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I seriously love how God is working in my life. Hebrews 12:28

November 27, 2009

‘Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe.’ Heb 12:28

When I started sharing my reflections on God’s Word back in early September I was following God’s lead.  I had a clear sense that I should let people look over my shoulder at the conversation I am having with God.  And I have really stuck to this, making sure that I wasn’t writing for an audience, trying to entertain, keep people’s interest, but just sharing what God is showing me and being really honest about that process.  And something beyond my thinking has happened, in just a few months nearly 23,000 people are signed up to receive my reflections.  I cannot comprehend this, seriously, I am nothing special, no great preacher or well known evangelist, or some famous actor, I am just some guy living in New Zealand following God’s lead, seeking to come into the presence of God.

What is this presence of God?  It is about God and me being really close, that He is all over my life, in every part: affecting my relationships, my thoughts and my decisions.  And in being close to God I feel the Holy Spirit guiding and counselling me, encouraging and energising me, and it is so amazing!

I am getting closer to God through reading the Bible, tons of prayer and facing up to my sin.  Bible reading for me isn’t about reading for 10 minutes once in a while, but about immersing myself in the Word.  I spend anywhere between 1-2 hours (sometimes more) reading, praying, reflecting, seeking God’s guidance and then writing.  And every day God reveals something new and amazing.

My desire is to come into the presence of God, to draw near to Him, to be intimately influenced by Him every moment of the day.  And in reading His Word I find myself being drawn towards Him.  The Hebrews reading above says that I am to be thankful for all that God does in my life and I am!!  And it instructs me to worship, which I discovered in the greek actually isn’t so much about singing, but serving.  And that is a key challenge for me, how to serve God?

Lord I offer you my energy, my intellect – all that I am, I offer it to you.  Lord show me how you want me to serve you.  Amen.

God bless,

Rev Mark Brown

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  1. Melody permalink

    I absolutely love your passion for Christ. It lifts me up all the time. Thank you for sharing your walk with me, it has been very inspiring for me on many occasions.

  2. Mitzi permalink

    I love how our God even moves through the Internet to change me. I have found so many godly people all over the world who love and serve our Lord. He always amazes me! I truly feel united to all my brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world. I am able to pray for those, not only in leadership, but also those who are persecuted. Thank you for all you do to further the Kingdom Rev Brown.

  3. nicholas ross permalink

    hi mr brown,just want to know,how is the best way to pray to god,i have been throu a lot and not because of anyone but me ,i had gone back to my old ways and i nearly lost my beautiful wife because of going back to the old ways,smoking cirgarettes and drinking beer,but at the same time going to church,now i have stopped all that and i pray all the time to the lord,when i am on the bicycle ,when i am at work ,when i am in bed,as i feel i have let the lord down again ,so i am asking what is the best or which is the best way to pray and how can i get strong together with the lord and stop my ways,i really need the lord in my life and keep asking him to help me get better and to show me the way out,i have let him and my family down again and i really wan tto get back on my feet and stay there,i beleive in the lord and trust in him,is it me or what !!!,thank you nicholas ross from south africa ,i was on face book that is how i got hold of your site !!!! thanks mr brown

    • Cheryl Little permalink

      Hi Nicholas,
      I’m not Rev. Mark, but I read your note, I hope you don’t mind. I was lead to give you a verse of scripture that has really helped me, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33
      You are on the right track, you know what you were about to lose, and it deeply bothered you and you know that the only way to heal your life and your family is through prayer to our Lord Jesus. Just talk to Jesus, ask him to come into your heart, even if you have done this before, confess your sins openly to Jesus, and ask him to forgive you and He will. You’ve got to mean it because this is really going to make the evil one angry, he will probably tempt you even more. So, stay in the Bible and in prayer. Lean on your family for support. A family that prays together, stays together.
      I have been through a similar situation, however, my husband didn’t choose God or his family. If my husband had done these things, we would still be a family today. I sincerely hope this helps you!

      Love in Christ Jesus

    • Brian Martin permalink

      Nicholas We all Fall Short Don’t beat your self up about it .That’s why Jesus Die On the CROSS so That We Maybe Forgiven .because GOD Knew That we would Fall Short . So Just Brush yourself off and Get Deeper into Your Bible And Church And You Have Let noone Down But Yourself .Your Family Is Going To all ways be there Just Like GOD .they Only Want the Best for You.And As For The Best Way To Pray To GOD For Me I talk to Him Just Like I talk To My Friends Because That’s Just what He is MY BEST Friend .Nicholas I Beleive that if You Stay inthe word in and Out Of Church You’ll Be Ok if you need Any kind of Help I’m Here to Help .I’m On Facebook ,Myspace,and a couple of others places where ever you see my name hit me up and i’ll help or E-mail me at
      Your Brother In Faith.
      Brian Martin
      May GOD Bless You And Your Love Ones.

  4. Dear Rev.Mark Brown,You are such a Blessing to all of the Facebook world,I can’t tell you how many people and friends of mine are so much into reading and comprehending every thing you say and do for Facebook.I myself for one,It has changed my life to where alls I want to do is pray and send prayer to all the friends and family on facebook,not encluding all the people I help outside of facebook.Right now you are and Inspiration to all of us and I just can’t seem to get enough,I feel that GOD is working in me also Mark,and if this is the way to get closer to him then this is what I shall do.I Thank You So much,Rev. Mark Brown for coming to Facebook and Yahoo as this has to be a calling from God,I feel so much better when I’m talking, helping,and praying for myself and others that it just feels so right.I have to say I’m addicted to God and for You,for coming to Faebook.It’s cahnging my life Rev.Mark Brown.Thank You from the bottom of my Heart for what you have done for me.May God Bless You Thank You

  5. good job thanks

  6. Estelle Warren permalink


    Your comments on seeking to come in the presence of God really touched my heart and I am sure the heart of God. He has united us in Spirit when we accepted Him into our hearts, receiving the Holy Spirit. As an empty vessel, being filled with the Spirit of our Living Lord, to me is like marriage, “you two shall be one,” and the absence of the other causes us to yearn to see or be near them. The Lord is with us in Spirit and he promises to be with us to the end. I, too, yearn to sense his presence in my life in a stronger way. About 40 years ago, I experience this strong sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit with an inaudible voice but a thought in my head with the words, “Estelle, this is me!” There was an indescribable sense of His love that completely overwhelmed me. I will be 71-years-old in a few weeks and with pasage of time surely I am drawing nearer and nearer to the time of being face-to-face with our Lord. I know in my heart that again there will be this awsome love as felt one night as I had turned off the light to our bedroom to go to bed. No one was in the room but me, but what a powerful feeling of His presence that night. I still transcribe medical reports at home and enjoy being active and being able to work, and like today with such great get-togethers with family; but in the back of my mind, the big event that I really am looking forward to is “Go Home.’ In the meantime, there are memories to make with our children, grandchildren and with our precious great grandchild. God has been so good to us. The wonderful, beautiful pictures of scenery that often is received by e-mail, God’s word and his many promises to us also speak of his love for us. Mark, keep searching……one of our promises is that with our searching we will find him. Enjoy your comments so much. Keep up the great work. God bless you in your walk with Him…..

  7. Bernadette permalink

    Thank you for your words, and diligence in studing His Word. As I read I felt encouraged in my walk with the Lord. It is always great to meet someone who hungers and thirsts for the Lord. Thank you for sharing your over the shoulder conversations with God. Gopd bless!

  8. Kathi permalink

    Thank you for your honesty and encouragement. I too am listening to God as I write short stories. I seek to honor and praise his Holy name and am humbled by the feedback I am getting about these stories. God has shown me that I CAN write, that I do have something to say that is important to share with the world about Jesus. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading your comments daily.

  9. Grace Forme permalink

    Some times You do not have to be a great preacher. God wants someone HE can use. That is You. He will send the ones that you need to speak to and lead you in the way you should go.. Be Obedient.

  10. I believe I truly hear your yearning heart. I too often spend many hours in the Word–the more I read the more I want; the more I am filled the more I want to be filled and to share and to serve. Sometimes I just want to shout from the rooftops–Jesus is Lord, God loves you!

  11. Randall Walters permalink

    I want to thank you for being a servent of the Lord and being ever so obeident. It allways gives me the courage to step out and share my faith with others. I’m am at times very passive which is not a good thing when working for the Lord. Your faith and words move me and keep me and for that I give you honor for being a willing and obiedent servent.That’s what it is all about sharing what has been reveled to us through the Holy Spirt and to share it with others .

  12. Shantelle permalink

    Dear Rev. Mark,

    Thank you for allowing God to use you. Thank you for being an encourager in this dark world. Also for speaking the Truth in LOVE. I look forward to reading your reflections and blogs, your words are very inspiring. May God continue to use you for HIS glory.

    With Aloha,

  13. Lydia Reyes permalink

    One thing I know from reading the word of God is that he chooses ordinary people and does extraordinary things. We may think that we are not good enough to to the job, but when God does the calling and you answer , Yes Lord, he will do powerful things in our lives. Things that we never imagine we could do. I often wonder what God has install for me. I trying hard to keep reading his word and faithfully grow in my prayer time, which sometimes I feel I should do more. I pray that God continue to strenthen all of us in his way. Rev. Mark, I know he is working a mighty way with you and I thank for this is another way for me to continue to grow in my walk with him.

  14. Dear Mr. Brown,
    Don’t be surprised by what’s happening to you lately. You are part of God’s plan of evangelizing people. Be thankful, really, because this doesn’t happen to everybody. You are one of those chosen few who had the gift of sharing and had also been gifted with charisma. Keep on sharing God’s messages to us, because in my case, I feel energized whenever I come to know that there are also people like me who walking their way on knowing and loving God. It’s also good to know that God uses ordinary people to magnify His works. Please keep up with your noble effort of spreading God’s messages. God bless!

  15. Dear Mr. Brown,
    Don’t be surprised by what’s happening to you lately. You are part of God’s plan of evangelizing people. Be thankful, really, because this doesn’t happen to everybody. You are one of those chosen few who had the gift of sharing and had also been gifted with charisma. Keep on sharing God’s messages to us, because in my case, I feel energized whenever I come to know that there are also people like me who are walking their way on knowing and loving God. It’s also good to know that God uses ordinary people to magnify His works. Please keep up with your noble effort of spreading God’s messages. God bless!

  16. I enjoy reading your reflections and find many similarities between yours and my own walk with the Lord. I never went through theological training or even attended any secondary education at all, but when I became serious about living a life guided by Christ I realized that I had to immerse myself in the word and contribute some of my time each day in serving others. In the past six or seven years I have started each day with some reading of the word and reflections and prayer on the readings I’ve done. Some part of each day is spent in service to others, whether it is through the church or merely giving someone some kind of assistance or even just visiting those who don’t get much company. As long as I try to do this my life continues to be blessed through others. I believe we all need to spend time following God’s pattern and I find your own walk very interesting. Praise the Lord, and thank Him for our guidance and blessings.

  17. Stephanie Boyles permalink

    Thank-you Rev Mark Brown for sharing God’s Word and your encouraging honesty! It is so refreshing to read when there is so much from the world bombarding us on the computer! Thanks for your fellowship and boldness in sharing God’s Word!
    I wanted to dedicate myself and my computer to serving God and sharing God’s Word, but I am so inadequate at communicating through the written word, especially when God’s Word says everthing so perfectly in all situations! Praise God!
    I truly Love the Word of God because “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God” (John 1:1 ) The revelation that I shared with my students … God’s Word is the Bible and Jesus is the Word incarnate; therefore Jesus is the Bible and I Love the Bible – time to read the Bible and be surrounded and guided by the Holy Spirit and the presence of Jesus God! Praise God!
    Please let me know how best to serve, obey , love and honor You, Dear Lord, to Jesus Christ be the Glory forever and ever!!
    Help me communicate God’s Love and His Word to my teenage sons.

  18. Susanna Liew permalink

    Hi Rev. Mark, I’m deeply encouraged by your sharing. That is my desire too. I pray that God will continue to show me, guide me and use me for His Kingdom.

  19. dorthy porter permalink

    Mark I am going to read this verse out of The King James Old Scofield plus add verse 29.Verse 28 Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved,let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear:Verse 29 For our God is a consuming fire. You have chose amazing scripture for today.God has such a amazing Kingdom just waiting for us when we except the grace of the most powerful Living God.We are living in a time in history when Alot of the world do not Fear God. We Gods people have have got to serve God by being his hands ,feet and mouth.We have got to fear God more than we fear anything else.We are living in the Grace age,one day the grace age will pass away.If people do not fear God when he offers a salvation plan.One day every knee will bend to him but it will be to late for many because at that time the salvation plan will not be what is offered but Jesus will come back as there Judge.I love and fear my God,God wants to hear us praise him.God wants us to spread his word the Bread of Life,the Bible.Jesus is coming back for us.we serve a powerful God.

  20. MaryMarthaKay permalink

    Hi Rev. Mark ….. I thoroughly enjoy reading each reflection you write. It’s like a picture the Lord wants to show me in another light or from a different angle. I gain such strength and am so inspired. The Lord uses the simple to confound the wise … and He works His Word to reach them also. The secret lies in being the “yielded” vessel. The LORD does mighty works thru yielded vessels. Some works of the Lord thru us ….. we may never fully know the extent of, nor see the resulting harvest …. but that really doesn’t matter because we know that God knows the reasons and the works and the harvests. All we have to do is yield, and sit back in awe of the works He does thru us. I have been amazed so many times after my sister and I do skits for church groups that it is almost unbelievable how He works and the things He does when you yield your heart to Him and totally trust HIM to WORK HIS WORD. We just don’t really know the POWER of HIS WORD!
    I love Hebrews! And there is something so sweet being in the presence of the LORD sharing intimate moments and quiet times. I love to listen to worship music and preaching/teaching CD’s while I drive to and fro in my vehicle, but sometimes when I start to turn on the radio or CD something in my heart says ‘No, don’t turn that on, just spend this time quietly with me.’ I love being in God’s presence and feeling that presence while driving, or doing other things while I’m alone, but still knowing that He is right there with me … so I am really never alone. Sometimes we talk, sometimes I sing to Him, and sometimes I just sit quietly listening. Sometimes words cannot even express that secret time with the LORD. To God be the GLORY! AMEN! God Bless you Mark as you continue to share and express your reflections of God’s WORD.

    • saundra permalink

      I love to drive in my truck with the Lord, too. I have some of my best talks with God going down the road..Sometimes I look over and see Jesus just sitting there..Seat belt and all…..

  21. Bibian Kayungwa permalink

    Rev Mark Brown, You are an amasing man of God. Thank you for the encouragement. I know God will still use you mightly.

  22. You are an example to us all!

  23. Tyrone wright permalink

    Pastor Mark I just sat down to read your reflection on letting God lead you and what you say is the truth we have to let him direct our path just as it says in proverds 3:5 the only requirement is that we acknowledge him in what? it says in all our ways so when you say that you give God control of everything that is exactly what we are to do. Thank you for letting God In!

    P.S. it is awesome to get that relationship with the Lord Jesus and feel him in your life. Praise God

  24. wambui permalink

    Lord I give you my heart I give you my soul I will live for you alone every breathe that I take every moment I am awake….. that song I woke up singing it and sang it in my sleep its a reflection of whom I have come to be, appreciating what God has done to me and who He is in my life. Thank you Rev. Mark for sharing you are an inspiration to many.

  25. Joann Guevara permalink

    hi Rev Browne, its been a couple of weeks since i’ve subscribed to yr pg, and let me tell u, i cant get enough. when the Holy Spirit guided u to do this u thought it was just a regular thing, but as usually God knew exactly what he was doing and since then, his works through u is bearing fruit all over d world. It speaks to my heart just where god intended to get at. Continue to do what God is instructing u to do, its not about the show, it never was, its simple & honest and thats wat its all about… :)))

  26. Edgar permalink

    And our greatest statement we can say to God is: “Lord, how can I serve you?”

    Thank you again, Mark, for this great reflection into how God is working in your life. It is a testimony to others to look at what God has given them, and not be so focused on the things we don’t have in this world.

  27. Neil Price permalink

    Thank you rev. mark for your encouraging words though our Saviour…I, too, have made it my christian point of duty to delve in the Word every chance I get…sometimes I read my devotions and instead of reading the required verse in the meditation, I find myself reading other parts of the Bible and i am so immersed in t!!! It is a beautiful book in every way, and i talk to the Lord as I read…It has helped me through the good and bad times, and i do face up to my sins right there in front of our Lord…sometimes I even feel embarassed and ashamed to face Him with my sins, but He reminds me that His grace is always sufficient…Bless the Lord. o my soul, and all taht is within me, Bless His holy Name!!!!! Please pray that I continue to live for Him and serve Him in whatever way he needs and requires me to…Ble blessed!!!

  28. Joyce Brown permalink

    I really like the e-mail portions its like going into a quiet place without all of the i am first no i was. Seriously I try not to be distracted by all that and pray these people will get the deepness God is pulling them to. My thought this morning as I read this was Oh the many ways we can Thank God and move straight into Worship I have found when things get rough when I begin to offer a sacrifice of Praise it turns into Worship and things change very quickly and sometimes dramatically. Shows me when we go deeper we will find God really enjoys our time and our obedience.

  29. saundra permalink

    I pray that the Lord gives me a servant’s heart every day. If I don’t get anything else accomplished, let me show love today. The love that can only come from knowing that Jesus Christ is Lord of your life.

  30. Lindsey permalink

    I know you hear this everyday, but gahhh…. I love what your doing here. Whenever I read your emails it’s just like my quite reflection time, and it gives me a goal to work towards every day.

    But Mark never say you are nothing special, because you are. I mean doesn’t 23,000 people requesting your emails, make you a well know evangelist. haha. It takes a special person to do something like and to reach this many lives and to make a difference. 🙂

    btw i don’t know if anybody else noticed but there is a little smiley face in the bottom left hand corner of this page. haha

  31. The exclusive basis of “a kingdom that cannot be shaken” and “acceptable worship God with reverence and awe” (Heb. 12:28), here and now, is the perfect and diacritical (or transfigurative) death of Jesus Christ’s, once and for all, self-revelation on the cross (Matt. 16: 13-28; 26: 63-67; 27: 50-61; John 1: 47-51; 2: 13-22; 3: 1-21; 4: 21-26; 6: 62-63; 7: 37-39; 8: 21-28; 10: 17-18, 37-38; 11: 25-26; 12: 20-36; 14-17; 19: 30-37 to follow the only two well-developed threads by original disciples of Jesus) –a basic but completely unexplored and unknown teaching in post-apostolic time to our great loss! Thanks God that the light in the self-sufficient life is still shining (John 1: 4-5)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If there is any other “way”, i.e., any other Gospel of divine origin, I stand to be corrected!

  32. Kim permalink

    Thank you so much Mark for writing these devotionals. This is excactly what I needed to hear. May God bless you for your good work. It is so awesome how you are reaching so many people over the world through this blog. You are blessing all of us! Thank you for taking the time to do this for us!

  33. linda permalink

    May God’s Blessing be on you as you Bless others

  34. cindy permalink

    I love the comment you made on immersing yourself in the Word of God. That is so true. Reading God’s word is so important and can be taking for granted if we are not careful. Keep on working for God and inspiring so many in their walk with him.

  35. Brian Martin permalink

    My Brother In Faith Mark,
    What Can I Say But GOD Is really Smiling On You And Letting His words Come Out in your writting Mark I Love You And Keep Up The Good Work.
    May GOD Bless You And Your LoveOnes.
    Your Brother In Faith.
    Bro: Brian Martin

  36. John Roscher permalink

    Rev. Brown-
    Thank you so much for your words from God. You are truly blessed and a blessing to all who hear your words. My personal journey is leading me in the same direction, drawing closer to God thru prayer and meditation. I am a recovering alcoholic. My study started thru the Big Book, a true gift from God. The Higher Power in the Big Book is not a “door knob” but our awesome God. When I began to study the history and founders of AA, it became clear to me that they spent much time studying the bible (Matt. 4-7, James, I Corth 13). That led me to my own bible study and prayer. God calls me to be “watchful” in the early hours. I am learning how to pray, read and reflect on His Words, be quiet and listen, and how to be of service. Faith, Hope, Love, Works. I have found that my sobriety depends on my relationship with God, thru the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. Not only at Thanksgiving, but every day, give thanks and praise to our God!!
    God Bless you and all who read your words.

  37. jasmina permalink

    thank you brother for making the place of contact for all of us in Jesus name. our Saviour is exalted in this place and I thank God that he is gathering his people on his wonderful way, it must be in this and times ,more and more of HIS Glorious presence among us and in us, let us drink more and more of JESUS, LET US EAT MORE AND MORE OF JESUS, LET US LOVE HIM MORE AND MORE – sometimes i forget who I was and do not know who Im going to be but I KNOW WHO I AM NOW… BECAUSE OF HIS PRESENCE AND IT IS ENOUGH FOR ME- IN HIM I CAN DO ALL THINGS, ‘

  38. Carol W. permalink

    I am a christian mother who has a son facing serios criminal charges(aggravated identity theft -5 counts) and he is facing prison time. He has a 5 year old daughter and his wife is 5 months pregnant. God knows the details, but I am asking you for prayer for this situation. I don’t feel like I can bear to see him go to prison and his little family needs him so much. Pray for his salvation and for GOD to intervene in this situation. Keep up the good works GOD is doing in you. May GOD richly bless you!!!

    • Perhaps prison time is the best thing for your son at this point to straighten him out for his family and own good. Too often parents want to bail out their children even when they’ve done wrong in this world to the point that bailing them out becomes a lifestyle instead of letting them face the consequences for their actions. My prayers are with you, but if prison time happens to be the circumstance your son finds you in, then there are ministries that will help families in just such situations in place of the father that has been found guilty. Keep up your faith, and keep up the prayers that your son will find Jesus in his heart and put the matter behind him forever trusting in the one who came to deliver him from the evils of sin. Through Christ, everything will work out as it should.

  39. Judy R. permalink

    I love this reading! I am so pleased that you are letting God lead and guide you in all areas of your life. I remember, a song that a Christian lady sang, a few years back called, “The Greatest Thing I Will Ever Be”. It tells of how she was trying to please the Lord with all her accomplishments and successes, when God revealed to her that the greatest thing she will be ever be was nothing, meaning humility before Him. The words of the chorus are as follows: ( The Greatest thing I will be ever be is nothing, Lord.) We cannot gain our salvation by our own works, but humble ourselves before Him and He will lead and guide us into All truth. “He resists the proud, but giveth grace to the humble.” (James 4:6)

  40. Sue Whitman permalink

    Thank you so much, Pastor Mark, for sharing your passion with all of us. It is uplifting to read of others that are thirsting for more of the Lord. I can’t thank you enough for this encouragement. May God continue to bless this ministry as you share your heart.

  41. Dear Brother,

    Thank you so much for caring enough to share with us the things God is showing you and doing in your life.

    It is an awesome thing when I realize that God wants to use me to reach people. I often laugh and say ” If He could use a donkey and talk through it, He most certainly can use me”

    Do not think it a strange thing that He has called you to do this on FB. It is because of your realizing that it is all about Him and your willingness to be open that He chose you to minister in this fashion.

    I believe this is what the Lord would have you to know.


  42. Dear Rev. Mark, thank you very much! God bless!

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