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Being Tempted is Good For your Faith? – James 1:2-4

December 1, 2009

James 1:2-4 : Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.

Today begins a series where I will carefully work through the book of James.  You are welcome to join me in this journey!

When I began this journey deeper into God’s Word and God’s presence I thought that temptation and sin would become less, but in fact it has increased.  As I have taken steps towards God, so the enemy’s attacks have increased.  At first I found this quite shocking, but then I realised what was happening and rejoiced as it showed the enemy was worried – AND SO HE SHOULD BE.    When it talks about troubles in this James passage, the greek refers to being tempted to sin, so as we experience this temptation we should be happy!! For as it says, ‘consider it an opportunity for great joy.’

James explains that when I am tempted it is actually an opportunity for my faith to grow!  How does this happen?  The key is that I don’t give up.  The original greek speaks of being patient, enduring while suffering.  It doesn’t say, life will be easy, temptation will be rare, it says that through the tough times, just keep going, keep trusting God, keep my focus on God.  And through this my faith will continue to grow.   And as James says, I will become perfect and complete, needing nothing. Wow!

So be encouraged if your life is tough, if temptation is full on..  keep on going!

God bless,

Rev Mark Brown

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  1. Gabriel permalink

    Thank you so much for this scripture. Our college group at our church is small but we are doing great things and growing for the lord and this past week we all seem to be knocked down off our feet at the same time and we figured the devil is attacking us and trying to bring us down but its been getting alot worse lately but as of reading this passage, made me feel so much better and i will share it with my college group thank you so much!

    keep the deeper in Gods word coming!

    ~God bless

    • todays passage was very encouraging, been going thru some things, and this was just what i needed for today. tks

  2. Your blog has enouraged me to get into the Word more regularly. But yes, it’s amazing how hard it sometimes is and the temptation to give up is immense. Thank you Mark.

  3. Steve permalink

    This blog really speaks to me. I’m so glad you wrote about this. Every time I start growing stronger in my relationship with God, huge temptations come along and end up crushing me, harder than ever before. So, this helps a lot, I just need to rejoice and praise God when temptations arise. Thank you Mark!

  4. I really enjoyed the message today. The older I get as a child of God (baptized at age 9), the more I realize that the trials I experience are meant to make me stronger and that God will never give us more than we can bear. Thanks for sharing such encouraging words! God Bless!

  5. Ethan Skinner permalink

    Thank you so much for this email. I was going through a hard time and I thought okay lets look at what today’s email from the Bible Man for Facebook says and it helped alot!!!!
    thank you so much!
    keep it up You have no idea how much this helps!!!!!
    thank you and praise the Lord on High!

  6. Alli permalink

    Thanks so much Rev. Mark! This is really very timely and meaningful for me. Keep on serving Him.

    All the best,

  7. Samuel Leakey permalink

    This is a very important passage in my life so thank you for emphasizing its relevance in growing in our relationship with Jesus!

    It reminded me of a saying my mentor used to tell me all the time. It was simply:

    “Keep going, keep growing”

    Keep the verses coming! Praise be Jesus!

  8. Nancy Griggs permalink

    A very timely message thank you. The thoughts and feelings that I am not good enough why try & problems are hitting me like bullets from every direction but I just try harder. These feelings of depression and anxiety must be the evil one tempting me. I know these thoughts are not from God.
    Thank you for your timely message.

  9. Patsy Bond permalink

    Temptation….satan knows my weaknesses and boy does he attack. I must be getting very close to God because the temptaion has been so great it has creeped into my dreams. I am praying and praying for God to stay close and that satan leave me alone in the name of Jesus. I want to wear the armor of God at all times.

  10. PRAISE AND THANKS to our LORD JESUS CHRIST for your message to us today! I feel like I have to immense myself with prayer and THE WORD to resist the evil one. THE ARMOUR is on and I am armed and ready!!! PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!

  11. Aijay permalink

    Thank you very much Rev Mark. I subscribed today to ‘Journey Deeper Into God’s Word’ because i receive it on my facebook but i dont offen go on facebook so i thought it would be great to have it sent to my Email address & truely its been a blessing. Thanks Mark for your time & effort may God bless you abundantly.

  12. thank you rev mark i enjoy the daily words and they do help god bless you and your and i hope all is well with you and yours cecil b

  13. I know all too well about the daily temptation to sin in this life, and how most often, we as humans, have to get on our knees at the end of a busy day and confess a sin (or at least the temptation) that we faced during that day and ask the Lord for forgiveness. In doing so I have often found a sense of guilt lifted from my shoulders as I take it to the Lord.

    Yes, Satan knows our weaknesses, but as brothers and sisters in Christ we have our closest friend and ally that will block all that the tempter has in his arsenal for us.

    Christ gives us the power to overcome the temptation before it turns into sin in our lives and thus makes us stronger as we live out the Christian walk we have been re-born into in this world.

  14. Kiley permalink

    When I heard this message…I was experiencing a heaviness because I lost somethings that were precious to me. I was tempted to throw in the towel but God kept and keeps his hand on me. God Bless you Rev. Brown.

  15. Abbie permalink

    Wow! I really needed to read this! I have been making big strides in coming to know the Lord, giving up things of this world and so on; the Lord has COMPLETELY transformed me into a NEW CREATURE that I don’t act, talk, or think like I used to. Every thought is focused on if God is receiving the glory. And then all of a sudden out of no where, thoughts of doubt start to creep into my head. Like I’m racking my brain and things; I feel like I have let God down by even having a doubts that He lives. And then the Holy Spirit led me to a passage in Luke where it talks about a woman who was crippled because of a spirit of infirmity caused by the evil one. And it struck me that THIS is exactly what is happening to me. I was attacked! I’m still suffering but I keep praying and talking to God to restore my mind and my heart. It’s tough. Please pray for me! Thank you

  16. Meagan permalink

    Amen Rev Brown, my family has been sick for 3 years now (rare skin problem), and I have started college and left them with it – through this my mother has changed dramatically and it has hurt me so much, but I understand now that this is reason for JOY! I can’t believe it – I have had a very changing day today (mainly in the past half hour) and your explanation has given me so much hope, thank you and GOD Bless

  17. Mitzi permalink

    I agree. I have experienced the same thing. Godspeed! M

  18. In reading your past entries, I said to myself, “This guy has the devil worried.” Life has been awful lately so you are giving me a snapshot that holds me up with your blog. Thank you for your faithfulness. When are you going to do a podcast??

  19. Patti permalink

    I thank you so much for your daily words. I have had a couple of people mention the book of James to me today so reading your words just brought it all home, that the book of James is what I need to be focusing on. I have been going through, I believe, the toughest trial to date for me. The book of James has been a Godsend, literally, for the past 6 months. I hope this trial IS making me stronger because I feel so weak at times. It finally made sense about the phrase, “in my weakness I am strong” (Paul) and I just ask that you continue in this wonderful ministry that you have been blessed with. You have helped me SO much – daily. May God Bless You!

  20. My Dearest Rev. Mark,

    Yes, is very true, the closer we draw to God, the more Satan attempts to Tempt us. However, we have the Spirit of Christ in us, all we need to do is rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus, order him to get behind us, he then has NO control over us, he must flee in the name of Jesus.

    So, just Rebuke him in name of Jesus, temptations will lessen. He no longer has any power or control over us. Jesus is the Almighty, in control.

    We must remember to do so though, which we often forget, forget the power of Jesus and the Spirit He gave us when He died on cross for us and returned to give us His Holy Spirit for protection and guidance (Book of Acts) until He returns again (which I firmly believe will be soon) to take those of us left home with Him.

    Gods Most Blessed to you and marvelous guidance you are giving us weekly with your studies, so thankful you have continued with. Thank you,
    Rebeca Busic

  21. Rev, Mark,

    By the way, I am strongly addicted to smoking, Cannot take prescription med due to depression history.

    With your Holy Spirit Prayers, I need Desire to stop smoking, and then must stop before next surgery in January or may very well kill me.

    Need your Spiritual Strength and Prayers to overcome, seem totally unable to do on own, because First I need Desire to stop, then we can overcome, Your help and all others so very desperately needed.

    Thank you.


  22. Fritz Hubertus Vaziri permalink

    Thanks, Mark.

    Good message!

  23. Amen Rev. Mark!
    Thanking God for how He is working in the lives of His people!!
    Pressing on with you, in Christ!

  24. terry permalink

    This is SUCH a strong message. Thank you for this. Sometimes we let our guard down and before we know it… must remain strong, keep faith and rejoice in the Strength God gives us to persevere.

  25. Nancy permalink

    I love the book of James and have thought often of studying it in depth. Thank you for bringing me closer to understanding. Also, your first entry, summed up my weekend – thank you for reminding me I have God to hold onto.

  26. james kish permalink

    thanks for this insite…

  27. Brenda permalink

    what a wonderful word..thank you! It seems like when we get complacent with God the Devil will come in and try to conquer us. It’s very important that when trials/tempatations hit us that we keep going!

  28. doreen permalink

    Thank you for your daily scriptures and your journey deeper into God’s word!!!!!!!!

  29. saundra permalink

    The Book of James is my favorite..I love how he speaks of our desire to do good works..Every good and perfect gift comes from The Father…James gives us so much good and perfect advice on how we should live our daily lives..When I read James, he makes me want to be a better person…

  30. Velvet permalink

    You are amazing Rev Mark! Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and God’s true everlasting love!

  31. cyroph permalink

    hi rev. mark!

    Thanks for replying my email it helps a lot and your suggestions made me more closer to GOD please continue praying for me and my journey to be more closer to GOD and help me grow more as a disciple… GODBLESS always!

  32. Sherrie permalink

    Wow! That explains so much for me! I always got angry at myself for things I felt I should have been able to control as a Christian. Now I will just Rejoice!! What a way to do battle 🙂
    God Bless & keep you!

  33. Della permalink

    Thank you Rev. Mark Brown,
    I am looking forward to going through this study with you and appreciate your insights and openness to God’s will. i will continue to pray for you to grow in strength and knowledge of God’s love and experience of His great power! Although I prayed for God to have my life 33 yrs ago, it was not until this Nov 13th that I surrendered my HEART to HIM. What a difference in my heart exists!!!

  34. MaryMarthaKay permalink

    For ever trouble/temptation that comes our way, God makes a way out for us; we are to recognize the trouble/temptation as of the enemy and …. ‘consider it an opportunity for great joy.’ While our FAITH is being tested we are to TRUST God and BELIEVE IN HIS promises for our success in the trouble/temptation. We succeed, our endurance grows, each time we succeed …. continuing in this pattern …. until Jesus comes back for us.

    Praise God for you Rev. Mark and your words of inspiration! AMEN!

  35. Brandi permalink

    I am 16. And I really enjoy this. I am trying to get my life right with God and live for him. 🙂 Everyday its becoming more easy for me to do that. I enjoy and look foward to reading these passages everyday. Thank you and may God continue to Bless you and your minsistry. Amen. Much Love and God Bless!

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