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Video presentation

December 4, 2009

Check out below a short video of me presenting a devotion to my staff at Bible Society yesterday, my first video on here!   Be interested to hear what you think.

If it doesn’t work click here to watch it.


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  1. Kathleen Merman permalink

    Thanks Mark, Your reflection on Wisdom has made me dig deeper into Gods Word to find more on His wisdom. You are always a help to me. I am glad you are here on facebook. you are a help to thousands of us out here. Kathy

  2. dorthy porter permalink

    Mark This was just Great,It came across so loud and clear.I am putting action behind what I learn.To feed a child in Africa or put a bible in there hand takes action on my part.I can pick up my paint brush or look at my paint brush.My two schools have stayed at 235 who feed twice a day and learn to read the Bibles I put in their hands for almost a year.If I had twice the action on my part twice as many would be feed physically and Spiritually.To know that they are hungry is knowledge,For me to supply their food is wisdom on what God has set as his will for me.I do believe I will grow in many ways from what you shared today.

    • Mark ~ This was so wonderful!!! I can use this presentation in all aspects of my life. I’ve never heard it put that way before, especially from the Bible.
      I need to remember this presentation and use it in great and wonderful areas of my life to the Glory of God, for what He would want me to use it for.
      It was so great to actually hear your voice!!!! I love your accent!!!! I would probably sound like a “Hillbilly” if you were to hear my voice, since I was born and raised in Austin, Texas, USA. LOL
      Peace to you my friend in Christ ~ Jena Kokas

  3. that was cool

  4. Michelle permalink

    Mark that is an excellent clip and message. I’d love to see more of these posted.

    Many Blessing’s,


  5. it was very nice the sound and everything was clear and the words you where saying was also was very good and people need to know we need to know god better he coming back soon and very soon the sines are all around god bless you mark and your family too in jesus name cecil b and jason b the burdette boy’s

  6. Kathy Voss permalink

    I loved it! It was so good to see and hear you! I feel like I know you even though we’ve never met, and I am in Indiana, USA. There is no distance in the Lord and His family!

  7. Angelique permalink

    Amazing Mark! I know somehow I am on the right track. Thank you.

  8. Meagan permalink

    Amen Mark!! That was awe inspiring – I want to start working to become wise!! I want it as much as I want chocolate!

  9. Excellent! you are interesting and animated, and yes, you are wise!

  10. Bryan McQueen permalink

    Thank you for taking the time to present a clearer understanding of wisdom as God is revealing it to you. There is something to be said for a video clip. I find the emotion and unspoken expressions that are conveyed in tones of voice and body language are essential to grasping the fullness of ones message.

    Please do more if you have time. How about one on letting the spirit move in our relationships? The power of God’s grace and the humility of Christ at the forefront of the love we express to one another? Or what ever you see fit.


    Bryan-Alberta, Canada

    • Thank you for the the presentation, it was very refreshing.
      There is something to be said for a video clip. So much can get lost in just written text.. But to see it being presented adds that extra push to get your point across.

      Thanks and God Bless,

  11. Miranda Fann permalink

    That really was excellent. You really must post more of these videos! I have come to look forward to your email each day because it is a fresh look at things for me. It really helps. I am mom to 6 little children and I love what I do (sharpening “arrows” for the Lord’s work) but of course, it can get hectic, and your messages always seem so timely…they are refreshing and encouraging to me and now I have started making extra effort to spend more significant time with the Lord too and it is really making a difference in my day. Even the children have noticed Mom is much more peaceful! Thank you for letting God use you the way that He has… it is making a difference!

  12. Catherine permalink

    Thank you! Good message…

  13. Joan Baker permalink

    Blessed me, very much! I always enjoy a presentation. The video is a great idea. I think you’ve got something here 🙂

  14. Renae permalink

    Enjoyed it so much! Would love to see more if you could.
    God bless.

  15. Fritz Hubertus Vaziri permalink

    Hello Mark,

    Nice to actually see and hear you.

    I was surprised to find out you had this accent. But then, of course, people obviously speak different English in New Zealand than for instance in the U.S.A. or England. It is just refreshing and always has a specific surprising quality in a positive way to see and hear people you have only read so far.

    I had already read the message before which you delivered on the video. It’s a good, clear and inspiring word. Again, it comes across differently when people preach it and one is in a way at least virtually present.

    Just discovered this difference between reading and seeing/hearing again. Both have their own individual quality.

    Be blessed,

  16. Lindsey permalink


    This devotional has been a great catalyst in helping me to actually make a change. It’s just like I “know” I need to make a change, but the key is actually acting on that “knowledge”. Thank you so much!


  17. Kathy permalink

    Good job! I like how you always let us know what the Greek word is. It adds so much more depth.

  18. Lynn permalink

    the video is a great idea. it brings the word to life when you hear it spoken,and Gods word says that faith comes by hearing. i look foreard to your e-mails each day. i have a problem with retaining what i learn,but one thing i have learned is that one can have knowledge but lack wisdom. i have found that wisdom is putting your knowledge into action that will reach others with Gods love. and that is what you do with your blog and now with this video. if possible i would like to see more video as it brings you out of the background and makes you more real to the people you are reaching out to. keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your heart with us. God bless.

  19. Mark; This was wonderful! May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you, may his light continue to shine upon you…. Praise God! For your willingness to share his word

  20. Sharon Moore permalink

    Thank you so much for your insight. I am struggling to understand some passages of the Bible. I know I just have to keep at it in order to understand and gain knowledge.

  21. GayeLyn permalink

    Mark – God has given you such a way with words that your video is just an added blessing to it all. And the simpleness and yet depth of each message is wonderful. Knowing the difference between wisdom and knowledge that you explain so clearly makes it stick! This includes all of your writings. I enjoy and look forward to all that you have to say, Mark.

  22. Good morning Mark! Thank you for the devotional. I’ve always wanted to know what wisdom is and how to obtain it. Your teachings are down to me level of understanding (simple minded) that I get it (a light comes on). Question: why is the greek word different in meaning than the english word?

  23. I think the video was great and i am inspired by your journey deeper in to Gods word.I feel you being on facebook and showing the world they to can stand up and be counted for and openly acknowledge Jesus Christ as there lord and savior is an amazing feat in and of it self . For me it has always been the simple truths like the ones you have touched on that have done the most for me and getting me closer to God .Simple truths like the old song “pass it on” the first few words are ,It only takes a spark to get a fire going and to me that’s exactly what you have done . The 25 thousand that receive your e mails alone not counting all the ones who read your post online all those little sparks have created a huge fire a deep burning desire to grow closer to God and his words and his plan for our lives. Thank you and i pray God will continue to bless this ministry and all the rest of them you have take care my friend i look forward to many more blogs
    God Bless!

  24. Lynda m Hunt permalink

    gud morning Rev Mark, i watch the video n was touch by it be bless n you are doin a great job for the kindgom of God. i look forward in reading your scriptures on a dailey basic from to day,it really pushes me more n more each day to go on living living for God,i live in Nassau Bahamas n a whole lot of people is reading ur scriptures every day.God bless.

  25. Sue Giambra permalink

    What good insights into God’s Word to start my day. Blessings!!

  26. Unfortunately I could`nt hear all but you and your posts help me on mine understanding of Gods word.
    Thank you!

  27. shelley hemphill permalink

    Nice to see you–I look forward to my daily “Journey”! You are truly a blessing in so many lives!

    Thank you,


  28. Thank you, It seams God is Talking through you, to desire MORE of him, I to want his Knowledge and want to walk in his wisdom. I so love that you break in to the nuggets of Gold, by breaking down the word meanings, now a little of the culture that mades the word mean that……
    Go deeper,
    I am right there with you, wanting the very heart of Jesus. D

  29. Mark please continue to let the Lord use you.You inspire me the more on my facebook profile.Always stay hungry for Jesus and giving His word.God Bless!!!

  30. Sherrie permalink

    The video was awesome Paster Mark!!
    The message too, Wisdom is what I do with the knowledge I’m given. Amen!!

  31. Sherrie permalink

    P.s. Pleas pray for me to be well soon. I’m fighting the flu.

  32. Della permalink

    I really enjoyed your “talk” or discussion. I also love to hear your accent…I was born in the US~Lima, OH and have lived as far south as South Carolina and as far north as Michigan! I believe God will use your words. I also believe God has given me a verse from His Word to speak back to you…I Peter 4:10 (NLT) “God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.” I do believe you have found your gift (niche)!!

  33. Brother Mark,
    It was so nice to see and hear the person whose words I have been so encouraged by reading. As you were speaking, some verses I memorized a couple of years ago returned to me. Proverbs 2:1-5 (this is from the Message)
    My child, listen to what I say, and treasure my commands. Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding. Search for them as you would for silver; seek them like hidden treasures. Then you will understand what it means to fear the Lord, and you will gain knowledge and understanding.

    I’d like to thank you for your willingness to be on the quest deeper into God’s Word. I too feel the pull of the Holy Spirit to seek those treasures He may have hidden deeper for those willing to truly seek. I am blessed by your ministry.

  34. Charles permalink

    Mark, I have truly enjoyed your daily writings and thoughts,your latest voyage into the “live video” is a great and grand idea…Expolit this media to get God’s message out there for I feel we as believers have remained to ourselves far to long. Keep doing what God commands you in your heart to do,for you as well as all others will be blessed. Because threw you the Holy Spirit can move mountains,calm a raging sea…and as we all know through God all things are possible. God Bless…Charles Roberts (USA)

  35. Okay here’s what the Holy Spirit has laid on me. I’m just one yank but I am pretty sure this is from God. Aside from the content, which BTW, is always excellent and spot on, you are a charismatic speaker. The annointing is obvious to me. Your zeal and passion for your mission in life is quite evident. It’s on your face, in your voice and exudes from you physically. I personally find your speaking voice very pleasant and engaging. Americans are suckers for a good accent. =] But it attracts and commands full attention for you, to the Word, as well. So here it is, Mark. I really feel your next step is to take the outreach by email to a podcast as well. There are many, many shut ins with no one to rely on at all, much less get them to church whose sole/soul connection to the outside word is TV and the net. TV? WAY expensive. I get a kick out of God using the mediums of today… Then there are believers who have been disillusioned with organized religion. In my own life, I have been hurt deeply more by professing Christians than the so called heathen. We heal thankfully & move on but even so, I would look forward to seeing your podcast weekly as well as reading your blog and would purpose to tune in prior to reading my bible. God Bless you so abundantly, today and everyday. KC

  36. I’d tithe in chocolate…. (afterthought totally in the natural)

  37. Janice Guthrie permalink

    Thank you so much for giving me more understanding. The pastor of my Church tells us the meaning of a word in Greek, which makes it so much more realistic. Thanks again, and God Bless. Your friend in Christ Janice

  38. nicholas ross permalink

    good words mark,i truly like your works and how you break it down to explain to us ,thank you and be blessed ,gob bless .

  39. Victor Sauceda permalink

    Thanks for sharing God’s word. I read all the journals that you email me. I hope in the future you post more of your sermons for us to view. I would love to watch them during my lunch hour at work.

  40. Larry Berger permalink

    Your like a living Bible to me you bring Gods Word alive to me. God Bless you for this.

  41. Ken permalink

    Thank you!

  42. Nsikan permalink

    Mark all i can say is just a big thank you. To God for bringing you to me, n to you for helping with God.. Like larry said you are like a living bible. God bless you and keep you always.

  43. Patsy Bond permalink

    These are the times that I wish that more than dial up was available in our area of the woods. It is almost impossible to watch a video. I am sure it was good.

  44. terry permalink

    Please continue to post the webcast it’s a blessing for me and many others,I thank GOD for you.

  45. Debbie permalink

    Dear Pastor Mark,

    Enjoyed receiving the Good News while watching your video. Please record more.

    I am a survivor of Guilian-Barre Syndrome and praise God’s name for letting me remain here to serve Him.

  46. Pastor Mark,
    Really enjoyed the video.How enlightening to hear what is and how to apply wisdom.Thanks for the blog,videos and inspiration.
    Love and GOD bless

  47. Shantelle permalink

    Pastor Mark,

    I enjoyed the video. Thank you…I really needed to hear this.

    Blessings, Shantelle

  48. Glen permalink

    Great devotional 🙂 I enjoy receiving them each day! Thanks for your ministry, and I hope you’re having a blessed Sunday!

  49. Kevin J McPherson permalink

    I thoroughly enjoyed, and learned from your devotional! James wrote that we are to be DOERS of the Word, and not hearers only. You made this more clear with your definition of wisdom. Please make more videos. I feel more like I know you now. And it’s truly a pleasure to meet you, brother!

  50. Tonya Cartwright permalink

    I just wanted to let you know that I think God is working great things through you. You give everybody something they need every day…The word of God. God bless you.

  51. That was really good, Mark! Thank you for sharing. Your website is such a blessing to me & so many others. May God continue to bless you with insight.


  52. Brittany Hurwitz permalink

    Very inspiring. As Nike tells us.. “Just do it”. It is not enough to embrace our faith spiritually and mentally believing that we are Christians, we must ACT upon our faith, love one another whole-heartedly, and LIVE our God’s word just as Jesus Christ did.

  53. Michelle Meyer permalink

    Rev. Mark,
    Obviously you are passionate for the Lord. You are right in saying that being wise is putting into practice God’s word. I wish I could say that I am wise but I struggle.

    In Christ,
    Michelle Meyer

  54. Ginger Coyner permalink

    Rev. Mark,

    Thank you for the power that your messages deliever daily in such a brief period of time. In a world where we are on the go with little time for ourselves, your short devotions are just the charge need to keep us going or get us up and going. I especially enjoyed the video because I feel more connected to you as a human being now.

    I save my favorite emails and when the going gets tough I will read one or two, and my perspective starts to change on whatever is bothering me at that moment.

    Thank you for the education, the leadership, the personal experiences you share, along with the strength and hope you provide on a daily basis.

    In Christ,

    Ginger Coyner

  55. Marvi Obrero permalink


    Thanks for sharing this, now i understand what wisdom is. That it is not enough just to simply ask but yearn to have it. Please share more of this. May God continue to bless you and your ministries.


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