge of him. He helps me build my faith in Him. He gives me all I need and I rejoice. The less I have materially the more I have spiritually. He is amazing, glorious, powerful, Holy,Holy,Holy – so many words but none are sufficient enough to fully describe him as he is indescribable.

    • Marie Viljoen permalink

      Wendy, what a wonderful day it was for you! God is so awesome there are not enough words to describe him. Life is so exiting with him and yet we sometimes take so long to fully trust and rely on Him for everything in our lives. welcome in His family.

  2. Jaime Alter permalink

    That is so cool! I have been asking God to heal my heart and so that I could be normal. I have been asking for years. This year God delivery in a way I never though was possible or considered. April 26th I got a heart and bi-lateral lung transplant. God has been with me through the whole process. It has been a really hard road to take but He never left me. My husband, Scott and I had a hard time too but God was gracious. He made provisions for us. He has been preparing us for years for this, I see that now. Scott has a great job and they allowed him to take longer then his Family Medical Leave gave him. The owner gave him that right. We were so happy with the time we were able to share. Scott spend a lot of time working then coming to see me on the weekends. We got help from our church and people we didn’t even know. God has been really awesome to us and our faith has grown mountains. We could only trust God!

    God Bless you! It awesome to hear about your story. 🙂

    In His Love,
    Jaime Alter

  3. Great blog today as usual, Brother Mark,
    I must tell you that sleep comes so great for me now. I purchased the BIBLE on DVD and play it constantly 24 hours a day in my house. It is even playing when I am not at home.
    My house feels so BLESSED. Like a santuary! My sleep is BLISS!!! I wake lightly through the night to listen softly to what part of the Bible is being read and go back to sleep. I might add that I live alone so I do not bother anyone else.
    I find that THE BIBLE goes to the my SPIRIT as I sleep and helps me tremendously in healing and bringing me closer to God. I love going to sleep hearing HIS words and waking up hearing HIS words!
    God is working in my life in such a great way. He is having me talk as many people in our church about FORGIVENESS.
    So many people have so much ‘bagage’ and so much bitterness towards others. There is one lady that has not talked to her mom in 20 years and another in 2 years. There are bitterness and hatred between sibblings and I am trying, with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT, to make people take the first step and FORGIVE once and for all. Then we can come CLEAN before GOD and ask his FORGIVENESS….
    I am also trying to be an obedient listener when the HOLY SPIRIT tells me to do something. NO MATTER WHAT IT IS.
    Like I was at a women’s luncheon last Sunday and at the end my seat was nearly on fire. The HOLY SPIRIT wanted me to get up and say something to the ladies about FORGIVENESS and CHRISTMAS!!! I told them to clean their closets of any unforgiveness in their hears. In the spirit of the JESUS CHRIST that was born and died to make us live for eternity.
    I did not want to do this since I was not scheduled to speak but I did it and it was great. it took 2 minutes and after it was over one of the ladies approached me and said she has been dealing with this one particular person that she needs to forgive for a while now. I offered my support.
    I pray without ceasing. I pray in the car. I sing and dance and enjoy the masterpiece that is the work of GOD. I take nothing for granted and enjoy each sunrise and each sunset and love the symphony that God plays for me when I hear birds sing. I enjoy the movement of the leaves as the wind brush against them and the sound it makes.
    I love the laughter of children and their innocense and I just love the fact that now I know that I know that I know that GOD DIED FOR ME AND FOR MY SINS AND HE DOES NOT REMEMBER MY SINS AND HE FORGAVE ME AND I WILL BE WITH HIM FOREVER AND EVER…………I AM NOT AFRAID TO DIE ANY LONGER.
    I am most aware now that I am no longer a PART TIME Christian…………a one hour a week Christian………..I am committed to God and our Lord Jesus Christ every breath I take and every day I live. 24/7/365
    I am in love with Jesus all over again in a new light and in a genuine new way! I am so thankful to God that I did not die before I realized this.
    God bless you!!!

    • jessica permalink

      debbie, I was very touched by your story, I have strayed away from God for several years of my life but have always been a believer, a few months ago I felt like you, I had an inner peace that I hadn’t felt in years, I talked about God and his love and forgiveness to everyone. I had never been happier, that love for God led me and my then fiance to become married and he actually started going to church with me and the kids every Sunday but for some reason I have gotten off track, and I am living in internal hell, I have fallen into a depression that I pray will please leave me, I want to feel like you again, I want to connect with God again, I love him and he has blessed me in so many ways, Im not sure how I got disconnected but I need and want that connection with the Lord again, please keep me in your prayers.

      • debbie permalink

        Oh Jessica,
        I am going to put you in my thoughts and prayers. I pray every day I never go back or fall back from the PURE JOY I feel now for our LORD. All I have to do is think of HIS suffering for ME……….AND I MEAN ALL OF HIS SUFFERING. NOT JUST WHAT WE SEE IN PHOTOS OR DEPICTED ON FILMS. He went through much more pain and anguish just so that I could have eternal life and never taste death! I am going to live forever. I keep this in front of my mind at all times. At all times give Him PRAISE! I think this happens to most people because they do not surround themselves with all GOD. in the car, I play music or Cd’s of God;s word or music. Or I listen to a good sermon…..or I just pray or sing in tongues! In all the while there is mad people out there driving like mad and getting all stressed out over other drivers.
        I know my friends all turn the news on all the time at home…………or they watch all these cop shows or just plain bad shows……they sit for hours upon hours just num while watching tv……..and this is such a waste. Fill your mind and your every minute with GOD’S word. Sing to HIM, or DANCE for HIM……..or paint for HIM, or go help others FOR HIM………..We are so accostomed to the ways of this world that it is a wonder we don’t fall to satan’s tactics. If he tempted Adam & Eve, and they were living in a great big beautiful Garden with NO EVIL, what makes you think he is not out there working all of us nowadays. We must be fully armored AT ALL TIMES………..the way I feel it is like this: I think people are not taking the fact that there is a hell for real….it is not going to happen to them!!!! They will die when they get old but for now LET ME HAVE FUN OUT THERE IN THE WORLD……but it is all evil and a ploy for satan to kill, harm and distroy your salvation! God send His only Son so that I could live eternally with HIM in heaven and I am going to try to not let Him down for doing that for little ol’ me! I may slip at times, but He is right there to pick me up and help me up and smile and say I LOVE you! I LOVE HIM FOR THAT! He is such a good ABBA FATHER!

    • Stacy permalink

      Wow! How awesome! What a great idea to play the Bible on CD constantly. Sounds incredible!

  4. Ann permalink

    I am a born again Christian since April of 1999. My husband and I have been married for a little over 10 years and we have had our ups and downs since he is an alcoholic and drug addict. He has recently gotten saved in September of this year but still having problems with prescription drugs. Satan is real and I am fighting him in my life by trying to overcome this hardship of being a wife of an addiction husband. Please pray for my husband and I and for the bonds of addiction to be loosed from my husband and that he will dedicate his life to God and give just as much of his life to God as he has to Satan. Satan knows that my husband has so much to share and to help others with to win others to Jesus and that is why Satan is fighting to keep my husband down. Please pray for this victory. Thank you.

  5. Jenesia Farral permalink

    God has been so good to me. He is chastizing me right now. When my sister was killed 3yrs ago I really was ready to throw in the towel but God held me through that pain and sent the holy spirit to comfort me when I felt worthless I like to say thank you God for loving me when I didn’t have the strength to love myself.

  6. hello brother mark i love the way god show me little thing to help me understand his word and i love reading the bible and i have been born again a year now i gave my heart to god when i was 13 yrs old but i got lost in the world and i am not 40 i came back when i was 39 last year and i am so happy that i did see my mom and dad pasted in 2002 35 hrs apart and i thank god for not coming then i was in to way to much stuff and you know he blessed me with a bunch of good friends yes the old worldly ones don’t talk to me much a few do and i let them know where i am that i love god and you i don’t see them the same no more there i the things they do that is worldly and i try to talk to a few of them well the ones i talk to and i tell stories of people that are doing just what they are doing the people in the stories are them but they don’t see but it and still do the same thing one tells he goes to church tells me he a christian i am not going to say he not that’s not my place but he don’t act right god show me just what i need when i need it i love god he is my everything jesus is a hero to me love in jesus name cecil b

  7. THELMA MAY SEDDON permalink

    OH! MY HEART desire is that I would have such a longing and thirsting for HIM that is so intense that others would feel the heat of OUR DESIRE FOR HIM.! I found this in our Daily Bread in November 2009–by Marvin Willians Keep up the comments and the encouraging us for we defintely know that we are not alone in this LIFE—-PRAISE THE LORD

  8. Mark, that is so cool. I did not have such a great day but I have had nights like yours where I could not sleep. The mind does tend to race sometimes. I have gotten up too and realized maybe God wants me to talk to him and he me. I have written some good poetry and gotten some good quality time listening to God. He is awesome. He can take something like a sleepless night and turn it into quality time with him which is so much better than sleep!

  9. Michelle Meyer permalink

    @ Rev. Mark, how awesome that God reminded you to pray and seek Him. And then your need was met. SWEET! I am praying for you. I have about 5 names on my board to remind me who to pray for and you’re on it.

    How is the Lord working in my life? My prodigal son is making progress to better his life. He was at an extremely dangerous place and I cried for months straight. Now I am proud of him and so thankful that the Lord heard me. I graduate from Liberty University in May 2010 with B.S psychology with emphasis on Christian counseling– and this in itself is a God thing. I am excitedly anticipating going into Western Theological seminary for counseling next summer. This will enable me to become a licensed therapist. Thank you Rev. Mark for asking us to think of the good things in our lives…it’s easy to forget.

    @ Debbie, what an amazing story. WOW! Thank you for sharing!
    God bless you.

  10. I have been so blessed with your Journey and it has helped me get back into the Word also. I have been blessed from God to be able to write some short stories with a Christain emphasis. God was right here with me as I wrote them. Now I am praying for the money to get them published. God is so good and He wouldn’t have given me the desire to write these if He didn’t have a good purpose in mind for them. Keep up the good work Rev. Mark and know there are lots of us behind you in your work with God.

  11. Mitzi permalink

    Well Rev Mark, I would have said I thought God was working on the moon today, because my grinchy sister has been working overtime. Then I read this and it changed my whole outlook. Thank you.

  12. Rose permalink

    Thank you. That is awesome to think about.

  13. dorthy porter permalink

    How wonderful Mark to hear you are normal with trials ,stress,and a gland that sometimes keeps you awake.Yet God has such great plans for you and your life.I got talking to God in the woods today.Except for my voice I could hear nothing total silence.It was so bitter cold my fingers would hardly move to open my bible.I had took my little MP3 player with me to sing with unto the Lord.As my music and voice ecoed threw the hills,God had never felt so close and alive.The suns beams shone bright on all the frosty ground and rocks and trees.As I prayed blessing on each child and grandchild and friends I knew God heard every word from my lips.My trials of this world seemed so small as I had a wonderful visit with my heavenly father.I ask the Holy Spirit to give me a fresh indwelling,A peace covered me as I walked back to my house,on the old frozen oil field road.My burdens where lighter because I chose to visit God in the bitter cold of Kansas winter.

  14. Tim permalink

    Words do not exist that would describe my gratitude for what My Heavenly Father has done in my life within the past few years since I fell to my knees and said, “Lord, if you’re real, be real to me”.
    Wow, He is real and opened my eyes.
    May all who read this find an abundance of Blessings far beyond anything you could ever thing to ask.

  15. Shannon permalink

    I do not know what you believe. I felt led to lay hands on the screen and pray for you. Something happened. God moved. He said that we would lay hands on the sick and they would recover. God has used me to touch numerous people and healing took place. Praise God. This is a first for me on the computer. Keep me posted on how God moved.
    God bless,

  16. Mark:
    you may be interested to know that I was reading and writing on the same passage at about the same time, in Kigali, Rwanda:

    May God bless you as you bless others.

  17. God has given me the grace to focus ONLY on those things which are within my scope of control and responsibility, which of course means ME, after all the only control God asks us to have is SELF control!
    So, when I focus on my responses, my attitudes and my choices I am free to walk in His grace and Mercy and Strength. It is only when I focus on someone else’s responses, attitudes and choices that I fall into strife and offenses and hurt!

    It is so liberating to leave those things which are outside my scope of responsibility and influence to God. It releases me from strife and leaves me with enough energy and love and compassion to fulfil that which I am called to be and do.

    Thank you God for Your ways.

  18. Well my brother…bless your lovely pineal gland. For 15 years now my last thoughts are with Father, where I fall asleep in His presence. In the morning same…I wake in His presence. Talking to Him, hearing from Him. I love God so much. God bless

  19. Lynn permalink

    i know that God is an ever present Help in my life. i am on oxygen 24/7 to help me breathe but for quite some time now i’ve had to fight for every breath i took. even with the oxygen turned up to 4 liters i could walk just a few feet before i had to sit down and try to catch my breath. whenever we went out i had to bring a wheelchair with me as i couldn’t breathe when i walked. my oxygen saturation would go down if i tried to walk and it kept going down as i slept at night. well yesterday they set me up with liquid oxygen which is pure oxygen so my saturation should go up, as that happens i should stop waking up in such bad pain, and it should help me stay awake instead of falling asleep every hour,my memory should improveas well as my concertration and my abilty to retain things i have been taught. these are all things i have been praying for and i knew God could do it but most of all i knew God would do it. my [oint being is that if you don’t get your answe when you think you should. don’t give up under any circumstances. in the bible Jesus tell a story of a woman that would not stop petitioning a king about a problem she was having, but she right on going before tha king until he finally did something about her problem. i’m sorry i can’t tell you where it is in the bible because at this time my menory fails me, but i’m sure pastor mark knows where to find it. i have prayers that i have been bringing up to the throne room of God for many years now but i know Jesus wouldn’t have told that story if it was of no importance. one of my prayers is to see my children and grandchildren saved and living for God. the other one is to see my two children that i gave up for adoption many years ago. i will not give up on either prayer because if i did it would be saying God was a liar and i know He’s not, and i will not ,again I SAY I WLL NOT GIVE THAT OLE DEVIL THE VICTORY OVER ME > JESUS PAID FOR MY VICTORY WITH HIS LIFE AND THAT MEANS A LOT TO ME>

  20. I get such joy reading the comments on how God is working!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS US EVERYONE!!!

  21. Rev Mark,
    I’m lingering in James right now as well. Thank you for your thoughtful insights and for sharing your struggles as you walk with our Lord and share Him with others! I really enjoy your writings.
    Blessings for Christmas!

  22. YETTY permalink

    WaoH!what a great testimony!i also would love to say God has been faithful to me as well.You know the year is running to an end? have been very busy at the office that i sometimes become sick…but one thing i noticed is, no matter how tired or sick i become God is always taking me through it all!without fear!Have learnt to stick with Him through hard times and believing He will See me through even when am not convinced about my next line of actions.He is a wonderful GOD!!!!!!Bless u all!!!

  23. janet permalink

    Praying when you can’t sleep seems like a duh to most of us but when you are in that situation I agree your mind races. God has been good to our family this year but at times I feel like he has done a bait and switch in mine and my husband’s life. I know I am not suppose to feel that way but at times we do.

  24. Kathy permalink

    My doctor is wanting to take me off Lithium. I have been on it for 10 years but it is starting to destroy my kidneys. So I did some research on Lithium and realize that almost all the side effects I suffer with is caused by this. God is using people, scripture, and even my case manager is supportive of my decision to go off. It wasn’t an easy decision. Alot of fear, but I know God doesn’t want me to be fearful. I read today in Mark 5:34b) Don’t be afraid, just believe. So I believe God is wanting to heal me. Christ died for our infirmities. He wants us to be whole. I am sure the doctor will wean me off it not just take me off cold turkey.

  25. Thank you, thank you….this absolutely made my day! Praise God!! Thank you!!

  26. Lupe meza permalink

    I often have the same problem n I do something at times ( listen to sleep island) on my iPod , valerian root (ugh) n pray. I know there is a reason for my non sleep. Thank u for sharing about this. Lord bless…

  27. sarah husman permalink

    well i have been askin God to heal my broken heart over my failed marriage..and He led me into more truth than just that! of course! i have seen generational curses leave like baloons into the sky! i have cleaned out all the junk inc. unforgiveness strife anger.My heart is healed by /through the blood of Jesus. I am healed and made whole in Jesus name! amen

  28. maggie permalink

    Thanx Mark 4 ua inspirational messages. .I log on 2 face book so many times in a day jus 2 read ua msg’s. God Bless u immensly. I got saved a couple of wks ago n m tryin 2 read tha Bible everyday n pray alot. I’m anticipatin a very stressful day 2moro thinkin abt it now makes me sick 2 tha stomach but m trustin God to turn ma situation around n make me victorious at the end of it all. God Bless n pls rem me in ua prayers. Maggie-kenya

  29. danny anderson permalink

    Thanks, MArk. I was blessed by your column. I am at a very special place in my life with the Lord. After years of trying to make myself joyous I finally realized what others have probably known. Jou remains in the presence of the Father. As long as I allow God’s abiding presence in my life then joy will find me. It’s amazing how easy it is! I have finally come to a place in my life where if I have nothing else in this world but have Jesus then that’s enough for me. I would love to know your thoughts on this! Thanks again brother!

  30. God bless you! I love this! I find that the temptor takes off running when, instead of becoming cross about no sleep, running to the medicine cabinet for sleeping pills;or watching television,sitting at the computer; tossing and turning in bed;-if I get my Bible,get comfy,pray and just take advantage of the opprtunity to study His word in peace and quiet,;not only am I blessed,but when I do get to sleep,it is sweet.XXXOOO

  31. Daleen permalink

    Thank you Mark!I strugle with sleep ! FROM now on I will pray in that time!!

  32. Thanks Pastor Mark. A week ago I had an emotional melt down and lost control of my tongue—though apologies have been made and I know I am forgiven both by the parties involved and by God, I am still feeling very ashamed and embarrassed. I know that my words and behavior was unacceptable to God; it seems everywhere I turn I am seeing how much of a disappointment I have been to Him. I have difficulties with ADHD and now am dealing with female hormonal changes thus my emotions, my thoughts and my actions/reactions seem to be all over the place and I don’t know how to control my tongue, etc. Please pray with me for God’s help in controlling these things. I feel like Paul in Roams 7: 15, when he says “I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate.” I know that with His help I can change and overcome whatever obstacles come my way. Any input out there, would be helpful. Thanks. Love in Christ…..

  33. Steve Gill permalink

    Brother Mark…
    Thank you for sharing. I have so many struggles right now and I really needed something to slap me in the face and say “Wake up Steve…. you are soooooo blessed”. Oh…. but how will I get through what’s ahead of me…. Hmmmm…. let me see…. HIS WAY and NOT MINE. Most of my struggles are evaporating but it’s not convincing me that HE is God in all situations. Oh God…. please come and provide for my family. You have given me so many gifts and I am so thankful that the greatest gift has come… FREE OF CHARGE. Thank you for your eternal love. It feels good all the time. Even in the midst of my “Hurricanes”. Please Mark…. stay strong in your weakness. It is so good to see how He is using YOU!

  34. Lydia Reyes permalink

    I just want everyone who have shared their comments, That I am so grateful , even though I do not know you personally, I know you spiritually. God has put us together to help and encourage one another. In my walk with God he teaches me to just surrender everything to him, for he is in control. Like I said it before. There is nothing impossible for GOD and everything is possible with GOD. So hang on to the CROSS and don’t let go. GOD BLESS YOU MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

  35. Pam Mar permalink

    You are such a blessing to me. I need to hear what God is saying through you!
    Thank you Jesus, thank you brother!!

  36. God is working everywhere in every part of my life and being….

  37. My perfect gift from above, from the Father of lights, in whom there is neither variableness, nor shadow of turning (doubt) is my “SACRED FAITH” literally based on the promise of seeing vision of the mysterious and exceedingly powerful divine identity of Jesus Christ and his authority (lordship) over death and life on the cross (John 1: 50-51; 19: 30-37; Jude 1:20).

    “Born again” 35 years ago and still going strong! “THANK YOU GOD”!

  38. Leslie C. permalink

    I recently went through a battle within my mind…not many people realize what a hard thing it is to control one’s thoughts. Satan had me believing that, although I had been saved for several years, I had somehow caused God to turn His back on me and that I was going to spend eternity in hell, no matter what I did from that point on. Night after after, day after day, I lived in extreme fear of what my eternal life was going to be. Satan had me trapped in a living hell within my very own mind. BUT GOD IS SO GOOD! Through much prayer with 3 very dear women of God, I was delivered! I went through that torment, and yes it was torment, for over 1 1/2 years…that’s an awful long time to live in constant fear…but God said “Enough” and satan had to let go of my mind. I often wondered “why did I have to go through that?” but recently that question has been answered. I have a dear friend who is facing one of her biggest battles yet, and it’s in her mind. Since I overcame the same kind of battle, I now have such a wonderful testimony that I have shared with her. Not only with her, but I have shared it with others as well. I AM AN OVERCOMER THROUGH CHRIST JESUS! I have learned to take authority over satan when he comes at me. And through it all, my relationship with the Lord has gotten stronger. The Bible tells us to thank Him for our trials. I never understood that, until now. I thank Him and I praise Him for the trials I face, for His love and His mercy…if not for Him, where would I be?
    Thank you Brother Mark, for your ministry. I look forward to receiving your “Journey Deeper” each and every day. God bless and Merry CHRISTmas!

  39. dls permalink

    I love hearing how God is working….I too have seen the same in my life….troubles, difficulties, overwhelming schedule/tasks…when given to HIM and trusting in HIM..they become very small and sometimes totally disappear!

  40. Mary permalink

    I have pineal gland problems at times. When this happens, I also turn to God in prayer and He always allows me to sleep. Normally, I give Him praise and pray for family and friends asking for protection, healing etc. I haven’t tied my prayer on those sleepless nights to a scripture reading however….which I will do the next time I am tossing and turning. Thank you for this insight and for these wonderful teachings. God bless you.

  41. Tsitsi permalink

    I will never forget 2/3years ago when I woke up at exactly 3:33am for 3 consecutive days, the first day I was very scared for some reason and I prayed. When the same thing happened for the following two days I prayed again but with more understanding that the Holy Spirit was prompting me to wake up and pray, so for as long as I could for the weeks which followed I set my alarm to pray at 3:33am. It’s just the greatest thing to be invited into a conversation by God Himself.

    During the past 6months my family has been going through such a difficult time with both my parents struggling to get constant work, but God has proved to be Jehovah Jireh, our Provider. People from Church have been used by God to step in right on time when we needed something. I’m believing God that 2010 will be better than 2009. I can honestly say God has done so much for me not to worship Him. Glory to God forever!

  42. Please pray for me, I have bad depression. My husband of 41 yrs left and filed for divorce after he found his old girlfriend from 45 yrs ago. I did not even see it coming. We had a good marriage all those years. Just spats most couples have and the word divorce had never been spoken in all those years. I need Gods help to move forward. I am 60yrs old and have been saved since I was 13. It is so hard. Thanks

    • Tsitsi permalink

      Dear Mary, I just felt I should encourage you in this time you are going through. Try this simple act- lift yourself out of bed every morning and think about 3 things you are grateful for today and praise God for that. If you constantly dwell on the problem, that is all that you will feel – overwhelmed by the problem. Instead, seek God’s advice through Prayer and His Word. Joshua 1:8 says “And don’t for a minute let this Book of The Revelation be out of mind. Ponder and meditate on it day and night, making sure you practice everything written in it. Then you’ll get where you’re going; then you’ll succeed.” Psalms 46:1 says “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble.” God is Jehovah Shammah- The Lord is there. Never doubt for a second that He is right there by your side.

      Remember that God loves you and He will never leave you. Deuteronomy 31:8 “And the Lord, He is the One who goes before you. he will be with you, He will not leave you nore forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.” Philippians 4:13 – YOU “can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens [YOU].” Romans 8:28 -“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

      Finally, “You have been put to no test but such as is common to man: and God is true, who will not let any test come on you which you are not able to undergo; but he will make with the test a way out of it, so that you may be able to go through it” 1 Corinthians 10:13. I pray that God will reveal Himself more to You and that You will know Him more than you’ve ever known Him before and that He will be your comforter. Be encouraged, no weapon formed against yo shall prosper in Jesus’ Name. God bless you.

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